A Long awaited Storm


Many months have passed since I first started roaming the world, looking for beautiful women and trouble. Though, most times it would seem those two go hand in hand. As normally though, I am back in my star-bucks and watching the ever present barista’s make brews of every flavor possible. I knew who I wanted to see this day, though she had, as of yet, not presented herself. Many times she ha come in, waved at  me and smiled so sweetly. I could only wonder what lay beneath the surface of a mother with such lovely lines and curves. Blond hair, soft twists of curl, but not such as a French poodle. A bit of brown mixed into the blond. I had no idea how old she was, it would seem on Earth, asking such things of a woman would get you in hot water, and though I do like it hot, I was not sure I wanted it in this instance. I was sure she worked on the college campus, though again, not sure what she actually did. I knew she was married an had a son. I could hear the angles telling me to leave this one alone, but I am a demon, and I must play.

I only knew what I had observed with this one. She seemed, more or less, like a woman who should have been happy with her life, though there always seemed to be something missing when she smiled at me. She knew only what my echo allowed her to know. I was a young bi-gender who came to campus to write erotic stories. Had spoken with her only once. Given her a business card and told her of my writings. She took it lightly, though showed much more interest under the surface. Since then, she had come and gone while I sat drinking my coffee. Smiling at me, even waving, though this could just be a human way of being polite, I had to wonder about a darker possibility. Could she be lonely, could she need someone to respire the ember between her thy’s could she simply want to fall into a drenching rain with no worries about the consequences of her actions? maybe. As it were, she had not come in today and I could only dream in the darkest of places, the twists and turns of dark sexual desires. I wanted to feel her body on mine, wanted to feel the rush of energy as she got closer to the drenching storm. I knew what I wanted, I knew what all woman wanted, though I did not care about the human problems in-between. would she submit to the needs between her legs? Would she submit to the space within her lacking passion and desire? One could only dream, one could only dream.

Something Else:

The day had been a long one, the sky over head was a pure blue, with the ever present clouds. the world had changed since the collapse, and I was in no mood to deal with any kind of nonsense today.  She had come for the council meeting, and she had come with sex on her mind. I could not argue with her need. She was, after all, a beautiful woman. Young forties maybe, and a mother, but still ripe for the picking for any willing to take control of her. I was going to be such a one, this day. I had kept my thoughts to myself all the years I had known her. I had never once told her, or even hinted about the sexual desires I had for her in the dark shadows of the morning. I had lost the woman I loved, years ago, when the world government had collapsed. Now, she and I were on the same side, the same side as many others. Trying to rebuild a world we could pass on to our children. I knew she was already taken, but their lives kept them so busy, he never even saw her any more. I would watch her from across the room and wonder what color panties she was wearing. Wonder if they were lace or satin. Wonder if she would mind me tearing them from her body in a fit of dark passionate desire? I had sat and wondered such things for far too long. I knew what I wanted. I saw what she allowed the world to see and I knew she was not going to get it form home, ever again. He had his son, he had his life and she was only the woman who had given it to him. Stupid man, to waste such desire and willingness of a woman. I had to find a way to get her totally alone. I had to find my way in, so she also knew of my desires for her.

Jade was how I saw her, though her name was something much less interesting. I saw her on her knees, on her back and on her side, dripping with need, my cock plunging deep in her sex, every time she would pull a breath in to scream! Jade, was going to be mine this afternoon, and I was going to leave a mark she would never forget. I wanted to toss her against a wall, somewhere away from preying eyes, remover her clothing, some she would be able to wear again, some she would not. I wanted to thrust my  hand down her panties, find the slice of life between her legs and in-tangle  my fingers deep within her. I wanted to hear her moan, wanted to push her.

“Thomas, where are you headed for lunch? Would you like company, I am without a companion today.”

I had not heard her come up behind me. The one woman I gave my total attention to daily, and she had snuck up behind me, now asking me to lunch. I could hardly believe my luck, but then maybe the universe knew she wanted something more then editable food. I could only hope she needed to be fed, both sets of lips I mean. As it were, I hd no planes for lunch hour, so this would work out quite well.

“Honestly I would love to spend lunch with you. Did you have anything in mind, or shall we just walk the grounds?”

Her voice told me she was a darker woman, then I had ever guessed at.

“Oh now, I think you and I can find something to do with our time. I assume you are not taken in any way?”

The hint in her question led me to think I may be the one getting more then I bargained for this lunch hour. She came over, took me by the arm and made for the gardens across the complex. It was the only thing out here, minus the transport pad, and there would be no ships coming or leaving this time of the afternoon. As we walked across the launch pad, I felt her hand slide over my ass, and I could not stop the immediate response of my cock hardening below my pants. I knew this was heading to dark areas, when she stopped, just the opposite side of a large tree and pushed me against the tree. Her eyes had gone mad with need, and the moment I had dreamed of, for too many years had come. I was ready, or thought I was, for anything she wanted. I could only imagine how much she had planed this out, since I had never taken any notice of her desires for me. The game would continue till one or both of us got everything we were looking for. Her voice, again told me of deep longings she had kept locked away.

“So, you think you are the only one who can keep a secret, do you? I have seen you watching me for three years. Watched you shy away from every chance to take and use me in any way you could ever want. But then, you do nothing. You only watch, only sit in your seat and dream, well today you will find out just how much I have needed your cock, your male grip and your will to bind me to the ground and use me!”

“I think you may be the one who is going to be in control, you are pinning me to the tree, at this moment.”

“You think this is some kind of game, do you? Do you think I have laid in bed at night wanted to be fucked and used like a younger woman only to have you mock me? Damn you, do you not see a woman in need of your attention?”

I must say, this was a side of her I never thought could exist. She always spoke of her loving husband and her son, but now, she was standing in front of me, holding me to a tree saying I should have taken and used her years ago! Something broke in me, at that moment. All the concerns with what the world may think. What her husband may do, should he find out, and everyone else who would notice the difference between us no longer mattered. I was going to get what I wanted, what she needed and what we both desired, and I was going to start now! I pushed myself off the tree, pushing her away from me, as I did so. The look in her eyes told me I was not going to be disappointed. We walked to the far side of the gardens, always touching each other. I could not help but to notice how her ass bounced from one side to the other as she walked. The slight creese in her pants from her panty line, or the hardness of myself. I could hardly wait by the time we got past the high hedge. I had thought to act first, but not fast enough.

“Now you give me everything I need!”

She grabbed me, tossed me to the ground and very quickly removed her top. Not minding that she tore the buttons off. Her purple lace bra gave me ample sight of her breasts. I knew what I wanted. And knew how to defend myself, in times when it mattered. I kicked her legs out form under her, knocking her to the ground and I rolled over to gain the upper hand. She looked at me in surprise, though I wasted little time enjoying her almost bare breasts. I reached for her lace bra and pulled forward with great and fierce need. It tore free of her body, right as the first, I hopped of many, moans escaped her lips. Her face was perfect, beautiful and soft. I had fallen to those eyes long ago, but now, something darker was taking over, and my will had changed. Without giving it a second thought, I pulled back and slapped her face with and open hand. Knocking her head to one side. The sound, harsh but amazing brought new growth to my swollen cock. Again I slapped her, and again. Every time her eyes going wide with desire and the flash of pain. I started to feel moisture under my ass, and I knew she was preparing her cunt for a using she would never forget. I stood up, standing with legs on both side of her and looked down at my waiting prey. I was feeling odd, evil and odd all the same. I wanted to hurt her, not just enjoy her body. I wanted to make her feel pain in ways I had never dreamed of. Kicking off my shoes, as if I were home in my own room, I quickly removed my socks as well. Now, standing above her, I made ready to remove my paints and boxers. The day was warm, and I had known what I wanted when I left home. After my pants were off, I found myself already nude, realizing I had forgone with the boxers this morning, while thinking of Jade.

I could only smile, looking down at her. Face red and partially swollen from my attack. I knew she was now mine to play with. She was not fighting me, nor was she complaining in any way. I lifted my right foot, and placed it on her face, forcing it to one side, smashing her cheeks in the dirt below her head. I loved standing above her, knowing she was now under my complete control. But there was simply not enough sound, no worries, this could be fixed. I knelt down over her cunt, already dripping with need and heat. Took a firm hold of her breasts, now partially covered in dirt and twigs. I was just about ready to hurt her when she made the mistake of opening hr mouth.

“You know, I can be used much better if you allow me to sit up?”

Not knowing what had come over me, I , again, reached back and slapped her face, much harder this time then before. I leaned over here face, with my own so she could not look away.

“You will do exactly what I tell you to. You will be everything I tell you to be and you will not open your filthy mouth to speak again, unless I give you permission to do so. Is that completely clear! Stupid whore. You are my property now, I will use you in every and any way I desire. If you do not get full enjoyment out of my choices for you, then I will just beat you when we finish!”

Her eyes went wide with awareness, hearing my tone, now knowing I was loosing control of my person to my dark desires. I retook hold of her breasts and pulled, twisting them and pinching her nipples as I did so. A scream escaped her lips this time, the moans coming and going as I continued. I needed more, needed her to feel everything ounce of desire I had ever had for her. I slapped her face again, and dove my face between her open legs. She was already dripping from the physical shock to her body and now my tongue found its way across her clit, down over her lips and into there waiting cunt. One moan, two and then three. I sucked and licked her slit till my face was covered in her excitement. She was now the object of my every need, I would fill her and use her till I was satisfied she would be mine! I had not noticed her hands coming round my hips to grab hold of my bulging cock. When she had it in her hand, I was not the only one playing a sadistic game this day. Her finger nails dug into my foreskin and I could only gasp in the delight and pain she brought forth. I wanted to fuck her and fuck her now! She refused to let go my cock and slid her body under mine. Opening her mouth to take every inch of me into her open lips. I leaned backwards enjoying the heat and wet of her open mouth. Her tongue slipping over my head and allowing the first drops of pleasure to escape me. She ground her teeth, gently over my shaft, sucking and licking me while she did so. Every part of me was on fire now. Every part of me finding greater and greater need from the woman below me. Nothing could stop the event she and I were now thrust into. Nothing could, and nothing would.

When I could no longer keep myself from exploding in her mouth, not wanting any to spill out, I ripped my cock from her lips, stood above her once again and rolled her face and tits into the dirt. I pressed myself against her ass, so beautifully braced for my entrance. I pushed ever so gently on her open cunt, warning her of my coming. an then, all at once, rearing back I slammed myself into her, pushing forcefully till I hit the bak wall of her sex. She screamed and clawed at the dirt on the ground as I fucked her open whole. I came the first time, as she did the same. We moved as one, but I was still on top, she rolled to her left, forcing me off an climbed atop me like mounting some animal. She rocked her hips, back and forth side to side till I could only cry out in pain and sweet agony. I no longer had any control, she pinned my arms above my head, clawed at my chest and took her turn slapping my face. Though she did not stop there. Leaning forward she took my own nipples in her teeth, and not so gently as I would have liked, bit down an pulled. Again I could only cry out, though this time only in pain. Her laughter filled my mind and ears as she let go my nipples. I knew I was bleeding, though she did not seem to care. I thought she had taken her fill of me, when she started to climb off my used cock. I was not prepared for her next move. She grabbed hold of my cock under her cunt and positioned it below her ass. I had only dreamed of fucking her in the ass, but now, she as going to be the one fucking the ass I had long drooled over. I felt myself slip past the tight outer opening and into the inner area where I could slid back and forth. More and more of my cock entered her ass, till at long last I was completely a part of her, and she I. A storm was brewing below my cock, and her will was waning from the use of her every sense. I needed one last thing, before the storm broke. I ripped myself from her ass, and stood next to her, painting though smiling the same.

“It would seem, we both had needs to fill this day. It would also seem, you are not any kind of innocent I might have thought before now. So can you take the pain as well?”

I slapped her face, one last time, knocking her to the dirt! I put my foot between her legs and slid and kicked her into the tree. Her elbows holding her off the ground in the perfect position to finish my need. I held up her ass, till it was open for my use. I slammed myself down into her raw cavity, and wrapped my finger around her neck at the same moment. No longer able to breath, she gasped for air as I fucked her raw and screaming. I no longer cared who heard us. I no longer cared if I hurt her, or myself. The flood was coming and Then it broke. Not only my orgasm within her, but the clouds above us opened and flooded the ground in sweet cold summer rain. Within moments we were both drenched from a mixture of come and rain. the clouds went dark, and our moods seemed to match. Lightening arched across the sky as I fucked her ever harder. Her screams turned cold as I used her past any level of comfort. My mind fell to the same place as I knew We had gone too far. I too screamed as I tried to free my cock from her body, now knowing it too had been used far too much. Raw and possibly torn from the fierce fuck I fell to the muddy ground next to her. Both bodies spent and no longer having the energy to move or keep from being covered in mud and cold rain, we both fell to black silence.

Voices across the yard alerted us both that we may have stayed missing for far too long. the sky above us had cleared and the sun, again shown down on two bruised and fucked bodies. I heard the voice of the first speaker, and the orders being given to search the grounds. I knew we could not get dressed fast enough, so I pulled on my pants and shirt, helped Jade with what remained of her blouse and skirt only now covered completely in mud. We sat below the tree not able to move. Not able to flee, ready to deal with whatever came next.

To our surprise, Anna’bell Cross, another woman we both knew, seemed to have taken a good position behind us, some time before to watch us thrash each other. She walked around the hedge, and smiled as we both laid eyes on her. She had two sets of dry clothing in her hands, and a smile crossing her face. She had tried to gain my attention some months before, but I never knew she would stalk me. She walked up to us both and smiled.

“It would seem you both are in need of dry clothing, and a good story to explain why you are late for the second half of our day. As it is, I can supply you with both, but I want something in return, from both of you!”

Jade and I both nodded, though this was not the simple answer Anna’bell wanted. She knelt down next to me, took hold of my cock already in pain, and pulled. I ground and almost screamed, though she covered my lips, looking in the direction of the approaching guards. I knew only one word would give her what she wanted, so I spoke it.


“Thats a good man, now you, I think your cunt and breasts will be quite enjoyable to use this time tomorrow, do you not think?”

Jade looked as if she had been struck in the face, though she too had little choice. It would seem Anna’bell was wanting to play the next round and she was holding all the cards, so to speak. Jade also accepted the terms as we were both passed dry clothing. As we became  clothed adults, once again, we stood together, and made for the meeting hall. Two guards saw us and ran to our side.

“Are you three alright, we have been searching for you since you did not show up for second session.”

Anna’bell was the one to answer, and I was one to allow her too continue.

“It would seem they got caught on the far side of the gardens in the rain storm. The small stone arch was the only place they were able to find cover as the rains came down. On their way back we all tripped over the other. and now, as you can see, we are making our way back to the gathering. There is much left to do this day, don’t you think officer? perhaps tomorrow will bring more storms.”

Everything she said, every motion she made was exactly what they need to allow us to proceed on. When we reached the council center once again, we both, Jade and I gave a warm embrace to Anna and we all proceeded indoors. The day came to a close, and as everyone had expected the gathering was extended for another day. Out on the launch pad, we all met and took looks in the others direction. I knew what was coming tomorrow, Jade knew she was already in pain from today, but Anna was the surprise neither of us had expected. I boarded my transport and lost sight of the two woman as they boarded their own ships home. I looked to the sky and wondered if it would storm again tomorrow, and if so, who would we add to the mix when it did?


I came too just as Amanda touched my arm. I must have fallen asleep in the arm chair in Star bucks. I could hardly remember the reality I was a part of. All I could remember was my afternoon with Jade and Anna’bell. But reality was quickly setting in and I knew I had my own life to life. Would tomorrow bring another restful dream of a woman I could only have while asleep? We left the coffee shop and campus, though I had the feeling that my dream was something more then just simple REM. All the way home I wanted to sleep again, but a loving wife and twist of reality kept me alert.


By Serpents Command

So, you can imagine how my run in with the angles the other night went over with those above me down below. Not well, not well at all. Now in my past few thousand years of so, I have had some dressing downs, and I have been torched for putting my head too far out where it did not belong, but nothing, nothing could ever compare to the thrashing I have gotten for the last few days. for a day or so, I wondered if I would ever again be allowed to see the sky of your world, or if I would ever know temptation of a woman again.To my deepest astonishments, I have been released to move forward, but not in the same direction I had hope for. Now, I think it safe to say, that the other night I made it clear how envious of humans I am. You, yes you reading this, you have the choice every day and night which way you want to go. You can see beauty and choose to help others see it too, or you can choose to destroy it. Black and white, all the colors in one, you can have the universe, you only have to make the decision and move forward. And, most of the time you and your kind spend most days complaining about the world you live in  and how unfair it all is. You waste everything in creation given to you on a fucking silver platter. So there it is, humans can do as you please; dance in the light, or hide in the shadows, but the choice is yours and therein is my conclusion. You have something called choice. What do you want to do today?

Now, as if you and your kind are not enough to anger me past understanding, there are the other ones who have one choice I would die for right about now, the angles. They are the ones who guide you to the light, keep you safe in the darkness and blind the shadows with their light within. But, they still have a choice we demons do not. They have the choice to fall, if they choose. They can give up all the glorious light, and eternity of goodness to live amongst those they protect, again back to you. Humans. So, what am I complaining bout now, well let me tell you, I have no choices, I have no possibility to dance in anything but flames and shadow. I can not simply choose to rise, and live along side of you like those angle who fall, so what else would I want? After centuries of watching humans, come and go from that paradise created for you, what else would I come to want, but the same thing you already have.

So here it is, a few nights go, I was in the deepest of the pits, being punished with my run in with the angle Shannon from that bar, Proof. I told you I was looking for some proof of my own, well what I got from that night was far from what I was searching for. All the while I was being burned to nothing, again and again, I could only think of one wish, and when the Serpent asked me what I wanted, I had the fool hearty idea to simply make it known, maybe there was a way I knew nothing about, or so I had hopped. No. There was only more punishment for thinking like a human, or dreaming like and angel. So after what seemed like an eternity of torture, I was sat down and given a choice; go back to what I had already been told to do on Earth, or make a fool of myself and try for the surface. Well you know what I want, and if four days of pain was not enough to dissuade me, nothing would. So the main dragon who made all our lives hell, gave me a single shot to prove himself, and his point of view.

“You seem to think you would be better suited to live with humans, rather then to lead them to darkness. Have you ever wondered what you would actually do if give that chance? They have to have jobs, they have to grovel, and they spend most of their lives feeling utterly alone. At least as one of us, you are on the upper end, you get to do the tempting, and not be the one being tempted. So what will it be demon, will you do things my way or go for your silly dream?”

Well, to tell truth, I had no idea what to say. I had figured it would be an eternity of pain and suffering for them to consider loosing one of their own, but it had only taken four days, and now I was being given a choice. Something we never got, but now, I had no idea what to do. It had always only been a dream, you know, it will never happen, so why give it real thought. So I sat there, on the edge of pain and suffering and tried to think, well I thought about it too damn long. The serpent unwound itself so I could see all the glory it commanded and I froze. I froze with the only choice I may ever be given and it decided to make my decision for me. To my surprise, it favored my dream, or so I thought.

“Here are the stakes demon; if you do as I ask and come out on top and still wish for your freedom, then it will be granted to you. But, if you do as I wish and see the error of your desires, I will promote you to serpent class and you can continue to serve the pits, but in a completely free domain. Do we have an agreement?”

I had little other choice, so I agreed, but then came the terms of this deal.

“You will return to Earth, and select a single human woman. With this woman you will not only be able to whisper in her ear, of the darkness, but you will be able to enter her mind and do as you will for one night. That one night you must push her further over the edge of darkness then she would go alone. If she truly falls, from choices you make, then you are free to choose your outcome.”

So there it is, my chance at freedom. All I have to do is completely seduce one woman into the arms of darkness and have her desire to stay after I depart and I get to become human myself. this could not be so hard, they were so easy to tempt, even in demon form, now I could actually make decisions for her, how was this supposed to be a test? So, here I sit, on the edge of a park bench, looking out to the Ohio river and consider my new position. I was give three days to find the woman to corrupt, and I think I had just the one. Though not a super model, this one had spirit and the body to match. I have been watching her all day and if she were not already in human skin, I would swear to you, she was my kind. She wore jeans tight enough to see every curvy of her ass, and just a hint of what her sex would look like without them. This was no mere accident either, because when she went home to change, she only changed into something more sexual, not less. They were supposed to be yoga paints, but were far too thin a cloth to cover everything when she bent this way or that. Oh the things I could do with a body like that, the moans, the screams and the ecstasy I could and will inflict on her being. She was walking in my direction, and since tonight was the night I had my chance at freedom, I knew this night would destroy this on single human woman. What did I care, there were tens of millions of them, one less in this world would not hurt the precious balance, and I was going to find my way to live as they did, with my own mind and freedom to choose my actions. Yes, this lovely little thing would be my creation, now I had only to act.

It had been made very clear how I was to take control of her and that was the only disruption, in my mind. I had to find a time when she was standing in front of a mirror, so I could show her my true form, and she had to invite me into her. How does a demon get a beautiful woman to invite me into her being? Well, this too is a reason I had chosen this singular woman for my dark game. All over the last three days she was always wishing to herself to have the power to get what she wanted, only what she wanted was not riches or power, but sex, and sex I knew only too well. I knew how to twist and tie a woman to their darkest desires, only to leave them forever wanting. Yes, this was the one, who would set me free.

The restrooms on the first floor of the levee shops was were I would spring my trap. I had found the perfect man to set her fate, and now she was coming into his view. All afternoon I had told him how he wanted her body. How he wanted to make her scream with delight and how he would give her everything that came with such abilities. He only had to act on the information I had given him, and she would be mine. Two sets left, now one, bingo!

His hands were out and already going for her round ass, the chill of what she now wanted was wearing on her face as she leave into his touch. She looked up to his eyes, hoping he would come to her lips, but he had been schooled by a master, an I would not allow this to fail. I had only one night to make this work and she would beg in delight before nights end. First the whisper to her ear, and the place to meet, after she made herself ready. Off you go my lovely, get yourself right. Only now he makes it hard, the payment she does not have and can not get. My own little play that was. The sorrow on her face, knowing she could not do what he asked, and she knew it. now it was my turn. A simple whisper in her ear to lead her in my direction.

“You know what you need to do, just get your head clear, go now, find the bathroom, and get it together, you can do this. Thats it, go on now…”

Off she goes, walking to my triumph and to her own doom. All the stalls are empty, the room is clear, all I have to do is show myself in the mirror and give her the chance. She is looking now, her own reflection and nothing more. First my real voice, then I will show her the rest.

“What seems to be your trouble dear?”

“Is there somebody there? Hello?”

“Yes, yes I am here and I think I can help you solve your problems, if you will allow me too.”

“Where are you,  all I see is my own reflection. Am I going mad?”

“No dear, you re not mad, well not yet. Let me show myself and then you will have to decide if you want him or not.”

Now, I had been told to become something more then smoke for her to see was going to hurt me, and hurt, was an understatement as I started to shift. First my legs and body, then my head and of course horns. She saw, but did not believe. My true form was so completely different from her own, but here I was, in the flesh, so to speak.

“Now, my dear, now you can see me, and you realize what I am, how bad do you want that boy tonight?”

“How do you know what I want, or what he wants with me? What are you?”

“What am I? What am I, are you serious? For thousands of years human have been tough to fear demons, and now you see one and you don’t even know what I am? I am his temptation. I am your temptation. I am the shadow who guides you to sin, I AM A DEMON! Do you now fully understand young one of flesh?”

“What do you want from me, I mean, how can you give me what he wants. I will never be able to give him that.”

“Maybe not on your own, but with my help, anything is possible. All you have to do is invite me in, and I will give you all your dreams.”

“Invite you in? Invite you in what, me?”

“Yes dear one, that is the ticket to your dreams. That is how you get what you want. You say freely that you invite me into your being, and I will do the rest.”

Now, I know all this is a bit over the top, but what else am I supposed to do? Stay a low leveled demon forever and give up my chance to become human and partake in the beauty that is woman? Not fucking likely. She seemed to be thinking it over, and just when I feared she would reject my offer, she agreed.

“Alright, I’ll do it. I will invite you in, just promise me, I will get him. Promise me I will get what I want for a change!”

“A change, do you not ever get what you want?”

You see, all humans do is complain about how hard they have it. Just you listen to her answer and see if I am exaggerating my opinion.

“No! I never get what I want. I have no job, no money and no way to make the world see me. I have needs and desires, but I am never what they want. What must I do to get his attention, just once?”

“Well my lovely, I have told you, say those magick words, and I will give you my best!”

An open mouth, a deep breath and then the words to my freedom…

“I freely, of my own will invite you into my soul. Do your worst demon!”

And that is how it is done! My essence burned from the inside out and my body evaporated to a cloud. I floated to her and started to merge with her flesh. I could feel her heart beat, her lungs fill with air and then it happened. I was able to see through her eyes. I was no longer a shadow, I was the flesh to be used and use her I will. There was a rustle in the back of my mind, I could only imagine that was her, realizing this was not what she had intended, but too late now. All my being, I had seen woman of this world and wanted to become one with them, but this was better then anything I could have done on my own. Oh mighty serpent, I do this for you. First to walk her back to the boy, and then to give him so much more then he knew he wanted. It was odd to walk in the flesh, but after a moment I got the hang of it. Out the door, down the steps and back to the bench he now sat on. Her mind was joining with mine now, and I knew she would be able to voice her opinion of what I did with her body, but she was only along for the ride, and she had better buckle up! The boy was taller then he seemed from the outside. I only came up to his chin, but I was not going to be on my feet, most of this night, that much I knew for sure. This body was all too ready to be fucked and I was all too ready to obey my own commands. He one was shy, and I knew this simply would not do for my needs, but he was the only one here and he was going to get the night of his dreams, though the soul I had now replaced was going to get so much more.

“I did not think you would come back after you knew what I want from you, but I am not going to complain. Do you live near here, or would you rather do it outside?”

“Oh, I think I can suggest a place or two, follow me, and then we can and will play.”

I led him down the steps to the lowest level of the parking garage. No one would be parked down this far, on a mid week night, so we would have the place to ourselves. I could feel the heat within building as I felt his hand move over my ass. I had to make sure she could still feel everything and then I would start.

“Are you still there dear, are you ready to get everything you ever dreamed of?”

“How is this possible, why could he not see me when I was just me? Will this last forever, How?”

“Stupid little human, you invited me in, and this is how we are going to play. Forever you say, well maybe, but for now, just give into what he wants of you and I will watch. I am going to step out now, but you will still hear and feel my presence, understand?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Really I take over her being and she thanks me, was I crazy to want to be this kind of creature? She got down on her knees and proceeded to take out the boy’s cock. I had not given the ld much of a thought, but he was more then ready to use this little thing. She opened her mouth and took him within her. She gagged at first, but after a moment she seemed to settle into having her head used in this way. I leaned on the wall and watched as the boy thrust himself into her mouth, deeper and deeper. Only humans could find enjoyment in such things. How long could this go on, I wondered, but just as I thought I was going to fall asleep, he pulled himself out. This time he got on his knees and pushed her on the concrete floor. Her ass was such a sight to behold, and when he peeled off her yoga pants, I thought I was going to be the one to come. Her ass showed beads of sweat and a need only his cock would be able to fill. He pushed her face to the cold ground and positioned himself behind her. When his cock was wet, he pushed it forward and found a wet waiting hole to sink into. His first push was nothing to write home about, but after he realized she was wet and wanting, he made up for it with the second, then third and so on. His hands found her long brown hair and using it like a leash pulled her head to him and thrust his hips in her. Her first scream echoed through the empty garage, but he was not moved to give her any ease. Over and over he pounded his cock into her as her nipples became erect and her mind pun in the darkness I wove to her being.

For more then an hour this man fucked and used her body till she could only shake from the experience. Her first scream turned to grunts and moans. Those moans turned to nothing more then the sound of a woman getting fucked like an animal. His first explosion was blown into her sex, though I was happy to see, he was not even close to being done with her.  The second time he went to push his cock into her body it was not her sex, that would cause the moans this time, but her ass. Tight, pink and never used in such a way. He only took her hands and helped her understand the only way it would not hurt so much would be if she helped to pull open her ass for his using. It was not as simple as fucking her tight cunt, but it did give a demon the enjoyment of her further fall to true darkness. It took him some time to get himself fully into her ass, having never been fucked before, but after his come started to drip out of her bunt and cover the new hole, it gave him all the lube he could want. Now his thrust was getting hard again, and now her head was, once again being used in tow with hair as a leash. Drool was dripping from her open lip as he continued to fuck her ass. Grunts, moans and a squeak echoed from her voice, now harsh with the dark pleasure only this kind of fucking could offer. His final pounding left her gasping for air, and her head hanging in pain. Could this be the end of the show, I truly hopped not. Out of her ass, and back into her cunt he went. Back and forth till once again an explosion erupted from him, into her. This time dripping from her to the cold floor.

He did not seem to know what else to do, I guess it was my turn to give the instructions. I could only whisper to her this night, so whisper I would.

“Get on top of him and make him be the one to scream! Don’t let this be the end, you have wanted this all your life, make your move girl, fuck hime. Fuck him now!”

She was an easy pet to control, he moved forward allowing his cock to fall form her swollen cunt. Standing over him, enjoying the turn of events about to take place. He rolled onto his back, and winched at the cold floor below him. She took her place above him and came down, like a fallen tree in a storm. Nothing so caring as making love, no, this would be a fuck of a lifetime. First her knees on the floor on either side of his waist, then her hands on his bare chest. Her hips were like open waves in a storm, only this storm was just getting started and she made sure he knew it. Back and forth she rocked into him, and once gain he exploded into her, only this time yelling from the pain of her not giving up. She wanted everything she had ever been denied, and she was going to get it this night. One roll after another till her hips stated to hurt, then a change of direction and now her ass to his face she started again. I did not think it possible for him to come again, so while she continued to use him, he could only lay there and take is. The enjoyment on her face echoed in my own darkness. This was better then all the times I had whispered in the ears of the ones I would pass in coffee shops. This was better then angels on demons and this was better then I could ever do on my own design.

She fucked him till his moans turned to screams, and he knew, maybe for the first time in his silly little life that a man was no longer in control. The woman I had chose was controlling the situation now, and she was enjoying it all the same. It was her turn to come on him, and when she did she pulled up just enough to make sure it covered him. Her body surged forward from the intensity of the orgasm. I could only think it to be over till his cell phone rang and with  bit of pain, he answered it.

“What! No, the lower level stupid, yes she is worth all your trouble. No, I can’t talk. Hell figure out why.”

He not only turned off the call, but tossed the phone back behind him. She did not seem to notice or care what he did. There was a look of madness in her eyes.  A look, I had come to know all to well over the centuries. A look that meant she was not quite finished yet. Echoes from the steps behind her made her head turn. As she did she saw two other men, of good looks walking towards her. A smile of pure evil crossed her face, and I knew this was the one I had dreamed of. They walked over to see their friend on his back and not able to move. One of them kicked him to make sure he still lived, but when he did nothing to stop them they only laughed at him.

“What a loser, taken to the cleaners by one woman. Hey Tommy, you think she can take on the two of us and do the same?”

“No way, look at her, she is all used up, we will have to find another one full of spirit to play with. John, just get him up so we can leave. The night is still young! Lets go already!”

It was not the kind of game I had planned on, but as I leaned into my girl, I emerged my essence with her skin allowing my energy to flow freely into her being. This brought her up and out of the trance in mere moments. The two men were taken by a surprise when she turned on the one named Tommy and all but ripped open his pants to expose a rather pathetic cock. The size not stopping her, she took it into her mouth while John unzipped himself and made ready to show her more. This was nothing to her. She may have never had a banging before, but she knew what she wanted and these three men were not going to stop her getting it. And so, it started again. This time her on her hands and feet face towards the feeling with one man below and one on top. Her body seemed to break with the intensity of the sex being given her now. The men came over and over, though it never slowed her pace. One after the other they both dropped to the floor with her still yearning for more.

Maybe I had given her too much of myself, but I had no idea what she would do next. The three men lay on the cold concrete floor gasping for air, and she climbed to her feet. The look in her face now was one of pure triumph. She knew this had been her time, and to my delight, she had not wasted it. She got herself dressed, and made for the steps. When she came out on the ground level, I was shocked to find the morning sun shinning blinding me in my face. She walked out the doors to the street and turned around, as if looking for someone. Her voice shocked me as much as her words.

“Are you still here demon? I would like to thank you, if I can, for your assistance. I would never have had the courage to start that on my own.”

“I am behind you dear. What more can I tempt you with?”

I knew she could take no more fucking but I had to ask, just in case. You never know, she may turn out to be so much more then a beautiful body and face.

“No, I can take no more, but if you ever need to tempt another human again, please come my way, I am in your debt.”

And that was it. She turned and made her way across the street and out of sight. I had almost forgotten one small thing, before she ws completely out of sight. I ran after her and drew her out of her fog.

“One last thing dear.”

“Yes demon, what can I do for you? Or do you have more men to fuck me senseless?”

“You only wish young lady, no. I simply need your name, if you would be so kind?”

“My name? Well what harm can you do with name? Sarabel Bruns. Anything else demon?”

“No, that will do nicely, good bye for now.”

When she was truly gone this time, I made to return to the pit, and the Serpent who was about to offer me my freedom. In the blink of a human eye I was there, and he was waiting. I walked in knowing I must have exceeded his command, but knowing I was about to get my wish.

“So, you think you are ready to join the human in their world to live, do you? Well I can only imagine you will want to be a woman. You don’t seem to think too well of the men. But have you considered what you have done this night? Have you truly considered it? You took an innocent young woman and turned her into something a demon could be proud of! and you just want to walk away from all this?”

He spread out his clawed hands as he spoke his words, and I realized who the test had been truly for. It had not been to test my ability to draw humans to my call, but to draw me to my calling. I had found my true ability this night and he was right. I could not jut walk away from my reason of being. I was a demon and I was a damn good one. I knew my future would be different, but only as long as I was allowed to continue as I had done this night. Sarabel Bruns had been my first, but she would not be my last. No, she may have gotten the fuck of a lifetime, but I knew there were other woman out there who still had yet to be fucked and I would show them the way. Led by serpents command.


Now normally you know I love the smell of coffee, but this night was not like the nights before. I had been abused an lowered, even in the standards of a demon. I had not followed through on my behest, and I was going to be punished for not pushing enough souls over he edge. As it were, my master was not happy with the lack of progress I have made in the last hundred years or so. I was sent out to find the darkest of souls, and collect them, for reasons unknown, but that was the task put on me. And, how do I spend my days on Earth, I look at human women and contemplate life as a free soul.

So, tonight I was walking along wondering if I should follow my mandate, for a change and I stumbled on a human collection of lost souls. A bar in Hyde Park section of Cincinnati, Ohio. I could not afford, after the night I had already had, to ignore such a calling. I looked to the sign over the door and found a twist in fate; PROOF. Could anything in the world be any sweater? I needed proof that I was on the right track, and here it was, spelled out in plain English. All or nothing, as the song goes. Could this be a sign from the darker sides of the universe, one step inside would be the telling.

I found an empty seat at the bar and took on the form of a normal human male. Nothing interesting, nothing you would remember if you saw me for a split second in your eyes. I watched as the bar tenders did their work and before I had a moment to think twice, the truth of everything was looking me in the face. not the face I allowed the human world to see, no, the face of what I truly was. An Angel of the Lord was looking at me with the most peculiar look. I had not heard the voice of the light in many thousands of years, but she spoke as if I were a fool not to listen.

“You do not belong here, demon. I give you this one chance to leave now. Otherwise I will exercise you and you will be nothing more then the embers of a faded memory. Leave!”

Now, I knew she had no authority to remove me from this table. The rules had ben set more then ten millions years ago and I was just as welcome here as they were. If she did not like it, she would have to consider the after shock of her choices this night. I simply smiled back at her and allowed her to see my tail moving back and forth in dark expectations. This, of course, was not the response she wanted to see, knowing a bar would be the harbor for many lost souls, and I, would be more then happy to push each and every one of them over the edge, allowing them to fall to the depths of hell below. So, here I sat, on my bar stool smiling at her, and thinking if she were not an  angel in human form, she would be quite beautiful. Long dark hair, though pulled up, just below he shoulders to make life easier while doing her chosen job. I could not help but notice two dark bruises on her right wrist, I could only wonder how those came to be there. Was it from tending bar, or something more dubious on the outside? An angel of the lord who also bruised, very interesting in deed.

Now, the other one, the other woman tender the bar, she was more to my demonic eyes then I had expected to see this night. A true demon in human form, much like myself. in the dark sight her reality was open to see, for  all of our kind. Dark skin, many more thousands of years older then I. Wings tightly folded on her back and making sure to not touch the angel. I could not help myself, I had to know their names and in being the human I now portrayed, I simply asked them.

“Excuse me dear, may I ask your name, and the name of your fellow tender?”

“This is my turf, you under skin, if you want to live to see tomorrow, you will leave now.”

Well that was not the answer I wanted, so I was going to have to try a bit harder. Did I have the courage to ask the Angel for her name as well, only a moment would tell.  She came back to my side of the counter and I could not help myself, this was jut too much fun to not poke at.

“Excuse me dear one of pure light and word, would you give me your name please?”

I could only be polite, I wanted to know, and much to my amazement, I was given an answer, though more as well past the set of names.

“I see you for what you truly are. What you think you will accomplish here is a mystery, but I give you my word, Lord of light, I will protect all those who desire His words over yours. As for our names, I don’t see what good they are to you demon. I am Shannon of the third light, Angel to the voice of his true words and faith. She is, like you can already see, like you. Only here to scavenge on the already lost souls of the human race. Her name is Ashley, and though you may think you are stronger together, you will both fail. I stand in His light, protected by any words or meanings you my send my way. I will protect those who need and desire the protection of my wings. Do not stand in my way demon!”

Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but I had their names; Shannon of the third light of almighty angles, and A demon just like myself, trying to make her quote by years end, and what better place to do that then in  bar, to the lost souls of Earth. I looked from Ashley to Shannon and knew who I would want to tangle with, if I were given the choice. Ashley, a young woman of maybe twenty eight, long flowing red blond hair , soft features and a body that could make any true demon jealous. Curves, breasts and hips, I could stair at her and burn for all eternity, in ecstasy. What twist of fate had led her to take on human form and become a tender of bar? I would just have to find out. The other one was something only the truest, pure of heart would take into their very souls. Shannon; tall, dark hair, and though it matched the color of my very soul, her light came from a location, not even we demons could offend. The high god almighty, protected his angles with a fist of protection, as his angle now standing before me. Sharp features, pointed nose, deep eyes and loving smile. Even a Djin would turn and run, if it came across this perfect creation. She had just as equally perfect hips and breasts to match, though the light within, for all those who could see it, flowed over the world to show the truth of all around her. Even I was caught off guard by this one. Though it would make sense. Why not defend the pure of heart, if a demon would prey on the rest? Even though she was my opposite, in every way, I could not take my eyes off her. Till I saw another woman, this one true human, walk in from the outer cold. She was drenched in black, from head to toe. Lace black, but black all the same. She was a balance, something we demons don’t ever see. She had the light of truth and purity shinning from within, but she also had darkness in abundance.

She came over to sit at the bar, order a drink and allow me to speak with her. She could have been made from the same mold as Shannon, but her life had been tainted in the slightest way, and to us who dance in darkness, it was more then enough. Though she was anything but shy, she did hesitate when I asked for her name; Abby. Like the monks who once thought themselves pure, till they left their beloved abby’s. She was accompanied by a human male, of fierce brilliance, He allowed space between them, but she needed and wanted to know about the world around her, so she spoke to me, not knowing of my true origins.

We spoke of her nature, of what I was doing in that bar, and of the book I would soon unleash to this world. She listened with true interest and then a comment of mine, about wondering why she did not have her mate on a tighter leash, seemed to care her humor. She was not like the others here, she did not need or desire to control or dominate he who was with her. She desired to be herself and allow him to do the same.

Had her race come that far already? Had they leaned that the idea of control was only but a myth, or was this amazing young woman just an enigma? I may never know, but I was getting the most demanding impression that the other demon was not happy about me stomping around her chosen grounds. Since I had already spent the day bing torn to shreds in the pit, I knew it was my time to depart. I took one more look at Shannon, and deeply wished for the courage to speak to her about things, I was not allowed to even consider. Demons were only allowed to tread so far into the realm of light, and angles knew better then to tread into the realm of darkness, otherwise they may truly fall. So here we both stood, on the precipice of light and dark. Both wondering if the other would falter. Both wondering what life on the other side would be like, or so I thought. Right as the though passed through my mind, a flash of light blinded me to the realization of how this night would progress, if I did not leave now. Three other angles now stood between myself and Shannon. She was now taking the position of the souls around her to nothing. She would protect the innocence,  no matter the cost.

In that moment, I knew the true difference between them and us, we would only go so far to push humans over the edge, but the angles, backed by the hand of god, would protect the innocent no matter the cost. I stole one last look in her direction, and as if she knew my  deepest desire, she smiled at me, turned and then I left.

On the cold darkened street, I couldn’t  help but wonder about how Ashley was allowed to work in the same proximity as an angel of the lord? How did she get away with being there, but I did not, would any of this ever make sense to me? I could not tell you. All I knew was I had spent the night in the presence of true light and true darkness and I had been allowed to move on, not being taken by either. Would Shannon allow me to continue on without hindrance, or would she send more of her kind after me? All I knew, walking down the lonely streets was simple. I envied them, the angles. they were backed by something more powerful the darkness and they knew it. We never had anyone to back us up, if we were caught outside the lines, no one came to our rescue, but now I knew, I had seen the determination of the light, and I, a demon, would never forget. I had found my answer in the world, and in the bar; Proof. One day I like to think I will return, but I am not sure what would become of me if I did. Till then I will always remember Shannon an the exquisite light she had, shinning from within.

I am of the dark. She is of the light. Would I ever be free of these feelings I now had for the opposite side of the universe, and a bartender named Shannon? I can not answer at this time. Darkness encloses me…

The Golden Ember

She walked into the shop today, the one I have been watching for some time. I could not take my eyes off her, though she was not dressed in any special way. Everything else was in place, her long golden hair, braided across the top, like her mother had done before her and that combination of smooth wide hips and supple breast line. Oh those dear parents, they had made something special when they fucked in the making of you. This is the third time I have seen you. Normally I don’t come back to the same place over and over again, but the thoughts that pass through my evil brain when I see you are just enough to break my normal routine. Right now, you must be reading this and wondering what kind of a demon keeps a journal, but I will tell you simply, I have one true weakness, that is beyond just the every day run of the mill human. If ever there was something in the universe made to tempt and torment all life, it was the creation of a perfect women. Now I know to think one perfect is some kind of sin, but I am already a demon, what the hell else can you condemn me too? Really I think those of us born of fire have it best of all. We are not raised coated in sugar. We are not brought up thinking there is a place for us at some golden table. No, we are told how it is from the fucking start. You are evil, go out and do something with it. Now I must say, the youth years, all three thousand of them are kind of hard. no one takes you under their wings and tells you how to torment the human soul. You have to go out and make a complete fool of yourself and figure it all out for yourself, but damn, when you get it right, it just makes you burn that much hotter.

So, here I sit, in this den of roasted beans, named after the Goddess of old,to those who think more to drink from one source then another, and I watch you humans come and go. I see the unity in so many, think of all the ways I could burn you out, but then, one comes along, like this little golden ember and I know why I was made. I was made to make others feel something so much hotter then the rest. Born to help you see the way to a woman’s heart is thought the fires of hell. Now even those among my kind wonder if I was not made just a bit too fucked up, but we all have to have our hobbies, an this is mine.  I watch you all, don’t get me wrong, but when I see a certain kind of woman, with close to perfect curves, a mind to think for herself, I just can’t help myself, I have to dig in and find all the ways to make her squirm, at first. But, in time I find out every dark evil secret they have and I show them how to use that against their mortal enemy, man. So why me you may ask, why not. I mean come on, she know she is wondrous to look at, you can already see it when she looks to the guy next to her. Yes, she knows what her bosom and hips are doing to him, but that is all part of the fun, She is woman after all. You think she goes to all that trouble to make herself all done up just for her professors, hell no! I dance in flames from the start and she even heats me up,!

A bit on my background, for those of you who care. I would like to think some of you are interested in the one telling the story, and not just the store its self. My name is a bit of a mouthful for your kind, so I will cut it down a bit. E’triakk is close enough. I am not the most powerful demon out there, a bit more on the path to annoy and corrupt then do all out distruction of the world. I have no kind of family, not like you would call it anyway. I am, in your calendar, around six thousand years old and I am just getting started. The first time I was allowed to come to Earth was the last time I ever had a clear mind. I knew, from the very beginning, how I was going to spread my mischief to this little blue globe, women to man. Now, the supreme above me had other planes, but since there are ver few rules for my kind, he could not help but be impressed with my fascination and desires for the female version of the human race. As I was saying, the first time I came to this world, I was taken by many things, the sights, not just women, the many tastes and most of all the smells. There is little to nothing to smell in hell but burnt, this and that, but here on Earth everything has a smell. Even you humans, with you pheromones. And, let me tell you what, those are smells I can corrupt with. The other smell that I can’t seem to get enough of is the smell of roasting coffee. Now roasting is something all my kind are familiar with, but to roast  bean, and then filter scalding hot water through it, oh, I would think it were you humans trying to torment us, not the other way around! Damn!.

Now Wait! The golden ember is sitting down, for a change. Normally she gets her drink and simply goes away, leaving me to ponder in my own flames of misery, but not this day. I had said she was not wearing anything out of he ordinary, will that may have been a bit short sighted on my part. A lovely form fitting brow skirt, down across her knees. Knee high tan riding boots and a bluish sweater, scarf surrounding her head. Her hair is the combination of many shades of gold, not just that bleached stuff of so many fake blonds. No, this ember has real, a thick burning gold main, as if her hair were flowing waves of fire to burn her onlookers with. Need I say more? As you can tell, I have a bit of a thing for this one. Most of the time I lean more towards the dark brown ladies, but every now and again the golden firs burns to my black little soul. A young man is coming over to sit with her, and though she looks less then pleased, she is not going to deny the attention he is willing to give. Small talk, are you fucking kidding me, is he nine with no balls? Come on man, fall to your fucking knees and worship this one, show her what you really feel and how you will worship her if you could just once, run your hand over her tempting form.

You are laughing at me now, aren’t you. Really, you think this kind of walking sculpture is a normal every day thing. Keep dreaming. You would fall to your knees if this ember would allow you into her personal bubble for a bit of time and you know it, so stop laughing.

There’s another on, and another, what is this, is another of my kind making these woman come in today, just to push me too far. I normally don’t want to go prod, but I may be making a few exceptions today. I could slide a burning claw over a single nipple, bring a bit of heat between her soft thy’s and endure a bit of internal excitement to come forth! How do these little men just stand around and not run to true sin, how can they not do anything about what is right fucking next to them? I will never know.

She looks to him, shows a bit of interest and he only say’s hello. The depth of desire is on her face man, what would it take for you to man up? Must I tempt you further. I get to my feet, stroll over to him and whisper my evil mind to his soul, and we will just have to see.

“She wants more then your words, she wants your true attention. Stop being a boy, and use your manhood. Look at he breasts, imagine them bare! And, those hips, what could this woman do to you, if you would only give the slightest reason…”

And now for her, my golden ember, what shall I whisper to you my dear?

“Make him see you, make him want in so many ways. That’s it, slide your hand over your breasts, give him something to think about. Give him something to want. Give him something to need. Yes, breath a bit heavy, up and down with your breasts, now slid that hand down under the table and use your tongue to taste the lid of your drink, let him see and let him want!”

Now seriously, can you think of a better job for all eternity then mine, I can’t. Temptation, and vanity, what an adorable couple. I will just have to let you think about this one a bit. My job here is done, at least for the day. The seed is planted and the fruit already grows within. Now go forth children and make your needs known. This demon is checking out…