(2) Through my Masters Eyes

Even More BDSM Toys

The following day, I reported for duty, the same as I had  always done. Master Neace was nowhere to be found, I could only imagine he was in his work room. I knew I had the basic chores to attend to, but as with every day, the silver star in the front foyer had to be done first. I was just finishing up when the door to the outer work room open and my master emerged. I was shocked to find the dark haired woman, from yesterday was again, with him. She looked like her body was close to exhaustion. Her hair was perfectly in place, and her clothing looked more like a spider created silk covering, then the attire of a proper English woman. My master walked gracefully out to stand before me, the woman, though also graceful, also looked as if she had taken quite a night. I could tell her face had been slapped, hair pulled and her body used. His smile gave me goose-bumps, and his words drove fear into me, in ways I will never admit.

“Ah. young mister Etchen, what would you say to a bit of pleasure this morning, my treat? I do think you and this young lady could have quite a go at it, if you are willing to try. I give you my word, she can take anything, if you know what I mean! And she has already been warmed up for you. I know the extra bedroom on the East wing is open, and I would only ask you to help her get cleaned up, before I have a driver collect her later this day. Till then I tell you, man to man, anything and everything you may have ever dreamed about with a woman, do enjoy yourself. If she screams a bit, pay it no mind, if not, well maybe you should dig a bit deeper for ideas!”

His words would have fueled most men with pure delight, but for me, I was truly concerned about the consequences of using this woman without first gaining permission from my other master in the house. Though, she had been quite beautiful, yesterday. All done up, long flowing dark hair and those long tanned legs, I would love to see if the woman could scream as well as I did yesterday for my djinn. I looked at Master Neace and spoke plainly.

“Sir? Will you be in the house today, in the event I need a bit of council? I am honored you would like me to play with your lovely toy. I thank you deeply for the opportunity.”

Sam, I will only be here a short while longer this morning, then I’m off to the city to collect more and younger toy’s, as you put it. My work will be requiring a larger sacrifice tonight. The full moon, may help in my planes, but I must follow with the original protocol, just to be on the safe side. So I will be gone from noon, till dusk this evening. If you have questions then, ask young Melissa here. I assure you, this is not her first man to be treated with her presence, I think you two will be more then happy with each other. So, off with you both, up stairs, and I would love to hear a scream or two, before I need to leave in just over an hour. Good day to you Mr Etchen, good day!”

I thought his talk was over, that was till he leaned down and whispered in my ear;

“Think of her as a release to any and all the wrongs in your life. Just push yourself, I am sure you will do fine.”

He gave me a stiff nod and a wink as he straightened himself again. Without a further ado, he turned re-entered his workroom, and left the lady Melissa in my care. I had more then one thing I wanted to do with this woman, but I had other ideas of what she would be doing to me. I felt the need to consider my new part this day, so I knelt down, lifted the remains of her  dress and put my right hand on her inner thy and moved upwards. Master Neace was correct, she had been warmed up for me, she still had a nice bit of moisture between her legs and as I touched her sex, a soft whimper escaped her lips. I removed my hand, licked my fingers and wiggled them into her waiting peach. She tried to bend forward as my fingers, first two, then three and four, slid deeper and deeper into her waiting body. When I had all but my hand within her and she was already coming, I laughed at my good fortune and pulled myself free. I used her dress to wipe clean my hand and retook my position next to my new toy. Something had truly changed in me from yesterday’s run in with the djiin. I had something dark and evil trying to claw its way to the surface, and I knew the djiin was responsible for it. I led the way, up the stair and across to the East wing. Once outside the bedroom door, I turned her in the morning sun, and truly looked her round.


I was nineteen, I had bedded a few women in my life, though most of them were nothing more then tavern winches, but now, to have the opportunity to fuck, use and torture this beautiful young woman, oh how my mind did twist! I opened the door, led the way in and went and opened the large window across the room. The breeze this morning was lovely, and just a nip cold. As I turned back to Melissa I found, she had only stepped inside, and was waiting for further instruction at the end of the bed. The bed started another story in my mind altogether. Laid out across the top covers were some of the tools, I had seen in the outer chamber of my masters work room yesterday. I smiled to myself as I realized he had planned all this out, and wanted to give me the best chance to give him his wish; a scream or two before he departed the house. My first desire, was an innocent one, truth be told, I was not sure if I would ever find myself in the presence of such a beauty again, and the remaining innocent side of me wanted something natural, to start with.

I took her hand, led her to the foot of the bed and motioned for her to sit. She did as I asked and looked me right in the eye, almost seeming to want the very thing I did, at least now. I leaned in, caught her green eyes, and kissed her. Her tongue came forward, her perfect red lips parting to allow my tongue to play with her  own. In the time we kissed my hands came to rest of her hips, her hands on my face. I had always wanted the fairy tale, yes I know I am a man, but don’t men dream too? Before too long, she was pulling me down on top of her, and I was  desiring more and more of her hips and ass. Falling to her back, I shoved the extra toy’s off the bed so we could continue to start all this off with a bit of innocence. As our mouths danced I took hold of what little dress she had to begin with. Tore it from her shoulders and pulled it free of her body. I was very surprised to find scratch marks and whip marks all up and down her front and back. Touching one or two of them gave way to the first of her soft moans. A single red stripe was all the way across her left breast. They were almost as large as the gjiin’s yesterday. I took a handful of those breasts, and squeezed, gently at first, then harder, and tighter over time. I have her moaning, and her sex was more then dripping now, from her first use this day. My breath was coming up shorter then I would have liked, but when I realized we had danced in the rhythm of passion for far too long, I retook a stance next to the foot of the bed.

I held out my hand, for her to take, and when she did, I motioned for her to kneel before me. Once on the floor, she removed my tunic, and trousers. My cock, long since hard and stiff, sprung forward to meet her lips half way. Her lips parted and another kind of dance begun. I almost gave way in that first instant. I felt darkness and power rising from deep within me. I knew where this would lead, and I know some would lead to Master Neace’s desire. I rose my right hand, as far over my head as I could, bringing it down with full force on her already bruised left cheek. The slap brought out the very darkness in me, the djiin had so openly helped to create. I slapped Melissa over and over till her face was red from my use. Once the left side was used, I turned my left hand to her right cheek. Moan after moan fell from her lips, still sucking my cock! I started to feel she was not putting her whole being into my needful cock, so I grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her head to my torso as I slammed my cock further and further down her throat. Her first gag, was a sound I knew I would come to love in the women in my future. I continued to fuck her face, never concerning myself with the discomfort I may be causing her. This, again was not like the wenches in the taverns around town. If you hurt them you could be put in the stocks and beaten for it. Melissa had been given to me, and her pain was the creation of my joy.

I had never had such clear desire to hurt another soul, not till this very moment. I moved both my hands again, this time down around her neckline. I gripped so tight her gags became gasp’s for air. When I could hold out no longer, I brought my first full load in her mouth and throat. Again she gagged, but this time I let her have air, and a moment to reclaim somewhat of her posture. I staggered backwards as she took in two full breaths of air. A small multi leathers whip lay on the floor, next to my feet. 10

I helped her to her feet, turned her round and bent her forward over the foot of the bed. Now, her ass, full and round filled my field of vision. The bottom round giving way to her soft pink lipped pussy. My cock, though still trying to regain myself grew, harder and longer then before. I saw an interesting bit of silver laying on the floor. I realized it was one of the bits I had seen yesterday, and at the time, had no idea what it could be used for. Now, without have to think twice, I knew exactly where it would fit nicely; her anus. I leaned down, picked it up and slid it through the moisture still dripping between her legs. Once completely covered in her wet, I posted it on the outer edge of her anus. She bent  little further forward when she realized what I was about to do. My frustration flared when it did not go in on the first try. Her first real whimper came out, on my second try, though still not successful. Again anger by the lack of action, I licked a single finger and shoved it directly into her ass. Her head cam back, the moans became louder and I knew without a doubt, it was time. The silver balloon shipped device moved easily into place after I removed my finger. A single cry escaped he parted lips. It was good, but only a start!

I stood back, picked up the whip, and rose my hand fully above my head. I brought it down with a terrible force, an was truly pleased when her cry echoed across the house. Again in the same way I whip her ass. Again she cried out and Again I positioned myself behind her. this time I took an upward stroke, and gave a simple command to my toy.

“Spread your legs dear, that’s a good girl, now scream for me!”

I brought the whip up across her clit and over her ass. The scream was everything I could have hopped for. Over and over I hit her in the same way. She screamed freely now I no longer cared to hold back. I did not notice the door opening and Master Neace coming to stand beside me. I brought the whip down over the top of her ass, and realized who was now watching me. A bit of a jump, on my part and I bowed my head in his general direction. He nodded towards me and smiled. It was a genuine smile, like a master to an apprentice. He stood for a moment longer, slapped Melissa’s ass, and left the room. Closing the door tightly behind him. My use of her continued as I enjoyed the knowledge of his approval of me.


By this time, my body was fully ready to enjoy her again, an my cock reached out, as if it had a mind of it’s own. I positioned myself behind her, and took my first of many such dips into her sex. This did not produce and cries or screams, but it did produce a great deal of enjoyment between us both. I leaned in, filled my hands with breasts, and took full use of a beautiful woman. The second time I came, was the moment, I heard the red Porsche start up in the garage below me, and squeal across the cobblestone drive.

The moment he was truly gone, a singe voice entered my head, and I knew what I would do with the remaining six hours and Melissa. I found a collar, strapped it to her neck and led her out the door, down the stair and to the outer workroom door. Yanking back on the collar, I put my face to her own, and spoke harshly but honestly.

“If so much as a single mention of my use of this room ever leave your lips, it will be the day of you terrible untimely death. Is that completely understood. I forced my right fingers back in her ass, as I pulled harder and harder on the collar. Tears fell from her eyes, and I knew we had an understanding. I shoved her to the wall, opened the outer door, and half drug her into the room. Across the store room to the outer door. The moment I started to open the door, I realized what life was like, through my masters eyes. The door swung easily open and we both walked into a myst filled room and my waiting djiin!


One thought on “(2) Through my Masters Eyes

  1. doris oneill

    I did read them both on your message……. Where do you get this stuff..lol…
    I once read a book named Saul’s curio shop… you can order it… but it is completely over the top. Your stories constantly remind me of this book…… ❤

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