An Act of Trust

It’s an interesting thing when you allow, or in-service someone to help you polish your writing, so the rest of the world can enjoy it. The idea doesn’t seem all that evasive when you first consider it. When, at last you find the right person, or persons you think okay, maybe this can actually work. It’s when you realize that allowing someone to polish your writing also means you have to trust them, reality can, as it did with me, slap you in the face. If you truly consider what your writing is, what it represents, you realize it’s a small, or large piece of your very soul. You realize that by allowing someone else to do, what you can not do for yourself, it means you have to accept your not perfect, or god knows what else you have built up in your head.

Many of us wish to remove ourselves from this world, if only for a while. When you capture the imaginations of others, and they tell you, your writing could affect others, you realize what you once did to escape, can help others to do the same. In that moment, you also realize you may not be as good a writer, as you once thought, or dreamed. Writing is, as close to being a god, or goddess as one person can come. You create characters. You create worlds. You create a story line that no one else has ever thought of. I don’t know how to better explain it. You are now the creator, you are now the one others will look to for the answers. But, can your answers to your own questions answer the hard questions for others?

What caused you to create that story line? What caused you to make the characters in the way you did? What, in this world could make someone need to escape so much to create something else, so amazing that others all over the world would want to read your dreams, or nightmares the way you have created them?

Will your story come to endure the tests of time? Will your sight be entrusted to the right kind of people? Will your dreams open the dreams for others to dream and share as well? No can answer that one. No one but time can give those answers. Most of us will not live long enough to see the answers come to pass, but the stories you create will pass, into the next set of lives. To the next set of minds and memories and into the future, we only dream about.

Back to the process, back to the idea of allowing another to “polish” your work. Can you accept you are not perfect? Can you accept that some of your words could have been better chosen? Can you learn from your mistakes and make the next set of decisions better? Do you have the humility to move forward into the legends of writers to leave their mark on this world? Again, the answer is not as clear as your story, but your lessons are now a part of that story. They are now a part of a history you will leave for your future, and for yourself.


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