(2) Trembles in the Dark


As the lights went out, and we once again found ourselves alone, she came to stand behind me, trembling in the dark. At first I thought her shaking was from the chills in the air. It was when her hands came up from behind me to rest on my still hardened cock. I knew then, her trembles were not from mere cold, but from an unfinished need. As her hands slid over my front, a primal need arose within me, and I had no intention to do anything about it. I thought I was in deep till she leaned in, move her hands to my breasts, and spoke in a most delicious tone;

“I want you in me. Please fuck, please..”

A small mischievous grin crossed my face, but I was not looking at her, and we would just have to see who’s need was greater this night. I had never made love, or lust in a stock room, but there was a first time for everything, and this night was about to start. Her hands, still on my breasts, and her lips so close to my ear, I knew I could taste them waiting. A sudden rush of my own covered my body and the blood, which had started to recede flowed back into a waiting shaft, for her delicious tone. In one quick movement I turned to her, spun her round and pinned her between myself and a stack of pallets. Normally I would not be so harsh to a lady, but this one didn’t seem to mind. I had a growing need to slap her face, but since she was new to me, and I her, I decided against it, at least for the moment. I took the time to glance at her face, and the mixture of scared, shocked and ready. Her soft features filled with lust gave way to shadows and burning eyes. I let her go as she rolled back on the pallet. her legs coming up, in anticipation of my removing of her yoga pants. As they came off, I was quick to notice her still puffy vagina, and the lack of panties. Looking to her, she smiled and pulled them from behind her back. Held in a bunch, they too fell to the floor, an I could no longer hold myself back. One gentle slap to her face and her gasp was worth the shock she now wore. I might also note the place of moisture from between her legs and the tightening, now hoping for more. I was becoming more and more playful and in my world that could mean almost anything. So many options, such a beautiful and obedient body to play with. I quickly removed my pants, grabbed her legs, still held up from my undressing of her. I pulled her to the edge of the pallet, coming to meet her sex and found a sweet wet opening and pushed.


Her first moan echoed off the walls in the storage space. She pressed her legs to my breasts and reached back to hold on for dear life. Every time my cock pulled free of her peach, It squished and splattered just as if being a fresh bit of fruit being cut on a cutting board! From time to time, I would pull back, slap her breasts and face. I knew this could not be the only way I used her this night, but it was a damn good start. After another slap to her face, and the screech the followed, I tore myself from her, grabbed her beautiful black hair and pulled her to her feet. This time I wanted to be on my knees. I sunk down below her, turned my face to her driving sex and pushed in, teeth, tongue and nose. The second explosion escaped her the moment my tongue first touched slipped in. Normally I am not thrilled when a woman cums all over my face, but this woman I had dreamed about. I had begged the night for the courage to take her, and now it was her turn on top and I was more then happy to have a face full. I felt every crease of her vagina, the lips, the valleys and the clit. I rested on that thought, for just a moment, then ground it between my teeth, and reached up to push four fingers from my left hand into her! I wanted to force more, and when I tried a scream echoed across the room, and out onto the floor. Her simple shaking was now a full forced orgasm and I took one more step towards ecstasy and filled the rest of her, with my whole right hand! As my wrist bones slid into her body, her orgasm turned violent and her entire being rocked backwards. Landing on the pallet, my fist still engaged in her sex, and my face still up front and personal, I knew I had never pushed any woman, of this age or build this far. As I pulled my hand free, and yet another scream found the dark, I knew I had everything I have dreamed of, these past months. When my hand was free, and she now needed something new to occupy her I had no chance to miss the beads of sweat falling from hr nipples, breasts and hips. Her sex looked like she had just climbed out of a summer lake at midnight. A bit of glitter behind her reviewed a stainless door, an I knew exactly what lay behind it. As I walked forward, I pulled her by the neck and pulled open on the handle. To my joy it was unlocked and a great blast of nitrogen fog erupted everywhere from the deep cold beyond. She tried to resist, and her feet started to stick to the floor but the sensation of cool on my hot skin gave me more to hold on too. Once in the freezer, our bodies both caused a mass of steam, as the night had gone none stop. Her knees starting to shake, her mind going numb, and my desire now completely refreshed I pulled her from the cold, bent her over more creates and again pushed myself forward.


As I found myself, again front to her back, I made a slight correction in course and probed at her ass with a wet finger. Her fingers clenched at the boxes below her, and her gasp brought another smile to my face. I leaned in, slid two finger in her tight ass and whispered in her ear;

“You think your ready to scream and moan more my dear? I can tell your body may have been new to this, but your soul was not. This last is from my heart to yours, enjoy!”

As I straightened up, I stood behind her and removed my fingers, I could tell the anticipation was killing her. My cock, fully erect again, pushed on the opening and I fell forward!


One thought on “(2) Trembles in the Dark

  1. doris jo oneill

    Trembles in the Dark………..such excitement. I had chills all the way through the story.
    Very arousing, wonder lust, my mind racing to the next line


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