(10) Trinity


Mothers voice sounded excited, but still there were too many dangers behind us for me to think of anything but our on-coming death. My right foot was burning, from the poison spike that had caught me in the air, forcing both Aspen and I to the ground. Mother had been caught in the side, and now, could hardly walk. Elson walked slowly ahead of us, but right when we were only moments from shore and the chance to escape, he stopped. He turned to look both at us and beyond us. A single glance at mother and I knew something was about to change. He was smiling the same way she did when a secret was about to be exposed. Before I could turn to see, maybe what they were seeing a high pitched scream came from far behind us. It was met by a second and a third from the East and West. The sound continued to grow in intensity, along with a sudden change in pitch. I knew I could not take much more, my body and mind, now swimming on the edge of dark, the light only in the far off distance. Opening my eyes, I turned to only see three separate trails of light, descending on those who followed us. Gold, red and silver. the silver seemed to leave sparkles dancing across the sky. Though the orange could almost be mistaken for flames, burning the elements in all directions.

Even the mages were looking to the sky, they too knew the odds may be about to change in our favor. The colors did little to move them, but then the colors changed to three very different shapes. Two I could recognize from story and my youth, the third, I could not imagine. With the looks of a woman, wings of a bird, on her outstretched arms and legs alike. Where she may have had feet were two very large sets of deadly talons. Her body was bare, except for the wings and talons, they were both silver, glittering off the sun. She held in mid air, as if being held up by forces in the beyond. The other two came to pause beside her, they too now completely visible to my tiring eyes. A golden Gryphon, easily the most majestic life I had ever seen. And the red stopping beside the first two, making a kind of triangle above those wishing the harm us. Her radiance continued to burn the sky, but the two with her were unaffected. Their colors now mixing together, the last to join the group made her move. I could only see the outline of a great bird, but a bird in flame. As the three moved closer together, the blended into a single mass; energy, flame and power. The flaming red bird encompassed the gryphon and the winged woman. the gold formed with the flames. The silver became more of a strange echo of light in their mist. I wanted to watch them move as one, but the last of my energy was gone. I fell to the ground, next to mother already passed out from pain and exhaustion. Elson seemed to take us to his personal protection as the world of light faded, and I found peace in the dark of slumber.

My dreams had me pinned by the most enormous dragon any had ever seen. Larger then a mountain, older then time alone, but something gave me the courage to look this being in the eyes. The eyes were kind, ancient and loving. They told me all I would ever need to trust him. He blinked once, then shifted his weight, and the rest of him came into full view. He was, in fact larger then a single mountain, though it looked as if he had become almost like stone, before I came.  the trees on him simply vanished, showing a body, not sides of sheer rock. There was no one else standing with me now. Not mother, Elson or Jenson. There was mist in all directions. No sun, no moon simply nothing, but he and myself. His eyes caught me, grabbed my soul and refused to let go. I felt my body changing to Aspen, but she also was trapped by his gaze. When my sight was traded for hers, I saw so much more clearly, a single dragon. Almost petrified, ancient beyond time but living through hope. That hope found my ears, my mind, my scales and spoke;

Find me young one. Please find me, I wait for you. Come, I am here. Only our kind can stop her. Bring your companions, bring your courage, bring your might. I am waiting.

In the distance I heard the sound of thunder, crashing waves and someone calling my name. My mind, now so close to my own surface, could almost answer, but I feared who may be calling out to me. Again my name, more thunder and something hit me on the head!

I woke to a vicious storm; thunder ripping across a hidden sky. Lightening flashing through windows, I could not have seen without such blinding light. I stirred from sleep, finding myself laying on a hard wooden floor, and my head screaming in pain from the fall. No one had hit me, I had fallen out of bed and to my surprise, I was now completely nude. The cold air slapped me awake, as if a hand made of ice. My nipples hardened, body flushed and I tried to look around the room. There was not much to see, a single glow from a small candle on the far side, the smell of fresh hot tea and a woman, no wait, a tail swished behind what had first seemed like a woman, I simply could not tell. It seemed a book was floating in from of her face, but this also, I could not tell for sure. She noticed my looking at her. The single light became many, now burning off the darkness fully illuminating her grandness. The book lowered to the floor, her left hand/paw holding it find from the raging storm outside. She continued to read, though I knew she also kept a mental eye on me. She was beautiful to behold. A small face, in comparison to the rest of her size. Long golden locks a hair falling into the darkness behind her head. Two more locks of hair coming under her pointed ears, again falling gracefully to the floor across her chest. Now this was not any woman I had ever seen. Her chest a mixture of bare breasts with skin, changing below to what looked like golden fur. As my eyes followed the hair to the floor, I found myself looking at what should have been fingers, but were most certainly something else; talons! Her arms ended where they attached to the rest of her body, though not one of a woman, mores a massive lion with one more addition; wings, on her shoulders and feathers on the end of her tail. Her head shifted again, making my eyes meet her eyes. She wore reading glasses and a smile. I wanted to speak with her, but was lost for words. She seemed to sense my need for answers, if only a short explanation. She lowered her cup of steaming tea to the floor. Not completely letting go, due to the storm and spoke.

“You know lady Filthaven, I may have a partial being of a beast, but I still only bite when I am invited too. Would you like to come closer so we can properly be introduced? You should know you have been sleeping now for almost two complete days. The mages are far behind us.Gryphon The rampart, as captain Elson has so named it; dead, and we on our way to the hidden isles of slumber. Everyone on the ship has started having dreams of Zorgonus. I can only imagine you also have seen if not heard him as well. Would you be more comfortable with me coming to you?

Without giving me time to answer, she stood up, on four paws and walked towards me, leaving her tea and book setting on the floor. Another crash of thunder, the crashing of a wave and the spilling of her cup. A sour look formed on her face, though it was gone when she turned back to me. Replaced now with a smile, and a bit of jest.

“Oh well, more tea can always be found on the “Silent Shadow”. Is there anything I can send for love, you must be starving.”

She was all too right, my body ached, my foot still burned from the spike and my need of food outweighed my manors. I almost had to shout over the raging storm on the deck, but I rested my voice after answering her.


“No need to shout dear, but food, we most certainly can do!”

She looked down as if thinking to herself, before I realized she had telepathic abilities as well as verbal ones. She came to lie right at my feet, actually covering my bare feet with her mid section. the warmth seemed to bring my temperature back up, if only a bit. I grabbed the blanket off the bed and wrapped myself in them. Just about the moment I was going to speak, a knock at the door shifted my attention fully. It was the gryphon who answered. A small figured woman opened the door, during as if a-fire. She held a tray of food, but back in the hallway beyond her I could just make out the silhouette of a bird, wings spread open and completely made of fire. the fire bird vanished when the woman fully entered the room. Long red hair, supple breasts, toned tummy and long graceful legs. There was also red hair covering her sex. I could hardly breath at the sight of the full body. I could have looked at her for hours, but as if my enjoyment of her seemed to make her uncomfortable, flames erupted from her skin, covering every sexual part of her, leaving only her face, tummy and legs without flame engulfing them. I was more then jut a little disappointed, but as she lay the tray at my feet, and took a seat next to the gryphon, my hunger made me forget about sex, passion and anything else that could normally keep my full attention when I was not this hungry.

I ate every last bit of food on the tray and I was finishing my tea when a knock at the door startled me. I knew there were others on the ship, but I had forgotten just how many. Elson, mother and Jenson all entered the room and came to sit next to me on the floor. I was most happy to see they had brought another, rather large pot of tea, and more biscuits. the meat and cheese on the first tray had been eaten first, but as I received my second cup of tea and wrapped myself tighter in my blankets, I settle in for whatever may come. My mind swam in the tiny fragments of memories I could stir up before I had collapsed a few days back. I remembered the fire, the golden light and something more, but I could not place my finger on it. the others allowed me to try to puzzle it out on my own, but when it was clear I was not going to be able to do so, the woman in flames took her chance to speak, and I found myself in the middle of what may have been a fairy tail for small children.

“Lady Alyse, I would like to take the chance to introduce, not only myself, but my mate, who is currently warming your feet. I am See’iya, if you have not guessed, I am a phoenix and this is Tri’nyia, one of the worlds last gryphon’s. We are proud to be a part of this journey, and in hopes that we may actually find and meet Zorgonus. I would also think since you can not remember the events of the few days past, she would like to share them with you. Tri’nyia lifted a paw, placed it on my eyes and every event from the moment I passed out to this moment, became part of my memory, through her touch. The view was a mixture of mothers and Elson’s, but it was clear, and everything happened in moments.

The three lights across the sky came within a breath of the ground, the serpent like creature was close enough to strike, and when it made it’s move, the three above were more then ready! The strike would have killed both my mother and Elson, but the three above became one and the release of power in the single most powerful burst possible hit, not only the serpent, but the remaining mages as well. It burned through to the ground, scorching the earth, leaving nothing but smoldering soil and burnt skeleton of a large snake. The mages were vaporized, the sound, now gone and three completely different woman now stood before us. 

One, still wrapped in multi-colored flames, See’iya the phoenix. Second, in all the majesty held in their lore was Tri’nyia. It was like seeing my own world through a dream. then there was a third; a woman of both beauty and mystery. Silver feathers all over her body. A matching set of taloned feet and hands. Silver waist length hair and silver eyes. It was See’iya who spoke first, thanking mother for the invitation to join our journey, and mother to almost faint in praise of her life being saved. Elson was still unsure if there was going to be more followers, but Tri’nyia was more then happy to put those concerns to rest. Her fur and feathers were still glowing gold and her almost green eyes held all those who looked in her direction. Though we now knew we were no longer in a direct danger, Elson urged us to make our way to the ship and be on our way. He also mentioned the coming storm we were sure to pass through. The woman in silver said next to nothing as we boarded the ship and made sail just before the start of the storm, that still held its wrath on us. Once on board, mother was held with a single drop of clear liquid procured from See’iya. 

I had read countless stories, as a child of the magical healing powers of phoenix tears, but had never been in one of those stories, till now. Having the spike removed from my foot, was a great deal more painful now, that I was reliving the memory, then it had been passed out. Another tear healed my wounded foot, and I was placed on the same bed, I had fallen from, only moments ago. The rest of the memory was of ongoings of the journey, still no words from the silver winged woman.

A knock at the door brought me out of the trance like state which gave me my new memories. The door opened, just enough for Nymphadora to stick her head in, now smiling seeing that I was sitting and eating. Mother invited her in, and offered her tea. She reported on the state of the ship, the increase of the storm, and Elson’s warning to keep below, unless a need would arise for us to come on deck. It would seem the storm was much worse then he had anticipated, and though the ship was a sound vessel, why would we want to tempt fate? Nymph also brought a request from Elson, for See’iya. 

“He asks if you would please come on deck and ask your silver friend to come below? He is concerned for her safety. He knows she can fly, but in this storm his concern seems real. Would you please go ask her to come below?”

“I can ask her Nymph, but I know she will not join us, unless it is absolutely necessary. She has no love for being in a box. She would rather fall in the sea then come below, but if it would make Elson feel better I will go ask her nonetheless. If you all would please excuse me?”

Mother nodded at her and rose with her. On the way out of the room, Anubis came in, accompanied by one of the soldiers, I had not yet met.  He had rugged lined, a hard look on his face and seemed to be in need of more then he was going to find in this room with so many others. They took seats, on either side of myself and Tri’nyia. Anubis spoke kindly, but not so gently.

“Alyse, for your benefit, this is Jason Kurns, he is the youngest of the men who Jenson hired to come on this little outing. He is also finding it difficult to be on a ship with so many beautiful woman and not be able to taste one or two!”

The strike from Jason came much faster then any on the floor could block, it would seem he was not as open with his feelings as Anubis had just, so openly, stated. He knocked Anubis backwards, but no one offered to put a stop to it. Quite to the contrary, mother raised an eyebrow, smiled and put her hand between the mans legs. It was quite obvious she had no intention of doing anything but getting shagged as soon as possible. Tri’nyia moved her face ever closer to him, while he could do nothing about it. I had the feeling she was going to help mother help themselves to tend to Jason’s needs. I could not help but laugh when he realized mothers hands were massaging his swollen cock, and Tri’nyia was close enough to either lick him, bite him, or arouse him still further. My laughter seemed to upset him, but the woman made sure to give him more then enough to think about, other than me. Even though my relationship with my mother was odd, to say the least, I was not in the mood to watch her, and a gryphon fuck this completely unexacting man. I rose to my feet, put my hand out to Nymph and Anubis and they both walked to the door with me.

Jason’s first moan’s could be heard as we spend the door to the hallway. I wanted to see this storm for myself, but I also had the growing need to be fucked myself, and not only by one or two. I remembered the ass and desire from Elson the day I passed out. the storm raging outside met us face on, when we opened the door to the top deck. I went from comfortably warm, to fully drenched and cold in less then a breath. I was glad I was already nude and did not need to worry about any outfits being ruined. Anubis already had my right breast cupped in his hand, the moment I was drenched. Nymph was stripping off her clothing and See’iya was out on the front of the ship also completely nude, though also wrapped in blue flames. Flames the storm could not extinguish. The woman in silver was also glowing, but did not seem, as See’iya had said, to move her position. My needs had been put to sleep, days ago, and now they were, once again fully awake and roasting my sex! Anubis was on his knees, licking and nibbling at my soft clit and the storm avenged us both. Nymph was behind me, holding my ass, fingering my sex, and teasing Anubis while she stood there. I felt two fingers in my cunt, a finger in my ass and hands on my breasts while my eyes slipped closed in the ecstasy of what was being done to me. I did not care who or how many did whatever they wanted to me. Three sets of hands, now sliding across and in my body felt as if I could die and never notice. This thought brought about the other half of me since I had reawaken a few hours ago.

“You had better not die, little girl, we have much yet to do. But do enjoy yourself, I am!”

Aspen did not ever seem this playful, but She too had been out for the last day or so and we could hardly ignore the pulling and thrusting of our body now. Another set of hands started to make their way over my naval and towards my clit and cunt. This pair was very warm and I knew only one way that could have happened. I heard whispering behind me as another dark pleasure started on my back. Fallowed by another voice.

“Is this one into being put through pain, and not only treated as a sweat desert?”

“Oh, I think you will find she is ready for just about anything you can do to her, or with her. Do your best my love, do your best!”

The moment the voices ended, the pain began. Two sets of terribly sharp claws torn down my back, I could feel the blood mixing with the water from the storm. I screamed and cried to the rain beyond me. Another tear and I fell to my knees, knowing I was going to be used and tortured this night. This continued for some time before I could do anything more then cry out and scream to the night. When I had, completely fallen to my face from the torment, the pain and the thrusting of my anus and cunt a single voice broke the torment, if only for a moment.

“The five of you must think this storm is some kind of joke. Are you fucking kidding me, I send word for you all to remain below, and now I find all but a few on deck screaming and torturing Alyse till her blood and pain flows, all over my deck! Just what the hell is happening here?”

Nymphadora was quick to answer, and though I could not lift my head on my own, Elson was more then happy to help me after being laughed at by the others.

“You now Elson, you did get part of it right, we are fucking, just not kidding. You look so tense, you should com there and let us fix that for you! He tried to object, if only for a moment, but when I felt someones hands on the back of my head, bringing it to face forward, I got the point, completely.  A hard cock was being pushed against my lips, and I knew it was Elson without another thought. I had wanted to play so much a day or so ago, and now he was going to make sure I would get all the point I could handle, if not more. Not wanting to tease him I opened my mouth and allowed him to fuck my faceHarpy to his darkest will. I almost gagged the moment his cock hit the back of my throat and he tried to push more in. The taste of his pre-cum caused me to do more then just be face fucked. I sucked him off, ground my teeth on his manhood and sucked some more. Again and again his cock was stuffed in my mouth, forcefully at first only to allow me to enjoy and use him, a much as he wanted to use me. It was when another cock pushed its way past my ass cheeks and into my anus that I cried out again. A woman was now sucking on my nipples and another on my clit. I had never been so used by so many people at the same time. Claps of thunder and lightening ripped through the sky but still my body reminded the center of enjoyment for those on the ship with me. The cock in my ass was replaced with a tongue , and it was switched with the one, already in my mouth. I gagged again and again as Anubis tried to force it further again. Elson took great enjoyment in exploding in my cunt, and ass beyond. I had not been able to get off my knees and back on my feet, but those using my body as a toy never seemed to mind.
The rain splashed at my face, the hands, cocks and tongues brought me to climax more times then I could count. I thought surely I would pass out again before this lot gave me up and took on another toy, but then I found my holes empty, and my eyes opened as See’iya became the center, and I took my turn at her flesh, her cunt, her clit, ass, and mouth, when they were not being used or fucked by the men. The storm seemed to take control, because every time a woman would cum, a flash of bright purple light would streak across the sky at the same moment. Everyone took their turn being the center of attention, and when the women had all been used, we turned our total attention to the men who, till that moment may have played with the idea of being the dominant ones. We were more then happy to show them otherwise.

Anubis, being a sexual slave for so long took his torment with pride and pleasure, but when it came time to fuck hurt and use Elson, his cries would be heard through time herself. Over and over I tasted blood from the talons tearing at his flesh. Over and over I felt him cum only to know it was far from over.  He was laying on the wet wooden deck completely spent before we stopped our use of him. He was, after that no longer giving hell for being outside and as I opened my eyes, swallowing his last bit of sex, I found myself face to face with blue eyes, a silver glow and a now mostly nude harpy named Jaxi. Her eyes gave a sense of wonder I had never known. I felt all of her as I fell deeper and deeper into her soul. Anubis was making another go at my cunt, but I could not stop falling into those terribly deep eyes and he soon gave up.


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    Yes, I am going to go back and start at the beginning, I had just found a link to this chapter on g+. Very enjoyable reading, thanks for sharing.


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