(1) In the Grasp of a Djiin


Djinn 01Magick had always been such a temptation to me. Master Neace a close friend to my mother had his personal reason’s for not wanting me to use the craft, but still it seemed to call to me. In the five years I have been in service of this house, and master Neace, I had never once gone against his wishes. This afternoon could have all been avoided, if I had only kept to my Thursday routine. It had been so simple. I cleaned the upstairs and lower south wing every Thursday. Never, not once had I ever been given instructions to clean the North end. I knew little of what truly happened back there, but the tales one hears kept me out all this time. The many tool’s used in Jon’s search for power were numerous in numbers, and frightening in sight. I honestly had no idea what he would do when he found out what I had done.

I had started to wonder about the North wing last month when I heard a strange sound coming through the vents. It was not music, it could not have been a child, there were no children here. The first time I had heard it, I thought I was dreaming, but yesterday I heard it again. Only this time it came through when I was directly over the room the master reserved for working, as he called it. A tiny squeak of a sound, but something closer to a living thing. I hoped it would just go away, as it had done before. To my dismay it continued to make sounds, even after Master Neace emerged from his work. He dressed in his black suit left by way of the garage and took the Red Porsche.

It was not every day he drove that car. Only when he had made some kind of breakthrough did that car come out, and get dirty. Or so is the way he put it, the one time I had the courage to ask. Today was like many days before it, only that the sounds continued to seep through the upper ventilation system long after he had gone. I tried, seriously I did, to ignore it, but when it went from a single squeak to a soft voice calling from the beyond, I simply had to find out what it was. I descended the front stairs, coming to rest in the grand entryway. This was the heart of the house. Solid black walnut floors, the room was a perfect circle with the stair wrapping around and up starting on the right side of the front doors. There was a massive star planted in the middle of the floor, its arms extending to the very edge of the outline of the black circle. The star was formed with only the highest quality of sterling silver. I polished it every single day. Once in the morning when I came in, and again before I left the house. I had been told, on my first day here, it was the single most important thing I would do each and every day. The polish for it was something my master made himself. It looked like fresh blood, and made the star shine with a luster a god would envy. Only once before today, had I run out of that polish, but as soon as I requested more, he went into his workroom, and returned with a full container. That had been the first day I started wondering about the craft he used, and how I would go about becoming an apprentice and not just a house slave. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am honored to be enslaved to master Neace and this estate, but to learn the art, well it would be more then just a dream. 01

Twice a year, on the winter and summer solstice a group of very eager young men, and women would come to the house when the sun was at its height. Those who cam would all have a feast together. the cooks would come to the house three days before the event. Not one would leave till the kitchen and dining room was completely reassembled properly. The first few years I was in this house, I was told, very strictly, to remain out of sight, and to never come down stairs, no matter what sounds I may hear. Till this past summer solstice I thought I would never see any  part of it, but this year that changed. Those who were to attend were not a mixture of men and women this year, they were all women. Very young women indeed. Never in my life had I seen so many perfectly beautiful women in the same place. They wore the normal cloaked coverings, thought they were not black, they were pristine white, with a silver trim. I had been instructed, by my master to help them in the house, give them proper instructions to the dinning room and to find the washroom, if they needed. Other then that I was told to stand by the wall, during the feast service, and say nothin. After they had eaten their meals, they were led one by one into the main workrooms and out of my sight. I had hopped master Neace would allow me to proceed with them, but he had made no such mention.

The next morning when I arrived with the grounds servants, my master had taken me to the side. He wanted to know I had his complete trust in my ability to remain discrete, as with this house, the work he did here and the overall reputation of the estate. That had been almost six moons ago. He had made small mentions that my patience and desires would be rewarded in time, but that time never came. It was the lack of any reward which complicated  my decision this morning.

I still feel bad about having to hide my indiscretion from Jon, but if he ever found out the I had entered his workroom and found out just what kind of magic he used, I truly believe I may be put to death. As it is, I could tell you the I found myself in his prep room, the many shelves and tables covered with every kind of device I would never know what to do with, and simply left. I could tell you that, it would be much more then I would ever admit to my master, but truth be told it was not where I stopped. The room  its self made me feel more uncomfortable then any location in the whole of my life. The first table was covered with silver devices, of one shape or another. Some were ling and thin, while others were thick and bulgy. Seated in a small pot, on the back of that table was another container of the blood red polish I used out front on the floor. There were many long sharp spikes on the table, one which looked more used then the others. The very tip of that spike looked as if it had polish left on it, but when I looked closer, I realized this was not polish, but fresh blood. the idea of simply turning around and forgetting what I had seen came and went from my mind. If I was ever to have the courage to move forward in my own life, I must learn to stomach such things. I stood up, maybe a bit taller and moved to the next table. this time, it was clear what I saw, but I could not imagine wha kind of craft all the items would be used for.lamp02

Leather whips, poles and paddles lay spread across his table. The black leather was polished to a high shine. I could not imagine master Neace doing the polishing, but then who else cam and went from this part of the house? The last table, on the far side of the room, held the most basic of items. Bright red silk rope, in many lengths and diameters were coiled over the silky black table cloth. On the ends of the ropes were notes with a strange writing on them. I knew this had to be some kind of craft seal, but I could not understand what or why. I approached the door, on the far side of the room, and stopped to read the words above the frame.

In the search for light, darkness is found in the deeper parts of one’s soul

Embrace it fully & continue

I had no idea what these words had to do with his craft, but right as I was thinking to myself, I heard the sound again. this time it came from the far side of the door, I was now opposite of. I feared, opening the door would set off some kind of detection spell. I also feared my tampering with this room and the beyond would be the end of me, but I could not go back now. If I were to die from my choices this day, then I would do so in the knowing I had the courage to follow though on my desires. I reached for the door before I realized there was a camera in this room. It was o a far wall, a small dark dome over it, but I knew instantly I would be found out. All my courage vanished the moment I realized my ignorance. Of course he would have this room under surveillance, which meant the next would have to be the same, and on the same circuit most likely. My only thought, at that point was simple, to hell with it. If I was dismissed for my behavior, then I would be dismissed. I opened the door to the work room and walked inside.

The interior room had been floored with black walnut, just like the entry hall, but this room was floored with the highest quality red carpet I had ever seen. It spanned from one wall to the next. But the room was not as I had expected it to be. There was a single table, off to one side. No shelves to hold books of spells. No runes on the walls or the floors. Nothing that I would have expected from one who claimed to practice spell craft. This room was an enigma, it contained only a single furnishing; a grand four-post bed, made of the same black walnut spread throughout the rest of the house. Covered in red and black silk satin sheets, this is what was hiding the source of the sounds I had been hearing. I knew there had to be something more to all the, knew I was missing something. That was till I walked around the other side of the bed and  found a small black haired woman on her knees kneeling face first on the floor.

As I moved closer, I fully expected her to move, or at least say something, but neither of those thing happened. I got within a single step of her, I knelt down to look her over it was a voice that met me;

“I have to believe you have stumbled into this room by some terrible accident, since you are not the master; Jon Neace. I also assume you have no idea what I am or, how should I say, you re going to die?”

It was not the words that slammed me to the floor, but the voice itself. It was dark cruel and evil. Not the voice I would have thought would come from a young beautiful women. As I tried to climb back to my feet, I felt eyes, horrible ancient eyes looking tearing through me. the young woman’s head had not moved, yet I felt the sting of evil gazing my way. Once again, standing on my feet I decided to leave the room, it was now that the woman looked up from the floor, caught my gaze, and smiled. I had never been in the presence of a fully nude woman before. She had obviously been left there under orders not to move, but when she did, her body followed the rhythmic motion of a snake. As she climbed to her feet, he bare breasts fell free, hanging from her chest. Her nipples hard, red and calling to be touched. The breasts gave way to a spectacular west, almost half the size of the globes over top of it. Passing her waist, I found my  eyes feasting on hips, equally as full and soft as the breast’s though they gave way again, to the soft shaved skin of her sex, the creation of life and lust. Her body moved back and forth, shifting from one foot to another. Shifting again at the knees, and down to her feet. Without even realizing I had been moving, I bumped into the wall on the same side as the door. I felt behind me, trying to find the knob, ever looking at the woman, as she too was moving forward. Her eyes, I found to be the hardest thing to break contact with. The body, breasts, hips and sex, I thought I could run from, but those eyes, those terrible orange eyes, now they looked like the match to the voice, and I was sure I was going to die. At the last moment, I looked into her eyes and realized this was not some mortal woman. A smile crossed her face and as it did the eye color went from orange to red, but filled with  silver smoke in-between. My childhood dreams of becoming a wizard flashed with my bedtime stories and I knew what I was looking at. I knew I had to flee, had to get away from it, but she had other ideas.

In the blink of an eye, my eye to be exact, I went from the entry wall, to across the room, laying on the bed an my wrists and ankles were being hoisted up towards the post’s nearest to them. I felt my body stretch, the breath in my lungs fail to be enough, and all four points now bound by black leather cuffs. Those cuffs were being hooked to silver chains attached to the posts, just below the mattress. I could feel her hands touching me, my hands, arms then my body. I could also feel beads of sweat starting to bead on my face. The look of fear must have been terribly funny to the creature, who now was standing over me. Her legs parted, crossing my mid section, bringing my cock to life, hardening with every heartbeat. the last cuff, now scored to the bed, and her lips found my own and my lust overpowered my fear. I gave in completely, but did my best to remember all I was doing. If this creature allowed me to live, it would be through my own cunning. If not, that also would be my own doing. The moment my arms and legs were secure, I felt the tips of her fingers change to hard long sharp claws. Her body, still slipping back and forth brought my eyes back to he own. Without a second thought, I knew this had ben a mistake.

I tried to break her gaze, I tried and failed. Her hands continued to move over me. Down across my chest, holding slightly at my nipples. Not quite the spectacle she possessed, but not pathetic either. Her finger and thumb pulled over my nipples, forcing more and more skin together. When the pull became the pinch, and I could not longer send the pain, I cried out, and she doubled her efforts. 09

“Scream you silly boy, scream and know with every cry, every tear and ever moan you only become more and more I pet. Your master does not know you are here, and if you want to continue living, he never will. You will come see me every time he leaves this house, and for that I will allow you to live. If you fail to come, then I will kill not only you, but your master, his staff and anyone beyond these walls that I can find. You, I will save for the end. When the blood is spilt, and cries gone silent, then I will take my time in killing you. Do you think you can understand what I will do to your world, long before I kill you? What a silly little man you are, now do try to last for a while won’t you?”

I knew my life was short at hand, but I knew no way to break free of her grasp. She pinched my nipples till I could no longer feel them at all. When she finished there, she moved to my face. Her open hands became whips to my flesh, as my cries became the reason she smiled. Before she stopped slapping my face, I felt my hardened cock, sliding into heat, pleasure, moist, profound! But, before I could enjoy, even a second of it, the bliss turned to pain, and the moisture and wet turned to the dry grit of sand. I was in agony. My body shook from the pain, shook till  I thought I could take no more. Even though it was pain I felt, no longer joy, I seemed to have no control over the process she had started. My shaking turned to cries and screams, but before she was finished, I came. Again and again I came but always to her will. Her need over took my own. Her smiles filled in my frown. When she again sat still on a lifeless nothing of my cock, her smile truly brought fear to a part of me, I never knew I had.

Something had changed in me. Changed me all the way though, and the young boy who had happened into that room, had now been replaced by a man cast of pain and torture. I felt every slap, from here on out. I felt the grinding and heard her laughter, but no matter what she did, I simply wanted more. I was no longer just her toy, I wanted to serve her, obey her, I even wanted to live, but only for her. My fears, now replaced a temptation I would never have had the courage to ask for. Now I was free, but still I was owned by the master of the house. Still I had to find a way past him. The moment that thought filled my mind, she climbed off me, removed my binding and stood over me. Her voice had changed again, but still the hate and power were unmistakable.  Something closer to an angel, not a demon, but still causing me to fear her. I tried to sit up, I knew the master would be home soon, and I did not want to be found here, with her.  Again, she spoke and again, I had only to listen.  The moment her voice broke the silence, her figure changed before my eyes. She changed to a he, something of myst and smoke. The true power of the djiin, the ability to make your onlooker see what you desired them to see. He rose out of the smoke something out of a Turkish nightmare. Glowing orange eyes, head covered in a white turban. A red scarf, around his neck, changing to smoke and nothing before it could end. Purple pants, rimmed the other side in red. Solid gold arm bracelets, just hiding his biceps. He was floating off the floor, is being causing me to see only what he allowed me to see, though the voice stayed the ever evil tone.

“You came through my temptation. I may come to like you yet. But remember young slave, I am not to be toyed with. I am of the beginning and the end. My kind will one day rule, when all of you are dead and turned to dust. Do not upset me, do not tempt me and you may yet again come to serve me. Now leave me!”

In another blink of an eye, he changed back to the slender beautiful woman who had seduced and used me. The eyes stayed the same, the hips, now covered in black lace panties. Her breasts now also cradled in black lace as well.

Nothing short of mind numbing fear, I removed myself from the bed, ran to the door and when I looked back, she was, again, on her knees laying face forward on the floor. The room was silent as I left it. The outer room, still as it had been when I came through. I had just reached the outer door, and closed it with the red Porsche came growling into the drive. The master was not alone as he entered the house, and though I had done nothing productive since his departure, none of the other servants were going to make trouble where there wasn’t any. Master Neace walked in the house, a lonely young dark haired woman on his arm, and smiled as he found me waiting for him. She had a short silk patterned black dress, low V-cut in the front, and just barely covering her ass and sex

Nothing was spoken as he walked in, but he did look at me in a way that he had not before. I felt the weight of what I had done, bearing down on me, but knew there was no way he could know, and I only had to remain silent. Master Neace and the woman both moved to the outer door of the work room, one quick look at me and they were gone. I left the house, found the sun appealing and fell to the ground. I was shaking from head to toe, but this time of fear, not pleasure. What was I thinking, why did I enter that room? How was I ever going to survive, in the grasp of a Djiin?


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  1. doris oneill

    Elisha……… these stories bring out things in me that I have never known… You are the most fabulous writer…… of sexual fantasies!! WOW!!

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