Cries in the Darkness



It had been one of those days, listening to all the boring shit, through too many desperate meeting. Too many women on control trips of no use trying to impress the CEO’s from oversea’s. This company had been failing to produce any kind of profit, for far too long. The game, as some saw it, was a loosing one, and those at the top, or close therein had not caught on to the endgame, not as of yet, any way. I had known, ten years ago when I took this job, I would be working for a company, already in the pits, trying to pull its self free of disaster. I had also known all along it was a hopeless situation, but I had been in need of a job, and the pay was considerable. But today, today the one woman I had been taking orders from since the beginning had pushed me far, too far! When my parents died and my friends had told me to sell the cabin, I knew, someday I would be glad I had held on to it, that day had come. Tina, that stupid controlling bitch was going to find out what I do with my spare time, she was going to learn to ask tonight. She would learn to plead, and fuck yes, she will learn to beg! Every inch of her figure could always be seen from above her tight fitting outfits. Her nipples stood out far more often then anything coming out of her mouth, even when she could not learn to shut it in this meeting or that! After tonight I would have to move again; I would have to start over as I have done, so many times in the past, but this night, this bitch would make everything in my future worth all the fuss. The first time I had seen her, I knew it would be she to tear down the tiny world I had been building. I knew one day, Tina would be the next act of savagery, making me, once again flee the world of light, I so deeply loved.

I had just turned into the Exon, on the outer limits of the mountain pass. I knew there would be no one, or next to no one here, at this time of night. I knew the pumps would all be set to debut, or credit only, and even if she made any, or too much noisy, there would be no one here to hear her. As if the thought entering my mind had somehow alerted her to the car pulling to a stop, she just had to start up again.

“Carter, you fucking perverted slice of shit, let me out of here this minute. Do you fucking hear me, I will laugh as the police take to you like a bit of scum on their boots. LET ME GO, DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!”

I knew I had a few options here. I knew I could open the trunk, slap her face and tear off her lovely silk blouse and then laugh at her reaction. This was the top choice, I wanted to do so badly, but I also knew if the trunk lid were up and a car drove in, it would be two if not three or four bodies littering the woods when I was finished. Don’t get me wrong, if there were another woman to play with before death, it may make it all worth while, but I still just did not need the damn fuss. I walked around to the pump, beat on the lid and softly spoke, as if speaking to  sleeping child.

“Tina, do you know how long I have waited to bring you out here? To tear off, not only your cloths, but your soul, your sex and your life? Do you even know what is coming for you this night? Now do be a good slut and SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!”

I had not meant to raise my voice in the last, but ya know, sometimes you have to break your own path, to get moving again. I also knew she could not hear anything I was saying, but as if she could not heed a simple warning, telling her of her oncoming fate, she started screaming, beating on the trunk and generally just being herself with more gusto. Six centuries I had trained myself to not hear them. All the time I had never broken with the needs to break one more, then start over. I simply turned her out, pulled out my wallet and paid for the fuel. When it had finished I stepped back, enjoying the view of my favorite toy, It glittered in the night, light ripping off every glistening angle from the lights above my head. An early 1800’s French bayonet. My father had brought it back from the war. He had told me he found it on another man, long since dead. He had never touched the steel with his bare hands, otherwise it would be he telling this story, not I. I will never know what coated that singular blade, but it had given me unending life, and a dark desire to kill, and kill brutally. It had been kept with me, every moment of my life, since that day. Ironic that my father had been recalled the next day, and killed on the road to Boston. If only he had touched the blade himself, but then all the fun I have had since then would never have happened. I noted another car pulling off the road, heading for the station, and retuned my hearing, to her pathetic cries. Yep, time to get moving! I made for the winter pass, seeing how it was mid February and still snow on the ground. I did not need to be getting caught in a drift and not getting to have any fun.

Another hour or so and I found myself pulling into a small clearing, where no one would ever think to find a cabin. I had tried to keep the place in one piece, over the years, but it is hard when I constantly move around. I walked the short distance to the ancient log home, my family had used more then two centuries ago, when the first of us had arrived from England. It felt good to be this far from everything and know no one was looking for me, well not yet! The yelling started again, in that split moment of eternal emptiness. Her screams would fill the nights air, an her blood would wash me clean. I checked the house gathered a bit of wood from the back, knowing everything on the ground would be too wet to strike flame. I set a fir in the hearth, set a pot of snow to boil and returned to the car to acquire my newest victim! Tina, had stopped her yelling, and no noise was coming from the car. I had not realized, when I got here the snow was again falling, but the trunk lid was now under two new inches of fresh snow. A mental chill washed over me as I removed the keys from my pocket to move forward. In my reality, I had not felt true cold in more then two hundred years, but the realization that I was, again going to kill this night, renewed my inner chill all the same. A single flash of memory helped to resurface every cry, every scream in the darkness, every victim I had ever paid the dark for my renewed life, need and erotic joy, that this night too would bring.

Tina did not think about what was about to happen to her, she had taken hold of the tire iron and thought to strike me with it when I opened the trunk, but I knew it was there, knew I had left it there to give her the smallest ounce of hope, and knew she was just like all the rest. The lid opened and in less then a moment, her arm, moving swiftly with tire rod in hand, and a cry, as if her life were already draining from her. I quickly removed not only her, from the car, but the rod from her hands and tossed her, without thought in the cold snow. I took a full swing and planted the sharp end of the rod, in the ground next to her head, and made sure to show her, my eyes, and the look of glee filling my face. A small smile gave way to a darker need, now screaming to be filled. I took her by her hair, pulled her to her feet and tore off every bit of clothing and tossing it into the trees above. The first of many slaps, to her pale white face rejoined her with the ground, and the snow. I wanted to hurt her, use her, fuck her and kill her. I knew this was not going to be like the others. There was something different about her, but even now I could hardly refrain from beating her into the snow. Splattering her fresh red blood so it would trail behind her as I drug her to the house. Too many desires. Too many thoughts all washed over me in a moment. It kept me from acting, from holding on, or from seeing her regain her feet, an making a break for the open woods. I had a live one, that much was for sure, and I was going to enjoy every minute till her bloody death!

I ran like I had not run in years. the underbrush whipped my face, the roots threatened to trip me and still she ran on. Her nude body, glistening in the moonlight. Her barefoot steps making almost no noise as they contacted the snow covered ground. It was clear she knew nothing about where she was, or had any idea where she would run too, but she soon found her way back in front of the cabin and stopped as if not knowing where else to go. I leaned on a tree an looked her in the eyes, I made no mention to grab her, only stood there filling my vision with her pale beauty. I had started out wanting her for sex, some time ago. That want had turned to hatred when she overstepped her boundaries more often then not. but now, in the dark, in her nude self, I remembered what it was the drew me to her so many years ago. I almost wanted to just use her for sex, and drop her on the road. The regular need to strike blood, was slipping from me now, and even she seemed to be the one wanting to start another game. Now, was the time to step towards her; first one step then two. When she made no motion to flee further, I walked up to her, put my hands between her legs, and found it wet to the touch, and nipples erecting from her need.

I had never strayed off path before tonight. I had always followed through, and always found blood. could it be, Tina was only playing along, in the hope I would not kill her? Did she have it in her to do more then just be a teasing manipulative bitch in the office? How could I have been so wrong about her? Now was the time to see. As I worked my fingers back and forth, over her moist cold pussy, I felt her pushing back into me, bending forward begging me to probe deeper. Now Tina had always been a woman to wear business style skirts in the office. Making sure every man there could see her exquisite figure. I had dreamed of what her ass would look like without the addition of the cloth, and now I could see every inch. Every muscle and feel every bit of her need. I the night air was making me cold, I pulled my fingers from her body, bent down and picked her up. Moving towards the house again, she spoke, but her tone was clear, not fearful. Passion even faded in and out of her lips.

“I must say, I thought you were going to kill me and nothing more. It has been far too long since a man has taken control of me, and made me cry out in the night. I only hope I will live up to your expectations this night. I also hope you may allow me to simply live, that we can do it again in our future.”

There was nothing in her voice telling me she did not mean every word. The warmth in her skin returned the moment I opened the door, and an already smoke filled room, full of heat blasted us both in the face. The smoke quickly flowed out the open door, and the heat remained after. I put her back on her feet, and turned to close the door. When I turned back I found her knees on the floor, bent over the old worn out leather couch, next to the fire. She was wasting no time, and making it completely clear what she wanted me to do with her. Again, I sighed and made sure, in my mind, this was the course I wanted to follow through with. Did I want only her sex and obedience, or did I also want her blood? As I looked down on her, on her knees I knew this was something new, other then what I had already chosen to do this night. Her long back, now only covered partly by her long red hair. The way her neckline opened to her bak and her back became her perfectly rounded ass. Below the two cheeks her puffy peach was still dripping with anticipation. This night could go many ways; cries in the night, tears on the floor, or blood in my dreams. So many lives passed through my memory. So many beautiful lives, and not one of them had ever offered themselves to me, the way Tina was offering herself now. It was my choice, and mine alone. I wanted something more from this one, and Wanted to see where it may go.

“Is there a reason you are offering to give yourself to me now? Do you fully understand the nature behind my bringing you here tonight? Do you know how much I have grown to hate you in the past years? Why give yourself to me now, if not to prolong the breath in your lungs?”

“I have always known you wanted to use me. I always knew there was something much darker about you, and yes, I would prefer to live, after tonight. But I too, have my wants and desires. I want a man, not many men, but a single man to take me, work me like hot steel and hammer me into something more then I started out as. I want you to do as you will, do as you like and help me to learn to obey. For too long I have drifted between men. Men who thought themselves worthy of a real woman, only to fall far short of my needs and expectations. I can see the hate in you. I can smell the need in you, and yes, I can dream of the fuck in you, for me! So here I kneel before you, waiting for you to make your finial judgement; make your choice and either do as you brought me out to do. Rape me, hurt me and kill me. Or, will you give me the chance to take to you, obey you, and worship you, if you so like? If you will grant me your slave, your slut and your own, I will live and serve you as only you see fit. Break me, or tame me, as you will.”

Certainly never before had a single woman given me a reason to do otherwise then I had set out to do. None till now. Tina was still bending over the sofa, only now her fingers teased her slit and I could see more moisture dripping to the hot floor. My cock rose in my pants. My body trembled and I knew the choice I would like to make this night. I wanted to fuck her, but I wanted or needed it to be hard and fierce. I moved towards her, brought back my right hand and brought it down on her perfect ass cheeks. Her first cry did more then thrill me soul. The second almost made me come, and the third was past what I could handle without more from her person. I grabbed her hair, forced her to kneel on the floor before me, I slapped her face, one side then both. I pulled down my pants and my cock swelled in her face. I was quite pleased when she took it, on herself without needing to be told. She opened her mouth, in with my cock, then my balls and tongue till licking my ass. this woman knew exactly how to whore for a man, and now, she would learn to whore for me!

For over an hour she sucked my cock, licked my balls and anus and I only stood there in peace, knowing I had found an animal to own, use and train for my personal needs. My first load could not be handled in her lips alone. It exploded with dark force, she tried to swallow, only to have half of my white thick seed splash over her face. It dripped down her cheeks, off her chin and on to her nipple hiding below. I loved the way she made me feel. I could breath in her total essence. I wanted more from her now. More then I was going to give, at first. But now, I wanted her to scream in pain. If she found enjoyment it was all to the good, but I needed to hear her scream. If I was not going to kill her, then she would have to scream for her life. Some part of me already knew I would not be killing her tonight, but a few more cries would do nothing more then bring me some much needed pleasure. I picked her up by the hips. forced her body back over the couch and then grabbed between her legs. Her wet covered my hand, her need still fed it further. and now I pulled up, so to see the anus I was about to torment. With her ass in the air, her slit dripping and her legs trembling in the anticipation of more to come, I walked to the wall next to the door. Picked up a long green reed and walked bak to my toy. I swung it in the air, a time or two for her to hear. I wanted her to know she was about to get beaten. Beaten and teased till she could only beg. Beg for what we would soon see, but beg all the same. Before I started I leaned down, so my lips were next to her ear. Using a gentle voice, I gave it to her simply;

“Now you can beg, scream and cry. You can shake and cum, but till stop, I do, you may learn your fate from this night on. Is that understood slave? I will have to think, as I beat you, if you are good enough to hold the label of slave. Do tell me what you think dear.”

I saw her jaw move to answer, and that was my moment to begin. I whipped her ass, over and over till she could only scream out in pain. I whipped the top of her legs, till she could only falter to the floor. I want more, and more I got. Next her back took nine lashes. This brought out the evil within her. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her back this time on the floor chest up, eyes up, face turned. the floor gave way to steam, as the wet from her sex fell to the searing hot rod below. As if to expand the effect, I went to the sink, and splashed water on the floor, causing more and more steam to rise around her. I brought the reed down on her nipples first. Then her breasts and then on her cheek. Minutes turned to hours and I beat her still. Lash marks now covered her skin. Some time ago, her cries had turned to pleas and tears. She shook with brutal force, but my mind had been made for me. I could not destroy such a wonderful gift. I could not kill her and I feared, I could not keep her. Too many secret I could not allow any to learn. But as I walked to the washroom, gathered a wet hand town an returned to my heated toy, I knelt down next to her. I whipped the blood from the marks that had torn deep. I patted the tears from her face, and brought her lips around before my own.

I could not remember the last time I had kissed a victim of mine. I could not remember the taste of skin, and I could not stop staring into her deep eyes. Our lips met, and her hand came up to hold my face. I did the same in return, and knew something within me had forever changed this night. I needed her to answer a few questions, before this could turn to the lighter side of night. I needed to hear it from her own voice, in return of my own.

“Tina, will you submit to my every desire? Will you submit to my every need? Will you bow down before me, no matter the location? Will you openly and freely show the world that you belong to me, and me alone? Will you do these things and more for me? Will you call me master?”

Her answer was as sweet as the beating I had finished only minutes ago. I felt my soul move as she answered me, gave in to me and gave herself for me, forever.

“Master, I will bow to you, serve you, obey you, long for you, hold you, desire you and forever I will show this world, and beyond that I alone are your personal toy, slave, mistress, animal. How else can I serve you master?”

Her vice was true. Her words were true, an I knew this was not only a ruse to keep her life. She came down to the floor, curled into a ball and placed her head at my feet. This was not a woman pulling jest, this was a woman who had found her true place in life. She had found me, and I her, through cries in the darkness.



One thought on “Cries in the Darkness

  1. Doris Oneill

    Another great story. Makes me wonder if I could possibly go here with my mate.. I’m hooked on everything that you have written.

    Please, another story,

    doris oneill

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