(3)Tainted Lust Within


The ride home was as I would have expected. Mother was talkative, wondering all about the theater the night before. She never did ask how Arthur and I met, but she
seemed so happy when I actually spoke to her directly and with the correct manors. I think it caught her off guard when I addressed her as Countess to the valet driver in front of the hotel. I know Christian was angry that I had mothers attention and it was positive, for a change. I c
n assume if he had his way, I would be in the doghouse with mother, and begging him for his disturbed form of attention. I was not looking forward to arriving home, but then again, mother seemed to be more interested in how her husband was acting towards me, and any attention on that road could only be a good thing. Right as I was thinking that, he felt the need to put his hand between my legs and squeeze. If it had been any other day, I could have ignored it, but after the torment of last night, I cried out, without meaning too. Mother erupted in anger actually smacking Christian and ordering the driver, Eric, to stop the car.  We were some ways from the house, and I could not imagine why we stopped, but the answer was quickly delivered.

“God damn you C
hristian! If you do not stop trying to fuck my daughter, I swear I will have you killed! Do you completely understand me? I have put up with your backstabbing for nine years now. I think it is safe to say, that I am past my point where I am willing to tolerate you.”

“I think that is blowing it out of proportions, just a bit dear!”

“You never did learn to shut your mouth when you were ahead, so I will shut it for you. I know you have bedded Alyse more than once. I know much of the time she has been too drunk to push you off, and I know you are never “too tired” when it comes to her. But Christian, I tell you now,  those days and nights are past. Advance on her, or any other woman besides me again, and I will be the one stabbing you in the back. Do you understand me?”

His hand was slowly moving out of my lap and my grace in mother was quickly being restored. When I had my own space back to myself, I sat up a bit straighter and gave mother my full eye contact. Just a small pinch had almost brought tears to my eyes. It was a good thing I was sitting down, otherwise I think I may have pissed myself. Mother was still dressing down Christian, but I was not getting the impression he really cared all that much. The car was still stopped and Eric seemed to be wondering why. When mother finished her rant to my step father, she gave that reason.

“Chris, since you don’t seem to be taking my warnings to heart, maybe you would like to get out and check that bad tire for me. Do be a dear and help out, for a change.”

I thought he was going to have a fit, but to my amazement, he got out of the car and walked around the other side. It was then that mother gave Eric permission to continue home. When the car started to drive off, mother locked all the doors, and simply waved at her husband.  We could hear him yelling as we drove out of earshot, but I could imagine that did not stop him yelling. Now, it was only mother and I together, and for the first time, in far too many years, I was happy to have her to myself.  She seemed to be looking me up and down, she also seemed to have a new interest in my complete being. Her first words were a shock to my ears, but then mother never had been given a filter, like myself.

“Alyse, I may not agree with your choice in life and love, or shall I say sex, but maybe now, you are trying to overturn a new leaf. Do you have any direction for your future love?”

I could not remember the last time we had any kind of civilized conversation, but I also did not know how to respond to her question. I know something about my beating last night had made me realize the way I had been acting for the last few years, simply had to stop. Last night could have been my last. I was lucky that Arthur only wanted to use me, and not kill me. No one would have ever known where to look, and I simply, like other women before me, would have vanished. Mother did not seem the least bit upset, when I took my time to answer, but now I seemed to have a handle on what I wanted or needed to say. I needed a serious deep breath, but after breathing a bit, for the first time in my life, I gave it to her straight.

“I think I have always been angry with you over the loss of a father I never knew. I know when I finished secondary education, all I had wanted was to flee the United Kingdom. I had never really thought about a destination, but I had never really thought about much of anything till last night. I don’t wish to upset you mother. I also don’t wish to tarnish our family name, at least not any longer. I would like to take this chance to apologize for all my past behaviors. I know I must have angered you something terrible over the years, but here we sit.”

I wanted to tell her about last night. Wanted to tell her about all the terrible nights of random sex, drinking and abuse from far too many men to count. Everything that came before last night soaked through my mind and how they had all pushed to a summit with Arthur. I wanted to tell her everything, but I also knew that could make all of this so much worse. She sat in her seat, listened to everything I said, and for a change, seemed to truly consider it all. I could see there were questions on her mind, and I wanted to try and answer them, if I could with respect. The car slowed to a stop, once again, and Eric’s voice interrupted the silence.

“Excuse me Ma’am, are you still wanting to go right home, or would you like me to drive a bit? It seems there is a bit of rain coming on, but If you want more time with your daughter, I thought I would ask.”

“Eric, you are a dear. That would be wonderful, thank you. Just take your time, if you want to go out towards the country house, you might do that as well. None of us have been out there in some time. Why don’t we make dinner there tonight. We can return to the city tomorrow morning.”

When she said the country house, the first thing to pop in my mind was Christian and him coming home, wet from the rain, with no way in till tomorrow. I knew he never carried money on him. He did not have a set of key’s, mother never gave them to anyone. I also knew his only choice would be to wait, in the rain and cold throughout the night for our return. I thought about saying something, but knowing mother, she already had her choices quite in hand. I heard Eric chuckle as he turned down a street opposite the direction  needed to go home and start humming to himself. Mother even smiled, though it was one of her mischievous smiles, it was a smile none the less. I could only shake my head and do the same. This brought me back to my need to tell her of my misconduct in the past. I had little doubt anything I had done would compare to her own whore hunting in her life, but I also did not desire to offend her. It must have been the creases on my forehead giving away my doubt in my following statements. She made up her mind, long before I made up my own, and spoke politely, but directly.

“Alyse, I think it is safe to say that you are having your own doubts about your dirty past. This being said, consider that all young woman have a way of mucking up their families best interests. Even I found ways to upset my mother, at your age. So, before you worry about telling me all the gruesome details, thinking in some way that it will help to sooth the situations of our past; don’t.  I know where your mind was when you created your own mess, but I think I see a spark of desire to move forward, on a much more positive foot for your future?”

If it had not been for her tone of voice, I may not have caught her question, but as it were, I had. I smiled to myself, and in return, she smiled at me. I did have one thing, though messy as it were, I wanted to ask anyway. Another of my deep breaths, brought mother to my full attention.

“It would seem, you have known about your husbands plights to obtain me, in more ways than one, over your nine years with him. If you knew he was advancing on me, and now to say it aloud bring me to tears, and using me when I could not, or did not know or have the ability to fight him off, why did you do nothing?”

“I will tell you what, it would seem that this situation may be something the women in this family pass down to their daughters for the rest of time, but you have a right to have an answer. It was only a few months after our wedding that I realized how much of an obsession Christian had for you. I had hoped to myself that it would come and go, since you were yet, so young, but in time I saw his affections for you were not some fancy in the wind and I was caught too angry to make a rational decision on the matter. Over time his tainted lust within brought out my own personal demons. I considered, more then once, having him killed, but two years ago, when you and I were at each others throats and you allowed him into your bed out of spite, I almost lost my mind. Don’t get me wrong love, I did something close to as bad when I was your age, with one of your grandmothers close friends, but I don’t think she was ever the wiser of it. I think his determination only doubled when you allowed him to damn near fuck you blind that night. I feared nothing between you and I would ever be the same again and I believe I simply gave up. I think it is safe to say, I found my own kind of retribution and so it goes.”

“But you knew! You knew what had happened, and why I had let it happen. Why did you do nothing to me? You could have slapped me, punched me, thrown me out of the house, but you didn’t, why!”

“Pride my dear Alyse; pride. I wanted to believe you would never make the same mistakes as myself at your age, and when you did as I would have done, it was purely pride that kept me from acting. I arranged other avenues for your future, but none of them panned out, so to speak. Before this afternoon at lunch, I had fully decided to remove you from the house, my will and my life, but you are the reason for this change. Your attitude over lunch, and your seemingly overwhelmed disgust of Christian made me want to try, one last time to reach you, and hope you would reach for me in return. I have grown tired of his lies, his advances of you and other women, but in all the time I have been with him, till now, I have never wanted to act. Well, when we do go home again, we will see just how his attitude changes, or if he plays the same.”

“When we decide to go home again? You are not planing on returning tomorrow?”

“Well no, to be honest with you. I have grown tired of the city as well, and since you and I are on such good terms, for  change, why not spend some time in the country and try to move forward? Maybe you will find a man worth your time and fancy while we enjoy ourselves. Or, maybe a woman, who knows.”

There was something in her voice when she mentions a woman, but I sat, for a while and looked out the window, as the rain poured down and the homes and buildings turned to open fields and turning roads. The rain turned to a vicious storm and in turn to ice and hail. I could only laugh, at the thought of Christian sitting in this hell, but then it was his own doing. Mother, had taken to looking out the window as well, but when I laughed it grabbed her attention.

“Something funny love?”

“Only that we left Christian thinking we were coming home, and now we have no intention of doing that. This is terrible weather to be trapped outdoors, don’t you think?”

“You know, you are so right, but he has also been doing this for many years, and if he has to suffer a bit to get the hint, well maybe I will send Eric back for him tomorrow. Are you actually going to miss him tonight? I think I can find someone to entertain you, if you will allow me?”

I knew that tone of voice, and when my mother got playful in any kind of dark way either you got on board or got out of the way. As it was, I was not sure I could fuck a sponge tonight, being so worn out from Arthur. But, if she wanted to find someone to entertain me, I was not ever going to argue with a playmate, and now I had other games I wanted to try too. I did not answer at first, but she did not take it as a bad thing. she and I both went back to looking out our windows. It was when Eric turned down “In-Depth” road, we both chuckled at the same time. For the first time in my life I felt like I had something in common with my mother and was not standing on the opposite side of the rails. I looked at her, and she looked at me, we both smiled, with our own little secrets and went back to our individual windows.

The closer we got to the summer home, the more I started to wonder how mother knew Arthur in the first place. After the silence had gone on far too long, I turned back to mother and pinched her leg. More then a bit surprised, she scream, the car jerked to a stop and she looked at me as if I were about to die! I could not help but laugh myself off the seat cushion, all the while Eric was looking at us both wondering if I was going to die, or be retaliated on. It was when mother put her left hand between my legs, the same place Christian had and clawed me. the pain was more then I was ready for, and tears fell from my eyes in shock. Eric decided he had seen enough and it was safe to continue driving. As the car searched forward, I tried to retake my seat on the bench, only to find mother still in her demonic mood. I decided to stay on the floor, but the question still lingered in my mind. She was still looking at me when I felt the familiar crunch of gravel under the car, as Eric turned up the main drive to the house. Knowing the trip was almost over, I asked the question.

“Mother, how is it you know Arthur Windsor?”

“Its funny you should ask that question dear. See the man and woman waiting for us to arrive next to the house? They are provided through a service where I met your Arthur Windsor. And, as it stands, your choice of entertainment this evening is going to be your choice of those two.”

“Wait! What do you mean a service? They are just employees, right?”

“Employees, well not really youngling. I mean employees are kind of hard to control, and this arrangement is so much better, when I feel the need to control and use the person serving me!”

I had no idea what to say. I knew mother was into all kinds of business practices, but the idea that she had, well any kind of slave, made my mouth drop. She smiled and nodded her head in the direction of the two waiting for us. The man was short haired, soft brown skin and precious little coving his person. What, from the front looked like a thong, in pure dark red, with his manhood bulging in the front, the hint of a nicely rounded ass in the back and tone all the way up. His face was completely shaved and soft features. Small eyes, one high piercing in his right ear and black leather cuffs around each wrist. The cuffs made me think they were something more then normal servants, but then this was a new side of my mother, I never had known existed. I was unable to see the woman till the car came to a complete stop and we were climbing out. When I saw her fully, I knew, without a doubt what flavor I would be eating and playing with tonight.  She was wearing, what looked like a knee length black dress, only most of it was now missing. Her sex, and nipples were covered, and just enough to ring her neckline and hold up the rest. She had very pale skin with bright red hair. Dark green eyes, and slider fingers. no shoes whatsoever and painted red toenails. A low rounded chin, high cheekbone and an ass that completely demanded your full attention. As it were, I found myself unable to break my gaze from her ass, as I tried to walk around the car. The young man came round and quite literally knelt on his knees for my mother. He kept his head down and did not make eye contact till she gave him permission to move. It was completely clear, at that point, these were anything but normal servants.

When I approached the front steps, it was the woman who came to meet me. She too knelt on her knees, but I had no idea how to release her from her position. I looked for mother, but she had already proceeded indoors with her male toy. I was about to walk past her when some dark energy seemed to wash over me. I leaned over, took her by her breasts, and pulled her to her feet. A soft moan dripped from her lips and my hands slipped to her nipples and held firm. For being such a small frame, she had wondrous breasts an soft large nipples to match. They hardened as I held to them and she never once tried to move from my grasp. I wanted to do so many things to her all at the same time. The simple idea of owning a sexual slave washed over me like a dark wave and I gasped for air from the deep. When at last she was standing fully in front of me, her voice slipped from her lips.

“How may I serve you Lady Alyse?”

“Are you serious?”

“I have been commanded to do your every request, and obey your every desire!”

Her words echoed from her lips through my mind. How had my mother known I would prefer the woman over a man, and how long had this beautiful woman been living here waiting for my arrival? I must say, the idea held me in my position though I found my hands moving much more freely over her body. I moved each hand from her bare breasts and down her sides over her round hips. I ran into the dress as I made my way to her ass, cupping it and pulling her towards me. Even though my cunt still ached from last night, I could not help moisture building between my thy’s for the woman now at my disposal. Ass crack to cunt crack my hands moved over her skin making sure I felt and teased her every inch. When my fingers found her dripping cunt, I made sure to test and probe the depths of her will. I could have been more loving about how I forced my fingers into her, but my own lust within had turned from dark to evil. I fingered her cunt, then her ass and then with no warning at all, I found myself in need of something much much darker. I ripped my hands from her sex, pulled back with my right, still dripping in her bliss and slapped her face so hard the rest fell to the ground. I had no anger towards her. I had no reason to be upset with her, but the feeling, the power to do anything I wanted to her flooded to the surface and I knew how mother had gone without sex from Christian for so many years.

I had forgotten to ask for her name, and when my second slap across her face brought her to her knees again, I decided I didn’t care. I looked down at her, and when I saw she had no tears in her eyes, I could not decide if I were angry or upset at her lack of response. Again and again I slapper her till my hands were stinging and her eyes dripping with tears. She looked at me, while breathing hard and obviously in need of so much more. I wanted to hurt her, beat her and fuck her, but found we had yet to move from the front steps. The darkness within me was growing and I found I not only wanted, but needed her to be the one doing the slapping and using. I only hopped she had been trained well enough to satisfy me after last night. I went to grab her neck, to lead her into the house, caught the top of her dress and tore it completely away from her body. Now, fully nude before me, face still wet from tears and pain, I gave in completely to me dark desires, and chose to make her scream!

I grabbed her by her long red curls, and half drug her into the main room of the house where, to my amazement, my mother had made it no further with a toy of her own. Though, while I had taken it to use my new slave, she had obviously ordered hers to do the complete opposite. I saw quite a bit more of my mother, in that split moment, then I had ever want to see, but I had my answer about knowing if this slave would be up to using me, and not me using her. Up the steps to the second floor outside balcony, just above the pool I pull her with more force then I ever knew I had. Once on the pad, I thrust her to the ground, while leaning on the railing. Now to see just how well this little pet could play.

“What do I call you woman?”

“I will respond to any thing you like, of course ma’am.”

But this was not the answer I had wanted. I wanted to know her true name, and if she would not give it to me, I would beat it out of her! As my hand rose to slap her yet again, she spoke up and quite clearly.

Nymphadora m’lady. Please! My name is Nymphadora.”

Her response was not fast enough to keep her from a good hard slap, but as the sound of her name mixed with the contact of my hand and her skin, I knew this night may be just as memorable as my last.


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