My Silver Lining


My body screamed, my hips twitched but the bonds holding my hands held fast. Another slap across my face, a fist full of my own hair, ripping my head back again. More tears falling form my eyes, reminded me I was far from where I had thought I would be tonight. I could hear them laughing at me. I knew my pain brought them some sick kind of joy, but I still had no idea why. Nothing I had ever been taught could have prepared me for this night! One voice rang through the rest, the same voice I had trusted only hours ago. It had sounded soft and loving the first time I had heard it, though now, I could only winch away from her sound. Another slap, another pinch, another cry. I could only cry from my pain and humiliation. What had I done to deserve any of this?

“Look at her little red face now, look at her tears! Not so important now are you bitch! And to think, a few short days ago, you were so blind and innocent. You were so determined to understand the occult and expose all our  secrets. What do you think of your goals now? Do you think this is a shadow that should be cast on the unknowing world, or should you try to play in your own arena, Ha! She is not going to make it through the night. I would not have ever believed a virgin like you could have held out so long. O’well I guess I learned something tonight. Again!”

No warning this time, but the single word, again. The last time I had heard that word was some hours back, and it had started with my face being slapped so hard I could feel the sting all the way to my feet. The slapping had not only been on my face, but my bare ass as well. That had been the second round, though the first was nothing compared to now. All this had started with a simple nibble on my neckline during a random kiss in the meadows. Now, I had my hands roped together, suspending me above the floor. My knees were bound the same, only allowing me a small amount of movement when I was struck. All this was supposed to be my first night out on a new town. It should have been the time of my life. I should not be screaming in pain, begging to be allowed to return to my dormitory. All of this had happened so fast, and now my mind could no longer keep up. I could not keep up with the screams, the pain, the laughter, at my expense, or the fear of what was next to come! That fear, most of all is what had me in tears right now. New friends, new town, new university and my life laid out before me. This was not a road I wanted to be on or a lesson I had ever wanted to learn. Her voice echoed across the room again. though, this time there was something darker in the ring. something warning me to prepare myself.

“Now, lets see just how strong you are? Lets see if your strong little mind can break through the silver lining!”


Kendal, you know if you are not fully prepared for his term, you will never survive. Now look at me, I know you want your father and I to leave and allow you to whatever, but I am still worried this is too big a step. You did, after all, only turn eighteen yesterday. Why do you have to attend a school so far from home again?”

“Mother of god Martha, leave the poor girl alone. If you keep hounding her, she will never want to grow up. Lets go already! Our flight leaves in little more then three hours and you are the one who wants to be home by tomorrow evening, heaven forbid you miss a church meeting.”

And that is how I was going to remember my parents dropping me off for college. My mother nagging at me, my father, as always, telling my mother to back off my case and me wanting to simply scream. We had only gone over where I was going to attend school for two years. One would think after that much time, even my mother would get it through her head this was not the end of the world. Though, physically it is close. My father had been the one who helped me pick out this school. He knew I wanted to pursue a career in parapsychology. That my lack of faith had helped to forge my path as it were. It was my mother who wanted me to wear nice dresses, a cross around my neck and put my faith in a god, no one could truly explain, not to me anyway. She went to mass three times a week, helped in her church and made sure I never did anything in or around anyone who may upset her predetermined path for me. There was one problem to all this, I did not believe in any one god. I did not see the hard answers coming form the light, but maybe from the darkness. I felt things I could not explain, knew things I had not learned and wanted abilities, my mother were sure to set me to follow the devil. I wanted to find understanding in the ways of a world now, long forgotten. I wanted to study in a place that once held life to, what the church called the occult.

No I had asked my father a few years back if any schools in the world studied the paranormal and had any kind of degree programs therein? At first, even he thought I was just messing with him, but over time when I kept asking for his help to find a school I could goto when I finished high school, he came around. Now, I have to admit, my mother has one thing right, I did pick a school a very long way form Cincinnati Ohio. The city alone has a repartition of being a bit creepy and odd, but where else would I ever stumble across the paranormal? Edinburgh Scotland, was the home of ancient buildings, old world believes and a school that did not shy away from the possibility of something, normal people did not want to know about. I knew when my father and I first found it on the internet, that the location alone, would upset my mother to no end. I also knew the chance of me even being able to afford this school was remote at best, but I still knew I had found what I had been searching for.

My father and I had decided the best way to proceed with this plan was to say nothing to my mother till we had a better idea wha it would take for me to come here. I set to getting the best grades possible, though, that was nothing new. By the time I had a year left in school, I was at a 3.8GPA, and did not think I could do much better then that. My father was a professor at UC, in English Literature. He had promised to ask around and see if anyone knew anything about the University of Edinburgh. To both our delights a visiting professor form London had told him almost everything he could have wanted to know. By the time I started my last year in high school, we knew I had found the school I would want to attend. Now, we had to break the news to my mother.

It had not occurred to me just how badly she would have taken it, but I swear I thought my parents would get divorced over the whole thing. Yelling turned to silence, but over the months and my grades stayed just below 4.0 even my mother started to realize just how important this was to me. Nine weeks ago I came home to find her on a video chat with none other then the dean of the college I wanted to attend. They had been speaking for more then five hours when I arrived, and they continued to speak well into the night. I may never know what he said to her, nor her over all reply, but the next morning, she woke my father and I to the very open attitude that I had been accepted to the university in Edinburgh. Nothing will ever help my father and I to understand how she changed her mind so quickly, but within a week, I had mail on my new school, my first class schedule and my dorm assignments. All in all the time flew by in my departing from the United States to come here. I honestly, had never been this far from home, but the flight to London was one of the most exciting days of my life. All of us took turns going over information we found on my upcoming city. I knew some of its old history, I knew this was once a city considered the center of the world. I knew it had its darker past and I knew that was the past I wanted to understand. We landed in London and made our way to the rail station. I felt a bit like “Harry Potter” getting fray for a year in “Hogwarts”. I knew much of that stories settings had been created by building snd places in the UK and Edinburgh. All the way I felt like I was in a dream. I felt like there was something watching or even chasing me to my new home. What would I fine, once I was on my own? What secrets would be shown to me in this ancient city? Where was the world taking me?


“Has it occurred to anyone else, but this little thing seems to be taking all this quite well! We beat her, she moans and screams. We push her and she come back for more. Do you know why you are here young Kendal?”

All I could do was gasp for air, the question completely went past my attention. My body hurt, my inner thighs were shaking and though I had only had sex once, I could only imagine all the rest I was feeling was one or more orgasm’s. The woman who had been in charge of it all, was leaning near me again. I could feel her cold sweat dripping on my steaming body. My eyes had been covered long before the night had started, but I knew certain sounds I was able to hear in the foreground and background. Waves smashing on rocks and the surf on a beach beyond. I was trying to consider the map of the area I had studies yesterday, but I knew so little about my new home. I was about to answer her question, when another kind of torment started.

“You know love, if you don’t answer me, I may have to allow them to do this to you all night! Maybe you would like that. Maybe, you want this, we all know how far you came to be here with us. Perhaps you will learn more about our ways of life, then you ever imagined. Blayde is going to make you scream, for a while. We will try talking again after.”

The bonds holding my knees together were cut and my legs fell open from the pain growing between them. I had no idea what was coming next, that was till I felt strong hands pulling apart my thighs and  something wet, could be a tongue filling my open vagina! I had already been holding so much back tonight. This felt heavenly, though the teeth surrounding the tongue bit down and I could only scream in agony. A wave of intense pain force strength and rush hit me between my legs, I could not stop shaking. I could not breath and I could not respond.

the tides continued to crash, in the background. His tongue worked its way up both sides of my labia and I new I was drenching his face with all my overwhelming needs. Another nibble to my clit, another suck on my swollen whole and now another wave of rush, I could not explain. Over and over he pushed me. Over and over he used me. It started with only his tongue and teeth, but quickly moved to another person behind me, massive swollen cock pressing against my ass cheeks. I knew what was coming. Knew I was not ready for this kind of use, but also knew I had little choice. His tongue was sliding over my clit again, his fingers probing around my ass and a cock took no worry about taking anything slowly. I knew my screams would be heard on the other side of the world, as a cock slammed its way into my already used body. I felt a wave of power flow though me. Something I had never experienced before, and something new, past sex. this was something I could not have imagined. Again a wave hit me and again my hands pulled at the bond holding them to the ceiling above. I thought, for a split second, I could break them.

I pulled as the cock slammed into me over and over again. Moving form my vagina to my ass. My head was swimming, my body crying and the ropes around my hands snapped! I fell to the floor, the guy behind me grunting as I fell free of his cock. the laughter in the room, all but stopped. The talking stopped and her voice stopped! I feared for the reparations of what I had just accomplished, though, I also knew I was on the threshold of smoothing new. Something I had never before considered possible. My body was still on fire. My vagina still ached from the hard pounding I had been given all night. My hands refused to work and my eyes were completely foggy. The one thing that seemed to work better then ever before, my mind. It was clear an crisp! I was able to break down everything that had happened this night.

I saw myself being taken. I saw the cave I was taken too and I saw the woman who had been laughing at me all nigh long. I could not see her desires, though her face told me much. A simple silver neckless around her neck told me I had been found by the very people I had come to Edinburgh to find. They knew I was coming. They knew of my darkest desires and they knew I had arrived. Since the very moment my parents had left, they had been watching me. I saw what they had done, thus far, what they still planed to do further, but most of all, I saw the reaction in me, they had witnessed this night. they saw a young woman, close to innocent in sex and love, take more pain and torment then any before her, for more then three hundred years. They saw a woman who could, if I held out, accomplish their dreams of a possible new member. A possible new servant of the darkness. Could I truly grow to belong to the very darkness I wished to learn about?

Her voice filled my mind, my ears my very being. I knew this was some point hey had not expected to reach this night. No one in this room had expected me to pass the first test. But, here we were and I was ready to proceed to the next level. I feared what level two would hold, seeing how level one had my body aching and crying for mercy. I knew from my fathers teachings, mercy was a completely English word. It did not exist outside this language, therefore the possibility of it being real in a time before English was close to none. Could they understand what they had already done to me? How close I was to falling to true darkness? My mind wavered, for only a split second, then cleared again. I could have been dreaming, though I was sure this was, in fact, reality. There was a shift in the darkness behind my blindfold, revealing something beyond what my eyes were able to see. I felt it change. I felt the power within me move, and I knew I no longer needed to be a prisoner. Not to the ones holding me. Not to my own lack of insight to life, and not to anything else. The woman’s voice broke my thoughts, though only for a moment. She spoke as my arms tore the ropes holding me from the ceiling above.

“It would seem she does have the ability to become more then we thought a few short hours ago. Her own personal silver lining is showing, and I do believe she can now see it for herself. Kendal, can you see what we have done to you this night? Can you feel the change within you and can you understand the most basic fabric required to live in what you, only a few short days ago would have said an ancient understanding?”

As my body fell to the floor, and the man behind me, the one who had been fucking my body, knelt down to help me up. He removed the blindfold covering my eyes and I could clearly see the cave and the shoreline outside. Her question echoed in my mind. Her words filled me with  since of wonder, anger and maybe even an open sense of possibilities I had never known before. I still shook from the last orgasm, and my body now ached from the use I had been put through. Though, there was now, something else to stand on too. I knew what she had said about my silver lining made perfect sense. I had seen something real behind my blindfold right before I was able to free myself. And though I still had little idea how I was not free, I knew what these people had done to me this night, would be a foundation of my new life and understandings to come. From this point on, I would be able to learn and grow without the limitations that had been put in place by the world and society I had grown up in.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes as I did so and allowed it out slowly as I reopened my eyes. The woman who had spoken all night, now stood above me. I had half expected her to look dreadful, but to my surprise, she did not. Cloaked in a heave black robe, her hair shown dark red in the little bit of moon light bouncing off the ocean surf, not far from my position. She smiled as I looked up to her. Smiled in the most peculiar way. Then she knelt down, making our eyes level to the others. She raised her left hand, freeing my hair from my face, and continuing to smile. I knew this woman would now be my friend, my teacher and someone I would walk through life with. How had they done this? How could something so painful, so destructive to my personal being help me to understand an inner truth about myself I never knew existed? I could not answer that, though I guessed she could. Her next words would fill my mind for many days to come. Knowing I had to start classes tomorrow, I knew I would have a great deal of things to think on, though I doubted any of them would burn through me as her words did.

“I can see your angry. I can understand your fear and I can understand your doubt but, you are the first, in so very long who seems to have gotten something profound from this experience. Do you have any idea who we are, or why we have done this too you?”

“I don’t know who you are. I am not sure I fully understand why you have done this to me tonight, but I know something has changed. I know I have learned something I am guessing there is no other way to be taught. I felt something in me I can not understand. My body hurts, my limbs are sore, but I know to be angry with you is worthless. Will you? Can you tell me who you are. And in your own words why this has been done to me? Please.”

Others around the cave were coming over to sit on the ground with us. there were three other woman. Two men and a rather large cat. The people I could understand, but the cat had me speechless. When all of them were sitting on the ground, they all looked to each other, spoke only one word, “Lumine”, and the walls light up with candles and torches filling the room with light. The man who had been behind me came around and kissed the woman in front of me. He smiled at me, making sure I knew it was not his intention to bring harm to me. How I knew this, I can not tell you, I simply know. I heard, or kind of felt another presence enter the cave, from behind me. I felt a kind of power ebb off the walls and through me. I felt more of whatever they had awakened in me move, and the woman in front of me smiled and nodded her head in the direction of the entering individual. I turned my head, though when I first laid eyes on the man behind me, I had problems believing my own eyes. My father now stood not two feet behind me.  He was cloaked in the same attire as the rest. He too was smiling, though in a way I had never seen before. I could not speak, not find any words to explain how I felt, but before I felt too lost, he spoke for me.

“Kendal, your mother knows nothing about the happenings of this night. she knows very little about my real family, and my personal beliefs, but I can tell you now, you are on the path that was set for you many thousands of years ago. Before you try to speak, please listen to me. The woman in front of you is Trinay’a, She has been my teacher since I was your age. She led me through the same path you have been led through this night. I, like the rest of us, will always remember the first night we took our first step on our true journey. Please do not be upset with me or those around you. We have done this as many have done before us. How you will do and your children later down the lines. The ebbing you feel within you is the power you were born with, only never knew of till this night. You have the light of the universe burning within you. When you told me of your desire to come to Edinburgh to study, I knew it was time. I wish I could sty and watch you over the coming weeks, but I must now return to your mother and return to Cincinnati. Please know of my pride in you, and I believe you have taken the first step towards a brighter future, not only for you, but for the world.”

I could hardly breath as he spoke, but his words gave me a bit of peace. As he stopped speaking he opened his arms to me. I rose from the floor and hugged him. His eyes told me more then his words could accomplish. A deep breath and he backed away. I knew he had to go, but everything that had happened was still unclear. How could my own father know of the things I only dreamed of? How could he have known what would be done to me this night, and why would he allow it to happen? The way of the past or not, it all seemed unreal and barbaric, in some way. I had been hurt, fucked and pushed past what, dare I say, sanity. But, these people somehow knew the outcome of this event. They knew this would not kill me, but help to bring me to a greater understanding of myself. I returned to the floor and those still siting with me. I had questions, so many questions. I knew morning must be closing in and I had classes in a few short hours.

My mind raced with everything that had happened. With everything I was going to have to deal with in the morning and now the realization that my father had also gone through this at some point in his life. I needed sleep, I needed food I…

“If you will speak with us, we will answer your questions. If you wish to return to your dorm now, we will take you, and this can be done at a later time. I was starting to fear you would not find your silver lining tonight, but to all our splendor you have. We understand you are tired and hungry, what can we do to help you forward?”

Somehow she knew my thoughts. She knew my fears and concerns. I was growing more and more tired, with each passing moment, but I wanted my answers, maybe needed my answers. One question floated to my surface, and only one.

“Who are you all, and why me?”

“We are as we have always been, and always will progress to be. As you are now and your family before you. We are simply, Corde propter tenebras. We are the acolytes of darkness. I would hope you would have some understanding of why you Kendal, you are your fathers daughter, and thus a acolyte by birth. More answers will come, I promise you. I think it is past time you find your bed. You have a long day tomorrow an morning is quickly approaching. Shall I take you back to your dorm an bed, my dear?”

I could only nod vaguely, and hope they understood. I felt a hand on my back, helping me to my feet, and before I knew what was happening A loud annoying sound was bringing me back to a brightly light room and a pounding headache. I was not in any cave, there were no others around me, say my room mate and she still slept. I leaned over and turned off my alarm. My head swam, and my body ached, but I was not completely sure if last night had been real or some terrible dream. Getting to my feet, and readying myself for the day, I could hear a voice within telling me to look deeper. Was it a dream, or had something in me truly changed last night?


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