(1) Losing Dignity

All women dream of being spoiled, not having to work, having the world laid at your feet, that kin4894a4a0f0434e885cde05affd8bf1dfd of thing. Live in a massive house, large rooms, and a view only the rich can afford. Having a chauffeur drive you everywhere and lastly, but certainly not least, all the freedom to do anything you could ever desire. I would do anything to be able to live in that life, and not my own.As fate dest her cards, I am far from riches, I drive myself everywhere and know the closets thing to luxury I will ever get is the movies I watch. I had come to LA at the turn of my eighteenth birthday. I had said goodbye to my friends my family and told them all I was going to find a better life then the of a woman in a small Kansas town. I knew there was better for me, I knew I could find it, but boy, had I been wrong.

My first night in the big city, had been the first slap to my face, and dignity. My bag, clothing money and cell phone had been stolen at the bus station within a few minutes of stepping off. The same guy would not stop following me and by nights end, my life had been changed forever. As I lay in a large white sheet covered bed, in a beautiful home, I wondered if this would be all bad. His hands had grabbed me,ecd5e5bfa0832acb199925d13d3967a3 pinched me and beat me, all while he laughed and pounded his massive cock in my every hole. My white sweater was now tossed on the floor, and my panties nowhere to be seen. One fist of hair after another till I could hardly move, think or even care. The fuck, I could have handled. The abuse of my body I actually kind of liked, but the end of his little game had told me exactly what I was going to do to survive this town. Before I caught my first breath, I was fitted into leather bindings and made to kneel on the floor.

“It sure is nice to have an innocent slut for a change. All the girls come out here, thinking they are going to have a great life, and they find out the only great they can offer is one fuck or another to people like me! So what do you say little whore, do you think your life just got better, or do you think you can truly change your current situation?”

I lay spread out on my face thinking about everything he had just said. I had never felt so filthy and this guy had enjoyed making me feel worse. When at first I did not answer, he started spanking my ass, and saying the word slut every time he hit me. I wanted to be strong, at least about something today, but the spanking became brutal, the pain brought tears to my eyes and I knew I would never outlast anyone who loved bringing pain as much as he did. He climbed off my ass, his cock still wet with my juices and his own come. He knelt down in front of me, slapped my face and then spit on me. I was crying full on now, and again he laughed in my face at the misery he had created.

“What do you think this is, you stupid slut? Do you really think that was a rhetorical question? Do you think I will just give up, because you are trying so badly to be strong? Well think again sweetheart, I love what I do. I love making the stupid little women who come here feel as small and pathetic as possible. If I don’t then they would all just end up dead, but you, you I saw the moment you got off the train. I saw the innocent and the big hopes. I saw everything and now, I am going to make all your dreams come true. You want to live like some kind of queen? Have a big house and not have to do anything, well get ready, you are about to get all your dreams, twisted, broken and painfully stuffed in you, but you will get them!”6db6da9788bcd61fc4592f674ec418ff

His words scared me, brought fears to my mind, I never knew were there. As I lay there still trying to remain silent, he stood before me, took hold of his cock and rubbed it till it was once again fully hard. This time he put it to my lips expecting me to open my mouth and let hm in. what else could he do, slap me, I was getting use to that, but then I had never known true misery. He stepped back, rose his right hand and as he brought it down to slap my face, his fingers curled into a tightly packed fist. It contacted with my jaw, my ears rang, the pain was intense and again he put his cock to my lips. without another thought I opened my lips thinking he would just push himself in, but I should have known it would never be tat easy. Again and again he punched my face, all the while laughing and talking down to me, like I was nothing more then a dog.

“Stupid stupid little slut, you think you can hold out on me? You think once you give in that will be the end of your punishment, well remember this night, the next person to take you may not ever tell you why you are being punished, they may not speak at all. Are you ready to obey, listen, speak, when spoken too, and do as your told?”

This time I did not hesitate, I spoke my answer and looked him in the eye, knowing the punishment for not doing so may kill me. I was becoming nothing, and I knew it. My words were soft, and my body shook, but in the end it seemed to be exactly what he had wanted.

“Yes! Yes I will do as you tell me, I will take what you give me, an I will accept what I must become.95936850ad2faeca629bd98b95149c23

My voice was low, but the smile on his face only brought more fear to my mind. He again put his cock to my lips and as I opened my mouth.
This time he did not try to kill me, just took his pleasure of my mouth and when he came, though I choked and spit most of it out, I only got one slap for my obvious disobedience. After what had been the worst night of my life, I fell to sleep silently, my hands bound with rope. My feet bound together and my body worn out past imagination. I passed out wishing I had stayed home and dated Tommy Fisher and never been so foolish. My eyes were heavy, bruises were forming all over me, and I had no one but myself to thank for being in this situation.



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