(11) Through Pain & Darkness

Jaxi was so much more then anyone would ever see on the surface. She may have had wings, she could not hide. She may have had talons, that would never retract, but most of all she had passion, desire, and a longing far beyond the need of an every day women03. The longer I  looked into her eyes, the sooner the others in the group realized, I had been captured and may not return this night. It was a while before I realized the others had left me, standing nude, drenched and alone on the deck of the ship. Alone except for the singular company of a woman or creature I had never learned about as a child. The wind and storm blew on around us. My ever darkening blond hair and her silver feathers shifting in the storm. Every time a wave would crash over the side of the ship, I would be tossed to the deck, but the harpy never once was moved from her spot. It was like some external force was holding her in place. Like every time I climbed to my feet, her eyes and talons were there to meet me.

This time the wave knocked me face first to the deck, and when I rolled over to, once again, climb to my feet, the burning pain of the many deep slashes on my back made themselves known. As I looked around me, I was shocked to see just how much blood was also on the deck. The pain, now fully present in my mind, had somehow been arrested from my senses and now, I could not ignore them. As I climbed to my feet this time, Jaxi had one of her taloned hands held out for me to take. The power she was using to hold her position seemed to transfer to me once I touched her. Surreal was not strong enough to explain how this felt. The waves, wind lightening and rocking of the ship continued all around us, only it no longer had the ability to affect either of us. Looking back to her face, past the beauty of it all, she now wore a smile, and within that smile a sense of something more.

I had gotten the feeling this one was not use to talking much, not even to those for whom she was close too. I wanted to know what was hiding behind her eyes. What secrets she had in store for any soul commanding the courage to stand beside her, or possibly with her! I was about to speak, when she looked to the darkness above, and smiled wider. I followed her gaze to be blinded by a three way split of lightening, with thunder to rock to world afterwards. The talons that now held my hand felt closer to hands then when I had taken them only moments ago. I looked down, and saw, a hand now, with long silver nails extruding from the tips. More like claws, but I felt that maybe this was her way of saying, I will trust you. Could she do this any time she wanted? Did the other two know of this ability in her, and if not, should I be the one to tell them? She released my hand and caressed my breast, erecting my nipples with every stroke. The world still outside of our private secure bubble raged on, but her hands found more then just an erect nipple. It found me.

I danced in the rhythm of her hands. the rhythm of the storm and lastly the rhythm of my heart. As my mind found one step after another, I felt a sense of darkness fall over me. Something out, away from my understanding was beckoning me to its will. For the first time in days, I felt true meaning grip my inner soul. This was not what I wanted to feel now, but still it persisted. Something was coming for me this night. It would come, take me with and I could do nothing to stop it. I wanted to pull away from Jaxi and run. I wanted out of the secluded little bubble she had made for us, but already knew it was far too late. She pulled my arm forcing me to my knees. She smiled as the pain tore through me, but it was not her smile, but the smile of another far away. She leaned in to speak to me, but I knew this was no more the voice of a harpy, then the actions of one. The voice was harsh and cruel. It made no stories to make me feel better. It did not care how its words affected me, only that I got the full and unyielding point!

“I know you have set out to look for Him! I know you are not alone, and I could not touch you now, even if I tried. But know this little slave, you are my property. I have waited a millennia to find a way to strike at Him and now you go and get yourself gifted to my most trusted slave! Funny how things seem to work out, when the universe is on your side. Hear me, little slave and hear me well. Nothing you do, will ever make you free of my power! Nothing your family does will gain them the ability to undo his, long ago choice. He thought he would set free the women of the world, from the tyranny of men. He thought a balance would give us a better step forwards, but he forgot the rules of the universe; you can not give something that is not yours to begin with. He did not have the full power to grant me total domination over the world of men, and I have waited for thousands of years to take, by force, if need be, the last of him, for my personal gain. Do not think you are safe from me, little slave. He once though I could be subdued, well, he learned otherwise, and now he is the one who will bring you to me!

So you think you like playing dark sexual games, let me see if I can tear you away from your reality for a single moment. Let me rip the flesh from your very heart! I don’t believe I am getting through to you with words, so let us play another game.”

I could feel the fear building in my mind, but the voice held to me as if all her words were true, and there was no way for me to fight. Tears fell from my eyes, and the beauty of the harpy’s eyes now gone to madness only hurt more.


The storm was gone, but the possibility of eternal enslavement brought me to my knees. In less then a moment, the world around me changed, and I found myself kneeling on a floor. Black lace thong pulled tightly through my ass. A corset choking the air out of my lungs and my fingers intertwined at the feet of an unknown. The sound steps made as someone walked around me told me this was no dream. I felt a single finger caress one ass cheek then another. I dared not move, I dared not speak and I knew my life had now been changed. I could still feel the previous pain from the fuck in the storm, yet I knew Nymph and the others were no longer with me. My mind was filling with the stepping of shoes on hard stone floors. My breath is tested, with every slight touch of my skin. I could not decide if I was being punished, enjoyed or hated. I wanted to give in, and give in completely, but something from far far away told me to hold my ground. I heard the sound, only a fraction of a second before the whip contacted my bare ass! I tried to scream out in pain, only to find I no longer could make a single sound. Again the lash of a whip on my ass. The only thing protecting my weathered cunt was a strip of tight lace. A soft chuckle filled, not only my ears, but my mind as well. The lash came again. Over and over till I could no longer stand it. It burned, tore at my flesh and forced a climax to never cum. Then the second sound I felt, more then heard. I felt it cut through me, hurt me, and stain me. I knew this was the true voice of the one imprisoning me here this night. I knew it was not the deeds of a man, but now the deeds of a woman.

Her voice was the same as the voice from the depths of Jaxi’s eyes. It was a sound of anger and destruction. She was the founder of the pain I now felt, the life I would surely die to live, and the sound of true evil. It was not the sound though, that held me to the floor. It was her words. The words I knew now bound me to her, and she to I, possibly forever.

“Oh you poor little thing. You have no idea the mess you are now caught up in. No idea of the longing that has brought you here. No means of escape, no reason to live, though no more to die. Don’t think this to be a game, because, if ever it were, it would not end in your favor. I can only promise you this, little slave; you will not break easily. Your pain will never be wasted, and you will know your master in due time. I am the voice that calls to you in the dark. I am the pain the cuts at your flesh. I am the hammer who pounds on your cunt. The acid that burns you, and the guide who will see this through. This game was set in time, long before your birth, but your birth is only awakening now, because of my dream. Look at my face and see your true demon’s. See from your own eye, the beauty that now binds you. Look little slave! Look at the mirror that now holds you.”

I rose my head to do as I was bade, but when I saw the figure, I saw only beauty. Not anything I would have ever believed could cause such pain. I saw a perfect shape, black panties, soft navel, black bra, covering only the most precious of tits and the lips tha09t would kiss the world away. The face brought eternal fear, it was the reflection of me, in the dark. The voice falling from those lips, gave me ample reason to fear. The last thing I saw before my head was pulled back by force, were leggings that gave me the sound impression of dragon scales. They led from the top of her legs, down towards the floor, but vanished before feet, or tail could be seen. Something froze in me as I looked on her, as if I were looking at another side of myself. I felt old as she stepped forward. I felt pain as a collar was put around my neck. But, in that moment, I knew I would never feel freedom again. My dreams of a normal life, now gone. Desires of love and joy faded away as if they never existed at all.

I wanted to fight. To run for a world I only knew in my dreams. I held to every moment of my last few days. Held to them as if the idea of losing them would actually become my reality. I did not want to lose my mother. I did not want to lose my twins. The phoenix, the gryphon or the harpy, who just tonight was opening herself to me. I had the eternal flame of a dragon somewhere within me. I would not give up. I would not simply roll over and become something I was not meant to be. My mind found my soul, and thus it turned to words.

“I am not your slave! You will release me!”


But all I got in return to my calls were pain. In the blink of an eye, I was on my knees again, collar tethered to a leash, being held by Arthur Windsor. His face was a change I was not going to fight, but the voice, did not match my memory. His voice now held a distinctive ring of Amy, the woman who had used me the morning after the opera. In that tone I found only more suffering. My hands were pinned to the floor above my head. His lips on my neckline, his teeth on my neck bringing blood and pain. Though I could feel my inner desire bounding towards the surface once again, I knew this was not real. His first thrust into my body was almost missed by my desire to be free. Again he pulled away only to thrust again. This time my voice found my pain. I screamed and knew it fell on dead ears. Her laughter echoed though dead hallways, and my pain lingered on. He fucked me till I knew I would surely tear from overuse. My wrists were forming bruises, my mind now going numb. This was not the touch of a man, I could have whole heartedly given myself too. This was the evil game of a mind long lost to the world of light she now wanted to destroy. I wanted to fall away. Fall to madness, just fall to nowhere. His cock continued to use me, and I knew only the suffering of my inner filth.

08Another blink and the thrusting vanished. I found myself on my knees, once again and mouth full of cock! Arthur was sitting on the steps in the front hall. My head, now being forced to suck, drink of his sex till I could only gag! All my years of sex and dark games could not have prepared me for my torment this night. As he came, and my mouth filled with his seed, I fell backwards to a floor and yet another change. I could not keep up with the things being done to me. I could not see a woman, a man a scream or cry, but I could only fall from one to the other. Unwilling to it all, I fell and I cried.

04My sex had long gone numb. My mind now wondered in pain. Every time my body was switched to another torment, I knew I could only hope to hold out for some sense of reality. If this was, in fact a dream, then I could only hope it would end, and leave me to my own senses. One jump to another gave way to every bit of humiliation, beatings and a soulless end of the woman I had once been. It was growing clear to me, this was someones creative way of telling me all my wrongdoing in life were now being laid at my feet. The only difference was I was being forced to subdue to them all in one night. Aspen was making her way to our surface. She had, somehow been kept separate from me all night. Aspen may be the only power left to free me of my current bindings. Just before she could bring about a change, I found myself in one last change. This time standing beside an empty bed. White sheets and my hands bound behind my back and the light of the sun shining through an open window. The last thing I heard was Amy’s laughter and the pain returned and left me to my own reality!

The storm had not let up, not even a little. I found myself falling to the cold deck of the ship, not the bed I had just stood besides. Jaxi still standing beside me. A wave washed over me, almost pulling me into the dark sea. I could feel nothing. I had been used, beaten and destroyed past any degree of imagination. I could no longer move, I could not fight the storm trying to take me. I cared for nothing and wanted even less. Somehow everything that had happened to me had been done in the blink of an eye. I knew she had just killed every part of me, I ever wanted. Knew there was no going back and knew this would not be the only time she would hurt me to make a point. I wanted to cry out for anyone below who may hear me. I wanted to curl into a ball and give in entirely, but a single staring feeling kept me and bound me to reality; Aspen. I was changing, mixing with freedom, and tearing to the surface. She forced me to my feet, her growl cause Jaxi to step back. Her anger brought about flames in all directions. I knew she had tried to get to me during my torment, but had not been allowed. I also knew this had hurt her almost as much as it had hurt me.

My arms raised by my head, her scream filled the night and the air rippled as she took me to flight. The darkness and rain helped to wash aways some of the hate I had swallowed only moments ago. My body flenched every time she tried to speak to me. My mind felt numb, but her heart now beat within my chest. I knew she had not abandoned me, any more then my empty calls for her. I cried, tears mixing with cold rain. Madness drove us on. Through the storm and through the night. I could not speak with her, I knew something was surely broken, and I had no idea how to fix it. I felt the world around us, felt for the voice to guid us on. I found nothing but darkness and sorrow. Blind emptiness filled me, and I gave in at long last.

Still in flight through the storm, I opened my eyes to see the glowing light of others around me. The red flames of mother and Anzurtashia. Elson, and his green dragon blinding the dark from my eyes. Orange flames below me gave way to See’iya, her form now glowing in the darkness. The gold of a gryphon, settled just over my head. I felt the love and presence of Tri’nyia. If that had not been enough to bring me back to a reality I would never fear, the night before me gave way to the silver lining of a harpy, Jaxi.

My mind still felt in pain, but this pain was not going to be dealt with alone. Aspen would fly forever, if need be, but I knew somewhere the ship would give us shelter from the storm. I needed to rest and find my voice, but knew not where to go. Lightening covered the sky. The madness around me gave way to more emptiness. I knew if I did not find a place to rest, and rest soon, I may lose myself to the nothingness her torture had brought me too. I closed my eyes, gave myself over to a dragon and begged for rest.

“Please take us back, I am  losing myself. Please take us back, Aspen.”

“If rest is what you desire , then rest you will get.”

I felt the minds of all those in flight with us. I knew this would not be the end of me, but I also knew what had been done to me this night, would not simply vanish once I found my bed. This night had changed me forever, and all through pain and darkness.


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