Bound by Shame

To read the original: A Whore Of A Night


She stood in front of her flats’ door not completely understanding what had happened these past hours…

bruisesIt had been a long night, Amanda’s body hurt in more ways than one. Her wrists and ankles were bruised from the leather restraints. There were rope marks all over her
front and back from being tied and suspended from the rafters. The silk dress her mother had just purchased for her was ruined beyond repair, and more than that her bra and panties were gone altogether. Never before had she thought sex could bring on so many different emotions; pain, fear, excitement and so on. The sex with her random friends had never been anything like this night! She opened the door to her small apartment. She knew her flatmate would want to hear all about her first night out, but all she wanted was ta hot shower, a clean body and to fall into bed.

As she expected, Amy, her flatmate was stretched outcouchon the couch, but not as Amanda had expected. She wore nothing more than black lace bra and a thong. Her legs were neatly tucked behind her ass, and the smile she wore as Amanda entered the room only brought up more dark memories of this past night. Amanda took a deep breath, causing her swollen breasts to ache and her nipples to scream out in pain! She walked into the room, and as expected Amy jumped to her feet rushing her friend and smiled, in a most wicked way.

“Sit down, sit down! Where in the world did you go? You smell like dung, mud, and cows. What in the world happened to your new dress? Your mother is going to throw a fit. You are never going to be able to buy a new one, what happened! You have to tell me everything. Did you get hurt? Did you like it? Will you be going out again? What is that thing around your neck?”

It was the last question that caught Amanda’s ears. She had completely forgotten the parting gift on top of the money for her use this night. Reaching up she felt the soft leather collar and knew this would not be the only night she found herself a bit of property of one or many more men. Her thoughts, momentarily considered the kindness after the storm of her host. It was in that thought, in that memory, she found the strength to move forward with her nights tale.

Amy was very shy, for the most part. She attended Sunday services with her family in London. She was an English Lit student at Cambridge where they had both met, but she did not ever go out with men. One would think she was gay, but she never went out with women either. Amanda had to think hard about the destructive nature of the last twelve hours. How would they affect how Amy saw her? Would Amy let this slip to her family, and thus get back to Amanda’s as well? There were simply too many possibilities for the following story, but as she had learned this night some times you have to let go, trust in the darkness, and try something new. If Amy went crazy, well the would be her shit to deal with!

“Alright! I will go through it all, but you have to promise not to interrupt me. If you can do that, then everything else is open for whatever you desire. Deal?”


Amy was quick to replace more questions and words for helping Amanda to remove
what was left of a once beautiful silk dress. Once lovely breasts now covered in bruises, with the nipples red and looked like they had even bled this night! Amy, not the brightest women in the world, had completely missed the obvious signs of abuse and pain, now had her fingers sliding over the ample breasts, and around the red nipples. Amanda winched from the pain, but slowly became aroused by the simple touch. As Amy continued, a simple pinch turned to sucking and biting. Amanda cried out in pain bringing Amy to an abrupt halt! Amy fell to the floor looking at her friend in shock and maybe for the first time really seeing the marks, bruises, and torment Amanda had suffered during her night out. It was clear from the look on Amy’s face she now felt terrible for not being more aware in the first place. She bent her head as if trying to wordlessly apologize for her lack of compassion. Amanda ignored it and decided to move forward.

Early in the evening, at Workshop Coffee on St. John Street was where Amanda and Amy had been talking over the internet and Amy had dared her friend to go out and see what being a street worker was like. Amanda had been doing a research project on sex workers in the UK for a class in school, but had found next to nothing interesting online about the topic; mostly it was all about massage parlors and nothing like the old days where women would walk the streets and fall prey to whatever they found. The other side of what kept coming up when Amanda searched the net was the darker world of BDS&M. Never having been aware of such things, Amanda kept finding herself growing more and more aroused with what she would see and read. When she had first mentioned the idea of walking the streets like in the old days to her friends, they all thought her to be completely mad, but Amy had thought the whole thing to be a joke, and pushed harder in consequence. When Amanda had decided to go forward with the idea, she had secretly been hoping to find someone into the darker world of Sadomasochism then just sex, but she was not going to tell her friends or Amy.

It had been odd. I still wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, but when I found myself walking down Charterhouse Street next to Smithfield market. It was late eveningVictorian Englishman and there were many business professionals still out and about. I noticed the other women on the street, though only a few of them wore the part of a sex worker. I, on the other hand, had a new violet silk summer dress on. My mother had just purchased it for me, due to the weather turning warm. A Lace purple bra to match and purple Nike running shoes. I wanted to see who would approach me, before I gave in completely. An older man, I could not guess his profession started looking at me.
His attire was something out of a Sherlock Holmes novel; A long black wool overcoat, black top hat and polished patent leather shoes. He held a walking cane in his left hand and he overall look on his face told of darkness most had never feared.

Just as his attention was completely on me and me alone, I looked round only to find the street now completely empty. It was as if his inner need had scared off all those who had just been around us. There was something familiar about him, something that brought up a small bit of fear in the pit of my stomach, but I did not have time to ponder on that idea before he was on me! He moved so fast that my eyes could not see him move. I knew I had wanted to find the streets of old, but I was a grown woman, and I no longer believed in fairy tales. There was no such thing a vampires, but I could no explain what had just happened before my eyes.

As Amanda spoke, her body started to react to the memories from only hours before.  The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. The fear from before was growing gain, and she knew this night had unlocked something primal, evil, and wanting deep within. Amy found her hands between her legs and the pain building had her edging closer and closer to Amanda. It would seem again that Amy had completely lost sight of the pain her friend had already been through, and once again was ready to get her own bit of the action, regardless of the consequences to Amanda.

I knew this man could turn out to be close to what I had come out looking for, but he seemed to want something more than just my body. He seemed to float up to me, walking not or saying a single word. A few people passed us, but even to me nothing was amiss. I was crossing the circle at W Smithfield into the car park when his body slammed me over the boot of a parked car. Laid out, wind knocked from my lungs, his hands went up under my dress. I felt something cold, metal and hard push against my lace panties, but before I knew what was happening, the end of his cane was pushing past the panties and deep within my body. The pain was more then I thought I was going to be able to bear. One of his hands started to slap and play with the top of my vagina, the power he was using to probe into me was so intense I wanted to scream. In and out his cane used me, one piece after another brought my body to full attention and then it was done. He ripped out the cane, yanked me to my feet and though I had lost all ability to stand on my own, he held my face to his own.  The smile gave me chills and he brought the cane, still
dripping from my sex, to my lips. I knew what he wanted, but I started to refuse. A single slap to my face made think better of my decision and I opened my mouth. As he put the end in, I started to suck it, his voice told me of my newly found fate.

“I think you are the one we heard about. Yes you will do nicely forsucking tonights entertainment. Your small, soft, and ready for a new lesson. You thought a street worker only got fucked, well you will learn there is much darker play in the night then just your sex. When you have cleaned yourself of my cane we will continue. First you will be humiliated for any who wish to watch. Then your body and mind will be bound and you will truly know what you were always meant to be.”

I could not help the fact that I was on the sidewalk, being felt up and sexually tormented and simply wanted more. My breasts had been pulled free of my bra and dress, they hung for all who walked by to see. My panties were down around my ankles and my need was dripping down my legs. My first orgasm took place while he had me bent over a car, with its lights still on.
He had removed a soft purple leather collar from his back and secured it around my neck. Now he was pulling something more from his case; two matching purple leather cuffs for each of my wrists. Once secure he locked my hands away behind my back, making it impossible to do anything about his touch, probing, slapping, and use of me for all the world to see. usedAll this happened in the street like I was nothing more then a toy to be played with. I tried, so hard not to scream, though he seemed intent on me doing just that. As my body started to convulse, and I tried to move, he pushed me forward and dug his fingers in deeper. A few people passed while he used me, a few more still stopped to watch his show. It was the moment he pinched my nipples. I could not hold out any longer. I cried out, shook violently and came until he backed away. My knees gave way below me, and still on the street he pulled out his cock. He pressed it to my lips and when they parted he slammed himself all the way in. As my onlookers watched and smiled, he pulled back and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked until the pain filled my mind. I had thought he would never come, but when he did, he gave me no room to spit and I was forced to swallow his entire load. Gagging from the awful taste and consistency I pulled back only to receive another hard slap to my face. I had never been hit, not even as a child growing up with two older brothers. The pain mixed with my shame having just been fingered and fucked on the open streets made me feel more like an animal then a person. He backed up a step or two, put his dripping cock away, and pulled me to my feet.

I must have looked the part I was now becoming because he smiled at me, and took me by the hands still bound behind my back. I was led across the street, down the road, and to a fancy condo. As soon as we were inside the door to his suite I found myself in the middle of six to eight men. All with their pants down, all stroking their cocks. There were also two more women, though from the sight of them I knew this was not only about sex. They were both bound by ropes twisted and knotted all around their bodies. They were also suspended from the ceiling. On man, completely covered in black was using a long leather flogger taking turns hitting them. bound & floggedOn their bare ass, their hips, their backs, and on their breasts. They only moaned as if there was nothing more amazing in the entire world. I felt my heart fall as soon as I realized I had just been booked for the night. I was still dripping from my first orgasm, and now a beautifully curved nude woman came out of the shadowed corner wearing yet another collar to look me in the eyes. She smiled taking the time to feel my breasts, my still dripping vagina, and kiss me fully on the lips. After her lips parted from my own she whispered in my ear;

“You will perform for all these men as you have performed for the master already, and by night’s end, if you do as you are told, you will be ten thousand pounds Sterling richer.”

I felt her hand move over my ass, and knew I had found what I had been seeking. To show my willingness to obey, I once again knelt down on my knees, looked up into her eyes and readied myself for anything and everything all those in the room may expect of me. As she moved away, she also seemed to float across the room rather then walk. She went to the one still flogging the other two women and was given a long bit of red rope. Before she could return to me, a man, his cock already dripping in his own need came to stand by my side. He looked down on me, pulled his hand back and brought it down on my still stinging face. Over and over he slapped me. I shook from the physical abuse but when my ears rang past imagination, his cock was pressed to my lips and in obedience I parted them and again found my mouth filled with cock! After the first was placed within my lips more and more men came over to rub their cocks on my face. On shot of cum turned to many till I was not only covered, but gagging on it. The woman made her way back to me as the men took their fill. My dress, already covered in cum and urine was removed completely as she started to bound my body in red silk rope. Through the cocks, the twists and knots I lost myself to the madness taking hold of me. As if everything else had not been enough, the woman started twisting and pinching my nipples. The excitement ran through not only my mind and sex, but through my very soul. It was when she attached some kind of clamps to my red nipple when my screams must have been heard halfway across London.

The man who had brought me in had done no more to me but watch. When the knots were set, and my body was completely anchored in rope was when the depth of the nights experience began. The women hung by their knots had been taken down and were now becoming the entertainment of the men in the room. The master, as the woman had called him, was coming towards me with a large silver hook with a ball on the hook end. As I was half drug, two womenhalf carried to the man in black, the ball and hook were plunged within my ass! I could not scream, then pain mixed with a sense I had never imagined. I could only imagine the hook was attached to something already hanging from the rafters above, and bit by bit my body was suspended off the floor. I felt weightless though my sexual mind was swimming in a trance I never wanted to end!
Amy had long removed her bra and pushed her panties off to one side. Her soft pink slit now spread out wide was turning red, as she rubbed it harder and deeper then before. Her hands were still on Amanda’s breasts, and though she had been used enough for one night, she was no longer worried about sleep. As a slave, she was used only to please the men, women and the master in the room. As a roommate she knew Amy would give just as much as she took. A deep sigh of enjoyment brought her back to the reality she had created just hours before. About to start again, Amy leaned in, caught Amanda’s open lips and kissed her. Amy, obviously taken by the story thus far, climbed onto Amanda’s lap, pulling up her dress, exposing black and blue bruises below. Her kiss turned to passion, and passion turned to deep seeded need to express herself through touch, feeling, and sucking. Amanda was not complaining but she felt the need to continue her story just as Amy switched from her lips on her face to her lips between her legs. Amy was pulling her ass off the couch, getting better access to Amanda’s cunt. They both found the momentum they needed to go on. Amanda took a deep breath, felt Amy slid her tongue deep within, and continued her story.

Completely frone of twoee from the burden of gravity, her body was feeling the strain of the bondage. Bruises were making their way into her skin, the anal hook seemed to dig deeper and deeper into her ass. The first of many strikes made contact with her bare skin. A simple wine slipped past her lips and the flogger took her again and again. The clamps already holding fast to her nipples had weights added till they hung, burned and caused me to gasp with every tiny move of my body. Though I had not been lifted as far off the floor as the other women, I soon found out why. I could feel hands on me. I would remember this for the whole of my life. The first body part pushed past my swollen vaginal lips and I could only gasp in ecstasy. It was not a cock, nor was it a tongue, but a small hand turning to a fist! It could not have belonged to any of the men, it was far too small. As this thought passed through my mind, I should have known I could have been completely wrong. The fist took hold of my senses and began to pump my sex, in then deeper and deeper. In and out it probed until I was once again shaking and I could only expose my orgasm that took me all the way to madness!

Even before the hand was removed, the flogging and fingering of my ass began again. Fingers were replaced by cocks. The flogger replaced by a long cane and the bruises could only pile atop the first, second and third! I shook so violently I thought the very rope that bound me would break and I would fall to the floor. They never broke, but my mind and body broke soon enough. The men were shouting, the woman laughing and the master ever looking on with pure enjoyment in his eyes. My shaking turned to convulsions, the orgasms turned to pain and throughout all this, my body was never given a single break.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was brought down from the suspension, only to be bound standing all my extremities spread part. spreadThe sucking and flogging returned as my body was once again exposed in ways I had never know. My mouth had long gone dry and I longed for water. The single thought brought a cup of strong tea to my lips. As the liquid flowed over my tongue and down my throat I found my body falling helplessly to the floor. As I tried to rise, I found a single foot holding me down. The voice of the master then echoed through my soul and the room.

“I am so proud that a single slave could hold her own to the pain, and humiliation we have wrought her this night! Her body has been used. Her mind almost broken and her education expanded. Have any of you anything to say before we all take her to her final step?”

As no voice returned his question I could only lay there in fear as to what this final step may incur. Though much of me had long gone completely numb, I knew when I was being lifted off the floor, but when I felt no hands doing the lifting I was caught in fear. How was this happening? What power could do this without physical means? What would this night show me that I had not already found? I saw bits of mist floating around my body, but still felt nothing physical. I was not only lifted, I was turned head over heels. Left and right allowing every part of my body to be exposed to any who wanted one last shot at me! The men and women took their streps back allowing me to fully realize this was something completely different then the rest of the night. It was as if my mind were being monitored and the moment I realized something much more power had taken control of me the darkness filled in and began to break me! Every pore, every entry to my body, my nipples, my naval, my very mind all set the shook as the power around me bound me, hit me, used me, and showed me something terrifying no one is this world had ever known! In a single instant I was being pinched, bitten, fucked, fingered, used, slapped, whipped, flogged, and broken.

Those around me cheered as I fell to the ultimate power! I jerked and spasmed. I cried out, screamed and shook with the intensity of the universe. I did not orgasm once, but many times in the split of a moment! My mind tingled as the power took its full use of me. The master stood just below me smiling as if taking responsibility of what was happening to me. Every part of me cried out, begging for peace that never came. Darkness took me long before my complete torment came to an end! In my dreams I still screamed! The universe flowed through me aFloating
s if I were the conduit for pain, pleasure, and suffering. Nothing was wasted in my use. Nothing was lost as it came and went over and over. Even in the darkness of my mind I could still see and feel energy making me whole. I was drowning in completion, my body and physical being slipping away. When the universe had taken its complete fill, I woke standing on the front porch to my building. No one around me, dress hanging off me like some old rag.
I still shook with the knowledge of what had become all too possible this night. Had it been the darkness of the master that had taken me, or the other member of that room? I walked up the steps trying to truly understand what had happened. I knew it had been real, because my body and mind hurt. My holders had left no proof of their existence, though I could not have imagined any of it! The door now loomed in front of me and I knew Amy would be waiting up. Who was I now? What had been done to create this new me? Could I move forward knowing what I now knew? So many questions, so much sweet torment and pain. How could I move forward in such an innocent world, knowing it would be the only thing I ever wanted again…


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