The last Man


A month, I had put up with this shit for almost a month and tell the truth, I have had almost all I am going to take! Right now, my knees hurt, my hips felt like they would never feel smooth again. The last man of this laughable bet was still pushing and pulling within me. I had thought my vagina would have been worn out, but it is my ass that has taken most of the abuse. I felt the shutter. You know, the one, the male shutter before they think of themselves gods, to the woman they fuck. This one though was no god, not a sire, or even a man. It was one of the most wasted fucks my body had ever endured. And now comes the mooing, he pushed forward, let out a call, and almost fell to dead weight on my back. I, not being ready to deal with anymore shit today, slid out of the way, as he fell to the bed and I left the room. I was hoping Mac would not be standing outside the door, but then I never do get what I wish for. He all but slammed into me as I burst through the now open door, cum still dripping down my leg. The look on his face made me smile, and as he now knew, the bet was done, the sex was over and I would never have anything to do with him or his friends again.

The worst I had ever felt about myself was back in the eighth grade. But the last month I do believe I almost felt worse. I moved along the badly lit hall way and found the women’s dressing room. I stepped into the first shower I could find. I tried to laugh at the outcome of this afternoon, but something was churning within me and I never found the laughter. As the first drops of hot water fell to my skin, the tears fell just as freely. I closed my eyes, allowed the heat to wash me clean though the tears and anger were only going to brew till I decided what to do with them. I was the one who had agreed to the terms of the bet. I was the one who had boasted before the games begun, but I was also used far past the terms we had before mentioned. I had never agreed to anal. I had never agreed to more than one man at a time, and I had sure never agreed to a mixture of men and women both. Now it was finished, I knew far more about myself. I was ready to take more risks in my life, but I was also ready to discover payback for the men of the last month. Mac had found them, helped them to find me and known every detail, long before I could try to stop it. Standing in the shower now, I knew I never wanted to strip for a living again. The money from the bet should cover my living expenses for the next year, all I had to do was get it out of Mac and I could leave this place in my past.

I stayed in the shower till the last drop of hot water hit my skin. When I was ready I stepped out and found the one person I wanted nothing to do with waiting for me. So much for feeling better today. Mac obviously forgot this was the woman’s room. It was not his presence so much that bothered me, nor was it him being his normal ass self. What was bothering me the most was the look on his face. I had been working here more than six years and I knew when he looked like that no one was about to be happy, but him! Mac was not the kind of man you would expect to own and run his own strip club. He took care of himself, was in amazing shape and treated others in a manor most would agree with. The first club I had worked in was run by a guy that was grossly overweight, rude and had the IQ of a carrot. Mac could have been many things, but no one was ever allowed to truly know him. He had no girlfriend, and no women in his life. The twenty or so women working here were the only women in his life. He had never tried anything with me, but I had been told otherwise from other girls.  Personally, I had often wondered what he would have been like in bed, but had never had the opportunity to find out. He took a step towards me, and I closed my eyes. A single hand came to rest just below my left breast, cupping it gently. His other hand came up to the left side of my face, holding it the same way as my breast. His fingers were long and strong. My body warmed from his touch and my imagination ran wild with ideas and hopes for the coming moments. My skin had already dripped dry, his touch was causing moisture to build between my legs and tongue.  His lips found my own and my mind exploded.

The first touch was heavy, deep and loving. His tongue slid between my lips into my waiting mouth and tongue. As our mouths became one, our bodies came into contact. His silk shirt found my midsection, and the buttons gently nipped my nipples causing a rush like nothing else. I fell into him fully, not trying to hold anything back. Our faces brushed against one another like two cats showing affection. If I knew how to purr, I would be now. I had never been one for kissing or making out, but the longer his tongue was in my mouth the deeper I fell into him. I wanted, or maybe needed more. The feel of his cock on my clit, his hands holding me before the rush. The long held deep satisfaction of making love to my boss.  Had the last month been a game so he could have me to myself? Was I something he had wanted all along, or was there more to this man I barely knew? Right as I thought I was in the perfect place, he stepped back, pulled away from my lips and tipped my nose with his own. Our eyes saw the power being held in the others and I could see just how much our little play had affected him. He leaned in again, but only for a moment to kiss me gently and then stepped back again. His lips parted, this time to speak, and I could only stand and listen.

“I have wanted to do this since the day you first came here. I hope you do not mind my intrusion of your shower time. I was hoping maybe you would come back to the office with me and we could finalize the bet that you have completely fulfilled.”

I looked at him with each falling word. I knew he could have simply told me to come to his office, but his take on a message had left me speechless, and wanting a great deal more. I wanted to answer, but the need that had grown out of control between my thigh’s was causing me to shake with my personal need. How do you tell a man, whom you have lusted over for years, to please take you? A single deep breath and I choked out an answer.

“I will be there shortly.”

My body tightened when I spoke to him. I knew I was clenching my fingers into fists and I knew he could plainly see them. I took a single step towards him and a simple smile crossed his face.  He reached out again, this time placing his hand down between my legs. His body heat mixed with my need I yelped as our two bodies met. I fell to my knees, ready and willing to take him here and now. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth, wanted, oh god what I wanted…

He leaned over, retook my hand and helped me to my feet. My breath was heavy and deep. Whatever game he was playing, I had already lost. He stepped around the back of me, running his hands from my bare breast to my sex. His lips, now at my left ear, gave me some reassurance of what he was wanting in his office.

“Please my lady put something simple on, and find me in my office. I promise anything and everything you want you will find there!”

As his words entered my mind, so did his fingers enter my sex. Slowly moving back and forth to match the rhythm of his voice I could only hold to his ass behind me and allow him to command me. The moment his words were done, he moved towards the door, took one look back smiling and left. I crumpled to the floor, not able to hold myself up any longer. My breathing was right on the rim of orgasm and pain. My body was tingling from head to toe and though his promise was good, I could not rise from the cold tile floor. My fingers still clenched to fists found the strength to lift me off the floor. I walked to my locker, took out my red hipster panties, and a solid grey t-shirt. The rest of me, now completely dry I moved towards the door. I walked out into the breezeway and made my way to Mac’s office. Two other girls were coming off the show floor as I made my way past them. They both giggled to one another as we passed, making me wonder if I were the last to know or realize the inner feeling of our boss for me? The door partially ajar had soft yellow light escaping into the hall and a bit of music as well.

I pushed open the door, walked in and found Mac in almost the same outfit I now wore. Tight fitting blue briefs, and an old grey shirt. Sitting at his desk, holding a single cigar to his lips, while sipping on some dark liquor from the bar. The room smelled of autumn spices, cigars and bourbon. All smells I had come to love over the years. Mac rose from his chair, inhaled as he moved past me, closed and locked the door. There was an old couch next to the window when I came to kneel so he would only see my pantie covered ass and my exposed back. He came up behind me, taking my ass in his open hands and leaned in to cover me completely from behind. I could only gasp as his massive cock pushed between my ass-cheeks through his undies. His hands now took my breasts, finding my nipples and rolling them in his fingers. I moaned softly at first, but as his pinching became harder my voice began to rise. I put my hand behind me, feeling his cock, and starting to remove my panties. His hands stopped me as his teeth took hold of them and he pulled them backwards and down to my knees. When his face rose again, his tongue took position over my slightly dripping cunt, and then moved to my anus. The feeling was exquisite and thus began our dance.

He sucked and licked me, biting every chance he got. I cried out the first time his full tongue filled the empty space beyond my sex’s lips. He never did let go my breasts and as his mouth became one with my ass and sex, his fingers probed fully in the tissue and skin covering the mounds on my chest. Goose bumps covered every part of me. My first orgasm must have been heard out on the dance floor, but this was nothing to stop Mac, actually he took it as a sign to push me further still. He turned me on the couch, facing his stone hard cock and my lips opened with the hopes he would fill me. When he only continued to kiss and suck at me, I took hold of his cock, pushed it over my lips, tasting the sweet taste of his need already rising to his surface. I licked the tip, sucked gently on the head and pushed my head forward taking him all the way back. As I took him in over and over, I tried not to gag on the sheer size, but as I choked the first time, he thrust forward causing me to choked that much more. His first cum filled my mouth, poured from my lips and I continued to take him. It was clear, to both of us, we both wanted or maybe needed to fully engage each other and since I was already on the couch, all that was left to do was open my legs, and allow him to do the rest.

He stood upright, pulled my ass to the very edge of the couch and sucked me wet all over again. I cried out in no time at all, but when I could only pant in joy, he moved his cock to enter my body. Of all the sex in the past month I did not think this would be all that different, but I have never been so happy to be mistaken. The size was more than any man in my life, it pushed in, past my dripping lips, and I could feel every inch taken by him. I gasped again and again as he all but fell forward. I tried to hold out, but his body now fully covering me, I could only allow everything to be given freely. His arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders, fingers rubbing my neckline as he fucked me. My legs wrapped fully around his mid-section gave us both the ability to more and bound with each thrust of his manhood. When at long last he could no longer hold out his cry, I screamed and he unloaded fully within me. He tried to raise up but I was not completely ready yet. He picked my body up and changed positions with me. Now, me on the top, I knew I could go maybe one more time. I squeezed his cock, leaned in to kiss his lips and once again found his hands on my swollen breast. It was my time to rock back and forth, and I took him in before pushing his out all the way again and again. The deeper I went the more he too gave into my desires and need. I could tell his strength was almost gone, but his enthusiasm never waned once. Only moments before I came with him, I found his hands and fingers gripping tightly to my ass, pulling them apart and pushing gently into my ass, and cunt.

Our final cry was in parallel and we both seemed to make sure the whole place heard us. He was now covered in me, as I in him. My breasts, dripping in sweat now rose and fell with each labored breath. I knew something had changed and the last thing on my mind was the events of the last month, or the anger I had felt only hours ago. I did not want to let him loose; due to my lingering thoughts this may never happen again. As I thought this very thing, he reached up kissed my lips and whispered in my ear.

“This does not have to be a one-time thing. If you like you are welcome to me, in any fashion you like. Take me, own me or even love me. All at your desire.”

“What about the last month, what was all that for? Do you want me for you, or do you want me to whore for others? I can’t do both, though I only want one. What now?”

“As I said before, I am yours now. Do as you truly desire, I will never argue again. I can’t explain my desires of the last month, but I know now I want to be the last man you ever take to bed, if it is all the same to you.”

I leaned back, considering my thoughts and took a breath of relief. Though I could not account for the crazy month I had just had, I knew something had changed within me this afternoon. Mac had gone from a boss, to a pimp of sorts, to someone I would love to hold on to. The choice, as he had said, was now mine. Could I simply leave everything in the past? Could he truly be the last man I would ever need or want?

Picture compliments of (EVE – @PoesjeEV )


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