An Intermission from Blood

Mother stepped forward, being met by the woman, Amelia could only imagine to be Michael’s mother, half way. The two women looked each other up and down, though it was clear to all those in the room, no one was going to argue with either of them when it cam to the current situation. Nothing was spoken, but that did not stop either of the women from making their point to the other, or those looking on. Amelia knew her ability to continue school here was at stake. Michael knew his ability to maintain his opinion of control over the student body of the school was at stake, though the few students who were now trapped in the sequence of events unfolding before them was not something they were going to be writing about in any upcoming term papers. One of the men standing with Michael tried to step forward, and the look from his mother made it completely clear he was not going to interfere in the current mediation. The two women continued to walk in circles round one another. Amelia’s mother stopped moving telling the other woman, it was time to find a settlement. They both nodded at the other and leaned in, allowing their foreheads to actually touch. It was an odd thing to witness, though it did seem to work, rather quickly. Only a few moment had passed when the two woman stepped away from one other.

Amelia felt a hand grab her own and saw Lisa smiling down on her. She only hopped Lisa knew more about what was going on then she was allowed to let on. Amelia wanted to stay in this school, wanted to continue her education, as it were. Even though this had been anything but a good start to a college career, this was quickly becoming her second home. The woman leading coven Tabbis cleared her throat, getting the attention of all standing near. Amelia’s mother simply raised her hands calling her coven to attention. Amelia had known this as a sign to be silent, from early childhood. Lisa removed her hand from her nieces’ and gave her full attention to her sister. There was nothing on the surface to be read, not by Amelia or anyone else. Amelia had always been good at reading her mother, though now she may have been a complete stranger, she could not tell if the coming news was good or bad. She too had to simply wait and listen. To her unending relief the words spoken by coven Tabbis gave her hope for her future in northern Kentucky.

“It would seem a few, not only one major rules of our way of life have been broken by the members of coven Tabbis. It would also appear that matters of power have been misused as well. the following is not up for interpretation. The following will be executed as spoken, by both sides. Coven Etcher, if you please.”

It was Amelia mother who took front stage, but her face was still of solid marble. Amelia had no idea what was coming, or what had been discussed. Her mother did node her head towards her daughter, giving Amelia a sense of relief. though, not as openly as from coven Tabbis, the following words caused a major commotion on the other side of the room.

“It is clear we all live and die by the rules of blood. We all learn, live and seek knowledge through our understandings and lives. One rule, no side will ever break, never past this day, at any rate, is the use of another blood against them. It is clear from our understanding that Michael Tabbis has, with full knowledge and meaning taken control of Amelia Etcher through her own blood. Breaking the most sacred oaths to his family and the other families around the world today. He has, knowingly brought mental, physical and emotional harm to my daughter. For this crime, he will be punished. that punishment is not mine to deal, though I do offer the following warning to all those listening now. Any who ever harms a child of my blood gain using her own will against her will be dealt with harshly and quickly by my own hand. As for this moment, I have agreed to allow and intrust this problem to the mother of coven Tabbis. She is fully understanding to the events leading to this morning and I am assured she will be dealing with it herself. As for all those who live, work and learn in this area, as of now, our two covens are in an intermission of blood. thereby giving all persons freedom to themselves. No matters of magick, blood or outward understanding will be tolerated by either side till the end of the summer term, eight months from now. All happenings to this point are now over and both sides will continue on without further mention of them. I would like to thank Coven mother Destiny for allowing us to deal with this today without cause for blood loss. Good morning to you all.”

Amelia was shocked, angry and relieved all in the same moment. She knew this was her chance to grow as an individual in the school, but it also meant that everything which had been done to her was being swept under the universal carpet! Looking to her mother in anger, the only response she received was tilted head, meaning it was the best her mother could do, under the circumstances. She could still feel the pain from her sexual torture last night. She looked over to Michael and felt no sorrow when he was led away by his mother and two other women who had just arrived. None of which looked happy about the circumstances leading to this morning. She knew, having her family arrive as they had, forced a situation, which in the past would have cost many lives on both sides. This was the best way to deal with it, it cost something from both sides, in this case her pride, but in the end, she was sure the hope was to avoid this happening again. Lisa again reached down and took her hand. This time meeting Amelia’s eyes as she did. A smile accompanied her hand. Many of the women Amelia only knew as distant family came over to speak with her. She tried to be polite to them all, it was, after all they who had made this intermission possible. She knew protocol would have taken weeks to arrange a peaceful meeting of coven’s, but this was the only way they could force her release from Michael. Only fear met her when she thought of what he would have done with another few weeks of her enslavement. No, for that reason alone she was very thankful to her family, her coven and her blood for forcing this meeting.

Amelia’s mother made her way to her daughter, though not smiling. Amelia could only take a deep breath and hope she would not be too angry with her. Anger was not what kept her mother from smiling this day, worry and concern flooded her face and features when she felt the entire coven encircle her, protecting her expressions and feelings from the outside. Her mother literally fell to hr knees and broke into tears when the circle closed around her. Amelia had never seen her mother so upset. It frightened her, more then anything that had befallen her in the last few weeks. She reached out and took her mothers outstretched hands. When her mother spoke to her, the pain and fear in her voice could not be overlooked.

“Amelia! I am so sorry! We had no idea he had been taught such techniques to enslave a person using their own blood. This is very old and powerful magick. If we had thought for a moment he would take such a position with you, you would never have been allowed to come here. Please, I know from our link what he did to you, is there anything I can do to help you through any of this?”

“Mother, I know none of you meant for any of this to happen to me. I know you would never allow such reckless use of craft to go on in our coven, but I have found that unlike our family, the Tabbis family seems to be run almost completely by men, thus their dark sexual needs as well. How does the Concilium de Lumine allow such rules to go unchallenged? How is he allowed to hurt others and how is his family allowed such ease on rules none would ever think to break? I simply do not understand. I know I have only been blessed recently, but your teaching, all my life would tell me the council would never allow such abuse of their system!”

Amelia realized her voice was raising and the energy in hr tone was going to be heard by others, but the fear feeding that tone could also not be ignored. With each work spoken, her mothers eyes filled with anger, hatred and even lust before Lisa could get Amelia to calm herself down. A small woman of pure black hair pushed her way to the center and spoke openly, though her words should have come from Lisa or Amelia’s mother.

“It is clear, at this time, that the boundaries broken and forced on our sister have caused substantial harm. It would also seem that certain measures should be taken, though not here. I would suggest this gathering be moved to the spherical temple. Angelis, would you mind making this our next position for the afternoon?”

It was very rare for anyone to speak Amelia’s mothers name out loud, though this situation did seem to warrant such happenings. Amelia looked to her sister with shock, though her mother only nodded and stood to hr full height.

“I would have to agree with Tessa, I knew the reason for our gathering here this day was stale, though I had not considered just how much the Tabbis coven had been allowing. We do need to take this meeting to closed quarters. We also will have to file a formal complaint with the Concilium de Lumine. With any luck they will act on their own and keep this kind of event from happening again. I am deeply angered and hurt by the open attack on Amelia. I feel as though we, her family have let her down allowing this to continue for so long. I..”

Angelis almost fell to the floor, she was so upset and could no longer hold her emotions in, or herself up. Lisa took her arm while she asked for the sphere builders to open a gate directly into the main audience chamber of the temple. Amelia had never traveled through a sphere gate, though she had always wanted too. The builders took their positions and started to weave the energies needed for a sphere to be opened. Amelia felt very dizzy as the sphere started to form. She felt closer to sick when it actually took shape. It seemed to her, to only last a moment, in the flash of purple light they were all standing in the main audience chamber within great temple. Amelia fell to the floor, though none of her sisters tried to help her. An obvious side effect of sphere travel. She quickly regained her ability to stand and did so.

One of Amelia’s closest friends from Italy came over and wrapped her arms around Amelia. Ellery had long ago made it clear how much she was attracted to and loved Amelia. Amelia, being a good deal younger then Ellery never quite knew how to deal with such emotions, though after being used as a whore and play thing by Michael, she was more then happy to allow a woman to be this close to her. Knowing how Ellery truly felt. Without hesitation, Ellery did much more then just hold Amelia. Her hands slid over Amelia’s breast, seducing her nipples to push themselves forward. Ellery leaned in and whispered in Amelia’s ear, the warm breath bring about its own reaction. Amelia had never considered what another woman could do to her, though this was more then welcome. Her nipples hardened, her fingers tingled and her pulse quickened. She could hardly breath when the first, of many kisses were felt on her neckline. Ellery’s hands moved from her breasts to her naval, looking for a way under the sun dress now covering Amelia’s body. Amelia pushed her body back against Ellery’s body, feeling her breasts first. She snuggled her head into the other woman, allowing the kisses to reach closer and closer to her lips. When Ellery had enough trying to reach, she pushed off Amelia and spun her around. Taking her head in her hands, caressing her skin while pushing her lips on another set. It was quite clear to the other women in the room that Ellery and Amelia would be just fine being left to their own regards, but this day had not been collected in the event that Amelia may find love not pain in sexual contact. Reluctantly Angelis walked over to the two woman, and gently put her hand between one set of lips or another.

Both women looked up, not expecting to be interrupted. Angelis smiled at them, but motions to the other women in the room. Reality snapped back into place and both women came to their senses. Amelia had been ready to give her all to Ellery, so she leaned over, kissed the other women, past her mothers smile and stepped back again. Both women looked at each other knowing this game was only just beginning. Now the two younger women were back in the game, the coven set in to figure out how to best protect Amelia, here at school, and how to train her to be able to defend herself.

There were four elders in the coven, Angelis, Lisa, Trinity & Cassandra. Only one of these four could make any required changes to the current situation, but the other sisters were expected to give their input to the problem. Amelia would have to give a mental transfer of events so the other women could accurately move forward. This was not something she was ready to do, though she knew she must. Her mother, already standing took the position in the center of the sphere and spoke openly, though mostly to Amelia and Lisa.

“It would appear the happenings of this morning were not expected by coven Tabbis. It would also seem they had fully expected to be allowed to open control and harm the member of another coven, without consent of retribution. Personally, I find it hard to believe the Concilium de Lumine would ever allow such treatment by force to continue without making themselves involved. But here we sit with a problem we have never encountered before. Are there any questions before Amelia takes center for the transfer?”

Most members look to one another with no words to add, that was till Amelia stood and walked to center to stand with her mother. Transfer was not the only think on her mind, a question was boring in her heart and these we’re the only people who may be able to answer it.

“If I may pose a question to you all? To all our sisters around the world and to the Concilium de Lumine in Paris? How is it I have been told since early childhood of the sisters in my family, even those not related by blood. How is it I have been raised to think men can not ever understand the bond shared in this room? How can these teaching be true, if the coven to claim they new ownership of me is, from my eye, all men, minus one. Why can’t I tell my father and brother of my new life and understandings, but this coven allow such open trust of the male half of us all? Mother, how is any of this possible?”

The last question was given right to Angelis’s face. The other members heard the question, but they all knew this was something no woman had ever needed to ask till this day. Angelis looked to Lisa who looked to Amelia, though no one spoke a word. Amelia knew from things Michael and his uncle had said, this was no normal coven, but they also left many questions unanswered. Lisa had told her she was the key to all this, a few days ago, but now she did not want to be presented with a lock to open. Lisa and Cassandra both stood and came to center. the two women seemed unsure how to answer this question, so after a considerable amount of time, Amelia spoke again. Not only to all ears, but to the hearts as well.

“I have been told by my sister Lisa I am supposed to be a key to the problems here. I have been told by Michael an his family I am supposed to be able to challenge him, but no one will tell me why or how. You deem me old enough to enter the sphere of sisterhood. You consider me able enough to leave home for this new school. Why will you not simply be straight with me now!”

“Your father and uncles know of the sphere. They were told when they married your mother or sisters. Most men find it hard to rationalize the use of magick in the modern world today. Once many generations ago men did stand hand in hand with the sisters and mothers of our great covens. But, over time the men of this world have grown more and more dependent on technology. They no longer wish to live as the old world believed. So, Amelia, We live our lives our way, the very way this coven has for more then ten thousand years, and move forward with the modern world. The men in our lives are welcome to join us any time they are willing to put the proper effort forward. I am sad to say, this is an effort we do not expect them to ever make.”

Cassandra had never spoken much to Amelia, but she was shocked to find out that her own father knew of her life in the coven. Amelia was even more shocked to know all the men in the families attached to the one, knew of their lives. More and more questions entered her mind as she listened. It was when Cassandra became silent and Angelis and Lisa took their place speaking Amelia found herself truly lost. Lost, alone and scared!

“It was known when you were first conceived you would be a special child, should you be born female. the man you know as your father is not the same man your life was set forth from. Your true father is a member of the coven you now find yourself entangled with. He was, and still is, as high ranking as Angelis is here.”

Angelis had stopped speaking, but Lisa continued, much to Amelia’s dislike.

“As you have already started to realize the men of coven Tabbis not only know of the power running in their blood, but have taken most of the control of that family. Many of their Strega have either decided, on their own to walk away from the life, or been pushed out for reasons we do not yet know. I fear Amelia, you are a key that is only going to be made once. Since your father is a member of coven Tabbis, and your mother of coven Etcher, you are a bridge of sorts and you may be the only person to ever be able to reach both sides.

I can see this information is not anything close to the scenario you hd played out in your head, but I can assure you, this is the truth. If you need time to allow this to sink in, we will understand, but you have questions, we may have answers but after the intermission your mother set for you today, you have almost a year to learn and grow. If you decide you do not wish to continue your education here by next fall, the coven will not argue, though I will be surprised myself.”

“Why Lisa? Why would you be surprised I would want nothing to do with a mess I had no hand in the making? Why do you seem to think I can answer some problem created by the mixing of the wrong blood? Maybe perhaps because you are hoping I will rise to the challenge? Something like that?”

“That would be exactly why I hope I am wrong about you not wanting to stay next year. I believe you are more then strong enough to dig into this, and find a solution, none of us would.”

Amelia was stepping backwards, without even meaning to. Her head and heart were spinning. Her anger was boiling to the surface and with it, a temper she was sure she would not even try to control. This may be her family by blood and choice, but right now, she wanted nothing to do with any of them. Is all this the reason Michael thought he could do as he choose to her? Had he been brought up knowing she would be a split blood freak that would truly belong to no one and then no one would be willing to speak for her? Too many question spinning in her head. Too much anger running over. Amelia edged out of the sphere, walked down one tube or another, not caring where she ended up. When she was almost back to the surface, she looked behind her realizing she was not alone. Ellery had left with her, an the smile on her face as she turned into a small sphere and out of sight sent shivers down Amelia’s spine. She retraced her steps and found the smaller sphere to be much more welcoming then the chamber the rest of coven now occupied. this room was small enough for two people. there was a bed and chest of drawers. It was like a normal room out in the world, except for being a sphere. The light coming in from the top of the room, was pure sunlight, not fire or electric. She looked up, and found herself blinded from such a illy action. Ellery came up behind her, took hold of her ass and answered her unasked question.

“The light is from the sun, but many levels above us. there is an intricate blend of mirrors running through the floors, they bounce the light to many rooms, like this one, meant to be used for a few personal moments. I assume you want a personal moment with me?”

Her hands had gone past Amelia’s ass cheeks. they were teasing her sex, now only separated by panties. Ellery had made her way past the sundress and wanted skin, not cloth to hold on too. Many options were open to both young women, and many rooms left to explore, should this one become less attractive over time. Amelia gave in completely to Ellery. Turning holding her and making her way down to El’s ass to hold and squeeze. Ellery wasted no more time, seeing how she was not the only one wanting to play. Getting down on her knees, putting her head up under the dress she kissed the slip of cloth now the only thing between her lips and a waiting vagina. A kiss then two, then her tongue found a sensitive spot. Amelia almost fell over with light. She wanted more, wanted to explore Ellery as she was doing to her. Amelia grabbed for the cloth now keeping her from her toy, Ellery allowed every bit to fall to the floor, as Amelia took them from her. In turn Amelia lost her clothing as well. Now, both women stood completely nude to the others eyes. The bed found them entangled in sheets and quilts. The only thing about the temple was the lack of doors. the screams and cries from both women could be heard from all over the structure.

Time came and went as the women found the others every sensation. Amelia came to love the taste and feeling of sucking on a clit, much more then a male cock. Her nipples would scream when El grabbed her breasts and pulled, though this pain was more to her liking. In the midsts of an orgasm, El actually slapped Amelia hard across the face, bringing tears to her eyes. This was followed by fingers around her neckline. And, a fist forced past her open slit. More screams, more cries and claw marks to match teeth. Having no idea where the toy’s came from El found a leather whip in her hand and freely used it on Amelia. Amelia could only claw at the sheets as she came again and again during her whipping. El found ways to bound her hands and feet. Tying them to the bed posts, again slapping the young woman across the face. For every act of abuse, Amelia came harder then before. El was growing tired, but Amelia was more then happy to have the woman next to her, nude covered in sweat and come. Amelia made no movement to take control while El rested. El was not surprised after all the other had recently been through. She lay back on the bed. Running her fingers and hands over Amelia. Soft moans came this time. A single whimper when a nipple was held tightly an then released.

The light entering the room faded from a bright white to softer Hughes of orange or red. When the last of the light escaped them, Ellery set spell work to light to candles around every wall. Nothing was said between the two women, but Amelia felt more comfortable with this woman then any other person she had ever known. She knew this night would end and she would once again have to return to classes and school, but she did not want to loose Ellery. Not her touch, kiss, or presence. She had been asked earlier today if there was anything she wanted from the elders. Well, now there was, she wanted Ellery, and decided to herself she would not continue here, for any reason if she was not allowed to keep her. But would she want to stay here? A question that clearly upset Amelia to think about. El felt the fear peak and spoke out loud.

“What is it, why are you so frightened now. Just moments ago you were wrapped in love and touch. What has changed? If there is something you want or need, tell me, maybe I can get it for you. Are you hungry, Goddess, you must be! The sun has set and no one has come for us. Shall we get you food love?

The single word, love, hit Amelia and she could only stair at the women in her arms. Again the fear entered and she was unable to speak from it.

“Amelia, what is it? What are you so scared of?”

“Loosing you! I am scared I will loose you after tonight and you will have to return to your own life. I have never felt this way for anyone and I don’t want to loose you in the morning. Can you understand that, I love everything about you, your touch, your kiss even your whip on my flesh. The sting burns to my soul an tells me I want something I dare say, I will not get from a student on campus. Can I keep you, Would you even want me every day?”

Fear in her voice, in her words and the idea she would not want Amelia, as Amelia wanted her most of all. Tears were streaming down her face now. Sobs and cry’s flooded out into the tube. But sobs would not last for long, El had also decided something during their day together. She too wanted to stay in Kentucky with Amelia. She could not imagine being told to return to her life without Amelia by her side and in her heart. El sat up took Amelia in her arms and tried to send all her own emotions through touch.

“I will not let them separate us, if you agree with me. I will not go back to England or my everyday life. If you want it, I will stay with you. Would you want me to stay with you? Could you want that?”

This time it was Amelia to hear fear in a voice, not the other way around. She heard the words being spoken, but could hardly believe them. Ellery wanted to  be in her life. Wanted to stay with her. Wanted to find something between them. The look of pride, love and fear all washed away. The two women held each other and did not notice the other women walking into the sphere. Arms held to the other and a simple kiss brought them both back again. Angelis spoke softly making the new presences in the room known.

“Would it be possible to tear the two of you apart so we can find answers to your current dilemma?”

Fear and anger filled Amelia’s voice, though she had not meant for it.

“You are not taking her from me, do you hear me, I finally found someone to share myself freely with and she feels the same. Please, please don’t separate us from each other!”

Again there were tears flowing down her cheeks and sobs that could be heard far down the tube. It was not till Ellery stood up and put her arms around Amelia that the young woman was able to stop crying. The faces of the four elders were of shock and concern, but not of distress. Angelis reached out a hand to her daughter and held it tightly when it was given.

“I know your last few weeks have been very hard, but I don’t know what you think of your own family, but if you and Ellery wish to remain with each other, then this coven is not ever going to try and separate you. As long as her responsibilities can be shifted from London to here that is. All things can be worked out. You should know we would never want to hurt you. If you find confidence in each other, well that is more then you had this morning. Of course she will stay with you. Maybe even Lisa can allow her the use of the spare apartment.”

Her last words sparked a sense of hope in Amelia, and both women turned o see Lisa smile. It seemed this day was not going to be all bad, as She ha feared this morning. Something good was happening, for a change, and she knew much needed to be addressed. One deep breath and she node in determination to complete anything the elders may wish of her. As they were making to leave, Amelia tried to turn and remake the bed, while the others chuckled at her. She turned to see smiles, and her mother shaking her head.

“This is not home dear, you have blood, use it.”

Amelia quickly pricked one of her fingers, and sent the desired effect through a command. The bed sheets stripped, sent to her room back at school to be washed and new sheets and blanket made on the bed. Everything took less then ten seconds, and they were out the door to return to the rest of the coven and answers for her future.


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