2. Memories of Pain



Helen stood in the doorway as the others vanished from sight. The rain was still coming down, though not as badly now. The lightening and thunder had all but stopped. Memory of the last women to hold this position was stirring through her mind, but she was not sure what to do about it. Part of her could still feel the separate minds and wishes of Elisha and Sabrina. It was an odd thing, knowing you began as two separate people and now were one. Of the two it had always been Sabrina who had dreamed of escape. She had never truly had a plan, but that never stopped her from dreaming. She also was the one who was the higher spirit. Elisha would regularly put herself between Aken, the master, and her sister or other women when he took to being a terrible ass on stormy nights. It had taken some time for him to realize he was never going to be strong willed enough to break the sisters, but that did not stop him from enjoying himself. Thinking to herself, Helen considered all the basic abuse and sex he had taken pleasure in when it had come to them; the long nights of basic sex, and the even longer nights of beating, hair pulling and painful use at the hands of Aken.

The home of the flesh merchant was far to the north, up in the Eliryan pass. No neighbors for miles in any direction and no one to upset the rules and life he had chosen for himself. On the far side of the mountains was the city of Kosh. It was there he found new women to enslave, and even bought women of other worlds from the traders coming and going in their ships. The star port was the largest of its kind on this world. Aken had spoken often of the trading cities much larger and more fantastic on other worlds he had visited. Elisha and Sabrina had come on one such ship, so many years ago. Sold to Aken for next to nothing from a man who only swore that these two young women were of special blood, and would one day be worth a small fortune. Aken had been trying to sell them ever since, but no one of this world seemed to think any more of them then a common beast. Helen could not remember just how long they had been on this world. In the time Felish had taken great pleasure in beating and breaking the most firm willed of women Aken owned. It was Felish who had taken on the chore of breaking the twins. In any given month Aken normally held between ten and thirty women that he would condition, or so he called it. Felish was the single man who would come, when requested to break the ones who held too high a spirit for the owner to deal with. It had been he who had taken on the responsibility to break Elisha and her sister Sabrina.

begin1      The twins had not been property for very long when Felish had come to the stalls where Aken held his slaves. He was not too large a man, but what he lacked in muscles and build he more then made up for in intelligence and manor. It was if he could look into your very soul and know how to hurt you the most. The separate minds within Helen would never forget the day when Aken had introduced Felish to them and then turned their fate and bodies over completely. He had walked into the stall area completely nude, no concern that they may have been uncomfortable. Aken had only laughed at the expressions on their faces when the strange man took one by the arm and continued to put a collar around her neck. When Elisha was kneeling on the floor, being held by a small leash Sabrina knew the future for them was anything but bright. Seeing Elisha kneeing on the floor collared and bound only further angered Sabrina, but within moments Felish had her as well. She was slapped until her nose bled, pushed to the wall only to have every bit of clothing torn from her body. He had known she was scared, but he had also not cared. A fist to her mid section had her doubled over gasping for breath. This was when he leaned into her, stuffing two fingers in her young cunt and whispered in her ear;

“I know you think resisting is the best course of action for you, but know I will hurt you both, make you scream and not stop till you completely obey! You see your sister kneeling there, well she will be hurt, beaten and fucked till she passes out from the pain. You will use her, on my command,  and you will both learn that sisters or not, you are now my toys to be played with and you will entertain me.”

With that he had let her go, falling to the floor and knowing Elisha would be the one to suffer for her being so strong willed. As if he had read her mind he went right for Elisha yanking her collar pulling her face forward and forcing his cock in her mouth. She saw her eyes looking to her sister for help, but knew there was nothing either of them could do. She took in the long cock, trying not to gag, but that seemed to be the exact response he had wanted. Once or twice he would remove himself from her mouth, slap her face, spit on her and replace the cock. The first time this went on for hours, he would randomly switch to Sabrina though he would slap and beat her more then fuck her. As the hours passed the two women were worn down to the level Felish was supposed to break them to. To his astonishment every day he would return, they had fully recovered and were right back to being strong willed and stubborn of his teachings.

Months turned to years and for more then eight years the twins were fucked, abused and beaten daily. Aken found his patience wearing thin with the lack of long term obedience from the two women. He would come speak with Felish while he was using the women. Speak openly about how these two were supposed to be special, but all they had done for years was cost him money, and make him wish he had never bought them in the first place. This had been less then a week ago, but the way he spoke gave both women chills. They were tired of being used and hurt for this mans pleasure and never having any love shown to them.

The night of that conversation had been one of the only nights in all their time being owned that both women had accepted being used, and allowing themselves to play the part. Felish was on a bed, Sabrina was on her back and Elisha was on top of Sabrina. Felish was behind them, standing on the floor and taking turns in them both. The one thing the women had found pleasure in, in all those years were each other. Sabrina had large the full breasts, while Elisha had smaller perky breasts. They both had full rounded asses and hips, and while they would have gathered been left to themselves, the cock did feel amazing! Sabrina had cum fully more then once already. Elisha had taken his cock in her ass, her cunt and her mouth. He seemed to fully enjoy the effect of her lack of gag reflex. At the height of the fuck, Sabrina was, once again close to a climax, Elisha was crying out from his cock fully in-depth of her swollen ass, and both women could tell Felish was close to passing out.

both       Arching her back off the bed, Sabrina pushed herself as far towards Felish as she could. Her nipples were swollen, her face burned from being slapped, and her legs could hardly be held up any longer. For the last time his cock passed from Sabrina to Elisha and she could no longer hold out, She  screamed came and splashed both her sister and Felish at the same time. Her body shook with the intense orgasm, she all but collapsed on her sister and Felish took the moment to return to fucking Sabrina. She had already been close to coming herself, and she allowed it to happen hoping she and her sister would be left alone afterwards. Sabrina could not splash everyone as her sister had, but her scream from a third explosion that night. Her shaking felt as if she would break her own back, she clawed the sheets, grabbed her sisters breasts, and caused her to scream herself from the pain that ensued. When pulling was not enough to give her peace, she found a single nipple in her mouth; sucking and biting Elisha again and again screamed with a mixture of pain and sweet torment. To their great surprise the cock was removed and not replaced again, but he was not quite finished with them either.

Felish stepped back allowing the women to enjoy the screams and pain, but when he came back, it was with a leather whip, and a set of stone spheres in a line. He whipped Elisha first, seeing how her ass was fully in the air, when her cries filled the room, and her shaking returned he turned his whip and attention to Sabrina. Unfortunately for her, her ass was not accessible at the moment though her dripping wet vagina was. He stepped back and brought down the hassles of his whip on her vagina, her clit, and the wet in-between. Her cries almost tore her throat and for the first time, she could not hold back her begging. Elisha tried to hold her, but when Felish saw this he again whipped her ass, this time harder and harder. Small red stripes broke free of her flesh. Lines of dark red blood started to drip over her swollen cheeks. They both screamed, came and screamed some more.

For a brief instant, Sabrina took the moment to look at Felish. Fear, true dark and terrible fear gripped her when she did.  He was smiling and not like he would normally. His pure evil enjoyment of them being forced to beg and cry had given him a dark sense of enjoyment that was undeniable. He saw her eyes, shoved Elisha to her back on the bed next to Sabrina and took turns whipping the wet red cunts of them both. Cries moved to tears, and for the first time in eight years Aken thought maybe he could fetch an acceptable price for them. He sat back and watched until both women passed out and fell silent from to complete use and breaking of them both.

He stood, walking over to where Felish was standing. Looking down he saw bits of blood dripping from the drying slits of both women. Even in their sleep they were both still twitching. Aken clasped Felish on the shoulder and congratulated him on a job well done. His last act before leaving the cell area was to force his fingers into both women as they slept again for a kind of evil enjoyment. They both learched in their sleep and clawed at the bed sheets. When he removed his fingers, he cleaned his hands on their breasts and walked out. Before Felish left for the night he made sure when they woke in the morning they would find no comfort in each other.  aloneHe put them both in separate rooms. Both cold and dark. He put individual collars on them, chained them to a hook in the floor and redressed them in a typical slave covering.  He left the windows open, the beaten women laying on the floor and closed the doors.

As Felish had hopped the two sisters did wake in great discomfort, beaten bruised and left alone. They both found themselves in tears, needing the other one more than they could handle.

That same afternoon Aken had come in telling both women he was going to be taking the lot down to the local villages in hopes to sell them both. He found great pleasure when he told them they would likely be sold separately and never see the other again. Until yesterday, they had been forced to stay apart. Still chained to the floor in their grey rooms. The bruises had not completely healed yesterday when he came and put them in chains with all the other women and added them to the lead chain for travel. The twins were placed four women apart, again making sure they would find no solace in the company of the other. It was for this reason alone Sabrina had though of nothing but escape. She knew if they were separated something terrible would befall them both. They both glanced in the others eyes when they were brought outside. Elisha knew this would be the one and only time they would ever have to escape, together.

The journey down the mountain was short, and before long they saw one woman after another being sold off as sex toys.


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