A Morning Affair

The Morning After

No dreams nor nightmares could ever compare with the first night after Arthur. I don’t think I can remember single night, in my life, when I slept as soundly as I did after the opera that night. The moment I fell on the feather pillow, I fell to complete darkness.

When I did wake the next morning, I woke with a sense that my life was, at last going to work out for me. I had always felt like the black sheep in my family. I had no other siblings, but my mother had always been disappointed with and in me. I slept with far too many men, and even a few women. I never considered how my actions were going to affect the only member of my blood family in my life; my mother. She had asked me to be a good daughter. She had asked me to consider her and the world around me when I learned to do for myself, but I never had. I feared it was too late. Too late to make the right decisions. Too late to make my mother proud. And worst of all, too late to take back all my past mistakes. But, that morning I woke and felt like there was hope in my life. I wanted to get up, put my clothing on, go home and try to speak with my mother. I was wiggling out of bed when I remembered I had no clothing. I wasn’t entirely sure what part of town I was in, or how I would get home, but then I did remember Arthur telling me he would send his driver back to take me anywhere. I got up stood for a moment and heard footsteps outside my door. A soft knock at the door, made me realize that who ever it was, I was completely naked, and did not know them. Another knock, and I at least had to answer.

“Yes? Who is it?”

“Alyse, I know you don’t know my voice or my person, but my, um, well Mr. Windsor asked me to help you home today. My name is Amy, and I will help you get something to wear, before you step back into your own home and life. May I please come in? I know you are without clothing, but I am not shy, if your not.”

I really did not know what to do, but she had a point, I had no clothing, no idea how to get some and I could not walk into my mothers house nude. I think it is safe to say, she would kill me over this one! I knew she was doing what she had been asked to do, so I took a deep breath and answered.

“Please come in.”

After my evening with Arthur I was not sure what to expect, but the woman who walked through the door, did not walk or seem like a simple employee. She had long straight black hair hanging to her waist. A pair of the longest legs I have ever seen, shiny four inch heels, a short black pinstriped skirt, and black silk blouse. The only color on her was the bright red nail polish, and matching lipstick. As for the curves below the clothing, well I could only look twice before I felt like I was staring. Her ass, looked like it was suspended in mid air by some unknown piece of technology. It slopped perfectly into the small of her back, and that curved round her hips to her breasts. Though she was wearing a bra, I doubted it was much more then lace over skin. Her very erect nipples were pushing through making it hard to focus on anything else. I could not tell if she was wearing makeup or not. If so, it had been applied with the greatest  care and precision. Nothing was out of place with this woman. I felt awkward standing before her completely nude, but she simply walked over to me, put her hand on my bare breast and slid it over my nipple, bringing me to as much attention as herself. She looked me right in the eyes and proceeded to walk around the back of me, moving her hands over me as she did. It was when she reached the small of my back and the dip of my ass that I jumped. Her fingers were moving down the crack to the truth hiding below. I felt a rush of heat flowing over me, and knew where this was going.

I could not complain. She was so beautiful and I want to explore her as well. As her fingers reached just above my anus I felt her pushing me towards the wall, with some force. Once there my face on the wall and my hands creeping up above my head. Her fingers continues to follow the same path they had started till she reached a hole and pushed! After everything from last night, my ass gave with no complaint. I could only moan as her fingers moved in and out of me. I could only stand with hands on the wall, face most surely flushed and body burning in wave after wave of sweet delight. As far as I was concerned she could do just about anything she wanted to me. I stood there and gave her my full attention. When, at last she removed her fingers from me, I was covered in small beads of cool sweat. She moved her hands back to the nipples, still erect on my breasts and kissed my back between my shoulder blades. I felt her take in a breath and knew words would interrupt my morning ecstasy.

“I do believe Arthur found an exquisite woman last night, would you not agree?”

How is one supposed to make a comment on such a thing about themself? Truly put, I had no idea, but I also knew I want this woman to touch me more. She stayed leaning against me, but made no move to use me further.

“Do you have no open defense on my words of you dear?”

“Honestly, I am not sure how to respond. I had not expected you this morning and I am not sure how I feel about knowing Arthur speaking with some other woman about me. What would you say if I came in to your room, not knowing you and said that to you?”

“Well I would, at least thank the person for saying such nice things about me, but then again I am very open and do not take what others say about m to heart. Besides what could they possibly know about the real me! right?”

“I suppose you have a point there, so in that point of grace; thank you. It is nice to know others think so highly of my overall being.”

We both stood there for a few minutes, no interest in moving and then she spoke again and I knew the morning was going to move forward.

“It would seem lady Alyse, you are in need of clothing, and a ride home most likely? What would you like to wear? I have been instructed to take you to get an outfit from any venture, no holding back. then we will get something to eat and take you back to your family. Is there anything I am forgetting?”

I sighed and she took notice and put both her hands back between my legs from behind. I gasped and she moved them in and out of my soft, now wet, peach. One moan, two then a thrust with half her hand had me on the floor in tears. I could not breath, nor could I beg her to stop. She had gone from gently probing my lips to fisting my already swollen cunt! Her head found its way next to my ear, and the voice that echoed through my soul would scar me forever. It was not the sweet voice on the other side of the door from only moments ago, it was cold, dark and somewhat evil!

“Is this what you wanted you little slut? Is it all you want to have your body used, fucked and taken control of by others? Careful dear of what you wish, you may, one day find yourself at the hands of others who would use you and only use you. then your dreams will be filled with your past and loving times.”

She continues to fuck me with her fist and I continued to groan and cry. I could barely breath when another man came walking into the room. Now I was on all fours and a strange woman had me in a rather powerful sexual position. He stood over me, I could not look up to see who it was. All I could see of him were his soft leather black shoes. Again she thrusted into my sex and again I screamed! His voice, was not as dark as hers, but when he did speak, I knew others would listen.

“Amy, are you supposed to be playing with her, or helping her to get ready for her day?”

“Thomas, last time I checked the master told us to take care of her needs and wants. This is what she seemed to want, that is before I actually started to give it to her. Now it would seem she has changed her mind, such a shame!”

“Lady Alyse, would you like to continue with Amy, or would you like to get cleaned up, fed and find something to wear? It is your choice dear, I will gladly leave you to the very capable hands of Amy is you like?”

I could barely speak. I could barely look up at him. Her fist still within me and not completely stopped moving. I think my eyes got his attention more then anything else. He knelt down beside me and pulled my chin up to his eyes.

“Speak my lady, do tell us what you want. Do you want more of her pleasures, or do you want to get cleaned up?”

“I, I um please, I think I would like to be cleaned up Mr. Thomas. Thank you.”

“You heard the lady Amy, now stop playing with her, if you please!”

“Fine! but, remember you asked for it love. And you seemed to like my hands on you so very much.”

She pulled her hand out of me and not with any love. I screamed as it came free and I fell to the floor exhausted. My whole body shaking and tears falling from my eyes. And I had thought I had been used last night. I rolled over on my back and my legs fell open from the pain between them. I looked at Amy, now sitting on the floor, and Thomas handing her a towel to clean off her hands. The smile she wore brought a chill to my entire being, but it was the look from this Thomas that made me think having her stop was for the best. He seemed to be enjoying what she was doing to me even more then she had. With a quick thought, I felt as a small animal trapped by two larger ones. I edged myself back towards the wall and sat up. They were both still wearing their same expressions when I regained my standing position. When I looked up, Thomas took on a more polite pose, though it was clear his true nature, was much less then acceptable. He put out his hand and though I was still hesitant. I took it.

“Now then, since you have opted out of any more morning games, what shall we do first? Would you like a shower dear, or just food and clothing.”

“I am still confused to where we will be getting me clothing. I would have preferred to return home in the outfit I came in with last night, but your employer made that quite impossible.”

There was something about the way they both looked at each other when I said their employer. It was as if there was something else going on with these two, but I could not understand what. I was past being hungry, but I also knew if I returned home smelling of sex, my mother would surely kill me. Not that it would have been the first time, but I felt something had changed and I no longer wanted to spend my life finding new ways to upset her. I quickly decided the best course of action was to do things in the proper order, for a change.

“I think I will take a shower and then food. Whatever you two have planned for clothing will be just fine. Thank you for your concern.”

I meant that last bit, though I think it came off with a bit more attitude then I had meant for it too. They both smiled at me and Amy opened the door, motioning me to follow her. The bath room was massive, not like anything I had ever seen. There was a huge sunken, claw footed tub sitting in the middle of the room, just in front of a window looking out on a small garden. the shower was in the corner, though it looked like it had, at least three water heads in it. I opted for the shower, seeing how I needed to get on with my day. Already nude, I stepped into the stone stall and turned the water on. It got hot very quickly, and when it reached a comfortable temperature I transferred it to the top. As I had expected it shot out at me from three different locations, hitting every part of me at the same time. As I stood there allowing the hot water to wash away the pain and sex from this morning and last night, I started to feel better. The heat slowly soothed my bones and muscles. I found body wash, and shampoo in a cubby and applied them to cleaning myself properly. When I finished, Amy and Thomas were standing, almost at attention outside the bathroom door. I could have sworn they looked more like soldiers then employees. Next to no feeling in their faces, and I do not think they had said a single word to each other while I had gotten clean.

There had not been any towels for me to dry off with, so I simply walked out dripping wet and assumed nothing of it. Thomas walked over to me, placed his hand on the small of my back and led me to another room, this on filled with fresh roses and clean linen’s. A small bench in the middle of the room and windows on all sides. The light was blinding, but nice. I sat down,  not knowing what to expect. He took a towel and continued to dry every inch of me. I was not sure how to take any of this. I could have done so on my own, but he seemed determined to completely take care of my every need. Even at home I had never been taken care of in such a way, nor had my own mother. Or not that I knew of.  Once completely dry, he bade me stand up and he took another clean, much smaller and softer town and dried everything between my legs, pushing only hard enough to remove water. He then proceeded to my breasts and did the same. Nothing to arouse me further, only dry. He stood again, at attention in front of me and smiled as he looked down at the floor.

“Now, isn’t that better lady Alyse? I hope you enjoyed your shower. You do seem to be much more comfortable now you are clean and dry. Can I do anything else for you?”

“No, thank you, but tell me, do you treat all the visitors of this house like this? I feel like royalty, not some woman picked up after an opera.”

“Is this all a bit much for you dear? Mr. Arthur asked us to show you just how you could be treated if you choose. Do you not get taken care of like this in your own home?”

The tone of his voice suggested a jest, but his words were firm as was his question. I did not know anyone who got this kind of treatment every day. I would think someone would get tired of being taken care of like this. And the training you would have to put your staff through for this would be a terrible waste of money, but then I was not the one with employees who acted like this. I knew I could not imagine ever being expected to take care of anyone like this. I did not think anyone in the world deserved such treatment. I stood up, and made my way back to the door, more then ready to get food, and clothing.. I still had no idea how they were going to acquire clothing for me, but I was ready to find out.

As we both stepped through the door, Amy was standing waiting for me with a measure tape and pen pad. In the next few minutes she measured every centimeter of me and when she finished she put the pad in her blouse pocket. the both looked me up and down and when they were sure I was clean and ready we proceeded to a car, parked just out the front door. It seemed I was going to be surprised over and over by Arthur. The car, a beautiful black Maserati, leather interior and black tinted windows. Again, like with Amy’s attire, the only other color in the car was red, from the stitching on the seats. As the door was opened for me, I felt odd sitting in something so clean with no clothing on, but I saw little choice. Once in, Amy came around the other side and sat next to me in the back. Thomas took to the wheel and turned over the engine. The car made a soft deep hum and we were off.

Within a few minutes we were passing the theater from the night before and making our way downtown. The car stopped outside of Harrods, and Amy opened her door and stepped out. She went into the store alone, leaving me in the car with Thomas. I wanted to speak with him, but felt more and more uncomfortable in his presence. As it was, he started the conversation on his own.

“So, what do you think of everything this morning?”

“I am honestly overwhelmed by the treatment. I feel more like a princess then a woman in someones home. I still have problems believing you treat everyone like this.”

“Well, when you are in the service of Master Windsor, this is what is expected of you. You don’t think you could ever act like this with others?”

“Goodness no, I am fine with being polite, but I don’t think anyone should behave like slaves, and that is how you have both acted this morning. Amy is quite lovely, but very cold as well. And, what do you mean, in the service of Master Windsor? He made it clear to me last night, he does not like the term master, but you and Amy seem to call him such naturally. Do you really prefer to act as you have with me this morning?”

“My dear Alyse, sometimes how we would like to act, and what is expected of us are two very different things. Take you for example. I know you are the daughter of Annabella Stewart Filthaven. I also know you have been in the papers a few times in your life, not too shiny for your mother or your family. Do you not feel that sometimes you should act much different then you actually do?”

I did not know what to say to him. This was the very thing I had thought of last night, but now I felt as if I were being lectured by mother, and that never left a good taste in my mouth. But, he did have a point. I had been a rather disobedient daughter and it was high time I made some changes. But having a stranger point out such things was, in my opinion highly inappropriate. I sat, for another minute and chose my answer carefully.

“It had not occurred to me, that the outside world would have taken note of my expressive behavior through out my life. But now you point it out, I do find myself highly embarrassed. Though, on the same point, do all people, growing up, not make decisions they will come to regret and thus learn from those mistakes?”

“I would think that is a true point, but I would also wonder how you would have felt about this conversation yesterday before you met master Windsor, Amy or myself. The young woman I have read about in the papers, is not the very same woman I speak to now. I feel as if something has changed within you, and perhaps the last twenty four hours is to credit for such a change.”

Again, I was caught off guard by his words. I was not use to anyone being so forward with me, but, I could not find complaint with it. Most everyone in my life, including my mother said things from an angle and not straight on. I was about to answer his last comment when the door opened and Amy handed me three bags all with luxury brand names on them. She sat into the car again, and helped me find one thing or another. There was a new pair of satin lace panties, though I could not say what Arthur hd done with mine from last night. There was a matching satin lace bra to match. A professional skirt, much like the one she already wore, only mine was black with white pen stripes. And last of all a silk blouse of pure snow white. As I was getting ready, I noticed Thomas and Amy taking glances at me and smiling. After the last day or so, I was almost free of being shy. These two made it difficult to be shy in any way having to do with my own body. Trying to look behind the car, to make sure nothing was coming, Thomas spoke to me in the rear view mirror.

“Lady Alyse, if you need to get out and straighten yourself, the way is clear.”

“Thank you Arthur.”

I opened the door, stepped out of the car and made sure everything was put on in the correct order. The new bra and panties felt amazing on my cool clean skin. The silk blouse gave me a sense of togetherness and the skirt, though not something I would have picked for myself, made me feel very mature and professional. I only wished I had powder for my face. As I climbed back into the car, I noticed Amy had thought the same thing I just had. She was holding a bag full of make up and more and she set to making me look complete. Again, I felt as if I had a slave taking care of my every need, and again, I felt very uncomfortable about it. I allowed her to finish and thanked her throughly. I was sure everything looked perfect, God knows hers did. Amy touched Thomas in the shoulder and he almost jumped when she did. My first thought, this morning was that these two were a pair, but now seeing him jump at her touch, I had to think again. No matter how well they worked together, there could not be any more to it then that. When he had regained his composure he turned and looked at her, not the most friendly face I had ever seen.

“Yes, Amy would you like to say something?”

“Well, it is almost ten, and I do believe we have a reservation for lunch at ten thirty, do we not?”

“Quite correct, we must get moving, so not to be late.”

A reservation for lunch, how could anyone have guessed at the time we would have been ready, but right as we pulled to the valet parking in front of the Savoy Hotel it was just seven minutes shy of ten thirty. Thomas and Amy got out of the car, I had my door opened for me and I stepped out. A driver took the car and drove away. As I stepped onto the curb, I thought I saw my mother standing just inside the door, but I hoped I had made a mistake. Amy straightened her clothing as did Thomas. The doors were opened and we walked right into my mother and step father, Christian. There was no time to turn round, and my escorts stopped me before I could. Mother and Christian did not seem surprised, in the least that I had arrived for lunch and with guests of a much higher standing then my regular friends. What surprised me, was when she seemed to recognize Amy and Thomas both. I could only hope my mother did not know Arthur, because if she ever found out I slept with one of her long standing friends, I was sure to die.

“Amy, Thomas, how nice of you to bring my daughter to lunch this morning. Where ever did you all meet? Is Arthur with you, or is he out on business like he always is?”

“We all met last evening at the theater, and yes, Master Windsor is out of the country. He extended his invitation for lunch to you, Christian and Alyse. I do hope that is alright. He was quite pleased with her overall behavior last night, and could hardly believe the things you have told him about her in the past. Shall we take our seats?”

I was thrilled she answered for me, though I was less then happy when I was sat next to Christian. He was nothing short of a monster and had very little resemblance to a human being. I had been influenced to hate him when first we met, but chose today to try my best to be polite. Mother went on about how much she liked Arthur and of course this brought a major concern to my attention. It would see, I had slept with one of my mothers friends, and keeping this from her, was of the upmost importance. Lunch was ordered and served without a single mention of how I had ended up staying the night with Arthur. Mother actually looked at me and smiled. I felt, for the first time in my life that I may have done something right, thought I couldn’t figure out what that could be. Lunch was coming to a close and I felt a familiar hand reaching for the center of my lap. Taking a deep breath and keeping myself calm, I turned to Christian and politely asked to be excuse to use the restroom. Thomas and Christian stood excusing me and I got a nasty look as I left.

After everything last night, my happenings this morning and my own choice to try to change my life, the last thing I wanted to deal with were the daily advances from my disgusting step father. I had never had the courage to stand up to him, in any way, but this was a first, for me and him. I was almost out of the room when mother spoke up and got my attention, making me turn.

“Alyse, dear, do hurry, I would like you to say goodbye to our guests before they have to leave.”

“Yes ma’am, I will return promptly.”

Her next words were not to me, but they caught me off guard all the same. “What ever did he do to her last night, she is never polite to me, especially in public. I may change my mind and keep her around after all. I will have to thank him fully when he returns.” I lost direct hearing of her words as I turned the corner, but I did not know whether to feel glad for gracious words in my direction, or fearful for the others she spoke as well. I used the restroom and returned just as Thomas and Amy were getting to their feet. I walked over and found myself in an embrace with Amy, her hands on my ass, and Thomas standing before me being a complete gentleman, bowing in respect. I smiled as they turned to leave, and made sure to thank them.

“Thank you both for bringing me to my family this morning, and for everything else you have done for me today. I hope I can one day return the favor you have shown me.”

Neither of them spoke a word, only smiled at me and my mother and left the hotel. I was left with my family, and Christian looking at me like some animal he wanted to beat. I was not look forward to going home, though mother did seem rather cheerful with me. This alone was a first.


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