Power Games



I wish I could tell you this would be another passion piece. I wish I could tell you, how you would long for this story again and again, but I simply can not! This is a tale of pain from playing games. Will it be my loss or yours by the time you finish? This story may come to be your own, read on at your own risk.

One would say the events of my last two weeks is an impossibility in short measure, but then I had never been a normal man. You can assume I have been in the top of my game for some time, but again, you would want to know more about the games I play. Sitting here writing this short tale, I can think of plenty of words to describe my life’s pleasures, but the one most commonly coming to mind is whore! Not for money, or for property, simply for the pleasure of it. Simply put, I love women; all of them, no matter the equation. Short, small, petite, and adorable. Large, round, heavy or everywhere in-between. I have been this way since long before I should have had any desire for the other sex, but as I stated above, I have never been one to fit the class of normal.

Three weeks ago I had met and interesting duo. Two lovely women who worked in the same restaurant. Both of the serving staff, and both as different from each other, as I was from them both. The first, Ally; a sudo petite woman, small simple breasts, well what I could tell from the outside of her shirt anyway. A simple haircut, matching that of many men her own age. Snappy personality, quick to return a jest, and just as quick to flirt as I. The second; Talia, again mostly petite, a simple handful of breasts, but hips not matching the rest of her sexual being. Hips the made you want to reach out, pull her to you and explore the rest of her in front of God and all those around. The best word I can come up with to explain my thoughts of her, at least at first, would be mischievous, cunning and a wild card. This one would not fall as all those before her. And I would be the one gasping from my breath! Ally was the first to introduce herself to myself and my girlfriend. The first night we met her, she was behind the bar, pouring drinks, and pouring a bit of herself as well. I was not going to argue, and neither was Amanda. We had not yet had a chance to order food, but the drinks were simple; one Mexican Coke, and Allies choice of an IPA. The Coke had come out, and Allies choice had my smile and mind racing. The moment I saw her I wanted to play! My mood only more the same Amanda had seen a familiar look on my face and could only smile to herself. I had my questions about Ally, but who is question free when they first meet another possible layer of their own game? She was not about to go giving up her secrets not on the first night anyway, so food was ordered and the game, as it were started out slow.

That night driving home Amanda and I spoke gently about our new friend and that was that. But, as I fell to sleep that same night, I could only think this was a woman I would truly want to deeply explore in the future. My dreams were a bit darker, then my outward thoughts, but with me that is to be expected.

Ally stood over me, wearing only a black lace thong. A leather whip in her right hand and a smile on her face. I knew my body was covered in red welts and I knew I loved them all. She had said precious litter since we had started this night. I was on my knees and ready for something new, but Ally had made it completely clear I would do as I were told, and she would pick the pace and kind of games. Since I had openly agreed, I had no other feet to stand on, but at some point, I hoped, I would gain the upper hand. 

Not that night, an not this dream did I ever get that hand. Future dream and fantasies would yield nothing more then my complete and total obedience to her. She would change not only my mood, but the way I played the game altogether.  Had I expected her to be the dominant one from the start, not even close. Though, I had to say every morning I woke with her on my mind, I had no complaints. It would be weeks till the other part of this equation would come into clear view, but when she did, the rules and game would change drastically.

It was the beginning of summer when Amanda and I first met Talia. She was just as tall as myself, long curly brown hair and a twinkle in her eyes that left me speechless, and mentally numb. I could not think around her, I could not breath and Amanda, as always thought it was funny as all hell. This one had a boy friend, but in the world I lived in, that was only an obstacle, not a game ender. Talia had beautiful hips, long legs and though, to this night I have never seen the skin on those legs, I knew they would one day be worth the wait. If you have not figured it out by now, I am very good at playing mental and sexual game. I could look just about anyone in the eyes and read their every thought and desire. Talia had the sparkle in her eyes, the demonic presence in her smile and possible something so much darker, though she herself had never had the courage to try to bring it the her surface. I can tell you this; the moment I realized it was there I wanted to play for sure! I wanted to tease her dragon, not to mention everything else. It took two visits for meals before I knew I had a chance in her world to play. I, not wanting to review any more about my game, then she would play it cool, start with something light and allow the universe to open the door, should she have the desire.

On the third visit for lunch I came to the intense knowledge that Talia and Ally were close friends, and though they had different desires within, they also had the same need to fuck with the world around them. Could this be the beginning of the best game of my life? Could these two be the ones who would play their ways into, not only my heart, but Amanda’s as well, time would be the judge of that. I can share you this. My first night in dream, knowing they two would want to play in my future was anything but cold. Honestly, I woke in the middle gasping for air, gripping the covers and hoping for more.

She had walked into the room, barely dressed and barely nude too. She was wearing a teddy, all lace, dark purple and matching panties. The other bit covering her was her smile and her eyes. they were darker then at work, and they screamed of a pent up animal who had not been allowed to play in far too long. Ally had panties and bra matching only in black. Her hand held the same whip as my individual dreams of her. In the dream they played as a team. Me on my back, lips deep in Talia’s sex, while Dani whipped and scratched every inch of me. I never had the chance to properly explore either of the bodies around me, but then I never had the chance to complain either. 

The next morning, as I woke alone. Amanda had gone to work some time before, I knew these two ladies would cause a change in me I would never forget. It was a good thing I did not have to work that day. I lay in bed wanting only to play this new game. Even though it had all been a dream, my body ached as if it had been real. Two colors held me fast for the rest of the day. Black of my new master Ally, and purple of my co-slave Talia. More then once I found myself leaning on a wall, or sitting in a chair needing the touch of both, and none were on hand to play. In the middle of the afternoon, while walking my dogs in a large open field I fell to slumber and all I could not have in my current reality…

I came awake to Ally standing over me, but this time her hands were empty. She had my breasts, fully cup din her hands and a smile on her face. She sat atop my hardened cock, and I knew this would be anything but easy. As she rocked back and forth, never giving me more then a itch and smile, I moaned as I longed for the depths of my own need. I tried to move, only to have my arms pinned to the floor. My nipples hardened as she nibbled them both, my cock now ever growing painful endured as well. Never did she move to insert me, to fully hold me, to take me in in any way at all. I groaned as she kissed around my lips, never coming into full contact. I had never been so teased before. I had never been left wanting and I knew this was all an entrance to something darker, something so much more. Her words broke through me. They penetrated my soul, and gave me chills in ways nothing else ever would. 

“You thought to play with me. You thought to have control of me. You thought me nothing more than a new toy in you mind. But now you see that I am the one in control. I am the one with the upper hand and I will chose the games to come! Let me show you the rest of this game, shall I?”

I thought my life about to get worse, that was before Ally led Talia into the room. She had the other woman by the hand, though every ounce of me wanted to take Thalia and reform the word Passion. As it were I would get my wish if only to cry out in the dark! Ally let go Talia, stood back on the wall and allow us two to dance our own steps. I rose from the floor, sitting not standing, and Talia came to sit in my lap. Her panties, though still separating us brought me to full attention. I dove for her lips, tongue dancing with her own. My hands held her ass, moving to her hips, moving to her breasts. Her nipples hardened as my fingers pinched and played my own games. Her hands found me all in the same. My hips, my ass, my breasts. Though more then tender to her touch was I. She held to me as a lost child to a mother. Never looking behind her, never concerned about the one who truly controlled us. As we played our minds fell further and further from that reality, into our own personal world. Our bodies twisted from one leg, to another arm, to lips and sex. I felt her, truly felt her, embraced all she was and gave her myself to match. Moments turned to minutes, and fell to the grey. One by one we surrendered to each other. I lay on my back and she consumed my every inch. As my body melted into hers I knew some things would never change; our need for touch, the wet from our lips the tight and pull from below. As I took her from behind, I thought my heart would truly die in sin, then it all stopped!

Ally stood above us, smiling as only she could. The moment was broken, our bodies ripped from the other. Need tore through me and anger followed. It was the anger Ally had wanted. She was sure to destroy the deep touch I had felt. Would I ever feel it again? A single tear fell from my right eye, and this was my moment of truth. Anger turning to pain and we were out of each other reach. My arms, placed in binding cuffs. My ankles all the same. A long leather whip brought down on my open chest. The pain scorching within me. A single cry from Talia angered me further. Another strike, another laugh! No more words to be shared, only pain and dominating fortune. Fingernails replaced the whip, but not the pain. it only intensified. She took to my ready cock, but as I slid within her, I felt only darkness. She used me, hurt and broke me as she saw fit. 

My mind fell from grace, only to find a cold hard floor. The passion now gone. The warmth and the flesh only felt like cold sand to the touch. Her nails dug into my chest every time I tried to bring enjoyment from her. I cried out, begged and screamed but only on deff ears. World would end before she allowed me an ounce of light. Cold, ruthless, evil now held me. I let go the world of light, now long gone, only in a single memory. I felt my body jerk, felt a warm hand on me, herd my name being called. A single shock of current brought me back, to the possibilities of the light. 

I woke on a couch the was not my own. I felt the cool air of a summer morning wash over me. Something terrible had happened. I was completely alone, clothed and broken. The darkness, the light the passion and pain had all been a dream. I looked around the room, still no memory of this place or who I might be. A door, on the far end of the room opened and Ally walked out, smiling but not of darkness.

She only shook her head at me, turned and entered a bathroom, then closing the door behind her. Minutes passed and another came from the first door. Talia smiled as she saw me awake, but I felt as if all I had thought to be real was now only a dream. Knocking on the door, it opened and Ally walked out. She came over sat down next to me and put a single hand on my knee. When Talia re-entered the room, her smile had not faded, but she took the seat on the opposite side of me. He hand wend a bit further then my knee, but I felt myself fall once again. Reality was a blur of fiction and desire. My mind could not hold to either. A single flash and I knew the truth. My reality was now gone forever. I had been lost while trying to the two opposite sides of me. I woke to a sullen grey, nothing in any direction, no touch, no feeling and no light. the grey held me, though I cried out in fear. I cried for the light, longed for an opening and knew I was only to remain lost. the grey had me, and the grey is where I would sty.

Could I find my way back? Could I find my paradise again? I had no time, no meaning and no company. All my games now lost. All my futures now destroyed. My game an longings for more had cost me everything. I only had an empty eternity to embrace me. Games, control, power and lust, now nothin more then a fading memory.

Open your eyes before you join me! Smell fresh air, hold on to love, consider what you already have. Will tomorrow bring passion or pain?


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