Breaking the Chain’s – Dark sexuality Vs. Human Slavery


Today, in our media, and around the globe, certain kinds of sex and darker kinds of roll playing have recently been introduced to the mainstream lifestyle. Through books, media and the internet, people have radically been thrusted into a possible lifestyle change, that is not only dangerous, but a deeply personal choice as well. Many in the adult population today are not fully aware of the serious nature of Satomasochism. They do not fully understand the extreme nature change between this kind of lifestyle, and the act of enslaving a human being, against their own will and forcing them to take part in sexual acts and human slavery. Many, including myself, till recently think that the old world kind of slavery is something of our past, not present. I, myself had thought that only third world countries still dealt with that kind of mistreatment of humans, but recently, I found out through a special section of 1CNN, The CNN Freedom Project, that slavery is still very much alive in the twenty first century.

So, how do we teach the youth and newest generations of the adult civilized world, to choose wisely between what is still your own personal choice and being taken against your will and forced into a life for anthers gain? Personally, I would hope the knowledge would be a simple choice. But when it comes to human greed, there seems to be no limit with some individuals. Some people seem to have no problem in taking care of themselves, and maybe their own family, but still using others to pay for their comfortable lives. For any out there reading this blog, please note, I do not, in any way agree with any act that hurts or jeopardizes the safety, and individuality of any human being. We all want to live our lives our on way. We all want some kind of a future and most want families. To take that choice away from any other person is, amongst the worst acts any can do to another.

How can people learn the safe way to engage in dark sexuality, and S&M, and learn that some parts of our world should not be compared or engaged in? My past log, too many shades of Grey does not tread into the black, noted too much grey area now-a-dye, in our acts of sexuality, but what limits your personal activities, should depend on a few, if not more aspects; Are you causing permanent harm to your partner? Is the act consensual between all parties? Did you discuss all the roles each person is to take, before starting, and did you both agree? If you are unfamiliar with what you are doing, don’t just jump in all at once. Never take the chance that your actions, or the actions of your others will leave long term effects, of any negative nature. Consult books professionals or up-to-date clubs in your area. If you are unsure of the true nature of human slavery today, look to CNN, look at the destructive power of these acts in other parts of the world. India, Nepal, most of Asia, and even your home area, whether it be the US, the UK, Europe or anywhere else. Believe me, it happens there more then most of us want to accept.

Slavery is the trading, selling and misuse of people for work through forced labor. Sex and brothels, in the act of sexual slaves. The buying, selling, and trading of people as if their lives were worthless for anything else. When I think about my fellow person’s, I think of other minds, smiles, pain and possibilities for all our futures. I have serious problems looking to the person next to me, and see something, not someone. I hear their voices, see a small part of their every day life and possibly see their friends as well. The sheer idea of taking that person and forcing them, through abusive actions, threats or the possibility of death, to do any number of actions in the attempt to make only my life better. We all breath the same air. We all dream of a future not yet reached and we all feel pain, suffering and sorrow. I sit now, in a Starbucks on the campus of Northern Kentucky University and watch all the people around me and see so many possibilities. Yes, I live in the United States, but I have been to and visited many other countries too. In my life I have been helped by too many to thank, too many to remember and too many to repay, but I now, thanks to the opening of my own eyes, I have a way to thank them all. I take the chance to educate, inform and help all those who have had the gift of a positive life, and their freedom removed without their consent. I write and hope others will read about the pain I feel now for a small but very real part of our world still spinning out of control.

2From CNN I saw online, it is said there are approximately 35.8 million slaves currently on our planet today, (as of 2014) This is, “the smallest number of people in slavery in the history of the human race.” Though this should make me feel a bit better, it only brings me more pain. This world, not this country or that has been created by the suffering of others since the inception of human beings. That is more then ten thousand years of suffering, beating, hurting, lying, manipulating and killing of innocence to better the goals of individuals. Today there are more and more people trying to come together, to break the chain’s we have all had influence our lives since the beginning. Peoples all over the world want the act of slavery to stop. We have to find a way to free our word, free our minds, and free our hearts, so others can join in a better world for tomorrow.

Before I finish this note, I want to mention the main section of people who are still being enslaved in our world today; women and children! More then 80% of taken slaves today are women. Runaways from America, children from lesser opportunities in every walk of life. Abandoned, lost or mistreated looking only for a way out. I ask you please, look into your area, look into your country and take a stand for all those who can not stand on their own. Help the organization’s and people trying to brake the chain’s of slavery.

Thank you.

E.H. Rashkae


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