Balanced or Unbalanced


Chains, ropes, caller’s cuffs, gags, blindfolds. are these the instruments of a relationship in the world of Sadomasochism, or the restraints you put on yourself, expecting another or the world to see you as powerful and not a chained scared individual? Balance is always the desired outcome of our existence. Balance is the key, to the door within you.  If you have found another to work on the equation of the whole with, who are you really binding down? A sub, a pet, a slave or something quite a bit more simplistic; yourself. You are only 50% of the whole. if you are in a relationship, then your other half is the woman or man you try, so hard to dominate; Consider…


What kinds of restraints do you employ in your life? Are they always so obvious; chains, ropes the like, or do you think in terms of other kinds of bindings? Ratings in a sport. Titles in an office. Position. Status. Husband, Wife, parent, owner. Boss or Supervisor, Grunt? Which of these fit your true inner an outer existence? Do you even realize what you are to the unsuspecting world around you? One more scared lonely individual trying to show the world, at large, you are not alone or scared. You are not weak. Or, do you truly believe because of one or a combination of, the above mentioned words, that you are somehow above such things? Go ahead, keep deluding yourself and wondering off the path to your true and balanced self. How long will you continue to trade chains and bondage for true freedom and balance?



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