Lessons Beyond the Opera

Original: The Opera and a Gentleman

The idea of what I had just been taught was almost more then I could have dreamed. I had always had the feeling that there was so much more to the world of sex, but this was not the kind of thing one would simply speak about in a local pub over a pint. Trying to close my eyes I could only see flashes of the most intense experience of my life. For the moment, my new Master of life had stepped out of the room, and I was given time to deal with my transformation in my own way.

My nude, bruised, and aching body hung from the ropes still anchored to the rafters above. The same rafters I have been hanging from most of this long night. My left leg was anchored to the wall on the far side of the room, making it easier for my new master and others to get close, holding my hips and penetrate my vagina and ass. The singular thought of my ass brought back a flood from only hours before and I felt the ache all over again! Everything from my life before last night had all changed in a multitude of whips, knots, and screams. Who would have thought so much could happen in the vacuum of a few short hours? I hung knowing I had no options otherwise. I had no idea where the ones who had been using me went, and more so I had no idea when my body would be given back to myself. I felt my eyes closing and knew the only way I could go now was within. The room was silent, the floor far below and my body needed sleep. My mind fell, while my body stayed aloft, deeper and deeper till the black had me, and my dreams took control.

Last night was not supposed to have been anything more than just my yearly trip to see The Phantom. I had started my evening thinking I was going to meet a gentleman my mother had wanted me to consider for my future. She had not given me his name, only the insistence that he would know, find and take me from there. Trusting my mother for any part of my personal life should have been the first warning, but then, I had wanted her to think something good of me for a change, so I had not argued as I once would have. Halfway through the intermission I had seen many men, for whom I would have been happy to take on for my life to come. Not really considering all the options around me had been the first lesson in many to come. Arthur had been a complete gentleman,  though I felt I would not have ever seen him until he had wanted me too. He almost appeared out of nothing, from a back corner where the light was almost nothing. When I tried to focus on his appearance, he simply faded to nothing right before my eyes.  I had known my eyes to play tricks on me before, but normally when I had drank too much or been eating shrooms. No, this was something else altogether though something within me said I would not understand till it was far too late. When he reappeared behind me, I felt him in my mind, on my body, and through my soul long before my eyes were given their chance to work. I had expected a complete gentleman. What found me was dark, powerful and ready to move me down a path I had never known existed! When he did come round for me to look on I thought he had been something out of a dark dream. He had looked more like Sherlock Holmes in “Hounds of the Baskervilles” than a man from the twenty first century. His only change from a bit of that story was his black cane, replacing the smoke pipe, with a silver polished dragon’s head on top.

When the lights dimmed notifying us that the second half was about to start, I was pleased he owned his own box. It was the top box to the far left of the stage, complete with a bottle of red wine, two glasses, and a curtain giving him privacy from the rest of the audience. I took my seat as he took his own. The lights dimmed and the second half began.  For the first ten or so minutes nothing out of the ordinary happened. He kept his attention on the show, or so it would have appeared to me. When he did move, it was to pour me a glass of wine and pull his chair closer to my own. I took a sip and as the wine took its hold on me I knew there was something odd about the flavor. I drank more, assuming it was just me, but before long my vision was blurred, my arms limp and my body completely lifeless and I knew something was wrong. He came up behind me. I had not even noticed him rise from his chair. I felt his warmth on the back of my neck but could only sit there and listen to there rhythmic power within his voice.

“My name is Master Windsor. You will address me as Master and when you forget, I assure you, you will suffer for your mistake. I have given you a well placed amount of something very dark in your drink, and as you are now feeling you no longer have any control of your own body or senses. Your mother was correct in giving you to me, but now it is your turn to show me your complete submission. Just sit there and as long as you obey my every desire I will promptly bring you back to this world!”

His voice turned me on, though his words frightened me long past when he stopped speaking. What had he meant when he said mother had given me to him? I knew we had our differences over my life, but I could not believe she would freely give me to a possible monster. Or would she? As his voice stopped the music from the show washed over me and I hoped this would pass in time. I tried to relax as I felt his hands move past my shoulders. Around my neck, down my blouse and under my bra. By the time he reached my nipples they were far from the only thing erect in this little space of his. My nipples almost made me scream as his fingers slid over and around them. I could feel moisture growing between my legs, under my panties, dripped of perspiration starting to grow on my breasts. When his touching moved to pinching, twisting, pulling, pushing, my body started to shake all on its own. A single finger came to cross my lips. My body kept reacting to his touch, but my mouth remained completely closed. Little wines and whimpers slipped through my lips only to be met with harder pinching of my nipples, the sides of my breasts and a hand firmly around my neck, choking me, punishing my noncompliance.

As his hands and fingers moved down to my naval, over my vagina and around my hips to my ass, I knew the was only going to become more and more intense. I knew this had to be the man my mother had set me up with, but his own words rang through my mind as his use and torment of me continued. Why would my mother have given me to him, and what exactly did that even mean? It was, after all, the twenty first century. Slavery had been abolished for more than a century and mother or not, I was not a thing to simply be given away. As I thought more and more about it, my anger flared within me and I found this mans’ opinion of me and my body to anger me only deeper. Just as I was about to completely object to his further use of me, he pulled the curtains closed pulled me to my feet by my nipples and I could only cry out softly in pain as I was forced to my knees.

I looked up to him in my best defiance, only to have a hand come down on my face. He slapped me again, to make sure he had my full and complete attention. He looked at me and smiled. It was as if he had somehow heard my thoughts and this was his way of making sure I knew this was now my place, at his feet, under his control and mindless to anything other then what he wanted and desired. Again, as my new thoughts filled my mind, he smiled down on me, only this time removing his cock from his paints. Again I looked at him with a growing distaste and again I was reminded my thoughts were no longer my own. He grabbed me by my hair, I had taken hours to fix it perfectly this afternoon and had not intended it to be wasted on any who thought they had the right to use me like some kind of whore! Before I could realize those words were not the ones I should have been thinking, they had already crossed my mind and his face and smile all vanished at once. His anger flared, he rose his hand again, only this time in a fist not openly and I braced to be beaten for my complete disobedience. Still angry with me, as I was still angry with him, his fist was brought down slowly, as his body shook obviously with great internal anger. His cock had not dwindled in size. Though his control over his own emotions made me realize this was, in fact, my new fate whether I liked it or not. I knew he wanted to beat me, hurt me and make me his violently, but this was neither the place or the time. I was able to breath a bit more easily when all he did was bring his fat cock up to my lips and wait for my lips to part. His almost loss of control made me think twice about not doing as he wanted and I opened my mouth allowing him to lean forward. Now it was my turn to show my own control over my displeasure. First I sucked and licked only the tip of his cock, slowly leaning more forward allowing him to slid further and further into my open mouth. His arms relaxed at his sides, the heat of my mouth closed around his cock and I found myself doing exactly as he had wanted.

The music continued in the background as his cock started forward deeper and deeper still. My sucking moved in rhythm with the sounds of the opera. He also moved though more violently than I would have been comfortable with before this night. The music grew louder and his hands came to rest on the back of my head. The conclusion of the show was near, but I was given no quarter and he continued to fuck my skull like I only existed to be his pleasure. In the very moment I love this opera the best he slammed himself fully down my throat held himself firm and unloaded himself so deeply that I could only choke, swallow and beg with my eyes for his release. He backed off a bit, but only enough for me to clean him off completely. The applause rang through the house, and still I had his cock sliding, more gently, in and out of my lips. When the lights came on completely he leaned down, removed his cock, an held my hair so he could speak clearly into my right ear;

“It would seem dear Alyse, that you are everything your mother promised me you would be. Disobedient, strong willed, and truly fitting of the name Filthaven. Now I think you should know, you were nothing more then a silly girl before this night. Your mother and I have had a lifetime relationship and though you may thing slavery is in the past, you, little Alyse are completely and totally my property. If you try to break from this arrangement, or fail to learn the lessons I will set out for you to learn, I will fully enjoy using all my power and knowledge to not only break your body, but your mind and will as well. From here on out you will refer to me as Master! Don’t go getting upset this is nothing that can or will be changed. You are now a slave and you will learn to act your part. My name, though you will never call me by it, not for any reason, is Author M. Windsor. I am sure you have heard of me before this night and maybe even wondered what my dealings were with your family, but hear my words now, your life will forever depend on what I’m about to say. Your life has been mine in the waiting since the morning of your birth. Your mother, though honorable in her desires, knew the one day she would have to give you to me. She lives her life now and has done so freely for over thirty years free, because of the margin you have now fulfilled. She was once my property as you have become mine now.

Perhaps in time we will speak more on this topic, but more importantly I can not warn you strongly enough, You Are Mine! Do as your told. Learn well and accept your new place in this world. If you fail to meet my every need, my every desire and my every whim, your punishments will only grow with your continued disobedience. Now get to your feet, I think it is time for tea and a friendly conversation between master and slave.”

I climbed to my feet and knew his words were more then enough for me to realize all of it were true. He did not open the curtain and he did not offer me help. I feared I may not make it out of the theater house alive, but it seemed I also had no other choices. I stumbled a bit, forgetting my black lace panties were now around my ankles. When I bent over to right them, my new master got to them first. He removed them from my being altogether making me realize I must not exit this room without them. I straightened my hair, my bra and my dress hoping this would suit his needs, but when I was standing in waiting, he removed an odd object from his pocket with a dark evil smile. It was a small shiny metal object. It was not like anything I had ever seen and though his smile widened I was told to bend over. I faced the wall, put my hands in front to study me and bent over as I was instructed. There was what looked like an ace on the end of the metal and when I was fully bent over, I found out why.

I felt something cold pushing on my clit, then down, on my lips and then being pushed inside of me. I almost choked at the cold temperature of the device. He moved it back and forth a few times, and when I thought he was finished, he removed it, laughed to himself and placed his free hand on the top of my back pushing me down further. When I felt the metal again, I was in shock and fear when he started to push it in my ass. It hurt at first, then it made its way all the way in and he allowed me to stand again. It did not hurt so much, but I was more then embarrassed knowing I was going to have this, plug in my ass as I walked down the street. I took my first step as he opened the curtains and the door to the hall beyond. The first step was not bad, but as I walked further, I could feel the pain and pressure building between my legs. We made it down to the entry area, out the door an done to the walkway moving west down the street. My legs were shaking violently long before we came to a small tea shop, already filled with others who had come from the theater.

It took about fifteen minutes for us to be seated. When I did sit down I felt the orgasm building and the discomfort was beyond imagination. His smile was so evil I could only wish my pain and discomfort on him. Again, like earlier in the night I found his smile fade as my thoughts were open to his own mind. I only had a moment to prepare myself before he retaliated for my mental comment. He brought his cane to eye level, ran his fingers over the dragon on the top and brought his right hand right up to my eyes so I did not miss a single thing. A single wisp of dark green energy erupted from his fingertips as if I were in a movie and magic was, in fact something very real. He moved his fingers, sliding them into one another and as he did the energy became more apparent. I could not understand why others in the tea parlor did not take note of what was happening. He pulled his fingers together as if to flick something in my direction and then he did just that!

The moment he did so, the energy now blue and green flew towards me and the pain, discomfort and arousal between my legs became so powerful I thought I would scream right then and there. I gripped the table, crossed my legs and hoped with all my being he would stop it. To my great loss, he did nothing of the sort. He smiled again and leaned in to whisper in my ear;

“I promise you my little toy, if you think this is all in your head, it most certainly is not. I can control magic, and you will be punished for your very thoughts if they are out of line. I am now your owner, and you will remember to remind yourself of that fact. You will refer to me as master and you will obey my every desire. As of right now, you want to cum, you want to scream and you want relief. But I will tell you only once, you will do no such thing till I give you permission. Is this completely understood? I can make it so much worse, so hold your mind, take this warning and you will make it home long before your body takes control of you. Now, lets enjoy a pot of tea and see if you can be a bit more obedient. There’s a good little slave!”

My mind was afire as his words smiled over me. I knew there was no trick as my loins filled more and more with pain and discomfort. I knew he would be good to his word, but I had never, in my life needed to cum so intensely. I did as I had been told and sat up straight. The moment I was sitting properly, the majority of the discomfort left me. The pot of Real Grey was brought to the table and we sat, drank our tea as if nothing amiss was going on. Over the course of an hour, we went through three pots of tea and began to know more about each other. I found out he had been in the London area for more then three hundred years, and though he did not say where he hails from before that, I was finding that my master and host had been around for far longer then anyone could have imagined. The lovely young woman who had been serving us came over just as the last of the customers walked out the door. She smiled at my master, I could tell she would not mind allow him to enjoy her sexually, though he did not return the smile. He paid, took me by the hand and we walked out into the chilly dark of the night.

I knew there was no large home in this part of the city, but then the idea that he used magic made me wonder if we would be walking at all. The lights of the city seemed very bright tonight as we walked from one street to another. As we turned a corner I found myself in a section of the city I did not recognize. It was as if we had gone from the twenty first century to the eighteenth. The light in the sky were almost none and the air was foul. An old sign hung above our heads to a shop now darkened by the lack of light within. My master took out his keys, opened the door and ushered me in. It smelled of burnt candles and incense. As we walked into a large room a single massive mirror took my complete attention. It was more then ten feet tall, almost as wide and it seemed we were walking right into it. When I was nose to nose with it, he pulled out the cane, touched the glass and pushed me forward!

I fell forward expecting him to use me once again when my body was pressed against the glass. To my complete astonishment I fell through the glass, and landed on my knees looking up to an old house with another massive mirror behind me. My new master walked right through to stand above me and smiled when I realized this man could control not only me but magic as well. He tossed his cane on the couch on the other side the room and stood directly in front of me. I could see the power hungry look in his eyes as he stood over me so I knelt there and waited. I felt the power from the glass behind me flare just before another man can walking through and was joined by a second, third and so on. Of all the men now standing above me, there was a single woman who also took her position above me, but did not wait for the others to act.

She pushed to the front, even pushing my master out of the way, looked down smiled and slapped my face true and hard. The shock, pain and sexual energy hit me just as hard as she did! Immediately after slapping me, she too was on her knees, but to be used, to use me more. Her hands went up under my dress, tore into my vagina and probed more and more fingers deep into me. I almost screamed as she started to finger not only my cunt, but my ass as well. I fell completely on the floor. I could not breathe. I could not move and I could no longer think. The men, one by one removed their pants, pulled out their cocks and put them in my face. Her fingers never stopped but my mouth opened and cock filled the space within. From time to time, someone would slap me, from a growing need they could no longer control. In time, I was also lifted off the floor, my dress removed and taken up a long flight of stairs. Fingers and cock filled me with every step. When we got to a very large bedroom, with open rafters above, I knew the normal needs were not the only thing about to happen to me this night. My breasts were bound with red rope. That same rope found its way down through my legs, around my calves, bound my arms and then were tied to the rafters above.

Whips, floggers and canes all took their turn scaring my skin, and leaving their marks. At first I was hung just above the shoulders of those using me. But in time I was brought down and men started racing my holes with their cocks. The woman seemed to take turns sucking my cunt, ass and the many cocks that penetrated them! I came so freely I thought I would die if those around me did not give me a break. That break never came, but I did! Cum dripped from my vagina, ass and face. My breasts were in major pain from the ropes, the pinching, the biting, the twisting, the slapping. Nothing in my life could have prepared me for everything I was give last night. My body shook so powerfully when my orgasm’s threatened to break the binding holding me. This was also the time when the cock fucked me harder. The whipping became past bearable and my face was filled with a dripping swollen red pussy for me to suck and drink in! My master never took any enjoyment in my use. He only stood back and allowed his friends to use me any way they desired. My voice left me long before my users did. My screams tore through the house over and over as I came more and more frequently. When I could no longer speak, or beg, they seemed to step back a bit. The woman only pushed her cunt that much further into my mouth and came as I chocked down her own orgasm. Her laughter brought a kind of shame to me, I never wanted to feel again, but she did not stop there.

She took turns slapping my face, spanking my bare ass, and forcing me to lick and suck her dripping vagina and anus. When I could only jerk from my long overuse, and complete surrender, she stepped back. I was, once again hoisted up further in the air, and her lips found my own. Honestly, it may have been the most powerful and passionate kiss I had ever engaged in. Her tongue slid over my own, she sucked my lips, and the hairs on my body responded in kind. I wanted, no needed more. Surging forward I tried to give her the only energy I had left. I could feel the tips of my nipples harden with every kiss, with every lick! Her fingers again found my vagina and this time slid in and out gently, but never stopping. I grunted as this brought about another surge and I tried desperately to scream, though by now my voice was completely absent.

I thought I may die from over use, but the singular moment I was about to pass out completely, I was left altogether alone.

The men left me. She left me and only my master remained. He looked at me in a most particular way. He seemed to be deciding whether to leave me hanging or lower me to the bed below me. I beg with all my being to be untied and this only made him smile. His last words before leaving the room may be the most powerful lesson I would ever learn from him;

“Had you begged me with the word master, my worn out slut, I would have gladly lowered you to the bed and allowed you to sleep in comfort. As it is, you did not address me with the proper terms, so I wish you a good night. Someone will come care for you in the morning.”

With that he left the room, left me hanging in pain and humiliation and I knew I would never again forget to address him as Master!


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