Have you ever waken from sleep, or better yet not been able to sleep because of  your pent up desires? Your aggressions towards another. Not the dark terrible aggressions  that will kill not only you, but them too mind you, but the sexual kind. Does your mind spin, sink, shake and tell you how you want them? What about the woman in the office, the one on the train, or maybe the one in your head. y03Can the aroma of her perfect body just tear you apart inside? What could you do to you if given just a chance. Who is this amazing erotic,  mysterious creature, and more to the point, why have you not done anything about it? Could she be the person next door? That scent, her smell or her look? Do she keep you wondering long past when you should be counting sheep how it would feel to sink into her, or have her sink into you? What is it about them, that one person that alluring presence you want to touch, kiss, hold and fuck all to yourself,  if only for a few powerful, erotic, sexual minutes. Could the world just fade away? What could you do in those few minutes? How could you go about making even the smallest amount of her bend to your deepest desires? Don’t tell me you have not thought about it. Don’t try to go hiding away with all those before you who have decided to follow the rules of our society. You want your hands on her, you want to feel her hot breath wishing through your hair. Your teeth on her neck. Your hands slipping over the small in her back. Think harder. think deeper and really allow it to come through. You want her. You desire her. Now fuck her!

If you are ever going to follow your needs, why not start with this one? Reach out your hand, extend your soul feel the skin you long for. Your nerves are raw, your mind’s in pain, but still you just stand there. What will it take I ask you? How long will you continue to hold back. All the questions questions questions, What if I get caught? What if I hurt them? What if I hurt myself? Well you will never know if you don’t learn to act! Look at her, the way her blouse just covers the bra beneath. The nipple hardened by the cool air, the shutter she gets when she see you looking in her direction. Your body is reacting, her eyes have reacted, now catch the fuck up and move. Damn you, do something! You stand there, unmoving, stiff as an old dead tree. Limp, confused, fearful. Your mind has already moved, your body just has to catch up. Walk up to her, forget the others, she is yours now. Put your hands on her hips, hold firm, now you just have to make up your mind; up or down?

If it’s up you have already seen her desire for you. Peering around her the nipples are only harder now, her breasts are plump and beads of sweat are forming on her neck! She looks to you, that smile on hey04r lips, knowing you will do the moving forward. She holds her breath, your hands move up and the shudder rips through her body. Too late to turn back, her hands find your ass, a pinch, a need a drop of you a drop of her. You lean in, kiss her neckline, hold her breasts firmly. Nipples between your fingers, the first moan, her bending forward allowing your mid section to run into yours. The person is gone now, all that remains is the animal within. Your brain shuts down, your soul takes over and the first button pops right off her top. The bra is there, the middle empty. Your hands over the skin, her hands go for your center and you both moan. What is next, do you really have to ask, it has started, now fall!
You bite her neck, hard enough for her to scream, but no one else moves. The office workers are gone. The world is frozen in the echo of you both. Her hands move to her bra, tearing it off with a sudden power that urges you on. Her breasts and nipple fall free. Sweat and need covering them. She turns to face you, her hands go for your body. The fire has caught, the boundaries gone, only lust remains. The clothing falls away her sex is there dripping in pure need. Your fingers find it first, her hands find your you, her first touch kills you. So long you  dreamed, so long you have needed this. Your breath escapes you, you want to thrust forward. You want in, but she hold you fast. Your mind, your need your will. But this woman has her own secrets. She has wanted you so much more then you could have thought. She is on it now, holding, pinching, pulling and squeezing! Your first drops drip free and your fingers sink within. She is shaking, you are the same. The office is gone, the rules are gone, now free the animal!

On the floor, she’s on top. Her hips bend into her breasts, the nipples call out to you. Hold them squeeze them, hell slap them. The energy is building, your mind is numb. She leans forward, you feel the tight and she sits down! Oh my god! she is the one in charge now, She rocks her hips, she lifts her ass, and you can only lay there. Your soul open wide for her, her eyes tearing you apart. Deeper now, more powerful, your body shakes. You thought it would be you, but now, you are the prey, she was the bait, but her animal within overpowered you. xyWith every rock forward, every lerch you become more her slave. her power is building, your own is set. The energy can not be subdued. Your need becomes too much, you want to cum, you want her to scream, you can no longer hold out. You both flip, her back hits the floor, legs spread apart, your mind is screaming. Grab her ankles, open her fully and plunge yourself deeper and deeper. A groan a moan and grunt all in your face. Your mind is slain, sliding in and out, your both drenched in each other. Too much energy, too much left, you slap her face, her spirit breaks free. The fuck moves on, the moans move on, the need moves on. Harder and harder, the slaps, the tears, the pure and raw lust

You both feel it coming, the rush, the flow the very core of your being. Harder you slip in her, deeper she drives you on. Both screaming, both wanting, but cuming. One more thrust! One more hold. Hands around her neck, Air is slipping, your body shakes, then everything goes still. The dream is you, reality is you, she is you; Calm.


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