An Intermission from Blood

Mother stepped forward, being met by the woman, Amelia could only imagine to be Michael’s mother, half way. The two women looked each other up and down, though it was clear to all those in the room, no one was going to argue with either of them when it cam to the current situation. Nothing was spoken, but that did not stop either of the women from making their point to the other, or those looking on. Amelia knew her ability to continue school here was at stake. Michael knew his ability to maintain his opinion of control over the student body of the school was at stake, though the few students who were now trapped in the sequence of events unfolding before them was not something they were going to be writing about in any upcoming term papers. One of the men standing with Michael tried to step forward, and the look from his mother made it completely clear he was not going to interfere in the current mediation. The two women continued to walk in circles round one another. Amelia’s mother stopped moving telling the other woman, it was time to find a settlement. They both nodded at the other and leaned in, allowing their foreheads to actually touch. It was an odd thing to witness, though it did seem to work, rather quickly. Only a few moment had passed when the two woman stepped away from one other.

Amelia felt a hand grab her own and saw Lisa smiling down on her. She only hopped Lisa knew more about what was going on then she was allowed to let on. Amelia wanted to stay in this school, wanted to continue her education, as it were. Even though this had been anything but a good start to a college career, this was quickly becoming her second home. The woman leading coven Tabbis cleared her throat, getting the attention of all standing near. Amelia’s mother simply raised her hands calling her coven to attention. Amelia had known this as a sign to be silent, from early childhood. Lisa removed her hand from her nieces’ and gave her full attention to her sister. There was nothing on the surface to be read, not by Amelia or anyone else. Amelia had always been good at reading her mother, though now she may have been a complete stranger, she could not tell if the coming news was good or bad. She too had to simply wait and listen. To her unending relief the words spoken by coven Tabbis gave her hope for her future in northern Kentucky.

“It would seem a few, not only one major rules of our way of life have been broken by the members of coven Tabbis. It would also appear that matters of power have been misused as well. the following is not up for interpretation. The following will be executed as spoken, by both sides. Coven Etcher, if you please.”

It was Amelia mother who took front stage, but her face was still of solid marble. Amelia had no idea what was coming, or what had been discussed. Her mother did node her head towards her daughter, giving Amelia a sense of relief. though, not as openly as from coven Tabbis, the following words caused a major commotion on the other side of the room.

“It is clear we all live and die by the rules of blood. We all learn, live and seek knowledge through our understandings and lives. One rule, no side will ever break, never past this day, at any rate, is the use of another blood against them. It is clear from our understanding that Michael Tabbis has, with full knowledge and meaning taken control of Amelia Etcher through her own blood. Breaking the most sacred oaths to his family and the other families around the world today. He has, knowingly brought mental, physical and emotional harm to my daughter. For this crime, he will be punished. that punishment is not mine to deal, though I do offer the following warning to all those listening now. Any who ever harms a child of my blood gain using her own will against her will be dealt with harshly and quickly by my own hand. As for this moment, I have agreed to allow and intrust this problem to the mother of coven Tabbis. She is fully understanding to the events leading to this morning and I am assured she will be dealing with it herself. As for all those who live, work and learn in this area, as of now, our two covens are in an intermission of blood. thereby giving all persons freedom to themselves. No matters of magick, blood or outward understanding will be tolerated by either side till the end of the summer term, eight months from now. All happenings to this point are now over and both sides will continue on without further mention of them. I would like to thank Coven mother Destiny for allowing us to deal with this today without cause for blood loss. Good morning to you all.”

Amelia was shocked, angry and relieved all in the same moment. She knew this was her chance to grow as an individual in the school, but it also meant that everything which had been done to her was being swept under the universal carpet! Looking to her mother in anger, the only response she received was tilted head, meaning it was the best her mother could do, under the circumstances. She could still feel the pain from her sexual torture last night. She looked over to Michael and felt no sorrow when he was led away by his mother and two other women who had just arrived. None of which looked happy about the circumstances leading to this morning. She knew, having her family arrive as they had, forced a situation, which in the past would have cost many lives on both sides. This was the best way to deal with it, it cost something from both sides, in this case her pride, but in the end, she was sure the hope was to avoid this happening again. Lisa again reached down and took her hand. This time meeting Amelia’s eyes as she did. A smile accompanied her hand. Many of the women Amelia only knew as distant family came over to speak with her. She tried to be polite to them all, it was, after all they who had made this intermission possible. She knew protocol would have taken weeks to arrange a peaceful meeting of coven’s, but this was the only way they could force her release from Michael. Only fear met her when she thought of what he would have done with another few weeks of her enslavement. No, for that reason alone she was very thankful to her family, her coven and her blood for forcing this meeting.

Amelia’s mother made her way to her daughter, though not smiling. Amelia could only take a deep breath and hope she would not be too angry with her. Anger was not what kept her mother from smiling this day, worry and concern flooded her face and features when she felt the entire coven encircle her, protecting her expressions and feelings from the outside. Her mother literally fell to hr knees and broke into tears when the circle closed around her. Amelia had never seen her mother so upset. It frightened her, more then anything that had befallen her in the last few weeks. She reached out and took her mothers outstretched hands. When her mother spoke to her, the pain and fear in her voice could not be overlooked.

“Amelia! I am so sorry! We had no idea he had been taught such techniques to enslave a person using their own blood. This is very old and powerful magick. If we had thought for a moment he would take such a position with you, you would never have been allowed to come here. Please, I know from our link what he did to you, is there anything I can do to help you through any of this?”

“Mother, I know none of you meant for any of this to happen to me. I know you would never allow such reckless use of craft to go on in our coven, but I have found that unlike our family, the Tabbis family seems to be run almost completely by men, thus their dark sexual needs as well. How does the Concilium de Lumine allow such rules to go unchallenged? How is he allowed to hurt others and how is his family allowed such ease on rules none would ever think to break? I simply do not understand. I know I have only been blessed recently, but your teaching, all my life would tell me the council would never allow such abuse of their system!”

Amelia realized her voice was raising and the energy in hr tone was going to be heard by others, but the fear feeding that tone could also not be ignored. With each work spoken, her mothers eyes filled with anger, hatred and even lust before Lisa could get Amelia to calm herself down. A small woman of pure black hair pushed her way to the center and spoke openly, though her words should have come from Lisa or Amelia’s mother.

“It is clear, at this time, that the boundaries broken and forced on our sister have caused substantial harm. It would also seem that certain measures should be taken, though not here. I would suggest this gathering be moved to the spherical temple. Angelis, would you mind making this our next position for the afternoon?”

It was very rare for anyone to speak Amelia’s mothers name out loud, though this situation did seem to warrant such happenings. Amelia looked to her sister with shock, though her mother only nodded and stood to hr full height.

“I would have to agree with Tessa, I knew the reason for our gathering here this day was stale, though I had not considered just how much the Tabbis coven had been allowing. We do need to take this meeting to closed quarters. We also will have to file a formal complaint with the Concilium de Lumine. With any luck they will act on their own and keep this kind of event from happening again. I am deeply angered and hurt by the open attack on Amelia. I feel as though we, her family have let her down allowing this to continue for so long. I..”

Angelis almost fell to the floor, she was so upset and could no longer hold her emotions in, or herself up. Lisa took her arm while she asked for the sphere builders to open a gate directly into the main audience chamber of the temple. Amelia had never traveled through a sphere gate, though she had always wanted too. The builders took their positions and started to weave the energies needed for a sphere to be opened. Amelia felt very dizzy as the sphere started to form. She felt closer to sick when it actually took shape. It seemed to her, to only last a moment, in the flash of purple light they were all standing in the main audience chamber within great temple. Amelia fell to the floor, though none of her sisters tried to help her. An obvious side effect of sphere travel. She quickly regained her ability to stand and did so.

One of Amelia’s closest friends from Italy came over and wrapped her arms around Amelia. Ellery had long ago made it clear how much she was attracted to and loved Amelia. Amelia, being a good deal younger then Ellery never quite knew how to deal with such emotions, though after being used as a whore and play thing by Michael, she was more then happy to allow a woman to be this close to her. Knowing how Ellery truly felt. Without hesitation, Ellery did much more then just hold Amelia. Her hands slid over Amelia’s breast, seducing her nipples to push themselves forward. Ellery leaned in and whispered in Amelia’s ear, the warm breath bring about its own reaction. Amelia had never considered what another woman could do to her, though this was more then welcome. Her nipples hardened, her fingers tingled and her pulse quickened. She could hardly breath when the first, of many kisses were felt on her neckline. Ellery’s hands moved from her breasts to her naval, looking for a way under the sun dress now covering Amelia’s body. Amelia pushed her body back against Ellery’s body, feeling her breasts first. She snuggled her head into the other woman, allowing the kisses to reach closer and closer to her lips. When Ellery had enough trying to reach, she pushed off Amelia and spun her around. Taking her head in her hands, caressing her skin while pushing her lips on another set. It was quite clear to the other women in the room that Ellery and Amelia would be just fine being left to their own regards, but this day had not been collected in the event that Amelia may find love not pain in sexual contact. Reluctantly Angelis walked over to the two woman, and gently put her hand between one set of lips or another.

Both women looked up, not expecting to be interrupted. Angelis smiled at them, but motions to the other women in the room. Reality snapped back into place and both women came to their senses. Amelia had been ready to give her all to Ellery, so she leaned over, kissed the other women, past her mothers smile and stepped back again. Both women looked at each other knowing this game was only just beginning. Now the two younger women were back in the game, the coven set in to figure out how to best protect Amelia, here at school, and how to train her to be able to defend herself.

There were four elders in the coven, Angelis, Lisa, Trinity & Cassandra. Only one of these four could make any required changes to the current situation, but the other sisters were expected to give their input to the problem. Amelia would have to give a mental transfer of events so the other women could accurately move forward. This was not something she was ready to do, though she knew she must. Her mother, already standing took the position in the center of the sphere and spoke openly, though mostly to Amelia and Lisa.

“It would appear the happenings of this morning were not expected by coven Tabbis. It would also seem they had fully expected to be allowed to open control and harm the member of another coven, without consent of retribution. Personally, I find it hard to believe the Concilium de Lumine would ever allow such treatment by force to continue without making themselves involved. But here we sit with a problem we have never encountered before. Are there any questions before Amelia takes center for the transfer?”

Most members look to one another with no words to add, that was till Amelia stood and walked to center to stand with her mother. Transfer was not the only think on her mind, a question was boring in her heart and these we’re the only people who may be able to answer it.

“If I may pose a question to you all? To all our sisters around the world and to the Concilium de Lumine in Paris? How is it I have been told since early childhood of the sisters in my family, even those not related by blood. How is it I have been raised to think men can not ever understand the bond shared in this room? How can these teaching be true, if the coven to claim they new ownership of me is, from my eye, all men, minus one. Why can’t I tell my father and brother of my new life and understandings, but this coven allow such open trust of the male half of us all? Mother, how is any of this possible?”

The last question was given right to Angelis’s face. The other members heard the question, but they all knew this was something no woman had ever needed to ask till this day. Angelis looked to Lisa who looked to Amelia, though no one spoke a word. Amelia knew from things Michael and his uncle had said, this was no normal coven, but they also left many questions unanswered. Lisa had told her she was the key to all this, a few days ago, but now she did not want to be presented with a lock to open. Lisa and Cassandra both stood and came to center. the two women seemed unsure how to answer this question, so after a considerable amount of time, Amelia spoke again. Not only to all ears, but to the hearts as well.

“I have been told by my sister Lisa I am supposed to be a key to the problems here. I have been told by Michael an his family I am supposed to be able to challenge him, but no one will tell me why or how. You deem me old enough to enter the sphere of sisterhood. You consider me able enough to leave home for this new school. Why will you not simply be straight with me now!”

“Your father and uncles know of the sphere. They were told when they married your mother or sisters. Most men find it hard to rationalize the use of magick in the modern world today. Once many generations ago men did stand hand in hand with the sisters and mothers of our great covens. But, over time the men of this world have grown more and more dependent on technology. They no longer wish to live as the old world believed. So, Amelia, We live our lives our way, the very way this coven has for more then ten thousand years, and move forward with the modern world. The men in our lives are welcome to join us any time they are willing to put the proper effort forward. I am sad to say, this is an effort we do not expect them to ever make.”

Cassandra had never spoken much to Amelia, but she was shocked to find out that her own father knew of her life in the coven. Amelia was even more shocked to know all the men in the families attached to the one, knew of their lives. More and more questions entered her mind as she listened. It was when Cassandra became silent and Angelis and Lisa took their place speaking Amelia found herself truly lost. Lost, alone and scared!

“It was known when you were first conceived you would be a special child, should you be born female. the man you know as your father is not the same man your life was set forth from. Your true father is a member of the coven you now find yourself entangled with. He was, and still is, as high ranking as Angelis is here.”

Angelis had stopped speaking, but Lisa continued, much to Amelia’s dislike.

“As you have already started to realize the men of coven Tabbis not only know of the power running in their blood, but have taken most of the control of that family. Many of their Strega have either decided, on their own to walk away from the life, or been pushed out for reasons we do not yet know. I fear Amelia, you are a key that is only going to be made once. Since your father is a member of coven Tabbis, and your mother of coven Etcher, you are a bridge of sorts and you may be the only person to ever be able to reach both sides.

I can see this information is not anything close to the scenario you hd played out in your head, but I can assure you, this is the truth. If you need time to allow this to sink in, we will understand, but you have questions, we may have answers but after the intermission your mother set for you today, you have almost a year to learn and grow. If you decide you do not wish to continue your education here by next fall, the coven will not argue, though I will be surprised myself.”

“Why Lisa? Why would you be surprised I would want nothing to do with a mess I had no hand in the making? Why do you seem to think I can answer some problem created by the mixing of the wrong blood? Maybe perhaps because you are hoping I will rise to the challenge? Something like that?”

“That would be exactly why I hope I am wrong about you not wanting to stay next year. I believe you are more then strong enough to dig into this, and find a solution, none of us would.”

Amelia was stepping backwards, without even meaning to. Her head and heart were spinning. Her anger was boiling to the surface and with it, a temper she was sure she would not even try to control. This may be her family by blood and choice, but right now, she wanted nothing to do with any of them. Is all this the reason Michael thought he could do as he choose to her? Had he been brought up knowing she would be a split blood freak that would truly belong to no one and then no one would be willing to speak for her? Too many question spinning in her head. Too much anger running over. Amelia edged out of the sphere, walked down one tube or another, not caring where she ended up. When she was almost back to the surface, she looked behind her realizing she was not alone. Ellery had left with her, an the smile on her face as she turned into a small sphere and out of sight sent shivers down Amelia’s spine. She retraced her steps and found the smaller sphere to be much more welcoming then the chamber the rest of coven now occupied. this room was small enough for two people. there was a bed and chest of drawers. It was like a normal room out in the world, except for being a sphere. The light coming in from the top of the room, was pure sunlight, not fire or electric. She looked up, and found herself blinded from such a illy action. Ellery came up behind her, took hold of her ass and answered her unasked question.

“The light is from the sun, but many levels above us. there is an intricate blend of mirrors running through the floors, they bounce the light to many rooms, like this one, meant to be used for a few personal moments. I assume you want a personal moment with me?”

Her hands had gone past Amelia’s ass cheeks. they were teasing her sex, now only separated by panties. Ellery had made her way past the sundress and wanted skin, not cloth to hold on too. Many options were open to both young women, and many rooms left to explore, should this one become less attractive over time. Amelia gave in completely to Ellery. Turning holding her and making her way down to El’s ass to hold and squeeze. Ellery wasted no more time, seeing how she was not the only one wanting to play. Getting down on her knees, putting her head up under the dress she kissed the slip of cloth now the only thing between her lips and a waiting vagina. A kiss then two, then her tongue found a sensitive spot. Amelia almost fell over with light. She wanted more, wanted to explore Ellery as she was doing to her. Amelia grabbed for the cloth now keeping her from her toy, Ellery allowed every bit to fall to the floor, as Amelia took them from her. In turn Amelia lost her clothing as well. Now, both women stood completely nude to the others eyes. The bed found them entangled in sheets and quilts. The only thing about the temple was the lack of doors. the screams and cries from both women could be heard from all over the structure.

Time came and went as the women found the others every sensation. Amelia came to love the taste and feeling of sucking on a clit, much more then a male cock. Her nipples would scream when El grabbed her breasts and pulled, though this pain was more to her liking. In the midsts of an orgasm, El actually slapped Amelia hard across the face, bringing tears to her eyes. This was followed by fingers around her neckline. And, a fist forced past her open slit. More screams, more cries and claw marks to match teeth. Having no idea where the toy’s came from El found a leather whip in her hand and freely used it on Amelia. Amelia could only claw at the sheets as she came again and again during her whipping. El found ways to bound her hands and feet. Tying them to the bed posts, again slapping the young woman across the face. For every act of abuse, Amelia came harder then before. El was growing tired, but Amelia was more then happy to have the woman next to her, nude covered in sweat and come. Amelia made no movement to take control while El rested. El was not surprised after all the other had recently been through. She lay back on the bed. Running her fingers and hands over Amelia. Soft moans came this time. A single whimper when a nipple was held tightly an then released.

The light entering the room faded from a bright white to softer Hughes of orange or red. When the last of the light escaped them, Ellery set spell work to light to candles around every wall. Nothing was said between the two women, but Amelia felt more comfortable with this woman then any other person she had ever known. She knew this night would end and she would once again have to return to classes and school, but she did not want to loose Ellery. Not her touch, kiss, or presence. She had been asked earlier today if there was anything she wanted from the elders. Well, now there was, she wanted Ellery, and decided to herself she would not continue here, for any reason if she was not allowed to keep her. But would she want to stay here? A question that clearly upset Amelia to think about. El felt the fear peak and spoke out loud.

“What is it, why are you so frightened now. Just moments ago you were wrapped in love and touch. What has changed? If there is something you want or need, tell me, maybe I can get it for you. Are you hungry, Goddess, you must be! The sun has set and no one has come for us. Shall we get you food love?

The single word, love, hit Amelia and she could only stair at the women in her arms. Again the fear entered and she was unable to speak from it.

“Amelia, what is it? What are you so scared of?”

“Loosing you! I am scared I will loose you after tonight and you will have to return to your own life. I have never felt this way for anyone and I don’t want to loose you in the morning. Can you understand that, I love everything about you, your touch, your kiss even your whip on my flesh. The sting burns to my soul an tells me I want something I dare say, I will not get from a student on campus. Can I keep you, Would you even want me every day?”

Fear in her voice, in her words and the idea she would not want Amelia, as Amelia wanted her most of all. Tears were streaming down her face now. Sobs and cry’s flooded out into the tube. But sobs would not last for long, El had also decided something during their day together. She too wanted to stay in Kentucky with Amelia. She could not imagine being told to return to her life without Amelia by her side and in her heart. El sat up took Amelia in her arms and tried to send all her own emotions through touch.

“I will not let them separate us, if you agree with me. I will not go back to England or my everyday life. If you want it, I will stay with you. Would you want me to stay with you? Could you want that?”

This time it was Amelia to hear fear in a voice, not the other way around. She heard the words being spoken, but could hardly believe them. Ellery wanted to  be in her life. Wanted to stay with her. Wanted to find something between them. The look of pride, love and fear all washed away. The two women held each other and did not notice the other women walking into the sphere. Arms held to the other and a simple kiss brought them both back again. Angelis spoke softly making the new presences in the room known.

“Would it be possible to tear the two of you apart so we can find answers to your current dilemma?”

Fear and anger filled Amelia’s voice, though she had not meant for it.

“You are not taking her from me, do you hear me, I finally found someone to share myself freely with and she feels the same. Please, please don’t separate us from each other!”

Again there were tears flowing down her cheeks and sobs that could be heard far down the tube. It was not till Ellery stood up and put her arms around Amelia that the young woman was able to stop crying. The faces of the four elders were of shock and concern, but not of distress. Angelis reached out a hand to her daughter and held it tightly when it was given.

“I know your last few weeks have been very hard, but I don’t know what you think of your own family, but if you and Ellery wish to remain with each other, then this coven is not ever going to try and separate you. As long as her responsibilities can be shifted from London to here that is. All things can be worked out. You should know we would never want to hurt you. If you find confidence in each other, well that is more then you had this morning. Of course she will stay with you. Maybe even Lisa can allow her the use of the spare apartment.”

Her last words sparked a sense of hope in Amelia, and both women turned o see Lisa smile. It seemed this day was not going to be all bad, as She ha feared this morning. Something good was happening, for a change, and she knew much needed to be addressed. One deep breath and she node in determination to complete anything the elders may wish of her. As they were making to leave, Amelia tried to turn and remake the bed, while the others chuckled at her. She turned to see smiles, and her mother shaking her head.

“This is not home dear, you have blood, use it.”

Amelia quickly pricked one of her fingers, and sent the desired effect through a command. The bed sheets stripped, sent to her room back at school to be washed and new sheets and blanket made on the bed. Everything took less then ten seconds, and they were out the door to return to the rest of the coven and answers for her future.


Bound By Blood

Somewhere between being fucked and being whipped, Amelia passed out from sheer exhaustion. Her mind had gone numb and her body was little more than a flesh toy for Michael to amuse himself with. The other girls had gone to bed, some hours before, but Michael had been determined to not only use Amelia, but break any part of her who may try to rebel in the future. When he finally decided he had made his point, he pushed her to the floor, and left her dorm. Amelia knew this was not a situation she was going to be able to simply walk away from. When she woke the following morning, she went to take a shower and found herself crying as the water washed over her. To her overall amazement, she was not completely covered by bruises. The places she had been whipped and beaten were already completely healed, an though there was pain, there was no visible record of any of last nights events. Going to pick up a razor, she noticed all the tips of her fingers, were sore, very sore. Looking closer she noticed her finger’s had all been pricked over and over. This was not something she could remember. Her hands had been on the floor, in a futile attempt to hold her body up. There was no way she could have had her fingers pricked for blood, in that position. Not unless Michael was much more of a witch then she could ever imagine. She tried not to think too much about it. She needed to get clean and ready for a day of classes. By the time she climbed out of the shower, it was well past seven thirty and her eight o clock class was quickly approaching. She returned to her room, and tried not to wake Meghan. At this point she knew the girl did not care about her, at all, but she did not want to wake her, all the same.

It looked as if it were going to be a warm day, and in that thinking she decided on a silk sun dress. She knew if she ran across Michael she would have to play his little whore, but she was not going to be uncomfortable all day, because she did not want to have to deal with him. A pair of beach sandals and out the door, after grabbing her bag. It occurred to her, she had not gotten any homework done this past weekend. Not with the ceremony and being taken as a slut. She had never not done her work, and this was not going to be the first time. She thought back to her last class on Thursday and remembered the assignment. She also went over all the lecture notes she could remember in her head. By the time she arrived in the classroom, she had gone completely over last weeks lessons. To her relief, no one else had come to class yet an she pulled out her book and computer and did the simple assignment assigned to her. They were talking about woman rights in the United States. This topic seemed almost stupid after the night she had just gone through. She knew very few, if any knew of her real status at this school, well except for Michael, and his family now.

Her first class started, on time and when it had finished, she was the last to leave the room. The professor, always more then happy with her work came over to speak with her.

“Amelia, you seem rather distant today. Is everything alright dear?”

She knew she could not trust this woman, though she wanted too. She had to continue to make the world believe she was the same person as last week. Taking a deep breath, she answered as calmly as she could muster.

“Yes professor, it was a long weekend and family issues always seem to be present, even when you are this far from home.”

“Well you make sure to talk to someone if you are having problems. We don’t want you leaving the school, I think certain young men would be very upset, if you tried to do such a thing.”

Amelia, looked at her professor in the eyes, and started to cry. The woman looked back at her and smiled a vicious smile, making sure Amelia realized she knew everything that had happened this weekend. The tears kept falling, and this only gave the professor more enjoyment.

“Now dear, did you really think young Michael was the only one here who was ready to see your family fall to our graces this year. No dear, we have been waiting for you for many years. And now look, you are becoming a perfect little sex slave, just as your dear aunt will be soon! I think Michael would like to see you for breakfast. I would go and not upset him, if I were you.”

Amelia could hardly breath as she left the classroom. She had worried about Michael’s family this morning, but it never occurred to her that they all could work for the school. She left the building and though she had planned to go study, it would not seem she had been summoned to breakfast. She did not want to deal with him this early, but she also did not know what would happen should she disobey. Her professors last words hung in her mind as she walked to the student center. “just as your dear aunt will be soon.” How could this family think they were going to enslave her whole family and not be challenged? Would her family back home allow this to happen? Could they do anything about it from that distance? Her mother had always told her, she would be under coven protection, no matter where she went. All she had to do was call for help and help would come. It was a simple spell, though it would require blood and she feared if she used blood, it would alert Michael to her doings. As she continued to think, her right hand felt for the bracelet of pins, that should have been around her left arm, but it was missing. A feeling of fear mixed with pain fell over her. She had been taught to never allow others to take her power, but she had never been taught how to defend against an entire family either.

She entered the student union and felt as if every set of eyes were looking her way. Could they all know what was going on? Could everyone on this campus be on his side? A chill of fear ran down her spine. She stumbled and almost fell in front of Star-Bucks. A single hand caught her before she hit the floor. It was the only hand she wanted off of her this day, Michael’s. He drew her up with little to no problem. She was so small, after all. He pulled her to her feet and smiled when she realized he was in complete control of her and the situation.

“I see you got my aunt’s message. I did want to make sure you were all right after your long night. Meghan said you came and went this morning with little to no sound. That is kind of you to think of their needs, seeing how they wore themselves out beating you last night. I must say, I did not think you would come to class today, I had hoped I had made it clear you are not to do anything without my permission. You are, after all, my property now. Have you nothing to say slave? I would think you would want to avoid being punished again, after last night and all.”

She looked him in the eyes and made no sign to give in to his words or actions. There had to be others in the school who had nothing to do with his little plan. He could not hold the entire school under his spell, and she was determined to find out. She answered him and in kind tore her arm away from his grip, much to his displeasure.

“I am not now, nor will I ever be your slave. I am not a slave to any man or woman, so if you think that is going to be a daily event, you are completely wrong! Keep your hands off of me and stay the fuck away, do you hear me? I am not frightened of you or your stupid family. I will not be herded like some animal.  If you want me in your presence, you will have to earn it, like everyone else.”

She finished to find every eye in the place looking at her as if she were completely mad! Michael was looking at her as if he was going to beat her, right then and there. He did, in her sight, reach for a pin on her bracelet he now wore. Taking the pin, he grabbed her finger, and pricked it very deeply. Blood pooled and ran over her hand. The pain from the prick was almost unbearable. Amelia gasped as the blood began to flow. She could feel the power from her blood giving her courage, though this was not the reason Michael had pricked her. He took her hand and allowed her blood to drip on to him. He then closed his eyes and spoke a single word.


Having no choice in her own body, and how it responded to him, she fell to her knees. As she hit the floor, pain surged around her an caused her vision to blur. Pain took her and reminded her of last night. Although she was now, clearly in the student union, she could see two sets of events happening around her at the same time. One was the students now watching Michael making his slave obey, and the other was of her being whipped and fucked almost to death last night. Her cunt ebbed in pain and her nipples fallowed from the whipping. Tears filled her eyes, and all but the sight of her new master cleared before her. He was smiling down on her. Head tilted to one side, in curiosity. The other students had gone back to their own lives, but the occasional student looked at Amelia and laughed. He was not finished making a spectacle of her yet. He stepped back, and rose his right hand. He brought it down open fingers and slapped her face in plain sight of all present. Again her tears fell from her eyes. She no longer tried to show being strong. She now knew he could and would do anything he desired to her, even in plain view of the world. She felt her blood pinning her to the floor. She realized in a single instant that her own blood had been used, not his, to bind her as his slave. Fear for herself and her aunt filled her entire being.

How could this be possible? How had another witch, a male been taught to use her blood to bind her? How and who had given him the knowledge to do this? His laugh brought her out of her own thoughts, and his laugh also brought wave after wave of sexual pain between her legs. She forced herself to look up at him. Look into those eyes who had taken such enjoyment is beating and fucking her last night. She hated everything about him. Even more so because she had no idea how to fight him. Her finger still bled and she would take this one chance, no matter the consequences to call for help through her blood. She wanted to strike out at him, but only could think of one way. It was forbidden to strike another witch, but she no longer cared about rules taught as a child. She pooled as much blood in her hand, as she could, reached out to his leg, closed her eyes and in one second did many things. Called her family for help, sent a warning to her aunt, and slammed every bit of pain and suffering he had caused her back his way. This she sent to his cock, making sure to focus on her pain, not his pleasure. She had never cast a pain spell before. She had never thought to only harm one with the power trapped in her blood. The reaction to this spell was instantaneous.

Michael fell to the floor screaming in pain and torment. Every time he tried to break free of her spell, he was forced to the floor again and again. Amelia, was able for the first time to rise to her feet an look down on him, for a change. Others in the building looked at her eyes wide in awe. It was clear no one had ever struck back at him, till now. Amelia took back her bracelet from him and removed a single pin. One she had been warned to never use unless in dire need. It was from Italy, from the home of her ancestors. It had been blessed with the blood of her families past. All the power, all the abilities, all the knowledge. It could only prick one place on her body, and from there all the women in the world would hear her call. Would feel her pain and answer that call. Michael was still twisting in agony on the floor. She saw the look on his face in the second he took to redirect to her. He was burning in pain, but even Amelia knew it would not last forever. He would break this spell, and she had to finish what she had started.

The pin was already red from the blood of her family, but soon it would fill her entire being. Holding the pin in her right hand, she lifted it to the sun, shining above her and spoke clearly, and brought it down over her heart.

“Present, past, future, forever. Hear me!”

She did not simply prick her chest, she pushed the pin all the way to its end. The pain was beyond anything she had ever suffered. Even her usage of last night could not compared now. The very tip found her heart, and when it entered, the response to her call came with the force of a bomb! It knocked her of her feet, slammed her to the floor and opened her mind to every presence in her family; past, present and future. Thousands of minds linked with hers and thousands of will’s bleed into her soul. She felt her mother as she ran from a meeting back home. She felt her sister, even though she had not yet completed the blood binding. She felt her aunts and family across the ocean and time. All came to her and all gave her strength. Power flowed from behind her as well, turning she was why. Lisa stood behind her, hands held high ready to kill Michael where he lay screaming. Lisa looked to her niece and assured her that never again would she fall to his will or hand. Her following words brought the deepest relief to Amelia’s heart.

“Your call is heard, our answer will be swift. If you have ever wondered about to full power of your family, you are about to witness it. Are you alright?”

Amelia could still feel the pin pushed into her chest. She knew the call had been sent across the world and they would come in defense of her. Her fear was in the binding she now faced to Michael.  Lisa took a moment to address her unasked question.

“His use of your blood is against the highest law to all who practice the craft. Though you have never been made aware of it, till now, our family is not the last who still live the old lifestyle. Many hundreds of years ago, his great grandmother broke another law, when she decided to teach craft to the men of her bloodline. Since then, their family had been at war with our own. May you ever forgive us for bringing you into the middle of this and not telling you the truth. We had hoped, you would have been strong enough to handle Michael on your own. It would appear, we greatly under estimated him and his desire to control you. Can you ever forgive me?”

Amelia sat and listened to her aunt tell her they had known about the threat to herself, and not told her. She knew since she was the latest blood holder, she was supposed to be the most powerful in her family. The tip of the pyramid, so to speak. She tried not to be angry with them, when she realized Michael had known about her all the time. He had been preparing to attack her, and hurt her. Everything her family had done, vanished in that instant. He had been chasing her, herding her to his desires knowing he would be the one to hurt her. Again, something seemed to break free within her. Again she wanted to break rules herself and punish him, like no other. A great force of power walked through the door and she found herself face to face with Michael’s uncle, along with many other men, she did not recognize. She could only guess these were his family come to aid him. Their faces were not forgiving, more we’re there actions. It would seem the Tabbis family had taken themselves out of the rule book, so to speak. They looked for one person to focus, on, and though Amelia thought it would be her, she saw the truth of who they blamed, in their stare. Lisa was the target they wanted, and though she knew much less then her aunt, she got up and stood between them and Lisa. Even Lisa was shocked by this action and stepped forward to stand next to her niece. Amelia felt a strange tingle in her mind right before she heard Lisa’s voice flood everything else out.

“Just stand your ground, the rest are coming, it will not be long, then we will not stand alone. Do not attack them, just stand your ground. Understand?”

She replied with a nod and put her attention back to the men before them. A single voice broke through all the other noise in the room. A voice and words directed completely at Amelia.

“You stupid fucking whore! I will kill you for that. Do you think your little aunt is enough to stand against the men of our family. You will both find yourself on your knees soon enough. I am going to be happy to repay you for that last, you bitch!”

Amelia tried to step closer to Lisa before she realized she was already on top of her. Lisa stood her ground and smiled at the men, now standing before her. A smile telling them more trouble then they would ever be able to handle was on its way. Lisa had never been in enough danger to use the red pin. She had personally feared the pain that would come with that spell. She looked at the youth next to her and smiled again with respect for her courage. Amelia was not paying much attention to Lisa, she could only focus on the four men before her. Them and Michael, not getting to his feet. He stumbled over to his family, looking as if he had been beaten to death. the one thing Amelia’s spell had not done to him, was hold back the bruising the physical pain would now show. His entire body was black and blue, he shook from the beating he had given her last night and she could only imagine how much pain was between his legs. She knew he would not be fucking or hurting her this night, that was for sure. Or so she thought. His uncle placed his hand on his nephew and mumbled below his breath. A flash filled the room, then when gone, it showed a completely healed Michael.

Michaels hands were now glowing, and the smile he had worn earlier was now back. He looked at Amelia as if he wanted to bend her over and fuck and beat her at the very moment. A young man next to him, lifted his hands, spoke a single word an the room erupted in lightening.  The first strike, of many to come down fully on Lisa. Amelia brought up her own mental shielding just before the strike hit home. It landed her on the floor, and when she looked up, shaken by the blast, the other three men were in the process of doing the very same. Lightening arched in every direction, many hitting their marks and forcing Lisa to the floor, next to Amelia. She knew she had been told to only block, not to attack, but the hatred in her was growing out of control. Another flash of light, though this time bright red, not white of lightening arched from Michaels outstretched hands. This blast hit both women in the same moment. It brought burning and pain past any shields either woman could hold up. Amelia was screaming when she realized he was using her dried blood to produce the energy to attack them both. Energy her body could not fight off. Her first scream filled the room. Her second the school grounds. She was sure if she screamed again, it would ring true in the ears of all life on Earth. Amelia looked over to Lisa, and saw her aunt smile, and nod. Lisa looked at their attackers and laughed.

“Here they come boy’, here they come!”

Lisa was much older then Amelia, but she had never seen any member of her family actually build a gate portal. She knew it was within their power, but it also cost the architect a massive amount of personal energy. Energy that would be hard to replace in a battle. Both women felt the air around them start to crackle with energy. It came from all directions, not only one spot. This was enough to confuse even Lisa, but Amelia looked to her aunt and smile. She had the most up to date knowledge of the family, she just did not have the experience to use it. She knew about the entrance that was coming. She knew how it would look from this end, thought the men in front of them had no idea what was coming. The energy continued to build, and the room started to shake. The few students left, who had not already fled the building moved to the walls for some kind of safety. I looked from Lisa to the men standing in front of us, arms still upheld. They seemed to think it as some trick, that was until a single perfect white sphere erupted out of nowhere to hover in the middle of the room. Ten feet from any wall, and about six feet off the floor. It only hovered an instant. Enough time to allow someone on this side to know it was coming. It quickly grew in size and when it was fully formed it was a glowing sphere of white, yellow and blue. It shown bright as if a beacon to any who may need help. I knew without knowing I had to walk over and touch it, to finish the transition from one place to this one.

A single step towards the sphere alerted the Tabbis family and they, in turn sent another wave at me, and only me. I ran for the sphere, and just as the first bold of lightening hit me, I reached the sphere. It settled to the floor, and women poured out of it from all directions. Filling the entirety of the room. Mother, grandmother, sisters aunts great aunt and more from families I knew little to nothing of. More and more poured out till the last three came through, hands still held high holding the gate in place. Once on this side, they dropped their hands, turned away from the sphere an it imploded on its self. A single bright flash was all it took, and the unaware Tabbis men were now faces with more then a hundred angry and ready to fight of coven Etcher. More then one bolt had hit me in my path to the gate. I was on the floor an I knew I was not going to be moving any time soon. Mother walked over to me, looked at the men to her right and spoke plainly, but forcefully.

“I would like to know which of you felt it prudent to attack my daughter, while her back was turned to you? I would also like to know which of you scum is Michael, so I might remove your head from shoulders.”

None of the men moved or spoke, but Michael. He seemed to be deluded to think they were still in control of the situation. Mother seemed to realize who he was and made is clear she would never again allow anyone to harm me. Placing her hands on me, followed by several other coven members I felt life, warmth and strength flow into my being. As they held to me, I found the strength to rise and stand face to face with Michael himself. My will had returned and my anger doubled. They had meant to kill me, not wound me. After everything he had done the night before, he now wanted me dead. A single pin, he removed from his shirt, and I saw it still had bits of my dried blood covering it. I knew the power stored within that blood and before I could act, a word a gesture and my body was pinned to the floor. My lungs screaming in torment, and my sex feeling as if it were being torn apart. Looking from Michael to my family, I was too embarrassed to deal with the shame of what I had allowed him to do to me. I was still bound by blood. But worse then that, I was bound by my on blood. It did not seem to matter, the rules I had been brought up with. The Tabbis family would do anything they wanted to hurt others. My grandmother Grace walked over to Michael, slapped his face, knocking him to the floor. No magick, just pure force of will. She then reached down took the pin he held and in an instant of raw heat destroyed it. Her eyes opened to the men before her, she wore no smile, no frown, no expression at all. I had only seen her upset once in my life, and that memory would haunt me till I died, but this was far worse. Lisa and a woman I did not personally know, helped me to my feet. Once standing I walked to the one person who had brought all this about today. I wanted him to know he would never again have any power over me.

“You may think you and your silly family men to have held this school in the past, but I promise you, after this day, things will be very different. Do not presume to ever touch me again, or I will kill you! Do be so kind as to enjoy the memories from last night. Here!”

I reached out to touch him, blocked by his uncle and brothers. I did not need my family at this point. Since the gate had been opened, all the real time abilities from the blood some days ago, had waken within my mind. Too bad it had not happened last night. I wanted to strike his family. Wanted to strike the man who was supposed to protect all the students of this school, not only his own blood. But when I reached for him, another person entered the building. the door opened and a single woman walked in. Michael even seemed upset by her appearance, though he did not act on it. The woman walked to me, from behind the men, and stood toe to toe, making sure my family and the Tabbis men would see and hear her clearly.

“It would seem my son and brother have made quite the mess today. It would also seem, that coven Etcher is on coven Tabbis ground without proper invitation. Would any one, from either side like to tell me how they think this is going to get worked out without bloodshed? Please”

The men said nothing. My family said nothing, and besides now knowing this woman to be Michael’s mother, I did not understand how she had such authority over the current situation. It was my own mother who stepped forward and addressed her.

A Dark Step Backwards

Amelia was ready to kill the little shit when she realized who was yelling out the window of the car. She knew this was not going to stop, she knew she was the one who had picked a fight, she had just not considered the many possible outcomes of the situation. Memories from many past’s came flooding to her mind, she knew what she had to do, knew it was not something her little opponent would ever see coming, but also that he would learn the hardest way possible, that angering a witch had consequences.

Without even realizing she had done it, one of the pins in her bracelet found its way into her hand, Only a certain amount of blood would wake this beast fully, and only waken fully would the dragon breath fire. One of her sisters would bring her through the flames, she was about to unleash on this small campus. The car was slowing down and as you can imagine a single person was getting out to stand in front of her. Michael looked as if he thought he were the fucking emperor of Rome. He stood in her path, blocking her ability to walk on, but this young man was only furthering his own social death. The woman he was now blocking knew exactly what she was doing, and the many drops of blood running down her fingers, falling to the ground at her own feet, creating a pool for her to draw from. Her face was looking down, not making eye contact with Michael, that was till he stepped forward. He stepped right into the pool of blood, sealing his fate, and the newly bound future for them together.

Her lips curled into a smile, her eyes took on the color of a wild storm ready to be unleashed onto the world. She had come to her point, and now this stupid little man would learn a much needed lesson. As the thoughts of her little plan found their way to her mind, one drop then two was absorbed by the energy it was creating. Only one thing left to do. Only one trap to be set and her lips would make the spring. She knew she would only have control of certain aspects of this idea, but the great Goddess would certainly help bring this beast to life. right at the thought crossed her mind, the sound of another car could be heard coming up behind the two students. the flash of color rippled off a piece of glass, laying on the ground. This was all the reassurance Amelia would ever need to know the Goddess and universe were with her.

Officer Karen was getting out of hr car when the fist spell started to be woven. Amelia was ready, ready to hurt someone, ready to make her point, but most of all ready to use someone else’s life for a good fuck! Mixing power and energy with an already bruised need for sex was always a way for witches to strike a flame. Would the young man survive all she ha planed for him? Would he even realize what was happening to him  till it was for too late? Most likely not. Amelia clenched her fingers together into a fist and pulled at the rest of the power ready to be absorbed. Karen was now out of her car, and though Michael did not seem to care, Amelia used his distraction as the pivotal moment to spring her first trap. Karen opened her mouth to address Michael, and Amelia opened her own for a completely different reason.

“Young man, don’t you think your happenings of this woman have caused enough problems for one day? Just what do you think you are doing to her now!”

“I have not done anything woman, and if you think you can continue to harass me then you are seriously mistaken. If you did not get the hint this morning, My uncle made it clear I have not done anything to anyone an you had better best start remembering that! My family runs this school an the area as well.”

Amelia felt the air go cold, knowing these two are about to unload on each other, and though Karen had good intentions, Amelia had only to prick one more drop and the rest would fall into place. The blood had to be used at he exact moment she would touch Michael, and in such a way the touch would bring on something dark and evil from deep within. Three people stood apart, but only for another moment. Amelia was ready, her body was ready and her mind had been set afire. She rose her chin, so she could look directly into Michaels eyes. Her smile had faded from her external, but it was still there inside. She pricked her right finger, lifted the hand, placed it on the boy’s face and focused. Reaching up she kissed him. Not something polite or simple, but something filed with hate and a storm of darkness ready to strike from within. Michael, not expecting her to kiss him, stepped back and almost fell. At this moment Karen realized Amelia had her own game in play and simply allowed the girl to move forward.

Amelia found Michael’s lips, pushed on them, slid her tongue out an across his upper lip. She bit down on his lower in the same moment, bringing his blood to the surface and this she took in completely. Sealing the pact to be forged with fire. Fires of passion, fires of deceit and fires of obliteration. she wanted to wound him, hurt him and make him scream. She knew it would take a few days, but this was going to be enjoyed, even by him. Till it was over anyways. Amelia started to walk around him, allowing the kiss to slid to his neckline. She took his hands, placed them on her breasts and he stopped any kind of fight. He was more then happy to take advantage of her wanting to be touched. Since it was what he had wanted anyway. She still wore a long flowing skirt, an her center was quickly becoming wet with need an excitement. His car was just behind him and Amelia choose that object to push more depth into the situation. As she turned herself to run into the car, allowing Michael to take control of her and this situation she caught the eyes of the officer and in one look made it clear she should leave.

Karen went back to her car took one more look at the students and proceeded to leave the scene. She had seen that look many times before from Lisa and she knew this was not some simply situation, this was her dismissal so she left. The energy of the air changed, the ideas in both minds of Amelia and Michael took on a whole new meaning and in the blink of an eye, the two became something more. Amelia was feeding the waking beast with her blood, though the bit on his lips would suffer the same end. Closing her eyes she allowed the full spell to fall into the world around her. Allowed it to take in her prey. Allowed it to seize her and make its way into their minds. Amelia was the first to speak. The first to fall backwards, just as they reached the car. She bit his lip, one last time. and the energy trapped in his blood flowed over them both.

“I want you inside of me! I want to be taken by you. You can have me, my body and my mind, just reach out and take them both. You have wanted this and I have been fighting you, so now take what you know you want to be yours. Taken me now!”

“I knew you would see things my way, if I pushed hard enough. Knew you had heard my desires through the other girls this morning. You want me to take you, then I will take you. Get in the car and lets do this right. Little slut, I will take you alright!”

Amelia got into the car, Michael retook the drivers seat and screeched the tires as he sped off towards the dorms. As he drove, his right hand found its way under her skirt, and into her sex. It was dripping and she moaned so sweaty as his fingers entered her body, for the first time. His car turned into a spot, at just the last second and Amelia clenched her fingers with the coming surge. He was out of the car, on her side and pulling her out of the car in a forceful manor. Amelia knew she would have to completely give herself to the spell, no matter the cost. She dove deeply into her thoughts and allowed herself to fall completely. His body pulled her up the steps to her own dorm, she knew her room mates would be there. Knew they were about to be allowed to watch Michael use and fuck her like some kind of cheap whore. Knew they would have their own thoughts, but in the end, Amelia would be the one winning this little game. His voice grew harsh as they reached her door. She could hear her roomies inside watching tv. He slammed her on the door, making sure to make enough noise to alert those inside. He pressed his face into hers right before the door opened.

“Your little stunt this morning caused me a good deal of grief with my family, and now I am going to teach you who you will obey. Who you will belong to the rest of the time you attend school here. I am going to fuck you, and fuck you good. They will watch, because there is no better way to spread gossip on this campus then to allow other girls like you to pose witness. I don’t care if you don’t enjoy this, but I am going to show you how to take me from now on!”

She felt the door opening behind her, knew her friends would see what she had come too. Knew she would insure a great deal this night, but also knew sex was just a tool now, and her body would have to do the rest.  The door opened fully, and her room mates stood there with faces of disbelief. Meghan looked as if she would start crying, and Michel used that to open his game.

“Thats right you little slut, you re going to watch me use and fuck this little whore. I am going to do so much more to her, then I ever got out of you! You stupid whore, did you really  think she would be able to stay away from me? Did you think she would win some situation I have had in the bag for years? No bitch, this game is mine. This bitch is mine just like last year your ass was mine. Who knows Meghan, you may even get another round tonight when I finish with Amelia here.”

They entered the room, with his right hand clearly thrusting and pulling from between her legs. Moans and other sounds were coming from her open mouth. The look of pure pride was all over Michaels face and as he closed the door, allowing Amelia to fall to the floor, he stood over her and watched her body hit. Meghan was trying to get to her side, but Kimberly stopped her progress. A gesture Michael saw and would reward later. As far as the room was concerned, he was now the one in charge, and not even Amelia was going to argue that point. He lead over her, pulled up her skirt, tearing it and allowing the others in the room to see how wet and needing she was between her legs. Her panties, he simply tore off an tossed in her face. The smell she inhaled almost made her sick, but she would not give in to him that easily. With one hand he held her down, with the other he thrust into her open an waiting sex. A loud moan fell from her lips, making Michael smile all the more. He wants to not only use her, but use all those in the room. He wanted to repay Meghan for her betrayal last term. He grabbed Meghan and forced her to the floor. The other girls, now, just standing back watching it all unfold in front of them. He ripped of the night cloths of Meghan so she would also have her sex exposed. She looked as if she would scream, but then her mood changed completely. She was bracing herself for him and ready to take anything that he may give to her. Kim saw the change and announced it to the room.

“Look at that little whore, she is ready to be fucked again. You liked it last year, see, she is wanting it, and now Michael will give her a good fill!”

Something about the tone of voice from Kimberly woke Amelia from the happenings around her. She still had almost an entire fist pushing in and pulling out of her vagina, but the overall feeling was of her own making, not something he was actually doing to her. She allowed the feelings of sex and power run through her soul. she knew Meghan would not be so forthcoming with her needs, but the girl seemed to want this as much as Michael. It was Kimberly who was going to get more then she thought, in the end. Amelia could feel the enjoyment of watching this from the other student. She simply closed her eyes smiled within and allowed the comings to happen.

Michael ripped his hand out of hr cunt, all at once, making her scream! Amy came up behind her an covered her mouth keeping the sound to a minimum. She too was smiling as she helped Michael to use the two women an this was also noted by Amelia. Her body now felt lost, with nothing pulsing between her legs. Michael had turned his full attention to Meghan, though the young woman did not seem to mind. Moans and squeaks escaped her lips, and Michael tore off his own clothing, in readiness to complete his needs. Meghan stole a look at Amelia as the boy’s cock found her waiting vagina. She surged backwards as if was slammed into her wet cunt. Amy, now sitting over Meghan’s face took the torn wet panties from Amelia and used them to fill Meghan’s mouth, ensuring no more noise then wanted would come out. Michael took great enjoyment in using Meghan. He slammed forward and pulled out again and again till the young girl was lost to orgasm. He seemed to know exactly what it was that was happening. Right before she came, he pulled out, laughing. This, was not what Amelia expected this young man to do. No, this told her a few things she had not taken into consideration when she started this a few hours ago. He was use to and trained to enjoy the darker torment of others. There was power there, power for any who knew of it to feel. Michael got over Amelia ready to give her a good fuck next. All the while thoughts and information ran through her head. Something was wrong here. Something was terribly wrong. He was using techniques she had been taught through her craft. He was using her own energy to backlash her own plan. There was no telling what would happen if he was allowed to complete his next transition. His cock was at her opening, it was already dripping from his romp with Meghan, He allowed it to linger there for a few moments looking down on his new prey. Something in his eyes brought her to the surface one last time. His eyes were the same as her own. Dedicated to his desires, and determined to get his way.

This was not being done out of pure desire any more, this man somehow had knowledge of the same craft Amelia used in her spell work. He was in the midst of pushing himself within her, when she tried to stop the spell mid thrust.

“No no, little whore, you will stay right there, that is till I fuck you raw! Did you really think you would get one over on me? Did you think those eyes did not give you away yesterday when you helped me hurt my ankle? You really are silly if you think you are in control here. I am in control and you are now just one more toy for me to fuck!”

Only one word escaped her lips as his ass bent backwards, ready to slam himself home.


“You will see little witch, you will soon see you are not the only one here playing games. Let me fuck and use your cute body, and then maybe I will tell you how badly you choose an opponent. Her face flooded with blood, making her blush and realize she was the one where he wanted her to be, not the other way around. Somehow this boy had been taught the spells she had been taught. He knew what she had tried to do out next to the cop car today. He had countered her spell and she never even saw it coming. This was out of her understanding, even with blood from her entire coven to help her. He slammed forward bringing tears to her eyes as his cock pumped her cunt over an over. The three other girls in the room, seemed to take great joy in his abused fucking of Amelia. She knew this had all been planned out, but did not know by who. She was being used as a sex toy. Her vagina was being fucked and her mind could do nothing to stop it. For more then a hour, Michael fucked her body, turning her over a few times to get a better position to use her. Amy, Kimberly and even Meghan all helped him any way he wanted or desired. Her mind was becoming fuzzy and now she found some speck of truth. All her room mates must have been in on his plans. Even Meghan had allowed herself to be fucked so hard today so Michael could get Amelia right where he wanted her. He had wanted a new toy, but not just one to fuck and use. One who could fight his onslaughts, and one who had the same mind for it. Somehow she had been put into a room with women willing to help this man to use her. He was taking full use of her too. He had her hair in his hands, her ass aimed towards his chest and her face on the floor. Amy went to a box, under the tv as Michael slammed his dripping swollen cock into Amelia over and over. He first came as he was pulling outward, splashing his hot sticky come all over her ass and cunt. She felt it slid down over her opening an knew there was little to nothing she could do about it. As if this was not bad enough, a streaking pain came into contact with her already raw skin. She looked back behind her as she screamed. This time her screams were allowed to be heard. Kim was standing behind her holding a leather flogger, with small beads on each end. this was not a toy to bring enjoyment to the one using it, but severe pain to the one being used. The handle was red and black, the girl swung it, as if trained to drain the maximum amount of pain from each swing.

Again the flogger hit Amelia and again her screams should have been heard across school. But no one came to help her. No one knocked on the door. No one was stopping her from being used to the point of breaking. The sound of the flogger filled her ears. The sounds of her screams filled everything else. Michael knelt down to her face as the leather hit her ass over and over. His voice was evil dark and pleasing, but not to the ears of Amelia. His servants continued to whip her, finger her and slap her as he spoke. She felt the first of many tears to fall from her eyes. This was not how the night was supposed to go. She had done everything she had been taught, but she was the one in pain, not him.

“Now do you understand my new little whore? Now can you taste the pain I deal to you and your body? You came to my home, and thought you would take my toys from me. You thought your family was the only family left to practice such things, well feel the truth of the situation. Know you are my slave! Know you are my property, an not even your beautiful aunt Lisa can help you now. Tomorrow, when we return to classes, and you can hardly walk from the extreme fuck and abuse I will deal you this night, you may think running to her is your best option, but hear me little witch slut, you will only bring more pain in your direction an hers. This school is mine bitch! And now, you are also mine. Be a good whore, and scream for me.”

At that moment true leather whip came into contact with her exposed sore nipples. Her scream echoed through her mind, through the dorms and through her blood. Again he allowed her to be whipped. He was waiting for a moment, he wanted her to realize something. Something only one thing would show her true. The whip hit her breasts one last time, and this time it brought blood to the surface. Amelia saw her own blood drip from the cut on her skin. It fell to the floor, but before she could get a finger to it, Michael whipped it up with his whole hand. He clenched his hand to a fist and spoke out loud.


Amelia felt every part of her body arch in pain at the same moment. As this happened, his cock re-entered her sex and the use of her body started all over again. Her own blood was being used now to control her. It was the bonds holding her to the floor. Her cunt was dripping with pain, but also the hot come from the man using her. Her eyes went fuzzy and again the flogger hit her body, this time she did not scream. She knew she had nothing left to attack with. This would go on as long as Michael want it too. She gave in and allowed herself to be his toy, and a toy he played with well.

Three Drops of Blood

Halfway though the first cut, Amelia had the worst feeling there had to be a better way to proceed with this night, other then hurting her family. She stopped before she had cut her niece too badly. Her mother and grandmother left their positions along the wall to come speak with her. Her niece looked as if she had done something wrong. Venezia, held out her hand to Amelia an took the knife. She was smiling, though others in the room were not as pleased.

“What is it dear, do you think her cut will not heal? Do you think there is another way to give you the gift we all wish for you? Your mother and I wondered if you would stop in the first cut, it seems Adeline won this one. Would you like to explain this to her?”

“What you feel for your family is amazing, but everyone in this room, has been through the event you are doing now. We all had our own apprehensions, but in the end, the reward is far more then you can possibly imagine. Look at Abelie, does she seem to be hurting to you?”

“No ma’am, but I felt it cut her, how can I feel what someone else is feeling? How!”

“You have always known you were special. in the next week or two, all your worries about this night will be put to rest. When your grandmother and I retake our positions, look into the eyes of the person you are cutting and you will know we all understand. Alright?”

Amelia retook the knife from her grandmother and when she and her mother had retaken their positions on the wall Abelie again held out her hand to Amelia. It would not be the hardest thing she would ever have to do, but at this moment, it seemed impossible. She considered what her mother had said about looking in their eyes. She placed the edge of the knife on her nieces hand, moved her eyes to the eyes across from her, and allowed the knife to cut into the hand. Her mother had not been mistaken, her niece made no sign of discomfort and when the cut was finished, it was time for her niece to help her understand a bit more. Using the opposite hand that had not been cut, Abelie tapped her forehead with her index finger and slid it down her face to her nose. All this while her head was tilted back. Amelia watched and noticed blood starting to pool in her nieces outstretched hand. As if cutting her family was not enough, she tilted her head back and when she had, her niece allowed three drops of her blood to drip onto Amelia’s forehead. It dripped down her brow and over her cheeks, but before it got too far, the small amount of blood started to harden, as blood outside the body always does. When she looked in front of her, she found the next woman in her family now standing in the exact same place as Abelie, holding out their hand in the same way. It took quite some time to go through everyone in the room, but one by one the women of the family all came to stand in front of Amelia and one by one they all allowed three drops of their blood to fall to her forehead. Over the course of the event, blood ran all the way down her face, and even dripped on to her body. Some fell as far as her bare breasts, but when all the women in the room had stood before her, another spring of water started to fall from the ceiling above where she now stood. It was not hot water, as she would have liked, but it was also not freezing cold either. Just cool enough to be refreshing and still wash off the remaining blood form her face and body. Before the shower was over, Amelia started feeling like she knew all the women in the room much better then she knew to be possible. Flashes of memories and events of long ago jumped through her mind. Her body jumped when another flash occurred. The shower of water stopped, and her mother came over to her holding a warm towel. Within moments she was once again dry and being handed a clean red robe. When she had been completely wrapped in the red robe the women of the room started to file out into the hall. Amelia wanted to go back to the first room to gather the clothing she had arrived in, but her aunt was standing in the archway only smiling, once again.

“You will not be getting those cloths back, I hope none of it was important to you. It has been discarded. It is now a part of your past and as this tradition continues, you need only to look within the present, and move to your future. Out with you now, follow the others. I will be right behind you.”

Amelia did not say anything. Everything else had been fine as long as she trusted her family. there was nothing of any importance in the clothing she had come in. She had not brought any jewelry and everything for school, had been left at school. She walked to the exit of the room and did not even look to see if there was more writing above the door. As far as she could tell, this had been the event she had been told about her whole life. It had been something she had never thought she would want to do, but it had not been terrible either. The robe she now wore was very warm, and long before she returned to the surface of the barn, she found herself sweating. More and more flashes were jumping through her head, and every time she tried to clear her mind, a flash would blind her temporarily. It did not take more then twice for her to realize this was still part of the ritual and trying to block it, would only cause her more pain. It had never taken her long to figure things out, so she simply accepted her future for whatever it held.

Once back on the surface she found the stone floor had been covered with tables, and the tables covered in food and drink. Every kind of food she loved was here. Strawberry pie, Stuffed lamb and breads from all over the world. If this was a sign of the end of the rite, then she was most happy for the giving. As she took her last step to the main floor once again, all the women opened their mouths and a single note was formed between them all. It rang through the barn, out across the field and into the cool nights air. As soon as it had started, it ended. Her mother, grandmother and distant relatives all came over to greet her formally and then the meal began. For hours and hours she sat, ate and drank. Taking time to speak with every woman who had come to this event for her. It finally made sense to her, all the discussions about this night. All the preparations her mother must have gone through to make this possible and her grandmother as well. Venezia was the oldest member in the group this night, but looking at her, someone would never guess just how old she truly was. All the things she had seen and experienced in her life and the gifts she now possessed. Amelia was stating to get tired when the last of the woman came over to speak with her. She had no idea what time it was, or how she was going to wake for classes in the morning. Lisa came over at long last and wrapped her arms around her niece.

“I am so proud of you, you did everything just right. I am glad you are an empath and can feel what others around you feel. It must be a burden, but all of us have them. Believe me, this night is only the first step of many you will take in your journey. Thank you so much for trusting me and coming to northern Kentucky for school.”

“I don’t know what to say aunt Lisa. This must have taken months of planing and to think all of it was done for me. How and why I may never truly understand, but thank you.”

Amelia did not think a simple thank you was even close to enough for everything that must have been done to make this night possible, but then again she was starting to understand why she had never been told. If her mother had told her when she was a child and asked about this night, that she would have to cut the women in her family and allow them to bleed on her forehead, she would have had nightmares for years to come, not to mention never wanting to actually go though with it. Now, though it being done she only wanted to finish her food, and be taken back to school so she could go to sleep. Since Lisa had brought her out her, wherever here was, it seemed that Lisa was going to be the one to take her back to school. She climbed into the fancy Maserati and considered everything she had just been through tonight. Lisa was in within moments and the engine roared to life. within moments they were back on the dirt road and heading back to the university. Somewhere between the middle of a field and her dormitory she passed out completely. When Lisa shook her waking her from the most intense dream of her life, she almost hit her head on the ceiling of the car. Her eyes opened and though she knew she was now awake, and where she was, she seemed to be completely unaware of what to do next. Lisa got out of the car, walked around to open the door and when Amelia still did not move to get out she leaned down to look her niece in the eyes.

“Listen to me very carefully. In the next few days many things are going to happen to you that you will not fully understand. If you need someone to speak with about this, come find me in my office. Please do not tell the other students about tonight, and do not speak to your mother or father over the phone. This is information this family has guarded for hundreds of years. We do not want it becoming public knowledge. If you wake late in the morning, I am sure your professors will understand. Even bright young students, like yourself get sick from time to time.”

Amelia sat and listened to her aunt. She felt as if the blood was only the beginning of something more powerful then she would probably believe, not that Lisa seemed to be interested or willing to tell her more. When she started about missing classes, Amelia knew that would never happen. She always woke with the first sound of her alarm. And, during her whole life she had never been late to school once. She was not about to start now. A deep breath and her aunt finished what she had been saying. Lisa held out her hand, which Amelia thankfully took and climbed out of the car. A few random students were out in the night and seemed to stair in disbelief at the beautiful Italian supercar. Amelia did not seem to pay them much mind, but after her aunt helped her out, she knew it was past time to find her bed. Looking to Lisa she tried to speak, but felt as if she had somehow forgotten what she wanted to say.

“Is there anything I need to know. Is it alright if I take a shower, or is there some reason I should not?”

“No dear, now you’re back on campus, you may return to your everyday life. Don’t over think this, and always remember fear is only in your mind. Good night love. I will see you in class tomorrow, or the next day. Sleep well.”

With that she stood long enough to make sure her niece would not fall going up the steps to her door and then climbed back into her car, started the engine and pulled away from the dorms.  Amelia was completely out of sorts by the time she got her front door open and found her way to her room through the suit. None of her room mates were still awake, which was strange to her. They always stayed up till two or three in the morning. She did not bother with any hygiene issues. She removed the red robe, climbed into her bed curled in her blankets and just before she rolled over to find sweet darkness, she happened to glance at her alarm clock, 5:45. She knew instantly why Lisa had said those things about missing classes. She knew, after this night, there was no way she was going to be able to rise for classes in two hours. It was a hard thing for her to do, but she reached over to the clock, and simply turned off her alarm. She hopped, as she drifted off to sleep, that her aunt was right about her professors understanding her missing class. The last thing she remembered before sliding into complete darkness were the strange marking that seemed like it should have been writing, but not from any society she had ever studied. Thoughts turned to blackness and she gave up trying to fight it.

She woke to the sound of her three suit-mates making enough noise to wake he dead over in the next county. The dream she had just been in all but vanished as she sat upright in bed. Meghan, her room mate was sitting in her bed looking over notes from hr own classes. She seemed amazed when Amelia sat up and looked right at her. She started to laugh, and when she did, the other two girls in the suit came walking in. Amy and Kimberly stood in the doorway and stared at their suit mate in amazement shaking heir heads. Everyone tried to speak at once, but it was Meghan who got the first coherent sentence out.

“Do you know what time it is, little miss I never get up late or never miss classes? What time did you crawl in last night? We all stayed up till four thirty wondering where you were. We even called campus security right before we all went to bed, concerned that you may be dead. It would seem your aunt knew we may take action and had already told the police here, you were safe and would return when you were ready. What the hell girl!”

The others in the room all stated close to the same thing, and by the time Amelia had the chance to answer even the first question, she had many more to make up for.

“I don’t know what to tell you all, but my family all came to take me out for my birthday, and I simply have no idea what happened to the time. I think I came into bed around five thirty. I remember turning to look at my clock and turning off the alarm at five forty five. I knew there was no way I was going to make it to classes, and my aunt had told me not to worry about it. Kimberly, will you stop looking at me like that, I swear I did not go do anything you would not have done, well thats not saying much, you do everything!”

Amelia had indeed missed all of her classes for the day. Even the late ones in the afternoon. though she had been told not to worry about it, she felt terrible for standing up her professors. She would have to go speak to all of them and apologize for her absence. Her roomies were still looking at her as if she had grown horns during the night. She knew the story she had told them was far from the truth, but she also knew they would never question her. Th first night here a police officer had knocked on the door looking into a noise violation and without telling her new room mates had told the man, they were in fact, drinking alcohol and had gotten all of them into serious trouble. They knew from that night on, this young woman had no idea how to tell a lie and they teased her about it daily. The other girls seemed to buy everything they were told and after laughing a bit, they turned and returned to the living section of the place. Meghan, on the other hand, had come from a home where telling lies were an every day part of hr life. She was still looking at Amelia long after the other two had left. Amelia was trying to ignore her looks, but when she made to climb out of bed, Meghan made it clear how much she did not believe her story.

“Look, I know you have a strange family, but if you think I believe, for one minute, that you stayed out till almost six in the morning celebrating your birthday, you must think I am stupid. So, I get that you don’t want to tell all of us the truth, but come on. We have been pretty up front with each other in the last three weeks. What really happened last night? I saw Kevin in class today and he said when he was getting home from a party around the time you say you came home, he saw you getting out of a Maserati. Who in your family has the money for one of those? I mean, that car is like one hundred thousand dollars. Not exactly the kind of thing most people can afford now-a-days.”

Amelia sat in her bed and listened to Meghan speak. At first she was concerned that her room mate had seen right through her first story, but by the time she stopped talking she really was not that worried about it. This was not like her at all, she always tried to appease her room mate. The last words from Lisa last night kept ringing in her head. Fear is only in your mind. She looked at the situation and considered the outcome if Meghan did not believe her. In the end, when her roomie had stropped talking, she realized it did not matter if Meghan believed her or not. She had only known the woman for three weeks, an if she chose not to believe what she was told, that was her right. Amelia pulled back the covers and without giving the matter another thought, got up, walked over to her bath robe and walked out of the room to the bathroom. Thirty minutes later when she returned from her shower, Meghan was no longer in the room, and the total lack of questions gave her reason to smile at herself. All her life, she had worried what others had thought about her. What others would say if she did not live up to some predisposed idea of what they must want from her. Now, she took the simple phrase, fear is only in your mind, and realized the wold around you is not going to be the one responsible for you being miserable, you are. Before too long she knew what her first action was going to have to be. As she got dressed she had to think, did she want to walk off campus to get food, or would she be able to wait till to dining halls opened? By the time she had all her clothing on, she knew she was not going to wait any longer then she had too. She grabbed her purse, cell phone and keys and headed out the front door. On the way off campus, she wanted to call her mother and thank her again for last night. She pushed one in her favorites and the number dialed her home in Massachusetts. She was amazed and happy when her father answered the phone.

“Daddy, when did you get home? Last night, did mom come home about the same time? What do you mean she was there the whole night? You arrived home around five thirty and she was asleep in bed, are you sure? No, I must have misread the clock, thank you daddy. Yes, I will talk to you all tomorrow night. Bye.”

She continued to walk off campus in the hops of finding food soon, but the words from her father echoed in her mind. How had her mother gotten home in the same amount of time it had taken her to get back to campus? As she walked up the street, she could not get her head around this one. Before it started to upset her, she heard a filmier voice calling her name behind her.

“Amelia!, Hey are you even hearing me?”

She turned around to see Michael Dorn running up the sidewalk in her direction. this was not what she wanted to deal with today. He was a nice guy, but it was clear he had other desires in her, then she had in him. He had not taken it too well when she had tried to tell him honestly that she was not interested. He continue to text her phone and come by her dorm. Her roomies seemed he was the best catch on campus and allowed him to keep coming over. Even when she asked them to keep him out. He came running up the path from behind her. He looked like he was going to drop dead of exhaustion. so much for this one being in good shape. Amelia looked as if she were going to just kill him on the spot, but being a silly little boy, this look was a complete waste on him.

“Hey girl, where you off too?”

“Well, if you must know, I just woke up and needed food and I am not going to wait till the dining halls open for dinner.”

“Oh, that sounds good, where are we going?”

“Look, I know you seem to think you are some kind of gift to the world of women, but I really don’t like being around you, and need to have space to think today.”

“Thats nothing, I am use to people saying things like that, but like mama says, keep pushing forward and you will find your way!”

It was clear that plain speech was not going to make any kind of impact on the boy. Amelia stood there looking at him in disbelief. She could not believe she had just told him politely to fuck off, and he still would not  give up his pursuit of her. While she stood there fuming, she noticed she had picked the scab off her right thumb, from her irritation. She had cut it a few days ago while shaving her legs. She knew it would not bleed much, but as soon as the blood came out, she felt something very odd building within her. She turned to walk on towards food, and became even more angry when Michael started walking behind her. All she wanted to do was turn around and knock him on the ground, but she was too polite for that. She could feel her right hand getting sticky from the blood off her thumb. Right as she thought about the blood, she also passed a thought of Michael hitting the edge of the sidewalk and twisting his ankle. The thought almost made her smile, that was till Michael started yelling!

“Shit, oh damn that hurt! What the hell…”

“What is wrong with you now? Are you really so desperate for attention you have to sit on the ground like a child and make noise? I don’t have all day. If I wanted to wait to eat, I would not be walking off campus, now get up baby!”

“You really are mean, you know that. I try to be friends with you, and you make fun of me. I twist my ankle and you treat me like a small stupid child. What is wrong with you, can’t you see I am in pain?”

“Wait, are you seriously telling me you just twisted your ankle now?”

“Yes stupid, why do you think I am on the ground?”

Without meaning too, she started smiling, and looked down at the blood drying in her right hand. The young man did not seem any more pleased when she started smiling, though he said nothing about it. Amelia wanted to cry to the Goddess, “thank you, but still had the feeling like this was too strange. First she thinks about Michael getting hurt, and then the next minute it is actually happening. She turned to go, and right as she took her first step, Michael started yelling at her.

“Where the fuck do you think your going? I am on the ground in pain an you are going to just leave me here? What is the matter with you? Are you seriously going to walk on and leave me like this? What did I do to deserve being treated like this?”

Listening to him plead with her almost made her feel bad for him, almost. Then a small surge of strength found her, in a way she had never felt before. She turn round and knelt down so she was looking him in the eyes an very firmly spoke to him.

“You ask what you have done to be treated like this, are you fucking kidding me? Look at you, I have been polite, asked you to give me space. I have told you to your face I am not interested and still you follow me around like a lost dog. You run up on me today an after I tell you up front I am not interested in being friends, you still think that is some kind of invitation to come with me for dinner! Seriously what in all the hells is fucking wrong with you! Try this on for something new, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!”

And, with that, she stood up, turned around and walked towards a set of restaurants on the main strip. When he tried, yet again to gain her attention, she simply ignored him an kept walking. If he was still here on her way back, she might help him, but it was not a very good chance. At the light a car drove by and a girl from her sorority stuck her hand out the window and waved to her. Trying to be some kind of social, she waved back, an this seemed to be the reply the young lady was searching for. Amelia turned the corner and noticed across the street were a few small places to eat. A firehouse Subs and a City BBQ. She was not in the mood for a sub, but the idea of ribs did put a smile of her face. Walking towards the place, she found a sense of internal understanding growing within her. Opening the door, and being assaulted by the smell of good smoked food, helped her to forget the complete imbecile who was, most likely, still sitting on the ground crying. Her meal was some of the best food she had eaten since coming to NKU, not including her little feast last night, but all the same. As she was getting up to leave, her phone rang and she was luckily, in a better mood then before she had eaten. It was Kimberly yelling at her for being such a complete bitch  and leaving poor Michael on the sidewalk to fend for himself.

“What kind of sick person are you, you think you can do this to such a nice guy and keep making friends on this campus? You and I are going to have a serious talk when you get bak to the dorm. I have callee campus police and they will be here when you get back, so I would suggest you get moving!”

This was not the after meal conversation she really wanted to be having. Her blood started to boil and when she hung up the phone, it rang again, this time it was campus police calling.

“Hello, yes, this is Amelia, how may I help you officer? Yes, I know Michael Dorn, what of it? Yes I left him on the sidewalk after he twisted his ankle. No, I don’t see how my personal life is any of your business. Yes sir, I will be happy to speak with you when I return from my dinner. No thank you, I prefer to walk.”

It would seem little Michael had convinced Kimberly and the police that she had knocked him down, caused him to hurt himself and then left him there. It would take her about twenty minutes to get back, and by that time, maybe she would be a bet more cool headed. On her way back to her dorm, she called her aunt Lisa and told her what had happened, including how she wanted him to twist his ankle, and then it happening. Most of the way back was spent telling Lisa how much she hated this boy and how he had refused to leave her alone. When she came into sight of her dorm, she could see two police cars off to one side and an EMS vehicle in front of her dorm.


Amelia Emma James, a red haired young woman with small black rimmed glasses, freckled to the point of having red skin as well as hair, sat in English 101 at Northern Kentucky University. Now, in her third week of college, no one around her knowing what dark secrets lay just below the surface, or what she hides behind her adorable smile. Roughly five feet four inches in height, she was not unlike most of the other young woman throughout her university. She dressed as any other young woman of her nineteen years, mostly long black dresses, though she always found a way to have a single bright color to accompany her black. when she wore shorts or yoga paints on workout days, they too were all if not mostly black.The tops also match the black bottoms on the days she worked out her body as much as her mind. No one would ever think twice about her life activities, she made exceptional grades, had a bright personality, and many friends. The teaching staff knew her as the student who never turned in her assignments late, and always put 100% into everything she did. She was part of the Greek community on campus and though not originally from Kentucky, she came from a small town near Salem Massachusetts where her family has lived since the birth of the United States.

NKU, was the first time in Amelia’s life she had attended any kind of public education. As a youth, she had been taught in a private community education program, following the views of hr families religious practice. There were nine other children in her educational past. They had all been raised under the same strict religious beliefs, this belief passing on into their education. Being in a public university had been the idea of her father, and though her mother had allowed it, it was not, by any means what she would have preferred for her daughter. Amelia’s mother had wished her to attend a small private educational system in the soother region of Italy. The same place she and all the women of the family had attended for the past several hundred years. Amelia had never cared for her mothers expectations, but she did care deeply for the beliefs of hr family. Her grandmother still lived in Italy, s did her mothers six other sisters. Amelia had four sisters of hr own, and though she did have a younger brother, it had been very clear during her childhood, that girls were the preferred sex of children. Her father was not strictly Italian, though it was close. His grandmother had been Irish, and grandfather Italian. For this reason alone Amelia had very bright red hair, and fair skin. When she was a young child, her mothers closets sister had told her she would have exceptional skills and abilities, due to her red hair. Amelia had never understood why it could be all that important, but had not argued either.

Now, attending a public university, out of state from her family, she was, for the first time in her life, learning about other practices in faith then how she had been raised. She had been asked to attend this school by one of her mothers sisters, Lisa, also a professor of psychology. When she had first been asked if she would want to come here, she had not given much thought about the idea, but over the last year before needing to start university, her mothers friend had pushed a great deal for this decision. Amelia had, eight weeks ago agreed to come to Kentucky to attend this school. When her father had dropped her off three weeks ago, he had seemed different in a way she could not put her finger on. He had helped her into her new dorm and in getting her classes in order, but when he left he seemed concerned about her new life upcoming. He had given her a hug, as he always did, but right before he left, he had spoken to her in a strange way, and though it had now been three weeks, his words still echoed in her mind.

“Remember, we are always only a phone call away. I know you coming here was my idea, but if you want to come home, for any reason, all you have to do is ask. Please be careful and listen to your heart for hard decisions.”

She hd called her parents for the first time since coming there last night. She was shocked to find out her father had gone out of the country for business  without saying anything to her. She was very close to him,  and he hd always told her where she could find him. The tone of voice from her mother told her more then her words. She knew the was hiding something, but had not been able to figure out what. Amelia’s aunt Lisa had lost her husband two years ago to a terrible accident in the French Alps, while he had been skiing. Ever since then, she had worried she would loose her father though she could not understand where the fear came from. Now, him having left without saying anything to hr about it, gave her more reason to fear then before. Her mother was very quick to get off the phone, only reminding Amelia to not miss her religious meeting tonight. She knew Lisa would never allow her to not attend, but her mother had been much more pushy then usual. Lisa, was known for being very strict when it came to how the family pursued their beliefs. Amelia, was, she knew being groomed to become a more intricate part of the families belief structure. For the last five years all she had been told was it would be a great honor to be asked to become a Credaira but no one had ever elaborated on what all of it would mean to her life. As a child Amelia had always knew her family practiced very old magick, but until the last few weeks, she ha not wondered any deeper then what she had always been told. “You will come to the understandings you need, when the Goddess is ready for you to join her.” this had been repeated to her over and over since childhood. Now, the night had come when she would be told the rest about her family and how it would impact the rest of her life.

Lisa was waiting for her when she walked out of her English class. She was wearing an all black dress, full length, flowing like water over her brilliant figure. This woman had been hand created by the goddess Herself. Never a thread or hair out of place. Always in clothing matching what a queen may have worn hundreds of years ago. Today was no exception, though there seemed to be a kind of energy about her Amelia could not fully comprehend. She had wanted to go to the student union to get food with her sorority sisters, but it would seem, Lisa had other plans.

“This is your last class this day, yes?”

“Yes, aunt Lisa. I am not going to forget about the arrangement tonight, but I do have people waiting for me for lunch, if you would please excuse me?”

“I fear your friends will have to go without you today. there are many preparations you must complete before the gathering tonight. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but you have agreed to take your part on the great path, and your mother has spent your entire life waiting for tonight. You do know she will be here tonight?”

“No, I had no idea she would be coming, but it will be nice to see her. Will my father be coming as well? Has he returned from Europe yet?”

“No dear, he has not, an as always this gathering is for the women of the family, I think you would understand that by now, you did just turn eighteen last month. Have you no understanding of what our family is truly a part of? When I was your age, I could not wait for this night. The night all my questions about what we truly are were answered and I was able to move forward in my responsibilities. Are you not jut as excited?”

“Honestly, I have wondered about so many things over the years, and now I have more apprehension then curiosity, but I am looking forward to tonight. What are the responsibilities you were speaking of, that I need to do before our gathering? I already am missing a sorority meeting tonight, I really don’t want to miss lunch with my sisters! May I please be allowed to join them now?”

“I am sorry Amelia, I simply can not allow you to go off track, today of all days. You must com with me so you can be dressed correctly. I am sure your sisters, if they truly live up to that word will understand.”

Amelia was anything but happy about being told she could not even speak to her sisters, and it was making her more then angry to be spoken to as if a small child and not being treated like an adult. She had it in her mind to simply not go, but had the feeling her family would never allow her to get away with such an act. Almost as if Lisa knew what she was thinking, she reached down and took Amelia’s hand and started walking for the door, not even making sure Amelia was going to follow. By this point Amelia was almost boiling with anger, but it was clear she had little choice in this matter. All her life it had always been about her Credaira, but nothing had ever been explained. She had been expected like the other young women in the family to simply accept this as part of her life to be, no questions answered. Now, she was being taken from the new sisters she had wanted for years, being made to follow like an obedient dog and though she made it clear how upset she was, Lisa was not giving her any room for other choices. As they walked out of the English building, they walked towards the main parking lots.

Amelia had only been off campus once in the last three weeks, and though it made sense her aunt would own a car, she had no idea where they were going or why. Lisa walked to a beautiful black Maserati  with all blood red interior. She felt like it was something gout of a dark movie. After they left the campus, they drove for some distance into the country. This was not what she had been expecting. They turned down a dirt road, and continued to a bark in what looked like the back of a rather large field. No animals, or other buildings. Only this massive barn, painted all black, and a single woman waiting around the side. Amelia was no longer interested in the importance of this night. She was becoming more and more frightened and now she wanted answers.

“What is going on? You said I was going to get ready for tonights gathering. How am I going to find a dress in some old barn? I know this family has many secrets, and this night is some big important event, but I am not comfortable with any of this and demand you return me to school. I don’t believe my mother would allow me to do anything that may bring harm to myself.”

“Oh, poor little thing, you truly don’t understand just how important this night is, do you? I know this is all a bit much, but for now, you re going to have to place your trust in me and Sabrina around the corner. Please do not start any more outbursts, all your questions will be answered in a few hours. We have been following the traditions of the Credaira for more then three thousand years, so now, you too will become one with us. Come along please.”

Amelia was beyond being pissed, though she saw no other choice, as they came around the side of the barn, another woman of the family, Sabrina, from Italy was the woman waiting for them. She also was wearing a dress fit for a goddess. She could only hope her own would be of such immense beauty. As they entered the barn, it was clear this was no ordinary wooden barn. Amelia was not even sure a single animal had ever been in this building. The floor was some kind of shiny black stone, and though the outside was made to look like an old wooden ban, the inside was completely made of stone. She felt as if she had just entered some kind of ancient tomb, not a barn. She looked back to Lisa, who only smiled at her and kept walking forward. they came to a set of sone spiral steps, depending into the ground. As they walked down, Amelia noticed there were no electric lights inside. There were, though torches burning on the walls. The further they wend down, the more uncomfortable she became. Both of the other women seemed completely comfortable with their surroundings. Finally they came to the bottom and started down a long circular hallway. Th far end was a set of rooms in the shape of spheres, not cubes. Amelia could not imagine how such a place had been built, or even the cost to have it built in the first place. They moved to enter a large sphere to their right. Over the door was something written in Latin. Though she recognized the language, she could not make out the meaning of the words.

“Vertias Invenitur in Carne”

Sabrina stood directly below the words and looked back to me smiling. Lisa came to stand beside her, an they both stood there looking directly at Amelia. Amelia was not looking very happy by this point, but the other women only smiled and motioned for her to step forward. IT had been made very clear as a child never walk through a door if you do not fully understand the expectations of your actions. She stopped a step before the threshold and refused to move forward. This time it was Sabrina who spoke first.

“You must enter! You must take your place in our great family!”

“That may be true, but I know the laws in our family, and I know if I enter a room, I am bound by blood to follow the expectations of that choice. What do the words say, and furthermore, what do they mean?”

“I am not able to give you that information, at this time. Lisa has already told you, the rest of your questions will be answered tonight. Now come along!”

“No! I don’t care what this family has done for thousands of years, I know I have never broken any vow and I am not going to start being ignorant tonight. Since, as you have both said, it is so important to my life to come. Now tell me what the words say, or I will turn around and leave!”

None of the women moved, not even Amelia. It would seem they were stuck in the places they now stood. Lisa looked directly into her niece’s eyes and stopped smiling. Amelia was now very frightened. She felt as if something were terribly wrong an had no idea what to do. She tried to turn around and found she could no longer move. The look on the faces of her family brought horror to her heart. Her father had told her to make decisions with her heart. She was starting to break, when she heard her mother voice behind her. It was the only sound that could have calmed her down.

“What is troubling you Amelia? You know this night is very important. Why do you resist in the only decision we have told you is imperative to the future of this family and your own life?”

“You have always told me to know what I agree to before I enter a room. I can not make sense of the words above the door. I will not enter till I understand what they mean. You taught me that!”

“You are correct, I did teach you that, but I also taught you Latin. Look at the words, listen to your heart and find meaning where it matters most. We will wait for you, but know this gathering can only take place tonight. No other night will ever be the same.”

Her mother was still behind her, and though she could not turn from the door, she knew her mother would never allow harm to come to her. She did as she was told and looked at the words again, this time looking within to find their meaning. As the moments turned to minutes, she started to make a bit of sense, then as if out of a dream, the words fell from the wall in Latin, and hit the floor in English. It was clear and simple as it read,

“Truth is found in flesh.”

She looked into the room and noticed small shelves on the walls, a small sink like area  with water flowing into it from a small whole in the wall above. Another door leading to an even larger sphere could be seen on the far side of the room. This one also had writing above the entrance reading..

“Nisi ut vos per puritatem procedere”

Again she stared at them and allowed her mind to relax, and again the words seemed to fall from the wall to the floor and she was again able to read them, though this time they could only mean one thing.

“Only through purity may you proceed.”

This was a phrase she had heard many times throughout her life. She knew exactly what it was asking her to do. If she proceeded through that door, she would have to shed all the parts of her self to be allowed to leave. She had to accept her future, through her past to her present. This must be the room that tonights event would take place. Now she had a better understanding of what she was being asked to do, she was again able to move, and she turned to see, not only her mother standing behind her, but more people then she could count. She and Lisa had left the campus just past four, and she knew this gathering was to be held at nightfall. She considered the two sets of words and decided it was time to trust her family and stop making this harder then it was supposed to be. She knew what she already was. Knew the modern world would never understand, and though she was still vague about this night, she knew it would not bring harm to her, not after eighteen years of being prepared for it. Amelia tried to see past her mother to the others standing in the hall, but past her mom, she did not recognize anyone. The first thought was how many people would com to this event? She knew this was a big deal for the women in the family coming of age. She also knew if the women were not eighteen themselves, they would not be here.

Turning back to the entrance, she again considered the words above the first door. truth is found in flesh this was simple enough. from teachings of childhood the family taught that only in your purest form can you find the answers you seek. To be able to move forward in this event and in her life she would have to start the way she had come into the world, flesh and only flesh. Lisa and Sabrina still stood in her path, waiting for her to make her move. A single deep breath, in and then out, and she started to remove her clothing. Her shirt was off, and handed to Lisa. Then her bra, her shoes and her skirt. When she was standing in panties alone, Sabrina moved from her path in the door way. Lisa took the rest of her clothing and placed it on a shelf inside the sphere. Now the entrance was clear, and Amelia was able to step forward. from Lisa, Sabrina and all those standing behind her she heard the words spoken in their true form.

“Veritas invenitur in carne!  Veritas invenitur in carne! Veritas invenitur in carne!”

Over and over the words were spoken as she entered the first of the two spheres. The chant filled the rooms and hall ways. It echoed in the small sphere and then through her very being. The words became more then simple sounds. They became a single power that bounced off the walls and came flooding forward. She could hear and feel the power as if being hit with wave after wave of water in the ocean. when she stood in the middle of the room, the words and power stopped. Turning she could see everyone moving forward to another entrance to the larger sphere she would go to next. The last person to stand outside the first door was her grandmother, Venezia from Italy. She bowed her head and smiled.  Amelia felt as if everything may be alright. She was standing in the middle of a spherical room completely nude, but for the first time today, she felt a bit of peace. She turned away from her grandmother and back to the space around her. the small alcove with water flowing into it, caught her eye. More writing above it, though this time it was not in any language she had ever seen. As far as she could tell, it was not any language or writing she could even imagine. The structure of it, was almost in multi dimensions, not only flat on the wall. It gave her a headache to even look at it for very long.  Though, when she looked away, she found herself feeling very much in need of rinsing off her face and body. Looking around, she noticed a set of small wholes in the center of the floor, where the water would be able to run off and not sit in the floor.

She took her time to get as clean as she could, with limited ability. Splashing water out of the stone bowl and onto herself. When she was still dripping wet, she did find she felt a great deal better. She took a step to stand in the very center of the room, allowing the water to fall through the wholes. She also noticed a small breeze hitting her from an unknown location. It felt wonderful, and in moments she was completely dry. Looking behind her, she could see all the women who had been behind her in the hallway. Peering around the corner, as much as possible, she could clearly see her mother, grandmother and aunt. The women in the next sphere were also completely nude and standing in, what looked like geometric positions near the walls. In the center of that room were more whole in the floor, though right in the center of the wholes, and the room, lay a silver knife. Gemstones in the handle shimmered and glinted off the torch light in the entrance. The very idea of having to cut herself in any way brought chills to her, but as it were now, she was completely relaxed and she was not going to go getting upset about something that may or may not even happen. One phrase she had been told over and over as a child was also being change softly by the women in the next room. it was being chanted in Italian, not english, though she had been hearing it her whole life she understood it without thought.

“La paura è solo nella tua mente. “la paura è solo nella tua mente. la paura è solo nella tua mente..”

In simple translation it was; fear is only in your mind. She had been warned as a young girl to only concern herself with the present, not the unknowing future. If you don’t worry about the future there is nothing to fear, since fears is our mind creating possible outcomes to present situations. It was her grandmothers voice that broke her from her current thoughts. She walked into the room and came to stand next to Amelia. She did not seem to think anything out of the ordinary having her grandmother standing next to her completely nude. Only peace was being worn by both, and in so doing no stress could be felt by either.

“Are you ready child? Many have come to witness your acceptance into our growing family. Being Strega is a great honor, as you have always been told. You can not imagine how happy I am about you being old enough to move forward in this way. Is there anything I can tell you, or o to help you?”

“Would you hold my hand as we enter the room?”

“I think that would be lovely dear. Of course I will hold your hand. shall we?”

Amelia held out her left hand which her grandmother lovingly took and they both stepped forward. At the entrance between the two stone spheres there was a moment when a sense of powerful energy almost held Amelia out of the room, but when she pushed forward, the other members watching only chanted louder. She was led to the very center of the room, and shown to stand with her feet apart over the silver knife laying on the floor. More words were written in both the unknown language and Italian on the floor, surrounding the knife and holes around it.

“Il sangue è il percorso del passato”

At first she had to think to be able to translate it from Italian to English, but when she did another shiver ran across her skin. The women in the room continued to chant and the power could be felt growing.  As she looked at the unknown writing around the outside of the Italian she again felt a deep understanding, and without thinking bend over and picked up the silver knife. A young woman, who she knew to be a distant niece from India was the first to step forward. She walked right up to Amelia and held out her right hand. There was a small scar in the middle where she had already been cut once before in the past. Amelia realized it was the others she was supposed to cut, not herself, though this realization was no better then the idea of cutting herself. Looking around the room, the others had stopped chanting, and once again they were looking to hr with smiles on their faces. She took a single deep breath and held out the knife to her niece and started.

Chapter Two: Three Drops of Blood