DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibilities for babies, fight, bruises screaming, clawing, biting, or even whipping of your sexual partner. Although if it gives you any good ideas for stories, please pass it along.

All images on this page are found online. If anyone finds issues with them, or my use of them, please tell me.

Happy Dreaming

Elisha Rashkae is a dreamer and creator.She lives in northern Kentucky, just over the river from Cincinnati Ohio. She has lived all over the country and been all around the world. She sees though her own flavored rose colored glasses. She is preparing to sign her first book contract, in the hopes of bringing the world, at large a new kind of erotic story, designed to entice and entertain. The writings of Elisha lean more towards the tunnel to real life, well, real life with a few twists. An elf and dragon here and there, maybe a shimmer in fate and a passionate kiss from dark worlds behind your imaginary limits, but only to an end where you can see yourself in the story you now read, and long for the tale when you must return to your every day life. She asks nothing of you, but promises to remind you of something you may have lost in a past life.  Is her story what you live every day or what you only dream about when you think no one is paying attention? Only you can be the answer to that question.  Elisha sits in her coffee shops and watches the world around her, so don’t be too caught off guard when a character in her story looks and acts a lot like you. She may have seen you, and realized you were meant for a more powerful story, then the one she saw you living.

What can I tell you about the inner working of the mind of Elisha Rashkae? What indeed. I can tell you this, she will never bore you, but she may bring you to tears. Don’t look away, because just about the moment you think you can’t take any more, she will push you to look to a new horizon. Read, if you will, the deeper dream of this unique woman, and always remember to turn the page, the life you change from her writings, may be your own.


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