A Death in the Blood-stream


Erotica, sex, magick, sorcery and the like. these are the things you read from me daily. I twist my words, to twist your mind, and in so doing, you come, cum, and bring yourself to tears, or just more need. I often state that our truest memories are stored in our blood. your past, your future, you true self can be answered through your blood. So what happens when there is a death in the blood? When you darkest desires can be sipped, spilt, and even poured down the drains of life? What happens when the toxin the helps you, help others to become is gone. Can you move forward, just try a new drink, or should you, like many would suggest, go out, and buy just another bottle? Is there just another bottle?

Well women, gentleman, lords and ladies, I can not answer this so easily. When your inspiration of your words, come from the juice of life, that flavor, can not just be replaced. You have to dig deep, find the truest nature of your desires. You have to move past reality, move into a depth where you can, well, find that which torments you, guides you and brings you to the dawn of another work. Will the world wait, hell no! The world waits for no one! Not writers, singers, poets, engineers or anyone else, for that matter. My juice is running low. My needs are so far from finished, my mind still awaits in sin, to bring you more.

My blood calls for it. My needs begs for it, and those of you, who read my page often, long for it. What is in your blood? Is it truth, life, depth, desire, sex flesh, grinding, passion, or simply a drink? Will you do anything to fulfill it? Will you dance, scream, will you beg for your dreams wrapped in dark silk tastes only a few can conquer? My blood is mixed, the story so stands and the future will see another bottle, as you will read another story. Your skin, your need your desire may be quenched by the life in my blood. Find yourself. Hold on tight and know you, and only you can complete your own needs.

Drink Well!




One thought on “A Death in the Blood-stream

  1. Doris Oneill

    A Death in the Blood-stream. Drink well, my friend. Who we are is… truly in the blood-stream. This post was TRUTH.


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