5 Minutes


The bathroom sink was not the most stable place to play this night, but the woman next to me, now on her knees did not seem to be in any argument. My cock, now fully hard, swelling in her lips felt one jolt, then another. I knew I could not keep from an orgasm for very long, but then, I knew she wanted that hot flash of white heat in her loins, not her mouth. For the second time in the last three minutes, the knock at the door, sounded, but this time with more then just a knock;

“Oy! get the lead out mate, ya know, many men needing to piss out here.”

I did my very best to ignore the man outside, and right as I thought of his voice, her tongue based over my urination hole again, and I had to, yet again, fight down my urge to come. Tina, if even that was her name was good to her word. She gave all in  return for a drink and a bit of time to play. Her fully round hips, now calling to me, were spread wide on the floor of the luv. Her panties, now completely off, drenched in her waiting need. I could smell her desire. I could taste he need, and I knew it was time to remove my cock, from her lips.

I reached down, smiling as I did so and took my cock from her mouth. I lifted her off the floor, put her hands below my own, and shaved her, maybe a bit too hard, against the stall wall. She was not fighting, he was not hurting and I was ready to slam her. I placed my head, at the entrance of a two way street. Probed, just a bit at the entrance for her cunt, and pushed. My first push produced a load scream from her lips, though it was nothing close to the scream I knew she had hidden within her. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her back, tossing her against the closed and locked door, of the many waiting outside. I pulled back, slapped her bare ass, hard, and the thrusted again. this time producing a moan, closer to my desires, but still falling a bit short. I knew she would beg, wanted her to cry and was about to make her scream! Not scream like falling off a cliff, no, I wanted to make her scream as if I had just stabbed her, wanting to kill but knowing I could not. I wanted to fuck her, like the devil before me, and now was the time. Only a few words escaped her lips, but those few, gave me all the momentum I would ever need.

“Fuck me. Hurt me. Break me…”

I pulled her away from the door, this time slapping her face. My power now rushing to the surface. I wanted to hurt her, so here I went. My cock in her ass, no warning, no sympathy and no stopping. I fucked her till she could only cry out in pain.  I fucked her till her body failed her and till I could come no more. She sank to her knees, loss of breath, an loss of control. I may never see her again, I should leave my mark. This one, would not make a slave, but she had made a memory. I slapped her face, till her nose bled, I shoved her to the floor and stepped clear to close my pants. She looked so innocent, so used now laying on the floor. Completely spent, cum dripping out of her body, and blood dripping from her nose. I knew she had felt the darkness rise within me. I knew I could own her, if I wanted to, but this was as far as this would ever go, and I was now finished. I undid the lock, opened the door and her eyes caught me halfway.

“Is that it, will you not finish me off?”

“That is finished love, but I will remember till the every end. Good night and do take care of yourself.”

The men outside looked at me, as if I were some sort of God, but I knew nothing of mortal men, only those who could use a person till the ends of time. I smiled looked back for a brief moment and then walked on, not looking back. Not thinking back, not worrying about possible whatever I had just done to a mortal women. Would she live forever in this night, or would she simply die, not able to find me again. No worries on my part, I would find another. And then again with the pain, the sex, and the screams. Forever I would walk in the shadows of mortality, and think often of the many whores, I have used on the way. Out of the pub, into the cool nights air and on with my eternity!


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