Pink Lace Panties


It had just been one of those days. you know the ones I am speaking of. Nothing had gone right. I woke up late, forgot my keys and it was raining cats and dogs when I left the house. I knew on the way to work that I had forgotten something, but I had no idea what till I walked in the door of the office only to be reminded by my secretary of the year-end board meeting. Then it hit me, my presentation I had prepared was sitting on a flash drive on my bedside tale, right next to my alarm clock, so I would not fucking forget it! Yes, this was going to be the day from hell. I bull shitted my way through the meeting reiterating everything I could from memory. Low and behold no one seemed the wiser and I got through it with no serious hang ups. When we were adjured and I thought I was free to go, the boss, Kathryn walked up to me and with an evil grin on her face let me have it.

“You know Steve, it is good to know you never lost your ability to bull shit your way out of a test. It would seem that your college day’s are not all the far behind you after all. The problem with your bull shit today is that you completely forgot the outline of the new contract you were supposed to announce to the rest of the board members. Normally I would chalk this up to you being a fucking idiot like always, but now, I have to do your work for you and make sure everyone is up to speed. Seriously, when the hell are you going to grow up and learn to do your own fucking job?”

I knew before her first sentence was out that I was wanting to kill her, but by the time she finished I knew killing her would never be enough. No, I wanted something more then death for her, I wanted to break her! I wanted to make sure she knew I was not still her little toy as she had told me I was back in college. I wanted to see her face when she knew I was now the one in charge and more then that, I wanted to watch as her whole perfect life fell apart as she knelt at my feet, saying yes, anything you want! Right as I hoped she was finished with her dress down and she was about to turn to walk away, she turned bak to me, smiling the way she use to when she knew she had my complete attention.

“Don’t think you will ever be on top of me, you are now, as you have always been my slut, and don’t you ever forget it!”

My blood was boiling, my face surely red from anger and my hands shook from the anger growing deep within. I wanted to grab her by the neck slam her into the cubical next to me and humiliate her in front of the entire room. No matter how angry she made me she also never ceased to turn me on. My cock, growing ever harder in my pants throbbed with my need to use her as she had always used me. I knew she had gotten to me when I looked at her breasts under her silk shirt. Hard nipples poking through as they always did when she knew she had the upper hand. But this time was different, she had sparked something primal, even evil deep within and I knew I had to find a way to show her she was not the power holder in our equation, no matter how hard that may be to accomplish.

My anger turned to hate, and that turned to a need I was sure I had never felt before. My hands clenched into a ball, a single bead of sweat dripped down the right side my face and she spoke again, only this time to push me way too far. She grabbed my hard cock, pulled it till I almost fell to my knees and spoke as if I were already kneeling before her;

“You really should put that away. this is, after all an office an though you think highly of yourself, you are really nothing more then my bitch! Don’t you ever forget that!”

I was shaking with anger when she let go my cock and walked away chuckling to herself. Every part of me that co-existed with reality and society seemed to simply fade away and something else broke and I knew it would never again return. I watched as she walked off, her perfect ass bouncing up and down with every footstep. For the first time, since she and I had met in English 102 in college, My anger vanished. I wish I could tell you this was a good thing, but I knew it was not. It was not that it was gone, it was replaced with  sense of hatred and desire to do terrible things to one and only one person, Kathryn!

Power had never really been my thing. I was always more of a submissive and I was completely happy to stay that way till Kathryn had made me go completely cold. I sat in my office the rest of the day trying desperately to regain some kind of control over myself. I knew hate would only bring me more misery, but as the rest of the day ticked by I could only think of more and more ways to hurt her, make her beg and bring her personal opinion of herself down from being a Goddess to being something more of a human being. It was forty five minutes till the end of the day when Rose, my secretary opened my door and announced that there was a surprise meeting and I was not going to be able to get out of it. I knew, before she could finish that this was only one more way for Kathryn to make my life more uncomfortable then it had been all day. I knew I would regret forgetting my flash drive all the more by the end of his next meeting!

I set my office so I could leave at the end of the meeting and made my way to the board room, where everyone else had already taken their seats. I walked in only to realize Kathryn had taken her lunch to work out and was now wearing tight purple leggings, a lace pink top and oh yes pink panties just showing along her waist line. I felt myself harden and saw the smile once again on her face. No one else in the room paid any attention to the way she was dressed. It was nothing new on a Friday for her to workout on her lunch break and return to work making ever person, women or man want to lick, suck and beg at her feet. I was the only one in the room who had done every bit of that back in college.

I had spent the first semester after meeting her hoping to run into her so I could ask her out. It had never occurred to me just how evil and sadistic a single woman could be about everything they did. The way she dressed. The perfume she wore and oh yes the way she manipulated every emotion in the room making sure all eyes, minds and sexes were completely on her and her alone. When I had found the courage to finally ask her out, she had been waiting in silence for me to do just that. My cock was in my throat when I tried to make eye contact, but only managed to look at her perfectly rounded breasts. When she said yes, I never imagined it would be the worst mistake I would always regret throughout the next six years of my life.

Our first date was to work out together in the campus gym. I had always taken good care of myself. I ran daily and had a decent six-pack abs. I was not shy of who I was and I had never been one to be jealous of any other person, not even a woman. All that ended when she showed up at the gym, and every eye, every mind and every thought targeted her and her alone. She looked as if she had just walked out of a VOGUE magazine. Every bit of her was past perfect and everyone in the building looked at me wondering how someone like me had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with her. First we agreed to run three miles around the indoor track and throughout the entire ordeal I allowed myself to lag behind her just by a bit. Her ass, and hips bounced as if the almighty had made them to only attract attention and she had mine in completion. By the end of the work out I had a cock unlike that of the thunder God himself. It ached with need and my mind had long since run away with sexual fantasies of everything I wanted to do with her and she with me. We went back to her dorm and I sat on her bed as she removed every bit of her skin tight clothing. She walked out of her room, to the shower and returned dripping wet, knowing I wanted to be touched and she did nothing of the sort.

Days of this turned to weeks and then to months and never did she make any attempt to touch me, kiss me or allow me to do anything to her. That year ended with me more tied up in knots then I wanted to remember. We did not talk the next term, or the one after that. I never had another girl friend in college and I think that was exactly what she wanted! When she graduated a semester before me and her company was the only offer I got after my own graduation it never occurred to me that she may have set me up to continue to feel her dominating presence over my complete being. It has now been four years, and every week she found some new way to remind me that in her mind, I was still her toy and that was exactly how she wanted it. Evil, manipulative, sadistic, perfect, Godly and mean were now the words I associated with Kathryn. She had never allowed me to feel the single ounce of care from her, and I was starting to wonder if she was, even human.

Back to the last meeting of the week and the boss I knew I wanted to break and hurt as she has always hurt me. She leaned against the dry erase board, her ass pushing out an those pink panties holding my complete attention. They were the only part of her attire I could concentrate on, and they made my cock swell and my mind swim. As expected she was bringing the rest of the floor up on the bit of information I had forgotten this morning an this I could completely understand. It was when she looked at me, smiled and told everyone else I had been my normal fuck up and forgotten to put this in my morning brief. Many of the others in the room seemed to think her out of line to single me out the way she had, but no one said a thing. No one ever said a thing to counter her actions or mean remarks of my being a normal person who is prone to make the occasional mistake. When the meeting came to a close she walked up to me, smiled and placed her hand on my crotch making me even more aware of how submissive I still was to her.

“I hope you understand I could not allow the week to end without allowing everyone else to know how you fucked up this morning and as you see no one will challenge my authority over you. Not here not anywhere and it is good after all these years you know that making the mistake thinking you were on my level to ask me out was so terribly far from reality, I will never allow you to forget it!”

Again my anger flared and this time I actually acted on it grabbing her hand pulling it off my cock and pushing her away from me. I stood up, met her eye to eye and spoke making sure she knew she would soon retreat making me feel the way she always did.

“You think you have the right to make me feel less about myself because I made the mistake thinking you were a human being back in college, well you are sorely mistaken! If you ever touch me again, out of place in public or in the office, I will make sure you are fired for sexual harassment. Now, you evil bitch, do you understand me completely!?”

I knew instantly from the look on her face she had never expected me to stand up to her, or turn her own words against her, but the moment I said it, I felt better then I had in years. I walked out of the room, not allowing her to speak and not looking back either. Since I had already set my office in place, I took my brief case and made my way to the elevators and out of the building.

On my way home I started to fear I may have upset a woman I should not have stood up too, but I got home, changed into my running gear and grabbed the leash for my best friend and went running. It was nearly dusk by the time we got home. I had completely forgotten about the terrible day at the office. I took my shower and prepared myself to go out and find a drink and maybe a good conversation at my favorite bar, Taft Ale House.

I arrived just before the crowds did and as I found a seat at the bar, I ordered a dark stout, I found myself relaxing and forgetting everything that had gone wrong this week. A few sips and the sounds of the crowd walking in helped me more then my run had. That was till I found my senesces overwhelmed by an all to firmilure aroma. A woman sat down on the seat next to me and before I could react to the smell, I knew who she was and also knew she had gone too far. Turning, I saw Bernie, the bartender thinking he was in luck with such a fantastic woman at the bar tonight. I put down my drink, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out into the street and the cool nights air.

Her perfume made my head spin, her long red dress made my senses sting and I could only react an this time she would not use me, I would be the one in use of her or so I thought!

“Just what the fuck do you think you are doing here? You have never come here before. I know this is not your scene and I have had all of you I can take for one week!”

Before I knew it she had reared back and slapped my face was if I were nothing more then a toy she had not used in far too long. The sting brought all my needs to the surface all at the same time, and my first reaction was to kiss her. All the years of her mental abuse. All the years of her pushing at me, and all the years of me taking it without fighting back hit my face much harder then her hand had.

My lips became entangled with her own. My passion found her own and my tongue slipped past her outer barriers and into her mouth. I could feel the hairs on her arm raise as our mouths and tongues danced together for the first time. My body pushed up on her and I could feel her nipples go hard in anticipation of what I may do next. Neither of us seemed to care that those on the street could not stop watching us, but it was my hand for a change to slide down over her dress, finding the soft slit folded together hiding a vagina long awaited to my touch. She leaned into me as I slipped my fingers up and down over her helping her to relax, but also bringing her fully out to play. When my inner desires made themselves known and I started to bit her lips, she opened her eyes, and for the first time since we had met, they smiled at me. Not only with passion, but even a hit of love as well. Had I missed something? Had all of her mistaken evil been nothing more then her own disastrous form of foreplay?

I was amazed as her hands stayed still on my hips and she allowed me to touch caress and explore her every curve and body. When I had held, grabbed and pushed in on her ass cheeks I felt a tighter pull deep within and I knew standing on the open sidewalk would no longer do. A dark ally just between the bar and the home next to it, gave us he perfect cover from any onlookers the may have preying eyes. I pulled her into the shadows, pulled up on the bottom of her dress and found, to my complete amazement she had the same pink panties as she had this afternoon. As if a solid pink would not have been enough the reality of the lace brought me all the way down to my knees and I could no longer simply touch her and my face fell forward. Her smell, the softness of the silk fabric and the lips of her vagina below all took hold and I could only smell, kiss and begin to suck at her though those amazing pink lace panties. As she leaned back on the separating fence, she helped me by moving the panties out of the way giving me full access to the slit, and lips beyond.

My tongue and lips kissed her. Softly at first then more aggressively. The way she tasted, the overall need within us both gave way and she pushed her cunt in my face, just as I pushed my tongue into her body. The first of many good sounds to escape her lips gave me hope as I sucked licked and nibbled at her more and more. Her hands came to rest on the back of my head as I pushed ever deeper into her body and sex. When my tongue was no longer able to produce the sounds I wanted her to make, I pushed first one then two fingers into her and continued to suck and lick at her swollen clit! Her moans turned to soft cries as I dug deeper and deeper into her needful body. Her fingers clenched through my hair and her clawing only pushed my need deeper.

Her first orgasm splashed over my face, but nothing could keep me from wanting more and more of her. I stood up, pushed up her dress further moving her bra out of the way and making contact with her breasts, and hardened nipples. More soft cries slipped from between her lips and she pushed her ass into my already swollen cock. Looking behind me, making sure we we’re completely in the shadows I pulled myself free, pulled up her dress, helping myself to remover her pink lace panties altogether and pushed my cock up on the small of her back.

All my worries  and past anger now completely gone I felt her push even harder into me, putting her hands behind her back, grabbing my shaft and placing it at the outermost wet of her sex ready for the push! I no longer hesitated, I held her breasts firm, pulled her body into my cock and pushed past the lips and clit I had just been sucking. The heat, the wet and the power of her first moan took hold of me and we fell into one another as my cock slid easily in and out of her body. Deeper I pushed and deeper she cried as our bodies simply became one. Thrusting, moaning, pinching, holding, fucking was the reality we both now shared! When I would push forward, she would push backward and our bodies would collide and start over again. Seconds passed to minutes. minutes passed to nothingness as two bodies fucked into one.

It was of no concern to either of us when her cries turned to outright screams in the darkness and we were once again reminded that we had not done this in the privacy of her or my home. I though we would go like this forever, that was till a very bright light blinded us both and my cock fell from her cunt and both my and her own orgasm dripped down her legs to the concrete below. The light, sadly did not go away and we both found ourselves being escorted out of the small alley and into a group of onlookers and a set of not so impressed police officers. Their faces made it completely clear they were not happy that we had taken it on ourselves to fuck openly so near a very public place. To my shock and pleasant amazement one of the officers seemed to know Kathryn and only shook his head. He walked up to her leaned over and whispered in her ear. I never heard what he said, but without so much as a bit of red on her face, she let her red dress fall, re-covering her bare ass, and well used vagina. Her panties she handed to me. She walked over to the valet spoke and they promptly returned with her car. I joined her and together we simply left the scene of a possibly uncomfortable situation and for the first time ever, I was glad she held power over others, though I thought to myself it was no longer me.


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