(1) The Opera and a Gentleman

Rewrite: Lessons Beyond the Opera


I fell into bed, knowing my life would never again be the same. My whole body hurt. My anus and cunt were so sore I was not completely sure I would be able to find darkness, but I had to try. Tomorrow would be a new day and I had no doubt he would expect his new toy to be show worthy.

It had been one year, to the day since I had met Arthur M. Windsor. He had seemed like such a gentleman when we bumped into one another, last year in the theater. He had been wearing a full tux, top hat and walking cane with a dragon’s head on top to complete his attire. The very same thing he wore tonight. It had been that time of the year again, Phantom of the Opera was playing, and to date, since I turned sixteen, nearly seven years ago, I had never missed a season. I had always loved my home, but London seemed to take on a whole new life when you came out of that opera. The cool nights air splashing over your face and sneaking its way up your skirt or dress to cool the peach which had been smoldering between your legs during the show.  I had already planned on going to the tea parlor down the street from the theater after the show, I did the same every year, but last year I was quite pleased when I saw him following me in the same direction. I found an empty table next to the window and he asked if he might join me. We took our seats, both agreed on English Breakfast and settled in to relive the show in our minds.

For close to an hour, that night, no words had been spoken between us. It seemed we were both completely in love with the world we had just been taken too. As the first pot of tea ran out, it was he who called for another pot. That started our minds working in the direction of the real world, once again. The tea arrived, and this time he took it on himself to pour us both another cup. The milk was added and the first sip was well past steamy. I could tell he had been looking for a way to open a dialog, but had no idea where to start. Me, having a big mouth, and no use for any kind of filter, made the first move.

“Is this your first time seeing the Phantom? Or, have you, like myself been in love with him all your life?”

“My first time actually, thank you for asking. I can see why it is considered such a big deal to see it in that particular location. Was the theater specifically built for that show, or are other shows held there as well?”

“No, you are quite right, the place was built for the Phantom, but many shows are held within every year. I can only assume from your depth of thought, you liked it?”

“Quit right! I simply could not understand why all my friends have been telling me, for years to come see it. Now, I can fully understand the compelling need to undertake this opera for ones self. I take it, you have been here many times before?”

“Oh yes, I fell in love when I was still only a child, and have never been able to let go. I come every year, sit in almost the same spot and allow the music and power of the cast to remove all my day to day worries. After I always come to this same tea parlor and reflect the show. I am so glad you like it! I am not sure I have every met anyone who did not find themselves completely taken by the Phantom.”

I knew I was smiling, and showing my deeper desires, at that exact moment, but this one show, every year seemed to bring out the darker side of the sexual needs I kept neatly hidden from the world, the rest of the year. I could feel the moisture between my legs already starting to seep as I looked my gentleman up and down. There was a look in his eyes telling me he knew exactly what I wanted, but I also had a troubling feeling. Even if I threw myself down on the table, here and now, bent over with my skirt held high, this man would not give in to my, or his sexual desires. He was giving me a small smirk, as if fully aware that his composure and control were also making me crazy! If I could not have a good hard cock or a good hair pulling, I knew what else would, at least for the time being, settle me desires. I called the waitress over and ordered a bit of cherry cobbler. The sweet would go well with our choice in tea, and maybe curb my growing need till I could get home and deal with it myself. As the waitress left to get the desert, I stood and excused myself to the ladies room. I was politely surprised, when he stood with me and nodded in my direction. Almost loosing my breath, I again smiled and found my way to a stall at the end of the restroom. Sitting down I felt the release as the four hours of opera drained out of my body.

I sat there wondering if he would be gone when I returned. It always seemed other women held the right kind of men, but I was never the one to find a good one. Not the kind any upstanding woman would want to hold on too at any rate. This one was different an I was hoping I would have the chance to find out how, in every single way. I left the stall, washed my hands and lightly powdered my nose. As I left the restroom, I was very happy to see him looking for me. Again he stood waiting for me to retake my own seat. As he sat down he again started a simple conversation.

“I would like to take a moment and thank you for sitting with me tonight. My name is Arthur M. Windsor, an I am very happy to make your acquaintance. Mis…?”

“Alyse Rose Filthaven. Please excuse my not giving my name earlier on. I was still so caught up in the show. It is very nice to meet you Mr. Windsor.”

“Please, Arthur, I have to hear Mr. Windsor every day in the office, I would like to think a lady, such as yourself would give me the voice to hear my real name. If it is not too much trouble?”

“No sir, Arthur, my apologies, I am most happy to call you by your name. If I might inquire, what does the M stand for?”

“That is a bit of my long past father, having an eternal laugh at my expense. My father was once Masters, the toy maker. He, like his father before him and again before that held this title as the head toymaker for the royal children. So, when I was born, and my mother refused to hear of naming her son master, he graciously allowed her to grant me my first name, Arthur. As her fathers name. So you see, even though I am of the same blood, and I now run my own corporation, and the masters, would fit, even in this day and age, I will always be stuck with a bit of the past world.”

“Your telling me your family has made toy’s for the last hundred years? Wow I don’t think I have ever met anyone with such an interesting background as you. I have to admit, I was never into toy’s, but then I was anything but a normal little girl.”

“How so Alyse? Why do you think you were an odd child?”

I knew I was not fully ready to tell a perfect stranger about my past, and allow him to know I was anything but the good daughter of an upstanding family. I did, for the first time in my life, want to tell a man, I was wholesome and a good daughter, but I knew it was far from the truth. Even As I sat there, trying to come up with an example of  how my childhood was off from other young women, I could not help the dripping from my personal peach down my legs. I knew my silk lace panties were drenched and I knew this man would not be the kind of gentleman to put me down and use me like a street whore, like I wished he would. Our conversation moved forward for some time, till at last the shop keeper told us the closing time was upon us. We gathered our things and made our way out the door. I know I should have been getting myself a cab and making my own way home, but my usual need for my own delights kept me from moving off from him. He seemed to understand my hesitation to leave. Holding out his hand he smiled at me and spoke gently.

“Look, it seems neither of us has any desire to go home alone. How about you accompany me to my house, it is only a few blocks away. I can hail you a cab in the morning, if you will allow me and get you home safely. If that is more then you are interested in doing, the first night of meeting me, I will completely understand and call for a cab when we reach my home. At least it will give us more time to speak with each other. I do have to go away on business tomorrow, out of the country. I fear this may be one of my longest trips in years, otherwise I would spend many days with you. I am saying I would like to have more time with you, but I can only offer you this night, till a later time. Would you be interested in joining me this evening?”

I would not have thought this man would be so forward in his desires. From first sight, I would have taken him for an old fashioned gentleman, but this one seemed to know exactly what I wanted and was more then willing to help me in my odyssey. I could only smiles I took his hand and walked down the street with him. During our walk to his home, I found out he was a good deal older then I had first thought, but I had been brought up to judge people on who they were, not how old they are. My mother had told me she had always fallen in love with older men, but till this night, it was I who had always been the one leading men to bed, not a man leading me to his. The night air was starting to blow in, when we rounded a corner and a large house came into view. It was the only house on the street. Everything else was old warehouses, and possibly rail tracks beyond. I would not have thought anyone would have built a home in this section of town, but then I had been warned, by more then my mother, to stay out of this side of town. The air smelled foul and I could hear cats fighting off in the distance.

By the time we reached his door, I was more then happy to get indoors. I was feeling less and less comfortable with each passing moment. He turned to me and smiled as he unlocked the door and opened it for me. Steeping through the door, I found myself in something so much more comfortable then I could have thought possible from the outside. The home was quite modern, tile floors and oak panelling on the walls. A staircase wound up to the right leading to the second floor and beyond. He quickly turned on the lights, and I found myself in a long hell way with walls covered in erotic art, from different parts of the world. As if my peach had not already lost enough juice already, I felt a shudder of energy move down my spine when Arthur touched the small of my back. Dropping my purse I turned to him and simply nodded, making it clear I would do anything he could want or dream. He knelt down to the tile floor, and on his knees lifted the bottom of my skirt, looking me in the eyes as he did so, He moved his head up under the flowing fabric and his hands followed. I felt his hands find my drenched lace panties. He slowly almost meaningly to torment me, put his fingers under the silk fabric and pull them down to my knees. Stopping there, the wet felt quite odd and rather uncomfortable. I wanted them off, the rest of the way, but when I moved to finish for him, he slid out from under my skirt, looking at me in the most unusual way. He wore a smile, but it was not a smile I felt all that comfortable with. As my hands found my panties, his hands clenched down on my own. He only shook his head softly and moved my hands away from my body. I had never been much of one for games, especially when I was not the one with the upper hand in them. He re-stood and turned me to the wall. I took a deep breath, knowing I was not going to want to play games for long. If this way the kind of man he was, I would much rather be heading home. I felt his head next to my own. His lips slide past my ear, and the soft deep sound of his voice as he whispered to me. It was not just the words that ought m off guard, but the tone he used to convey them to me. It was dark and harsh. I felt more and more sexual with every passing word falling from his lips. As he spoke to me, his hands found my hips and he shoved me, forcefully and passionately into the wall. My face hit first, with his words still chilling in my ears.

“You are in my house now Alyse. You came of your own free will. You came with the need to be used and abused. I know this because I also came looking for you this night. Now, we have found one another, I am going to make sure you never forget our first night. I am going to tear off your clothing. Slam you on the floor and use you in ways you have never dared think about. Your perfect breasts are going to be only one of my toy’s this night, your cunt will be another. Your hips rolling into your ass will complete the set and I will use you and them till I am sure you will never forget me. I give you only one instruction from this point on. No more words! You may moan, scream, cry and grunt, but if you speak a single word, I will stop everything we are doing an you will go the rest of the night without any way to complete your need. Now enjoy the wall and remember my warning.”

The thrust to the wall knocked most of the air out of my lungs. I could only moan as the impact slammed me face first into the hard oak panelling. His hands were now making their way under my skirt, and I could feel a kind of tension building. I knew the shove to the wall was the least of his forceful use of me this night.  When his hands had most of my skirt off the floor, he ripped it off of the rest of my body. I could not hold to the wall, an fell to the floor in his pull. My skirt was torn beyond repair and he now stood over me, holding any shreds of fabric and a smile of dark intent. Leaning down he took hold of my blouse and tore it from my body as well. I was not laying on the floor with my panties around my ankles, and my bra the only thing left between his desires and me. I fully expected him to tear it from me as well, but he only stood over me an seemed to enjoy to view from his position. Now, he leaned down, caressed my breasts and gently removed my bra. My 38D’s fell free of their containment and the cool air brought an erection of my nipples within an instant.

The cold of the tile was taking control of my body and I could only start to shiver. He continued to stand over me and look down on me with a smile. He continued to massage my bare breasts and his fingers, finding my nipples squeezed and pinched them till more then one moan fell from my lips. My mind went blank, my needs fell away, and I gave myself ad my very should to anything he could ever want to do to me. As if my serenader was the very thing he had been waiting for he stood, but only slightly. This time when his right hand came down, it did not go for my breast, but hit the right side of my face full and true. A scream echoed across the house, and he slapped me again. My face was burning, my breath very short and a third slap hit the left side. I could only gasp for air as he struck me over and over. I had never been hit before, but I had to admit I liked everything it was doing to me. Without even meaning too, I orgasmed an splashed the wall with urine who his right hand slapped me again.

My face was not the only target he took with his open hands. When my first orgasm struck me blind, he moved his attack to my breasts, and the sting of his hands on my hard erect nipples only brought more screams from my lips. The slaps continued but he also changed to pinching and twisting my now swollen nipples till I screamed freely in pain. Another orgasm was building, and I knew this one was going to cause me to convulse, but his moment of my breast did not stop, he only continued further and again slapped my face. I had not noticed his left hand moving down my naval towards my sex, which was not covered with my orgasm and need. Not concerning himself with the possibility that he may hurt my sex, he forced all four fingers into me as his right hand again slapped my breast. The mixture of the two left me gasping for air, but his smile returned and I did not have time to ready myself for his next attack.

He lifted both my legs above the floor, bringing them back towards my head. I was not as flexible as I had been as a child, but he did not stop forcing them backwards till my ankles were next to my head, and my ass and cunt were fully open to fulfill he entertainment needs. His smile had gone from creepy to frightening. He spoke, and I will never forget the tone of his voice.

“You filthy little whore, hold your legs, thats a good girl. Are you enjoying my use of your body tonight? No? Well, there is so much more to come. You will continue to scream. You will continue to come and you will continue to obey. When I am ready I will fuck you like a street whore and you will give me your complete attention. Is that fully understood? Remember, don’t you say a word, thats a good girl, nodding is always a good way to answer your master!”

I will openly admit, fear was filling my mind and I knew, even if I wanted this to stop, the chance of him actually calming down from such a controlling fit was not very likely. I nodded and made sure to bite my lip as I held my legs back and he raised his hand above his head. The first slap to my ass brought tears to my eyes. The second brought a small grunt, and when this did not seem to please him fully, he moved from spanking my ass, to spanking my cunt. Only when he slapped my sex, did he remove his fingers from the depths of my sex. I had come at least four times now, the floor and the walls were covered in my pain and sexual suffering. One slap to my sex, then another and another. Over and over he hit my cunt, my ass, and then my legs. Tears fell from my eyes, and this seemed to be exactly what he wanted to see. I had hopped for passion. Hopped for gentle thrusts, but never would I have thought the gentleman at the theater would have used my body in such dark erotic passion.

When finely he seemed to tire of beating me, and his hands were as red as my ass and slit, he stood above me, removed every bit of his clothing. Taking time to fold his paints and shirt and lay them on a table next to the stairs. Then he took my ankles, and continued to drag me into another room. I held my head off the floor, so it would not get knocked around. I could only fear what he had planned next.

Once in, what looked like a living room, I was picked up, bent over a large suede couch and he proceeded to slap my ass again. Again more screams erupted from my lips, but this time he did not hold back. I could feel the burn tearing my very flesh and when I actually considered screaming for him to stop, the beating ceased, but there fucking began! When I was still laying on the hallway floor with him standing over me, I had seen his flaccid cock, but I would not have thought that small thing could grow to such an enormous rod, the very rod he was now slamming into my body.  I could no longer scream, as I had almost completely lost my voice. He grabbed my hair, ripped the bow out of it and used it like rains on a horse. When he would pull back on my head, I knew a deep thrust was next, but every time it happened it hurt that much more the before. Orgasm after orgasm shook me to my core. I was not completely sure I was going to survive this night, but I could only blame myself. I could’ve gone home, as the voice in my head had bade me do, but I came, as he had stated, of my own free will, and this was my reward. Being slapped, fucked and tortured to the brink of exhaustion.

He removed his cock from my swollen used cunt, only to replace it with more vigor and force into my ass. I had never experienced anal sex before, but since I could not scream, I could not beg for him to stop and I could not move, my energy now completely gone, I dove my mind inward and sure came to his continued use of my being. I don’t know how long he used me on that couch. I may never know how I continued to orgasm, past the point of being able to feel even that, but in the end, he carried me up the stairs, laid me in a large featherbed and walked away. He returned with an old fashioned metal bowl, hot water and a hand towel. He cleaned he splattered cum off my ass cheeks, wipped away any still dripping from within and rolled me over, so he could see my face. His smile was back, only softer then before.

I was still twitching from all his use of me. Still shaking from much more then my body had ever thought possible, but then his lips came into contact with my own, and the passion and almost love that moved between us, brought me back to this reality. I could no longer hold my eyes open, my energy completely spent, but he held my attention a moment longer.

By the time you wake in the morning I will be gone. I will have my private driver come back, after taking me to the airport. He will take you anywhere you wish to go. I know you have no clothing left, I completely tore it all, So I am going to find you something now, before I surrender to my own bed. Good night Alyse. I completely enjoyed having you in my home and hands this night. I hope this has not scared you off from allowing me to see you when I return. As I said earlier last night, this trip may last some time, so if you do not hear from me do not think I have forgotten you. Goto sleep, I will find you again. And with that, I fell to total blackness and forgot the world altogether.


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    exciting is any female masturbation, dominant women women as cuckoldesses. Women are ALL POWERFUL. SUPERIOR BEASUTIFUL AND TASTY. YES I WOULD SAY I WOULD PUT THEM ON A PEDESTAL. THEY CAN DO NO WRONG. I KNOW MANY WOMEN WONT LIKE THIS. I MEAN NO OFFENCE TO. THE. I am submisssive and wish I too could be a woman. You have been blessed congratulation!!!!! Me obedient2her@yahoo.com. email and yahoo messengeryour work is ok here. THANK YOU


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