Nothing Held Back!

Gypsy'sOver all it had been a good week, nothing  special, but nothing bad either. In my line of life, I am always on the lookout for something to spark my sexual or erotic interest. This week had been slow, work and nothing amazing to write about.  As of this moment, I think I am simply going to head home, and hope my current state of alcohol dose not impair me to think clearly. Walking out of my favorite bar, Gypsy’s on Mainstras, in Covington KY was not expecting the night air to be so warm. Down the two steps, around the coroner to a barely lit street and I could not help but notice the sound of ecstasy in the near distance. I had intended to walk to my car, but the grunts, groans, and gasps of a woman voice only continued to draw me closer. Turning left then right, I found myself on an old street I had never seen before. I looked behind me, but only saw the blur of what looked like a tunnel in the night. The houses all around me looked new, for this part of town, but the house directly in front of me, gave the hint of modern, but filled with every form of open minded erotica known. The front door was just barely ajar, and upon walking up the front steps, I saw a sign, only a fool could miss.


This house, for this evening is open to all who

wish to swim in ecstasy.

Enter on your own choosing, but should you

find yourself over your head, for all those

present, please leave quietly.

Peaking around the door, I saw the first, but not the last couple using a wall, as a sex prop. This couple was still clothed, but the woman, in a long white dress, had a mans hand buried between her legs, dress pulled up just enough to allow him entrance and the look of intent pleasure on both their faces. She had long black hair, her hands pinned above her head on the brick hallway leading to the back of the house. There were small spots of wet growing as his hand continued to move back and forth helping her voice to release a small but erotic moan from her parted lips. oneThis couple was close to silent, but further in the house, I could hear not only grunting from more then two voices, but screams, cries and words of sexual pleasure being cried to the open air.

Without a doubt, this was the place I had been seeking all week, possibly for weeks on end. I opened the door enough to allow the rest of my body to edge around the small crack, between the outside world, and the world of sex within. I could not stop watching the couple in front of me. The woman was now ruling from her parted lips, and  her dress, everything below the hips was not soaking wet from her growing need. I almost wanted to sit on the floor, watch this event unfolding, and pull out my laptop. Something told me, they would be more then open to having me watch, but my body; hips, breasts/nipples and sex were now wanting much much more then just a good show. I wanted to be on the wall! Giving my all to another and nothing held back. I knew the rest of the house held a good possibility of helping me be on the wall, or holding another to the wall or bed. Nothing I had drank tonight had prepared me for this kind of fortune, but my panties were already wet, the couple before me were now removing their clothing, and her full perfect breast fell free of her bra, and a single nipple was found by his cupped hands and fingers. Just as her fingers clenched into fists, the first of many to come orgasms rocked her to the floor. As he mouth opened to allow his fully engorged cock inside, I noticed another woman, sitting alone in the adjacent room to my right. Sitting on the only couch in the room. She did not look real, at first glance. she had a full figure, like something truly from the past. Large round breasts, ample hips and the sculpted face of an angel.

Her eyes were barely open, looking on to the couple now behind me, in the throughs of sexual power. I saw her look up, see me standing in the doorway and her smile almost brought me to my knees. She sat in a perfect position so I could take in her every curve. The front of her massive breasts, were covered almost completely with her nipples and pink surrounding. BeautyV1I2005Her  hips flowed from a high back to her ass. It was no normal ass for the twenty first century, it was closer to the mid ninth century. Her hands, though placed carefully in her lap, now moved to the side to allow me to see her sex, and red hair just below her naval.

She tilted her head again, this time looking directly at me. She smiled softly and motioned me to come over next to her.  I moved carefully around the first two I had seen tonight, moved into the sitting room, and hopped my growing need and desires would not be too awfully apparent as I came to stand in front of her. I could not help the desire to reach out and hold a breast in my hand. As I was about to move, she moved first. She stood in front of me, then moved so her back was to the wall, every part of her now showing, and her lower legs just crossed enough to explode her hips. Her smile had not vanished and I felt a powerful need to lean in, while doing so a scream rocked the house as the woman in the hall behind me fell to the floor, shaking grunting and was forced face first into the wall as her man pulled her ass apart and continued to pound himself deep inside her still shaking body. One scream after another brought not only my nipples fully erect, but the woman standing in front of me!

Her left arm, now resting just above her breast I fell 91661df8dc8ffccce4ea562c24f39848forward and kissed her full. I could not longer breath, though I can’t say I truly cared either. Her lips, my lips, the warm breeze flowing in from the still ajar front door licking our skin as one move led to another. I had never held a woman with such full breasts, not forgetting the hips as well. I moved my lips from her own, to her neck, down over her nipples, only stopping long enough to gain a moan from her. Down further till my tongue slipped into her naval. My hands still held her hips, I could not hold them all, from the depth of her curves and the size of my hands. Her soft skin invited me in further and further till, I came hard, filling not only my lace panties, but my jeans too. As the first drips fell from her twisted red covered peach, I caught each and every one, running the very tip of my tongue up and over her clit. Pausing ever so slightly to keep her interest. I brought my hands around to her front, pulling her peach apart as I filled my mouth, tongue and nose with her completely!

The moans and screams behind us softened over time, and we could hear the deep embrace of one set of lovers, cooling down after their first explosion. No names danced in my mind, as I knew no one here. My present woman, fell to her knees, my mouth now pinned to the floor and her hips rocking back and forth, using my face to gain one more groan. My face, completely covered in her cum, I thought this would never end. As the thought left my mind, she smiled down on me, and retook a stance above me. Her voice broke my thoughts, but I was anything but sad for them to go.

“I think you and I may have to meet again in another time, another place. But for now, I long for a long hard cock to rock my inner world, so if you will excuse me, I am sure you will find more enjoyment on the upper floors.”

“Thank you for the touch and orgasm, I think I will go  find the same as you, but yes, meeting you again would be wonderful. Again, thank you!”

Our bodies parted and she walked out of the room, to the stair and rose from my sight. the first two had also slipped off during our drenching, so I found myself completely alone, and in further need of my evenings sexual exploration. As I stood there and thought about it, a good hard fuck would be wonderful about now. moans and cries still owed my ears from the floors above. I wondered through the rest of the first floor, not much to see. As I walked through the kitchen, I randomly picked up a bottle of Jack sitting on the counter next to the stove. The first gulp, made me realize just how sober, I had become after leaving the bar. I continued my steps through the first, not wanting to miss a single drop of need, before returning to the stair and climbing to the second floor.

Once on the second floor, I saw just how much I was truly missing. Five doors, all leading to separate sets of moans, cries and at least one to the sound of a whip on bare flesh!Still wet below my jeans, I took a peak in the first door to my left. the room was massive, with one wall painted almost entirely in a deep shade of purple. The single body of a well endowed woman stood facing out, holding her hands at her sides. A click from an old door, off to the side allowed a lovely muscular man to step into the room. His cock already dripping from a good cum, he came forward and sat directly in front of the woman. Her dark shiny hair made an outstanding contrast to the colors around her, and the deeply tanned skin of the man, now sitting at her feet. She looked down on him, smiling as she parted her legs. this single act changed the view of they two entirely. His face now completely consumed by her already dripping cunt, set the picture of what was sure to come next.

without a sound, or a single word wallasking me to leave the room, he leaned forward and put his whole attention into the woman before him, and the task she had made completely clear. Her hands moved, first over his head, hold it in place as she thrusted forward again and again. Slowly her eyes rolled back into her skull leaving him to bring about the next turn of events, should they ever come. Her hands, now held together above her head, only gave her more stability as he  pushed further into her soaked cunt, her moans now falling from her lips. His right hand held her left hip and continued to caress it till his other hand could be seen, at least by me, to be making its way around back. I could have placed a bet on where it was going, but the moment the fingers we’re out of sight, her second eruption, but physical, sexual and verbal shot from her every being!

His face never left his spot. She sprayed him, knocking his head back with the power of her hips and orgasm both. All this time her eyes had been closed, but now they opened and found me taking my own enjoyment from the act she and he were performing before me. the sight of me brought that more excitement to her poise. As she again thrusted his head backwards, I took this as a good time to make my escape. Her eyes pierced me as I left the room, but as I tried to back out, I found they were not the only ones being watched!

She had long blond hair, and though I had been hoping for a man who may give me the fuck of my life, I was not, in any way, going to complain when the look in her eyes took me, pulled me across the hallway and faced me into a wall of my own. The Jack still pouring down my throat, had taken his toll. My mind swam, my body loosing feeling but tingles on a tin roof. I felt her hands run up below my dress. First removing my panties and then openly showing my bare ass to any who happened to wonder by. Her hands, full and soft found my breasts, as I had no bra, and immediately found my nipples hard and waiting. Now with only one hand holding my position on the wall, the other hold the almost empty Jack bottleI drank down the last drops of dark joy, as this woman started her exploration of me. She leaned in, whispering softly in my  ear. May 2I found I was going to be used, not only by one, but two when she finished with me. I turned my head, ever so slightly and saw a well maintained man, standing just to the far side of the hall. Watching me, as I had just been watching another couple, and the first before them. I felt dirty, ready for anything and security wishing to be nothing more then a bit of meat, for others to use as they saw fit!

I could only imagine what he saw as she started to use me, probe me, pinch and lick my every bit. Was her ass showing as well? How did we look, standing in the opening of the hall, she behind me, and my lips parted only for the liquor almost completely gone. Did my breasts do me justice from below my raise dress? Did the sight of us both bring him to his knees, I may never truly know.

While her right hand cupped and pinched my right nipple and breasts, I could only cry out, for the pain was intense. I could not feel the rest of her body, at this time, meaning she was far enough back for me to only be used by her hands, and her words;

“I think watching you watch them made me want you more then just about anything in my life. I no know the joy and maybe pain I will bring to you this night, will never be matched! I also know my dear friend Garry, the one now watching us will bring you to cum, and tears all the same. Do you feel me, Do know of the darkness I now swim, though I am no longer alone.”

may-2I swam as she used me, as I felt I would fall forever,  strong arms caught me. My clothing now completely gone, minus a slip still hanging across my breasts. My high heels made it hard to hold my balance, while his hands pinned me to yet another wall. My breast fully cupped my hands trying desperately to hold to his belt and falling pants. Would I get that fuck now, or just enough to torment me to scream in unused pain. As we danced together, his pants did fall from his body and his cock used me till I screamed out in pain. My mind had gone limp, my body, now nothing more then mere enjoyment to any and all who wished to use me this night. He fucked my slit, fucked it till he knew I could take no more. But not more to him, was completely different then no more to me. I again, found myself on the floor, but with a face full of cum-dripping cock. This he helped into my open mouth. the salty mixed with the wet took me by surprise. I knew my body was his to command, so I took him in. Sucking, gagging and swallowing all he gave me!

I lost all sense of time, as my skull was fucked for longer and longer still. His cum now dripping on my arm breasts. I could no longer move, my head along with my back ever pinned to the wall. What would come next I could not imagine, though I did not have to wait long. I was picked up half drug down the hall, tossed on a bed of silk sheets, and my hands were bound in partially leathered cuffs.

I had once again been passed off to another user. wallThis time, me on my knees and a fully  suited male behind me. My head, face and neck pulled back for his pleasure, no longer my own. Though I could feel his hard cock from below his pants, he would not remove it and use it on or even in me. I only stood behind me, seeming to ready me for my finial use. Though I wanted the next part to come, it seemed as if it never would. The same fingers that had held my head, now pulled my lips apart as I could not cry out. I could only endure, and push forward. As the light in the room added to nothing but black, I heard yet another set of footsteps enter the room. Would this be my ending this night, or would more use and hurt me beyond my  deepest imaginations? The man behind me held for some time to come. Forcing my face into the soft bed, my ass was slapped once or twice. Hard dry fingers pushed three way into my slit and my first cries had to have been herd all the way back to the bar! bed boundThis was not the end, but only the beginning of the darkness to take me past physical enjoyment, into the realm of pressure through pain. though my sex was not used again this night, that is not me saying my body and mind were not fucked far past my expected use. Once off the bed, I had my hands and arms hoisted above my head. My breasts fell free, though I could no longer feel them completely. I held to the rope now suspending me, and knew this night had been planned out in hell! the first paddle of leather to my ass, gave me no room for fear. Again and again I felt the sting. My body 10though no longer my own surgery forward with each and every strike. My eyes held closed I heard no words. No talking and no instructions. I fell to the dark torment I was having whipped on to my very flesh. I came more then I had ever thought possible. I dripped, sprayed and convulsed till  my body was forever not my own. My mind was slipping. Could this be reality, or had I stumbled into some kind of dark world never to be read or seen again? the use continued till my sight failed me and the whole world went black. I knew nothing, felt nothing and cared less for anything. As my mind fell to true darkness, my flesh woke from some kind of sleep, I can not tell. Would I live to tell this tale, or would my life simply slip away?

Elisha, Elisha! Dear it is time for us to go home, and for you to rise!

I opened my eyes looking around to realize I was still in the bar. My body ached, my legs still soaked and my reality challenged, far past the reality of normal man. I tried to rise, but found I had indeed drank far too much to do so. I could hear them calling me a cab, but my mind could not agree that it had all been a dream. My ass still stung, and my wrists had red marks from the bindings that had held me up and down. Something had taken me from my seat this night. Something knew I would indeed wake and have to puzzle the rest out for myself. The cab arrived, and a nicely dressed man came out to hold the door for me. I climbed in, waved off the bartenders and gave my address to the driver, the rest I could not tell, for I remember close to nothing.

I can only suggest when you are far too stressed out, and your dreams and desires tend to fall to the darker side of reality, don’t give in to despair, you may just find yourself in a house part dedicated to you, your flesh and your eternal use. But above all else, no matter where a good drink takes you, Never hold Back!



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