(2) Shame in my Silence


After he had left the room and my body bound to the celling I did everything in my  power to fall asleep. Everything hurt, ached or burned. My throat was dry, ass worn out and the feeling in my hands had long disappeared from them strung over my head. The last bit he had used me, I still shook and twitched. My body had only had sex once before this night, and that had been nothing compared to this. No, the young men in my town would never have the courage to do this to a women, but now I knew, this was going to be an everyday thing for my life. I almost begged to some higher power to help me, but then I remembered I did not believe in such things. I pulled at the ropes binding my hands, just in some event they may give, but in my ignorance, the moment I pulled too hard another set of footsteps could be heard coming down the hall. A large black male walked into the room. Completely nude, minus the whip he held in his hands. A smile crossed his face when he saw my fingers outreached through suffering. I closed my eyes, turned my head as far away from him as I could, and he chuckled in my general direction.

“Every night, one of the new sluts think they can undo their bindings, and every night, the watchmen, like myself have to come teach you otherwise. How should I do it, little slut? How should you learn this is where you belong and there is no getting free. I could whip you, I have that in hand. I could fuck you, my cock is more then ready for such a taste. But you, little slut, I think will gain by another kind of persuasion.”

His voice fell silent and I only dreamed of the worst. Slave could only mean one thing to me, and since my body had already been used for sex all night long, why  should I think this man would do any different? I took in a few deep breaths, hoping for the worst to come, but it never did. I felt his hands on my own, the ropes being removed and I opened my eyes in short hopes he may actually be helping me. I fell to the bed below when he removed the ropes, and stepped back. My body no longer my own, I tried to get up, and found I could not. I could feel his body come in close to whisper in my ear. Fear gripped me, as his long strong fingers teased my cunt and ass the same. As he pushed at the opening of each hole, I lurched forward, but then his soft voice filled my ear, and I simply gave in.

“Little slut, one of you is like all the rest. You are found, fucked and used. your hands bound above your head an left for the night. No idea what nightmares wait for you at first light. No sleep till one tries to break free. This is you little slut. Tonight you will be the one giving me pleasure, so do a good job, and maybe I will arrange for you to sleep, unbound. Now rise, little slut, rise and give me your best; soft hard short or long. Make me groan or I will make you scream. Please me…”

I slowly rose from my fetal position and looked him up and down. I slowed when I crossed his face, then stopped altogether when I saw his cock. I was trembling now, and his smile widened. He took my face in his hands, and gently kissed my lips. After the use I had been given first, this caught me off guard. He released me, and he came to lay in the bed next to me. Face up, hands at his sides and me, unbound. For reasons I may never know, I did not think once of trying to run, I simply sat there and considered my abilities. I put my hands on his skin, pushed and pulled at his skin and muscles below. A simple breath from him gave me hop, I was going in the right direction. His chest, nipples and abdomen all got their share of my petting. When I reached his cock, though no longer hard, I still could only stair at it. I started first with one hand, then another and the blood flowed into this stem with delight. When the head had grown, I lowered my face to it, kissing at first, then to licking and all to sucking. For every time I put more of his cock in my mouth, his moan broke free of his lips. After a while, I felt his hands come to rest on my head, pushing more and more of himself into my opened lips. My tongue felt every part of him, the foreskin, the head, the salty drip from the hole and the balls near the bottom. Only once did I gag, though I found a simple pleasure in not being completely comfortable. His first load filled my mouth, and though I had spit earlier this evening, I did my best to swallow every drop. I liked his dripping cock dry, making sure to stop for a brief timwhipe on each lump below the shaft. More moans fell from his lips, and I worked even harder to give anything I possibly could.

Before I realized he was doing it, a moan escaped my lips as well. He had fingers in my dripping cunt, he also had penetrated the shallow depths of my ass. I moved forward as his use continued. I followed his lead and moved to a sitting position above his cock. Lowering myself, his fingers moved to allow my peach access! The first bit to slip in, made me loose my breath. He was much larger then the man in the day. He rocked his hips till his length was fully drilled into my body. Thoughts of past desires filled my mind as I fucked him and he I. My hips rolled as his second load pulsed deep inside me. I felt it leaking out around my dripping lips, but only continued to rock with him. My last thought, before he took over was my ass, which had only been fucked the once in my life, only hours before. I pulled myself free, his cum and my cum  dripping as I did. Knowing little about how to proceed, I used my hands to pull my ass cheeks apart, as he started to slip inside, a gasp of my own filled the room. I almost fainted with the sheer size being pushed in. He went to move, lifting me off the bed, cock still placed in my gapping ass. He stood completely, leaned back on the wall and proceeded to use me, hanging in the cold air. One gasp led to another. then moans, then my first scream.

He fucked me still. Used my ass, then my cunt then my mouth. I began to feel the position of a slut once more, an before he finished, I was not only filled with him, but covered as well. When I was still bouncing on his cock, he reached around the corner, and bought back an item I had never seen. A small red ball with straps on either side. The ball was stuffed in my mouth, and the straps bound tight behind my head. My last cry was to total silence. My body now stretched out, the pain still ringing out, and his hands slapped out the finial chapter this night would give. He moved his hands, and I fell from his cock to the soft bed below. The moment I opened my eyes, they were covered with loads of hot sticky cum. iI dripped to my breasts, further still to my tummy. I felt the cool of the room chill, not only me, but the wet covering me as well.

Finally he stood above me, smiling down on my wet used body. He seemed to pause for a single moment, before slapping my cum drenched face. It splashed out and I didn’t even grunt. This seemed to please him most of all. Then he spoke, smooth words to my battered body. B3

“So it would seem you are more then able to give pleasure, even though you are ill trained. If asked politely, you do as you are bade. Look that way slut, and I will help you find sleep. No bindings, just you and the black. Take your shame to the silence.”

He pointed to the opposite wall and as I turned he tossed the rope to the floor, and took hold of my hips. Again he fucked me, but gently and caressingly. All my energy gone, my mind went limp and as he had stated, I fell to sleep. Shame in my silence, I fell to sleep.


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