Innocence Dream


I woke in the middle of the night, covered in cold sweat, tears falling from my eyes, and no reason I could think of. I had gone to bed alone, I should have waken the same. But as my conscious mind came alive, I felt hands on my skin. Under my lace panties, across my ass cheeks. I felt fingers probing into my sex, and tingles tearing across my body. I could not breath, fear held me in place, but the longer I stayed silent, the deeper those finger went. Over the hood to cover my clit, pinching here and there arousing me more and more awake. Down between my lips, stopping ever so gently at the opening to my body. The fingers became more as I allowed this to happen. Now my anus was also being robbed. Two fingers then three. My slit was dripping now, my anus pinching in anticipation.. I could just arch my head enough to take in the overwhelming amount of pleasure of it all. The first of any real disappointment when the fingers came out of my sex. I lay there waiting, hoping to see if any more would come. I wanted more, needed more and knew I may not ever wake to this again. Two thumbs stuffed in my ass, fingers wide apart pulling at my cheeks. A slip from my lips letting my seductor know I loved every touch, every second. My breath was short now, my ass completely ready and the first slap took me by complete surprise. My ass cheek burned with the impact, the pleasure and the fear. Who was doing this to me? How had they gotta in my room, and would actually try to stop it? A second slap and I cried out in pain. I felt the bulge, before I could realize what it was. Something large hard and long was being pushed into my sex, it split me open, pushed inside and I tried my hardest to take it all. As my sex split open, so did my awareness and need! It was in, my body screamed and then came the second, Another push on my ass, another push another wave of pain and enjoyment. Could this go on forever. more hans on my body, slipping under my breasts, taking hold of my now erect nipples. Hard, round now being pinched in need. The pulse in my ass, pulled in and out. The pulse in my sex only stayed as it was. I could not cry out, my breath had left me. I could not beg, my mind had all but gone numb. The pulling on my tender breasts took hold, I fell and fell. I was weightless, my body shook. My skin on fire, my fists in pain. Deeper now, deeper still. Over and over the waves of pleasure took their toll on me. I was fucked. I was slapped and I loved it all. I was close to it now, I could feel the rush, the pain, the intensity and then…



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