(4) Escaping the Cage

cagedNymph was quick to learn, and I was quick to teach. I hit her over and over till her tears fell, her legs spread and her cries turned to soft moans. I did feel it enriching to have a slave to use to my deepest desires. As her face started to glow from my abuse, I started to feel something siring deep within me. I had never before wanted to use or hurt another person, the way I was hurting her now. I could still hear the young man beating and fucking mother down on the first floor. There was something almost rhythmical about the cries of mother, mixed with the cries of Nymphadora. As the enjoyment of only hurting her started to wear off, I found I wanted to drench her, taste her and know I could also satisfy her. I got down on my knees, shifted my weight to my ass and sat down completely. With Nymph standing above me, her legs showing the soft pink tear in her sexual being, I used fingers only first. One then two pushing and probing her tinder soft folds. She was already far past being wet and ready, form my physical abuse, but now, my fingers slid in and out of her sex with the same ease, my hand had contacted her face over and over.

I did find it odd that no words were coming from her. Little to no sounds, and no requests. It was at that moment when I realized I had not given her permission to do such things. Could it be possible for a person to become so completely submissive to do everything another wanted, and nothing more? All of this was so new to me, and I was hardly well versed in the world of torment and slavery. I wanted to learn, but I wanted to play more. Could there be a way to get her to act like any other woman being used tonight? There had to be, I found it impossible to believe that whom ever had trained her to be like this had removed every ounce of her original female humanity. I wanted her to moan, scream cry out and beg. It was not going to happen if I did not speak up. My patience was waning, so using my fingers already dug deep within her, forced her down to her knees. I could now tell from the colors on her face, I was giving her everything she could have wanted, but still no sound. Feeling quite out of place, I decided to speak to her as if she and I had known each other for years.

“Alright Nymph, since it is clear that I am very new to playing with a slave, and you seem quite use to your own world, how do I get you to act like a normal woman being fucked and used?”

As I sat there and still she did not reply, I realized I was going to have to give her permission to simply speak openly. I also realized right before I spoke, she was showing no emotion on her face. This had to be feeling good to her, yet she showed no signs of it. Frustrated and more then ready to play I held her by her shoulders and shook her lightly.

“Alright love, here it is. I need you to, for the time being, forget everything you have been taught about being a slave, and enjoy sex, being fucked, fucking me and being a woman. Can you do that please?”

“I can do as you ask, but I fear getting in trouble with Lady Filthaven if she sees me acting in such  relaxed way..”

It had not occurred to me there may be long term rules which are never to be broken, but I had been told to enjoy myself, and this was what I wanted. As if the Gods were trying to tell me something I heard my mother scream, in delight from down the stairs.

“I promise you nothing will happen to you for following my demands. Well, nothing but one orgasm after another that is!”

That seemed to be enough, because without  second thought, she grabbed my hair, pulled me backwards and thrust her own fingers in both wholes at the same time. My scream echoed through the house, I had trouble breathing, but also came in the first minute. This was, by far, not enough to keep her happy. She slapped my face, turned me over and slapped my ass. It only took her a moment to remove all my clothing, and when she had done so, her lips found my dripping cunt. and her teeth were fast to follow. I wanted to scream again when her front teeth found my clit, and bit down. I wanted to scream, but her hand covered my mouth, and looking down at her face, I saw a dark smile cross her features. Over and over I tried to scream, make noise or even moan and she would not allow it. Her fingers turned to half her hand. I had not been fisted till Arthur, but now I could not complain. It stretched and ripped at my body. My mind and soul followed. I started to shake from one of the most intense orgasm’s I had ever had. This was when she moved her face to my own. When the soft red hair between her legs started to shift back and forth over my sex. I would not have believed I could gain such enjoyment from a woman only rubbing down there, but she also had to be the most talented woman I had ever made love to.

A small bite on my neckline became a chew and possibly even drawing blood. More pain, more then I knew how to endure. When I tried to scream this time, she showed her true colors, hiding deep within. The slap on the face was harder then I had ever been hit, but the look following the strike, brought a sense of true fear to my being. Nymphadora looked down on me, her legs now straddling my lower torso, the rest of her sitting upright. She spoke, but the voice did not match the lovely young woman I had started this with. It dripped of evil and cruelty, and even a bit of malice.

“You have opened the cage and allowed my inner dragon to play. You will lay there and do exactly as you are told! You will not move! You will not speak! You will only obey. Is that completely clear you stupid little whore? I am on you, in you and ready to devour you. Your body is mine, as my body is now yours. Break my rules, and I promise to break you!”

By the time she finished speaking my jaw was on the floor, and the smile on her face had grown. As if I needed any other reminders of her warning, she pulled back, and as I braced my face the sting and shock when she slapped my breast brought tears to my eyes. My nipples, now fully erect burned with every new attack, and when the slapping ended the pinching, rolling and clawing began. So many emotions flowing through me over me and around me, I gave up trying to understand, and allowed myself to be owned and enjoyed.

My energy quickly faded to nothing, and when Nymph showed no signs of slowing, my body, now raw from use and torment jumped from ecstasy to pain. I knew I was bruising, hurting and even bleeding long before she stopped to let me breath. No longer able to move my legs or arms, I simply lay there as she stood and stretched her legs. As she walked past me, she looked down on me and again smiled in a way I could grow to enjoy. I turned my head in the direction of the pool below me as Nymph walked out the door. I dared not move, but splashing below made me want to look. I was not attacked or spoken too when I did so, but the sight below gave me reason to fear, if only a little bit more. Mother, again in an outfit, now a swimsuit, was wading carefully into the saltwater pool. I could see bruises and claw marks all over her body. Though she must have felt pain, she showed no outward signs of it. She pushed off the wall, floating on her back and saw me looking down at her. That was when I realized I was about to get more then I might have wanted.

Mother smiled, and Nymphadora walked back onto the porch, hand in hand with the male who, until now, had been enjoying mother.  Nymph still wore her smile, but the man wore no expression at all. He simply knelt down next to me, opened his eyes, looked right at me and spoke.

“Lady Alyse, my name is Anubis and like Nymphadora I have been ordered to obey your every command. How may I serve you m’lady?”

Did mother want me dead? Did I dare give this one his freedom as well. Would my body live through what they may do to me if I did? He stayed on his knees, while Nymph looked at me and started to bite her lower lip. I could tell she wanted to get back to her game, but she also looked from me to Anubis and cocked her head, as if begging for me to release him as well. Knowing myself, her desires would soon win out, but a single thought passed through my mind as I continued to lay there. If mother was the one one who came out to the house, how long had it been since Nymph had been fucked and or used by a man? Could I not only experience her on my own, but have the opportunity to share this beautiful woman with this Anubis? As I mentioned only moments ago, my curiosity won out, and my answer seemed to shock Anubis, but fully satisfy Nymph.

“Anubis I allow you, for the time being, to forget being a slave. Forget following commands and use me as Nymphadora uses me. You may both take enjoyment in one another as well, but please, do make it interesting!”

A simple chuckle fell from his, now smiling lips and with it came a quick response! Since I was already laying on my back, and I guess flipping me over was just asking too much, Anubis went for my sex, while Nymph went for my face. They were both completely nude and my body already being covered with blueing bruises made little to no difference to either of them. His tongue as far inside me as it could go, his lips sucking and kissing the outer lining of me and then his teeth biting down on my clit brought tears of joy, pain and torment to my waiting body. Nymph took it upon herself to sit directly over my face, now, her ass just above my nose and my mouth consuming her sex, I could barely breath. Knowing I did not have the freedom to scream, I held inside all the emotions I would release, the first chance I got. Anubis never used his fingers in my cunt, but my ass was another story altogether. When I thought all the fingers from one hand were pushing for freedom in my ass, and his mouth once again bit down, I cried out through a fateful of Nymph. This, of course, was not to her liking, and I had forgotten her warning before she let me rest.

She hit to top of my head, grabbed for a fist full of hair and yanked! I dared make no more noise, but that did not dissuade her from hurting me further. The light from good sex, now long gone, turned to the deepest kind of torment. they both continued to use me, long past my personal threshold. Tear’s now fell from my eyes, though I knew neither of them cared or even saw. Anubis had started pinching the soft flesh below my legs about the time Nymph started hitting me. I fell into myself and the same something that had begun to wake in me when I was with Arthur now came completely alive! In the last two days I had gone from normal sex and exploration of my life and body to being completely dominated, used like a whore and beaten like an animal. Somehow I felt I should have been more frightened, but truth be told, I had never felt more alive. My flesh burned and stung, my vagina ached, my nipples and breasts raw, but the overall feeling took me from a world I had once only wanted to escape. No more feelings of loss. No more feeling of not belonging and better yet, no more feelings of anger; towards mother or anyone else.

When at long last I felt the familiar threat of a man’s hardened cock enter my sex, I felt as if I could allow the world to do anything to me. Nymph leaned forward and started to pay much more attention to Anubis, then to me and that was just fine. She even removed her entire lower half from my face to get a better hold on him. Soft moans and grunts came from them both. As if he could, completely make love to use both at the same time, they started to move together, even though it was my body his cock was in. It was when he pulled out, an he and she together turned me over I knew my time to breath was at an end. His cock, her fingers and mouth and all the anger and world they had both pent up for far too long, thrust into my body with more force then I would have ever thought possible. His cock now fully engorged in my ass, felt as if I were being ripped apart from the inside out. Her fist who knows which hand now pounding my cunt, only brought me to tears one more time.

When I felt as if they had, completely and totally forgotten I was even there, I once again, forgot my place, as Nymph had warned me not to do. A scream of pain, desire and torment erected from my lips. A moan of sweat enjoyment from the depths of my throat and my hands now clawing at the floor and the iron railing to my left. My body searched forward! My legs now forced open far past where they had gone in the past and she came down on me like a spring rain that would never stop.

“Did you forget my warning you stupid bitch? did you forget how I promised to hurt you, and break you if you dared not heed my words? Did you fucking think I would simply forget, well let me answer all your unasked questions. Get the animal to her feet! Lets see  how her kind likes being disciplined!”

As if she now ruled the world, Anubis stopped without thought, tearing himself from my burning ass. Shoving me to my front and face to the hard floor. Only to be grabbed from behind by all four hands. When they both had me standing, and my knees were shaking so hard I knew I would surely fall, I was bent over the railing, having my hands tied to the top rail. No idea where they had gotten rope, but no matter now. No concern was shown as the ropes literally ripped my skin, anchoring me so tightly down, I would never be able to get free alone. Looking below me, mother was no longer in the pool. There was no one around to call for should this truly turn black. I was deeply fearing my choice of giving the two slaves open freedom to use me as they wished. My legs gave out right at that moment and I almost choked on the rail as my neck caught the fall. My thoughts now blurred, my mind gone black and the pain taking over completely. At least, I thought, the pain could not get any worse. My next scream broke that thought, and Nymph laughed from behind me as a whip contacted my bare ass and full back again and again.

It was clear she no longer cared if I made noise. My screams and cries must be filling the house. Her laughter filled me more then my pain. As my body lost what little energy it had left a single voice brought it all to a halt.

“That will be quite enough of that. Kneel! Dear mother of God, what in the world did you tell them to do to you?”

The voice of mother drifted in and out of my conscious mind. I had nothing left to hold myself up and the pain far outdid any kind of enjoyment I may have been able to gain from the afternoons events. I thought I felt her hand on my back, but I could have been mistaken. Still tied to the iron railing I could not move, not that it would matter anyway. My body, mind and soul now shaking almost out of control, I knew I would not have lived through much more, had she not come and stopped it. Whatever had been long caged within me, was now free and ever tearing my mind and life apart. Again her voice tried to break through the veil, but I was simply too far gone.

“Just put her down on the bed, I don’t dare try and bathe her tonight. Her body will just have to sleep in this state. Thank you Jensen, I am not sure how I would have gotten her up here alone without you.”

“M’lady, I don’t mean to over step my place, but was it wise to allow her with both of them on her first try? They well could have killed her!”

“I know they could have, and I knew she had no idea how to deal with the way they have been broken. It never would have occurred to me that she would release them from all their breaking. I should have known better then to allow her near them without a chaperone, but it is done now. How long do you think she will sleep?”

“Hard to say lady, hard to say indeed. I would keep Nymphadora away from her, in the least. I think it was clear, from the look on her face, all the time the master spent breaking her was all locked in her mind. A mind set free tonight. I now see the real dangers of turning free-borns to slaves. Some part of them always remains free, even if it never shows. Will you report this to the master when he returns?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. I am still fearful of playing with her tonight. It is possible to put her dragon back in its cage? Again more questions we can not answer. Good night Jensen, and thank you again.”

Dizzy with pain and power, I slipped into darkness, only to have the beast within wake fully on my fall. I only knew when I fell that this new part of me was not completely part of the whole. I knew it had a mind and will of its own. Where it had truly come from I may never know, but as the last bits of reality passed through my minds eye, she opened her eyes to me and her mind.

Alone in the darkness I had always felt safe, but now a new pair of eyes looked to my depths and brought about a fear I may never understand or be able to control. 

“Slept too long within your blood I have. Apart from my true nature, always kept at bay. Set me free you have this night. Free on an expecting world, you and I will now feed. Since awakened I am, a small favor I will do for my physical self. Drift in the darkness now, rise in the light fully healed you will be. I bid you farewell, for I am off to set my wings a’flight. The dark world summons me and all the waiting souls to feed on. Revenge on those who hurt you, I will now take! Sleep my physical daughter, sleep.”

I felt her jump free of my body as the last thought hit my ever dreaming mind. When she was gone to see the world, everything else collapsed to darkness.


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