2. Memories of Pain



Helen stood in the doorway as the others vanished from sight. The rain was still coming down, though not as badly now. The lightening and thunder had all but stopped. Memory of the last women to hold this position was stirring through her mind, but she was not sure what to do about it. Part of her could still feel the separate minds and wishes of Elisha and Sabrina. It was an odd thing, knowing you began as two separate people and now were one. Of the two it had always been Sabrina who had dreamed of escape. She had never truly had a plan, but that never stopped her from dreaming. She also was the one who was the higher spirit. Elisha would regularly put herself between Aken, the master, and her sister or other women when he took to being a terrible ass on stormy nights. It had taken some time for him to realize he was never going to be strong willed enough to break the sisters, but that did not stop him from enjoying himself. Thinking to herself, Helen considered all the basic abuse and sex he had taken pleasure in when it had come to them; the long nights of basic sex, and the even longer nights of beating, hair pulling and painful use at the hands of Aken.

The home of the flesh merchant was far to the north, up in the Eliryan pass. No neighbors for miles in any direction and no one to upset the rules and life he had chosen for himself. On the far side of the mountains was the city of Kosh. It was there he found new women to enslave, and even bought women of other worlds from the traders coming and going in their ships. The star port was the largest of its kind on this world. Aken had spoken often of the trading cities much larger and more fantastic on other worlds he had visited. Elisha and Sabrina had come on one such ship, so many years ago. Sold to Aken for next to nothing from a man who only swore that these two young women were of special blood, and would one day be worth a small fortune. Aken had been trying to sell them ever since, but no one of this world seemed to think any more of them then a common beast. Helen could not remember just how long they had been on this world. In the time Felish had taken great pleasure in beating and breaking the most firm willed of women Aken owned. It was Felish who had taken on the chore of breaking the twins. In any given month Aken normally held between ten and thirty women that he would condition, or so he called it. Felish was the single man who would come, when requested to break the ones who held too high a spirit for the owner to deal with. It had been he who had taken on the responsibility to break Elisha and her sister Sabrina.

begin1      The twins had not been property for very long when Felish had come to the stalls where Aken held his slaves. He was not too large a man, but what he lacked in muscles and build he more then made up for in intelligence and manor. It was if he could look into your very soul and know how to hurt you the most. The separate minds within Helen would never forget the day when Aken had introduced Felish to them and then turned their fate and bodies over completely. He had walked into the stall area completely nude, no concern that they may have been uncomfortable. Aken had only laughed at the expressions on their faces when the strange man took one by the arm and continued to put a collar around her neck. When Elisha was kneeling on the floor, being held by a small leash Sabrina knew the future for them was anything but bright. Seeing Elisha kneeing on the floor collared and bound only further angered Sabrina, but within moments Felish had her as well. She was slapped until her nose bled, pushed to the wall only to have every bit of clothing torn from her body. He had known she was scared, but he had also not cared. A fist to her mid section had her doubled over gasping for breath. This was when he leaned into her, stuffing two fingers in her young cunt and whispered in her ear;

“I know you think resisting is the best course of action for you, but know I will hurt you both, make you scream and not stop till you completely obey! You see your sister kneeling there, well she will be hurt, beaten and fucked till she passes out from the pain. You will use her, on my command,  and you will both learn that sisters or not, you are now my toys to be played with and you will entertain me.”

With that he had let her go, falling to the floor and knowing Elisha would be the one to suffer for her being so strong willed. As if he had read her mind he went right for Elisha yanking her collar pulling her face forward and forcing his cock in her mouth. She saw her eyes looking to her sister for help, but knew there was nothing either of them could do. She took in the long cock, trying not to gag, but that seemed to be the exact response he had wanted. Once or twice he would remove himself from her mouth, slap her face, spit on her and replace the cock. The first time this went on for hours, he would randomly switch to Sabrina though he would slap and beat her more then fuck her. As the hours passed the two women were worn down to the level Felish was supposed to break them to. To his astonishment every day he would return, they had fully recovered and were right back to being strong willed and stubborn of his teachings.

Months turned to years and for more then eight years the twins were fucked, abused and beaten daily. Aken found his patience wearing thin with the lack of long term obedience from the two women. He would come speak with Felish while he was using the women. Speak openly about how these two were supposed to be special, but all they had done for years was cost him money, and make him wish he had never bought them in the first place. This had been less then a week ago, but the way he spoke gave both women chills. They were tired of being used and hurt for this mans pleasure and never having any love shown to them.

The night of that conversation had been one of the only nights in all their time being owned that both women had accepted being used, and allowing themselves to play the part. Felish was on a bed, Sabrina was on her back and Elisha was on top of Sabrina. Felish was behind them, standing on the floor and taking turns in them both. The one thing the women had found pleasure in, in all those years were each other. Sabrina had large the full breasts, while Elisha had smaller perky breasts. They both had full rounded asses and hips, and while they would have gathered been left to themselves, the cock did feel amazing! Sabrina had cum fully more then once already. Elisha had taken his cock in her ass, her cunt and her mouth. He seemed to fully enjoy the effect of her lack of gag reflex. At the height of the fuck, Sabrina was, once again close to a climax, Elisha was crying out from his cock fully in-depth of her swollen ass, and both women could tell Felish was close to passing out.

both       Arching her back off the bed, Sabrina pushed herself as far towards Felish as she could. Her nipples were swollen, her face burned from being slapped, and her legs could hardly be held up any longer. For the last time his cock passed from Sabrina to Elisha and she could no longer hold out, She  screamed came and splashed both her sister and Felish at the same time. Her body shook with the intense orgasm, she all but collapsed on her sister and Felish took the moment to return to fucking Sabrina. She had already been close to coming herself, and she allowed it to happen hoping she and her sister would be left alone afterwards. Sabrina could not splash everyone as her sister had, but her scream from a third explosion that night. Her shaking felt as if she would break her own back, she clawed the sheets, grabbed her sisters breasts, and caused her to scream herself from the pain that ensued. When pulling was not enough to give her peace, she found a single nipple in her mouth; sucking and biting Elisha again and again screamed with a mixture of pain and sweet torment. To their great surprise the cock was removed and not replaced again, but he was not quite finished with them either.

Felish stepped back allowing the women to enjoy the screams and pain, but when he came back, it was with a leather whip, and a set of stone spheres in a line. He whipped Elisha first, seeing how her ass was fully in the air, when her cries filled the room, and her shaking returned he turned his whip and attention to Sabrina. Unfortunately for her, her ass was not accessible at the moment though her dripping wet vagina was. He stepped back and brought down the hassles of his whip on her vagina, her clit, and the wet in-between. Her cries almost tore her throat and for the first time, she could not hold back her begging. Elisha tried to hold her, but when Felish saw this he again whipped her ass, this time harder and harder. Small red stripes broke free of her flesh. Lines of dark red blood started to drip over her swollen cheeks. They both screamed, came and screamed some more.

For a brief instant, Sabrina took the moment to look at Felish. Fear, true dark and terrible fear gripped her when she did.  He was smiling and not like he would normally. His pure evil enjoyment of them being forced to beg and cry had given him a dark sense of enjoyment that was undeniable. He saw her eyes, shoved Elisha to her back on the bed next to Sabrina and took turns whipping the wet red cunts of them both. Cries moved to tears, and for the first time in eight years Aken thought maybe he could fetch an acceptable price for them. He sat back and watched until both women passed out and fell silent from to complete use and breaking of them both.

He stood, walking over to where Felish was standing. Looking down he saw bits of blood dripping from the drying slits of both women. Even in their sleep they were both still twitching. Aken clasped Felish on the shoulder and congratulated him on a job well done. His last act before leaving the cell area was to force his fingers into both women as they slept again for a kind of evil enjoyment. They both learched in their sleep and clawed at the bed sheets. When he removed his fingers, he cleaned his hands on their breasts and walked out. Before Felish left for the night he made sure when they woke in the morning they would find no comfort in each other.  aloneHe put them both in separate rooms. Both cold and dark. He put individual collars on them, chained them to a hook in the floor and redressed them in a typical slave covering.  He left the windows open, the beaten women laying on the floor and closed the doors.

As Felish had hopped the two sisters did wake in great discomfort, beaten bruised and left alone. They both found themselves in tears, needing the other one more than they could handle.

That same afternoon Aken had come in telling both women he was going to be taking the lot down to the local villages in hopes to sell them both. He found great pleasure when he told them they would likely be sold separately and never see the other again. Until yesterday, they had been forced to stay apart. Still chained to the floor in their grey rooms. The bruises had not completely healed yesterday when he came and put them in chains with all the other women and added them to the lead chain for travel. The twins were placed four women apart, again making sure they would find no solace in the company of the other. It was for this reason alone Sabrina had though of nothing but escape. She knew if they were separated something terrible would befall them both. They both glanced in the others eyes when they were brought outside. Elisha knew this would be the one and only time they would ever have to escape, together.

The journey down the mountain was short, and before long they saw one woman after another being sold off as sex toys.


1. Within The Doorway



Its been too long my dear friends, too long indeed. The world has engulfed me, tried to strangle me and opened its back doors for me. What or where are the back doors to reality, you may ask? Well the answer to that very question is both rare and enticing. If you will continue reading, I am sure we can find one of those doors together. So here we go, hold tight, keep preying eyes away and slip into the storm with me…

The wind started howling through the empty streets as the flesh merchant considered one last trade before the oncoming storm would engulf him and his wares. Only having a few women left to sell this day, he wanted to entertain a simple curiosity for the identical twins on his chain. Two of the women bound by the flesh trader locked in their chains a few women apart had been taken off their lead one at a time. The closer these two came to one another the more powerful the soul link charged within them both. Their minds became bound, thoughts and feeling now shared between them allowing for a plane to be put in motion. They both looked around to see if anything could be used as shelter for possible freedom. A deep evil growl erupted from the darkening skies above as they had turned dark and the cold rain had come and out of nowhere. Two brilliant flashes, one blue, one violet came together and struck the top of an abandoned ancient temple only steps away, gave hope to Sabrina and her sister for the first time in their life.

The two women, Pentalic identical twins had taken their chance as both the flesh merchant and buyer had been knocked to the ground by strike after strike of lightening hitting the ground all around them. They had run into the ancient building hoping they would not be chased past the old doors. Having no idea what this place was, or had been in the past, they saw it only as a place to hide in search of their freedom. As they ran through the empty passage ways they saw the many faces of demons once worshiped. At the end of a long hall there was one room with the door partly ajar. Knowing only basic words and writings one of the twins stopped cold, while her sister tried to pull them both through the open door. From one side of the door a blue shimmer seemed to cover the door then move into the room. In another moment another shimmer, this time a violet shimmer covered the door again and disappeared into the room and vanished.

Both of the women had seen it this time, but the fear of being found overwhelmed the concern of what the lights could have been. Elisha, one of the twins had seen the phrase over the door causing her stand firm“trema’ asken’a satri” as her sister yanked her over the threshold. The phrase echoed through her, causing her skin to cool. Somehow deep within her, she knew these words had a deeper meaning and their lives were about to change forever. The room was empty with the exception of a set of demonic faces pushing out from the wall on the opposite side of the room.  The faces twisted around the other coming to rest as one. The floor held a pattern that had many colors twisting into single circle in the center. Once fully inside the room, the women were pulled by an unseen force to the center of the pattern and each one was consumed by the same color they had seen on the door. The door slammed closed, this time they heard a bolt slam into place and they knew this had been the wrong room to enter. Before they knew it they were sitting on the floor, the two colors somehow holding them in their places. It had been many years since the twins had been allowed to touch each other, and that time had been a total disaster. The laws for twins of their race and nature were very clear; they were to be kept apart at all costs. No matter the situation or the reason they were never to touch each other, or the unthinkable would happen. This information, of course, had never been shared with the twins, they only knew they had a powerful pull to one another and now, for the very first time they had no one holding them apart. Flash after flash of lightening from the growing storm outside lit the room completely from one split moment to the next and they reached out to take the others hand.  As their hands touched the storm outside let out a painful scream and the thunder shook the world and the women to their core. Each color brightened and then combined when their flesh became one. The storm outside only worsened the longer they held each other. Sabrina turned to look directly into Elisha’s eyes and the visions thereafter slammed each woman to the floor. Still holding hands together they started to fall through a world of pain, torment and sex! Since they had never been allowed to touch each other, less alone anyone else, the physical and mental strain of more then just hands touching each other was now bound in pain.

As they fell through eternity, their bodies fully embraced the other. Their full breasts and hardened nipples rubbed against the others. The erotic feeling could have caused fear, but the reaction from the rest of their bodies engulfed them completely. Sabrina was the first to have her body entered. And while she could only moan in ecstasy her sister had not yet found this dark pleasure. One vagina then the other were split apart, massaged and probed bringing about the moisture within. A flash of chains, wooden structures and leather was the only warning before they both found their skin reacting to the sting of a leather whip striking their skin. A single scream, followed by another and another was the only reaction each women could muster. A single chuckle from an unknown voice caught them completely off guard. The fall slowed and a floor far below them was the stopping point of their new realities.

Elisha fell to her knees while Sabrina found her body on a slightly angled narrow wooden bed. Her ass was pointed above her body, her arms bound the leather cuffs down below her head while her legs were spread only slightly apart. Elisha could see her sister bound like an animal, and though she tried she could not move to help her. The dark voice echoed again this time from the shadows on the left side of the darkened room. Feeling completely powerless they both struggled against bindings they could not see. A ebb of power rose from them both as their minds spun and danced in this new reality. The moment Elisha realized that power may be useful in her current situation a single strike of hard leather whipped her back opening her flesh bringing on pain and blood! Before she could cry out in pain she was hit by another and another. Her back now bled freely as her sister was whipped without mercy. A single figure in all black could be seen holding the whip being used on Sabrina. Elisha again tried to reach for this new power almost an echo within her. This time she was able to move from her hidden restraints, but only a little. The figure in power almost felt her wiggling loose of her bindings and moved from Sabrina, to herself. His voice broke her concentration and the binding snapped back into place as it did.

It had a harsh husky tone to it. The sound of which made Elisha shudder in dark delight and sexual need. It only spoke a few words before it went back to the use and torment of her body.

“And just where do you think you are wiggling off to my dear? I did not capture you both for one of you to get free so easily and pain free! No I think you need a small punishment to help you understand just what you are, and where it is you belong. Shall we..”

She expected another whip to bring on more pain, but before she knew it clamps were being pinched around the skin on her now hardened nipples. The pain was extreme compared to the strikes to her back. A scream echoed from her open lips to the black room around her. A second then a third clamped down and while she could not fight a single finger found its way to the soft skin on the top of her pink vagina. It rubbed, pushed and, pinched until the moisture could not be held off from deep within. Shaking now, from the pain and excitement the one finger turned to two, then three as they entered and exited her body. Her mind tried to turn within to find some kind of enjoyment in her sexual torture, but something was now blocking the as well. She had to remain in the moment, not slip by and escape her new master! Leaving three fingers tight within her dripping cunt, he pulled her up on her knees alone allowing her hips to fall into place and her ass to hold its natural form. A single sigh escaped his lips as he took in her entire posture. Bending over her from behind he pushed her head forward and her hands to hold it up. A small breeze swept by her dripping lips and caused her to slightly shudder in the chill.

Her master’s left hand hands came around her back to hold one of her large round breasts. He held it firm while his cock came to full statue and pushed gently on her wet hole his fingers still rubbed towards enjoyment. He removed his fingers replacing it with a cock thicker than his out stretched arm. Elisha surged forward as his massive rod was pushed fully into her body! With every little movement her body stretched out in pain, his cock found the depths of her open door with every full thrust forward. As it became clear this was not going to be a short use of her, Elisha could only take him in, all and all until he had found his true nature and continued to fuck her cunt and pinch and squeeze her breasts. With every bout forward she could feel something soft slapping on the top of her vagina right before the intense pain made her scream from the mass of his cock being forced to stop and start again. The rhythm mixed pain, pleasure and fear into Elisha and she knew all to soon her sister now looking her way with growing sadness on her face. Sabrina, now left alone, had no more ability to help her sister then Elisha had just moments before. Elisha’s groans turned to cries turned to screams turned to tears as her master took full use and pleasure out of her virgin body.

The nipple clamps the had started this nightmare still swung from her breasts as his cock entered and exited her body. His hands, both of them, found them between his fingers and without a gentle warning ripped them from her breasts! Long tears as her scream tore the flesh within her throat. Her entire body shook uncontrollably until he ripped his cock out too, and she fell limp, and lifeless to the cold stone floor. Her mind now numb, her body spent, or so she thought his hand slapped her right ass cheek till it turned red and her whimpers covered the floor in tears. Elisha tried to regain some of her previous composure but without hands or physical means her body rose off the floor, only to be placed into a wooden chair-like device. Her legs were forced open past her comfortable limit. Her neck was strapped to the hard wood behind her and her face slapped over and over till she fell to nothing but pain. The master looked down on her as her head hung limp to her breasts, and her stepped back to admire his work. Elisha opened her eyes just long enough to meet his gaze and see him fully standing above her in personal triumph.

His skin completely grey, as if he had been cut from a stone face. Muscles bulging in his torso as sweat dripped down off his face. His nipples almost as hard as her own also had sweat dripping from them. His arms were more of the same. Grey fully muscled all the way to his massive hands, and those three fingers still dripping from her cunt below. When she turned her attention to his face, the fear within her rose, and she knew she and Sabrina must have fallen to a single room in hell.  His face was not of a man, but of a beast. His smile only half hid the sharp evil teeth behind. His eyes bulged out from his head while two horn’s erupted from the top of his head. His terrible eyes on her, she could not break his gaze and as he started to turn away she saw his hand swinging towards her. It slapped her face so hard she dared not look at him again. There had been black claws on the tips of each finger, and her face now had cuts from those very tips. Fear swelled within her, pain echoed from her entire body and she knew this could not be the end of she and her sister.

He turned his back to her and walked in the direction of Sabrina still bound to the odd bed on the other side of the room. His first action to her was a slap and slice into her ass and her first scream brought a true smile to this creatures face. In his other hand he held the clamps he had already used on Elisha, he lifted Sabrina’s body, ever so slightly to attached them to her soft nipples, not worrying about the skin around them. Tears fell freely from her eyes, and Elisha wished she had the strength to turn her eyes away. He positioned himself behind her. Removed his cock and without helping her to drip slammed into her. Screams turned to agony as he fucked her without mercy. As she screamed, his bellowing laughter filled the ears of both women. Leaning forward he did not go for her breasts, but her long red hair. Yanking back, her head flew up as he slammed himself forward again and again. In the midst of a single lunge forward he turned his eyes to Elisha, who had still yet to turn her head away. The moment his eyes had hers again, he spoke. The contrition in his voice overpowered the red in Elisha and the pain within Sabrina.

“So you think you are ready to merge do you? Two slaves with an ancient gift. Both completely unaware of their significance to the universe. None have walked this path in more than a million years. Many have come forward, but until now, only you two hold the ability. Well allow me to give you but a taste of your future.”

Though Sabrina could not turn her head to see him, and Elisha could not break her gaze, a single snap of his fingers and they found themselves bound. Two minds as one. Two bodies, two lives, emotions, feelings and pain. In that moment the master continued his use of Sabrina’s body, though they now both shared every gram of pain, the pleasure was more intense and his use of them took on a whole new meaning. Elisha’s head snapped forward, no longer needing to look in his direction to see him. Their eyes went white and their bond grew with every passing moment.  His cock turned to her ass, but the difference between them both only found itself lost as the women spun in a kind of spell. Both their bodies were once again emerged in color. Elisha in Blue and Sabrina’s in Violet. Their skin tingled, and their minds were afire. Little by little their colors began to merge between them both. The master removed himself, took a step back and saw a spell once thought lost to the world of the living, take form in the women before him.

The moment the colors had completely soaked into them both they woke from a trancelike state. Still laying nude on the floor of the small room. The heads twisting from the wall had glowing eyes and though the women were themselves again, they could both feel the mix within them as well. Sabrina was the first to sit up, realizing they were no longer under the torment from the master. She looked at her twin and wanted only to touch her. An outstretched hand came to rest on a mirror of her own breasts. The nipple went hard with the touch and Elisha opened her eyes.

Outside the wind still howled, but the lightening had stopped. The sisters rose to a sitting position an found new feelings and sensations tingling from within. The intense pain of their binding still held fast as they both moved to rise. A power long waiting to rise to the surface also tempted and teased them both. A growl from a world far below caused them both to shake and as it fell silent the physical of two started to change to the physical of one. their bodies seemed to phase out of reality and then move towards the other. Their minds were the first to bind, allowing them to think clearly as one. Their senses were next to follow. Time crept by and just as the storm seemed to break their bodies slid together. Small changes were noticeable at first. The new single woman had larger hips then the sisters together had separately. The size of the breast had come down to match the smith ones of the hips. The face must have had changes of its own, but having no mirror to look on, those would have to be kept for another time. The woman looked at herself, the best she could and saw her color, where it had once been pale and white, now had the darker color from women of this world. The hair, when pulled to the side was now dark brown, with only hints of red. Standing up fully she considered what she would call herself, now that she was one. She also knew clothing of some kind would have to be found.

With her last thought on mind, a fine dress of pure silk now twisted itself around her. Mostly black, with drips of red now completely covered her. A small purse hung from her side and within it she found gold coins of this world. Her feet found themselves covered as well, this time with soft black leather boots, tied neatly in the front. Her hands came up to feel her own body in anticipation of her new existence. It felt good when they came to hold her breasts, though the nipples were still sore from being abused. Her hands moved further up and came to rest on her shoulders. This change was amazing, and though she knew little to nothing about the world she lived on, she was obviously going to be able to live well. Releasing her shoulders her hands slid down over her hips around her ass to hang freely at her sides. Voices from the halls outside this room startled her and she remembered she had once been two, and those two were still being searched for. A name would be expected if she were to run into her past owner, and the man who had wanted to buy her. Looking deep within she knew very few names, but she remembered the name of a kind woman they had known as children and decided it would have to be enough.

Pounding on the door made her jump and even step back. What if they recognized her, what if her new appearance could not fool them. She would not go back to being merely a flesh slave, or hounded for the rest of her life. The pounding continued and she looked around the room for another escape. When she looked below her feet the small circle in the center of the colors caught her eyes. A word she did not know, in a language lost to time made her move. She crouched down close to the floor and reached out her hand to touch it. It held her to the floor, transferring knowledge to her from a distant past. She now knew what the temple had been built for, what this room had been and her passage to a new life was cleanly laid out before her. Color sprang out in every direction as it let go her hand.  She stood upright, head held high and proceeded to unlock and open the doors. The two men on the other side only looked at her and the temple around them in disbelief. The hallway just like the room where she now stood had changed completely. The building looked as if it had never gone to ruin. Torches burned brightly on torches up and down the halls, and energy pure natural energy filled her and her new home.

Her eyes had been closed when she first opened the door, but now, knowing who she was and a life and task set out before her she opened them. The man, who had once owned two women stood short of breath along with the other man who had sought to buy them. Their eyes went hard as they had expected to find two women, not one. But now the door was open, they saw a woman, neither of them had ever set eyes on and anger filled their faces. A tiny smile crept over the one who had considered buying that day, but not long enough for the owner to see it. He was also the first to step forward and seek out loud.

“It seems we have found someone, though not those whom we had only moments ago wanted. My name is Kellsh’a and this it Aken. May we ask who you are and how you came to be in this place? Moreover I would personally like to know how you have reactivated the magic once thought lost in this temple?”

Aken said nothing though seemed equally curious about the questions already asked. They both backed up a few paces as the woman stepped forward and spoke to them;

“It would seem gentleman, that you are the ones out of place here, seeing how this is a temple of Kelull. My name is Helen and I am a high priestess of this temple. I have been here all along, though the sisters of this faith have all but vanished. I assure you they, just like myself, will return and when they do this world will change back to the natural state which once held it. If there is nothing else, I think it is past time you leave this hall, before you mistakenly over stay your welcome!”

The tone of her voice was more then enough for both men to rethink any ideas of staying. Though they did not seem very educated on the words or state of the temple. This was when Helen stepped forward placing a hand on each mans shoulders. Once done it was obvious they both now knew the temple rules, once lost and forgotten. Helen smiled when they both turned to leave without a second thought. She followed them to the doors, now completely renewed and Helen and her temple.

Outside in the rain stood the other two women how were still chained and standing cold and nude. Aken walked over to them, retook the chain and started to walk away. A single voice caused him to stop and look back. Helen stood just outside the doors hands held high and glowing red from deep within.

“It is clear the rules and respects of the ancient world have long been forgotten. But I worn you merchant Aken, those rules will return, just as I have returned. Women are a blessing from the members of five. Release them or you will be struck down!”

With each passing breath her energy poured out into the world beyond her. Her words caused Aken to become more then angry as he outright slapped one woman full in the face. She fell to the ground only to be kicked by him as well. He grabbed her, ripped her cloth from her hips exposing the bare sex below. He pinched her nipples causing her to cry out, before spitting on her face. All the while Helen looked on in rage. Another step out into the pouring rain she took her energies turning from red to crimson. She brought down her arms to grab the merchant Aken. A single blast from within her turned his fleet to ash, and his bones to dust. Kellsh’a only laughed as the other man met his end. She took hold of the chain, binding the slaves and it too turned to dust. Hellen helped both women to their feet leading them back towards the temple.

At the doorway she turned her attention back to the world beyond. Hands held at her sides, palms facing outwards she released one powerful blast after another and ended with words.

“This world be warned! The daughters of Kelull have returned and we will be heard!”

Without another look at Kellsh’a she turned and stepped inside. He walked into the rain and when she had gone allowed his face to retake its proper form. The master walked into the rain speaking quietly to himself;

“That you will priestess, the you will.”

The Portal


“Are you fucking kidding me! Really, I feel like more of a whore now, then an hour ago. And to think, I just spent three hundred and fifty dollars to feel this way. what was I thinking?”

For those of you who are wondering what is going on, and more to the point, who is this raving lunatic, maybe I should back up a bit hm? Well my name is Fate, yes I know what a strange name now a days. So I am Fate Etcher and I am a thirty five year old woman living in Cincinnati Ohio. I work for a rather successful add agency, and graduated the top of my class in advertising and business from Yale. I am not from this part of the world, or even the country, but I wanted to start my new life six years ago in a place where my children would get all four seasons. If you had asked me a few weeks ago I would have told you I am happily married, but today, and the spill-your-shit-on-the-floor session I just had, would have to say otherwise. I am, what most people would call a compulsive flirt. I don’t mean to sleep with every soul I come across, but it seems to end up that way, more often then not. So this is me.

I have a husband of seven years, John Etcher, who is a musician. He is rather boring, and does not like to get out and play in the world as much as I do. So why did I get married to someone who is my opposite, I simply can not tell you. I thought all that opposites attract shit, but when it comes to real life, you had better make sure you have a bit in common too. John is very close to his mother, you know the type, tells her everything every damn day, even things mommy does not need to know about his marriage. And, mommy likes to tell little John how to live his life and what he should and should not say. Now, in my own  defense, I never met his mother till we had been married for over a year, so no, I had no idea it would be like this. I mean, he seemed like a good guy, Very talented in music and everyone likes him, I liked him! But now, some seven years later, I have to deal with his opinions and the opinion of mommy every fucking day and he has never caught on that sometimes you just need to learn to shut the hell up and let your wife the fuck alone.

So, last weekend we went to his parents home for the weekend out on the coast, and during what I thought was a perfectly pleasant meal, at his moms;

“So Fate, John tells me you can’t seem to stop flirting with all his friends, and you even slept with one of them! Really dear, what will the neighbors think?”

Well, you can imagine, those were not the words I expected to hear, EVER from his mother. I mean, he has never talked to me about this, so I assumed he had dealt with it on his own time, Not gone and told his fucking mother and knew she would share it with us and the rest of his family. Little sister Susie and her husband the preacher. Their two little daughters, no, they did not need this information, but now, they all have it. It was not the first thing she said that killed the evening, trip or my desire to be married, it was the comment as we were getting ready to leave the next morning. I had calmed down, after sleeping on the floor, God knows I was not sleeping next to him, woke early, went for my daily run to have time alone and then came back to a house all yelling about something that was too private to continue after I joined the room. Needless to say my blood was coming to a nice rapid boil by this time. I tried to be polite at breakfast and as we were saying goodbye, but right as we were getting in the car, and I had no where else to go, she leaned down next to me.

“Look dear we know you were not raised in a proper home, with proper values and all, but if you are determined to be a whore, maybe you should just get some help. Now, here is the number of a very good shrink in Cincinnati, I called her last night and she will be expecting your call. Now don’t go thanking me, It was nothing, what a good mother should do. Do try to be more loyal to my little boy, he does have to show his face in public, just like you. There’s a good dear. Thanks for dropping by kids”

Now normally I am not one to sit in a car for eighteen hours and not say a whole lot, but you can imagine that I was far past being good to her little boy, and I knew if I spoke, I would cause him to wreck the car, kill the son of a bitch and then I may never hear the end of it. FUCK! So, I came home, spent a few days out with friends and last night got home to a message on my phone from mother dearest.

“Dear, now there is no reason for me to stick my neck out to a member and long time friend at church and get you in to see such a good therapist, if you’re going to let me down and do nothing for yourself. Now, I have called her for you, so you don’t need to bother, and she will be expecting you tomorrow at three thirty. Please do be a dear and show up on time, I don’t want to have to make this into some big deal and all of us sit down over coffee to help you deal with your need to go off whoring nightly. Please dear. Oh I have gone and upset myself. I will call you tomorrow night.”

I had never in my life been so angry, upset or betrayed as I felt when I got off the phone. John conveniently walked in the room as I was placing my cell on the nightstand. Of course he had no idea why I would want to kill him at the present moment. So cheerful and alive no cares in the world. Of course not, he had not just gotten off the phone with my dead mother telling him to pull his cock out of his pants and remember I am a woman and want to feel needed, what a bad husband you are, NO! He had no idea I wanted to take his guitar from him an do my very best to beat him to death with it.

“I am so glad your home safely, I got off the phone with mother a few hours ago, and she told me, both she and my father would love for us to come and stay the week next month, when you get your yearly time off. I told them we would be thrilled. I hope that is alright with you? Fate? Are you even listening to me honey?”

I swear I could hear his voice, but the words were far from being more then the sound of breaking glass, and the cutting of flesh. I wanted to kill him, his stupid mother and burn their family home down, with them still inside! I was trying to think of a way to respond, when my phone rang and all I could do was scream!


So I picked up my phone and walk out of the room, with little Johnny looking like he was going to cry, I heard him start dialing a number on his phone as I walked down the steps to notice it was my closet friend Katie calling. Right before I answered my call I over heard the sound of his voice like a small child;

“Mommy, she yelled at me, I was trying to tell her about the trip and she cursed at me.”

A very deep breath and one more step, then a glass of red and to see what Katie wanted. I had missed the call by now, but I would call her back. I got a glass off the shelf and went of the garage, I wanted a good bottle tonight, not something out of a damn box. His father, bless his soul, had given us three bottles of Opus One last Christmas. It was John’s favorite, and drinking on at his expense, would help me to not kill him as he drifted off to sleep. No matter to me that it was a $500 bottle of wine. He was always telling me it is so nice for one side of the family to be well off, that way we did not have to go without the finer things in life all the time. Well tonight, I wanted good wine, and I was going to have it. I sat down on the couch, opened the bottle, and the aroma was almost enough to make me smile, with spite. I took my first good sip and the phone rang again. Katie, should have known that one. I answered this time, a bit more in control of my feelings then ten minutes ago.


“Fate? Where have you been? You know you missed our dinner with the two young men we met last month at the bank.”


“Yes love, that was tonight. Carl was very upset he could not find out how you liked to be pleased, but I made a makeup dinner for next week, and assured them both you would be there. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Mind? No Katie, I am so sorry, I am dealing with the same old shit tonight, and wished I had not forgotten it, it would be better then what I have been through here.”

Fate, did that little boy, you are married to call mommy on you again? I swear Fate, he simply needs to die. You know I am right. How about tomorrow we find a nice bar and see if we can’t find you someone new to talk to, God knows you need it. That husband of yours is worthless. Can he go a single day without telling his mother about his fucking day?”

“Ya know, that sounds good, and no, I don’t think he can. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, but will call you when I get out. Sound good?”

“Hell yes dear, and since he has put you through hell tonight, you really should go into the garage and get one of the expensive bottles of wine an just drown your issues in it. Night love,”

So, here is night in a nutshell, I hung up the phone, drank the rest of the bottle and went to sleep. I got up this morning, did my run and yoga and then came to work. My boss was not happy about a last minute appointment, but he was kind enough to understand, or maybe not, and he will just bend me over his desk tomorrow. Oh well either way is fine with me. I went to the appointment and god if the woman I was not there to see was my aunt, sister of the nightmare who made my life hell each day. I had thought I was there to deal with my problems, not be called a whore and an embarrassment to that family, and how on earth could I do this to little Johnny? Just what kind of terrible woman are you! Anyway forty five minutes of that and anyone would just walk out. I did just that and only paid for the forty five minutes and not the whole sixty.

I needed something I could not put my finger on and I needed someone to talk to, I mean really talk to not be lectured at. I walked down the block for a bit and crossed a few streets. I was not even sure where I was, but it was full daylight outside, and I could have cared less what else happened today. I turned right around the next corner, and found myself face to face with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her outfit was unlike anything I could imagine wearing, but that did not stop me from wanting too. She had long waist length black hair, perfectly straight. Nothing or should I say something was just different about her. The clothing was different, and her hair was lovely, but the energy surrounding her, was enough to make me want nothing more then to touch her. I came within a breath of just reaching out and doing it, but as she walked by me, she made eye contact, smiled and looked over her shoulder at me longingly. I could not breath and could not move. She turned her attention to the man with her, whispered something in his ear, and then turned and walked back to me. Her eyes, her perfect green eyes had me fixed so I could not move. I felt the nipples, below my bra come to life with the way she looked at me. I felt the rest of me start to desire when my breasts showed me a hint. She walked right up to my face, backing me into the wall and smiled as my shoes clinked on the brick, telling me I could back up no further. She looked down on me and smiled. I swear there were sharp teeth behind that smile. Not the teeth of a human being, but more an animal. My back now on the wall an her body coming toward me. her breast were making me wish I could back up just  bit more when she actually bumped into me.

I jumped, not expecting us to touch, but then her hand reached out and touched my face. Sliding one finger down the right cheek and stopping ever-so-lightly on my lips. Would she kiss me too, out her in the public street? I wanted her too, wanted her to do everything and anything she could fancy to me. I wanted to scream, and right as I opened my mouth to let the sound out, her lips found my own. It was not like any other kiss I had ever experienced. It was dark and powerful. She wanted me to know I had no choice, but she wants me to invite her at the same time. My hands found her hips and moved ever so slowly back to slid over her silk covered ass. I had never done anything like this before, but knew I was not in any mood to stop either. The moment my hands found the fold in her dress sliding down to where her ass and vagina met, she stepped back and smiled. My body went limp with fear I would never again feel the way I did right now. she leaned in softly this time and kissed the outside of my lips and and then backed off again smiling. Her eyes moved back and forth from my lips, to my eyes to my body back to my eyes. I thought that was going to be it, till she spoke, an moved my very soul with her voice, though her words gave me a bit of hope.

“You, are not what you seem are you, I am so glad you had the courage to catch my eye, and I too came back to make sure you were what I thought I sensed in you. I have never seen you around here before, and this is not my first time to your world. You really should step inside and have a drink. Tell Alex, at the bar, Tridggy asked him to give you a special and maybe in the next few turns we will see each other again. Would you tell me your name?”

“Its.., it  is Fate, Fate Etcher, and it is very nice to know I was what someone wants to see. Thank you”

“You’re very welcome Fate Etcher, please see the warning on the door and I hope to see you again. Good bye.”

And, with that she turned round, walked back to her gentleman waiting and walked back down the street the way I had come. I stood and watched them both till thy were out of sight. They turned the corner, and I remembered her invitation. Go inside? Go inside where I thought to myself. I thought all the buildings on this street were abandoned and getting ready to be torn down. I took stock of where I was and found I was quite a distance from downtown where I had started. The building behind me looked as if it had not been in use for fifty years, less alone was in use now. I walked to what looked like a front door and saw a sign hanging in the window. Well, I thought, She did say pay attention to the sign, I may as well read it.

You are not lost. You are exactly where the universe wants you right at this very moment. Consider what brought you here and proceed without reservations. Open your mind, open your soul and move forward.

What an odd sign to hang in a business. I would think it would scare more people off then bring them in, but what did I know. I have had one hell of a day, and maybe what I need is a little out of the ordinary. I looked back down the street in the direction Tridggy had gone and realized I really could use a dink. I turned back to the door, but just as my eyes unfocused and ran over the sign again, I could have sworn it was not even written in English, or any other language I had ever seen, but the moment I looked directly at it, I saw I had been mistaken and it was clearly written in English, and I wanted a drink all the more now. I remembered I was supposed to call Katie to get drinks today, and this was as good a place as any. I felt for my phone in my purse and called her number.

“Katie, hey, I found this odd bar on vine street going up the hill and you should come have that drink with me, this has been the oddest day. That’s great I will see you soon then, bye.”

I put the phone back in my purse and pushed open the door. The light within the place was very low, and it took some time for my eyes to adjust. It was nothing like I had expected. It was very clean and had a beautiful old fashioned all wood bar that wrapped around the room to my right. There was a strange looking man tending it, and he smiled nicely at me as I came in. There were not all that many people in here, but it was the middle of the day and I could not blame the rest of the world for having more things to do than drink at 4pm. I found a seat at the bar and smiled at the tender.

“May I help you dear, I can not say I have ever seen you in here before. What will it be?”

“I, um, well there was a woman outside who said to tell Alex..”

“Yes, I am Alex, Who did you see out there on that street?”

“She said her name was Tridggy, and said I should ask you for a special. Is that alright?”

“Dear, if Tridggy wants you to have a special, then you my dear are going to have a special. Is there a flavor in the wold you like better then others? It does not have to be a food, just a flavor.”

“How in the world can you give me a flavor if it does not come from food?”

“Try me, what do you like the taste of best in your life?”

I could not help but think to myself how much I would love to have the taste of sex right now. Good sex, that had lasted for hours and made my whole body shake and hurt. Made me scream, beg, wish and desire more then my body cold ever tolerate. The taste of sex, that was my favorite. Stupid fucking therapist!

“Well Dear, what shall it be, something from a dream, or from reality, I have not had a good challenge in some time, so do try to make it difficult.”

I knew I was blushing, but no longer cared. If he wanted to make me taste sex, then he was welcome to do anything he liked to me, after the day I have had thus far. He was rather handsome and I could use a reason to scream right now! I closed my eyes and tried to believe I was going to ask a perfect stranger for, this…

“You say anything, well what I love to most in my life is the taste of sex. So there! I can’t imagine how you are going to put that into a drink, but have at it.”

“Well, to give you exactly what you want, I may have to ask you a few questions to perfect to drink, will that be alright dear?”

I could only laugh at the face he made, He was completely serious. He was going to make me a drink that had all the outcomes of a good exhausting fuck. I no longer cared if I was turning six shades of red, I wanted to see where this was going to go.

“What would you like to know Alex?”

“Well, do you prefer men or women? Do you like them to be soft and gentle or thrust you over a chair and rip off your clothing? Do you want everything to be about the intercourse, or more about an oral experience?”

I could not believe he could just come out and ask a stranger things like this, but as he continued and I started to fill in the blank, I felt my nipples harden, and moisture build between my thighs. One question led to another and then another. I answered all of them as if he were the one fucking me, the rhythm of his voice and my own started to sound more like sex, and less like a conversation. I could hardly breath when he came around the bar and slid his hand up under my skirt and made sure with his eyes to mine and his fingers I was wet to the touch and ready to scream. Still more questions. Still more probing of my wet cunt and still further he asked and probed into my life, dreams and desires. A sound and bright flash to the right broke my trance and a woman, much like Tridggy, walked out from behind a sheet covering a door to the back. Her outfit was almost exactly the same and her features could not be matched. Alex smiled, and as he caught my eyes again, kissed me full and whole allowing his tongue to slip into my open mouth and dance till I could hardly breath. His other hand had somehow come to rest on my left breast and I had not even noticed his touch. All caught up in what I felt and not the room, Alex or myself. Everything was a blur and I realized I already had a drink in my hand and it was nearly gone.

Alex let go my sex and breast. Stepped back a pace or two and smiled to me. Something past reality had just happened and I could not figure out what it was.  He went back behind his bar and started to wipe down the counter, smiling with his little secret, that was till he spoke and I found myself floored in awe.

“Was that the taste you want today dear? Or should I try another mixture next time?”

He chuckled as I tried to speak. Tried and failed. I knew what the joke was now, I knew I had tasted exactly what I had wanted and he had served it to me. I was spinning in ecstasy and he knew it. I had never felt the way I did right now. Another flash from the same door way and another person, a male this time, walked out from the back. There was something altogether different about him, but this was a man who could make me scream till morning cum with no problem. I could not take my eyes off him and I could no longer breath. He came over to the bar and spoke to Alex, but his energy, his smell filled me like nothing else I had ever known.

“Hey Alex, have you seen Tridggy today, she called me here, but I don’t know why.”

“Oh I think if you look around you, what she called you for, is quite apparent. Can I get you anything Husk?”

“No, no drinks or your potions today, but thank you.”

He turned and saw me looking at him, saw me twitching from the drink still dripping from my lips and turned to smile and nod his head at Alex.

“Right you are my friend, right you are.”


My drink was almost gone, and still I had no more of a clue how Alex had made it in the first place, then I did when it first hit my lips. I drank down the last of it, and then sat there wanting something else, but what? Husk, was right in front of me, but whoo, could I even handle that if he wants to play? Truly I wanted to try, but the thought alone made me feel dirty, sitting in a new bar wanting to jump the first rugged man who had just come in. But where did he come from, the door with the bright lights could not go out the back, this building was built into the side of a hill, not like there was much room out there for a patio, or anything like that. He was looking at me again, and as if he wanted my complete attention spoke a last few words to lex and sat down next to me.

“Well, it would seem that Tridggy is good to her word, as always. So little dear, what is your story, and how is it you cam to be in a bar such as this?”

“Are you talking to me, I am so sorry, I was completely not paying attention.”

“Its alright love, not everyone has there ears open when a stranger starts speaking to them. I was asking how you came to be here today?”

“Oh, well I have had the worst day, and maybe life leading up to this day, and I really wanted. Well I wanted the very thing that keeps getting me into trouble with my in-laws. But you don’t want to hear about all that.”

“O’ no, well if you say so, but think it is to me, that you need an ear to listen to your troubles, and think to myself I do, I have a few I can offer you. So how about it, you tell me what is troubling you, and I will get Alex here to refill your glass with something to treat your buds.”

I was not sure if I was able to go through it all again today, and with another person I knew nothing about, but he seemed so true to wanting to help, not like that bitch who had made me feel all the more a whore earlier today. I sat for a moment longer, and with no reason at all, found an ounce of courage, I did not know I had. the ounce led to a bit more and after that more. Before I knew it, I was telling Husk every detail about my life, from the time I met John in college to moving to Cincinnati to settle down.

The lack of sexual energy in our life, the unruly interference of his terrible mother, and the few friends I had always telling me it is my body, I can do whatever the hell I please with it. All in all, during the time I was speaking I actually found myself wishing for a few changes in my life. Changes that would make me a great deal happier. A new place to live, on my own terms, and even a divorce. I had never before had the courage to think like this, or share my entire life, but something about the man now sitting next to me, seemed to be giving me that vary courage.

One hour passed into three and still I spoke to him of my life, and everything I felt I had put on hold for far too long. He just sat there, never interrupted and only smiled. When at long last I felt like there was nothing more to tell, I noticed I was more then a bit drunk, and there were five different colored glasses, empty in front of me on the bar. Each one with a different little straw in it, and every one smelling as good as the next. What in the world was this place? And who was this all powerful bartender? No one could make you a drink that tasted like the best sex possible, but he had done jut that.  Husk was going to get up, and I realized I knew next to nothing about him.

“Wait! why are you leaving so soon, I only know your name.”

“Well yes, what more do you need to know? It would seem to me that the overflowing bundle of what you just told me would keep you more then busy for some time to come. Lets see, you want to move out, and have your own place. You need to get separate from John and you have to stop letting everyone in your world use you, in the ways that are only good for them. You have said you have more then enough money from your current career, and you know just the place, down the street from work, you would love to live. So as for my details, why on earth would you want or need them? Goodness Lass, you have opened up your whole life this evening and now I must be off to show another the way to their own salvation. You will see me again, I can’t imagine you are never going to truss back through those two doors again.”

He motioned to the two front doors and rose from his seat. He smiled down at me and I could see a row of rather strange teeth behind his smile. A shiver went down my spine, with the thought of what that would be like I rose from my seat, and before I could consider what I was doing I reached up took him by the face and pushed my lips to his own. His mouth was very warm, and inviting, his tongue slid into my mouth and mine to his. It came into contact with that row of long sharp teeth in the front top, and I could not get past them. I had to know more about him, but once again, before I could think or stop him, he walked for the sheet covered door, there was a bright flash and he was gone. The door behind me opened and in walked he man accompanied by Tridggy. She looked over to me with smile on her face and a look of misfit to Alex.

“Ah Tridggy! How was your afternoon in the city?”

“Lovely Alex, thank you. Did you get this beautiful young woman the drink I asked for?”

“Sure thing, look about her, Tusk made sure she had plenty more. Anything I can get for you or Grin?”

The tall man with Tridggy looked to Alex an only smiled. Very little of his features were visible, but his smile was bright. I mean really bright, as if his skin had a light shining from under it. He had two of the largest yellow eyes I had ever seen, though when I went to look at him again, they were closed, an he too was walking of he back veiled door. tridggy came over and sat down next to me. One hand rested on the bar, the other rested in my lap. Like nothing out of the ordinary. Just two friends sitting to have a drink.

“It would seem you got a full dose of the portal on your first day, eh  dear?”

“I don’t really know, I met you, came in, had a drink I could not ever explain and then dumped my soul on a complete stranger.”

“Then kissed him as well, best I could see on walking in.”

“God, I did, didn’t I? What has gotten into me today?”

“I would say a good dose of exactly what you needed. Do you have any complaints about the way things have gone for you thus far? Is there anything else I can get for you before I also depart?”

“Get me, what do you mean, no. No I don’t think I can handle any more today. Thank you though. It is like you have helped me fix my entire life today, an all I know about you, is your name and the taste of your lips. Will I see you again?”

“Ah, you will always find exactly what you re looking for when you come to the portal pub. Goodnight Fate. Good luck sorting it all out. Do let me know how it all goes.”

And, just like that she too was gone, and I was left in the bar with Alex and my own thoughts. I had no idea what time it was, and when I pulled out my cell, the screen was off. That’s odd, this thing never dies. Where is Katie, she should have found me hours ago, but she never showed. It must be late, I have other things I need to do. I rose and found I was much stiffer then I had expected. I walked to the front doors to find it was completely dark outside, and there did not seem to be many street lights out side. Alex came over to me, an tapped a switch on the wall. Th street outside filled with light, in exactly the direction I needed to walk back. Something about this place was very strange indeed, but I had to move on.

“Good night Alex and thank you so much for the drink, it is everything I needed.”

“That’s what we are here for, come back and tell me how it continues, will you?”

“Of course. Bye.”

I walked down the front steps, and into the night air. It was cool and a soft breeze met my skin. I took a deep breath in and found I felt so much better then I had in years. As I was about to turn the first corner, I looked back and something was terribly wrong. The building I knew I had jut been in, looked completely abandoned, and falling in on its self. Before I could think on it too hard my phone rang, and I looked to see it was Katie.

“Hello, Katie, where are you? Why did you not come have a drink with me? What do you mean you came down here and it was just an old building? Don’t be silly, of course there is a bar there, I have been here all night. goodness what time is it anyway? 2am, oh my god! How did that much time pass. No, I will call you tomorrow, we will talk, but now I have to find a cab and get home! Night”

Two in the morning, how could it be that late? Last I checked it was only four in the afternoon and I met Tridggy. tridggy, wow, I was starting to feel rather strange, abut knew I had to get home. A car drove by and I rose my hand and shouted! It came to a halt and I climbed into it, gave my address and sat back for the ride. The cab was pulling into sight of the house when I first saw the flashing lights. It was the last thing I needed tonight. There were police cars and EMS in front of the house. John sitting gone the front porch talking on the phone. I could only fear something terrible had happened. I paid the cabbie and got out. John and two officers came running over to meet me. John looked like he had been crying for hours.

“Where have you been? Your boss called at four and said you never came back to work after your appointment. Then you never came home! I called mother fearing you had met with an accident. Fate! How can you do this to me. No call and no information. Where have you been for the last twelve hours?”

“Ma’am, have you been drinking, you look a bit out of it?”

“Ma’am, is everything alright, will you need the EMS to take you to the hospital, anything we can do?”

“NO! I am fine, what is all of this? A grown woman can’t go off on her own for a few hours and the national guard not be put on high alert! Really I am fine, thank you officers. I need to get to bed so I can deal with my life tomorrow, Thank you, good night.”

I had been so calm all the way home, and now John and the police, really, what the hell! I wanted to kill him, kill him right now so they could all see him die. What is wrong with him. He knows I come home late sometimes. The officers did not seem to want me to just walk off, and that made me all the more angry. I got as far as the front porch before they all physically stopped me. First John grabbed my hand and stopped me from walking into the house. Then the two officers got on either side of me. I had no choice but to deal with this nonsense.


“Mrs, Etcher, you really do need to calm down. Are you sure you have not ben hurt tonight? When your husband called last night around ten saying you had not come home from work, we were, of course concerned for your well being. Then the governor called and said a dear friend from childhood had called worried sick that her daughter in law was missing and we simply must take action. I don’t think you fully understand everything that has transpired tonight over your well being. Ma’am, can you please tell us where you were, so we can, at least file a full report and tell the governor you are well?

In all my life I had never been so angry. Not only had John gone completely off the deep end, because I did not call in, but mother dearest had called the fucking governor, what in the hell! I pulled my hand free of my husband, and gave him a look making sure he knew if he did not back up, I would make his life a living hell. He immediately let go and backed up. I then turned to the police and tried with all the patience I had left to explain my evening. I could not give them the address to the bar, I had no idea what it was. John had a bit more then a fit when he found out I had been a bar, sharing my life with drunken strangers and did not come home to him. The last thing I said to the police was as simple and curious as I could muster.

“Look, as you can see, my husband has not grown up enough to realize that adults have lives of their own, an there was no reason to go calling you or the governor. I am truly sorry for all the trouble he has caused you tonight, but I must insist you allow me to go to bed. thank you officers.”

I looked at John as I walked in the door and he quickly picked up the phone. I heard the police get in their car and close the doors. At that moment, the wife left and all that remained was a very pissed off bit of fate. I turned on my soon to be ex husband and made sure he never forgot the words I said this night.

“You stupid silly little spoiled pathetic excuse for a man. If I ever have to deal with anything like this again, because you do not know how to live in reality, like the rest of the human race, I will beat you half to death in front of the police. Do you completely understand me! You Fucking ass! And give me that god damn phone. You are not calling your little mommy and crying like the six foot child you most certainly are.”

I took the phone and beat it of the table next to me till it shattered and fell to the floor. John looked like he would never breath again. I had him backed into a wall and made sure, every time he tried to leave, that he could not. My patience was gone, my buzz from the afternoon, was gone and my blood was boiling. He was, of course in tears, like any sensible man would be when his wife was about to kill him. I backed up a few feet and looked him in his eyes. I knew the poor little thing just could not understand why I was so pissed, but I was going to make sure, he never forgot. I took out my cell, from my purse and died his mother, so he could see me do it. It only had to ring once, and before I was going to allow her to launch into some half mad lecture making me, once again look like the terrible badly raised wife, I shut her up as well.

“Oh dear…”

“SHUT IT. NOT ONE WORD OUT OF YOU. Do you hear me, I have your son backed into a corner, watching and listening to this call, so neither of you will ever be confused as to who is in charge tonight. You have both made my life a true hell since the day I found out you existed. John is a coward and a pathetic excuse for a human being, but you are the worst kind of mother. You baby him, an coddle him making him think the whole fucking world is supposed to just allow him to act like a fucking child and not have a career. I work my ass off, and have a damn good job. As of this night, I am done with you both. Tomorrow I will be going to the court house and filing for a an immediate divorce. I want nothing more to do with your silly boy, John, an even less to do with you. My sexual needs are my problem. Not to be told to your sister, s unprofessional as that appointment was yesterday. I hope you are both completely proud of yourselves. the only think you will have to explain any longer is why your perfect son is no longer married. I am sure your church group will just love to hear about this on, mother dear. Now, I am going up stairs to sleep a few hours, and get up and face my new day. I do not want any phone calls, or any crying to keep me up. Is that completely understood by you both? No answer, good! Good night then, and to my mother in law, good bye.”

I took the phone away from my ear and hit end. John was still looking at me from his place on the wall, fear and shock in his eyes. He had not moved an inch since I placed the call. Tears were streaming down his face, and I could not help but to laugh at him.

“You really should go look in a mirror, no one would ever believe you are a grown adult. You look like an idiot child having a temper tantrum. Now, do I have to repeat myself, not one word or sound to keep me awake. now move!”

I pushed past him on my way up the steps, and just as I knew it would happen the house phone rang. I no longer cared and walked on to my room. I did not want to hear his sniveling, and I was not going goto deal with her any longer. I pulled out a few boxes from the hall closet and packed a few things. Took a shower and climbed into bed. This my be the best I would ever sleep in this bed or this house. My brain went out, with the light and all I remember was darkness.

I woke feeling truly rested, sat up to find he had never come to bed, and the room was still as I had left it a few hours ago. I knew I would have to make some fast arrangements but also knew Katie would love to have company for a week or two while I gathered my wits. I readied myself and ate a quick bite of breakfast. A quick look to find John on the couch still sleeping, and out the front door to work. It was still early and I may be able to get to the condo building down on the water front before I went to work. I had no idea what time they may open, but work was not till ten today and it was jut now, eight forty five. I do love my Fridays. The court house would have to wait till lunch, and I may jut call an attorney on break, let them handle the whole thing, that is why they exist. I could see the bus coming towards me, and the street was otherwise, empty. A single car drove past and seemed to be tuning into the house dive. I was about to my seat when I hear a voice I did not need in my ear, God forbid my life today. Coming towards the bus were both my in-laws. How in all the hells had they gotten here this fast. More to the him to point, why, I would have thought thy would have been pleased to have me out of their lives.  The bus driver looked back to see if I was going  to get off again. I shook my head in disgust, begging him please to just go. To my relief, he did and they were left on the street waving their hands and yelling. Well, one problem down. By the time I got home later today, the papers would be in the process of being filled and all they could do was keep it in court. I was done with that part of my life, time to move forwards.

I found myself down town fifteen minutes later and the Starbucks was not overflowing. Another small relief today. I got my espresso triple and walked towards the condos. I was glad to find they were already open and the man sitting behind the desk was, not only helpful, but more then enough to make me scream yes to any deal he had to offer me.  He took me up to see the top floor two bedroom. It was a bit more then I probably needed, but it had an amazing view, and space enough for all my stuff, and a few new things if I decided to spoil myself. The price was about where I had expected it to be, round the three hundred thousand mark, and I called my bank to make sure there would be no problems. It was almost nine forty five and I needed to be getting on to Work. It was only two streets over and I walked in the door right at five till. Oh, if I got this condo and could simply walk to work in five minutes I may truly find the bit of happiness, that made me go through college a year early.

My boss, Charlie was sitting at his desk, waving me in as I came past his little glassed in domaine. I knew I had not come back yesterday, but that problem I solved for him two week ago should cover it. I walked in and took a seat across from him. Allowing my silk skirt to fall from my left knee as I slid my legs a bit further open. I knew he loved lace panties, and I had made sure I had his favorite color on as well. His life consisted of work work work, and when he did come out for drinks with the rest of us, he never seemed to go home with anyone worth while. Well, I would make sure he got anything he needed or wanted today.

“Fate, I assume your appointment went well yesterday?”

“It went anything but well and I know I should have called, but I needed a drink and it kind of got me lost. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? It will not happen again. I just came from down on the river trying to get my own place so much closer to the office and everything. I am sure you can understand having a bad day…”

“So, it won’t happen again will it? Well Since you are always so willing to take care of my every need, and I have already been called by the condo company about your new place. I assured them you were not going anywhere and your career was more then secure. So what else can I say.?”

I knew the tone of voice when he started to speak. I rose from my chair and walked over to the blinds to his office. Gave them a good turn and made sure no one could see in, or us out. I knew what was coming, and I knew he would not be easy to me, but I also knew I no longer cared. He had just guaranteed I would be getting my new place, and What if it cost me a bit of fist bitting and moaning. I walked around to his side of the desk and knelt down on the carpet, pulling up my skirt so not to rip it. I had known from the moment I woke today how this would play out. Making sure to wear an outfit that had many layers, so one or two could be removed after he found what he needed through me. Charlie was not one to need to be asked twice, he sat back further in his chair, but never stopped talking. I could see his cock bulging beneath his paints, and I was only too happy to encourage it further. I took a moment to unlock his belt and unsnap is paints. He was all too happy when I pulled them free of his body and his cock just fell into my face.

Now, I know what your thinking, maybe I was being a bit like a office whore, but I had a life to live, I never got anything from John and after yesterday, I knew what I wanted. No, it was not a face full of cock and come, but it was my own place, my own life and those things required a job, and he had taken up for me. the least I could do was help him with his pent up issues of not having a woman to use daily. Ok, ok so maybe I am an office whore, but I never seemed to want a guy that took me out to show me a good time, I always wanted the good time where I was not supposed to have it. Ao go ahead, think what you want, but you know inside you would be doing your part of this equation, if you were one of us right now!

I kept a bit of hand lotion in my purse and after covering his cock I made sure to slid my fingers over every part of it. He arched his back and pushed himself towards me. I knew exactly what it would take, and I gave him everything I had. Ten minutes later I was covered in his first load, and was so glad I had worn three layers today. I rose from the floor to remove my top shirt and blouse below it, still dripping with his release. I never knew what he would want to finish to contract, but today he seemed to want a great deal more then ever before. He grabbed a handful of my hair, and pushed me forward over his desk. My face and breasts hit with enough force to send all his paperwork flying. And then he got to it. His hands went up my skirt and found my dripping wet lace panties waiting for him. I wanted this, wanted to be used and did not truly care who used me right now.

He tore off my panties, an though I did like that pair, the force was enough to pull my attention away from the torn cloth. I could feel his hot breath in my right ear, as he put the full weight of his body on mine. His left hand was still full of hair, and his right was now probing my cunt, and anus. I had never known him to play in the anal before, but I was not going to complain. He bit at my ear and I felt a wave of heat transfer from my head through my entire body, making me shudder in ecstasy. Now this was what I wanted and now my day could truly begin. I could feel three fingers deep in my dripping cunt and I could only moan, an grunt ever so slightly.

“Like that do you, you little slut! Well when you have a place near-by I am sure I can make my way there often enough to use my office slut to my complete liking. What do you think of that, whore?”

“I think you can do anything you want to your slut!”

“Damn right I can, now lets remove that blouse, or do you want it in shards too.”

“No, I will take it off for you.”

I straightened up an removed my blogs an unlatched the red lace bra that once matched the panties, now laying in two parts on the desk. I no longer cared what he wanted from me, I would be anything and everything he could ever want in me today. his hand found the middle of my back, and he slammed me down on he desk. I felt his hardened cock slide over my right ass cheek and warm itself next to my cunt. I could barely breath and knew I would have to remain quiet, even though I would want to scream! His fingers made sure he was where he wanted to be, and he thrust, all at once till he was fully throbbing inside of me. I had never been so glad to have clenched my teeth before, otherwise the whole building would have heard me come. Over and over he pounded me and over and over I came. His desk was now drenched in us both, but nothing changed. his fist was filled with hair once again, an he yanked my head up, causing me to screech slightly. He continued to slam into me till my body had trouble doing anything but shaking. I was grasping for the other side of his desk, when as last he came and fell forward. This had been the hardest and most forceful fuck I hd ever entertained with Charlie. He was still lurching forward into me as he finished. My body tingled, the way only sex could create. I barely noticed the difference after he fell off of me to the office floor. He too was panting like he had just run ten miles. His paints were around his ankles and the only thing still on me were my boots. blouse and skirt on the floor, panties torn and bra who knew where. A deep breath in and I tried to reclaim my clothing. His hand caught me and pulled me down on him.

“What do you think, just fuck and go today? No, today is your first day of something new, and I think you know it, don’t you little slave?”

“What, what do you mean?”

“Oh, you know exactly what I mean. Your new condo, your secure job and your overwhelming willingness to take everything I give you. Thats right, your getting it now. This is no longer just something you will give me in this office, it is going to be your new job. This is how you will earn your new life. Your sex, your ass and your body are now mine! Unless you want to go home and try to explain how you quit your job right as I offered you a promotion today.”

“What do you want? Whatever it is, yes, you can have it or me. Just don’t cast me out, please.”

He was smiling as his fingers reentered my body, and I felt the pain of what we had just done. I was sore, more so then I had been in years. He forced more and more of his fingers in me, till he had most of his right hand pulsing my inflamed sex. I could no longer breath, and could no longer speak. He sat up and looked me right in the eyes. Smiling in a way I had never seen before. He kissed me full and true, and when he released me, I found myself back on the floor and him standing over me. He walked to gather my cloths and dropped them on my face. the first two shirts I had worn he put between my legs and the cold sticky of him found my hot sex and felt beyond terrible. I knew this was his way of showing me he could do anything he wanted, and I would just do as I had been told. Lay here and be a slave to his will. He stepped away from me and reset his own paints. Tucked in his shirt and looked back to me with pleasure in his eyes.

“Oh Fate, I am so glad you want to see your future the way I want to see your future. I can only hope that this today tasted as good as the drink Alex made for you yesterday!”


I was still trying to catch my breath when Bob, form accounting knocked on the office door. Charlie was still standing over me smiling, but had already gotten dressed. He stepped over me and walked to the door. He opened it long before I had fully dressed, Bob stood in the open door mouth dropped when he saw me standing there, skirt around my ankles and bra only half on. I thought he was going to stumble in, but then Charlie invited him anyway.

“You know Bob, if you want a better look at my new pet, why not just come in? I am sure she will behave for you. Fate, I think you are dressed enough, why not put the bra down and allow this nice man to enjoy the dight of you. Come on now, will I have to remind you who you belong to now?”

“No master, as you wish.”

I could not believe I just allowed him to talk to me like that, but he had some kind of power over me, and I had no desire to challenge him right now. I took the bra back off and stood in front of Bob with my bare breasts out for him to see. My skirt was still about my ankles, and I went ahead and stepped out of it, so all that remained on me was my lace stockings. The panties were far ruined on the desk and I knew I would be going without the rest of the day. Though, it would seem Charlie was going to enjoy showing me off to the other office workers of the rest of the day. I was starting to chill and my nipples hardened and stood out. I could not help but move away as Bob reached out to touch me. I could only hope Charlie was not going to allow other to touch me without my consent, but he merely came over and pulled my hands behind my back so I had no other choice but to stand there and be touched. I had never been to thrilled about Bob, but he was not going to worry about my concerns when my new master was so clearly allowing of his actions. HE slid his fingers over my left breast, and then my right. My body shivered as he pinched and rolled the nipples. I had forgotten the desk, right behind me when he pushed me back with more force then I was expecting. Between being felt up and used by more then just Charlie had me more then a bit uncomfortable. My legs were thrust apart as my ass came into contact with the desk and was forced to sit or fall. Bob’s right hand instantly moved from my breast to my inner thy and I could feel the moisture between my legs start up again.

I did not want this, but felt I had little choice but to entertain Charlie’s wishes. I could only breath  sigh of relief when Charlie stepped between Bob snd I allowing me to cover myself with my hands. I could not remember the last time I had been this embarrassed.I was shaking, but neither men seemed to really care. If being touched by Bob had not been enough, Charlie’s next words worked me even more.

“My little whore, I think you should go over to the couch and sit while I speak to Bob. But, while you are over there do not think for a moment about covering up your breasts of vagina. I do enjoy being able to enjoy the sight of you. Go on!”

I did not respond this time, but I did as I had been asked. I sat on the couch and spread my legs, making sure every inch of my body was being shown to any who happened to walk in. Walk in, it hit me hard when I realized it was Friday, and his end of the week meeting would begin any second. the room would be filled with all the office heads, most of which were other woman. Many of whom already did not approve of my open attitude about fucking any man I saw. Now I would have them all looking at me, knowing I was now the office whore, and Charlie, was not above allowing the men to pet and use me, as long as if amused him. Judy and Michelle walked in the door, and only laughed at me, when they saw me spread out on the couch. Judy had always been a bitch, but I had never known her to go out of her way to be mean, but then again I had never been posed on a couch nude to her either.

“Why Charlie, I see someone has found a good use for Fate. I am assuming she is now your office slut to play with?”

The tone of her voice was evil and hate filled. She had wanted to bed Charlie for more then  year, but he never showed any interest in her. Another wave of heat and embarrassment washed over me as she walked to my side of the room. Without hesitation, she came over, sat on the edge of the couch and slid her left hand up my leg, across my left thy and did not stop hen she reached my sex. The smile on her face widened when she pushed her first two fingers into me body. I could not help but to breath in, as she pushed the rest of the fingers from that hand into me. I had not yet calmed down from Charlie fucking me and now Michelle was sitting at h council table watching, eating her morning yogurt. I knew now, the meeting would be put on hold, so anyone who wanted too could make me feel like a complete whore. Charlie only smiled and stepped over to stand beside Judy.

“You enjoy making her feel like a slut, don’t you? I would never have taken you for an exhibitionist but I must say watching you is very enjoyable. I am sure you would love to be the one on the couch ben treated like an office toy though. You really should look up at me, so I can look deeper into those green eyes of yours.”

Right as she looked up to meet his eyes, He bent down, found her lips with his and kissed her very forcefully. She tried to gasp at him, but he held her head and did not allow her to move. His right hand moved down her blouse and over her breasts. I could see her nipples harden and he pinched on hard enough for her to whimper and try to push out of his reach. He wanted to do more then use me this morning, he wanted to make sure we all kew who we worked for. He stopped kissing her and pushed her back onto the couch, over my legs, but did not let go her nipple. She was still squirming and trying to get him to stop, when he smiled, and moved his face down to her upper thy.  With his left hand he all but ripped off her skirt and panties. At least I was not going to be the only one without panties the rest of the day. She was looking very uncomfortable, by this point, but he hd no intention to let her go. After he had dropped her skirt nd panties on the floor, he slid his left hand up under her ass, and pushed it up towards his waiting mouth. I was sure she thought it could get no worse, when he seemed to shove his tomb into her ass, making her scream, and come all at once. Only one word escaped from her lips, and I could not help but to smile.


“Well little Judy, I thought you had wanted me since last year at the fourth of July party. Now you are finding out what it is I Do with the woman in my life. Is this not what you expected me to use you for? Come now, look at you. Perfect D-cup, shaved cunt and smooth legs. How could I not want o dominate you and make you beg? You seemed to be so interested in using my Fate, look your fingers still drip with her sex. Why should he same not be done to you? Or is there something special about you and you don’t want he rest of the office to see you in your best position. I mean lets face it, you really are not that good in the promotion department. But this position, you seem to be doing very well at. Now let me get back to your dripping cunt!”

He pushed his face into her legs till she could not breath and her face was read as a summer beat. He did move his right hand from one breast to the other, making sure to pinch and pull just as hard as he first one. Three more members of the office walked in, while he was making her cry for the first time. though,  I could not tell what he tears were for, the pain he was inflicting on her breasts, or the embarrassment to her personal being. Not that I really cared, she no longer had any fingers probing my sex, now he was being used completely. John, Brenda and Allen did not seem too shocked that Charlie was using, not one but two of his workers for sexual toys. they all took their normal seats at the table and watched on further. Judy was full on begging now and everyone in the room, mostly charlie was making the most of it.

“P, please Charlie, please have mercy, it is starting to hurt! Please..”

Not only did he not stop, but John came over and decided to make his presence known. Everyone in the office knew of his desire to make himself known to Judy, but like Charlie to her, she had never given him the time of day. I was sure he was going to make her regret that now. He did not even think twice, he walked up to her, like a stranger on the street and pulled out his cock. Thrust it in her face and grabbed the perfectly made bun in her hair. he looked at him with hatred in her eyes, but he met hat look with one of his own.

“Well, do you think I pulled it out so you could look at it? Now whore, you know what to do with it, or shall I show you?”

Her body surged backwards as if Charlie had bitten down on her sex. She clawed at my body in pain and anger as she opened her mouth to scream. An act John took as his moment to fill it with something else. She now had Charlie between her legs and John in her mouth, and I must say, John was taking full advantage of her obedience, I was sure she was going to choke on his now massive cock. And, choke she did. Charlie took this as a moment to let up on her sex and look at the rest of what she was being used for. He stepped back and smiled. Shaking his head at John, but smiling all the same.

“John, I am so glad you are so willing to make good use of Judy’s mouth. She has done nothing in this meeting but complain so far. But now, I think she is getting into the theme for he coming week, aren’t you, you little whore?”

She could only nod her head as John was still filling her mouth with cock, and now come as well. Her eyes were watering and though I had been sure Michelle would want nothing to do with any of this, seeing how she had the most amazing husband in the world. A doctor and runner. I could only imagine she never went without, for anything. But, to my amazement, she walked over to look down at Judy as her mouth was starting to leak and simply whipped the tears from her eyes. Not much of a compliment, but it was something.

“It is so very nice Judy for your mouth to be used for something useful and nice for a change. You do go on about everyone so much and now look, your simply speechless! You should think about this before you go being a bitch to or about someone again.”

The others in the room all seemed to agree with Michelle’s words, and the giggles and snickers angered Judy all the more.   Charlie was picking up her skirt and panties an folding them before he placed hem on the council table. He did not mind, in the least hat his meeting had been turned into an orgy, of sorts, but he did suggest john get on with it.

“John, I know much of this has been pent up for far too long, but get on with it. We may have other woman who need to be used during he meeting. Please!”

“I think I can do that Sir. Sorry, I have wanted to us her since that nasty rumor last year!”

“Oh, I think we can all appreciate that, so do enjoy yourself. I completely understand.”

More giggles from the room, and the last person, coming gin late, as always was Tina. I swear I think this woman had the very worse sense of tim in the world. She was the shy very cute woman who only worse long flowing skirts and dresses, you know the kind, the ones most men would jut love to lift up and explore the under side. I could only imagine how she was going to deal with walking into an orgy, but to my surprise, she simply took her seat at the table and watched out of he corner of her eyes. The phone on Charlie’s desk rank, and he went over to answer it.

“Hello? Yes John, your wife is here today. Where else would she be? Your parents are in town, whatever for, you know she can’t stand to be near them. Why would you have them come in when she is having o focus on work? Look She is very busy right now, or I would let you speak with her, but I will be sure to tell her when she gets free. No! No, I can not have you and the parents in the office this morning. She has things she needs to tend to here and it is not appropriate for you and them to come storming in like this. She has a real job, you should try it sometime! Yes, goodbye.”

When he first answered the phone, it did not click that he was talking to my husband till he mentioned the parents. Thought I was going to faint. Here I was sprawled out on the couch in my bosses office completely nude and just having been used for sex, by tow fellow staff members and they wanted o stop by, What the fucking hell is wrong with him? I know we all went to Yale together, but this was simply too much. He thinks that not only does he not have to have a career, like the rest of us, but his mommy can come bother me at work too. I was ready to kill him, till Charlie dismissed him outright and hung up the phone. I was thankful he had taken care of him, but I could only guess what he would want from me in return. He came back over to me, and jut as John was forcing the rest of his swollen cock down Judy’s threat. One hard gag and she covered her red blouse with come and spit! She tried to get it off with her hands, but only pushed it further into the fabric. Now for me to thank her for the finger fuck she gave me.

“Sorry Judy, I guess you are not only going to be remembered the rest of the day as the face whore, but you are going to smell and look the part too.”

“I know, I know, it was a mean thing to say, but she made me feel like a whore, I could not pass up the chance to return the favor.”

John cleaned off his cock on her face and then pulled himself together. The only person in the room, who had not mentioned or taken a sexual act now was Tina. She was still pippin gon her coffee and trying to watch but not be noticed. I may be the only one who had a thing for her, but she was so damn cute and she had the whole innocent thing going on, and I just could not help myself when it came to a chance to corrupt an innocent. My eyes caught her left hand under the table resting in her lap, but I had to wonder if she would rather have been doing something else with it. Her face was flushed and she seemed to be breathing rather hard. I smiled to myself and watched john make as much a fool and whore of Judy, who was now using paper towels to clean off her face and blouse. She had gotten most of it off, but it would take a trip to the dry cleaners to get that out altogether. Charlie came over to me and whispered in my ear. I knew I was going to do anything gI was told, but I never expected him to tell me that. He walked over and sat at he end of the table, as if he were going to start his meeting. Judy was next to the desk trying to get her panties back on, when Charlie and john both made her look up.

“I must say, I am so glad so many people were able to get pent up aggression out this morning. Judy, I am impressed at how much cock you can fit down that threat, but you do have the biggest mouth in the office. We all know that! John, is there anything you would like to say for the excellent mouth work you received this morning?”

“Ya know, most times I would not, but yes Judy wow your mouth and face are even more amazing then I could have hoped for. Now would you reconsider that dinner I have been after you about? I can’t imagine there will be anything on the menu that will give you quite the challenge you just overcame!”

“In your dreams, you pig!”

“Judy, is that any way to speak to a fellow worker, you know you make more shit comments about your co workers then anyone else. Did you think karma would never catch up with you? And, you did so well. I even considered giving you a go, but then Fate’s husband had to call and ruin the mood. Fate, what is it with him lately, I mean he seems to think he is more the center of the universe now, then before. Are there any other who would like to comment on the sex this morning, Tina, did you get enough, or would you like to have your own senses peeked today?”

Her face was scarlet in seconds, when Charlie mentioned her. I found my seat next to her, and as I had been asked by my master, right as he brought up her name, I pulled up her skirt and slid my hands between her upper thy’s. This helped her to turn even darker red, but she did not protest. She moved forward in her chair, so she could open her legs a bit more. John, looked over, wishing he was closer to her now. Well, I guess there were others in the office curious about Tina other then me. Charlie did not try to upset her any further, but nodded to me, making sure Tina knew I was to be the one who made use of her for him. My fingers found silky panties and the below architecture of a vagina in need. I slid my middle finger back and forth over her clit till I got the response I was looking for. She started to move her hips in my direction and the lower part of her panties started to show signs of moisture.

All the while, Charlie had gone right into the rates and expectations for the coming week as if nothing odd had happened before, or I was not playing with Tina below the rim of the table. I had often wondered if she was the kind of women who kept herself shaved or allowed herself to be more natural, as I found the edge of her wet panties and pulled them off to one side, allowing my fingers to slip under them, I found very soft skin, completely without and mention of hair. I played with her clit a few moments longer and then slid my first two fingers into her very tight ho body. A moan escaped her lips, and Charlie sopped speaking, as everyone turned to see her face start to sweat.

“..as I was saying, It would seem there are more curiosities in the office that need to be explored and no just simply ignored in the future. You ll know my thoughts on how sex and the need of it affects your ability to do a good job at work. If you are holding back and don’t deal with it, your production fails. Would you not agree Tina?”

She was not able to say anything, she kept trying, but nothing was coming out. he was having more problems breathing then she was talking. I had to wonder, still further, if she had ever had sex? Her entry was so tight I could barely get two fingers into her. I could not imagine a full sized cock fitting very well. Bob, was on the other side of her, and I did not think he was going to be able to keep his hands of her much longer, not with her moaning and gasping for air. She did have very nice breasts and if he would be so kind to care for them while I entertained her sex, I could hope we may get a scream out of her. The phone, on Charlie’s desk rang again and as he got to his feet, Tina repositioned her body enough for me to try a third finger. He picked up the phone, and I thought I was going to cry.

“My god man, do you not have the ability to fucking listen to anyone but your fucking mother? No she can not answer the phone right now, her hands are full and I don’t give a damn what your families problems are. She is working and you are not welcome in my office today. Is that your mother making that racket in the background, well shut her the hell up then! Really John, when was it you mother took your balls and refused to give them back, did you ever ask you pathetic excuse for a man! Now look, if you com up here you will not be please with my reaction, say nothing about the woman you call your wife. Are we understanding each other? Oh, so mommy says you have to come up here, you are pathetic!”

He hit the end button and threw the phone against the wall, as I realized my mother in law was about to walk into the office and I was still completely nude and fingering Tina next to me. I looked from one member to another and no one seemed to think too much of the coming event. I took a deep breath and right as I was letting it out, the elevator door opened and out came my in-laws and husband. He was the first to see I was nude and had hands moving under the table. My father in law looked like he was going to keel over from a heart attack. I could imagine it had been some time since he saw such a young beautiful woman as myself and Tin completely or mostly nude and in the heat of sex. It was when John’s mother figured out what was going on that this shit hit the fan.

“YOU FILTHY LITTLE WHORE, and you wonder why the family has not trust or faith in your family abilities! Is this not an office? Is this not some kind of meeting, what in all the hells are you doing completely nude and molesting that woman next to you? You come home late enough I had to call he governor to make sure of your well being. Worry my little boy to death and then I hear you were rude to the state troopers on top of it all. Did they not tell you the Governor had asked them to come. You silly little girl. Just who the hell do you think you are? I put my personal reputation on the line for your well being and this is what you do to repay..”

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, you self centered controlling cunt! Your little boy is almost thirty, has no job with his five year degree. thinks he is better off having you wipe his ass for his from two states away and you have the gall to think or call me out on the way I act. I have a career that pays more then a hundred thousand a year, I enjoy my time away from work and my husband and you think all this somehow has to do with you! You are a stupid old bitch! If I were going to place blame for the way I act sexually it would firstly fall to that story excuse for a man I married, but furthermore it would fall to you. Nothing you do is out of the goodness of your heart. I am not entirely sure you know what goodness is, or that you even have a heart.”

I felt like I was going to explode if I did not face her for a change, and in front of the others when I had already been reduced to an office whore today, I had taken enough. My father in law jut took a seat next to Charlie and tried to blend into the office with the rest of us. All the while looking hungrily at myself and Tina, who I had not stopped fingering since it all started. A few moans slipped from her lips and that seemed to piss off mommy dearest that much more. I was about to raise from my seat and simply kill her when Charlie stood in my place and made sure to make clear who was in charge.

“Ladies, I think it is enough to say you both hate each other. Mrs. Etcher, I have never, not once heard a single good thing about you. I also attended school with your son, an I must agree that he is no more an adult male, then you are. As for why Fate is nude, well that is rather simple. I have taken quite a liking to her over the last few years, and since she married your son, she has only become more withdrawn and upset with the world. It is quite clear he has no ability, or interest for that matter to take care of her sexual needs, so last night after getting a call from a friend, I decided it was time to take complete responsibility of Fate, and her future. She is correct about the career situation. She just received a raise this morning, and though you are all unaware of the protocol in this office, she is doing exactly what I asked her too. Now, would you three please get the hell out of my office and this building, before I call the police? And the next time you want to call the Governor, make sure it is for your needs not those of your little boy, that was a waste!”

Well, her mouth was hanging open long before he finished, but not one word came out when he did. She just sat and looked from me to Charlie to her son as if she did not know who to try and lecture next. As it was John made the mistake of opening this mouth next.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. I have been married to you for near six years and this is how you repay me for your place to live and taking care of you? Mother says..”

“Do you think anyone here, except maybe your mother I’ve two fucks about what your mommy says? That is most of our problem. Your inability to think or act for yourself. As for being married to you, I promise you, your mother an father, that will be cure in the very near future. And, if you think for one minute that you re going to not sign the paperwork, I will make sure all those little girls who love to hear you play know you have no sense or anything and will make it my mission in life to kill any chance you will ever have at doing more in music then making a fool of yourself. And, for your information, I am completely accepting of what I am doing, and where I am in my life and career. It is you I am no longer comfortable with. So do us all a favor, listen to Charlie and get out!”

He actually stood and walked for the door saying nothing as he did. I retook my seat, and before my mother in law could say another word, turned to Tina, took her face in my hands and kissed her full and true. She fell into my lips and even went for my sex with her right hand. I completely forgot about the drama and John. I no longer cared about what my actions may bring, but the lips now holding my own. John, his mother and father all left the room without another word and got back on the elevator.

Tina was in the middle of climbing into my lap, when Charlie retook his own seat. Her skirt was all the way up to her hips and her panties were still pulled to one side exposing her lovely pink sex and the smooth skin around it. I had never before been kissed like this, and in the middle of my thought, Charlie simply restarted his meeting, though I did not think he was going to get anything out of Tina any time soon. He went on for some time, and then called a halt and time for lunch. Tina was still in my lap when everyone else was gone and Charlie reached between us to pinch and massage my breasts again. Tina and I were both moaning. I could no longer keep my thoughts straight and my own cell phone started to ring. I did my best to look at the screen, with her in my lap, and when I realized it was the condo calling I had to tear my lips way from hers.

“Hello? Yes, this is Fate Etcher, may I help you? The condo, yes, I am still very interested, what can I answer for you. When would I want to move in? Today if at all possible. It is, That would be wonderful, thank you so much. Yes, I will see you around Five today to sign the paperwork.  Good bye.”

I was so excited and happy, I pushed myself fully on top of Tina over the table and continued to remove her panties and blouse. Charlie was not about to try and separate us, he just took a seat at his desk and leaned back to watch. Tina’s silk panties came off easy enough, but her bra was much harder to remove then I was willing to put up with. I took a que from my master and ripped it off hr body. this only encouraged her to tear at my skin, an dee did everything in our power to become one person over the course of the next hour. The rest of the office was coming back from lunch by the time we had started to loose the ability to function. Her body and mine were covered in red scratches and bite marks. Tina had come so hard the table below us was completely covered in her ecstasy. I had helped, but nothing to the extend she had. Charlie was still in her chair watching when we rolled off each other.

“I can assume you are both very happy with yourselves? Can I get either of you anything?”

Tina could not answer, being so short of breath, and I could only shake my head at him. We both lay there till our breathing came back into control. As she was picking up her clothing and redressing herself, she leaned don and gently kissed my lips when they moved to my ear.

“Thank you, I have wanted to do that to a woman since I was fourteen and I can not think of a more beautiful woman to have shred me with for the first time. I hope it will not be the last. Would you like to get a drink tonight?”

I could hardly think right, it hd been her first time and now she was asking me for drinks. I was sure Charlie had planes for me tonight, but I looked to him to make sure. He sat and smiled, then rose from his chair, picking up my clothing as he did so. He handed it to me and motioned for me to dress. He held he remainder of my red lace panties.

“I will have to get you new panties to replace these. I do like the way her silk panties fit over her body, perhaps I will get you red lace silk panties? As of drinks tonight, I say the there of us go together, if that is alright with you Tina?”

“That would be lovely, do you have a place in mind Charlie?”

“I think Fate and I are thinking of the same place right now. What do you think fate? The Portal after work?”

“That would be amazing.”

Tina did not have a clue what we were referring too, but her questions would be answered  this evening.

“What or where is the portal”

“You will just have to wait and see..”


By the time the day ended, I was more then ready for a drink. I had not expected many things to happen today. Having Charlie use me and others like toys in the office. Having found a woman, I would like playing with as much as most men, or having someone else stand up to my terrible in-laws for me. This had truly been a day of great things. As it were, Tina had stayed next to me the rest of the afternoon. We had not gotten the most work done, but what we did do we enjoyed. I had been called about the new apartment just a few minutes before I left for the day, and I was now going over the street to finish the paperwork, Tina in tow. Charlie had promised to come over after he locked the office and he was good to his word. I had only just gotten into the sales office when he could be seen crossing the street. He was smiling when he saw me, but there was another look on his face which did not make me as happy. The sales woman for the building, Brenda was sitting at her desk when we all got into the room. Charlie only stuck his head in so he could get my attention.

“Fate, I need to have a quick word with you before you finish. If thats not too much trouble.”

“Of course not, If you two will only give me  minute.”

I walked out the door and knew this was not going to be good.

“Look, your crazy husband and his parents just called. It would seem that you had some kind of protection plan set up on your account at the bank, so when the building here called to make sure of your accounts for your new place, the bank called your husband and confirmed the sale with him, since you were not home. Did you know about the protection plan, were they supposed to call John?”

“Mother of God, no! I had seen that last year, but had chosen to not do it, because I did not want him to know every cent I spent of my own money. Dammit, he must have gone back and done it without my knowing. I mean he knows that account number, but they should not have allowed him to do so without my knowing. Did he call you again?”

“Oh, more then that, he is coming down here right now. It would seem your mother in law has taken this as an act against her and has arranged an attorney to come with them. You need to get in there and sign the papers right this second! Don’t look at me, just go, I am right here.”

I went back through the door and retook my seat. I had no idea what kind of games my in-laws would be playing, but this was my day and they were not going to fuck it up. I could see the papers were already out on the table, and I took the first set. Normally I would read every word, but there was no time for all that. Brenda seemed more then happy to be getting on with it.

“Are there any questions I can answer for you, I know we just started, this morning, but it seems you are more then ready to get this finished.”

“Yes, I have another appointment this evening and I would love to know all this is finished.”

“Well only two mores sets and then you can be on your way.”

I signed the last two sets of papers and was given my new agreement for the extras in the building; concierge service, parking, pool and work out facilities. I had forgotten all those would come with he place. I was gong to love living here. The total came to just over three thousand a month, and I was more than happy with that. I had been the one making the payments on John’s house for six years, and I was more then finished taking care of that over grown child. His perfect parents could pay for the rest of it, if they wanted him to live there. Brenda was getting ready to leave the office with us, as she gave me my new keys.

“If you notice, there are three keys there, one to the deadbolt, one to the knob-lock, and one to the pool and workout area. We will have you a swipe card for the garage made in the morning, but if you don’t mind, I also have to get somewhere, so if there are any problems, I will be glad to speak with you in the morning.”

I could only smile as she walked by and went down the steps toward the parking area. Right after the door closed behind her, the sound of tires screeching to a stop could be over heard out front. I only just looked up when I saw John, and parent getting out of the car with another man. I smiled to myself, knowing there was nothing more he could do, and knowing Brenda had just locked the outer door, and this little group dod not have access to this building after hours. I could swear, Brenda knew this was coming and had wanted to make sure everything was going to go in my favor. I took a seat on one of the letter covered benched just this side of the glass doors, they would be trying to get through. Tina on one side of me, and Charlie on the other. They too seemed happy that Brenda had not taken any more time with the signing then she had too. John’s mother came right up to the door and almost fell on the outside walk when she tried to yank on the door. I knew the next would be so nice to watch, from this side of the door, that is.

“You spoiled little whore, you get off your ass and come open this door this minute.”

“Excuse me young lady, would you be so kind as to open the door so we may com in?”

Charlie only looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, there was a cute little smile on his face as he did so. Tina was looking at my mother in law with the worst kind of gaze. She could not seem to understand how this woman thought she had the right to talk to me like this. I knew this was going to get much worse before it got better, but I also knew I was the one in control of this situation, not them. I rose from my seat and walked over to the door, no intention of opening it, but the man dressed in the suit, I could only imagine the attorney, Charlie had spoken of, smiled as if I were going to give him what he asked for. The smile vanished as I simply stood, just a foot from the door, and crossed my arms shaking my head. I thought John was going to start yelling and having a temper tantrum from the look he was giving me. It was his father, for a change who spoke up first, though his words only angered his wife and son all that much more.

“Fate, I know we have not always been the best in-laws, and I also know our son must be difficult to live with from time to time, but you simply can not use his money to fund your thoughts of getting aa condo you know you two can not afford on top of your existing house payment.”

I could not help but to laugh when he said John’s money. Not one cent in that account had been earned by my looser husband. I still had no idea how he had gotten the protection policy into that account without asking me, but this building was going to be my home from now on and I was sure he was going to have nothing to do with that either. Mommy dearest was not so gracious with her words, and the attorney was more then embarrassed after hearing them spoken out loud in  public place.

“You stupid, filthy little whore, I allowed your marriage to stand, even though you had done so without my approval. And now you have gone and made enemies with me, well I will tell you, stupid little bitch, this simply will not stand. Bring your ass out this door this minute and deal with the mess you have made this day. You will not be allowed to dishonor me or my son with your whoring.”

I could only turn and look at Charlie and Tina after she started spouting such nice things. Charlie came up behind me, and since he knew there was no way they could force their way into the building, and he also pointed across the street behind them. I had forgotten about the local police department on the other side of the street, where three officers were now running out their door. He raised his eyes to me and then spoke very clearly to those outside.

“It would seem, ladies and gentleman, that your presence is not invited, and will not be permitted this evening. We would be very thankful, if you would leave the property promptly. If not, I think it safe to say the police will be more then happy to remove you. A few of the tenant upstairs have also called to have you removed. Good night now.”

“How do you know others in the building called as well?”

“Because I texted them and asked if they would do me this favor, how else?”

I just wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, before I remembered who was outside. John fell to the ground when he saw my lips on another mans. He started pounding on the sidewalk and crying like a two year old, after having a toy taken from them. His father was trying to get him to stand, his mother still yelling obscenities and the lawyer was backing towards his car. Obviously rethinking the whole ordeal. Tina came up behind me and seemed to decide to make John completely knowledgeable of the real situation. She slid her hands around my waist, from the back, and when they got to my mid section, they did not stop. She was sliding her hands down over my sex and towards the edges of my skirt. I knew were this was going, but did not have the decency to stop it. She pulled up the ends of my skirt, so everyone one the other side of the glass could see, I was not wearing panties. Without looking I knew Charlie was smiling at those on the outside, though he did take a few steps back, giving Tina the space to take full advantage of me. I felt the first wave of heat splash over me, right as the first officer got to the door, and simply stopped when he was able to see this side of things. My sex was fully showing and also starting to drip. Speechless would have been a start, the other two did not have any better time speaking after they saw the show being displayed to them and those next to them.

John was now looking at me, as if he had never truly met me and could not believe I was the same woman who had been sleeping next to him all these years. I knew he had a dark side, but never had the ability to shed his mother in the need to explore it. Tina was making a complete erotic spectacle of me, my body, herself and the officers now standing in watch. I felt her nose slid past my left ear, before I heard her words. One hand had moved to my ass and the onlookers were doing everything they could to see why. When a finger slid into my unpleasantly tight ass, I knew what to expect when I actually got to my new condo. I put my hands up, right in time to catch my body from hitting the glass, on the door. She worked her fingers deeper and deeper into my ass, and was working a fe into my sex as well. I was being taken by the heat of ecstasy, when the first bomb went off, spraying the glass and floor below me. I screamed and clawed at the glass, as one of the police officers seemed to be having trouble taking calm breaths fro himself. Never before had I considered myself an exhibitionist, but having all these people watching as I was brought to wave after wave of orgasm, did give me a deeper sense of power over my own life. It was Tina’s voice that brought me out of my trance, but her words only fueled my desire to continue.

“It would seem, I am not the only one who enjoys being taunted an played with, dear Fate. Would you like me to stop before we kill one of the offices, or should I slid to my knees and drink you in fully where they are sure to see it all?”

Was I evil enough to allow her to do that with only glass between myself, John, his mother and father and three police officers, or would I allow my pent up sexual needs to go further unused? Mommy seemed to want to push me further, I could not help myself when I leaned back and kissed Tina’s lips saying,

“Do as you will to me!”

That was more then enough to get her full attention and after she let go my lip, she was good to her other words, kneeling down on the floor making sure all those outside would see where her tongue was going to go first. The smile now crossing my face, wore more then an evil hint, when I noticed John’s hands between his own legs and the look of loss on his face. His mother, on the other hand, was not turning away, and I could only wonder why.

“You disgusting little whore, you think showing your dirty cunt and lady slut is going to escape you from trouble this night. I demand you stop this, this minute! May God strike you down for dancing in sin, Stop. Damn you stop this minute…”

Tina was fully drenched in my come and her lips had no sense of stopping, this making mother yell all the louder. I felt my anger finally peak and stepped back a step, making sure to look down and have Tina see my eyes of love for her. My skirt fell, covering my true being from the onlookers outside the door. I was still recovering from four of the most powerful orgasms n my life, so I could only imagine what my face looked like. I leaned to the glass, so my face was right next to it. I hd thought about what to do net, as Tina had brought me to one spasm after another. My soon to be late husband was still on the ground, playing with himself, and his mother had not yet noticed. His father had simply walked away some time ago. Charlie was, I could only imagine, sitting back on the bench next to the elevators. Three officers had turned to five an they too were still quite speechless. And still, I was thinking how to end this little ballet I had created? Simply. I wanted more from Tina, and I wanted Charlie pounding me, so this was no longer the place for me, or us to be. I looked right at my lost mother in law and spoke to her from a place of pure hatred in my being.

“You have made sure, every day since our joining that I was not even close to a woman you would have allowed your pathetic son to marry. You have never once been supporting of my loss of family as a child, and you seem to enjoy pointing out my lack thereof. I have hated you from the very moment we met, and now, you stand on the outside of this building trying to convince yourself that you are truly in control. Well let me key you in, you heartless bitch! This building is now my home. The money I use to buy it I have earned, every cent. Nothing I use now, or in my future, ever came from John, only the darkness from which I now speak to you. I will be sure to have my bank look into the crime of John having any linking to my personal accounts, first thing in the morning. As for you, I now speak to the police; If you would be so kind gentleman, to remove the next to you from this property, I would be most thankful. They were not invited, and this paper clearly hows this is where I live.

Furthermore, if there are any complaints to my actions, I would be happy to allow the police in to speak with me about it. thank you all.”

This was all the police needed to snap completely out of their sexual trance. They all came out at the same time, to John’s mother still screaming at the glass. I was most satisfied when one of them turned to her and tried to speak, and was ignored. I could only turn to my left, help Tina up off the floor, and wrap my arms around Charlie. We three headed fro the elevator and my home now waiting above. Two gentlemen in matching grey suits were getting out, as we got in. They seemed to know Charlie and tipped their hats as he walked by, him speaking with them only a moment.

“Thank you guys for putting a rush on my order, I will make sure to send you a thank you tomorrow.”

“Not a problem Charlie, you know we are always happy to help the customers. Have a good night sir.”

A smile was all he showed, and Tin and I were left wondering what else had been going on during our show. The door’s closed and I watched my mother in law through the closing crack and handcuffs were being applied. Once the doors were completely closed, I turned to Charlie and asked how h knew the two men.

“Is there something I am missing, or have you been up to something?”

“Now you go and make me feel like a man in trouble. I only stood back and watched you take control of your life away from that terrible woman. Now, you think there was something else going on, I am hurt!”

“Hurt my ass, you are up to something, but I am sure I will figure it out in due time. Tina, I don’t think I could have planned this any better if ever I had planned it in the first place. thank you love, that was more then wonderful, in many many ways. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“Just take me to this portal and get me drunk!”


I leaned over and kissed her lightly an held her too me, but before we could go getting ourselves hot again, the elevator doors opened, and a woman I knew all too well was standing there waiting for me. Tridggy. She stood there smiling at me, and once again I could see the row of sharp teeth behind her smile. She looked to Charlie next and to him she spoke.

“It would seem she is much stronger then any of us could have imagined. Are you sure you did not have a hand in the strength she showed only moments ago?”

“No love, that was all her. Well, her and Tina, but I had nothing to do with it, I promise.”

She was looking at him as if she knew he was hiding something, but would not tip her hand. The thoughts of how they knew each other spun in my mind, but I walked out of the elevator on my way to my new home. Tina by my side, with Charlie and Tridggy behind me. I had an unexpected storm cloud come to settle over my head right as I reached the door. I leaned on my new door as I put the key to the lock. the cloud was about to break as Charlie spoke.

“What is bothering you dear? You were just so proud and happy with yourself, what is bothering you?”

“Oh I just realized the place is now mine, but there is nothing inside this door. I did not get a chance today to have anyone move my things from the house to here. All I have now is the clothing on my back and an empty condo. We are going to have to stop at the mall before we go out tonight. I can’t wear this. It has seen much too much sex today to be worn in public and I am not wearing panties. I know that make you two happy, but I would like to feel kind of clean to go out and play.”

That look of him knowing something more then I was back and even Tina was smiling. They were both up to something and I could not imagine what. Tina spoke and brought my mood back a bit, with a peck on my lips.

“Look we are all here, you are about to enter your new home, lets not think about the details till you have had a chance to enjoy this moment, shall we?”

I looked from one to the other, including Tridggy, and then opened the door, to my new home and something more. Most of the things I had wanted moved from the house were now covering my living room, along with a new satin dress of red and matching lace bra and panties hanging right in my field of vision. I could hardly breath, and knew then who those men were and how Charlie had known them.

“Hoe did you do this, and how did you know what I wanted here? I can not believe you went to all this trouble for me, thank you Charlie!”

“Fate, this is your world, and your dream, how could I not know what you would want? You wanted me and Tina, and we exist, how is the rest so hard to imagine?”

“You two I have liked from the day I got my job, this is something completely separate. Tridggy, you seem to know everything about me, how is that possible from only one kiss. What are you?”

“Well what do you know, she asked the right question, I think I will tell you the truth, but not till we are all in front of Alex an he has made us a round of drinks. So, get dressed lovely and lets get moving the portal will only wait forever!”

I was more confused now then I was when first entering the room, but I quickly removed my days clothing and redressed in those hanging in front of me. I did not think twice about having onlookers when I did so, and as soon as I was dressed an ready, we were all out the door and back in the elevator, heading down. I was a bit calmer when we arrived on the first floor again. That was till I realized John and his parents had not been fully removed. Mrs. Etcher was putting up a serious fight and the police were having trouble getting control of her. Tridggy was the one to exit the building first, but she did not seem upset by the show being put on by mommy. She shoved Mrs Etcher to the ground and smiled at the cop. It was when he smiled back I saw the same sharp teeth peaking out from under his lips. For the first time since I had entered the Portal, the other night, I started to feel a bit of fear. What were they and why did they want to help me so much? I was not given much time to wonder, Tina and Charlie took me by the arms and we all walked out the door and past my ex mother in law on the ground. I turned to look back at her and the only time since I had met her, felt sorry for her. Something was off about all of this, and though it was everything I wanted and had dreamed of for years, it still was wrong. What had I gotten myself into?

Last Day

Once we had gotten across the street, and my x-family was out of sight and thought, we had only to figure out what and were we needed to go to get me new clothing, and all of us food. As we walked on, I could not help but think of the expression on John’s face and wonder if everything I was doing was really necessary? Had he truly been a bad husband, had he truly made my life as miserable as I made him out to be? Many thoughts ran through my mind as we walked through downtown Cincinnati, but the one which stuck the most were the odd teeth I kept seeing on the people around me. The officer, Tridggy, and others all around me. Was it something about the world I was being told and simply not listening, or was there more to these people then met the open eye?

My body was still tingling as we walked, and the overwhelming need for more still vibrated between my legs and in my mind. I knew, by the end of the night se would end up at the portal, but between now and then, I was unclear what I wanted or needed to do. We stopped in a coffee shop to get a drink and kill some time. I had not realized just how thirsty I was or that I had eaten very little today. Everything about the way this day had gone was a blur. The morning meeting turning the an orgy in all departments, finding out that Tina was so much more of what I had wanted then any man could ever offer and now knowing I had my own place. My own life and was on my way to a new chapter of my life. Tonight was going to be the beginning of something I still could not wrap my head around, but look forward to all the same. No more regrets, no more worrying about what anyone thought about me and no more being nagged by outside sources in my life. This was my time to find myself and this was my chance to move in a direction not previously possible.

Charlie walked behind me to my right and ran his hands over my ass as he crossed behind me. I still had Tina’s hand on my left and having them both touching me gave me a sudden chill. Nothing that was sexual so much, rather something very dark and unfamiliar. Everything felt like what I wanted, but this simply, was wrong. I was having problems breathing and I had to stop for a minute. We had taken a seat in the coffee shop and the others were talking so I simply sat and listened for a moment. I looked over to Tina when she was talking about the sex this morning and this afternoon.  I had chills over my body and my mind was struck with a cold fear I could not explain. What was causing this, and how did I rid myself of it?

“I would never have thought I would be used and adored by Fate or you Charlie. I mean I expected the same old boring work environment this morning and instead I find myself in the most erotic situation of my life and my body and mind being pushed. I must say, if every day at the office was like this, I don’t think I would ever complain about coming to work again!”

“Tina, do you think I set out to make your life boring when you came to work for me, I mean you are the one who has never made your desires known. Of course no one I going to approach you if you tell them with every fiber of your being that you are not interested. Would you have run after you before this morning, think about it. You are the one in control of your own life, you re the one who has to allow others to see you for who you truly are and what you truly want. Look at Fate, She never really showed who she was till the last few days, but it was always kind of lurking on the surface. It was there if one looked hard enough. She wanted to be fucked, used and played with. She only needed to find the right set of people to play with and the little beast within came out to play. Isn’t that right my dear?”

I had heard the question, but I was still lost in my own thoughts and had not considered I may have been listening to the conversation for the wrong reasons. My mind was still lost to my own thoughts, so when Charlie came over and shook me, I still did not register what was going on. It too both of them to snap me back to reality. Even when they had my attention, I still did  not respond. I looked directly into his eyes an still did not see him. My sight could only focus on his mouth and the teeth hiding behind his lips. They were he same as the others, sharp pointed and evil. The rest of him was as the world would expect, but the teeth I could not explain, and no longer ignore. Something was wrong, terribly wrong and I could not ignore it! My mind was swimming alone, and the water was only getting deeper. I looked to Tina and saw the same teeth behind her smile. I looked to Tridggy, now sitting on the other side of me and found the same. The last thought before them yelling together to gain my attention brought the most fear to me. I did not have a mirror to look into, but I raised my right hand to my own mouth and felt my upper front teeth and found them sharp, and pointed like the others.

My hands were shaking, and I felt fear deeper then anything else I had ever felt before. I knew This was not a dream, but I knew I had found or placed myself into something I could no longer control. Had I ever been in control, or had it all been a pool of water in the middle of a desert? My fist memory of the teeth being this was was the firs time I saw Tridggy outside of The Portal a few days back. that had been the day of that terrible meeting and feeling ever so like a whore. I never wanted to feel that way again. I wanted to be free. Truly free to do as I liked and not have to answer to anyone again. I wanted to know true freedom and had not cared what the price could be for that freedom. They were all yelling again, and other people n the shop were looking at me wondering what could be causing me not to answer. I snapped out of my trance, and looked right at Tridggy, knowing she was the key to all of it. She had the answer I wanted and needed, if not be the answer herself.  I looked right at her and spoke from my heart.

“What in all the hells is happening to me? What did you do that first day I met you, why does everything feel so different now? Please, I am begging you, tell me what is going on!”

She sat and smiled for a few moments before answering, but when she answered, she only did so partially. The less she said, the more uncomfortable I felt and knew I may not like the full answer when if ever I got it.

“Do you not remember the way you felt when you met me? Do you remember exactly what you were thinking or wishing for at the same moment? It has always been told, what out what you wish for, you may not like the outcome. this is one of those times, but I promise tonight, when we all get back to the portal, you will receive your answers. Make certain you truly want them my dear. Once you have that knowledge, you will never be able to forget it.”

At the same moment she stopped talking, Tina took my hand and refused to let go. There was something about the way she gripped me, something telling me to watch my steps and thoughts. I could not explain how I was feeling, nor could I cease to question. Charlie simply retook his seat, and continued speaking to us all, without concern for anyone actually listening to him. I only heard a few words from him. I knew I needed to tired carefully, but I had never been one to allow my life to go completely out of control. I could hear my fathers voice in the back of my head, “control is only an illusion. Be careful who you allow to have true power over you.” I knew he was speaking directly to me from the grave at this moment. today had beans glorious thus far, why did my stupid mind have to go making things bad again? I needed time to myself and time to collect my thoughts. I knew where this night was going got end up, who I was going got end up with and the outcome of my decisions for the day, but for now, I needed peace of mind and time to reflect. I looked from Tina to Charlie and Tridggy. I had no intention of upsetting anyone, but I got to my feet and spoke slowly and directly.

“I think for the next few hours I need some time alone. This has already been an epic day, and I am sure the evening will be just as good, but for now, I think I need to be alone. Could we meet back at my apartment building around six so we can all go to the portal together?”

the looks on all their faces when I said I wanted to be alone were not good ones. Tina, most of all looked as if she was going to either cry or pout, but I held to my convection and walked towards the door. None of them actually said anything, only looked at me as if disappoints by my need for personal space. I walked out the front door to the shop and started walking. I really had no destination, but the cool air blowing between the buildings helped to set my mind at ease. I walked for some time, not paying any attention to where my feet took me. One person or another spoke to me, on the street and I spoke back, trying got be polite. It was not till I cam to the southeast corner of Washington park that I realized just how far I had walked. I was not tired, for all my physical activities this day, but the idea of taking a seat on the center fountain seemed like a good one. I found a place, off to one side where the water would not get on, what was left of my dress. It was still a bit wet, but after I sat down and remembered I had no panties on, I really did not care. the wet soaking through to my skin reminded me of the happenings today.

I had been fucked by charlie this morning in his office, in private. I hd been used openly on the couch by other members of the office and Tina and I hd been more then happy to make a mess of ourselves and each other. Tina had taken the pleasure of making me come and scream in front of my inlays and the police, and now I sat alone in the park trying to understand my motivations for the course this day. As I sat there, and watched the world around me, I noticed strange things, everywhere I looked. A child playing gin the fountain seemed to walk funny, and I swear I could see what looked like a tail on her backside. Other children, smiling had no is your concern about showing off their almost fangs. It was a young boy who came to sit next to me, who brought me to  realization of my surroundings I could not ignore. He was anything but shy, he came right up to me and spoke as if we had known one another for years. Not the typical actions of a young boy his age. I could see no parents anywhere near, so I sat and listened to him speak.

“I am sorry to bother you, but you look very lost. Are you not from here?”

“Honestly, I feel lost, though not in a sense of my city, but my understandings. What is your name?”

“Asmoday, I am glad to meet you, but you still seem lost to me. Can I help you find your way?”

Asmoday was a name I had not heard for many years, since I was a child in Sunday school in my parents Catholic church. I found it strange that this little boy would be named after such a terrible demon, but then parents today give children names and don’t care about the origin. I tried to remember exactly what his name had meant, but I could not. He sat a continued looking at me, making me feel more and more uncomfortable. It was starting to get dark when I realized  I still had to go buy an outfit for this evening. I tried to get my barring, and think of the best and closest place to buy clothing. I knew of a few shops in Over The Rhine where I could go, and that would only be a few minutes walk. I was about to get up when Asmoday spoke again, catching me off guard.

“You have to always consider, we all find ourselves on one path or another. Many are laid out before us, others we seek out on our own. For you to find your path, you must first decide if you are on a pre-chosen path, or one you found for yourself? Having a good night Fate.”

I had walked more then a block away from the park before it hit me. Th child knew my name, and I hd not given it to him. I wore not name tag from the office and nothing on my purse gave it away. Running quickly back towards the park I felt a freezing cold drip of fear slide down my back. How did that child know my name? How did he have such deep understanding of my current situation and what kind of parents would name a child after a demonic presence from the beginning of time? I still could not remember where I had heard his name, and knew it would bother me till I did. The shop I was seeking was right in front of me, and they looked like they may be closing. I stepped inside quickly, found a blouse and skirt, both which were loose fitting and very comfortable. I could not believe the prices, but the silk felt wonderful on my skin and when I was changing into them, I decided to go without a bra, since I was already missing panties. I may as well make it a lost set. I was sure my companions would be fine with it later tonight. the shop keeper was a young woman, very pleasant and had a wonderful smile. I no longer looked to see if everyone around me had strange teeth and only wanted to enjoy the rest of my evening. I knew where I was, and I also knew The portal was much closer to me then my new home. Charlie had put his number in my phone this morning after our fuck. It made more sense to meet them, then to go all the way to my condo. I was happy when he answered.

“Yes Charlie, would you all mind too much meeting me at the portal? No, I am only a few blocks from it now. Yes, I am sure I know where I am going. Thank you. Is Tina and Tridggy still with you now? Oh, they went off on their own too, no, I completely understand. Yes, I will see you soon. Bye.”

I found it odd that Tina, so closed off till this morning would go off with Tridggy on her own, but maybe she, like myself only needed the right push to move another direction in her life. after I left the shop I started in the general direction of the portal. It was only five minutes later when I was standing outside the bar, and the glow from within seemed so inviting. I had told Charlie I would wait for him outside, but I really wanted a drink, and he would surely know I was inside when he got here. I opened the door and right as the backdraft smell hit me, I knew I was in the right place. It did not smell like any bar, but of burnt bbq and smoke. Strangely enough it was a welcome smell and set my mind at ease. the light was much darker within then out on the street. After my eyes had adjusted completely, I looked over at the bar and saw Alex pouring drinks for Tridggy and Tina, who looked like they were already on a third if not fourth round. There were a great many more people in here then the first time I had come in. When I stole a look around, I saw Husk in the far corner with a young woman, his face between her legs, and her body shaking from one or more sexual surges. I could not help but smile, an wonder how well he would fuck and use me, if given the chance. As I walked to the bar, a thought occurred to me, and I did not even twitch when it was cruel and thoughtless of a man, I now hated, John. I was just sitting down when I wondered how he would look splattered across the front of a city bus, him and his terrible mother. I had never entertained thoughts of this sort, I always tried to keep my thoughts of them more civil, but I was still angry an who was going to care! Alex saw me and smiled. Tina had followed his gaze and also smiled when she saw me. this time her teeth were very visible and they were sharp and even a bit evil looking. there was a mirror on the back of the bar and I had to see if mine were the same. I opened my mouth an saw a row of very sharp teeth on the stop and normal on the bottom. I was about to scream when I feel one hand on my ass, and another on my left shoulder. Charlie hd come up behind me, and Tridggy was now standing. I no longer cared if the answers I wanted brought more fear to my mind, I just needed to know. Looking to Charlie I must have said as much with my eyes. He spoke and Tridggy smiled walking towards a private booth in the back of the bar. Right next to the booth where Husk was making sure to fuck the young woman raw with a gag in her mouth to keep her from disrupting others in the bar. Two flashes from the curtain told me more people were coming, but I did not care. Was going to get my answers and that was what I wanted. We all took our seats and then he spoke, as if speaking through me, not only to me.

“So you think you are ready for the truth, and you know this can never be forgotten?”

“Yes! I need to know what is going on, and why. Nothing has been the same since I first came in here and though I am not sorry about anything that has happened, I don’t like not understanding. Why does everyone, including me have a row of fangs? Why do people around me seem so strange, in a city I have lived almost ten years, and why are my thoughts and desires only getting darker?”

“One at a time, though I think the first will answer them all. Now, you told me when I interviewed you years ago that your family was catholic. You also told me you had never truly had faith, but one you only wanted to be able to live your life without strings or hindrance. Is this information still true?”

“Yes, but what does any of that have to do with the last week or today?”

“Alright, in your childhood teachings, what is a stop for your soul before heaven or hell? Where would you go to desc with the way you had lived your life? Do you believe anything you were told or taught when you attended church as a child?”

I knew the word he was looking for in his questions, but I also knew it was only some made up red by the church to get people to follow their rules. There was nothing real about most everything I hd been told as a child in church! He continued to speak, and my mind drifted. A large book was laying on the coffee table I had not been upon sitting down. It had a picture of an angel falling to hell on the cover. The title, gave me chills, but also made me wonder. “The Fallen – An alphabetical understanding of demons.” I continued to look at it, even when I heard one of the words from Charlie’s mouth.

“Not everything is as simple as you brea it were. There are many things that will find you in this world and bring you to suffering and flame.”

Just as he spoke, I looked over to the next table where the young woman was still being taken again and again by Husk. His face was a deep red in need and hers the same, though as I watched, I saw the tongue from his mouth lick her neck. It was not as it should have been. It was long and split at the ends. That was the last bit of answer I wanted or needed to this place. Part of me wanted to run, part wanted to give in and get used myself. Tina was, more then happy, at that precise moment to reach under the table, up my skirt and across my smooth sex. The events of the morning, still fresh in my mind, rang true as her finger found their way inside me. Charlie was smiling with an evil grin, as I gave in to Tina, and TridggyStarted her hands up under my blouse, finding I had done away with my bra. My bret was getting short, and moisture shipping from between my now spread legs. Could it all be real, could I have found myself in a state only one word could truly explain? Did I truly care? fingers, hands, words and need penetrated my body, mind and soul. I did not care about the rest. I was free to make my own way. To do as I liked and watch the world fade with every personal choice. Charlie turned his smile to a grin right as my thoughts floated off my mind. He turned over the table between us and grabbed my neck. I was ripped out of my seat, turned around and pushed back to the bench, only this time on my knees. His right hand kept me pinned to the bench back, his left hand found the skin below my knees and moved upwards to find his prize. Tina had gone far past fingering me, and had one of her small hands all the way inside me. The pain was sweet torment, and I knew I no longer had my choice anyway. I moaned as her hand was pulled out all at once. It was quickly replaced by the cock which could only belong to Charlie. both of his hands moved to my breasts and pulled hard and true, slamming himself deep within me. This time I could only cry out and scream. HE was going to give e the fuck, I had wanted all day. No more loving touch. No more tender kisses. No, this was going to tear me raw, and make me believe in the world of shadows, taking me forever from the light. I looked at the door, cover by a sheet, and one flash led to another, and another till all I could see were flashed and one soul after another flooded into the bar. It was now packed, and I could only feel the tingling between my legs where I was being fucked, and proved to no end. One of the women now had fingers in my ass, and this too I found welcoming. I did not care what was done to me. I did not care what I may be called for it tomorrow. I did not care if this action may or may not have consequences of its own. I was a slave to man, woman and darkness. I would bow to the desires of others. I would bow to my own true darkness. I would not worry about anything. More and more my fuck continued. More and more i felt things I had never tried before. Alex came over and left a round of drinks on the table next to us. Charlie stopped only briefly enough to drink, then went back to his use as he saw fit.

My body shook with each orgasm I was pushed too. My throat was raw from screaming, my hands sore from supporting and my skin bruised from bites and slaps. My mind turned in on its self over and over. My feeling came and went, and then it all stopped. No warning, no one pulling out, just completely stopped. I found myself laying on the floor, just under the bar where I had sat my first time in here. A glass in my hand, now spilt on the floor. Alex coming around to make sure I was all right, but no Charlie. No Tina and no Tridggy. I had trouble understanding what was going on, but then Alex spoke and it clicked.

“Dear, are you alright? You took a sip of your drink and your eyes closed and you fell backwards. Are you sure you are ok?”

“Drink, what drink, you did not give me a drink today. You left them on the table for everyone, but I have not drank mine yet.”

“Everyone? Fate, whatever are you talking about? You came in alone today, and as you can see, the place is still very empty. We normally are this early on a Monday!”

Monday, what could he be talking about? It was Friday, I just got my new condo today. I was rid of John and his terrible parents and my life was now mine. The door opened and in walked a woman who, at first I would have seen as Tridggy, but when she stepped fully in the door was instantly covered in white light and I swear wings. She smiled down on me, and spoke, though I would swear only to me.

“Your heart is not lost to us yet, you still have a choice. You do not have to fall fully this day. Get up child, go home to your husband and find peace in your life. We have not forsaken you!”

Then she was gone and everything that had just happened hit me like a falling star! I got up, with Alex’s help and went over to sit at a booth. The same strange book was still on the table.  When Alex walked back to the bar to get me some water, I opened the book to one of the first pages. One name stood out and a definition below it brought tears to my eyes.

Asmoday : Prince of demons; thought to be the serpent that deceived Eve.

On the next page I found another name, this time of an angel, and again I had problems moving or breathing. I saw the face I had seen only moments ago, an wings in an outline of pure white light.  the name was one I had never been taught, but it rang like bells from heaven in my mind.

Zadkiel : An angel who helps heal emotional wounds by comforting people and healing their painful memories.

I was trying to understand what I was feeling and hat was happening to me. Taking a moment to look at myself, I found I was not wearing the outfit I hd bought today, but the same outfit I had been wearing my first tim in the bar. I hd the same purse, which I knew to be in John’s house, not here. Confusion grabbed me and refused to let go. Alex came back over to holding a glass of water. the glass had a small cross etched on it. I drank it down and truly felt better. A bar napkin sat on the table, to the side of the book. It had large doors printed on it, though the name was not, “The Portal”. It clearly read “Purgatory”. My mind and body shook with the same thought. My hands could not hold the glass and I heard my phone ring. I did not know what to do. I did not know how to feel or how to think. I picked up my phone out of habit.

“Hello? John? What are you calling me for? I assumed after this afternoon you would never talk to me again. What do you mean my psych appointment? No, that was almost a week ago, why would it matter now? I don’t know. In a bar downtown. Umm, sure. I will give you the address, hold on. I don’t know, let me meet you in OTR. Will that work it is only a few blocks. Yes, good bye.”

Alex walked over to me and helped me stand.

“That the husband on the phone? Seems like you spoke to him well. Not normal from what you told me hen you first took your seat. Is everything alright ma’am?”

Fear was gripping me, but so was a sense of peace. It had all been a dream. The past week. The terrible things I had done and said. I was not living alone and I actually felt like I could move forward again. Maybe this would be a new life from before. Alex walked over to me reaching me his hand.

“Can I call you a cab? You be careful out there, all kinds of demons looking for lost souls tonight.”

“Thank you.”

I walked out of the bar, and down the front steps. Halfway down the street, I turned when I saw a flash behind me. What I saw would haunt me for the rest of my life. There was no building, only a pile of rubble from a torn down building. and in the middle were a set of massive grey doors almost floating. there but not there all the same. As if to answer unasked questions, a priest cam walking around the corner smiling at me.

“Are you lost child?”

“No Father, thank you.”

I walked for the place I told John I would meet him and left the priest and doors behind me. I felt as if I was being given a second chance and though I would never know where I had truly been for the last week, I knew where I would be going from this point on.



It had started with a simple glance across a dimly lit room more then three hundred years ago. I had never intended it to go on this long, but the more I watched them both, the more I was influenced to dance within their lives, and their hearts and minds. I could only laugh to myself as they moved through the crowd, thinking they were so different, that no one could live as they do, or as long. Though I was not like them, I was able to say I would, indeed live forever. They were of the undead of this strange world, vampires, but I was something altogether different. Not of their world, not even of their galaxy, but to them I was no more then a shadow in the night sky. Their kind were few and far between, these two were the only ones I had ever seen who stayed together, and truth be told, I was sometimes unsure as to why. They would fight, keep secrets from each other and even keep secrets from themselves. They would turn the night red with the blood of those for whom they fed on and then they would do a 180 degree turn and show kindness to a child the next day. I could not help but to be interested in them. Come now, think if you had all of eternity to play in the universe and you found two such as this, would they not intrigue you as well? I wanted to know everything about them, and since this vampire race of theirs seemed to live forever, or as long as they could understand forever, they were a good match for me, at least for now. One day I would have to get back to my reasons for being on this world, but for now, and this night, I would continue to watch and dream of their scream filling the night by my touch.

It had all started more then three hundred years ago, in the small town of Kolin, Czechoslovakia, just east of Prague. I had been there for many years watching as the peoples learned who they were and the world found its maturity. I was almost ready to move on when something caught my attention. There was nothing unusual about this small town, normal folk and farms, nothing more. But when word reached me of people being found with not only the life drained from them, but their blood as well I knew this small village was into something they were not ready for. I had been on this world for more then a thousand years when this happened and I had crossed paths with more then one vampire. The first time, much to his surprise, did not go as he had planned, but then again I was not expecting this world to have such creatures living on it. I had thought they would have stayed away from here, but I found reason to be here, why not the one race of the universe who fed and lived off the blood of other lesser races?  The first was a young vampire by the name of Cesar, and he had more power then he knew what to do with, add that to the ability to live forever and a profound knowledge of the universe outside of this little blue world and you had the makings of a God, so to speak. Cesar to the rest of the world was the Emperor of the realm of Rome, but to me he was one of the real vampires, of the race of Try’krean.  A world of never ending night, and all the dark and evil pleasures you might think to find therein. Those from that world knew nothing of right or wrong, or the ideas that maybe you should not do something just because it brings a moment of pure pleasure. No, this world took part in ever dark and evil pleasure you could imagine, and many you would not wish to think of. This Cesar was an original from his own world, and had taken it upon himself to claim this world to play with, at least for a time. But, even they grow tired of their own games and find reason to move on. Although, for any of you who have studied the history of this world, the Roman empire made a great name for themselves, they ruled much of the known earth and would have ruled all of it if not for the Try’krean growing wearisome of his games and returning to his own world. Now you know a bit more about the ones who claimed a small part of your history for themselves and yes, you must have guessed they left a few offspring, so to speak, behind to play with this world once they were gone. Which brings us back to my current observation.

I had only meant to watch them for a few days and then move on, but as life has it, that never happened. Sarah and Robin were two of a kind, both dark, bred from a world they had never known for themselves, but something within their minds and memories fed into their need to play with everything and everyone around them. Though I have watched these two for hundreds of years, I can not tell you which one is more sick in their own twisted way. Robin was more often in the mood to be the one who had pain brought to her, and though Sarah had a taste for the same, she was, on the deep dark inside the one who liked to bring pain to others. The night I had crossed their paths, I had watched them take turns taking pleasure in the torment of a young couple, who had just been married, though this happy news did not stop these two from making the night fill with their screams and eventually killing them. What I found interesting about these two if they did not only like to play with their food, they liked to play with each other. Most of their kind were only interested in hurting those they fed on, but these two were much closer to the original Try’krean. They wanted to fill themselves with everything they could, no rules, no worries, no concerns of who they may hurt in their wake. Only the need to fill their dark desires, and fill them they did. So the story began…

First Screams

I had just come from a friends home, the dinner of his wife was something to remember for all time. Chicken with a soft white sauce and wild rice, spring vegetables, and new potatoes in a rich broth from the stewing chicken. I had wanted to see them once more before I left town and knew, even though I had told them I would return, I never would. I had thanked them both, embraced them and their new daughter and then left the house. It was a clear night, not a cloud in the sky and the breeze was cool, but not cold. I had only walked a short distance when I heard the first scream. The laughing that followed was of a darker nature then I had felt in many hundreds of years. I followed the sound to a small clearing, where a small fire had been struck and the two women standing near it took my breath away. They were both quite beautiful to behold, but they too were also very different from each other. One had long flowing dark brown hair and the other had the same, but only shoulder length. They were both dressed in black and though the fire did not show all their lines, there is much to be said about not knowing everything all at once. I saw the smaller of the two walk to a tree and hidden behind that same tree I could make out the shape of two people being hung from the lower branches. The screams filled the night air, and though I was concerned about others hearing them, I was too intrigued to walk away. I closed my mind so that they would not know me to be there and walked down into the clearing to watch what was happening.

As it were, there was a young man and woman hands bound and they were both hanging from the lower limbs of the tree. The woman had most of her clothing gone, and I could make out some of it still smoldering in the near by fire. The man had no clothing and was bleeding from more then one spot. I remembered the talk about people going missing and how they had the life and blood drained from them. Since I was on this world only to observe, I knew what these creature were, and in so, I was not permitted to do anything to disrupt the goings on of this night. A small spark of guilt crossed my mind as I watched the two women take great pleasure from the young couple, but I knew it could be much worse. I allowed myself close enough to them both to see clearly what they were doing, and hidden beneath my mental shield, I watched them take turns of both the man and woman. I must say I was amazed at how long it took them both to pass out from the things done to them. Though their methods were crude, I was a bit amazed at what they came up with to make these humans scream. The biting was only the beginning. There was the clawing of their skin till their screams became harsh and choking. When their screams were no longer enough, and the two women knew the others would not play back, they started to play with each other and in front of those they had taken for their night games. The last thing that came from the young couple was the drenching of blood as Sarah and Robin sank their teeth deep within the necks and drained every last drop of blood from them. Then they turned their attention on each other.

Robin was the first to act, when all the blood had been taken. She had Sarah up on the bark of the tree in a second and was more then happy to remove her clothing with her teeth. She sank her teeth into her companion and seemed to enjoy the moans from this more then the screams from the humans. She released Sarah as the blood dripped down over her bare breasts, and though they could have been larger, they were well shaped and glistened in the firelight with the red from within her own body. That was all it took. They took turns making the other beg and cry out in pain and pleasure till the early hours of the dawn. I was not used to watching two women make love to each other, if love is what you would call this. Sweat and blood mixed with screams moans and cries of torment filled the nights air, and when it was over, they should have been covered with bruises and bite marks, but they did have that uncanny knack of healing and looking as if nothing had happened. I would have expected them to cut down the two they had killed hours earlier, but they did nothing of the sort. It was as if they wanted this town to know they were there and that there was nothing anyone could do about it. They slipped off into the sun just as I was about to get up and then they were gone.

I had thought to cut down the two young ones, but then thought twice about it. They needed to be found the way they were, and the two vampires needed not know someone had been watching them the whole night. I stood, dusted myself off and walked back towards the village. I had intended to be long gone by this time today, but then again, I had not expected to find myself witness to what I had found. I went to one of the local taverns and had an early breakfast. There was already talk of the two missing from the night. I listened and ate my breakfast without saying so much as a word. I was hardly expecting what walked in the door next, Sarah and Robin. They came and sat next to me and though I was concerned they knew I had been watching them all night, they gave me no warning of this. They simply sat and listened as I had been doing. A local woman from the next town over came walking in after a few minutes looking as white as a ghost, I knew she had found them. She stood in the door way and could only look in terror as she could not speak. I saw a small quick smile cross Robins face and knew they were getting a great deal of enjoyment out of watching this town lose their minds to the happenings of their village. I had a dark spot of my own hiding just beneath the surface and I took the moment to tempt fate.

“You two look as if you have something to share, would you like to share it with me? Perhaps?”

The look on their faces was not of enjoyment, but of anger and pure rage, that I had interrupted their thoughts and what was going on around them. I watched in fun as they tried to think of what to say to me. I knew they had never shown their faces here before and I knew I could just as easily make their lives difficult, if I wished. Sarah, as I have come to know her spoke first, though it was not the sweet voice I had enjoyed hearing scream throughout the night.

“What business is it of yours, what we enjoy? You should keep to your own food and not make yourself known, before you become the meal!”

They made no secret of their feelings for each other. As the words of hate fell from her lips, Robin found her way up under the skirt of Sarah and seemed to be finding ways to make her smile again. I wanted to enjoy this further, but knew I must not push too far, thus I give up too much.

“My apologies ladies, I meant no harm, just nice to see someone smiling this morning, and not upset from a few more missing from this poor town.”

“Maybe this town had it coming and they should learn to take more care as to who they upset of push out of their lives. Now I think it is time we should be going. I don’t care who you are, but if you care for your own well being, you will stay away from us, and not ever speak to us again.”

And with that, they stood and left the tavern. I did not see them again for many years, and when I did, it was the same thing, over and over till the streams and rivers ran red with the lives they stole from this world and the torment they brought to one town after another. I watched them from that time on, never allowing them to get more then a few days ahead of me. First from central Europe the England and then into Russia. They never stayed more then a few days, but when they came to a new town, the story was always the same. It was the youth they went after. I never tired of watching them, not even when they took the lives of the youth of a certain town who had made them angry a year or so before. It is well known to the world of vampires that the younger the blood you drink, the longer you can stand to be in the light of the sun. Silly stories about this or that and not being able to stand the sun were only myths for humans, the truth of the matter was much darker then most humans would ever wish to know. As a vampire, if you wanted the ability to play in the light of the sun, then you had to dance with the darkest depths of hell and be willing to take the lives and blood of the young. The younger the better, and though I had only spoke with Cesar years before, I could only stretch to understand that it was a drug that would never be quenched once taken. He had said something about it being forbidden, even on his native world. That you must not drink of the blood of children, but then again on his world there was no sun to hide from and this world half of the cycle was filled with the light that would otherwise kill you.

This world was another story altogether. I could live forever here, as long as I did not stay too long and allow others to notice I was not growing older. These vampires, on the other hand could not stay long at all, they had to feed to live and this was not the time of now. The populations of the old world did not overpower the need of two such creatures. I secretly hopped that this world would outlast the plague of the vampire.

New World

In the early 1800’s I had followed them to the new world of America. I knew this was a new beginning for them and I knew their games would find new targets and I was still in desire of watching them. Over a hundred years had passed since the night I had tripped over these two, but I had watched them take so many lives in that time. They had found men to play with, and many they had left untouched and many more they hurt past madness only to leave what was left alive for others to find. Their tastes had changed, and I had watched and even started keeping a record of their actions as time went by. I had decided, long ago, that all vampires must be the same, but a few months ago, I was happy to find I was mistaken.

I had been in Boston for more then a month, watching and keeping my records of them when one night I watched them become the sport of two other. They were walking down a small dark ally when two men, I had not even seen came out of nowhere and grabbed them. I was sure the men would die for disturbing their game, but then the karma of life found Sarah and Robin. These two men were not men at all, they too were vampires, and not the human kind. They were two of the originals, Try’krean. I had not been the only one watching them, and now I was going to see something truly dark and filled with more then maybe I was ready for. I was close enough to be caught up in some kind of transport, for one moment we were in the dark streets of Boston, and the next we were in an open field. No trees and the grass was not like any I had ever seen. There were patches of soft sand under my feet, though I did not smell the surf of the ocean. The stars were clearer then I had ever seen, above my head. I was relieved to see that my being transported had not been noticed. I looked into the nights sky, longing, for the first time in over a thousand years to be home with my own kind, but then a voice, harsh and cruel pulled me back to this world and this night. It was scratchy and hard, no love was held within it, and no mercy would be found by its owner.

“So you think your abilities are for your own amusement, do you? Well we are going to see how you like being the amusement and not the amused this night, and if your minds survive the nights events, then maybe we will allow you to live.”

“Do you have any idea what she and I are, you fools, we will kill you when you think you are safe. We will never stop looking for you and no amount of time will…”

“Yes yes, you have no idea what you are, only the human words of vampire, no idea where it is your real origins are from. Well take a good look at my friend and I we are the origin of your abilities and we are much, much older then you can possibly imagine. We know nothing of mercy and you will find this night that you have nothing on us. Most of our children of this world we leave alone, but you two have brought a great deal of attention to yourselves and to your kind, maybe this night will teach you to keep a lower profile in your future, assuming that you have one after tonight.”

Their faces were truly stunned, and I might have even seen a bit of fear in their eyes. They were finding out that they were not the ultimate evil on this world, and that other worlds existed beyond theirs and they too had a dark pleasure. I had only heard stories about the Try’krean home world. About how they took the idea of pain to another lever and world altogether. The first of the two men shoved Sarah to the ground and reached out to touch her, and with that touch I saw a strike of energy flow from them to her, and then her screams erupted into the clear night sky. The other made his way towards Robin, and again reached out to touch her, though the response he got from her was not what he had been expecting. She only moaned, with a sense of dark need, not even she knew about. Sarah stopped screaming and started taking a deeper enjoyment from the night. The men pinched them, tied their hands with rope, and forced their bodies into one horrible position after another. This went on for hours, their screams and moans filled the nights sky, and though I could tell the two Try’krean’s were taking their enjoyment from the two women, it was not what they had thought they would be getting, not from the looks on their faces.

Robin was the first to push their patience, and with it, the pain and torture of the two women exploded into more then I had wished to see. It went from pure forms of pain to the using and fucking of them. The women were forced to the ground and made to look at each other, their hands and feet bound and then the sex was mixed with the rest. From behind they were both taken again and again. The men took turn with both women, and though this again, did not bring on any kind of upset by Sarah or Robin the men did take great pleasure in what they did. The women were always made to see the torment of the other, while one or both men took their fill of them. They did scream, but not in a way I would have thought. After hours and hours of this, I had to realize that we were not only not in Boston any more, but not on the same world. The torment went on long past the time the sun should have come up and then set again. Still the use of these two vampires was brought to the greatest amount of need. I could not imagine doing this to another, but then again I was not a vampire or Try’krean. Even a vampire has their limits. And when it had seemed like days, then two men took their leave of the women, with only a warning.

“This may have filled you with pleasure, as it has us, but know the next time we think you are overstepping your bounds on this world, we will bring more to hurt you, and you may not find as much enjoyment in it!”

And, in the blink of an eye, we were back in the streets of Boston, and from what I could tell not a moment had gone by on this world. Had we ever truly even left? Or had this all been done in their minds and if that were the case, they must have known I was there. The answers to these questions I never expect to have, but the events of that time were well within the rights of the men.

Over the course of the next fifty or so years, the woman retook their parts in the outcome of this world, but they never again pushed their boundaries. They were no longer careless in leaving bodies to be found. They did not leave anything to be found after they had their fun and they stopped taking the lives of young children, so they would be able to enjoy full daylight. Don’t get me wrong, they still took the lives of younger men and women, but never again children. Time once again stood still as I watched these two take their dark pleasures in the world around them. I wanted to join them more then once, but always remembered that I was but a camera to record, not an actor in this evil plot. That is until I saw them one night in the streets of Portland. The second world war had just ended and they had found a new place to call home. A place that the sun did not come out fully as much as it did elsewhere, and that they could enjoy day a bit more, and not just dance in the darkness.

They had found themselves in a home, not just staying where they took lives. They made as if to stay for a while. They only took blood from other towns, and from time to time on the far side from where they lived and in the bad parts of downtown. They found that the world was finding its own taste for the dark games these two had played for centuries. Groups of normal humans, other vampires, though this was never told to others, and even a few other races that choose to live amongst the large cities. Sadomasochism, the game of pleasure from pain, and the pain from pleasure was beginning to take to new world by storm and though it was not out in the open, it was out. Sarah and Robin had now found more then victims to play with, they had found others who would gladly and willingly serve them and allow them to drink and live within plain sight of the rest of the world, all the while enjoying games from their past. Both women had always been in their early twenties when they were turned and with this they now had the luxury of going to college, and living in much of the same ways that the rest of this world did. They recruited from Portland University and from the few who took the chance to tell others of the games they played with these two.

Time passed and though it never truly stopped again,  the games continued. I was ready to show myself to them again. It has now been more then three hundred years since last they saw me, and I think my little side show of watching them was ready to be seen, not just watched. I wanted to play with these two, and wanted them to take play with me. I waited till they were out one day, walking through Washington park, just above the Pearl district, and chose to show myself to them and see how they reacted. It was now the year 1988 and I was tired of only watching, I wanted to play as well. I wanted to see if they even remembered me from their long past, from the night they had killed the two young married couple in Kolin, Czechoslovakia. Would Sarah remember the threat she had cursed on me, would she follow through with it, all these years later?

Forgotten Promise

They had not had a gathering in a few days, and though I knew they were in need of feeding, I was not willing to wait any longer. I followed them through the park, every so often making it clear that I was following them. Not trying to hide myself from them. I knew their tricks, they would go behind a tree or building and then use their extreme speed to find themselves behind those who could not see them move, but I was more then wiling at this moment to make it clear that I could see them move, knew of their well kept secret and wanted nothing more then to make myself ready to play with them. They moved behind a tree, a large pine, as this park was filled with and when they thought I was only going to keep walking I turned, just as they came up behind me. With a smile on my face, I looked Sarah in her deep green eyes and laughed. I could see the anger in her eyes, she knew without hesitation who I was, and the knowledge that I had been watching them all this time, knowing what had happened  since that first morning made her eyes turn from green to deep red and it was everything Robin could do to keep her from trying to kill me on the spot.

“What is it you think you are doing? Have you been following us all this time, do you know what I promised you the last time we met, do you think I was kidding?”

I switched my gaze from Sarah to Robin and back again. I wanted them both to know I was not in any fear of them. I wanted to see just how far I could push them before they snapped and started the game, right here in the park in the middle of the day. I no longer cared what happened, nor did I care what this world thought of what would happen, even if I had to start it myself. They did not understand I had my own secrets, that I could do certain things just as they could. I could even take us out of normal time and let the world pass us by. Neither of them moved, and this is not what I wanted to happen, so I pushed a bit harder.

“What, don’t tell me, those two men from back in Boston took all your power from you and made you need to behave like good little dogs?”

I never got any more then that out, Robin snapped with the mention of the two men and what they had done to them that night long ago. She grabbed me tore the clothing from me, and pounded me to the ground. I never even knew I was bleeding before I felt her teeth sink into my throat. I felt the heat of my own blood running from my insides to cover my body, the last thing I did before I lost myself in the game being played, was remove us from normal space time. I withdrew just long enough to do what I had done thousands of times and then returned to the game and those playing it. Though she thought she had me pinned, I was in no mood to only be played with, I wanted to play as well. I shifted the energy within me and turned the tables on her, pinning her to the ground and turning my teeth on her. I had only started to taste her blood when Sarah grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and tossed me away from her mate. They both stood and walked over to where I was sitting upright on the ground.

“You have much to offer, much more then we would ever have expected from a mere human. What are you, one of the same as the men from Boston?  And what is this place we are now in, how did you do this? Tell me!”

“Temper temper, you must know that you are not the only ones who can withstand a great deal, as you have noticed, we are no longer in the park, so to speak. And, if you want to understand what I am then you might have to behave yourself!”

Again I was pounced on, but this time by them both. They took turns clawing at me, tearing my skin and sinking their teeth into my flesh. They grabbed my long hair and made me see face to face with the dirt I was spread out on. I was strong, but not strong enough to fight them both off. I had never give in to being used or tormented before, but I must admit now, that I could understand where the moans and pleasure had come from that night in the desert of our minds. I felt myself getting used, and when I too began to loose the enjoyment of pure torment, they turned to a mixture of sex and torture. I was sure I would never again feel this kind of sensation, but I was gaining a set of ideas for myself. In an instant of pure need, I went from the only one being used and hurt, to doing a bit of hurting myself. I grabbed for which ever one I could get and forced their head up as I found myself within them. I took thrust after thrust to the turn of need I had allowed to build way beyond a normal need. Three hundred years was far too long to allow such a need to grow and when I was tired of one, I allowed myself to be pinned back to the ground and used for another amount of time. When I needed to fulfill my own needs, I found the other one and again gave her the desire I felt. My nails found flesh and found blood as well. It tasted sweet to my tongue and I could only imagine what it must be like to have to have it in order to live and survive.

Hours passed into days and still we tore at the others souls and blood of those next to us. It was no longer two on one, it was all for themselves. I got my needs filled and they too found they had much in needs that had not been used for a long while. They used each other while I rested and then another would rest as I got clawed and forced to beg and scream. I did not know anything could be like this. I wanted it to go on forever, but when I though nothing more could happen, there was a flash and again we were back in real time, and no longer alone. Before us were not just the two men from Boston, and Try’krean, but a few others. A woman of that race and another man now stood before us. They looked as if they were beyond madness. I could only look at them and smile. Even though I had never been to their world, their race and my own had mad agreements long ago, never to interfere in the happenings of the other race, and now this was my time to play and they were not going to do anything to upset that balance.

I did not have the ability to heal as fast as the vampires, so as I stood, my blood dripped from my body to the ground. I was in pain, but it was pain I was more then willing to endure. I stood in front of the men who had come before. I stood and made it known I was not going to bak down. There was something different about them this time, something more sinister. I raised my eyes to look him in his and then he spoke, and it was then I was sure he had no idea what or who I was, and he though he was going to break into this little party I had waited for far too long.

“We told you ladies once before if you overstepped your boundaries, or ours we wold indeed make you pay for it. And here we find you, out in the open, middle of the day, in a public park filled with humans taking whatever pleasure you wish from another. Is this your idea of keeping a low profile?”

I looked back only to see Sarah and Robin looking up at them with hatred in their eyes. I did not think they liked that these men thought they had the right to police their every action. I was more then happy to stand between them, but when the first man made to grab Robin, I changed my mind and decided to make them known of just what it was I truly was, and that it was they who was in a violation of a forgotten promise. I stepped between him and the vampire I was now enjoying in my life. And I got the exact response I had expected. All of the on-comers made a move to take anything they wanted. From one instant to another we were no longer the only ones in this little clearing. Four others like myself now stood between the Try’krean and me and the woman. Again they did not seem to understand who it was that was now standing in front of them.

My long time friend and mentor, Jamie, stepped out to stand in the middle of us all, and made it very clear what and who we were. This was not at all what the Try’krean wanted to see. I do not think it had ever occurred to them that they were the only ones, other than humans on this world. Sarah and Robin were now standing beside me and the others and seemed just as confused at the Try’krean. Now it was time for jamie to speak, and I was sure it would be herd.

“Has your race forgotten a promise made between our two races so many millennia ago?  We do not interfere in your affairs and you do not interfere in ours. This being said, I think it is time you return to where ever it is you were before you came here, or would you like to make something more of this?”

“You have no business here, this is not a world you occupy and we will do as we please.”

“Is that so, well we could claim the same of you, but we choose to hold to our bond and not interfere in your lives. This is your last warning, leave these two women and their new friend, and we too will leave.”

I could tell this was not going to be an easy argument to settle, but just as I was expecting us to start taking apart Portland, they took a step back and vanished. Jamie looked and me, giggled to herself and then my friends too, did the same. Stood in front of us, bowed slightly and then vanished. It was now the two vampires turn to walk in front of me and look at me in a sense of wonder. I could tell they had many questions, but did not know how to ask them, so I simply stood still and waited. Sarah walked up to me, leaned in to where my blood was starting to dry and decided that since she had no sense of what had just happened, she would just go back to what we had been doing before the interruption. Robin seemed to like this idea and gave in to her other and made sure to make me scream a few times before I remembered we could be seen by others. I again took us out of normal space and again we all started our dark dance. This time not to be disturbed till we were ready. All of our screams must have been heard all the way back to the beginning of time its self, but this did not stop the pain and blood from flowing. I don’t know how long we tool pain from each other, but in the end, we ended up in a tangled knot of bodies and rest in the blackness of exhaustion.


We all woke to the feeling that we all share, across time and space. Those feelings we all want and even need, but never truly believe we will have. We woke in the park, in real time and with dried blood covering us all. I was knotted around Sarah and Robin as they were knotted around each other and me. As we all took the time to unwind ourselves from each other, I noticed that the sun had in deed started to set, and though I was sure they had both had more then enough blood for one afternoon, I was wanting to get us all indoors and out of sight of those around us. I helped them both to their feet and took out a small sphere of crystal, I asked them both to place their hands on it and think of home, and within an instant, we were all three there. I could not help but to laugh at the looks of shock on their faces.

“How is it you have the ability to do these things?  You come out of nowhere, tell us you have been following us for hundreds of years and now you are able to bring us home with nothing more then a thought. Is there any chance you are going to tell us any of the answers to these questions?”

I had to think for a moment, I had to wonder how these two vampires would take to learning the truth about not only who, but what I truly was. They had lived in a world all this time thinking they were so very different, only to be shown the world of other beings from other worlds this day, and now they have seen and experienced first hand, the powers that reside within myself. I wanted to tell them everything, wanted to share what I was, why I was here and how I had come to see and follow them all these years, but the thought of what this would come to brought me to the edge of a fall I truly feared. I had always accepted being different as something I simply was. Had seen this world grow and come into the existence it was now living. I had always wanted others to share this information with, but knew there were rules in place for good reason. But, then again, those rules were for those called human. This was not in any handbook ever written for my kind. Just as they had never thought they would have to explain who and what they were to others, they simply ate them. I dug deep and chose to tell them the truth.

I walked to the backs of them both, knowing if I tried to tell them all I was, everything I have ever known or seen on this world, the feeling and desires and the hurts and loves, it would take a lifetime, and even though I knew we all had that kind of time, I was not in the mood for this to take that long.

“Do you both trust me not to harm you?”



“Then try to relax, this won’t take too long and it will feel a bit odd, but you will know everything in a matter of moments.”

I closed my eyes, found the depths of my soul, all the information I wished to share with them both. Felt the emotions it would take to give them a part of my very existence. I pulled on the energies of the universe and everything I had ever learned, and then with a tiny push, I gave them both a copy. It took more out of me then I had expected it too, but I was more then happy to do it. It was, although, more then either of them was expecting and they both fell to the floor with the weight of what they had just learned and felt. I knew there was no way to help through this, so I took a seat in a large red couch, on the far side of the room. I sat where I could see them both, but far enough away that they could have their space and take it all in, in their own time. I had been warned not to ever do what I had just done, there was simply no way of knowing how it would affect any one person. To learn that much information all at once. Minutes stretched into hours, and even into days. I could only hope that I had not hurt them, in any way that was not going to be permeant.

After a day of watching them struggle with this new information I decided I wanted to see the rest of this house, so reaching into my pack I removed yet another small sphere of crystal set it in a hover just above them both and set off to see this large house they had come to call home. I could not have imagined this place could have been this large. I had always seen them come and go, but I had never felt the need to invade their privacy and come within. From the outside it looked like any other house on the street, but what the other homes did not have were the tunnels and tunnels they had dug themselves under the street and god knows half the city. Rooms and passage ways all over the area. They cold have hid half the population in this place and no one would ever find them. I found one room that was locked from the inside and could only imagine what lay just beyond this door, but I would let them show me these things in their own time. I felt a pull from the crystal, and knew they were coming out of the state I had put them in. I was glad I had put that crystal in place, otherwise I may never have found my way out of the catacombs under this house. I pulled on the sphere and let it lead me back to them and the night that was waiting. I entered the foyer to find them both sitting up looking rather annoyed. I guess I deserved that.

“Are you both feeling better, I did not mean this to take so long or for it to affect you this much. Did it hurt either of you in any way?”

Sarah was looking worse then Robin, but it was Robin who spoke first.

“I think we will both be alright, but I assume you gave us everything you have ever experienced?  Otherwise I can not imagine it would have taken that long to assimilate it?”

I could not help but to laugh at her question, this got me glared at by them both. I was not use to being around them and taking in their feeling and knowing they could see me and know I was there. I was getting ready to say something when I felt a cold sharp grasp on my mind. I could not move or even think and when I tried, it caused me more pain then I would have liked. I was growing angry, but again when I tried to get out of whatever it was that had me, I found myself in pain and torment. I must admit that I am not one to deal with having to submit to anyone, or anything for that matter, but I seemed to have little choice. I felt another mind enter the house, and with that mind a body to go with it. She entered from the main door, but there was something very different about this woman. I had brought them here in a way that was not normal, maybe this woman was some kind of protection they had ensnared, but I wish she would let me go. I would hate to hurt her breaking free of her grasp of me, but I was growing angry and after I had given what they had asked for.

“What is he, and how did he bring you back to this house without using the door? Come come ladies, you know I don’t like surprises and I would like to get back to torturing the toys in the basement, who is he?”

“He is the one we have seen off and on for hundreds of years, and though this is not what you will understand, we allowed him into this house. So before you go and get yourself hurt by pissing him off, I might suggest that you release him. He is much more powerful then you can possibly imagine. I would hate to think we might loose you because you did not have the patience to learn about someone new. Sammantha, release him!”

“But look at the pain on his face, I like to see him hurt, you know it gives me such pleasure to hurt someone with this lovely ability you were kind enough to give me when you changed me. I don’t want to release him!”

I could hear the brat in her voice, and since they had warned her, and she had not taken the hint, I figured it was time to deal with this myself. Again I reached within myself and drew on the power that gave me live and memories, and with no warning to her or anyone else in this room, I released everything I had ever felt, in all the ages I have existed across the universe. The blast hit her full force, and the other two with minimal impact. This being my intention I go to my feet and walked over to the woman who did not have to curtacy to learn about a creature she should not have fucked with. The anger within me was greater then I had felt in some years, and now I wanted to repay her, the pain she had caused me. I looked to the two women standing not far from me and they only shrugged. Taking that as some kind of permission to play as I will in this house, I dove into her mind and pulled at ever hurtful memory she had ever had. Shoved her body into the wall and ran my now, very sharp claws, down the front of her blouse. The result was exactly what I had wanted. Her screams filed the house and the ringing filled my ears and soul. It is an odd feeling to cause harm to another, but knowing they had started it first. I opened my inner eyes within her mind and gave her a look she would never again forget, then released her and she fell to the floor. Sarah came up behind me and ran her own nails down my back, causing me to wince and growl a bit. This brought a giggle to her mouth and she smiled with the reaction I had gifted her.

“Yes, may I help you my dear?”

“No, just wanted to hear you once again, hehe. I want to play, want to make someone scream in pain, and though playing with you is so much fun, I want something to drink as well.”

I knew what that meant, she was thirsty and she was in need of blood for food, not games. I should have known, it had been days since I brought us back here and they had used a lot of energy to take in all my memories. I turned and  looked her in the eyes. I wanted to know about these toys in the basement.

“Well what would you suggest? This is your house after all, and I know you need nourishment, so do lead the way, I am more then happy to watch or even join in, this I leave to you. What would you like me to do with this one?”

Turning back to look at the woman who had enraged me, I wondered what they would do to her, out of dark enjoyment. But to my amazement they only walked away and went down the stairs to the tunnels. We came back to the room I had found locked and they both looked back to me, curious.

“Yes I went and looked around the house while you two were out, but when I came to a locked room, I respected your space. What do you want to punish me for not staying at your very side?”

Something made me wonder if those were the correct words to use around these two, but too late now. I saw the glee in their eyes and knew at some point they would take full advantage of those words against me, but now now. Robin simply walked over to me, reached down between my legs and dug in her claws as I tried to hold my ground, but the grip of a fully grown and emotionally willed vampire was not going to work. I sank to my knees and found myself staring up into those beautiful blue eyes wondering what I was in for now.

“I don’t care what race you are from, or what other tricks you can do, I want to play with you and make you know that I also want to own you! Do you have any problems with this desire? Hmmm?”

I got the feeling that no matter what I said to her, she was going to find a way to twist it and find reason to torture me, so I simply smiled and gave in. I had not shared it with them, but I had wanted to belong to another for too many years to count. I was more then happy to become to temporary property of Robin, who knows maybe I would find a place I wanted to be in this world, because outside this house I was growing tired of the world as it was. I chose that moment to see just how much she would allow me to get away with, and I rose and reached over, before she could stop me and bit her, full and deep. Her cries filled the tunnels and her anger erupted with so much force I was brought back to my knees, though I do believe this was the response I wanted. All the years of waiting and watching had paid off. Many have said throughout history patience is a virtue, well that is so very true.

25 Years

I had never thought it would be years before I again saw the light of the outside world. Once in the room that had been locked I was lost to the sweet and evil torments they had created there-in. I had tried to maintain some kind of record of time as the days passed to weeks, but at some point all of it bled together and I lost not only time, but myself, understanding and a sense of what was even real. I was hurt and used by so many in those years. Within that room was an empire of more then just more tunnels. It connected to other homes of people who shared in this desire to be tormented and to torment others. The years I had watched them from outside this house had been used very well. They had created a network of tunnels that expanded over a wider area then any could have ever imagined. Those in this little group of theirs, ended up not being so little. Many of the most powerful people in Oregon were in this circle, and the rings only got bigger the further out you went. I had wanted to be owned, but never did I think I would be shared with so many others. I was fucked, used and tortured for years upon years. I grew so accustomed to my own screams that it no longer bothered me when I heard the true fear in others when they were first brought to this house and this dark evil world.

Over time I was left to my own wonderings and allowed to make my own pain from others. I found that there were only three vampires in this group, Robin, my master, Sarah and the other woman I had brought to pain when she entered my mind without my permission. All the rest were of normal humans, but in the need of pain or causing it. Most were those who had a great deal of power over others in the real world. These were the ones who needed to have that power taken from them and be brought to tears and screams in the dark. The ones who had no control, and were willing to pay the price to have a small amount of time in that seat, were the ones who were more then happy to cause the pain of others. The price was always the same, blood. The owners of this house were all vampires and they needed a great deal of blood, and they did not like to get it after the fact, they wanted it fresh and they wanted to hear the screams of their victims when they took it. One of the first things I was forced to do when I was brought within was to watch, over and over as the blood of the weak was taken in payment for the privilege to have the illusion of power over others. Far too many times that power came with the ultimate price, death.

Those watching would get too aroused and the ladies would get thirsty and they never hurt the members of power in the rooms they held, so those who had paid with blood, would be the meal to make up for the extra needs and desires filled. It was a brutal world, but I had wanted this. I have watched these women for so long, how could I tell them now I wanted to leave? Once there was a young girl who was brought in after the city had fallen to riots and she was nothing more then a young teen. I remembered what Cesar had told me about youth and blood. The younger you drink from the more power you gain from them. The only other secret to this race, was the way in which you took the blood. The more pain you caused the person being fed on, the more you gained as well. So if you did not have the mind to take the lives of those who were very young, then you could simply cause a great deal of pain to the older members of the human race and you would gain the same amount of power when taking their blood and thus their life. She lasted much longer then I had expected her to, but one night when the air in the house was extra heavy from hours of pain and blood being spilt, the desire from Sarah was so great. She wanted the blood of the girl and this time I could not just sit back and watch. I had to get between this young child and one of the vampires I loved. I cared not what I would pay for this action, but I had to regain to self I was when all this began. I had come to this world to help those in need, not to watch as they were fed on and hurt for the enjoyment of others, no matter what they were to me. Robin was at my throat in seconds when I disobeyed Sarah to give the girl to her.

“How dare you not obey Sarah! This girl is nothing more then a meal and you will move aside so she can have the toy she has desired for many months. Now fucking move!”

“No. I can no longer watch as you hurt those who have no way of fending for themselves. If you wish to continue with this little playground of yours then I will not stop you or stand in your way but I will no longer allow you or anyone else in this room to harm the innocent. If you don’t like that, well then you can try to get to her, but be warned, what I shared with you and Sarah was only a moment in the eternity I have lived. You know very little of my true self. Are you willing to test that which you have not seen over this one child and my duty to protect those who truly need my help?”

I could feel the energy in the room growing colder with each passing moment. The other members of the group all backed to the walls and watched as I stood my ground. I was not going to go back on what I had said. This young girl was going to see the light of day again. And I was going to regain the life I had left in search of dark torment. Sarah looked at me,and seemed to understand that no matter what was done, or said, she was simply not going to be drinking the blood of this girl, not tonight, not ever. But Robin was not so easily swayed from her anger. She took one step towards me, then another. I held my ground, but I could feel the fear in not only the young girl, but all the other members within this room. I went back to my first few years within the halls of Cesar. Back to a single conversation I had made sure not to share with Robin and Sarah when I gave them my memories. Back to one very important bit of information I had sworn never to revel unless it was of the upmost importance. How to forever kill a vampire.

Now what you have seen in the movies is all wrong. You now know they can walk in the light, but all the rest is also nothing more then smoke and mirrors. A stake through the heart will only anger them, they will heal from it, and they will never cease to hunt you in revenge. Holy water is nothing more then water, and fire will do nothing to them as well. Cesar had gifted me with the one bit of information I may one day need to protect the young of this world. I could hear his voice and words ringing through my mind, even now.

“What I share with you now is not something to be taken lightly. I only hope you never have to put it to use. The most powerful force in the universe is the same force that you will have to use to kill a true vampire, love. A vampire will only turn another if they love them, and when they share that part of them self to split their nature for blood with another, they split their ability to protect themselves. If you ever have to kill a vampire, you only need to kill the one they turned, or more to the point, the one they love. To do this you have to be of a higher race. You must hit them with a shot of pure power in the heart, enough that it incinerates it all at once. This will kill them!”

I could not take my eyes off of Sarah. I did not want to harm her, wanted less to kill her, but the blood lust of this lair had gone far beyond that of what my true self could allow any longer. Robin was under the understanding that nothing could kill her. That nothing had the power to stop her, when she decided she wanted something and therefor she could simply get her way forever. I had never shared this bit of information with anyone, not even others of my own kind. This was not the kind of thing you ever wanted to have to put to the test. But now, with Robin coming ever closer to me with each step, I feared I would not have a choice. If I killed Sarah I would also kill her creation and that in turn would kill Robin.

Everyone has heard the saying that right before you die, your life passes before your eyes. Well when you are faced with killing someone close to you, their life and all your memories of them pass before your eyes. A single tear fell from my eye and Robin took this as her getting what she wanted, though she could not be further from the truth.

“It will be alright my love, I will forgive all, just as soon as you stand to the side and allow Sarah to kill that damn child! Please do not make me truly hurt you, you know I care deeply for you, but if you continue to disobey me, I will make you scream so that the heavens themselves will feel your pain. Now one last time, move out of the way!”

Sarah was coming up behind Robin, close enough for me to strike and not lose sight of the child I was not protecting. I shifted my gaze from Robin to Sarah, begging her to stop this before it was too late, but she did nothing, again thinking that the vampires were without defeat. Sarah and Robin were now only breathing distance from me. The rest of the room was almost holding their breath in anticipation of the next move. I could only allow one word to escape my lips, it was directed towards Robin, but also to the universe. I did not want to hurt someone I cared for so deeply, but I had made up my mind to return to the light, and I could not go back on it, not when the fate of an innocent was at stake.


“Begging will not help you or her now. This has gone far enough.”

“Then I am truly sorry, for I can not allow you to harm her. Sarah I am so sorry.”

“Why are you saying that to her for, she has nothing to do with this, she only wanted young tasty meal, and you stood in the way. Now you will move.”

In less then an instant the rest happened. Robin made her move for the child and I was left with no other choice. I lifted my hand towards Sarah, closed my eyes, focused all the available power summoned within my being towards her heart, and let go. Her screams lasted for only a billionth of a second then along with her heart, the rest of her incinerated right in front of me. Robin looked as if she thought this to be some kind of a trick, till Sammantha also vanished in a splash of dust and light. Tears were falling from my eyes now, flowing freely. Robin knew what was coming, knew there was noting she could do to stop it. Knew this one child had cost her her true love, the love of Sarah and now her life and existence as well. I watched as Robin started to change from whole to dust in front of me, till there was nothing but a splash of pure white light and she too was gone.

Eternal Darkness

The members of the room, one by one fell back the way they had come to be in this place. The young child I had chosen to protect came out from behind me with tears in her eyes. I was not sure why she was crying but I soon found out.

“Why did you do that? I would have gladly given up my life so that the three of them could live. They were beautiful, how could you do that to them? They trusted you and loved you as well. You may have killed them, but is not a part of your own soul not gone forever as well?”

I knew she was right. Knew that in destroying the vampires this day, I too had lost some part of me I would never again regain. I walked her out to the main floor of the house. It was the middle of the day and the light was flooding in through the windows. I had no idea how long I had been down there. No idea what the state of the world was, or what I had saved this child for only to give her to an unknowing or maybe unwanting world. I opened the door and the light flooded in only to revel that the neighborhood was completely gone. The trees were gone, and the city beyond. The riots had turned to fighting and the fighting had turned to war. Now with the exception of this house, which had been protected by the energies of the friends I had just destroyed, this house may be the only thing left of a once great world. I walked out to the light and felt truly alone. The young girl looked up to me with anger in her eyes, anger focused completely at me.

“This is your doing. You killed them and with them the world they had helped to create.”

And with that she turned and walked away. I had no idea where she would go, but I knew within me she had been right. This was in part my fault. I had allowed this to go on long enough for it to corrupt this whole world. How many had been allowed to suffer and die because of my own dark curiosity of the vampires? I had come here to protect those who needed me to protect them. From the start, I had sat back and hidden behind my title, my name, my very being and allowed to atrocities of this world to take place. I had done nothing to stand up for what was right. I had said nothing and in the end I not only did nothing to protect the innocent, but I helped to hurt them. This was my fault, and the fault of all those others in this world who had hidden behind names, titles, status and rank. Those who had the power to save an entire world, had sat back and done nothing. Simply watched the whole thing burn and then looked to the person next to them in the end and asked why they had done nothing to stop this.

The world as it is, is our doing, all of us. We all have the ability and responsibility every single day to do something to stop the hurt and pain all around us. We have the desire to be something so much greater then what we give ourselves credit for. We all have the sight to see a better tomorrow. See the pain, feel the hurt and make the choice to do something about it. Don’t just stand by and watch as everyone else ask’s the same question, why did you not help them?  How did you allow this to happen?  Why are we all alone? We are all connected through this energy called life. Love the person next to you, help them through their day. Help them to see the light so that they may help the next person see the same.