The Dragon Within

dragon within

Throughout history the dragon has been used to define many things. Good, Evil, power etc. When I was much younger then I am today, I was told a story, by a woman who taught me the truest meaning of what it is to be human. The secret many live with their who life and never awaken. A secret of pain, enjoyment, and lust. Power, domination and a back door, if you will to the divine. Many, in the world around you have no idea what to do with the information about their dragon, even when you give it to them. Still others have known about their dragon their entire lives. Maybe they  have never heard this story, but it is a story that changed my life forever. I am not privy to being able to use real names, so I will simply make them up. The woman who taught me, brought me out of the light and drenched me in eternal darkness, as some would see it, was cunning, crafty and had a way about er that made you just want to stand and stair. I am going to call her Eve, for this story, since she was the eve of the second chapter of my life.

1998, Early fall, I was in NY city with some friends, just hanging out, and having a good time. The second day we were there, I was off on my own and happened across a lovely black haired woman, standing on top of a newspaper dispenser, yell at a cop on horseback in Russian. Only a few years earlier, my brother had fallen in love with a woman from Ukraine, and through their marriage, I had picked up just enough Russian to stumble through what this woman was yelling. Don’t get me wrong, I did not catch every word, but just enough to get the overall idea. To this day I have never asked her what had started that little fit of words. As I stood there leaning on a light pole she kept yelling and he kept shaking his head. Once or twice he tried, in English, to tell her he had no idea what she was saying. In the end he waved his hand at her and rode away.

The woman, quite pleased with herself hopped down and found me looking right at her smiling. The way she looked at me is what caught me off guard, but did not cool her temper any. Again, I did not catch any of what she barked at me, but I almost fell over laughing. I simply regained my posture and said, in English, “I found her interesting to watch”. Assuming she did not speak English, I made to walk away, and her hand caught my arm. Looking back, the anger was gone, now replaced with a smile and a simple nod of her head. She looked me up and down, more then once, I guess trying to figure out if I was worth her trouble. the first thing Eve ever said to me in English, would not make a bit of sense for more then ten years, but the worlds still echo in my mind and heart.

“You have no idea how to deal with it, do you?”

“I am sorry, deal with what? You do speak English?”

“Of course I speak English. What kind of person would come to a foreign country and not speak the language?”

I really had no answer for that, but I knew she would have a great story to tell, if only I could get it out of her. She still had my arm in her hand and she changed her grip, so she was now holding my hand, not holding me. She tilted her head in a single direction and started walking. I don’t think it ever crossed her mind that I might not follow. We walked for several blocks, and found a small bar. You know the ind, it only stands out if you have been there before, and she obviously had. Once indoors, I found myself in a room, covered in red light, soft leather couched and a single bar at the back of the room. As we walked through the room we came to a set of chairs and she motioned for me to sit. While she proceeded to the bar, I took a seat, not realizing just how tired I already was from my romp through the city. When she came back she was holding two shot glasses, and the woman from the bar was holding two drinks. I had only had shots with my sister in law once, but it had made me choke up a lung, and now fear was rushing through my memory of that event. Eve seemed most amused at my face when she handed me a glass. Taking it, I noticed it was not cold, only room temperature. She held up her glass, and I did the same. She spoke, not only to me ears, but I think to my heart as well.

“To the second chapter in your life!”

Again I was lost for words, but bowed my head and took my shot. It could have been water, or nothing at all. There was not burn, no bad flavor, really no flavor at all. It went down and Eve took a seat next to mine and the woman behind her handed us both tall drinks, looking more like blood then anything else. It smelled like raspberries and chocolate, so I hopped it was ok.

For the rest of the afternoon, we sat in that bar and spoke of our lives. She told me she was born in Moscow, but lives in Paris. She was very interested in a side of me, I knew nothing about. Over and over I wondered how a perfect stranger could know more about me, then I did, but as the day wore on, I stopped caring. I had found a new friend, and I felt like she would introduce me to a world I had been missing. That night, I stayed with her, in a town house quite some distance from where we had started. The next day and the day after that went as the first had. Over the next five days I found myself not wanting to be away from Eve. I had told my friends I had found someone to spend time with and they went on about their planes, like I knew they would. The week came to an end, and Eve had become someone I never wanted to go without. I had no idea what was coming next, but I also did not care. I had no job, nowhere to be and nothing to do. It was when she told me she had to return home, that I thought I would die. The week had been amazing, but the thought of loosing her, and a chance to become something more then I had been without her, hit me hard. I should have known she had her own ideas of how to deal with it.

“I may have to return to Paris, but if you are not busy, I was hoping you might come with me? I have clients to see to for the first few days back, but after I will be free for more then a month. I think I can introduce you to another side of you, in that time, if you re still interested?”

I could not believe I was being asked to come home with her, but I knew I would have to make this decision and move forward and not look back. I was fortunate that I had just quite a job with the government and I had a passport in my belongings already. I decided an adventure was at hand, and I was not going to stand in fates way. The very next morning we caught a cab to JFK and Eve bought tickets for us both to France. It had been some time since my last visit to Europe, and that had been with family. The flight was simple, I think I slept most of it. I was not big on flying but we arrived untouched. Eve had a car waiting when we arrived. She kept smiling at me, in her own strange way. I still had no idea what she thought she was going to teach me, but as long as I lived through it, whatever.

The drive to her home was uneventful as was the first night. The following day I woke to find Eve in the most unusual outfit I had ever seen. Not only on her, but ever! A long black skirt, red corset and black lace gloves down to her middle finger. There was a man in the house helping her get ready, but he never spoke a word to me. When I tried to speak to him, Eve told me to allow him to continue with his business. It had not occurred to me, till that moment, that all the time I had spent with her,  I had never asked what it was that she did for a living. I had assumed her family had money, but now I saw she made her own way. When she was ready, I walked her to her front door, and wondered what I would do alone in Paris. She handed me an envelope and told me not to worry. She would be back tomorrow and then she could fill in some blank spaces. That morning was the first time she had kissed me, but I felt something very powerful move from her lips to mine, in that brief moment. She looked at me, smiled and left the house.

Now you must understand I knew nothing about Paris, as an every day city. I only knew where I was because you could see the canal from her front windows. I knew if I could find that I could find my way around. I had never been alone in a foreign city, but I had never backed down from a challenge either. The rest of the day, and that evening I mostly spent in the Louvre. I had always wanted to see it, and now I had two days to drool, if you will. That evening I found a small cafe and had dinner. I still felt odd, not knowing a lick of French, but I did the best I could sounding out words, and people seemed to take that as a good thing. Finding my way back to Eve’s house was the hardest part. When it got dark, the city changed altogether. I was completely exhausted when I got home and fell dead into bed. I woke the next day with the sun in my eyes, and the room. Eve had not returned, but she had not specified a time. I  left the house, found yet another cafe, got coffee and pastries for breakfast. For the first time since I was young,  felt the need to write. I asked the barista where I could buy a pen and note pad? I did so and returned to the cafe. It was right across the way from Eve’s home so I might see her when she came back. I spent the rest of the day, sitting there drinking tea and writing poetry. By the time the sun was starting to set, a black car arrived in front of the house, and Eve climbed out of the back. Same dress as the day before, same woman, only tired. I wanted to know what she did for a living, but still did not want to be rude.

As if I were yelling and waving my hands she looked right at me when she got clear of the car. She handed her things to the same man who had been with her, while she got ready and he took them in the house. Walking over the street and taking a seat next to me. She was smiling again. A smile only she can wear. her words, as always caught me off guard, but I was getting use  to it.

“Are you ready to wake it? I think I have the energy to help you tonight. Or maybe tomorrow.”

As with most of what she said, I had no clue, only nodded my head, stood and went home with her. She brought dinner with her, when she came home. The young man had set a table and right as we entered he was preparing to leave. He stood before Eve and bowed his head. She only touched his shoulder and he departed. A small bit of fear was growing in me about what I was about to learn that night, but I was here, Eve was here and she seemed to think I needed whatever it was that she was offering. Dinner was short, as was our conversation and then came the odd questions;

Have you ever ben hit and liked it? Have you ever wanted to hit someone else and not have it be out of anger? Have you ever been pushed during sex? These questions went on for some time, each one as bazar as the next. By the time she finished, my head was pounding, as was my heart, and she seemed to think something more was needed. I had not told her I had only had sex a few times in my life, and none of them were all that memorable. She had me stand,  and follow her to the living room. Eve removed my shirt and  shorts, then asked if I would help her out of hr attire. As her clothing fell to the floor, I knew something I had tried to ignore since our meeting was coming forth. I could not control my bodies reactions and I feared upsetting her. I truly had no idea. As the last bits of her clothing fell to the floor, and she stood in front of me, skin beading with sweat, I hoped I would not disappoint her. More happened that night, then I may ever admit to, but by the time we both found a bed, something had changed within me. Something had waken I could not put back to sleep and I fell through darkness as I would for some years to come.

The sex had been sex, the small bits of pain Eve caused me brought out a kind of arousal I did not know existed. She would go from rubbing my cock, to yanking on it till I would scream! Go from kissing my lips to slapping my face and knocking me sideways. Scratches down my skin, nibbles turned to full on biting! I did not know the body could shake so much in so little time. As she progressed, the sex mostly stopped, but the use of my body did not. I grew tired, and worn. I wanted more, but knew I would not consciously last the game. Her feather bed, held me like nothing had before that night. The morning came with questions, and a painful body and mind. Eve woke beside me smiling, more then loving or sweet. She seemed completely at peace, something I had not seen in her since our meeting. I could only phrase one question, and then came the talk.

“What exactly happened last night? Why do I hurt so badly now, it did not hurt like this last night. I don’t understand.”

“It is simple to explain in words, but will take you a lifetime to fully understand. The way I was taught was this. Everyone is born with a sleeping dragon within them. Many go their entire life without rousing it, and never care. The few who awaken their dragon find something completely unique to balance out the dad to dad life we all have to lead. The dragon is only a part of the whole. It is only a set of scales set to keep a balance most never know they need. You have need I will only partly be able to balance out with you. I am taking it, you enjoyed last night?”

“Yes, only I am not sure what fully happened.”

“Try this then.”

No warning at all, no foreplay, so to speak, she grabbed my hair, and yanked my head back. Her lips found my neck, where it was pulled firm and bit on hard enough for me to scream in pain. She slapped my face, clawed my chest and twisted my nipple. Never did she move for any sexual areas, she only found small ways to bring pain to my surface. In turn I felt the need to repay her the same. I had no idea what drove my need, or what to start with first, but as we proceeded on, I was gifted with a scream or two out of her as well. Screams turned to moans, and moans turned to screams. The morning passed by into afternoon. and still we played our game.  When evening came, we were both covered in bruises, scratches and the bed drenched in sweat and cum from us both. The moment we stopped I felt something twist within me, and that was what Eve had been waiting for.

“That! That feeling within you now, that is your dragon waking from her slumber. She will never sleep again, and you will only move closer to a more balanced life because of it. Do you understand any of what has happened today?”

I don’t think I could have spoken if the Goddess mother had walked into the room, but I was able to feel. Feel a more profound sense of understanding then ever before. I wanted more pain, but also wanted something softer. I met Eve’s eyes and found her lips. She did not ask me to stop, she only fell into me, as I fell into her.  In the end, it was our bodies and stomach’s to drive us out of bed. I found walking to be rather difficult that night, but so did she. My mind and soul were racing and even the food we ate did nothing to curb the new drive within me.

Over the next few days we had many romps in the sheets, on the couch, in the park and by the canal. Each one helping me to better understand the nature of the dragon within. Now, forty years old,  seventeen years later, this event just another memory in a life twisted across the world. I wonder what my life would have become without the assistance of Eve? The waking of my dragon, and the decisions made of that waking.  Ten years later I started the path she had set me on, that month in Paris. A path that led me to my true self. The women writing this story. The women living this life, and the women my world had needed since I was a child. I know within me, I would never have found her, without finding Eve. Eve is still a part of my life. We speak from time to time, but always she lives in my soul, resting next to my dragon within.


(2)A Morning Affair


No dreams nor nightmares could ever compare with the first night after Arthur. I don’t think I can remember single night, in my life, when I slept as soundly as I did after the opera that night. The moment I fell on the feather pillow, I fell to complete darkness.

When I did wake the next morning, I woke with a sense that my life was, at last going to work out for me. I had always felt like the black sheep in my family. I had no other siblings, but my mother had always been disappointed with and in me. I slept with far too many men, and even a few women. I never considered how my actions were going to affect the only member of my blood family in my life; my mother. She had asked me to be a good daughter. She had asked me to consider her and the world around me when I learned to do for myself, but I never had. I feared it was too late. Too late to make the right decisions. Too late to make my mother proud. And worst of all, too late to take back all my past mistakes. But, that morning I woke and felt like there was hope in my life. I wanted to get up, put my clothing on, go home and try to speak with my mother. I was wiggling out of bed when I remembered I had no clothing. I wasn’t entirely sure what part of town I was in, or how I would get home, but then I did remember Arthur telling me he would send his driver back to take me anywhere. I got up stood for a moment and heard footsteps outside my door. A soft knock at the door, made me realize that who ever it was, I was completely naked, and did not know them. Another knock, and I at least had to answer.

“Yes? Who is it?”

“Alyse, I know you don’t know my voice or my person, but my, um, well Mr. Windsor asked me to help you home today. My name is Amy, and I will help you get something to wear, before you step back into your own home and life. May I please come in? I know you are without clothing, but I am not shy, if your not.”

I really did not know what to do, but she had a point, I had no clothing, no idea how to get some and I could not walk into my mothers house nude. I think it is safe to say, she would kill me over this one! I knew she was doing what she had been asked to do, so I took a deep breath and answered.

“Please come in.”

After my evening with Arthur I was not sure what to expect, but the woman who walked through the door, did not walk or seem like a simple employee. She had long straight black hair hanging to her waist. A pair of the longest legs I have ever seen, shiny four inch heels, a short black pinstriped skirt, and black silk blouse. The only color on her was the bright red nail polish, and matching lipstick. As for the curves below the clothing, well I could only look twice before I felt like I was staring. Her ass, looked like it was suspended in mid air by some unknown piece of technology. It slopped perfectly into the small of her back, and that curved round her hips to her breasts. Though she was wearing a bra, I doubted it was much more then lace over skin. Her very erect nipples were pushing through making it hard to focus on anything else. I could not tell if she was wearing makeup or not. If so, it had been applied with the greatest  care and precision. Nothing was out of place with this woman. I felt awkward standing before her completely nude, but she simply walked over to me, put her hand on my bare breast and slid it over my nipple, bringing me to as much attention as herself. She looked me right in the eyes and proceeded to walk around the back of me, moving her hands over me as she did. It was when she reached the small of my back and the dip of my ass that I jumped. Her fingers were moving down the crack to the truth hiding below. I felt a rush of heat flowing over me, and knew where this was going.

I could not complain. She was so beautiful and I want to explore her as well. As her fingers reached just above my anus I felt her pushing me towards the wall, with some force. Once there my face on the wall and my hands creeping up above my head. Her fingers continues to follow the same path they had started till she reached a hole and pushed! After everything from last night, my ass gave with no complaint. I could only moan as her fingers moved in and out of me. I could only stand with hands on the wall, face most surely flushed and body burning in wave after wave of sweet delight. As far as I was concerned she could do just about anything she wanted to me. I stood there and gave her my full attention. When, at last she removed her fingers from me, I was covered in small beads of cool sweat. She moved her hands back to the nipples, still erect on my breasts and kissed my back between my shoulder blades. I felt her take in a breath and knew words would interrupt my morning ecstasy.

“I do believe Arthur found an exquisite woman last night, would you not agree?”

How is one supposed to make a comment on such a thing about themself? Truly put, I had no idea, but I also knew I want this woman to touch me more. She stayed leaning against me, but made no move to use me further.

“Do you have no open defense on my words of you dear?”

“Honestly, I am not sure how to respond. I had not expected you this morning and I am not sure how I feel about knowing Arthur speaking with some other woman about me. What would you say if I came in to your room, not knowing you and said that to you?”

“Well I would, at least thank the person for saying such nice things about me, but then again I am very open and do not take what others say about m to heart. Besides what could they possibly know about the real me! right?”

“I suppose you have a point there, so in that point of grace; thank you. It is nice to know others think so highly of my overall being.”

We both stood there for a few minutes, no interest in moving and then she spoke again and I knew the morning was going to move forward.

“It would seem lady Alyse, you are in need of clothing, and a ride home most likely? What would you like to wear? I have been instructed to take you to get an outfit from any venture, no holding back. then we will get something to eat and take you back to your family. Is there anything I am forgetting?”

I sighed and she took notice and put both her hands back between my legs from behind. I gasped and she moved them in and out of my soft, now wet, peach. One moan, two then a thrust with half her hand had me on the floor in tears. I could not breath, nor could I beg her to stop. She had gone from gently probing my lips to fisting my already swollen cunt! Her head found its way next to my ear, and the voice that echoed through my soul would scar me forever. It was not the sweet voice on the other side of the door from only moments ago, it was cold, dark and somewhat evil!

“Is this what you wanted you little slut? Is it all you want to have your body used, fucked and taken control of by others? Careful dear of what you wish, you may, one day find yourself at the hands of others who would use you and only use you. then your dreams will be filled with your past and loving times.”

She continues to fuck me with her fist and I continued to groan and cry. I could barely breath when another man came walking into the room. Now I was on all fours and a strange woman had me in a rather powerful sexual position. He stood over me, I could not look up to see who it was. All I could see of him were his soft leather black shoes. Again she thrusted into my sex and again I screamed! His voice, was not as dark as hers, but when he did speak, I knew others would listen.

“Amy, are you supposed to be playing with her, or helping her to get ready for her day?”

“Thomas, last time I checked the master told us to take care of her needs and wants. This is what she seemed to want, that is before I actually started to give it to her. Now it would seem she has changed her mind, such a shame!”

“Lady Alyse, would you like to continue with Amy, or would you like to get cleaned up, fed and find something to wear? It is your choice dear, I will gladly leave you to the very capable hands of Amy is you like?”

I could barely speak. I could barely look up at him. Her fist still within me and not completely stopped moving. I think my eyes got his attention more then anything else. He knelt down beside me and pulled my chin up to his eyes.

“Speak my lady, do tell us what you want. Do you want more of her pleasures, or do you want to get cleaned up?”

“I, I um please, I think I would like to be cleaned up Mr. Thomas. Thank you.”

“You heard the lady Amy, now stop playing with her, if you please!”

“Fine! but, remember you asked for it love. And you seemed to like my hands on you so very much.”

She pulled her hand out of me and not with any love. I screamed as it came free and I fell to the floor exhausted. My whole body shaking and tears falling from my eyes. And I had thought I had been used last night. I rolled over on my back and my legs fell open from the pain between them. I looked at Amy, now sitting on the floor, and Thomas handing her a towel to clean off her hands. The smile she wore brought a chill to my entire being, but it was the look from this Thomas that made me think having her stop was for the best. He seemed to be enjoying what she was doing to me even more then she had. With a quick thought, I felt as a small animal trapped by two larger ones. I edged myself back towards the wall and sat up. They were both still wearing their same expressions when I regained my standing position. When I looked up, Thomas took on a more polite pose, though it was clear his true nature, was much less then acceptable. He put out his hand and though I was still hesitant. I took it.

“Now then, since you have opted out of any more morning games, what shall we do first? Would you like a shower dear, or just food and clothing.”

“I am still confused to where we will be getting me clothing. I would have preferred to return home in the outfit I came in with last night, but your employer made that quite impossible.”

There was something about the way they both looked at each other when I said their employer. It was as if there was something else going on with these two, but I could not understand what. I was past being hungry, but I also knew if I returned home smelling of sex, my mother would surely kill me. Not that it would have been the first time, but I felt something had changed and I no longer wanted to spend my life finding new ways to upset her. I quickly decided the best course of action was to do things in the proper order, for a change.

“I think I will take a shower and then food. Whatever you two have planned for clothing will be just fine. Thank you for your concern.”

I meant that last bit, though I think it came off with a bit more attitude then I had meant for it too. They both smiled at me and Amy opened the door, motioning me to follow her. The bath room was massive, not like anything I had ever seen. There was a huge sunken, claw footed tub sitting in the middle of the room, just in front of a window looking out on a small garden. the shower was in the corner, though it looked like it had, at least three water heads in it. I opted for the shower, seeing how I needed to get on with my day. Already nude, I stepped into the stone stall and turned the water on. It got hot very quickly, and when it reached a comfortable temperature I transferred it to the top. As I had expected it shot out at me from three different locations, hitting every part of me at the same time. As I stood there allowing the hot water to wash away the pain and sex from this morning and last night, I started to feel better. The heat slowly soothed my bones and muscles. I found body wash, and shampoo in a cubby and applied them to cleaning myself properly. When I finished, Amy and Thomas were standing, almost at attention outside the bathroom door. I could have sworn they looked more like soldiers then employees. Next to no feeling in their faces, and I do not think they had said a single word to each other while I had gotten clean.

There had not been any towels for me to dry off with, so I simply walked out dripping wet and assumed nothing of it. Thomas walked over to me, placed his hand on the small of my back and led me to another room, this on filled with fresh roses and clean linen’s. A small bench in the middle of the room and windows on all sides. The light was blinding, but nice. I sat down,  not knowing what to expect. He took a towel and continued to dry every inch of me. I was not sure how to take any of this. I could have done so on my own, but he seemed determined to completely take care of my every need. Even at home I had never been taken care of in such a way, nor had my own mother. Or not that I knew of.  Once completely dry, he bade me stand up and he took another clean, much smaller and softer town and dried everything between my legs, pushing only hard enough to remove water. He then proceeded to my breasts and did the same. Nothing to arouse me further, only dry. He stood again, at attention in front of me and smiled as he looked down at the floor.

“Now, isn’t that better lady Alyse? I hope you enjoyed your shower. You do seem to be much more comfortable now you are clean and dry. Can I do anything else for you?”

“No, thank you, but tell me, do you treat all the visitors of this house like this? I feel like royalty, not some woman picked up after an opera.”

“Is this all a bit much for you dear? Mr. Arthur asked us to show you just how you could be treated if you choose. Do you not get taken care of like this in your own home?”

The tone of his voice suggested a jest, but his words were firm as was his question. I did not know anyone who got this kind of treatment every day. I would think someone would get tired of being taken care of like this. And the training you would have to put your staff through for this would be a terrible waste of money, but then I was not the one with employees who acted like this. I knew I could not imagine ever being expected to take care of anyone like this. I did not think anyone in the world deserved such treatment. I stood up, and made my way back to the door, more then ready to get food, and clothing.. I still had no idea how they were going to acquire clothing for me, but I was ready to find out.

As we both stepped through the door, Amy was standing waiting for me with a measure tape and pen pad. In the next few minutes she measured every centimeter of me and when she finished she put the pad in her blouse pocket. the both looked me up and down and when they were sure I was clean and ready we proceeded to a car, parked just out the front door. It seemed I was going to be surprised over and over by Arthur. The car, a beautiful black Maserati, leather interior and black tinted windows. Again, like with Amy’s attire, the only other color in the car was red, from the stitching on the seats. As the door was opened for me, I felt odd sitting in something so clean with no clothing on, but I saw little choice. Once in, Amy came around the other side and sat next to me in the back. Thomas took to the wheel and turned over the engine. The car made a soft deep hum and we were off.

Within a few minutes we were passing the theater from the night before and making our way downtown. The car stopped outside of Harrods, and Amy opened her door and stepped out. She went into the store alone, leaving me in the car with Thomas. I wanted to speak with him, but felt more and more uncomfortable in his presence. As it was, he started the conversation on his own.

“So, what do you think of everything this morning?”

“I am honestly overwhelmed by the treatment. I feel more like a princess then a woman in someones home. I still have problems believing you treat everyone like this.”

“Well, when you are in the service of Master Windsor, this is what is expected of you. You don’t think you could ever act like this with others?”

“Goodness no, I am fine with being polite, but I don’t think anyone should behave like slaves, and that is how you have both acted this morning. Amy is quite lovely, but very cold as well. And, what do you mean, in the service of Master Windsor? He made it clear to me last night, he does not like the term master, but you and Amy seem to call him such naturally. Do you really prefer to act as you have with me this morning?”

“My dear Alyse, sometimes how we would like to act, and what is expected of us are two very different things. Take you for example. I know you are the daughter of Annabella Stewart Filthaven. I also know you have been in the papers a few times in your life, not too shiny for your mother or your family. Do you not feel that sometimes you should act much different then you actually do?”

I did not know what to say to him. This was the very thing I had thought of last night, but now I felt as if I were being lectured by mother, and that never left a good taste in my mouth. But, he did have a point. I had been a rather disobedient daughter and it was high time I made some changes. But having a stranger point out such things was, in my opinion highly inappropriate. I sat, for another minute and chose my answer carefully.

“It had not occurred to me, that the outside world would have taken note of my expressive behavior through out my life. But now you point it out, I do find myself highly embarrassed. Though, on the same point, do all people, growing up, not make decisions they will come to regret and thus learn from those mistakes?”

“I would think that is a true point, but I would also wonder how you would have felt about this conversation yesterday before you met master Windsor, Amy or myself. The young woman I have read about in the papers, is not the very same woman I speak to now. I feel as if something has changed within you, and perhaps the last twenty four hours is to credit for such a change.”

Again, I was caught off guard by his words. I was not use to anyone being so forward with me, but, I could not find complaint with it. Most everyone in my life, including my mother said things from an angle and not straight on. I was about to answer his last comment when the door opened and Amy handed me three bags all with luxury brand names on them. She sat into the car again, and helped me find one thing or another. There was a new pair of satin lace panties, though I could not say what Arthur hd done with mine from last night. There was a matching satin lace bra to match. A professional skirt, much like the one she already wore, only mine was black with white pen stripes. And last of all a silk blouse of pure snow white. As I was getting ready, I noticed Thomas and Amy taking glances at me and smiling. After the last day or so, I was almost free of being shy. These two made it difficult to be shy in any way having to do with my own body. Trying to look behind the car, to make sure nothing was coming, Thomas spoke to me in the rear view mirror.

“Lady Alyse, if you need to get out and straighten yourself, the way is clear.”

“Thank you Arthur.”

I opened the door, stepped out of the car and made sure everything was put on in the correct order. The new bra and panties felt amazing on my cool clean skin. The silk blouse gave me a sense of togetherness and the skirt, though not something I would have picked for myself, made me feel very mature and professional. I only wished I had powder for my face. As I climbed back into the car, I noticed Amy had thought the same thing I just had. She was holding a bag full of make up and more and she set to making me look complete. Again, I felt as if I had a slave taking care of my every need, and again, I felt very uncomfortable about it. I allowed her to finish and thanked her throughly. I was sure everything looked perfect, God knows hers did. Amy touched Thomas in the shoulder and he almost jumped when she did. My first thought, this morning was that these two were a pair, but now seeing him jump at her touch, I had to think again. No matter how well they worked together, there could not be any more to it then that. When he had regained his composure he turned and looked at her, not the most friendly face I had ever seen.

“Yes, Amy would you like to say something?”

“Well, it is almost ten, and I do believe we have a reservation for lunch at ten thirty, do we not?”

“Quite correct, we must get moving, so not to be late.”

A reservation for lunch, how could anyone have guessed at the time we would have been ready, but right as we pulled to the valet parking in front of the Savoy Hotel it was just seven minutes shy of ten thirty. Thomas and Amy got out of the car, I had my door opened for me and I stepped out. A driver took the car and drove away. As I stepped onto the curb, I thought I saw my mother standing just inside the door, but I hoped I had made a mistake. Amy straightened her clothing as did Thomas. The doors were opened and we walked right into my mother and step father, Christian. There was no time to turn round, and my escorts stopped me before I could. Mother and Christian did not seem surprised, in the least that I had arrived for lunch and with guests of a much higher standing then my regular friends. What surprised me, was when she seemed to recognize Amy and Thomas both. I could only hope my mother did not know Arthur, because if she ever found out I slept with one of her long standing friends, I was sure to die.

“Amy, Thomas, how nice of you to bring my daughter to lunch this morning. Where ever did you all meet? Is Arthur with you, or is he out on business like he always is?”

“We all met last evening at the theater, and yes, Master Windsor is out of the country. He extended his invitation for lunch to you, Christian and Alyse. I do hope that is alright. He was quite pleased with her overall behavior last night, and could hardly believe the things you have told him about her in the past. Shall we take our seats?”

I was thrilled she answered for me, though I was less then happy when I was sat next to Christian. He was nothing short of a monster and had very little resemblance to a human being. I had been influenced to hate him when first we met, but chose today to try my best to be polite. Mother went on about how much she liked Arthur and of course this brought a major concern to my attention. It would see, I had slept with one of my mothers friends, and keeping this from her, was of the upmost importance. Lunch was ordered and served without a single mention of how I had ended up staying the night with Arthur. Mother actually looked at me and smiled. I felt, for the first time in my life that I may have done something right, thought I couldn’t figure out what that could be. Lunch was coming to a close and I felt a familiar hand reaching for the center of my lap. Taking a deep breath and keeping myself calm, I turned to Christian and politely asked to be excuse to use the restroom. Thomas and Christian stood excusing me and I got a nasty look as I left.

After everything last night, my happenings this morning and my own choice to try to change my life, the last thing I wanted to deal with were the daily advances from my disgusting step father. I had never had the courage to stand up to him, in any way, but this was a first, for me and him. I was almost out of the room when mother spoke up and got my attention, making me turn.

“Alyse, dear, do hurry, I would like you to say goodbye to our guests before they have to leave.”

“Yes ma’am, I will return promptly.”

Her next words were not to me, but they caught me off guard all the same. “What ever did he do to her last night, she is never polite to me, especially in public. I may change my mind and keep her around after all. I will have to thank him fully when he returns.” I lost direct hearing of her words as I turned the corner, but I did not know whether to feel glad for gracious words in my direction, or fearful for the others she spoke as well. I used the restroom and returned just as Thomas and Amy were getting to their feet. I walked over and found myself in an embrace with Amy, her hands on my ass, and Thomas standing before me being a complete gentleman, bowing in respect. I smiled as they turned to leave, and made sure to thank them.

“Thank you both for bringing me to my family this morning, and for everything else you have done for me today. I hope I can one day return the favor you have shown me.”

Neither of them spoke a word, only smiled at me and my mother and left the hotel. I was left with my family, and Christian looking at me like some animal he wanted to beat. I was not look forward to going home, though mother did seem rather cheerful with me. This alone was a first.

(1) The Opera and a Gentleman

Rewrite: Lessons Beyond the Opera


I fell into bed, knowing my life would never again be the same. My whole body hurt. My anus and cunt were so sore I was not completely sure I would be able to find darkness, but I had to try. Tomorrow would be a new day and I had no doubt he would expect his new toy to be show worthy.

It had been one year, to the day since I had met Arthur M. Windsor. He had seemed like such a gentleman when we bumped into one another, last year in the theater. He had been wearing a full tux, top hat and walking cane with a dragon’s head on top to complete his attire. The very same thing he wore tonight. It had been that time of the year again, Phantom of the Opera was playing, and to date, since I turned sixteen, nearly seven years ago, I had never missed a season. I had always loved my home, but London seemed to take on a whole new life when you came out of that opera. The cool nights air splashing over your face and sneaking its way up your skirt or dress to cool the peach which had been smoldering between your legs during the show.  I had already planned on going to the tea parlor down the street from the theater after the show, I did the same every year, but last year I was quite pleased when I saw him following me in the same direction. I found an empty table next to the window and he asked if he might join me. We took our seats, both agreed on English Breakfast and settled in to relive the show in our minds.

For close to an hour, that night, no words had been spoken between us. It seemed we were both completely in love with the world we had just been taken too. As the first pot of tea ran out, it was he who called for another pot. That started our minds working in the direction of the real world, once again. The tea arrived, and this time he took it on himself to pour us both another cup. The milk was added and the first sip was well past steamy. I could tell he had been looking for a way to open a dialog, but had no idea where to start. Me, having a big mouth, and no use for any kind of filter, made the first move.

“Is this your first time seeing the Phantom? Or, have you, like myself been in love with him all your life?”

“My first time actually, thank you for asking. I can see why it is considered such a big deal to see it in that particular location. Was the theater specifically built for that show, or are other shows held there as well?”

“No, you are quite right, the place was built for the Phantom, but many shows are held within every year. I can only assume from your depth of thought, you liked it?”

“Quit right! I simply could not understand why all my friends have been telling me, for years to come see it. Now, I can fully understand the compelling need to undertake this opera for ones self. I take it, you have been here many times before?”

“Oh yes, I fell in love when I was still only a child, and have never been able to let go. I come every year, sit in almost the same spot and allow the music and power of the cast to remove all my day to day worries. After I always come to this same tea parlor and reflect the show. I am so glad you like it! I am not sure I have every met anyone who did not find themselves completely taken by the Phantom.”

I knew I was smiling, and showing my deeper desires, at that exact moment, but this one show, every year seemed to bring out the darker side of the sexual needs I kept neatly hidden from the world, the rest of the year. I could feel the moisture between my legs already starting to seep as I looked my gentleman up and down. There was a look in his eyes telling me he knew exactly what I wanted, but I also had a troubling feeling. Even if I threw myself down on the table, here and now, bent over with my skirt held high, this man would not give in to my, or his sexual desires. He was giving me a small smirk, as if fully aware that his composure and control were also making me crazy! If I could not have a good hard cock or a good hair pulling, I knew what else would, at least for the time being, settle me desires. I called the waitress over and ordered a bit of cherry cobbler. The sweet would go well with our choice in tea, and maybe curb my growing need till I could get home and deal with it myself. As the waitress left to get the desert, I stood and excused myself to the ladies room. I was politely surprised, when he stood with me and nodded in my direction. Almost loosing my breath, I again smiled and found my way to a stall at the end of the restroom. Sitting down I felt the release as the four hours of opera drained out of my body.

I sat there wondering if he would be gone when I returned. It always seemed other women held the right kind of men, but I was never the one to find a good one. Not the kind any upstanding woman would want to hold on too at any rate. This one was different an I was hoping I would have the chance to find out how, in every single way. I left the stall, washed my hands and lightly powdered my nose. As I left the restroom, I was very happy to see him looking for me. Again he stood waiting for me to retake my own seat. As he sat down he again started a simple conversation.

“I would like to take a moment and thank you for sitting with me tonight. My name is Arthur M. Windsor, an I am very happy to make your acquaintance. Mis…?”

“Alyse Rose Filthaven. Please excuse my not giving my name earlier on. I was still so caught up in the show. It is very nice to meet you Mr. Windsor.”

“Please, Arthur, I have to hear Mr. Windsor every day in the office, I would like to think a lady, such as yourself would give me the voice to hear my real name. If it is not too much trouble?”

“No sir, Arthur, my apologies, I am most happy to call you by your name. If I might inquire, what does the M stand for?”

“That is a bit of my long past father, having an eternal laugh at my expense. My father was once Masters, the toy maker. He, like his father before him and again before that held this title as the head toymaker for the royal children. So, when I was born, and my mother refused to hear of naming her son master, he graciously allowed her to grant me my first name, Arthur. As her fathers name. So you see, even though I am of the same blood, and I now run my own corporation, and the masters, would fit, even in this day and age, I will always be stuck with a bit of the past world.”

“Your telling me your family has made toy’s for the last hundred years? Wow I don’t think I have ever met anyone with such an interesting background as you. I have to admit, I was never into toy’s, but then I was anything but a normal little girl.”

“How so Alyse? Why do you think you were an odd child?”

I knew I was not fully ready to tell a perfect stranger about my past, and allow him to know I was anything but the good daughter of an upstanding family. I did, for the first time in my life, want to tell a man, I was wholesome and a good daughter, but I knew it was far from the truth. Even As I sat there, trying to come up with an example of  how my childhood was off from other young women, I could not help the dripping from my personal peach down my legs. I knew my silk lace panties were drenched and I knew this man would not be the kind of gentleman to put me down and use me like a street whore, like I wished he would. Our conversation moved forward for some time, till at last the shop keeper told us the closing time was upon us. We gathered our things and made our way out the door. I know I should have been getting myself a cab and making my own way home, but my usual need for my own delights kept me from moving off from him. He seemed to understand my hesitation to leave. Holding out his hand he smiled at me and spoke gently.

“Look, it seems neither of us has any desire to go home alone. How about you accompany me to my house, it is only a few blocks away. I can hail you a cab in the morning, if you will allow me and get you home safely. If that is more then you are interested in doing, the first night of meeting me, I will completely understand and call for a cab when we reach my home. At least it will give us more time to speak with each other. I do have to go away on business tomorrow, out of the country. I fear this may be one of my longest trips in years, otherwise I would spend many days with you. I am saying I would like to have more time with you, but I can only offer you this night, till a later time. Would you be interested in joining me this evening?”

I would not have thought this man would be so forward in his desires. From first sight, I would have taken him for an old fashioned gentleman, but this one seemed to know exactly what I wanted and was more then willing to help me in my odyssey. I could only smiles I took his hand and walked down the street with him. During our walk to his home, I found out he was a good deal older then I had first thought, but I had been brought up to judge people on who they were, not how old they are. My mother had told me she had always fallen in love with older men, but till this night, it was I who had always been the one leading men to bed, not a man leading me to his. The night air was starting to blow in, when we rounded a corner and a large house came into view. It was the only house on the street. Everything else was old warehouses, and possibly rail tracks beyond. I would not have thought anyone would have built a home in this section of town, but then I had been warned, by more then my mother, to stay out of this side of town. The air smelled foul and I could hear cats fighting off in the distance.

By the time we reached his door, I was more then happy to get indoors. I was feeling less and less comfortable with each passing moment. He turned to me and smiled as he unlocked the door and opened it for me. Steeping through the door, I found myself in something so much more comfortable then I could have thought possible from the outside. The home was quite modern, tile floors and oak panelling on the walls. A staircase wound up to the right leading to the second floor and beyond. He quickly turned on the lights, and I found myself in a long hell way with walls covered in erotic art, from different parts of the world. As if my peach had not already lost enough juice already, I felt a shudder of energy move down my spine when Arthur touched the small of my back. Dropping my purse I turned to him and simply nodded, making it clear I would do anything he could want or dream. He knelt down to the tile floor, and on his knees lifted the bottom of my skirt, looking me in the eyes as he did so, He moved his head up under the flowing fabric and his hands followed. I felt his hands find my drenched lace panties. He slowly almost meaningly to torment me, put his fingers under the silk fabric and pull them down to my knees. Stopping there, the wet felt quite odd and rather uncomfortable. I wanted them off, the rest of the way, but when I moved to finish for him, he slid out from under my skirt, looking at me in the most unusual way. He wore a smile, but it was not a smile I felt all that comfortable with. As my hands found my panties, his hands clenched down on my own. He only shook his head softly and moved my hands away from my body. I had never been much of one for games, especially when I was not the one with the upper hand in them. He re-stood and turned me to the wall. I took a deep breath, knowing I was not going to want to play games for long. If this way the kind of man he was, I would much rather be heading home. I felt his head next to my own. His lips slide past my ear, and the soft deep sound of his voice as he whispered to me. It was not just the words that ought m off guard, but the tone he used to convey them to me. It was dark and harsh. I felt more and more sexual with every passing word falling from his lips. As he spoke to me, his hands found my hips and he shoved me, forcefully and passionately into the wall. My face hit first, with his words still chilling in my ears.

“You are in my house now Alyse. You came of your own free will. You came with the need to be used and abused. I know this because I also came looking for you this night. Now, we have found one another, I am going to make sure you never forget our first night. I am going to tear off your clothing. Slam you on the floor and use you in ways you have never dared think about. Your perfect breasts are going to be only one of my toy’s this night, your cunt will be another. Your hips rolling into your ass will complete the set and I will use you and them till I am sure you will never forget me. I give you only one instruction from this point on. No more words! You may moan, scream, cry and grunt, but if you speak a single word, I will stop everything we are doing an you will go the rest of the night without any way to complete your need. Now enjoy the wall and remember my warning.”

The thrust to the wall knocked most of the air out of my lungs. I could only moan as the impact slammed me face first into the hard oak panelling. His hands were now making their way under my skirt, and I could feel a kind of tension building. I knew the shove to the wall was the least of his forceful use of me this night.  When his hands had most of my skirt off the floor, he ripped it off of the rest of my body. I could not hold to the wall, an fell to the floor in his pull. My skirt was torn beyond repair and he now stood over me, holding any shreds of fabric and a smile of dark intent. Leaning down he took hold of my blouse and tore it from my body as well. I was not laying on the floor with my panties around my ankles, and my bra the only thing left between his desires and me. I fully expected him to tear it from me as well, but he only stood over me an seemed to enjoy to view from his position. Now, he leaned down, caressed my breasts and gently removed my bra. My 38D’s fell free of their containment and the cool air brought an erection of my nipples within an instant.

The cold of the tile was taking control of my body and I could only start to shiver. He continued to stand over me and look down on me with a smile. He continued to massage my bare breasts and his fingers, finding my nipples squeezed and pinched them till more then one moan fell from my lips. My mind went blank, my needs fell away, and I gave myself ad my very should to anything he could ever want to do to me. As if my serenader was the very thing he had been waiting for he stood, but only slightly. This time when his right hand came down, it did not go for my breast, but hit the right side of my face full and true. A scream echoed across the house, and he slapped me again. My face was burning, my breath very short and a third slap hit the left side. I could only gasp for air as he struck me over and over. I had never been hit before, but I had to admit I liked everything it was doing to me. Without even meaning too, I orgasmed an splashed the wall with urine who his right hand slapped me again.

My face was not the only target he took with his open hands. When my first orgasm struck me blind, he moved his attack to my breasts, and the sting of his hands on my hard erect nipples only brought more screams from my lips. The slaps continued but he also changed to pinching and twisting my now swollen nipples till I screamed freely in pain. Another orgasm was building, and I knew this one was going to cause me to convulse, but his moment of my breast did not stop, he only continued further and again slapped my face. I had not noticed his left hand moving down my naval towards my sex, which was not covered with my orgasm and need. Not concerning himself with the possibility that he may hurt my sex, he forced all four fingers into me as his right hand again slapped my breast. The mixture of the two left me gasping for air, but his smile returned and I did not have time to ready myself for his next attack.

He lifted both my legs above the floor, bringing them back towards my head. I was not as flexible as I had been as a child, but he did not stop forcing them backwards till my ankles were next to my head, and my ass and cunt were fully open to fulfill he entertainment needs. His smile had gone from creepy to frightening. He spoke, and I will never forget the tone of his voice.

“You filthy little whore, hold your legs, thats a good girl. Are you enjoying my use of your body tonight? No? Well, there is so much more to come. You will continue to scream. You will continue to come and you will continue to obey. When I am ready I will fuck you like a street whore and you will give me your complete attention. Is that fully understood? Remember, don’t you say a word, thats a good girl, nodding is always a good way to answer your master!”

I will openly admit, fear was filling my mind and I knew, even if I wanted this to stop, the chance of him actually calming down from such a controlling fit was not very likely. I nodded and made sure to bite my lip as I held my legs back and he raised his hand above his head. The first slap to my ass brought tears to my eyes. The second brought a small grunt, and when this did not seem to please him fully, he moved from spanking my ass, to spanking my cunt. Only when he slapped my sex, did he remove his fingers from the depths of my sex. I had come at least four times now, the floor and the walls were covered in my pain and sexual suffering. One slap to my sex, then another and another. Over and over he hit my cunt, my ass, and then my legs. Tears fell from my eyes, and this seemed to be exactly what he wanted to see. I had hopped for passion. Hopped for gentle thrusts, but never would I have thought the gentleman at the theater would have used my body in such dark erotic passion.

When finely he seemed to tire of beating me, and his hands were as red as my ass and slit, he stood above me, removed every bit of his clothing. Taking time to fold his paints and shirt and lay them on a table next to the stairs. Then he took my ankles, and continued to drag me into another room. I held my head off the floor, so it would not get knocked around. I could only fear what he had planned next.

Once in, what looked like a living room, I was picked up, bent over a large suede couch and he proceeded to slap my ass again. Again more screams erupted from my lips, but this time he did not hold back. I could feel the burn tearing my very flesh and when I actually considered screaming for him to stop, the beating ceased, but there fucking began! When I was still laying on the hallway floor with him standing over me, I had seen his flaccid cock, but I would not have thought that small thing could grow to such an enormous rod, the very rod he was now slamming into my body.  I could no longer scream, as I had almost completely lost my voice. He grabbed my hair, ripped the bow out of it and used it like rains on a horse. When he would pull back on my head, I knew a deep thrust was next, but every time it happened it hurt that much more the before. Orgasm after orgasm shook me to my core. I was not completely sure I was going to survive this night, but I could only blame myself. I could’ve gone home, as the voice in my head had bade me do, but I came, as he had stated, of my own free will, and this was my reward. Being slapped, fucked and tortured to the brink of exhaustion.

He removed his cock from my swollen used cunt, only to replace it with more vigor and force into my ass. I had never experienced anal sex before, but since I could not scream, I could not beg for him to stop and I could not move, my energy now completely gone, I dove my mind inward and sure came to his continued use of my being. I don’t know how long he used me on that couch. I may never know how I continued to orgasm, past the point of being able to feel even that, but in the end, he carried me up the stairs, laid me in a large featherbed and walked away. He returned with an old fashioned metal bowl, hot water and a hand towel. He cleaned he splattered cum off my ass cheeks, wipped away any still dripping from within and rolled me over, so he could see my face. His smile was back, only softer then before.

I was still twitching from all his use of me. Still shaking from much more then my body had ever thought possible, but then his lips came into contact with my own, and the passion and almost love that moved between us, brought me back to this reality. I could no longer hold my eyes open, my energy completely spent, but he held my attention a moment longer.

By the time you wake in the morning I will be gone. I will have my private driver come back, after taking me to the airport. He will take you anywhere you wish to go. I know you have no clothing left, I completely tore it all, So I am going to find you something now, before I surrender to my own bed. Good night Alyse. I completely enjoyed having you in my home and hands this night. I hope this has not scared you off from allowing me to see you when I return. As I said earlier last night, this trip may last some time, so if you do not hear from me do not think I have forgotten you. Goto sleep, I will find you again. And with that, I fell to total blackness and forgot the world altogether.