Which flavor are you?


Has it ever occurred to you, the many flavors of life, love and sex? We eat and drink daily, the flavors that come and go are the flavors of our lives. Sex, in my opinion can be a world of taste all in it’s own. We all get use to one
way or another, but do you ever truly know what flavor of sex compliments you the best? In the world of BDSM many people separate the boundaries of sex by the terms Vanilla & Chocolate. Vanilla being the sex you may have had long before you fell into the darker world, and that therein being the chocolate.

Another way at looking at these two flavors, would be to consider the days when you want to play, get rough and break all and any rules you were ever told exist, when it comes to sex. Spankings, slapping, biting, hair pulling, domination & submission. In a way, changing the rules as you go. Will it be a free for all, or will your master be keeping pace tonight? Will you bow down and do as your told, will your scream out in pain and pleasure or will you disobey and live the punishment. Are you the one, on top, the dom making the rules or keeping track of every infraction by they, who are below you? When you partake in the chocolate depths of sex, torment an S&M you may not be able to go back. The world of vanilla may now be out of reach to you. You now crave the deep dark flavors you tasted when enjoying chocolate. But can two individual flavors accurately describe the multi leveled world of passion, sex and pain of the twenty first century? I don’t know about you, but the last time I stepped into an ice-cream shop, there were more flavors then I had ever seen, and more again the following time I went. Our world is forever changing, growing, creating new flavors, and finding new way’s to bend or reorder the rules of the past. Chocolate and Vanilla are still around, but they now have many more variations the just one or the other. Vanilla has become French vanilla, vanilla bean, crushed organic vanilla and so on. Chocolate has also become, dark chocolate mocha, world class chocolate, white chocolate pearl and many more. I have my day’s when one or the other is more then enough for my foodie tastes, but then I have passion days when it would never come close.

What about the other flavors in our lives? What about the new and more interesting choices and the endless possibilities when you start adding and mixing toppings? Lets forget chocolate, for the time being, shall we. Lets go green for  moment and see where we end up. So pistachio with peanut butter cups broken within. Sliced candied cherries and pralined almonds. How does this translate to my sex life, how can I make this taste any better in and out of bed? Again, stay with me; I have my slave on her knees, her favorite green caller, securely around her neck. On her knees waiting, patiently to be given a command, any command, just tormented enough to be entertaining. I have a cherry and black suede tasseled whip I am ready to use, and I am standing above my sub, now ready to please her completely. The first swing comes down, her round hips, takes the hit, an the sounds of love come slipping from her lips. Another and another come down and she only smiles, now dancing in her own personal ecstasy. Seconds turn to minutes, moans turn to screams, and still we dance, and the flavor continues to evolve. Now drenched in her joy, some hours later, I know this can only last as long as it does not melt. Her body, hot to the touch, wet in sensation and flexing to more and more. A single thrust, a single nibble, and the party starts again.

From one couple to the next, the flavors of our lives will be forever changing. New flavors will be mixed with the old, and the dance will start again. Are you wanting to be submissive, or dominant? Do you want something simple, well I think your out of luck. Simple can come from the world of darkness, but it rarely lasts and rarely still is ever wanted again. You may find that one flavor will simply no longer due. You want two bananas, two different kinds of ice-cream and ever imaginable topping to complete your needs. Will you have whipped cream, a single cherry, or would you be looking for two cherries tonight? Old young, soft or hard. Lace, cotton, satin or nude. the body can desire and the world will find a way to build the best flavor to suite the mood.

So please, look within yourself, look within your desires and know your ever changing appetite will be filled. So now, you look at me and tell me the old vanilla and/or chocolate is enough to satisfy your whims? I would be very surprised if you could, and more to the point, now thought you should. Treat yourself, and consider the possibilities. Are you the dinner, or dessert? Are you in need, or have needs to be filled? Questions, questions, questions! Every flavor will be filled, along with every hole. think now, what can the world of darkness do for you?



One thought on “Which flavor are you?

  1. Doris Oneill

    I’m all flavors mixed into one. I live in the moment, which may or not be good, but it’s who I am

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