(7) Smoldering Ashes

Smoldering Ashes

The change in reverse took less then a minute, but by the time four legs had turned back to two, we walked though what remained of the front doors, surveyed the front room, and decided to leave it till afternoon. The sun was almost fully up and I knew it was past time to find a bed and much needed sleep. Before going upstairs, I walked back to the pool, picked up the clothing I had left behind last night and found my way to my attic. Almost in bed, I felt a small shrug from Aspen;

“Would you mind opening the window love. I love the breeze and I will be able to hear trouble if it comes looking while you sleep.”

I smiled to myself at the change in my life in the last two days. I now had a dragon speaking with me through my mind, and I was not the least bit upset by this new addition to my life. I walked across my room, pinched the latch and opened both windows. I had always liked the idea of them being open, but now, her ability to sense danger was more important the the possibility of mother getting upset. Seeing how the front door was broken in, the front windows shattered to shards and no way for me to fix hem till the others return, I was not, in the least going to argue with her desire to have our windows open. In to bed, covers over my head, as I had always done, a loving emotion shared with Aspen and off to sleep. Right before I found my personal darkness, I did have the hope that mother and the others would not come home too soon. It had been a long night and I desperately wanted sleep.

As it turned out, It was a car pulling into the circle that caused Aspen to wake me, but once on my feet, I looked down to see mother and the other driving up to the house. I quickly put a summer skirt, loose fitting blouse and stumbled down the steps, to the front door. I had not had the chance to look at the time, but form the position of the sun, I guessed it to be late afternoon. I had been able to get a fair amount of sleep, and when the car stopped I hoped I did not look all that bad. Mother and Jensen were out of the car the moment is turned off. The looks on their faces told me, they knew this had not been my doing. But mother came over to me anyway and made sure I was still in one piece. I honestly don’t remember the last time she had hugged me out of honest concern, but I was in no mood or desire to shy away. I, in turn wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered softly in her ear;

“You were right, Aspen protected us both. Thank you for the heads up about her.”

For the time being she made no response, but let me go and looked on with wonder in her eyes. The remains of the pretty red Ferrari was all but destroyed, except for the front end. Everything else had been stomped and burnt past any kind of recognition. I could not help but to laugh at mothers face over such an expensive car. I only shrugged as she looked back in my direction, and she too laughed. Jensen was looking over the front doors, and the windows when Anubis and Nymph got out of the car. At least he was not yelling, as he had a habit of doing when upset. He turned to mother and spoke plainly, but clearly.

“I would say six to eight hundred pounds to fix it all. I will be glad to make the calls. I might also suggest that since this is possible of happening again, maybe upgrade the kind of glass we use, an maybe something better then old English oak for the doors.”

Mother never did like spending money, but in this case it was clear her only true concern was for the safety of any and all who belonged in the house. She simply waved her hand at Jensen and he proceeded indoors to make his calls. Mothers two slaves were completely different then they had been yesterday. They both stood directly behind mother, one on the left, one on the right both with their heads looking only at the ground. Neither of them said a single word, but I could tell something had happened to them as well since we last stood before one another. I reached out my hand to mother, and pulled her in the direction of the house.

Right before she entered the house, she turned and looked again over the yard and the remains of the car. I had failed to remember the rocks in the drive being completely melted, and she again laughed as she turned to the house. Once inside she walked to the kitchen and poured herself a large bourbon. No ice, no mix, simply neat. It was far between, the times I had seen her drink straight bourbon in my life, but I could completely understand her need now. I didn’t hesitate when I poured myself a shot of tequila and sat down at the kitchen table with her. I had never grown to admire the taste of bourbon, but a well made bit of Añejo tequila was much more to my liking. Again, it was kept in the house for me, mother had said on many occasions, she would rather drink battery acid, but she always had it on hand for me all the same. Jensen’s voice could be heard across the house as he argued on the phone with whomever he was working with to fix the house. Sipping on my drink, mother doing the same, was a little uncomfortable about the other two standing not saying a thing. Did I have the right to question mother about it, or should I leave it alone?

“Excuse me mother, is there a reason for them acting so different today? I mean no disrespect, but having them simply stand there, saying nothing and doing nothing is a bit creepy. Can you allow them to speak, or dismiss them, please?”

“Forgive me, all of you, last night was far more then I had wanted to deal with, and now the state of this house only has me tied in more knots. Where we went yesterday, trying to clear up this mess of a pending contract on your future, is the same place they were both trained as slaved, so their lack of actions today, and change in attitude is from a brief reminder of their beginnings. If you would like them to have more freedom, I say now, and for the rest of your life, simply tell them. I tell you both, Anubis and Nymphadora, if Alyse asks you to return to being free, do try to do it without breaking her into too many pieces. As for anything else, I leave that between you three. Any questions?”

They both looked at her in wide eyed amazement, but did not argue. They simply took seats on either sides of us, and did their best to return to the two people I had met a few nights ago. Now, with them both sitting down, came to questions from mother, and the best answers I could come up with.

“I know I warned you about your new tie to Aspen, but what in all the hells happened here last night? And who is the sorry owner of that crumpled Ferrari in the drive?”

I spent the better part of the next hour, more bourbon and tequila explaining everything that had taken place, from the moment I left the house, to returning to bed this morning. Anubis looked at me as if I had swallowed a goat as I told the events of my night. Nymph only giggled when she heard about how Christian had been ran off from the grounds. Mother and I did likewise with her. When I finished I asked the question of my own. I already had the feeling the answer was not going to be as clean as the open affects of Aspen, but I asked anyway.

“Were you able to cancel the contract with Arthur over my life enslavement? Or, am I to look forward to burning down his life along with your late husband?”

The mention of Christian and Arthur by name made her more then a bit upset. It would seem she would have been more then happy for me to never find out the true nature of Arthur Windsor and the plausible connection between he and Christian, but there it was, and I wanted to be straight with her. As she sat and tried to find her own voice, Anubis rose from his chair, got her more bourbon and retook his seat. I was getting the impression that the making of slaves was not easy on the people involved, but being the daughter of my mother, I could not sit here and not offer them something as well. Mother had still not found it in herself to answer, so Looked from one to the other and spoke gently.

“Would either of you like something to drink or eat? Since I am determined to treat you like family, not like slaves, you may as well have something, if you want?”

This time they both looked at me, and simply smiled. It was nice to know there was still some sense of individuals within them both. The breaking process had not completely removed all sense of their true selves, from the world. Mother did not so much as blink an eye at my invitation, and continued to stair at her drink and make no sound. As it were Nymph asked a single question, and it was clear they were going to have some trouble getting use to my design for them in our lives.

“We are not accustomed to being offered anything from our past lives. I honestly can not remember the last time I even tasted alcohol, and would not know where to start.”

I looked over to Anubis and found him nodding his head with the same sense of confusion. No worries though, I got to my feet. walked to the fridge, and simply motioned for them both to come over. Mother and Jensen always had lots of choices of juice and cold drinks. the alcohol cabinet still stood open and I helped them both find something to drink, and even eat. by the time we all three took our seats, mother seemed a bit closer to finding words to answer my question. Her head was heavy as the first syllables fell from her lips, but little by little an answer emerged and I found my own understanding in her reply.

“I fear Arthur is not a man who is swayed from his choices of contracts. I did find out he and Christian have been planning this for some years now. Even before you came of age, he had wanted you for his personal collection. It would seem also he never had any intention of selling you, but enslaving you for personal use. I have no other words for you now, save this. I am not going to allow him to take you. I am not going to allow him to break even one single part of a life you re just starting to emerge from. This whole ordeal has left a very sour taste in my mouth about the possible ownership of any human being, or even a pet. I am so glad you are determined to make Anubis and Nymphadora a part of the family, and not just play things as I have done sine I bought them both. It would seem they are more then happy to fill a new space in all our lives, and even received about your choice for them. I can only hope that one day I can make up for the way I have treated you both the last eight months, and you may come to feel apart of this family and household, and not anything close to slaves.”

Her words were heartfelt, and they both looked to her with a new sense of compassion, but even now some part of an old program seemed to hold them in place, and they were unable to break free the training they hd once suffered by the hands of master Windsor. Their reaction was he first sign of a decision both Aspen and I were working on between us both. I reached out, took mothers hand and smiled as she looked up to me. One thing we both had in common, was our flair for making others around us know they had tired too far into the comfort zone of our beings. My eyes told her more then my words ever could.

“I think maybe it is time for master Windsor to have a going out of business event. Don’t you all think? If he thinks I or Aspen are going to simply allow him to continue to do this to others, then he will find himself rather crispy before too long. So tell me this, how long do we have till he thinks he is going to come for me? Any idea at all?”

They, all three responded at once, but at least I got my answer.

“Six months, then he expects your mother to hand you over and walk away!”

This was the first time I had ever heard either of them speak as individuals, but I smiled as they realized they may have spoken out of place, but were being allowed to continue. More then my mother, the other two looked like something had died when they fell silent. A small shiver ran through me when I wondered what hd been done to them. Aspen was more then ready to remind me she would never allow anything to happen to either of us

“Remember forever my love, you are part of me, I am part of you and Together we will either fly free, or burn the world with us!”

Mother looked over at me, as if understanding how I could come to smile at such information. I could only imagine how she must have taken this news yesterday. The look on her face now, was more pain then I had seen ever before, but as she turned her eyes to me, I was determined to save her any more pain. Gripping he hand tightly I smiled and made her see I was not alone in my decision, and both Aspen and I had our own plan forming to break the man who thought of himself unbreakable. She relaxed a bit, let go my hand and drank down the rest of her glass. There were a great many things I wanted to learn about the past of this family, and now I knew we had the time to seek out those answers, before putting our new plan into action. The first and most important to me, was finding the origin of our past lineage in the viking world. And, if possible, finding the origin of Aspen and any other dragons left to a world long forgotten. I felt Aspen mentally snuggle my soul, I have to say it is nice to always have a single presence within you all the time. I don’t believe I will ever feel truly lonely again.

Mother did not look all that assured about allowing me to deal with Arthur alone, but since we had time to consider all the options, she allowed it to drop, at least for the time being. She rose to her feet, half stumbled to the front window and shook her head, at herself. I don’t think she had intended to drink this much, but seeing how the front yard was a smoldering pile of ash, the house, not in much better shape I could see no fault in it. Nymph got to her feet, went over and stood next to mother, I think it was clear that no matter how she had been brought into this house, there were genuine feeling from both Anubis and she for mother and the house. Interestingly enough, as Anubis was getting to his feet, I also found the courage to stand before him and smile. I had not paid all that much attention to his details a few nights ago, but now, as he made no move out of my way, it was truly worthy sight.

He had very dark skin with softer colors around the creases in his face. The depth of his eyes would have made them vanish altogether if not for the intense blue & green in them. The very little amount of hair on his head, gave the impression that he was not so hard underneath it all. I found myself wanting to touch him, feel his face and inhale his essence, but also not wanting to overstep any new boundaries. Before I could make a move of my own, his hand was coming up, below my short skirt, the folds were making their way, along with his hands to the creese in my ass. It was far too soon to tell if this would be a night of screaming or a night of screaming! I barely noticed that mother and Nymph had already departed the room. My eyes lifted to look directly into the eyes of Anubis. Something seemed to stir as our eyes met, and more then just longing and lust. Both our heads moved in the same direction, towards the other, and our lips slid over and over. His right hand, still cupping my ass, no panties to think of, I had not the time to put them on, as they had come home. His fingers were wiggling their way to the middle fold in my ass, and something deeper still. Then my tongue found his, and the world and all its problems simply vanished. My tongue had danced with others in my life, but the steps always seemed to be the same. This dance took on new meaning, new reasoning and new possibilities, and new song. Our tongue’s were not the only thing making rounds. Both our noses kept running into the other, making us have to think and rethink our first steps. Before I knew it, again, my skirt, now fallen to the floor. I wanted, no needed to see his skin, not with just my eyes, but with the rest of my senses as well. He seemed to read my mind, because the second I raised my hands to take hold of his shirt, he lifted right overhead allowing me to remove it from his person.

As the first real glimpse of his torso came, I could tell you it came alone, but I would be lying. His fingers had made it all the way in my primary entrance, along with the fingers from his left hand. I dropped his shirt, my hands falling to rest on his shoulders. My claws dug deep into his skin as he continued to probe and worm their way deep inside me. My hands, proceeded by my claws ripped down his back, making him remember I was not the first woman he had ever found pleasure in. But as the thought caught me, I had to wonder if he had ever made love before his enslavement. I could tell this was a radically different individual then the man who had helped Nymphadora damn near kill me a few nights ago. His eyes kept rolling back in his head as I brought out more and more a sense of reality to his skin, his face and his life. I knew I wanted more, but my mind had forgotten how to react. I fell to my knees, forcing his hands to fall free of my body. But, as I fell I had taken his trousers with me. To my joy, he also had forgotten any boxers this morning, or maybe had left them off on reason. The mass of his “Y” chromosome filled my vision, filled my imagination, and then filled my mouth!

The very moment his cock and my tongue found the other, I knew this would be a night long remembered by us booth. I did not hesitate, think twice, or give him time to react. My jaws came down, he thrusted forward, and his first cum was mine to swallow! His first scream filled to the heavens of Valhalla. The more he moved, the more he came. The more he came the more I wanted his mass in something else. His eyes were now filled with lust, need and maybe something more. At long last he reached down and removed a blouse I though would never find its way to the floor. My breasts fell free, nipples hard as cold stones. As his hands found them, the next gasp fell from my lips. I wondered, as we made our way further into this journey, who would enjoy themselves most by nights end, and breaking dawn? My mind, loosing touch with any kind of reality, came fully alert when, all in a single second, he moved his hands from breast to neck, took full hold and twisted round as he jumped clear. Now my face looking forward, his hands still around my neck and my ass pushed up like a ballon waiting to be popped. He lost no time, his cock left no survivors and my screams were surely heard throughout the house and possibly across the front smoldering ashes.  First a steady thrust, then a steady pounding. Over and over I cam as his hands moved from my neck, choking me, to my hips. then the slapping began. Nothing I would ever mind, but my now burst ballon was quickly becoming red and sore. My world spun, he came again and our bodies fell to the kitchen floor. My ass was sore but not quite as sore as my lungs, trying to regain a bit of a steady pace. My legs would not stop shaking from the intensity he had delivered me.

I heard footsteps, but before I could wonder who they belonged too, Nymph pushed open the door. She stood above us two, smiling down on me, but not ignoring Anubis. On my back still franticly trying to breath, she knelt down to look me closer in the eyes. I knew that look, It had been in my eyes the night Arthur Windsor had entered my body, my sex, soul and life. It did not matter if I had enough energy, or if I was ready, she was on me now! Her legs spread over my face, her tongue drowning in my cum. I wanted to scream, wanted to beg, but nothing would escape her legs over my lips. I felt a mental laugh take hold, as I saw Anubis steady himself right behind her ass, above my face and smile down on me in the most devious way. The moment she felt his hands on her hips, was one moment too late.

For a woman who had, just moments ago, thought to be in complete control of a situation, she screamed as the penetration was in the deeper end of the pool. He had forgone the shallow and dove right in. I briefly saw the look on her face as she stopped sexing me and turned to look at him. One, may have thought the world would end with that pair of eyes, but nothing so loving would befall Nymph this afternoon. I pulled my head back up, took her absent cunt between my teeth and bit down! More screams filled the house, cum covered my face and still I sucked chewed and teased the only part of her I had access to.

The light through the windows turned pink then red and orange as the afternoon sun turned to cool nights black. The three of us wrestled on the floor, over chairs, across the table and back to the floor. Hours and hours of this we all gave. Anubis took his turn on the bottom, but he never cried out again. That signature, I held on my own! I could tell you all this ended in three little animals in bed, but what fun would that be?


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