Sex, it is one of the most exquisite forms of personal touch we as people can share, use and taste. When you want it, there is nothing else that can take its place. The touching of skin on skin, the taste of salt, only the human body can produce and the inner need that will grow, more and more till your body, or the body you now share explodes.clothed It happens from within, there is no rhyme no reason, there is only need! As an erotic author, I often have a powerful need, or desire, that too often, my words, or phrases cannot fully fill. I wake from a night’s sleep, much like the one I did only minutes ago. The need is clawing its way to my surface and I know if I don’t write, the rest of the day is going to pull me into a depth of shadow, and trouble breathing. One need is as powerful as the next, but often those needs can cause a certain kind of response my body or person cannot fill. Whatever dream state I had been in, no matter the topic, my inner personal drive for something more sensual, maybe even primal tears me awake and though I sit down, mostly with intentions to move my needs into your life and help to fill some expanse between us, I know the possibility is, this will only cause more annoyance. (An inner laughter echo’s through my ear with this realization)

How many stories does it take for me to tease you to a point where you can no longer read? No longer take my deep seeded teasing? That if you don’t get some kind of personal gratification you know you may simply curl into a tiny ball, fitting and screaming? Where this is my objective, being as I am, I also have to find a way to bridge the gap between deep seeded lust, and words. I want you to yearn for touch. I want you to squirm in your seat, or maybe where you now lay. Maybe your fingers will enter your lips, and the perfect taste of human skin, mixed with salt will open you further to a primal need only touch can fulfill. Will you suck deeper? Will you move those fingers from one set of lips to another? Are you male or are you female? How far can I push you this day? Please, allow me to tempt you on. I want to know you are as uncomfortable as I now sitting her writing these words, as you are sitting, lying there reading them, as if I am in your room whispering this in your very ear! These words passing through my lips into your openly awaiting mind. Shall I tempt you on? Oh yes, where do my words come from and how deep within you will they get before your own desires and need take control? Is there a target in my mind?

Is there one woman or another that causes me to have my push, to want to write, or want to tease? In the case of today, well yes, yes there is. But know you now openly, I have many muses on the net, around the world, so on and so forth. But one in particular right now is teasing me! Oh yes her body is forever spinning in the back of my mind. Showing me, tempting me on. Her body,body her lips, her always erected nipples. The pink shading out to soft shades of tan or white skin. The perfect look only a woman of a perfect age can manage. It teases me, it tempts me, my own inner torment now pushes me on. Further and further down my own rabbit whole, if you will. Who is she, will I ever truly know? Is she more than simple pictures, is there a soul connecting her curves to my mind? Have we spoken on some occasion? Have those words driven me to write this now, for you as only I can? You are now the one who has to fill in the answers, not I. Allow me to steer you back to the madness spinning below my surface. All of her body I can see. All minus he eyes. They elude me! They cause me more pain that no words or writing will ever be able to fill. Though, her hips, her tummy, the skin. It is always skin for me. It is what make me mad with need. It is the cause and now your effect. Her skin, the desire to caress. My want to pinch, hold grab or pull. Her skin is always my need. I see the soft curves. The lines only she can wear, the shadows turned to turns. Can you see them, can you touch them, want them need them? Can you, am I all alone in this, the madness is drawing me in, drawing you farther.

She sits there partially clothed, partially nude.perfect spot Always showing you your need. She is a mind, a body a thought. Allow it to consume and torture you. Is it her smile, her body, her lack of truth that draws you in? Can she torture you, can she hurt you, let your mind fall? It is the perfect spot, you know the one the tiny curve just below her sex, where her thighs pull outwards, making a spot only to arouse you further. The gap at the end of her line starting in her low back. Follow it down fallow it to its end, when your fingers play, can you see it? Is she your madness, she is mine.

What is now churning within you? Are you hot, wet dripping pinching or even pulling? Will your fingers turn to fist’s, will your need want more? How now can I help you, what can I show you, can I twist you on? In this very moment there is no expression. There is no way to deal, no way to unfold the desires within us all. She is my need, my passion my want. She is the touch, the kiss, the suck, she, like others have now become my everything. See her, taste her. Dream her, need her, want her. Open your mind, take out your soul, know there is nothing without her. She is everything and nothing but a shadow now becoming more. Maybe started out as a picture, who became words who now only exists to fuck with your mind and need.  Her expression, her body, her shape her exquisite existence will drive you on. She is true madness! Let her bend over in your mind. Allow her ass to fill your sight. Panties are all that separates your sight from her glory! Her legs, muscles, down to her feet. Grab her hips, see yourself behind her. There go your fingers into fist’s again. Look down, you sad soul, see her beauty, it is there in your sight all of her exposed for your need. Will she look back as you, as she refuses to do to me? Will your eyes meet ever so gently right as you decide to take her. Take her you fool, take her now! Don’t hold back, don’t allow fear to control your action, touch her hips, they are there waiting for you, calling to you.

She is forever mine; need.

Pics solely belong to PoesjeEV


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