Innocence Awakened


I sat on the edge of my bed, not knowing if I should cry, scream or laugh. This was anything but the way I had planned on this night going. It was supposed to be something simple. Homework, pizza and talking. I had always been so shy, but now, what would others think of me? Was this going to get around school? Was I going to regret my actions tonight, or should I say, my lack of actions? If you had asked me this morning the kind of person I was attracted to, I would have said, Tommy Bower, most likely. He was on the soccer team, in perfect shape and always in a good mood. Just because he was a boy, was supposed to mean something to me, right? I don’t think I could have thought this out if I had too, but now the time for thinking was far too late, and someone, whom I was hoping to have as a good friend, was something I simply could not put words too. I shifted only a little on my bed and the moisture still dripping between my thy’s caught me off guard. The moment I felt it, was the same moment I fell back into her arms. I had no idea how to respond when she had leaned over to kiss me. Or when her hand had slipped up below my skirt. My breath stopped, my heart skipped a beat and ever muscle in my body went hard. My fingers, on both hands clenched into rigid fists and refused to unclench. Her fingers, on the other hand wiggled, pinched and found the depths of my body. The moment her fingers first found me, was the moment, I allowed my life to change. I never imagined the though from a singer person could affect a person so much, that is till tonight.

We had just finished the pizza, and Jessica mentioned wanting desert. In my blindness, I assumed she meant food, but I found out otherwise. I was about to get up when she rolled across my bed, grabbing me on my knees and moving her hands up under my skirt. The look in her eyes were trying to tell me something, but I did not yet, know what. She leaned into me, her lips only millimeters from my own, and her eyes, so intense, soft green with a hough of blue. I fell into her eyes, before I realized what she meant to do with me. When I fell, she dove forward and everything happened at once. Her lips found my own, her fingers found my sex and I found a new corner of my life. Her lips felt amazing on my own. I tried to believe this was an accident, then a single kiss turned to our tongues. Her finger pushed deep within my body, the moisture ever growing, and my tongue licking over her own. My mind spun, as my legs opened for her. Both hands now, between my legs and the sound of my own voice trying to speak. I was not completely incoherent, but I was able to almost grunt as she pumped my sex, over and over. The nipples under my shirt, were hard, every though she gave me brought on my amazement. I laid back on my bed, legs completely apart, and allowed her complete access to any and all of me she wanted.

One more lick from her tongue, my face trying to reach after her when she withdrew. The light in her eyes was different now. Sparkling as if dancing to some dark tune, only she could hear. Her face leaned in again, she kissed my nose and then back to my lips. One hand then both hands moving around my hips, her thumbs still probing in my sex, or at least the outer edges. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry out, but my mind could not make up its mind to allow either. My pelvic thrust forward when she withdrew her hands! I wanted more, no needed more. She could not stop!


My voice begged for more of anything she wanted to do to me. I was shaking, I was dripping and I wanted more! A single smile on her face told me this was part of her enjoyment. My need, her power and this dance, all under her control. Her face fell into my own, one more time, but this time her lips did not come to me, they came to my ear. Her soft beautiful voice, now almost lost in the darkness she was spinning around me. Her hands found my naval as her voice teased my soul. Fingers sliding softly over my skin, up, up, under my small breasts. I stuck out my tongue, almost in begging for her to take it, but she did not.  She slid it past my lips, allowing me to barely feel it. Allowing me to reach in desperation, only to nothing.

Now her fingers, all of them found my nipples. I almost cried as she touched them. Almost cried when she pinched them. My back arched, my body screamed and her smile only widened.  My need only built till I could no longer breath. My shaking turned to something building deep within me, and I knew I would not be able to hold it at bay. I remember thinking nothing could make this more intense, then she took my hands, led them under her dress and I found exactly what she had found in me. It was wet, kind of sticky and brought out my curiosity. I pushed a single finger deep within her body, followed it by another, then another. I wanted to scratch her insides, pinch her anything to hurt her. My fingering moved to her ass, moved again to her breasts, and still I shook at my current position.

Her lips found my ear, once again, it changed its tune, changed it color and warned it was about to change my life.

“I think you are just about ready. Promise me you will allow it when it comes, promise me please?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I nodded my head and give in completely. Up under my skirt her head went. I could feel her hot breath on my skin. I felt her kiss my inner thy, I only had an idea of what she would do under there, till her tongue found my open legs, found my open sex. I cried out, forgetting my parents were only foot steps down the hall. I grabbed a pillow forced it into my mouth and cried as she sucked, licked, bit and nibbled my innocence away. The licking turned to sucking and the feeling that had been building inside me rose to the surface, I thought I would die if it did not come out. If I could only give in this one more time. I would do anything, I would give anything. Her fingers now joined in the sucking and licking of her tongue and I knew, only seconds before it came, what she had been asking for. My body clenched, my hands grabbed her head and I held to her not knowing if ever I would have her again.

It was on me, in me, through me and around me. I was no longer myself. I could not speak. I could not cry, I could not scream, though she proceeded on. Tongue fingers and hands. She pushed me till I broke, till I could only fall limp from the terrible thing that had been locked away within me!

She moved her head out from under my skirt. Her face now covered in my personal juices. She tried to sit up, tried to speak but could only smile. The moment I thought she would speak the explosion the joy, the pleasure and the twist, vanished and I heard the only thing that could turn all my enjoyment to dread.

“Allie? You know Jessica has to go home soon. You girls finish up, and I will drive her home shortly.”

She tried to get up, tried to wipe her face and fell sideways on the floor. My fear turned to laughter, the thump on my wooden floor brought my mother to my very door. The click of the nob, the squeak of the hinge and the moment of Jessica now slipping away. I was still laying on my bed when she popped her head in my door. Jessica was still on the floor, but the a simple eye, we were doing nothing wrong.

“Allie, are you two alright? I heard something hit the floor, I hope she is not hurt. O’well I will get the car, I hope you got your studying done. Jessica, after you.”

Jessica climbed to her feet, the wet now gone from her lips. She lifted her dress just high enough for me to see her panties, as she followed mother out the door. then I was left alone. I rose to my now sitting position on my bed, and tried to think clearly. I failed terribly! I was still shaking when I heard the car start below my window. The red tail lights faded as they drove away, but I knew I had been changed. Was my innocence now gone, or had it only beed awakened?


One thought on “Innocence Awakened

  1. Doris Oneill

    Innocence Awakened. This New Post was beautiful. I had to share with special friends. Elisha…….. don’t ever stop writing. You are amazing.. ❤


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