My First Year In..

Snapshot04271041 (1)On March 9th 2015, I started this blog in the hopes I would acquire a few followers for my writing. My newly acquired publishing company, McWood publishing and their head, Temeca Woods said this would be the best way to connect with possible new followers. Not sure what I was doing, having never blogged before, I stumbled through one idea after another before I found myself writing the first, of many chapters in a short story entitled “The portal”. When I laid the first word on the first page, I truly had no idea where this story would go. Noor did I know the end product would leave a scratch in my memory for time to come. The story, though good from one chapter to the next, gives you something to think about long after you finish it whole. For me, I found a bit of old lost personal beliefs staring back at me from a time once forgot. For you, the readers, this world around, I may never know how my writing affects you, but still you return. You read, you enjoy and slowly my page is being read all over the planet.

When I started this, I was hoping only for a few people to trip over it, from time to time, but the result, the overall result of this page is far from anywhere my imagination could have dreamed. As of today, March 14 2016 I have received 1595 visitors & 3264 views. Not only in the United States, but from all over the world. Every day, the first and last thing I do is check the visitors and views on my page.

I have been telling my followers, for some time, when I have a book cover for my first book, I will post it on the page. This also goes for the hopeful release date for that first book. As it stands today, we are still working on the cover, but we are hoping for a release date of November 1, 2016. The name of the book, “ENSLAVED”, will be the first in a series called, “The Eighth Expansion”. At least 6, but closer to 10 books when they are all said and done. I am also working on two other series, and a stand alone novel while I continue this blog. I am honored and thrilled every day when I see how many people from different walks of life, all over the world take time to read my creations.

When I was young, the idea of becoming an author, never entered my mind. My mother wrote books, and lectured her children on their grammar daily. But when it came to me, I loved creating stories in my mind, but it was not till 2009 I decided to share those stories with all of you. It is my hope that any and all who read this will continue to follow me, possibly drop a note, from time to time, and tell those around you to do the same. I am looking forward to my second year of blog writing, and all the readers who partake herein.


From the depths of who I am now, and who I am swiftly becoming,

Thank you

E.H. Rashkae


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