(13) Ripples of Grey

Chapter 12, the guardian

The night had consumed me, my soul left spinning in shades of grey. My body lifeless, frozen and cold they had used me far past my ability to argue. My hips, now suspended from a strip of leather, felt another sting as a whip struck my ass again and again. I knew my ass was red, maybe even bloody, the sting was unmistakable. Over and over I would serge forward as one toy or another was used to beat me. Small iron clamps hung, threatening to tear my nipples from my body. I could hear laughing from somewhere behind me on the deck as I cried out. Not a single person had given me any form of enjoyment this night. Everything had been done to me, not with or for me. I took in another breath, waiting for the next sting, only to feel my hair being pulled back, my face being slapped and let go of again. My wrists were lashed to the railing, forcing me to stay bent forward, and leaving me to look out to a bleak horizon. I felt the first hand in hours, to touch my skin. It started at my ass, slid over my burning cheek. Up and across my back, slipping down to hold and gently squeeze my right breast. It moved to my hair, but did not yank, as all the others had. As my head came back, I saw his shaft, hard, pulsing and dripping, before I saw his face. Anubis wore a mixture of pain and sorrow,  as he looked down on me. I had thought the other members of the ship had been locked below deck, but now I realized I was not the only member of this expedition being tormented. A cruel icy voice made me close my eyes, wishing I could do the same with my ears. It rang of someone from my past, yet I could not remember who. This was no loving voice, nor was it someone I ever wanted near or on me. A strange clicking sound accompanied the voice, like two bits of metal being struck on each other. I knew the coming words would only bring me more pain and suffering, but the sound gave me chills, and those chills led to my piercing scream!

“You silly stupid child. Did you think your mother would have the power to conceal you from her? Did you ever truly think you were going to get away? The very moment you left the United Kingdom’s waters, we knew exactly where you were. I do hope you enjoy our use of you. Your body truly is an exquisite toy, and we have so deliciously enjoyed playing with you. I see you know the strapping young slave beside you, You should know, I was the one to break his will. I broke his will,  his desires and his body the same way I will break you! Do tell me how this feels, won’t you?”

I could not tell its shape or size, I only knew the metal been pushed into my sex was ice cold, and much larger then anything in my past. I gulped for air, as it was withdrawn and reinserted over and over. More laughter filled my ears, another of the same was inserted into my anus and the pain brought my pain truly to life. I shook, screamed and pulled, doing everything I could to break my bonds. The ropes on my hands held true, but the strap around my hips broke  free. I had not been allowed to move of lower my hips since the beginning of the day. My knees fell forward allowing my back to stretch and lower. It only lasted a moment, they grabbed my hips, forcing me back in my standing position. Another strap, thins time much thicker was used to prop me back the way I had been. I gasped as the burn on my ass turned to cuts and dripping blood. The items still in my holes never moved as the tasseled whip changed to a single braided on. My mind called on ever ounce of will I had ever had. My will turned to power and that power to force. My hands broke free, I stumbled backward to be caught as I fell.

Looking up, I now saw the face, the voice belonged to and my heart crashed along with the rest of me. Christian, my step father stood over me, bull whip in hand. His smile brought more tears to my eyes, he knelt down beside me, put his full weight on my breasts, and pinched with a full fist! As I struggled, Another person was being brought up from below deck. Nymph’s eyes looked at me in shock and fear when her face came into view. She must have known she would be used next. A gag was put before her lips, which parted allowing it to be inserted. She was laid out, in the same position as myself next to me on the deck. They showed no concern in bending her over, strapping her down and tearing off what little clothing she had been wearing. My temper flared again when the first man to use her, gave her no time to prepare. He took hold of her hips, pulled, from what I could tell, as hard as he could and slammed his fully erect cock into her sex. I could tell she wanted to cry out in pain, but she was either too well trained, or too stubborn to give in. He did everything he could to make her scream, but even after he had pinched and pulled on her beautiful soaked breasts, rolling the nipples in his fingers, she never once cried out. He yanked out as brutally as he had planted himself in, but this man was just  getting started. Pulling something out of his pocket, he turned and had the others give their opinions of what to do next. As it were, he held to a highly polished butt plug. It must have been copied from the size and exact shape of his fist. He wanted to gloat, for just a moment, before trying his hand again. He leaned down, pulling her hair back and showing her what he planned to use next. As her head, again lowered to the railing of the deck, the look in her eyes, told me more then I wanted to know. 005

Fear had her now, fear of the pain, and fear of something more. She knew what Christin was capable of, and knew all too well he had no master, at this time. As I lay on the deck, rain blowing in my face, I noticed no one was, at the moment, paying any attention to me. I felt within for Aspen and for the first time in many hours found her. She opened her mind to my own, and showed me what had been restraining her. The leather that had been holding my hips up had spell work woven into the bran. As long as that was touching me, she could not communicate with me, any more then she could invoke a change. But now, that was not touching me, and my energy, mixed with her own was rising to the surface.

Cry of pure agony broke my concentration. Nymphadora’s cry broke through the howling of the storm, and the men on deck, christian in included stopped and looked as if they may have killed her. The look on their faces told me a simple truth. They had permission to play with us as much as they wanted, but they were not to do permanent harm. The man now fucking the life out of Nymph was dancing close to the line, they had been told not to cross. Christian had backed away when Nymph cried out, the other men, now on the far side of the deck had, to my and Aspen’s pleasure forgotten us altogether. A single thought was all she gave me in warning, but that thought was more then enough!

In less then a single blink of an eye, my body changed from small human to full size dragon. The boat shifted and rocked from Aspen’s size and shape. She lite the sky with a mixture of purple an blue flames. The men on the opposite side of the ship were incinerated instantly. To my dismay, Christin had fled the scene and was no where to be found. I heard mothers cry from below the ship and more men running from below. Aspen was more then happy to incinerate them as well. One man had a shield around him, her flames could not touch. But, it did not stop her from trying. Mother, fully nude along with Jaxi came stumbling up on deck, only an instant before they changed as well. Aspen took to flight, knowing the weight of two dragons on deck would surely sink the ship. From the air, she laid eyes on Christian, making a flee attempt in a small speed boat. After what had been done to all of us, she was not in the mood to show pity, we made a dive in his direction, but the moment before we reached him, a bright light opened some kind of portal in front of his boat, where he and the boat vanished! Aspen roared to the sky in anger over loosing the chance to kill him, only turning back to the ship, and our fellow companions there. Aspen gave me my legs just as she touched down on the deck. I ran to Nymph, who was still lashed to the rail. A leather color with a long chain attached also held he ran place.  Her body shaking and her sex bleeding from her misuse. I wrapped my arms around her, as Aspen gave me the internal heat, only a dragon could create. Anthruatashia, came down just enough to bite the chain in half, truly freeing Nymph from her bondage.

IMG_0227It would seem, the soldiers, who were with us had been confined below decks as well, they were just making their way to the deck, fully armed, though it was no longer needed. The captain looked non to pleased that we had been attacked and hurt on his watch. See’iya stood next to him and his men, showing signs of interest to one in particular. Her body completely engulfed in red and white flame. Her eyes had gone black, which I could only imagine was not a good thing. Mother was still in dragon form, but now flying laps  around the ship. All things stated, we were all alive, but some, mostly Nymph had been truly hurt, and may take some time to heal. Anubis, was in a corner of the the deck, tears in his eyes, shamed for what they had made him do. He was going to take the longest to heal, but he was still with us. I sent a request to mother, asking her to please calm down and come back to the deck. She continued to do her laps, as if she had not heard me, but I could not blame her, not at the moment anyways. See’iya took to the sky and shot past mother and Anthruatashia, she looked as if she would pierce the heavens when her form slowed and a blast of raw power shot out from her in every direction. A great sphere engulfed the sky, the heavens and the world at large. When the blast was over, the storm was gone and the sky completely clear. She slowly returned to the ship, along with mother. the two of them landing together, and even mother looking more relaxed with the icy storm gone.

It was clear, at lest to me, the phoenix’s had equal or more magical power as the dragons. Looking at See’iya, I could tell it had taken quite a bit out of her, but she was no worse for wear, then anyone else. Over the next hour, my body returned to normal, the pain of my abuse faded and those who had more strength then others, tended to Anubis and Nymph. I could not guess what it would take to heal them both, but the ship was back under our control and headed in a stable direction again. My arms were wrapped around Nymphadora, and though I knew she would not heal this night, I refused to let her go, even when the others begged me too. I lost my mind to sleep, before they got her away from me. My dreams drifted back to the three day’s before.


(12) Breaking the Balance



The last thing I felt from reality was cold rain, strong wind and an echo through my soul. Aspen had control while we flew, there was nothing for me to do but let go and allow her and the others to take us wherever we were going. My mind drifted in and out of hers till I fell completely into darkness. I feared sleep, feared it due to the abuse from Amy, but my mind was tired, my body in pain and they all fell together.

My eyes opened to a bright morning sun, cool air and waves crashing on a nearby beach. No one was around me, I saw a bird flying above my head, but no mother, dragons or anything I could make sense of. I climbed to my feet, felt the smooth rocks, form the beach, below them and rose to stretch. This was like no place I had ever seen or been. I could not imagine why the others would leave me here alone, but I needed food, drink and maybe some idea of where I was. Turning back to the ocean, there was no ship in sight, and though I felt like this was the same sea we had been traveling on, this water looked different then the water of last night. It was cleaner, calm, and something else I could not put my finger on. I felt within for Aspen, but even she was being silent. If she had gone cold I had only my own wits to lead me forward.

The beach went on as far as the eyes could see. It was lined with tropical plants and trees. Behind them rose mountains I knew could not be on this side of the world. They were steep, high and had jagged lines. Not at all like the mountains always found in the north waters of Scotland. I could not imagine we had already crossed the north sea and were headed further out. Again, something about the trees and mountains behind me, gave me the feeling I was somewhere I simply could not be. I thought about all that had happened since the night we left the house, and reconsidered what I would say is possible.

I turned my attention back to the water, away from the trees behind me and knelt down to touch it. If this was the north sea, where I should be, then it would feel much like ice and nothing more. As I put a single finger into the water, I found anything but a chilly surface. The rest of my hand sank in, then my other hand and my mind could not longer make sense of my surroundings. The water was like a warm bath, not that of the north sea. This could not be real! As I leaned in closer, I saw a reflection in the water, but I did not see my face. The reflection of my arms, were also not my own. A sound from behind me made me turn back to the trees right in time for a young girl to come running through the underbrush. Her skin was darker then my own, she was in her early teens, and she wore a smile as if she knew me. Her voice, though loud and clear, was not framing words in English. As she drew closer I realized she was running to me and I still could not understand her. She came to a stop right in front of me, and in that moment, the sky blurred, there was a sharp ringing in my ear and then it went back to normal.

“Amy, are you not listening to me, we have to go. You are going to be late for your on festival, and you know father will be angry! Please, what has gotten into you?”

I blinked when I realized I was able to understand her. I also realized she called me Amy. Everything from last night came flashing through my eyes and I had to wonder who, or what was responsible for all this. I looked down at the girl, put my hand out to her and spoke, hoping she too would be able to understand me.

“I feel like I should know you, but I have not the clue how. Will you tell me your name?”

“My name! Amy what is this all about? Father is going to kill you if you play your games this day.

She continued to look up at me, but made no further movement to leave the beach. If the were some kind of dream, or memory, then I should have known who the people in it were, or so I thought. I was about to say something more, but then she replied;

“Alright silly, my name is Simile, you are Amy and we are both going to be late. Can we go now?

“And what is this festival you speak of, and why is it so important for me to be there? Can you tell me that as well?”

“This is no longer funny, but yes. This is the festival of dragons. You were chosen eight moons ago, by father and the council, to blend with Zorgonus. It will complete his desires to blend with a woman, and it will cure fathers need to marry you off. You have been excited about all of this for many days, now come on!”

With the last outburst, she dropped my hand, and walked off in the direction she had come. Without any further protest, I followed her. If this were some kind of dream, or message, I did not want to be getting lost in it. I took my first step in her direction, and the moment I did so the ground changed. The sky changed and my surroundings changed as well. From one step to the next I went from a rocky beach, to a beach covered in smooth black sand. The trees and mountains all remained the same, but the process did not stop there. I took another step, and then two and with every new step, something in my vision changed. By the time I had caught up with Simile, the ground was shaking, the sky had turned violent, and tongues of purple lightening cracked across an angry sky. I retook her and, which she had held out to me. Nothing about this child changed, but when we started moving again, more and more changes took place to the rest of the world. She did not seem to notice what was changing, but within minutes, she was leading me to a small village. Fires burned in all directions, but no form of houses could be seen. Simile, let my hand go when she saw the remainder of her village. turning back to me, I was now fully aware of my own changes.

The hand I still held out for her, had changed to a deep black, crust. Scales covers my arm, my fingers and moved into my body. I tried to look behind me, but was unable to turn. I too had become a massive black dragon. Fire flew from my snout, my tail crashed into the trees and though I had no idea or memory of this event, I stepped forward and killed Simile as I did so. Internal anger turned to rage and deep sense of loss. That rage turned inward, my mind spun in pain but before I blacked out one more event rocked through my mind. I was flying now, the island far below me. More purple lightening scratched the sky, I thought all this was my doing, but I could not imagine how. One more look to the island, that had been so beautiful before, and I turned to the sea and the rest of time. My mind shifted again, right as I was about to let go of the world. I went from flying to standing in a busy street, but no city I had ever known. I took a step or two, making sure nothing else was going to change. The street stayed the same, but the feeling within me did not. I could still feel the echo of the great black dragon within me. Aspen was not a part of me now, but sorrow and pain accompanied the hard black truth of what I had become.

As I walked through the city, it was clear, I was in the middle ages, not the twenty-first century. Fire holders lit the street, this place had the feel of Edinburgh Scotland, but many centuries before my birth. There was a deep sense of loss in the pit of my being, I felt old, lost and seriously out of place. I knew this was the memories in me, not my personal feelings, but then, the concept of I, at this moment was all relevant. As I blinked, I went from a random street, in the middle of town, to a single home on the outskirts of the city. the door was open, and There was no one else around but me. I stepped inside, an immediately felt at home.

There was a fire burning in the hearth across the room. A long couch, that also looked large enough for  small dragon, to spread out on, opposite the fire. Pictures line the walls, and one picture stood out to me, above all others. It was hand painted, rough lines, but the place was clear, an the individual standing in the foreground could not be mistaken. The location was the beach, where I had been earlier in this memory, the person, the little girl, Simile. As I looked at the picture, a deep feeling of loss, an need filled my mind. I had tears falling from my eyes, and anger rising in my depth. What had happened to me? What had caused all the fires and destruction on the island where I was from? Had I been truly responsible for the destruction of my village, and my family? Had I truly killed my younger sister, Simile? A mixture of my thoughts and memories, churned with those of Amy’s. Everything I knew about when Aspen had come forth in me, was amazing. The first change had been hard, but not so dramatic as all this. What could have possibly gone wrong, to cause the change in Amy to do so much evil? In the blink of n eye, the world changed yet again. I was in an old London, back when the streets were dark, and the only light came from a lamp fires. Something terrible was happening in the building next to me. Screams from women, cries through the black and then the world burst into flam. People were running in all directions, the flam consumed everything around me. The ground shook, the building beside me collapsed and from the flames stepped Zorgonus. Her black scales glowing like ruby embers in a black coal fire. Every inch of her being was in flam. Every step forward shook the earth and then she was face to face with me. I looked at her, she looked at me and I got the deep odd feeling I was staring into oblivion. My sight doubled, I saw myself, through the eyes of a dragon, I also saw the dragon through my own sight. I was me again, not Amy, but I was also her. I felt pain within me, I felt anger, but most of all, I felt terrible loss and sorrow. I missed my family. I missed my sister, and I missed a world that made any kind of sense. The eyes seemed to penetrate the deepest parts of my soul. I saw what she saw. I felt as she felt, and I finally knew why she had gone so dark. Her voice, the voice of Zorgonus, and the dragon voice of mother all echoed through my very being;

It was meant for the best. It was supposed to create balance. So dark the souls of man. Can creation not bring life? Can women not crete love. How have we gone so wrong? Drowning, dying, hating, loathing, needing wishing, hopeless. My pain will fill the world. My sorrow will kill desire, and my torment will torture the innocent!

As the feeling of complete loss filled me I became deathly aware of the events leading to the demise of Amy’s soul. I could understand the wish to destroy. The blending was hoped to bridge the destruction and desire for control in man, with the ability of creation, and love from woman. Zorgonus, had not considered how much like man he was. He had not thought about the possibilities of trying to remove the dark from the light. Without the darkness, the light can not prevail. He had successfully blended with a woman, but the light of creation could not contain the dark of control, and the blending had gone completely wrong. Zorgonus now lived as two separate beings; one completely dark, consuming everything through Amy, and the other only the empty shell of a great dragon, forever stuck on the isle of its creation. The same isle Amy had burned to ashes, after killing her family and only sister. Madness had consumed her for the tens of thousands of years following that event. Once again my mind went numb, the world blurred and I found myself back in the subconscious of Aspen. I was still in pain from the events I had just lived through. I felt too many things all at once. I felt pain and sorrow, but I also felt betrayal. I had seen her world through her own eyes. I had felt her loss of Simile and her family. I could only think to myself an the wind blew around me. Could I say I would have become different, had I not been in her shoes? Would anyone ever be able to withstand the loss of so much?

A fuzzy feeling brought me bak to my own reality. Aspen wiggled her mind into my own. I felt her love take hold, and the heat from her soul fill me. Had I been in my own body, and not hers, I would have been trembling. I opened our eyes, so I could see the world. Dawn was coming and still we flew. Mother and the rest were all around me. Aspen filled me and spoke softly.

Are you alright love, I lost you there for a time. Where have you been?

“Where are we Aspen, How far have we flown. Did you not witness everything I just did?”

“No, my dear, your mind was gone from my own. The others and I have been very worried about you. Can you tell me where you went and what you have learned?”

I felt for the emotions to respond, more then words. I knew after the story I had just witnessed it was going to be my heart and soul that got me through this alive, not thoughts and understandings. Though I had seen and felt her past, I was no longer sure I would be able to be impartial to her current situation and points of living. I opened my heart and allowed Aspen to feel all I now felt. I tried to share the world from the point of view of Amy and I made sure to not hold back. I could not put any of it to words, but to my relief, Aspen seemed to get the point. Her energy turned from concerned about me, to concerned about the situation. Again, I opened my eyes, and saw a dim light on the horizon. I also saw the form of land, far off. It looked familiar, but as we continued to approach it, I realized where we now were. The island looked different now, but the peaks were still just as jagged. There were no trees along the beach, no green in any direction, only a completely dead look and feel. I knew the waters below were cold and icy. This was the birth place of Amy, Simile and Zorgonus. The dawn was coming, the black of night shifted to light, and everything I now knew became so clear in my mind. That was the great loss at the hand of a dragon. Amy had been chosen to create a bridge, for light and dark. Only the two had already been bridged by male and female. You can not separate that which already creates balance. You can not tear the dark from the light. In a world so vast and natural, only one thing could come from breaking the balance. Pain.

(11) Through Pain & Darkness

Jaxi was so much more then anyone would ever see on the surface. She may have had wings, she could not hide. She may have had talons, that would never retract, but most of all she had passion, desire, and a longing far beyond the need of an every day women03. The longer I  looked into her eyes, the sooner the others in the group realized, I had been captured and may not return this night. It was a while before I realized the others had left me, standing nude, drenched and alone on the deck of the ship. Alone except for the singular company of a woman or creature I had never learned about as a child. The wind and storm blew on around us. My ever darkening blond hair and her silver feathers shifting in the storm. Every time a wave would crash over the side of the ship, I would be tossed to the deck, but the harpy never once was moved from her spot. It was like some external force was holding her in place. Like every time I climbed to my feet, her eyes and talons were there to meet me.

This time the wave knocked me face first to the deck, and when I rolled over to, once again, climb to my feet, the burning pain of the many deep slashes on my back made themselves known. As I looked around me, I was shocked to see just how much blood was also on the deck. The pain, now fully present in my mind, had somehow been arrested from my senses and now, I could not ignore them. As I climbed to my feet this time, Jaxi had one of her taloned hands held out for me to take. The power she was using to hold her position seemed to transfer to me once I touched her. Surreal was not strong enough to explain how this felt. The waves, wind lightening and rocking of the ship continued all around us, only it no longer had the ability to affect either of us. Looking back to her face, past the beauty of it all, she now wore a smile, and within that smile a sense of something more.

I had gotten the feeling this one was not use to talking much, not even to those for whom she was close too. I wanted to know what was hiding behind her eyes. What secrets she had in store for any soul commanding the courage to stand beside her, or possibly with her! I was about to speak, when she looked to the darkness above, and smiled wider. I followed her gaze to be blinded by a three way split of lightening, with thunder to rock to world afterwards. The talons that now held my hand felt closer to hands then when I had taken them only moments ago. I looked down, and saw, a hand now, with long silver nails extruding from the tips. More like claws, but I felt that maybe this was her way of saying, I will trust you. Could she do this any time she wanted? Did the other two know of this ability in her, and if not, should I be the one to tell them? She released my hand and caressed my breast, erecting my nipples with every stroke. The world still outside of our private secure bubble raged on, but her hands found more then just an erect nipple. It found me.

I danced in the rhythm of her hands. the rhythm of the storm and lastly the rhythm of my heart. As my mind found one step after another, I felt a sense of darkness fall over me. Something out, away from my understanding was beckoning me to its will. For the first time in days, I felt true meaning grip my inner soul. This was not what I wanted to feel now, but still it persisted. Something was coming for me this night. It would come, take me with and I could do nothing to stop it. I wanted to pull away from Jaxi and run. I wanted out of the secluded little bubble she had made for us, but already knew it was far too late. She pulled my arm forcing me to my knees. She smiled as the pain tore through me, but it was not her smile, but the smile of another far away. She leaned in to speak to me, but I knew this was no more the voice of a harpy, then the actions of one. The voice was harsh and cruel. It made no stories to make me feel better. It did not care how its words affected me, only that I got the full and unyielding point!

“I know you have set out to look for Him! I know you are not alone, and I could not touch you now, even if I tried. But know this little slave, you are my property. I have waited a millennia to find a way to strike at Him and now you go and get yourself gifted to my most trusted slave! Funny how things seem to work out, when the universe is on your side. Hear me, little slave and hear me well. Nothing you do, will ever make you free of my power! Nothing your family does will gain them the ability to undo his, long ago choice. He thought he would set free the women of the world, from the tyranny of men. He thought a balance would give us a better step forwards, but he forgot the rules of the universe; you can not give something that is not yours to begin with. He did not have the full power to grant me total domination over the world of men, and I have waited for thousands of years to take, by force, if need be, the last of him, for my personal gain. Do not think you are safe from me, little slave. He once though I could be subdued, well, he learned otherwise, and now he is the one who will bring you to me!

So you think you like playing dark sexual games, let me see if I can tear you away from your reality for a single moment. Let me rip the flesh from your very heart! I don’t believe I am getting through to you with words, so let us play another game.”

I could feel the fear building in my mind, but the voice held to me as if all her words were true, and there was no way for me to fight. Tears fell from my eyes, and the beauty of the harpy’s eyes now gone to madness only hurt more.


The storm was gone, but the possibility of eternal enslavement brought me to my knees. In less then a moment, the world around me changed, and I found myself kneeling on a floor. Black lace thong pulled tightly through my ass. A corset choking the air out of my lungs and my fingers intertwined at the feet of an unknown. The sound steps made as someone walked around me told me this was no dream. I felt a single finger caress one ass cheek then another. I dared not move, I dared not speak and I knew my life had now been changed. I could still feel the previous pain from the fuck in the storm, yet I knew Nymph and the others were no longer with me. My mind was filling with the stepping of shoes on hard stone floors. My breath is tested, with every slight touch of my skin. I could not decide if I was being punished, enjoyed or hated. I wanted to give in, and give in completely, but something from far far away told me to hold my ground. I heard the sound, only a fraction of a second before the whip contacted my bare ass! I tried to scream out in pain, only to find I no longer could make a single sound. Again the lash of a whip on my ass. The only thing protecting my weathered cunt was a strip of tight lace. A soft chuckle filled, not only my ears, but my mind as well. The lash came again. Over and over till I could no longer stand it. It burned, tore at my flesh and forced a climax to never cum. Then the second sound I felt, more then heard. I felt it cut through me, hurt me, and stain me. I knew this was the true voice of the one imprisoning me here this night. I knew it was not the deeds of a man, but now the deeds of a woman.

Her voice was the same as the voice from the depths of Jaxi’s eyes. It was a sound of anger and destruction. She was the founder of the pain I now felt, the life I would surely die to live, and the sound of true evil. It was not the sound though, that held me to the floor. It was her words. The words I knew now bound me to her, and she to I, possibly forever.

“Oh you poor little thing. You have no idea the mess you are now caught up in. No idea of the longing that has brought you here. No means of escape, no reason to live, though no more to die. Don’t think this to be a game, because, if ever it were, it would not end in your favor. I can only promise you this, little slave; you will not break easily. Your pain will never be wasted, and you will know your master in due time. I am the voice that calls to you in the dark. I am the pain the cuts at your flesh. I am the hammer who pounds on your cunt. The acid that burns you, and the guide who will see this through. This game was set in time, long before your birth, but your birth is only awakening now, because of my dream. Look at my face and see your true demon’s. See from your own eye, the beauty that now binds you. Look little slave! Look at the mirror that now holds you.”

I rose my head to do as I was bade, but when I saw the figure, I saw only beauty. Not anything I would have ever believed could cause such pain. I saw a perfect shape, black panties, soft navel, black bra, covering only the most precious of tits and the lips tha09t would kiss the world away. The face brought eternal fear, it was the reflection of me, in the dark. The voice falling from those lips, gave me ample reason to fear. The last thing I saw before my head was pulled back by force, were leggings that gave me the sound impression of dragon scales. They led from the top of her legs, down towards the floor, but vanished before feet, or tail could be seen. Something froze in me as I looked on her, as if I were looking at another side of myself. I felt old as she stepped forward. I felt pain as a collar was put around my neck. But, in that moment, I knew I would never feel freedom again. My dreams of a normal life, now gone. Desires of love and joy faded away as if they never existed at all.

I wanted to fight. To run for a world I only knew in my dreams. I held to every moment of my last few days. Held to them as if the idea of losing them would actually become my reality. I did not want to lose my mother. I did not want to lose my twins. The phoenix, the gryphon or the harpy, who just tonight was opening herself to me. I had the eternal flame of a dragon somewhere within me. I would not give up. I would not simply roll over and become something I was not meant to be. My mind found my soul, and thus it turned to words.

“I am not your slave! You will release me!”


But all I got in return to my calls were pain. In the blink of an eye, I was on my knees again, collar tethered to a leash, being held by Arthur Windsor. His face was a change I was not going to fight, but the voice, did not match my memory. His voice now held a distinctive ring of Amy, the woman who had used me the morning after the opera. In that tone I found only more suffering. My hands were pinned to the floor above my head. His lips on my neckline, his teeth on my neck bringing blood and pain. Though I could feel my inner desire bounding towards the surface once again, I knew this was not real. His first thrust into my body was almost missed by my desire to be free. Again he pulled away only to thrust again. This time my voice found my pain. I screamed and knew it fell on dead ears. Her laughter echoed though dead hallways, and my pain lingered on. He fucked me till I knew I would surely tear from overuse. My wrists were forming bruises, my mind now going numb. This was not the touch of a man, I could have whole heartedly given myself too. This was the evil game of a mind long lost to the world of light she now wanted to destroy. I wanted to fall away. Fall to madness, just fall to nowhere. His cock continued to use me, and I knew only the suffering of my inner filth.

08Another blink and the thrusting vanished. I found myself on my knees, once again and mouth full of cock! Arthur was sitting on the steps in the front hall. My head, now being forced to suck, drink of his sex till I could only gag! All my years of sex and dark games could not have prepared me for my torment this night. As he came, and my mouth filled with his seed, I fell backwards to a floor and yet another change. I could not keep up with the things being done to me. I could not see a woman, a man a scream or cry, but I could only fall from one to the other. Unwilling to it all, I fell and I cried.

04My sex had long gone numb. My mind now wondered in pain. Every time my body was switched to another torment, I knew I could only hope to hold out for some sense of reality. If this was, in fact a dream, then I could only hope it would end, and leave me to my own senses. One jump to another gave way to every bit of humiliation, beatings and a soulless end of the woman I had once been. It was growing clear to me, this was someones creative way of telling me all my wrongdoing in life were now being laid at my feet. The only difference was I was being forced to subdue to them all in one night. Aspen was making her way to our surface. She had, somehow been kept separate from me all night. Aspen may be the only power left to free me of my current bindings. Just before she could bring about a change, I found myself in one last change. This time standing beside an empty bed. White sheets and my hands bound behind my back and the light of the sun shining through an open window. The last thing I heard was Amy’s laughter and the pain returned and left me to my own reality!

The storm had not let up, not even a little. I found myself falling to the cold deck of the ship, not the bed I had just stood besides. Jaxi still standing beside me. A wave washed over me, almost pulling me into the dark sea. I could feel nothing. I had been used, beaten and destroyed past any degree of imagination. I could no longer move, I could not fight the storm trying to take me. I cared for nothing and wanted even less. Somehow everything that had happened to me had been done in the blink of an eye. I knew she had just killed every part of me, I ever wanted. Knew there was no going back and knew this would not be the only time she would hurt me to make a point. I wanted to cry out for anyone below who may hear me. I wanted to curl into a ball and give in entirely, but a single staring feeling kept me and bound me to reality; Aspen. I was changing, mixing with freedom, and tearing to the surface. She forced me to my feet, her growl cause Jaxi to step back. Her anger brought about flames in all directions. I knew she had tried to get to me during my torment, but had not been allowed. I also knew this had hurt her almost as much as it had hurt me.

My arms raised by my head, her scream filled the night and the air rippled as she took me to flight. The darkness and rain helped to wash aways some of the hate I had swallowed only moments ago. My body flenched every time she tried to speak to me. My mind felt numb, but her heart now beat within my chest. I knew she had not abandoned me, any more then my empty calls for her. I cried, tears mixing with cold rain. Madness drove us on. Through the storm and through the night. I could not speak with her, I knew something was surely broken, and I had no idea how to fix it. I felt the world around us, felt for the voice to guid us on. I found nothing but darkness and sorrow. Blind emptiness filled me, and I gave in at long last.

Still in flight through the storm, I opened my eyes to see the glowing light of others around me. The red flames of mother and Anzurtashia. Elson, and his green dragon blinding the dark from my eyes. Orange flames below me gave way to See’iya, her form now glowing in the darkness. The gold of a gryphon, settled just over my head. I felt the love and presence of Tri’nyia. If that had not been enough to bring me back to a reality I would never fear, the night before me gave way to the silver lining of a harpy, Jaxi.

My mind still felt in pain, but this pain was not going to be dealt with alone. Aspen would fly forever, if need be, but I knew somewhere the ship would give us shelter from the storm. I needed to rest and find my voice, but knew not where to go. Lightening covered the sky. The madness around me gave way to more emptiness. I knew if I did not find a place to rest, and rest soon, I may lose myself to the nothingness her torture had brought me too. I closed my eyes, gave myself over to a dragon and begged for rest.

“Please take us back, I am  losing myself. Please take us back, Aspen.”

“If rest is what you desire , then rest you will get.”

I felt the minds of all those in flight with us. I knew this would not be the end of me, but I also knew what had been done to me this night, would not simply vanish once I found my bed. This night had changed me forever, and all through pain and darkness.

(10) Trinity


Mothers voice sounded excited, but still there were too many dangers behind us for me to think of anything but our on-coming death. My right foot was burning, from the poison spike that had caught me in the air, forcing both Aspen and I to the ground. Mother had been caught in the side, and now, could hardly walk. Elson walked slowly ahead of us, but right when we were only moments from shore and the chance to escape, he stopped. He turned to look both at us and beyond us. A single glance at mother and I knew something was about to change. He was smiling the same way she did when a secret was about to be exposed. Before I could turn to see, maybe what they were seeing a high pitched scream came from far behind us. It was met by a second and a third from the East and West. The sound continued to grow in intensity, along with a sudden change in pitch. I knew I could not take much more, my body and mind, now swimming on the edge of dark, the light only in the far off distance. Opening my eyes, I turned to only see three separate trails of light, descending on those who followed us. Gold, red and silver. the silver seemed to leave sparkles dancing across the sky. Though the orange could almost be mistaken for flames, burning the elements in all directions.

Even the mages were looking to the sky, they too knew the odds may be about to change in our favor. The colors did little to move them, but then the colors changed to three very different shapes. Two I could recognize from story and my youth, the third, I could not imagine. With the looks of a woman, wings of a bird, on her outstretched arms and legs alike. Where she may have had feet were two very large sets of deadly talons. Her body was bare, except for the wings and talons, they were both silver, glittering off the sun. She held in mid air, as if being held up by forces in the beyond. The other two came to pause beside her, they too now completely visible to my tiring eyes. A golden Gryphon, easily the most majestic life I had ever seen. And the red stopping beside the first two, making a kind of triangle above those wishing the harm us. Her radiance continued to burn the sky, but the two with her were unaffected. Their colors now mixing together, the last to join the group made her move. I could only see the outline of a great bird, but a bird in flame. As the three moved closer together, the blended into a single mass; energy, flame and power. The flaming red bird encompassed the gryphon and the winged woman. the gold formed with the flames. The silver became more of a strange echo of light in their mist. I wanted to watch them move as one, but the last of my energy was gone. I fell to the ground, next to mother already passed out from pain and exhaustion. Elson seemed to take us to his personal protection as the world of light faded, and I found peace in the dark of slumber.

My dreams had me pinned by the most enormous dragon any had ever seen. Larger then a mountain, older then time alone, but something gave me the courage to look this being in the eyes. The eyes were kind, ancient and loving. They told me all I would ever need to trust him. He blinked once, then shifted his weight, and the rest of him came into full view. He was, in fact larger then a single mountain, though it looked as if he had become almost like stone, before I came.  the trees on him simply vanished, showing a body, not sides of sheer rock. There was no one else standing with me now. Not mother, Elson or Jenson. There was mist in all directions. No sun, no moon simply nothing, but he and myself. His eyes caught me, grabbed my soul and refused to let go. I felt my body changing to Aspen, but she also was trapped by his gaze. When my sight was traded for hers, I saw so much more clearly, a single dragon. Almost petrified, ancient beyond time but living through hope. That hope found my ears, my mind, my scales and spoke;

Find me young one. Please find me, I wait for you. Come, I am here. Only our kind can stop her. Bring your companions, bring your courage, bring your might. I am waiting.

In the distance I heard the sound of thunder, crashing waves and someone calling my name. My mind, now so close to my own surface, could almost answer, but I feared who may be calling out to me. Again my name, more thunder and something hit me on the head!

I woke to a vicious storm; thunder ripping across a hidden sky. Lightening flashing through windows, I could not have seen without such blinding light. I stirred from sleep, finding myself laying on a hard wooden floor, and my head screaming in pain from the fall. No one had hit me, I had fallen out of bed and to my surprise, I was now completely nude. The cold air slapped me awake, as if a hand made of ice. My nipples hardened, body flushed and I tried to look around the room. There was not much to see, a single glow from a small candle on the far side, the smell of fresh hot tea and a woman, no wait, a tail swished behind what had first seemed like a woman, I simply could not tell. It seemed a book was floating in from of her face, but this also, I could not tell for sure. She noticed my looking at her. The single light became many, now burning off the darkness fully illuminating her grandness. The book lowered to the floor, her left hand/paw holding it find from the raging storm outside. She continued to read, though I knew she also kept a mental eye on me. She was beautiful to behold. A small face, in comparison to the rest of her size. Long golden locks a hair falling into the darkness behind her head. Two more locks of hair coming under her pointed ears, again falling gracefully to the floor across her chest. Now this was not any woman I had ever seen. Her chest a mixture of bare breasts with skin, changing below to what looked like golden fur. As my eyes followed the hair to the floor, I found myself looking at what should have been fingers, but were most certainly something else; talons! Her arms ended where they attached to the rest of her body, though not one of a woman, mores a massive lion with one more addition; wings, on her shoulders and feathers on the end of her tail. Her head shifted again, making my eyes meet her eyes. She wore reading glasses and a smile. I wanted to speak with her, but was lost for words. She seemed to sense my need for answers, if only a short explanation. She lowered her cup of steaming tea to the floor. Not completely letting go, due to the storm and spoke.

“You know lady Filthaven, I may have a partial being of a beast, but I still only bite when I am invited too. Would you like to come closer so we can properly be introduced? You should know you have been sleeping now for almost two complete days. The mages are far behind us.Gryphon The rampart, as captain Elson has so named it; dead, and we on our way to the hidden isles of slumber. Everyone on the ship has started having dreams of Zorgonus. I can only imagine you also have seen if not heard him as well. Would you be more comfortable with me coming to you?

Without giving me time to answer, she stood up, on four paws and walked towards me, leaving her tea and book setting on the floor. Another crash of thunder, the crashing of a wave and the spilling of her cup. A sour look formed on her face, though it was gone when she turned back to me. Replaced now with a smile, and a bit of jest.

“Oh well, more tea can always be found on the “Silent Shadow”. Is there anything I can send for love, you must be starving.”

She was all too right, my body ached, my foot still burned from the spike and my need of food outweighed my manors. I almost had to shout over the raging storm on the deck, but I rested my voice after answering her.


“No need to shout dear, but food, we most certainly can do!”

She looked down as if thinking to herself, before I realized she had telepathic abilities as well as verbal ones. She came to lie right at my feet, actually covering my bare feet with her mid section. the warmth seemed to bring my temperature back up, if only a bit. I grabbed the blanket off the bed and wrapped myself in them. Just about the moment I was going to speak, a knock at the door shifted my attention fully. It was the gryphon who answered. A small figured woman opened the door, during as if a-fire. She held a tray of food, but back in the hallway beyond her I could just make out the silhouette of a bird, wings spread open and completely made of fire. the fire bird vanished when the woman fully entered the room. Long red hair, supple breasts, toned tummy and long graceful legs. There was also red hair covering her sex. I could hardly breath at the sight of the full body. I could have looked at her for hours, but as if my enjoyment of her seemed to make her uncomfortable, flames erupted from her skin, covering every sexual part of her, leaving only her face, tummy and legs without flame engulfing them. I was more then jut a little disappointed, but as she lay the tray at my feet, and took a seat next to the gryphon, my hunger made me forget about sex, passion and anything else that could normally keep my full attention when I was not this hungry.

I ate every last bit of food on the tray and I was finishing my tea when a knock at the door startled me. I knew there were others on the ship, but I had forgotten just how many. Elson, mother and Jenson all entered the room and came to sit next to me on the floor. I was most happy to see they had brought another, rather large pot of tea, and more biscuits. the meat and cheese on the first tray had been eaten first, but as I received my second cup of tea and wrapped myself tighter in my blankets, I settle in for whatever may come. My mind swam in the tiny fragments of memories I could stir up before I had collapsed a few days back. I remembered the fire, the golden light and something more, but I could not place my finger on it. the others allowed me to try to puzzle it out on my own, but when it was clear I was not going to be able to do so, the woman in flames took her chance to speak, and I found myself in the middle of what may have been a fairy tail for small children.

“Lady Alyse, I would like to take the chance to introduce, not only myself, but my mate, who is currently warming your feet. I am See’iya, if you have not guessed, I am a phoenix and this is Tri’nyia, one of the worlds last gryphon’s. We are proud to be a part of this journey, and in hopes that we may actually find and meet Zorgonus. I would also think since you can not remember the events of the few days past, she would like to share them with you. Tri’nyia lifted a paw, placed it on my eyes and every event from the moment I passed out to this moment, became part of my memory, through her touch. The view was a mixture of mothers and Elson’s, but it was clear, and everything happened in moments.

The three lights across the sky came within a breath of the ground, the serpent like creature was close enough to strike, and when it made it’s move, the three above were more then ready! The strike would have killed both my mother and Elson, but the three above became one and the release of power in the single most powerful burst possible hit, not only the serpent, but the remaining mages as well. It burned through to the ground, scorching the earth, leaving nothing but smoldering soil and burnt skeleton of a large snake. The mages were vaporized, the sound, now gone and three completely different woman now stood before us. 

One, still wrapped in multi-colored flames, See’iya the phoenix. Second, in all the majesty held in their lore was Tri’nyia. It was like seeing my own world through a dream. then there was a third; a woman of both beauty and mystery. Silver feathers all over her body. A matching set of taloned feet and hands. Silver waist length hair and silver eyes. It was See’iya who spoke first, thanking mother for the invitation to join our journey, and mother to almost faint in praise of her life being saved. Elson was still unsure if there was going to be more followers, but Tri’nyia was more then happy to put those concerns to rest. Her fur and feathers were still glowing gold and her almost green eyes held all those who looked in her direction. Though we now knew we were no longer in a direct danger, Elson urged us to make our way to the ship and be on our way. He also mentioned the coming storm we were sure to pass through. The woman in silver said next to nothing as we boarded the ship and made sail just before the start of the storm, that still held its wrath on us. Once on board, mother was held with a single drop of clear liquid procured from See’iya. 

I had read countless stories, as a child of the magical healing powers of phoenix tears, but had never been in one of those stories, till now. Having the spike removed from my foot, was a great deal more painful now, that I was reliving the memory, then it had been passed out. Another tear healed my wounded foot, and I was placed on the same bed, I had fallen from, only moments ago. The rest of the memory was of ongoings of the journey, still no words from the silver winged woman.

A knock at the door brought me out of the trance like state which gave me my new memories. The door opened, just enough for Nymphadora to stick her head in, now smiling seeing that I was sitting and eating. Mother invited her in, and offered her tea. She reported on the state of the ship, the increase of the storm, and Elson’s warning to keep below, unless a need would arise for us to come on deck. It would seem the storm was much worse then he had anticipated, and though the ship was a sound vessel, why would we want to tempt fate? Nymph also brought a request from Elson, for See’iya. 

“He asks if you would please come on deck and ask your silver friend to come below? He is concerned for her safety. He knows she can fly, but in this storm his concern seems real. Would you please go ask her to come below?”

“I can ask her Nymph, but I know she will not join us, unless it is absolutely necessary. She has no love for being in a box. She would rather fall in the sea then come below, but if it would make Elson feel better I will go ask her nonetheless. If you all would please excuse me?”

Mother nodded at her and rose with her. On the way out of the room, Anubis came in, accompanied by one of the soldiers, I had not yet met.  He had rugged lined, a hard look on his face and seemed to be in need of more then he was going to find in this room with so many others. They took seats, on either side of myself and Tri’nyia. Anubis spoke kindly, but not so gently.

“Alyse, for your benefit, this is Jason Kurns, he is the youngest of the men who Jenson hired to come on this little outing. He is also finding it difficult to be on a ship with so many beautiful woman and not be able to taste one or two!”

The strike from Jason came much faster then any on the floor could block, it would seem he was not as open with his feelings as Anubis had just, so openly, stated. He knocked Anubis backwards, but no one offered to put a stop to it. Quite to the contrary, mother raised an eyebrow, smiled and put her hand between the mans legs. It was quite obvious she had no intention of doing anything but getting shagged as soon as possible. Tri’nyia moved her face ever closer to him, while he could do nothing about it. I had the feeling she was going to help mother help themselves to tend to Jason’s needs. I could not help but laugh when he realized mothers hands were massaging his swollen cock, and Tri’nyia was close enough to either lick him, bite him, or arouse him still further. My laughter seemed to upset him, but the woman made sure to give him more then enough to think about, other than me. Even though my relationship with my mother was odd, to say the least, I was not in the mood to watch her, and a gryphon fuck this completely unexacting man. I rose to my feet, put my hand out to Nymph and Anubis and they both walked to the door with me.

Jason’s first moan’s could be heard as we spend the door to the hallway. I wanted to see this storm for myself, but I also had the growing need to be fucked myself, and not only by one or two. I remembered the ass and desire from Elson the day I passed out. the storm raging outside met us face on, when we opened the door to the top deck. I went from comfortably warm, to fully drenched and cold in less then a breath. I was glad I was already nude and did not need to worry about any outfits being ruined. Anubis already had my right breast cupped in his hand, the moment I was drenched. Nymph was stripping off her clothing and See’iya was out on the front of the ship also completely nude, though also wrapped in blue flames. Flames the storm could not extinguish. The woman in silver was also glowing, but did not seem, as See’iya had said, to move her position. My needs had been put to sleep, days ago, and now they were, once again fully awake and roasting my sex! Anubis was on his knees, licking and nibbling at my soft clit and the storm avenged us both. Nymph was behind me, holding my ass, fingering my sex, and teasing Anubis while she stood there. I felt two fingers in my cunt, a finger in my ass and hands on my breasts while my eyes slipped closed in the ecstasy of what was being done to me. I did not care who or how many did whatever they wanted to me. Three sets of hands, now sliding across and in my body felt as if I could die and never notice. This thought brought about the other half of me since I had reawaken a few hours ago.

“You had better not die, little girl, we have much yet to do. But do enjoy yourself, I am!”

Aspen did not ever seem this playful, but She too had been out for the last day or so and we could hardly ignore the pulling and thrusting of our body now. Another set of hands started to make their way over my naval and towards my clit and cunt. This pair was very warm and I knew only one way that could have happened. I heard whispering behind me as another dark pleasure started on my back. Fallowed by another voice.

“Is this one into being put through pain, and not only treated as a sweat desert?”

“Oh, I think you will find she is ready for just about anything you can do to her, or with her. Do your best my love, do your best!”

The moment the voices ended, the pain began. Two sets of terribly sharp claws torn down my back, I could feel the blood mixing with the water from the storm. I screamed and cried to the rain beyond me. Another tear and I fell to my knees, knowing I was going to be used and tortured this night. This continued for some time before I could do anything more then cry out and scream to the night. When I had, completely fallen to my face from the torment, the pain and the thrusting of my anus and cunt a single voice broke the torment, if only for a moment.

“The five of you must think this storm is some kind of joke. Are you fucking kidding me, I send word for you all to remain below, and now I find all but a few on deck screaming and torturing Alyse till her blood and pain flows, all over my deck! Just what the hell is happening here?”

Nymphadora was quick to answer, and though I could not lift my head on my own, Elson was more then happy to help me after being laughed at by the others.

“You now Elson, you did get part of it right, we are fucking, just not kidding. You look so tense, you should com there and let us fix that for you! He tried to object, if only for a moment, but when I felt someones hands on the back of my head, bringing it to face forward, I got the point, completely.  A hard cock was being pushed against my lips, and I knew it was Elson without another thought. I had wanted to play so much a day or so ago, and now he was going to make sure I would get all the point I could handle, if not more. Not wanting to tease him I opened my mouth and allowed him to fuck my faceHarpy to his darkest will. I almost gagged the moment his cock hit the back of my throat and he tried to push more in. The taste of his pre-cum caused me to do more then just be face fucked. I sucked him off, ground my teeth on his manhood and sucked some more. Again and again his cock was stuffed in my mouth, forcefully at first only to allow me to enjoy and use him, a much as he wanted to use me. It was when another cock pushed its way past my ass cheeks and into my anus that I cried out again. A woman was now sucking on my nipples and another on my clit. I had never been so used by so many people at the same time. Claps of thunder and lightening ripped through the sky but still my body reminded the center of enjoyment for those on the ship with me. The cock in my ass was replaced with a tongue , and it was switched with the one, already in my mouth. I gagged again and again as Anubis tried to force it further again. Elson took great enjoyment in exploding in my cunt, and ass beyond. I had not been able to get off my knees and back on my feet, but those using my body as a toy never seemed to mind.
The rain splashed at my face, the hands, cocks and tongues brought me to climax more times then I could count. I thought surely I would pass out again before this lot gave me up and took on another toy, but then I found my holes empty, and my eyes opened as See’iya became the center, and I took my turn at her flesh, her cunt, her clit, ass, and mouth, when they were not being used or fucked by the men. The storm seemed to take control, because every time a woman would cum, a flash of bright purple light would streak across the sky at the same moment. Everyone took their turn being the center of attention, and when the women had all been used, we turned our total attention to the men who, till that moment may have played with the idea of being the dominant ones. We were more then happy to show them otherwise.

Anubis, being a sexual slave for so long took his torment with pride and pleasure, but when it came time to fuck hurt and use Elson, his cries would be heard through time herself. Over and over I tasted blood from the talons tearing at his flesh. Over and over I felt him cum only to know it was far from over.  He was laying on the wet wooden deck completely spent before we stopped our use of him. He was, after that no longer giving hell for being outside and as I opened my eyes, swallowing his last bit of sex, I found myself face to face with blue eyes, a silver glow and a now mostly nude harpy named Jaxi. Her eyes gave a sense of wonder I had never known. I felt all of her as I fell deeper and deeper into her soul. Anubis was making another go at my cunt, but I could not stop falling into those terribly deep eyes and he soon gave up.

(9) Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests

If mother had thought these men would need two days to make up their mind, she was completely wrong. The first evening came and went without any problems, the second night, mother and I both knew something was coming. The air was completely still, fog had moved in as soon as the sun and set. It was as if evil had settled over the valley. Mother and Jensen had retired to their third story room early. The twins were roaming about the house, doing who knows what. Aspen and I were sitting in my room, windows open and senses on full alert.

Everything that could have been prepared for our journey tomorrow had been done. We had early morning tickets on the rail heading north into Scotland. I knew a boat would have to come into play, at some point, but I also knew mother wanted to draw as little attention to ourselves as possible. This meant her private sailing yacht was out of the question. I honestly had no idea how we were going to find Zorgonus. As of now, he was only a voice in the back of my mind. I felt him growing more and more awake with each passing day. Mother was becoming frantic about getting under way, but I would have waited another day, if I had any say in it. Personally, I still had barely touched the sheer amount of information and memories Aspen had shared with me during our blending. I knew it may take me a lifetime to fully come to terms with it all, but I still wish we could wait. The most important question I could think of had still yet to be addressed by mother, Aspen or Anzurtashia. I felt, every time I asked another question, like the small annoying child who always wants more answers. I must admit this was the most exciting thing I had ever gone through. The only other question, I had been keeping to myself was the outcome of a plan Aspen and I were trying to create in the following six months. When Arthur returned, would I be put through hell to be broken? Would Aspen be able to protect me from his hand and will? None of these questions, of course, could be answered till the events took place, but that made all of this that much harder to endure.

Footsteps coming up to my attic made me jump, if only, just a little. I fully expected to be Jensen or mother, but as the steps came closer, they also sounded much heavier then either of the before mentioned. A man, one of the soldiers stopped in my doorway. He stood at perfect attention waiting for me to address him. Mother had told the yesterday where they could go freely in the house. the bedrooms were not amongst them. I knew everyone in the house could feel the tension in the air, this man was no different. They had introduced themselves last night, but with so many and all looking alike, it was hard to tell who this was.

“I must apologize, I do not know all your names, but you are welcome to enter sir.”

“Thank you Lady Alyse. I was sent to see if you have noticed anything. The young woman and man say it is never this quiet at night, and since your mother has turned in, we would like your opinion on the topic. Can your dragon sense anything out of the ordinary?”

I had to give it to them, they were most polite. I was not accustomed to being addressed as lady, but it had a nice ring to it. I felt within for advice and opinions from Aspen. We had both felt the disturbance in the air just moments before he arrived, but what had disturbed it, neither of us could tell for sure. We both agreed it was better to accompany him down stairs and tell Master Quill, he was the one we had been told was in charge. I turned away from the window and felt the shutter again, only this time much much stronger. Aspen only had a moment to warn me, and I the soldier. I shot across the room tackling him, the best I could to the floor. Above both our heads cracks of lightening arched through the open window. Aspen sent up the alarm to mother, and Anzurtashia, they would alert the rest, if they had not already heard and felt the blast. Both myself and the man, were held to the floor as more strikes ripped through the room. Two more men showed up at the door, both hold automatic weapons at the ready. Without thinking, I knew their guns were not going to be a match for the spells being cast at the house.

Aspen heard a call from Anzurtashia, and in less time then I thought possible, we were out the window, full size and hitting the ground in all direction with blue and purple flames. Two centuries burst into flames right next to the house. It was clear they had not been warned bout the presence of dragons, otherwise they would not have come so close to the house. The mixture between a scream and cry could be heard as mother and Anzurtashia came out behind us. She had not sprayed the world with flames, but I knew she only needed a target and the sky herself would soon burn. As it were, no others came out of the shadows, but then if I had just seen my friends killed by dragon’s fire, I may have second thoughts as well. She and Aspen rose high above the ground so they could survey the land around the house. Once they were both satisfied there was no other threat, they landed on the front lawn, next the the smoldering remains Aspen had killed. As we all retook human form, I realized I was now and forever responsible for the ending of a life. The feeling this gave me did not sit well and I found myself wondering through the house not fully knowing how to proceed.

Jensen and another of his soldiers rounded a corner and I almost ran into them. I had so many mixed feelings, but the truth of what we were about to set forth on, made me realize this will, most likely, be only the first of many deaths by our hands. Aspen choose to stay quiet, but I knew this was a problem I had to work out on my own.

The man walking with Jensen was yet another I did not know a name for, but also held himself in a most professional manor. They stopped just this side of the pool door and waited for me to pass. I felt I should say something, but then came a smell I could not ignore. Mother shouted across the house and her command was felt!


The first surge of energy was enough to completely remove the southern most wall of the first floor. There were no cries of pain from any in the house, though that only meant there were still the same amount to hurt and kill with the next blow. The second blow did not tear the house down, but it penetrated the solid portion and hit all those within. The energy was old, dirty and sad. I would not have believed that energy could have feelings, but this energy had exactly that. I felt as if my heart were breaking and there was nothing I could do to defend myself or those I cared for. The very energy making me feel this way only intensified then more and more. There had to be a way to combat this, but I knew nothing of it. Aspen was in as much pain as the rest of us, but before she would lie down an quit, she would find the energy to strike. I felt her anger building within me, before I knew how to stop it. The smell I had encountered before the first blast finally hit a memory and brought fear to every limb of my person. I had only smelled it once, as a small child, it was not a smell only for ones nose, but for ones soul. I had sensed it in a small home, owned by an ancient monk.

In a home on the other side of the world, mother had wanted me to see how an ancient society of shamans’ lived. High in the foothills of the Himalaya’s a small sect of monks, had held on to past forms of ancient magics, thought by the rest of the world to be long forgotten. Kinds of magic that could mend, but mostly do things worse then kill. Enter ones mind, heart, body and life. Tear apart choices. Tear apart ones ability to make clear decisions. When the spells were cast, you would seem to see and feel events, that may or may not be going on around you. An explosion, that should cripple all those around you, but only leave you still in one piece to see more. Pain may cut through your body, but you will never find a cut in your flesh. Spells to hurt every part of you, but not actually kill you. Torture magic it had been called, and though I had never understood why anyone would want to keep such spells alive, mother had only said, all people have reasons for keeping the past alive.

It had taken many months for me to understand what I had been shown, but in the end, a simple incantation would set your mind free of such spells and all that goes along with them. The incantation had been a mixture of several dead tongues, those tongues being of the most difficult to master. One of the monks, had taken great time to make sure I would never forget it. In the end, I could recite it, even if they held me in the most painful of situations; mentally, physically or anything else.

The spell had almost over come me when the incantation hit my mind. Jensen, the soldier and I were all pinned to the ground. I looked to the other two men and realized by their reactions, they were suffering form other delusions, other then mine. I felt within me, pulled on old knowledge and spoke clearly. As the last word escaped my lips, I remembered the other part of the breaking spell. Aspen was much faster then I, but on a sharp corner, She forced me to slice open my right hand, dripping fresh personal blood over my lips as the words fell. Instantly, the house was one piece again. No broken walls, not pain, no delusions. The two men near me looked around in disbelief and then Jensen smiled and nodded in my direction. The soldier was still stunned by the moment, but he stood up tall, and offered me a hand to my feet. A hand I took gladly. Mother, the twins and the other soldiers all came into the main hall around the same moment. Everyone but mother was still confused as to how the house had come back together, but mother only walked to me, smiled and wrapped her hands around my shoulders tightly.

“I have always wondered if that trip to the Trinity monks was a waste, that was till a few moments ago. I am so proud of you Alyse. How did you know?”

“I felt it, I saw the destruction, felt the pain and something told me it was not real. Thank Aspen as well, she remembered the other part of the spell, the part I had almost forgotten.

“On that note beloved, I think it is past time we all slip out the cellar door to the back woods. The mages outside are not going to be fooled for long, we really need to get going!”

It was clear everyone in the room had been allowed to hear her, not only mother and I. I could feel the breaking spell weakening, and with it the delusions trying to reenter our minds. Aspen was trying to prepare me for her to take control, though I was not going to argue, if she did. I knew mother’s Anzurtashia was preparing her for the same. With Jensen taking the lead, mother and I  then the twins, followed by the party of soldiers. When we got to the bottom of the cellar, I saw more weapons then I had ever seen in one place. The men took up their gear, fell into a line behind us, all but one standing with Jensen. Mother was quick to mention one final warning before the doors to the outside were opened.

“Remember, you all saw my daughter and I take form yesterday, do not hesitate to run if you feel your life is in danger, we will guard you from above and behind if need be. Lets go Jensen!”

With that and no other mention the door was opened and we all filled out. There was a thick fog laying about the grounds, and black figures in full length robes almost floating here and there. I focused again, right as Aspen and Anzurtashia took control. The figures were the beginnings of new spell forming in our minds. Aspen took to the air, and turned to look back towards the front of the house. The fog was still present, but only one figure stuck out in the grey mass. This one wore a red robe, not black, and the mist all around it seemed to almost burn with red, orange and yellow light. Anzurtashia and mother were only half changed, hard to describe, but mother was still the voice, while the body was now completely dragon. The soldiers had spread out, so not one of them could affect harm on the others stood they be hit or attacked. I could still hear mothers voice, but it was starting to mix with that of her dragon.

“Hold to your minds now people, this will only last as long as we are in a certain proximity of the house.”

The last few words changed from the voice I long knew, to the rumblings of an ancient dragon. One in the same, now bettering the odds of the outcome of our current situation. As if two dragons on the wind was not enough of a hint for whom ever was attacking us to notice a change, the front area of the house burst into a mixture of dark red and violet purple. Flame pushed almost as high as we now flew. the air was still cool, but we could both feel the up flowing heat from the burst below. The men with Jensen were now at a dead run, with Jensen in the lead. He twisted and turned even after they were in the densest part of the wood. I had never been allowed out this way, mother had always forbade it, but I was sure there had to be good reasons for it. As we followed from above, I swore I knew this area, and that we were nowhere near an open water source, but on the distant horizon, coming high over the trees, I saw the twinkle of water, and a massive ship anchored in a harbor. I thought we would be safe once we broke from the cover of trees  and had an open run to the harbor, but no such luck.

As the trees started to fade off I saw Anzurtashia lose a breath of flames and roast two more mages, who had been waiting for us to come clear. The soldiers opened fire in the direction of the last mage, but every shot that should have hit true, only passed through, un-harming the mage. Anzurtashia’s energy was fading, and I could only now see, I had no control to make an attack of our own. I could not believe Aspen would allow this mage to go untouched, but a cry from far above, gave me faith of another kind. A small, but very fast green blur cam falling through the clouds above, nearly hitting us on its way down. Not as precise on its shots, as its flight, it released a burst of flame, that covered the mage, the ground and came close to killing Jensen and then unite with him.  They had ceased to fire a shot, but all were now concentrated on the new addition to those of us on flight. Aspen came to land and rest, allowing my true self to stand on the ground once again. Anzurtashia did likewise with mother and together we waited for this green blur to make another move. Wether it be with us or against us, I could not tell, but mother was smiling, and that was always a good sign.

The small green dragon landed, only meters away, and as Aspen and Anzurtashia had done alike, it shifted to a young man. Tall, long black hair and rather skinny in nature. His eyes matched that of the dragon he was just moments ago. He did not speak, but only started to walk in the direction of the ship I had seen from above. the backside of him brought about an erotic sensation, much mores then his front had. He was tall and thin, but had a nice ass, strong legs and the majority of his black hair was braided behind his shoulders. I knew I should be focused on the task at hand, but sex had her way of making me want no matter the situation or location. Mother walked up behind me, patting my right shoulder as she passed. She chuckled and spoke softly.

“I know where your mind is my dear, but try to remember we are being chased. So if you are getting the nerve to have one of your bouts, remember he may look nice, and may even do the things you want, but you know nothing about him, not yet at any rate.”

“Why else would he help us, if he were not here to aid us? Is that not enough reason to trust him?”

“In a normal world, maybe, but in the world you now find yourself a part of, never trust anyone before you have the opportunity to speak with them face to face. Only then will their eyes revel the true intentions and nature of a beast, or person.”

A soldier had walked up behind us and seemed overly concerned about us following an unknown. Mother ignored him, that was till Jensen joined us and spoke out on the same topic.

“Lady Filthaven, do you know this new dragon walker or are we just to trust him based on his willingness to aid us? I mean no disrespect ma’am, but we have one injured man, and a good distance to walk before we reach the ship, if that is where you are heading us. Please say something. I have always trusted you, but this night has left me with a sense of dread, and I simply can not afford any more ill happenings this night. It was I who sought out the men who now follow and openly mean to protect us, should they too not have any insight to the possible outcomes of the night?”

I had to give it to him, he had never been one to question mother, but the events this night had never been on the table either. Mother stopped walking as did the young man ahead of us. He did not turn to face us, but he did slightly turn his head, as if to listen to mothers words. But it was not mother who spoke, it was him.

“Rest all your fears, followers and family to Anzurtashia. She requested aid, and I am only the first to arrive. I mean none of you harm, and yes the ship on the water will be your transportation, just as soon as we arrive. I think you all should know, the red robed mage back at the estate is no longer in pursuit of you, but I doubt seriously, this is over. Not even for the night. Annabella, I will be aloft should need me again this night, you only have to call.”

And without a turn, he jumped and changed back to the small green dragon he had been before he landed. Jensen could only shrug in my direction. the men did not seem to take this as any kind of god news, but mother actually laughed out loud, as if there was no more danger that may overhear her. The sound of her laugh was something more then I had heard in a very long time. Now knowing her true nature, not only that of a stubborn human only, but that of a dragon of ole’ as well. The laughter had to prompt something, but the moment I no longer wanted the answer is made a call from far behind us. Mother and I turned to face the threat together. The men and Jensen moved forward, hoping to reach the shore before it could catch up with us.

Mother and I stood our ground, but the green streak shot across the sky making a sound, no mortal would never dare to challenge. A small group of men and women alike broke cover from the forest far behind us, but this was not what I feared the most. The creature standing behind them was one I had never even seen in the old tales. It had the head of a massive serpent, the body of a lizard and the tail of a spiked dragon. Although mother and I now had another dragon to fly besides us in battle, I was not convinced we could master this new foe. It was twice the size of Anzurtashia and myself, but more than that,  it did not seem at all taken back by our presence. I turned my sight from it to mother and the green flash moved across the sky again. He came to land right behind us, retook his human form and smiled. He and mother knew something I did not, but we were all about o find out.

“Is there even a name for that thing, or am I just to call it thing?”

“A name Alyse, do you truly want to name the creature about to try to kill us all? Would your time and attention not be better spent on looking for possible weaknesses? Elson, what do you think of her need for a name?”

“I would generally agree with your daughter, not only about wanting the name of that thing, but also the possible chance to see who comes out on top, should we get out of this alive. Though, Alyse I am flattered that you think I have a nice ass, yours is most luscious as well. What do you say love, kill the beast, forget the name and fuck every part of the other till nightfall tomorrow?”

“Now your talking about things that truly matter. Elson, is it, well Elson, I say we find a way to kill that thing and then you sir, will be below me for some time to come.”

“Really now, so sure of yourself are you?”

“Both of you may want to focus on the threat that is now very close at hand, PLEASE!”

It was clear we three were out matched for this new threat. Though the idea of having a new playmate to share a bed with, was more then enough to chance dying over this night. Besides what else were we going to do, it was not like we could call the police and hope for the best. Mother was shaking her head as Elson and I kept making sexual glances at each other. Impending death, yes. Impending torture, most likely. Possible hours of amazing sex, I could only hope so. We found out, with the first strike it was the tail that was going to be the death of us all. Mother, Elson and I all launched ourselves into the air, we could only hope to hit it with as much dragon fire as possible. The first wave of flames brought the creature down a few notches, but did not kill it. It only walked out of the flames, more angry then it had been before.

By the third attack by we three, my energy was more than fading. Thought of a good fuck, all but gone from my mind, Aspen lost control for only a moment, but it was far too long. A shadow of spikes flew at us from its tail, and the fighters who had only now begun their attack. One such spike caught our back right paw, and the pain, as if burning in a pool of acid, brought us to the ground. It had never occurred to me, that the dragon part of me would only fade should it be put on the ground during a fight, but I was now in human form again, running for the boat, while mother and Elson continued to showed the creature and warriors from above, but mother was the next to get struck with a poison spike, and fall to the earth. Mother was worse off then I had been, now only limping in my direction. Elson dove and twisted upwards staying just out of reach giving us time for a possible escape. It would seem my hopes for a good morning of sex were going out in flames. Mother fell into my arms as she reached my position. I feared to look at her, but then a small set of words gave me new hope.

“They are coming!”

(8) The Blending

The blending.

Sometime before the first light of morning, I found myself laying on the kitchen floor. Clothing still next to me, but completely alone. Anubis and Nymph had left me to find myself, alone. Though this may have caused some confusion, in the past, I knew there was nothing sinister about this. It had, after all, been less then twenty four hours since they had been, how to say, set free. As I roused myself and came to sit up, it occurred to me they must be use to returning to a certain place at a certain hour. Of all the places to wake from, in the middle of the night, after mind numbing sex, the kitchen was not bad. I was worn to the very core, my body ached and yet, I found ample reason to smile. I knew if mother found me on the floor nude, she would not be so cheerful with her reactions, but then I could just say, I was looking for food; completely naked and bruised. No, I don’t think that would fly well, so I climbed to my feet, redressed myself and went about finding food. I opened the door to the cooler and found my vision blurred, past all ability to see. I blinked my eyes, trying to get them to refocus, but all I was able to see was a small patch of green light, much darker then the light in the fridge should have been. A few more moments and the green widened to encompass the cooler, the space around it and ever my right hand leaning on the door. My head began to spin, my body went numb and my first real thought, was fear I may be having a stroke. I fell to the floor, looked at both hands and made sure I could still feel them correctly and fully. Once done, I did the same with the rest of my body and reconsidered. My vision was still completely green, but no longer blurred. Not sure what to do next, I looked around the kitchen and focused on any small detail I could find.

Back in the furthest corner was a stack of old glass jars. Jars that had not been used for years. Simply sitting, collecting dust and taking up space. I can not remember the last time I had actually been back in that corner, but now, with this strange greenish vision I was able to see every jar, every collection of dust and every cobweb. I was now able to focus in and pick out a single spot or area and see it, as if I were looking through a magnifying glass. A rustle, from just beyond the window made me jump. I knew nothing had been fixed yet, and knew further no one should be here this early in the morning. I looked out the front window, but nothing was out front. I herd the sound again, only this time it seemed to be right in front of me. Looking down, I saw a ferret in the grass, up next to the house looking for food. As it moved through the grass and weds I herd every blade it passed by. I could almost feel the soft dirt below its feet, but the most unusual thing was when it found something it wanted to eat. I felt every sense in its body go tense. As if I were the one, now on the hunt. He crouched to the ground, focused his vision and sprung. Across the front yard, or what was left of it, nearly being taken pre itself by a passing hawk. Everything went bak to a blur after the hawk. I felt sick to my stomach. My head was pounding and even my skin was dry, as if moisture had not touched it in days.

Making gripping motions with my hands, it almost felt as it I should have been in Aspens form again, not as myself. As my fingers clenched together, I could feel my nails, but also Aspens talons as well. Within a few moments, the room, the kitchen felt far too closed in and felt as if it were only getting smaller. My vision chose that moment to fail altogether. I stumbled in the general direction of the back door, only to fall short and end up back on the floor. My clothing was strangling me, the room kept growing smaller and every sound blasted through my ears as if amplified past madness. I wanted, no needed Aspen, but could not connect with her. I cried out in pain. I could swear I could hear a filmier voice calling to me. I cried out in fear and the room went completely black.

“Alyse. Wake up darling, please, wake up. ALYSE!!!”

“Alyse, it’s Aspen, wake up dear. The world is calling. Wake up..”

The bright sun from dawn filled my eyes, as I opened to find myself surrounded by all the members of the house. Mother seemed past frantic, Anubis and Nymph were standing by my bed, looking as if they completely expected me to be dead. Even Jensen was beside mother, looking lost for words with nothing to add. As my eyesight returned to normal, I could see clearly out the open window and the blinding light was not from the rising sun, but from it setting. My shock was obviously clearly written across my brow. A day, how had I slept an entire day and no one had been able to wake me? I tried to speak, but nothing came out. fear set in before I could think another thought. My fear was overwhelming me, that was till I felt and herd Aspen’s voice deep within me. Mother was shaking her head, as if she understood what was helping me find calm. She turned and went to my dressing table, picking up a small personal mirror. I did not even know where it had come from, but the look on her face, when she returned with it made me realize something beside just my voice and a twenty four hour sleep had changed.

“Are you sure showing her that is a good idea?”

“And what, exactly would you have me do, if not show her. I know how lost you must feel Jensen, but trust me, it will help her to fully understand what is happening to her. Trust me, if not my words.”

“I have always trusted you, I choose to do the same now.”

Jensen rarely spoke out in front of mother. For him to do so now only frightened me further.  I tried to speak again, but this time it was Aspen who stopped me.

“Let your voice be love, you will understand more in a few moments. Let your mother show you something, if you still need more answers I will fill in the rest. Trust me dear, please.”

I knew there was some mystical power which kept hr from being able to lie to me, not that I needed that assurance. She was completely part of me, whatever it was, I would not be alone in it. Mother walked up to the bed, knelt down so I could see into her eyes, then spoke, as if I were made of glass.

“I am sure you are frightened, but trust Aspen, and please try to trust me. Everything happening to you now, is for the best. I need to show you your face, and allow your eyes to tell the rest. do you understand?”

I nodded my head and she rose the mirror to eye level. Expecting something terribly out of the ordinary I was a bit shocked, or maybe let down when what saw could have been done with colored contact lenses.  Though, the deeper I looked, the more I saw; not only in my reality, but from the dream as well. What, just yesterday had been blue eyes had gone completely black, at least around the edges. the center washing out like a wave on dry sand was the most brilliant purple I had ever seen. Moving out farther still it changed to the same in blue. In the center, closest to the pupil was just the faintest hint of green, making my dream all the more real.

My first thought was something that Arthur had done to me days ago, but then her voice filled my mind, her song filled my soul, and her grace filled the rest. I could hear an explanation through emotions, but not through thoughts. I could almost grasp everything she was trying to tell me, but when I felt it in my mental hand, it slipped away. I closed my eyes to give her more focus, but the only thing this changed, was the amount of new color being splashed through my eyes. I almost felt her asking for freedom, asking for me to let go and surrender to her completely. In that moment, I gave in. My heart blended with hers. Our minds blended, then bodies, spirits and understandings. A million memories from a million lifetimes flooded through my mind. I felt such joy and pain, I thought my heart would burst from feeling far too much.

All this tim I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t know if I could deal with this and the real world as well. I stopped hearing mother, Jensen and what I was starting to think of as twins. Anubis and Nymphadora were so much alike, the energies within them both called out to the world. More then I can say to you now, just trust me. From here on out, in my life and family, I would see them as twins. Mother had stopped being worried, and poor Jensen was just completely out of his own understanding’s. Our blending did not stop there. The joy turned to deep sorrow, turning again to hatred and anger of the most devilish form. Something from my past was trying to come alive, And as if somehow the new blending of Aspen and myself had a direct link to the very universe, I felt a soul, who long ago took to slumber, and just this very moment was stirring again. Our minds and energies were exactly the force required to wake, Him. I felt as if I should know who he was. Why he had long ago fallen to an eternal sleep, but again, some part was slipping from my mental grasp, and I could not hold on. I felt a hand on my shoulder, shaking me to return to my own world, but then a single voice called to me. through heart, soul, mind, and space. Time no longer had her hold on him, and I knew he must now be found.

“Thank you Aspen and souling. I will forever be in your debt. please come to me. search the stars, Come to me…”

“We have to find him, so much depends on his rebirth. Please Alyse, I know you must be confused, but if he is awake, and we can hear him, then so can she! She must not be the first to respond to his call. My eternal existence, your world everything could depend on who finds him first. Please!”

“Aspen, who must we find? Who is it you now seek and need so badly? I will give all I can to help you, you should know that now. Just please tell me who we must now find? Just answer that one question.”

She said nothing for some time. I sat in something like a pool of never-ending memories. Swimming in her central being, trying to find an answer, but still she would not say. Again, I felt a hand from the outside shake me. Trying desperately to bring me back to them. I had to respond. Had to let them know we were both okay. My eyes were almost open when I felt the tears of a dragon wash over my face. I knew I too was crying and mother, Jensen and the twins could see and probably feel our combined pain. I had never known such loss. What could she now be in search for, my heart was breaking and my mind in turn with it. The moment I choose to open my eyes, I felt her answer to my one question, and I could no longer speak. Not to the outside. Not to her, not to anyone. Two words changed everything I had just become.

My Father!”

I opened my eyes, looking right at the sun, feeling its warmth and power hit me. If her father was out there waiting to be found, then this family would find him first. I still did not know how the mysterious “she” could be. If Aspen was the daughter to this voice and being, who then could they both fear so deeply?

I found as I sat up, my voice was back. I could breath deep and full, like I had never know before this day. Mother stood with her back to me, looking out the front window. Jensen by her side, not yet noticing that I had, at least mentally, returned. the twins still stood by the right side of my bed, Nymph even holding my hand. A very loud knock at the front door made everyone in the room jump! I did not know we were expecting company today, but then Jensen turned to return to the first floor, when he saw me smiling at him.

“You’re awake! Dear child, you gave us all a good scare there for a moment. we were not sure you would return. I must go open the door, do please excuse me love.”

His voice and words turned mother from the window, looking pale enough to be dead, though her color started to fill back in the very moment she saw me smiling. My right hand was now being held by both Anubis and Nymph. Mother came round the other side of the bed and took my left for her own. I could hear Jensen speaking to the men who had come, I could only assume hey would be here to finish the house, but I was sure they would not overhear us. Looking first to Nymph and Anubis, I could only brighten my smile again. I squeezed their hands, making sure they knew how much their support meant to me. Anubis leaned over and kissed my forehead, followed by Nymph to kiss my lips. Nothing lustful, from either of them, only true compassion and feelings. Next to lean in was mother, though the color was not yet fully restored to her face. The look in her eyes made me squirm just a bit, but her words could have shattered diamonds.

“Did you hear him? Alyse, did you hear him call? Do you know what this means, did Aspen tell you, or is she still filling in the bits? He called, during your blending, he called. I always hoped you would be the one blessed with the eternal link, and that you would not have shut me out, or I you the same, when it happened. I think this may be the happiest day of my life! May the moon and the sky bless our journey ahead. I fear such horrors to come if we fail to find him first. Can you stand my love, this should be spoken of out doors. The dragons really don’t like houses. Can you stand?”

I felt her words, not just heard them. I allowed every word to pin me to an outcome I did not fully understand. They stuck through every part of my being, but the one word I had not ever expected to hear from mother, I could not get out of my mind. She had not said my dragon, or Aspen did not like houses, she had said “The dragon’s did not like houses.” How could my life change anymore this day then it had already? first a question, as it struck me odd, then to get outside.

“Why are the workmen here at this late hour to work on the house? The sun is almost down, I am confused.”

“They are not workmen, we had an uninvited guests last night. Jensen and I felt it was time to hire real guards, not only for the house, but for all of us. Arthur may not be due back for six months, but his reach seems to have no limits!”

The three of them help me to my feet. More questions were forming in my head, but I was more then ready to be outdoors. The moon was starting to rise, and I felt a jump from my dragon within. I felt the very idea of getting outside make her want to be dominant. An idea I was, at this point, completely for. Mother, was almost pulling me out of bed now. I knew there would be plenty of time for questions. I also knew if Jensen had been put in charge of finding top notch security, nothing in the world, minus another dragon, would be able to get near this house. I looked back to the time when we had met him outside the palace. Ending his career as a professional soldier for queen and country. He had pride, he had honor, but he had been missing one thing his entire life; family. Mother had seen fit to adopt him, if you will. If even you could adopt a grown man, she did. For the following years he was always the one she would call when she felt danger, and he would always come. Never once, did he tell her he did not have the time.

Once, as a young child, a storm had knocked out power to most of London, and mother felt something drastic was coming. She had received word from Jensen, and though he had been recalled to the palace during the power outage, he made time for my family as well. Since that night, so many years ago, he had been closer to mother then Christian ever could have been. Mother trusted him, not only with our lives, but as time went by, she grew to trust him with her heart as well. I may never have the courage to ask if it had ever gone further then that, but no matter. He was here now, and as we descended the steps, we saw what our safety meant to him.

There were nine total. Nine fully armored and armed men, who looked like they had just climbed out of a spy movie. Don’t get me wrong, not in suit and tie, like “Bond”, but full military gear; knives guns and all. They all looked more then willing to take a bullet, or kill on the spot to protect us all. Jensen came over taking mother by the arm and whispering something in her ear. Her reaction made it clear to the rest of us, the topic of the conversation. Something she had never, not once, done.

“You know the state of my accounts. you have for years. If you trust this bunch to keep us safe, then I trust your judgement for all of us. You have seen the change in Alyse this past day, now see the change in the woman you have come to love, and you know damn good and well, loves you back!”

With that she walked out a front door, which must have been replaced today, while I slept. Out onto the front lawn. She had never been one to be this blunt, but I could only guess the voice of Aspen’s father had struck a very deep cord, making her push for tomorrow. She stood in the middle of the burnt out circle, and rose her voice, so only the wind could silence her!

“Hear me Zorgonus! Hear your blood calling for you through the universe. I have waited more then a thousand lifetimes for you to reawaken. Hear me now. You may not know this body, but know the name of your mate, soon to find you again. Anzurtashia calls to your soul. I am coming!”

From the moment her voice hit the wind was the same moment the wind went from a light breeze to a building storm. Building from the woman I knew as mother to a dragon Aspen also knew as mother. Anzurtashia was a brilliant collection of orange’s, yellow’s, red’s and speckled with, almost neon, green. The individual green scales stuck out and made the rest of her all the more blinding to behold. Lightening cracked across the sky, almost daring any to move on this house tonight. I felt the change within me before Aspen took over completely. I was more then happy for the change this time. I knew she needed to be with her mother in true form, as I had needed to find my mother only days ago. Not one word from my lips, but every one of the stone-like soldiers knelt to the ground as not only one, but two dragons erupted from human form and took to the sky.

The world around me went from human eyes to dragon. My body surged forward and up, from one breath to the next from my personal body exploded Aspen. Every color of purple the universe had ever tried to dream of. We looked back at ourself as our wing carried us higher and higher into the stormy night’s sky. I saw my blended form sliding through the wind like a giant serpent swimming in water. Our mother had almost gone out of sight completely, when she ripped through a cloud, almost knocking us from the sky. Aspen felt a challenge, took that challenge and met mother to us both on wind with wings.

Having her eye sight gave me the ability to see the people we had left on the ground clear as day. The twins looked on as if they were caught in a dream. Jensen wore a smile, I will never forget, and the former soldiers, were still kneeling on the ground looking on in true wonder. This night, like Anzurtashia and Aspen now, dancing in the sky and clouds, would dance in my memory for all eternity. As if the storm had been invited by the changing of two dragons, it came at us from all directions. Claps of thunder, loud enough to wake the kings of old, and army’s long since dead. Lightening bright enough to replace a star being born in the heavens above. The two accompanied the other as if being directed by a conductor lost to legend. I could feel the wind both below and above my wings. I could smell the fresh air passing in and out of our nostrils.  When  blast of lightening came a bit closer then I wanted to deal with, both mother and daughter returned to the ground, house and family, just as the rains were set free.

The moment our eight legs should have touched the ground, they were back to only four. Clothing completely gone, now replaced by sheets of rain and blasts of light. Mother walked up beside me, looking happier then I had ever seen her, and why not. I had just found out she was not only mother to me, but mother to the dragon changing my life more and more with each passing day. As we walked into the house, past the men, Jensen and the twins the new doors were closed behind us. Nymph and Anubis ran up the steps returning with clothing and towels for us both. Once dry and redressed, mother actually spoke to the men Jensen had hired to protect us. Never in my life had I seen her speak to hired help, but something more was in her voice this night. Something warning the world she would never be put back to sleep again.

“Those of you who have responded to Jensen’s call for assistance and answered, I can only now thank you. But I hope you also know, no other humans have seen dragons in more then one hundred Millennia. We have kept to the shadow, in the hopes that one day the father to us all may be found and awakened from a terrible sleep. In two days time, I plane on leaving this house. I plan on making voyage to find Zorgonus. He is father to the young woman beside you, and mate to me. I ask you all to join us in this quest. I ask for your help, that I would trust you with this information. I ask for your faith, in a past you know nothing about. I ask for your possible leadership for the many I hope we find on our way. and I ask for your help. Though you now see Annabella Stewart Filthaven speaking to you, know her voice carries my words, but my true name is Anzurtashia. I have waited for the coming day’s for far too long to think I can carry it alone. Please, stand guard the next two days. take your time in answering, but know this; the person who we are now against will stop at nothing to keep us from Zorgonus. She will kill us all, and burn the world around us, if she sees fit. This will not be a safe voyage, but it may be a voyage that will change this world forever. Will you stand with us?

(7) Smoldering Ashes

Smoldering Ashes

The change in reverse took less then a minute, but by the time four legs had turned back to two, we walked though what remained of the front doors, surveyed the front room, and decided to leave it till afternoon. The sun was almost fully up and I knew it was past time to find a bed and much needed sleep. Before going upstairs, I walked back to the pool, picked up the clothing I had left behind last night and found my way to my attic. Almost in bed, I felt a small shrug from Aspen;

“Would you mind opening the window love. I love the breeze and I will be able to hear trouble if it comes looking while you sleep.”

I smiled to myself at the change in my life in the last two days. I now had a dragon speaking with me through my mind, and I was not the least bit upset by this new addition to my life. I walked across my room, pinched the latch and opened both windows. I had always liked the idea of them being open, but now, her ability to sense danger was more important the the possibility of mother getting upset. Seeing how the front door was broken in, the front windows shattered to shards and no way for me to fix hem till the others return, I was not, in the least going to argue with her desire to have our windows open. In to bed, covers over my head, as I had always done, a loving emotion shared with Aspen and off to sleep. Right before I found my personal darkness, I did have the hope that mother and the others would not come home too soon. It had been a long night and I desperately wanted sleep.

As it turned out, It was a car pulling into the circle that caused Aspen to wake me, but once on my feet, I looked down to see mother and the other driving up to the house. I quickly put a summer skirt, loose fitting blouse and stumbled down the steps, to the front door. I had not had the chance to look at the time, but form the position of the sun, I guessed it to be late afternoon. I had been able to get a fair amount of sleep, and when the car stopped I hoped I did not look all that bad. Mother and Jensen were out of the car the moment is turned off. The looks on their faces told me, they knew this had not been my doing. But mother came over to me anyway and made sure I was still in one piece. I honestly don’t remember the last time she had hugged me out of honest concern, but I was in no mood or desire to shy away. I, in turn wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered softly in her ear;

“You were right, Aspen protected us both. Thank you for the heads up about her.”

For the time being she made no response, but let me go and looked on with wonder in her eyes. The remains of the pretty red Ferrari was all but destroyed, except for the front end. Everything else had been stomped and burnt past any kind of recognition. I could not help but to laugh at mothers face over such an expensive car. I only shrugged as she looked back in my direction, and she too laughed. Jensen was looking over the front doors, and the windows when Anubis and Nymph got out of the car. At least he was not yelling, as he had a habit of doing when upset. He turned to mother and spoke plainly, but clearly.

“I would say six to eight hundred pounds to fix it all. I will be glad to make the calls. I might also suggest that since this is possible of happening again, maybe upgrade the kind of glass we use, an maybe something better then old English oak for the doors.”

Mother never did like spending money, but in this case it was clear her only true concern was for the safety of any and all who belonged in the house. She simply waved her hand at Jensen and he proceeded indoors to make his calls. Mothers two slaves were completely different then they had been yesterday. They both stood directly behind mother, one on the left, one on the right both with their heads looking only at the ground. Neither of them said a single word, but I could tell something had happened to them as well since we last stood before one another. I reached out my hand to mother, and pulled her in the direction of the house.

Right before she entered the house, she turned and looked again over the yard and the remains of the car. I had failed to remember the rocks in the drive being completely melted, and she again laughed as she turned to the house. Once inside she walked to the kitchen and poured herself a large bourbon. No ice, no mix, simply neat. It was far between, the times I had seen her drink straight bourbon in my life, but I could completely understand her need now. I didn’t hesitate when I poured myself a shot of tequila and sat down at the kitchen table with her. I had never grown to admire the taste of bourbon, but a well made bit of Añejo tequila was much more to my liking. Again, it was kept in the house for me, mother had said on many occasions, she would rather drink battery acid, but she always had it on hand for me all the same. Jensen’s voice could be heard across the house as he argued on the phone with whomever he was working with to fix the house. Sipping on my drink, mother doing the same, was a little uncomfortable about the other two standing not saying a thing. Did I have the right to question mother about it, or should I leave it alone?

“Excuse me mother, is there a reason for them acting so different today? I mean no disrespect, but having them simply stand there, saying nothing and doing nothing is a bit creepy. Can you allow them to speak, or dismiss them, please?”

“Forgive me, all of you, last night was far more then I had wanted to deal with, and now the state of this house only has me tied in more knots. Where we went yesterday, trying to clear up this mess of a pending contract on your future, is the same place they were both trained as slaved, so their lack of actions today, and change in attitude is from a brief reminder of their beginnings. If you would like them to have more freedom, I say now, and for the rest of your life, simply tell them. I tell you both, Anubis and Nymphadora, if Alyse asks you to return to being free, do try to do it without breaking her into too many pieces. As for anything else, I leave that between you three. Any questions?”

They both looked at her in wide eyed amazement, but did not argue. They simply took seats on either sides of us, and did their best to return to the two people I had met a few nights ago. Now, with them both sitting down, came to questions from mother, and the best answers I could come up with.

“I know I warned you about your new tie to Aspen, but what in all the hells happened here last night? And who is the sorry owner of that crumpled Ferrari in the drive?”

I spent the better part of the next hour, more bourbon and tequila explaining everything that had taken place, from the moment I left the house, to returning to bed this morning. Anubis looked at me as if I had swallowed a goat as I told the events of my night. Nymph only giggled when she heard about how Christian had been ran off from the grounds. Mother and I did likewise with her. When I finished I asked the question of my own. I already had the feeling the answer was not going to be as clean as the open affects of Aspen, but I asked anyway.

“Were you able to cancel the contract with Arthur over my life enslavement? Or, am I to look forward to burning down his life along with your late husband?”

The mention of Christian and Arthur by name made her more then a bit upset. It would seem she would have been more then happy for me to never find out the true nature of Arthur Windsor and the plausible connection between he and Christian, but there it was, and I wanted to be straight with her. As she sat and tried to find her own voice, Anubis rose from his chair, got her more bourbon and retook his seat. I was getting the impression that the making of slaves was not easy on the people involved, but being the daughter of my mother, I could not sit here and not offer them something as well. Mother had still not found it in herself to answer, so Looked from one to the other and spoke gently.

“Would either of you like something to drink or eat? Since I am determined to treat you like family, not like slaves, you may as well have something, if you want?”

This time they both looked at me, and simply smiled. It was nice to know there was still some sense of individuals within them both. The breaking process had not completely removed all sense of their true selves, from the world. Mother did not so much as blink an eye at my invitation, and continued to stair at her drink and make no sound. As it were Nymph asked a single question, and it was clear they were going to have some trouble getting use to my design for them in our lives.

“We are not accustomed to being offered anything from our past lives. I honestly can not remember the last time I even tasted alcohol, and would not know where to start.”

I looked over to Anubis and found him nodding his head with the same sense of confusion. No worries though, I got to my feet. walked to the fridge, and simply motioned for them both to come over. Mother and Jensen always had lots of choices of juice and cold drinks. the alcohol cabinet still stood open and I helped them both find something to drink, and even eat. by the time we all three took our seats, mother seemed a bit closer to finding words to answer my question. Her head was heavy as the first syllables fell from her lips, but little by little an answer emerged and I found my own understanding in her reply.

“I fear Arthur is not a man who is swayed from his choices of contracts. I did find out he and Christian have been planning this for some years now. Even before you came of age, he had wanted you for his personal collection. It would seem also he never had any intention of selling you, but enslaving you for personal use. I have no other words for you now, save this. I am not going to allow him to take you. I am not going to allow him to break even one single part of a life you re just starting to emerge from. This whole ordeal has left a very sour taste in my mouth about the possible ownership of any human being, or even a pet. I am so glad you are determined to make Anubis and Nymphadora a part of the family, and not just play things as I have done sine I bought them both. It would seem they are more then happy to fill a new space in all our lives, and even received about your choice for them. I can only hope that one day I can make up for the way I have treated you both the last eight months, and you may come to feel apart of this family and household, and not anything close to slaves.”

Her words were heartfelt, and they both looked to her with a new sense of compassion, but even now some part of an old program seemed to hold them in place, and they were unable to break free the training they hd once suffered by the hands of master Windsor. Their reaction was he first sign of a decision both Aspen and I were working on between us both. I reached out, took mothers hand and smiled as she looked up to me. One thing we both had in common, was our flair for making others around us know they had tired too far into the comfort zone of our beings. My eyes told her more then my words ever could.

“I think maybe it is time for master Windsor to have a going out of business event. Don’t you all think? If he thinks I or Aspen are going to simply allow him to continue to do this to others, then he will find himself rather crispy before too long. So tell me this, how long do we have till he thinks he is going to come for me? Any idea at all?”

They, all three responded at once, but at least I got my answer.

“Six months, then he expects your mother to hand you over and walk away!”

This was the first time I had ever heard either of them speak as individuals, but I smiled as they realized they may have spoken out of place, but were being allowed to continue. More then my mother, the other two looked like something had died when they fell silent. A small shiver ran through me when I wondered what hd been done to them. Aspen was more then ready to remind me she would never allow anything to happen to either of us

“Remember forever my love, you are part of me, I am part of you and Together we will either fly free, or burn the world with us!”

Mother looked over at me, as if understanding how I could come to smile at such information. I could only imagine how she must have taken this news yesterday. The look on her face now, was more pain then I had seen ever before, but as she turned her eyes to me, I was determined to save her any more pain. Gripping he hand tightly I smiled and made her see I was not alone in my decision, and both Aspen and I had our own plan forming to break the man who thought of himself unbreakable. She relaxed a bit, let go my hand and drank down the rest of her glass. There were a great many things I wanted to learn about the past of this family, and now I knew we had the time to seek out those answers, before putting our new plan into action. The first and most important to me, was finding the origin of our past lineage in the viking world. And, if possible, finding the origin of Aspen and any other dragons left to a world long forgotten. I felt Aspen mentally snuggle my soul, I have to say it is nice to always have a single presence within you all the time. I don’t believe I will ever feel truly lonely again.

Mother did not look all that assured about allowing me to deal with Arthur alone, but since we had time to consider all the options, she allowed it to drop, at least for the time being. She rose to her feet, half stumbled to the front window and shook her head, at herself. I don’t think she had intended to drink this much, but seeing how the front yard was a smoldering pile of ash, the house, not in much better shape I could see no fault in it. Nymph got to her feet, went over and stood next to mother, I think it was clear that no matter how she had been brought into this house, there were genuine feeling from both Anubis and she for mother and the house. Interestingly enough, as Anubis was getting to his feet, I also found the courage to stand before him and smile. I had not paid all that much attention to his details a few nights ago, but now, as he made no move out of my way, it was truly worthy sight.

He had very dark skin with softer colors around the creases in his face. The depth of his eyes would have made them vanish altogether if not for the intense blue & green in them. The very little amount of hair on his head, gave the impression that he was not so hard underneath it all. I found myself wanting to touch him, feel his face and inhale his essence, but also not wanting to overstep any new boundaries. Before I could make a move of my own, his hand was coming up, below my short skirt, the folds were making their way, along with his hands to the creese in my ass. It was far too soon to tell if this would be a night of screaming or a night of screaming! I barely noticed that mother and Nymph had already departed the room. My eyes lifted to look directly into the eyes of Anubis. Something seemed to stir as our eyes met, and more then just longing and lust. Both our heads moved in the same direction, towards the other, and our lips slid over and over. His right hand, still cupping my ass, no panties to think of, I had not the time to put them on, as they had come home. His fingers were wiggling their way to the middle fold in my ass, and something deeper still. Then my tongue found his, and the world and all its problems simply vanished. My tongue had danced with others in my life, but the steps always seemed to be the same. This dance took on new meaning, new reasoning and new possibilities, and new song. Our tongue’s were not the only thing making rounds. Both our noses kept running into the other, making us have to think and rethink our first steps. Before I knew it, again, my skirt, now fallen to the floor. I wanted, no needed to see his skin, not with just my eyes, but with the rest of my senses as well. He seemed to read my mind, because the second I raised my hands to take hold of his shirt, he lifted right overhead allowing me to remove it from his person.

As the first real glimpse of his torso came, I could tell you it came alone, but I would be lying. His fingers had made it all the way in my primary entrance, along with the fingers from his left hand. I dropped his shirt, my hands falling to rest on his shoulders. My claws dug deep into his skin as he continued to probe and worm their way deep inside me. My hands, proceeded by my claws ripped down his back, making him remember I was not the first woman he had ever found pleasure in. But as the thought caught me, I had to wonder if he had ever made love before his enslavement. I could tell this was a radically different individual then the man who had helped Nymphadora damn near kill me a few nights ago. His eyes kept rolling back in his head as I brought out more and more a sense of reality to his skin, his face and his life. I knew I wanted more, but my mind had forgotten how to react. I fell to my knees, forcing his hands to fall free of my body. But, as I fell I had taken his trousers with me. To my joy, he also had forgotten any boxers this morning, or maybe had left them off on reason. The mass of his “Y” chromosome filled my vision, filled my imagination, and then filled my mouth!

The very moment his cock and my tongue found the other, I knew this would be a night long remembered by us booth. I did not hesitate, think twice, or give him time to react. My jaws came down, he thrusted forward, and his first cum was mine to swallow! His first scream filled to the heavens of Valhalla. The more he moved, the more he came. The more he came the more I wanted his mass in something else. His eyes were now filled with lust, need and maybe something more. At long last he reached down and removed a blouse I though would never find its way to the floor. My breasts fell free, nipples hard as cold stones. As his hands found them, the next gasp fell from my lips. I wondered, as we made our way further into this journey, who would enjoy themselves most by nights end, and breaking dawn? My mind, loosing touch with any kind of reality, came fully alert when, all in a single second, he moved his hands from breast to neck, took full hold and twisted round as he jumped clear. Now my face looking forward, his hands still around my neck and my ass pushed up like a ballon waiting to be popped. He lost no time, his cock left no survivors and my screams were surely heard throughout the house and possibly across the front smoldering ashes.  First a steady thrust, then a steady pounding. Over and over I cam as his hands moved from my neck, choking me, to my hips. then the slapping began. Nothing I would ever mind, but my now burst ballon was quickly becoming red and sore. My world spun, he came again and our bodies fell to the kitchen floor. My ass was sore but not quite as sore as my lungs, trying to regain a bit of a steady pace. My legs would not stop shaking from the intensity he had delivered me.

I heard footsteps, but before I could wonder who they belonged too, Nymph pushed open the door. She stood above us two, smiling down on me, but not ignoring Anubis. On my back still franticly trying to breath, she knelt down to look me closer in the eyes. I knew that look, It had been in my eyes the night Arthur Windsor had entered my body, my sex, soul and life. It did not matter if I had enough energy, or if I was ready, she was on me now! Her legs spread over my face, her tongue drowning in my cum. I wanted to scream, wanted to beg, but nothing would escape her legs over my lips. I felt a mental laugh take hold, as I saw Anubis steady himself right behind her ass, above my face and smile down on me in the most devious way. The moment she felt his hands on her hips, was one moment too late.

For a woman who had, just moments ago, thought to be in complete control of a situation, she screamed as the penetration was in the deeper end of the pool. He had forgone the shallow and dove right in. I briefly saw the look on her face as she stopped sexing me and turned to look at him. One, may have thought the world would end with that pair of eyes, but nothing so loving would befall Nymph this afternoon. I pulled my head back up, took her absent cunt between my teeth and bit down! More screams filled the house, cum covered my face and still I sucked chewed and teased the only part of her I had access to.

The light through the windows turned pink then red and orange as the afternoon sun turned to cool nights black. The three of us wrestled on the floor, over chairs, across the table and back to the floor. Hours and hours of this we all gave. Anubis took his turn on the bottom, but he never cried out again. That signature, I held on my own! I could tell you all this ended in three little animals in bed, but what fun would that be?