(13) Ripples of Grey

Chapter 12, the guardian

The night had consumed me, my soul left spinning in shades of grey. My body lifeless, frozen and cold they had used me far past my ability to argue. My hips, now suspended from a strip of leather, felt another sting as a whip struck my ass again and again. I knew my ass was red, maybe even bloody, the sting was unmistakable. Over and over I would serge forward as one toy or another was used to beat me. Small iron clamps hung, threatening to tear my nipples from my body. I could hear laughing from somewhere behind me on the deck as I cried out. Not a single person had given me any form of enjoyment this night. Everything had been done to me, not with or for me. I took in another breath, waiting for the next sting, only to feel my hair being pulled back, my face being slapped and let go of again. My wrists were lashed to the railing, forcing me to stay bent forward, and leaving me to look out to a bleak horizon. I felt the first hand in hours, to touch my skin. It started at my ass, slid over my burning cheek. Up and across my back, slipping down to hold and gently squeeze my right breast. It moved to my hair, but did not yank, as all the others had. As my head came back, I saw his shaft, hard, pulsing and dripping, before I saw his face. Anubis wore a mixture of pain and sorrow,  as he looked down on me. I had thought the other members of the ship had been locked below deck, but now I realized I was not the only member of this expedition being tormented. A cruel icy voice made me close my eyes, wishing I could do the same with my ears. It rang of someone from my past, yet I could not remember who. This was no loving voice, nor was it someone I ever wanted near or on me. A strange clicking sound accompanied the voice, like two bits of metal being struck on each other. I knew the coming words would only bring me more pain and suffering, but the sound gave me chills, and those chills led to my piercing scream!

“You silly stupid child. Did you think your mother would have the power to conceal you from her? Did you ever truly think you were going to get away? The very moment you left the United Kingdom’s waters, we knew exactly where you were. I do hope you enjoy our use of you. Your body truly is an exquisite toy, and we have so deliciously enjoyed playing with you. I see you know the strapping young slave beside you, You should know, I was the one to break his will. I broke his will,  his desires and his body the same way I will break you! Do tell me how this feels, won’t you?”

I could not tell its shape or size, I only knew the metal been pushed into my sex was ice cold, and much larger then anything in my past. I gulped for air, as it was withdrawn and reinserted over and over. More laughter filled my ears, another of the same was inserted into my anus and the pain brought my pain truly to life. I shook, screamed and pulled, doing everything I could to break my bonds. The ropes on my hands held true, but the strap around my hips broke  free. I had not been allowed to move of lower my hips since the beginning of the day. My knees fell forward allowing my back to stretch and lower. It only lasted a moment, they grabbed my hips, forcing me back in my standing position. Another strap, thins time much thicker was used to prop me back the way I had been. I gasped as the burn on my ass turned to cuts and dripping blood. The items still in my holes never moved as the tasseled whip changed to a single braided on. My mind called on ever ounce of will I had ever had. My will turned to power and that power to force. My hands broke free, I stumbled backward to be caught as I fell.

Looking up, I now saw the face, the voice belonged to and my heart crashed along with the rest of me. Christian, my step father stood over me, bull whip in hand. His smile brought more tears to my eyes, he knelt down beside me, put his full weight on my breasts, and pinched with a full fist! As I struggled, Another person was being brought up from below deck. Nymph’s eyes looked at me in shock and fear when her face came into view. She must have known she would be used next. A gag was put before her lips, which parted allowing it to be inserted. She was laid out, in the same position as myself next to me on the deck. They showed no concern in bending her over, strapping her down and tearing off what little clothing she had been wearing. My temper flared again when the first man to use her, gave her no time to prepare. He took hold of her hips, pulled, from what I could tell, as hard as he could and slammed his fully erect cock into her sex. I could tell she wanted to cry out in pain, but she was either too well trained, or too stubborn to give in. He did everything he could to make her scream, but even after he had pinched and pulled on her beautiful soaked breasts, rolling the nipples in his fingers, she never once cried out. He yanked out as brutally as he had planted himself in, but this man was just  getting started. Pulling something out of his pocket, he turned and had the others give their opinions of what to do next. As it were, he held to a highly polished butt plug. It must have been copied from the size and exact shape of his fist. He wanted to gloat, for just a moment, before trying his hand again. He leaned down, pulling her hair back and showing her what he planned to use next. As her head, again lowered to the railing of the deck, the look in her eyes, told me more then I wanted to know. 005

Fear had her now, fear of the pain, and fear of something more. She knew what Christin was capable of, and knew all too well he had no master, at this time. As I lay on the deck, rain blowing in my face, I noticed no one was, at the moment, paying any attention to me. I felt within for Aspen and for the first time in many hours found her. She opened her mind to my own, and showed me what had been restraining her. The leather that had been holding my hips up had spell work woven into the bran. As long as that was touching me, she could not communicate with me, any more then she could invoke a change. But now, that was not touching me, and my energy, mixed with her own was rising to the surface.

Cry of pure agony broke my concentration. Nymphadora’s cry broke through the howling of the storm, and the men on deck, christian in included stopped and looked as if they may have killed her. The look on their faces told me a simple truth. They had permission to play with us as much as they wanted, but they were not to do permanent harm. The man now fucking the life out of Nymph was dancing close to the line, they had been told not to cross. Christian had backed away when Nymph cried out, the other men, now on the far side of the deck had, to my and Aspen’s pleasure forgotten us altogether. A single thought was all she gave me in warning, but that thought was more then enough!

In less then a single blink of an eye, my body changed from small human to full size dragon. The boat shifted and rocked from Aspen’s size and shape. She lite the sky with a mixture of purple an blue flames. The men on the opposite side of the ship were incinerated instantly. To my dismay, Christin had fled the scene and was no where to be found. I heard mothers cry from below the ship and more men running from below. Aspen was more then happy to incinerate them as well. One man had a shield around him, her flames could not touch. But, it did not stop her from trying. Mother, fully nude along with Jaxi came stumbling up on deck, only an instant before they changed as well. Aspen took to flight, knowing the weight of two dragons on deck would surely sink the ship. From the air, she laid eyes on Christian, making a flee attempt in a small speed boat. After what had been done to all of us, she was not in the mood to show pity, we made a dive in his direction, but the moment before we reached him, a bright light opened some kind of portal in front of his boat, where he and the boat vanished! Aspen roared to the sky in anger over loosing the chance to kill him, only turning back to the ship, and our fellow companions there. Aspen gave me my legs just as she touched down on the deck. I ran to Nymph, who was still lashed to the rail. A leather color with a long chain attached also held he ran place.  Her body shaking and her sex bleeding from her misuse. I wrapped my arms around her, as Aspen gave me the internal heat, only a dragon could create. Anthruatashia, came down just enough to bite the chain in half, truly freeing Nymph from her bondage.

IMG_0227It would seem, the soldiers, who were with us had been confined below decks as well, they were just making their way to the deck, fully armed, though it was no longer needed. The captain looked non to pleased that we had been attacked and hurt on his watch. See’iya stood next to him and his men, showing signs of interest to one in particular. Her body completely engulfed in red and white flame. Her eyes had gone black, which I could only imagine was not a good thing. Mother was still in dragon form, but now flying laps  around the ship. All things stated, we were all alive, but some, mostly Nymph had been truly hurt, and may take some time to heal. Anubis, was in a corner of the the deck, tears in his eyes, shamed for what they had made him do. He was going to take the longest to heal, but he was still with us. I sent a request to mother, asking her to please calm down and come back to the deck. She continued to do her laps, as if she had not heard me, but I could not blame her, not at the moment anyways. See’iya took to the sky and shot past mother and Anthruatashia, she looked as if she would pierce the heavens when her form slowed and a blast of raw power shot out from her in every direction. A great sphere engulfed the sky, the heavens and the world at large. When the blast was over, the storm was gone and the sky completely clear. She slowly returned to the ship, along with mother. the two of them landing together, and even mother looking more relaxed with the icy storm gone.

It was clear, at lest to me, the phoenix’s had equal or more magical power as the dragons. Looking at See’iya, I could tell it had taken quite a bit out of her, but she was no worse for wear, then anyone else. Over the next hour, my body returned to normal, the pain of my abuse faded and those who had more strength then others, tended to Anubis and Nymph. I could not guess what it would take to heal them both, but the ship was back under our control and headed in a stable direction again. My arms were wrapped around Nymphadora, and though I knew she would not heal this night, I refused to let her go, even when the others begged me too. I lost my mind to sleep, before they got her away from me. My dreams drifted back to the three day’s before.


One thought on “(13) Ripples of Grey

  1. doris oneill

    I could only imagine and see these things happening.. I always send your writings to my dear friend Tony….


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