A Ripple through Time


Alyse had been standing behind the counter for more then five minutes. I, of course had received my coffee a while ago, but simply could not move back to my seat and continue with my daily temptation. I wanted to write about her, but I wanted more then just that. Everything form her smile, and the simple way her apron fell across her perfect hips made my mouth water. Say nothing about the smell of freshly roasted coffee in the air. For the most part, I had never liked blond hair, something terrible from my childhood, but the perfect golden locks of hair she showed to the world, daily made my fingers clench into fists. I could only imagine how her hair would feel in my hands, or should I state so openly, how her hair would feel as I pulled her head backwards while holding those golden strands? As a writer, or as an exotic, I could always tell those women in my life who would call to me, in more ways then one, but as a person, sometimes those calls made it very hard to live in the real world. Alyse would turn, going about her daily duties as a barista for Starbucks, and every time she turned her back to me, all I could focus on where her hips, rolling into a perfectly shaped ass. The depth and desire in all of her simply made me weak, but I will march on, thinking of her and now returning to my seat. Today would be the day I wrote about her and what she does to me. I had always wondered, if she had any idea, or if I were the one clueless in this equation. Was there something to her smile each day, or just the mind of an erotic writer dreaming?

Please, don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of dreams, which I am sure would upset some pointless balance in the universe I live in, but when it came to looking the way I could only imagine the perfect woman looking, Alyse had so much more then all the right curves. Like right now, she stands behind her counter looking softly calming, to all those who think she only works as a barista, but for those who can see a bit deeper, there is a woman calling out to the universe for her true purpose. Could this woman exist in some parallel dimension as something so much more then a mother, wife and coffee girl? The possibilities are endless and so are the options for those possibilities. A stripper on some distant world, teasing all who dare to look on her outer beauty? Or a dream dancer. A woman who dances in and out of the dreams of those just past death, but not ready to let go their deeper desires? Then there is my personal favorite, a skin therapist, on some lonely space station on the outer fringes of the universe. The kind of woman who makes sure every one can see her, but knows only a select few will ever chance a real conversation with her. And, in that conversation she will heal their deepest wounds, and darkest desires. Skin therapy, not something the humans of Earth would know what to do with, but out in a universe where the life, love and understandings of truth, in the flesh and forever splash ripples through space time every day.

Something Else:

Atlantis Winter, may as well be the most beautiful women in all the universe, but today I could only wish she would have a singular use for me and me alone. Not many could hold her in only conversation, but my curse was to only get her words, not her real talents. Atlantis Winter was the most sought after Skin Therapist, in the Mid-real star port, and this portion of space. Visitors from all over the galaxy, and sometimes the universe came through her. They all had their own reasons for being here, but this woman seemed to always be where someone with deeper lusts could trip over her. Leaning against an outer window, her silk covered breasts outlined by the black of space, and the twinkle of the stars beyond. That same silk covered just enough of her perfectly molded ass, hips and sex to keep the system guards from harassing her, and just little enough to tease every single being who may walk her way. As far as walking was concerned. I had tripped over her some time ago, but never had the courage to say anything more then my normal daily bull so she would speak to me. Her voice rang true as the golden hair hanging from her head. Soft rounded cheeks, wet lips and a smile to kill even the honest man, or woman. I could only dream of ever having her in my arms, but then again, dreaming was something I did well and got paid for. I am a dream weaver, by trade, and simply a dreamer by life. Where Atlantis worked in reality, I only worked while my client slept. It was my own sleep that did me in, ever single night. I would not dream of anything but her. I had tried, long ago to think of something else as I fell to the dark every night, but to no end. today was going to be the beginning of my end.

Atlantis was dressed as one who maybe belonged in an ancient tale of genies and golden lamps. Where the women of Earth dressed in only multi layered silk, covering only the very basics and allowing the rest to flow free for all to see. Today she had dark pink silk wrapped around her, Elfin silver plate covering her lower sex and even a twinkle of gemstone on her toes. Today, more then any other day since I came to Mid-Real star port. She was standing in the same position she always did, but something had hit me hard last night. Well, something more then the normal dreams of dark fantasy with Atlantis. No, this was completely different and I knew I had to act on my desires, for a change. I walked around the outer breach when I saw her today. The silver covering her sex was just loose enough to see soft pink folds behind what it now covered. Her eyes caught mine and I could only hope I would not choke this time. Too many times in the past I had decided to ask for her services, and too many times I had failed to complete my goal. This time was going to be different. This time I was not going to rely on word, but actions to convey my intentions.

I walked around the corner, knowing she would be standing there waiting for the morning shuttle from the outer rings. I knew how her silk would look, knew her bare breasts below the silk would call to me and I knew most of all, I want to touch and taste her today. I had not come all the way around before her voice filled my senses. Cool. Dark. Evil. Beautiful.

“Good morning temptation. Do you think you will follow through for a change? You know I could always use a good toy in the morning. You, have wanted me far too long to not get used, for a change. Come, touch me, smell me, allow me to use you. Come on, don’t stay shy forever.”

My heart stopped with each word falling from her lips. My feet stopped as well, annoying me all the more. I could not move, but with each word she spoke, she knew. Knew my dark desires, knew my innermost secrets and knew what I wanted. Now, I was being invited to be with her, though a toy, would I like being her toy? Would I take the chance not to like it? Was I the fool the station saw me for? My legs started moving again, and I stumbled around the rest of the corner, coming face to face to my dark desire. Her hips came into contact with my own. Her breasts, covered, as always, just barely, ran into my chest and her lips, nose and eyes only fraction of eternity from my own. Oh, to hell with it, if I were only dreaming, the guards could pinch me for the night, I had to know.

I reached out with my right hand, cupped it over her silk covered breast, her nipple hardening below my touch. My fingers sliding round the sides to take a better hold of them. Her hand came up out of her lower regions and went right for my cock. I had worn scarily anything today, I would be working in the hottest part of the station today, and dream waving never minded the heat. I could not breath, my cock went hard all in an instant and my body lurched forward, wanting more contact from her. Her lips, were just next to my nose, with her being jut a little taller then I. I could smell the scent of her breath, hot heavy and wet, I already had her breast in hand. She had my cock, what else could go on? I leaned forward allowing my lips to reach her own. and she met me halfway. They found me, found my need and found my desire. Four lips twisted and suctioned to one another. Her tongue came forth and I could feel it sliding over my lips, daring to enter my mouth. I had to be in a dream state, this would never happen otherwise. I forced myself to open my eyes, and to my displeasure I found myself still laying in my room, quite alone. No Atlantis, no breasts, no kiss! Though my cock was still rock hard from the need built up in my mind. I had to act, had to do something about her today.

Getting out of bed I could still feel her cool skin below her silk coverings. I could still smell her essence and still taste her lips. I all but stumbled out of my room, door closing on my shirt. I could not breath, could not think and could not force myself to act any faster then I already was. Stumbling more and more, I fell from one level of the station to the next, not running into anyone all the way to the outer edge, where she always was. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. Felt the extreme cold from outside which would hold me forever in place, not allowing me to move forward. I was almost to the corner, when From deep within, I not only heard her voice, but felt it. It rang through my ears, through my mind and broke free right as I stepped clear of the last barrier between she and I. Too nothing. Atlantis was not here, and form the reflection in the outer glass, neither was I.

I knew this phase all too well from my own business of dream weaving. If you come up on a point, in the real world where your reflection is nothing compared to what it should be, chances are you are still dreaming. Could I be stuck in a loop, of some kind? could I have already asked Atlantis to make love to me, to use me, to hurt me, just anything, for a change. I could not remember, I could not imagine having the courage to do or ask anything of her. I looked in the glass again, only to see what looked like a blurred reflection of nothing, swirling nothing in the outer edge of the stations. The glass was there, but the mind only saw nothing. My body lurched forward again. I could not hold back forever. Then there was her voice again, dancing through my mind, tormenting my very being.

“You know, temptation, if you refuse to allow this to happen, there really is no reason to have put yourself through so much torment on my behalf. Just let go and allow it to happen.”

“Where are you, where am I. How can this be, am I trapped between, or truly in your arms?”

“You are where you have always wanted to be. Where you belong. You are mine! And I will not let you go so easily! Stop fighting me damn you!”

Again I awoke to nothing. In my room, once again. In my bed alone. This was the third time this day I had woken and found nothing in my dream state to be shared with reality. Though, I was starting to wonder what reality truly was? Would I ever see any kind of reality again? Would I ever have the chance to take part in Atlantis? Had my dark desires found me eternal, wrapping me in a cloak of forever, holding my mind on place? Had I made the leap, only to find nothingness in the arms of the only woman I ever thought about? Had Atlantis come to be nothing more then a dream to a man, out alone in the dark universe? Had she always been a dream, or could I have been the dream? I had longed for far too long. I had to find the exit to this nightmare. I, once again rose to my feet. finding the cold floor on my naked skin. It ran shiverers up my spine, through my beating heart, into my waiting mind. Now to find the truth. Out the door, one level at a time. One stair, to another hallway. Down the back set, across the docking ring to the opposite side of her door. Locked! I had tried something different only to be locked out of her presence. I could see her though, this was better then last time. There she stood, wrapped in her silken glory. I had never seen her from the back side before. Her ass was not completely covered, and the silver plate only covered a portion of what lay below. I could see small hairs, poking out from her ample ass, teasing me holding my eyes and causing my mouth to water. There she was, within my grasp, if I could only open this damn door. My cock hardened and my mind went still. There was a hand on my chest, under my shirt. Cool to the touch, bringing tears to my eyes. I knew it was her. She was leaning over me, too close for temptation. I could not move. I saw a double world.

First, the door blocking my way to her, but second, her leaning over my body, almost dead loosing energy. Loosing breath, and loosing touch. Her face actually looked grieved to have me slipping from her grasp. I could not stop it now. I knew this was the real life I was running from. Kew I had taken a fall, and this vision would be the last time I ever saw her. she spoke to me now, though I could only make out her voice. Pleading with me to return. This was out of my control, like everything else. I would die never touching the woman I loved. My body was getting cold. My mind was getting cold, and my heart was stating to freeze.

A yellow light started to flash in warning. A door would soon open, open to the vast emptiness of space. The cold beyond would soon have me and I would be, no more. Again her voice came to me, and again I fell short of its meaning. I no longer cared for the real world, as long as she stayed with me in this one. My pain blinded me to the outer door opening. Blinded me to the reality I had trapped myself in. She was here, though she was there too. There was a horrible jolt through my body, bringing me to tears, and angering me all the same. Again I was hit with pure energy, to fall back to nothing.  I could hear her voice echo in my mind. Again the shock. Again the voice, again the nothing. I was slipping faster now. Slipping to nothing.

“One last time, just open your eyes. Please open your eyes temptation!”

Through all the pain, I opened my eyes, but the station around me was gone. Bright light from a window above me, allowed a singular star to blind me. Looking around I could see many strange things. Seats of some kind, steps leading up to a door, more light beyond. This could not be the station where I lived and dreamed each day. A man was next to Atlantis, covered in orange, a blue badge of some kind over his chest. this was no station guard I had ever seen. A single word could be heard off in the distance, and the sound of Atlantis crying. She could not be crying over me, she cared nothing for me. Knew nothing of me, and only paid attention to those who had need of her services. I fell short of that need. Terribly short indeed. Again the word, echoed in the distance. Close to nothing now. another jolt.


It was all slipping now, the station, the dream, the strange man covered in orange. Even the woman I often dream of. She too was going past. How I wished for my original home. A planet of blue and green. A world long forgotten to so many. The many stations floating through the heavens were all that remained of the once human race. My face felt a sharp pain, as if being slapped from the other side of time. Again it came, and then.

“Would you wake up damn-it! Do you really want to die, here on the floor of a Starbucks. Wake up damn you, wake up!”


I had known him for some time, but never thought to get to know him better. He was a brilliant writer, kind of strange, but who could claim anything else these days. He looked at me with eyes no one else ever saw. Maybe I imagined it, but I could have sworn there were feelings there. I had thought I would have time to get to know him better. I never thought I would come to work, see his smile, and then have to call EMS. He fell off his chair, fell to the floor and did not move. Smile gone, story on forever hold. They came in shouting for everyone to clear out. I stood over him, still not moving, even though I had been told to leave. All the excitement could not be good for me, I was, after all, nine months pregnant and waiting for my new daughter to grace my life. Though, I still had not picked a suitable name for her yet. All this, going through my mind as he lay on the floor. EMS did not seem to be getting anywhere with him, so I leaned down, over top of him, begging him to come bak. to wake up and not to go. I knew it was of no use, but then two words fell from his lips, never to speak again.

“Atlantis Winter.”

Nothing more, just a name. A name I had never before heard, but a name I had also been searching for. At that exact moment, I felt a major contraction, and I too fell to the floor next to him. My hand touching his, as my water broke. Energy passed between our touch. An energy I would never forget, but never be able to explain to anyone else. The men from EMS turned their attention from him to me. I wanted them to keep trying, but he was lost to us now. Lost to the cold of eternity. Over the next few hours, my life would change drastically. Not only did I deliver a new baby girl into the world, but the world, as I knew it came to an end. Our government had been telling us for weeks this day would come, that the instability of our planet would not hold for much longer. It had been shaking cities to the ground all year. This was the last warning to flee Earth, though I did not think it would happen the day my daughter arrived. The first two hours of my delivery was done in a hospital. The last three onboard a medical retreat ship heading for open space. As she was placed in my arms, I was told by a nurse I was holding the first human baby to be born to a different life then all we knew. The nurse pointed to the port window next to my bed. As I looked the way she pointed, I saw the earth breaking apart, and thousands of ships heading for open space. The doctor, standing over me now asked for a name, a name I didn’t know.

“Ma’am, we have to give her a name. Please, have you no name you can think of?”

My voice was hash from my screaming through labor, but one name floated through my mind, from somewhere deep in my soul. A name my family would hold for all eternity. Looking to the Doctor, now holding my new born daughter, I gave that name.

“Atlantis Winter Smith.”

Something Else:

“Your great grandmother, Alyse Michelle Smith, gave birth to the first child the global retreat. Atlantis Winter was born into our family forever. I hold that name, and you Atlantis, hold the very same. I hope one day when you have a daughter of your own, that you will also name her Atlantis Winter.”

“But why mama? Where did the name come from? Who gave Alyse the name in the first place?”

“No one knows dear, but I believe the universe gave us a gift that day. Your grandmother often spoke of a man she once knew. A man who wrote stories, and gave the world a gift through his writing.”

“What was the gift mom? Please tell me, I will go to sleep after you tell me..”

I thought to myself, of all the times I had been told the story of how my mother had fled Earth, and the name that followed the women of our family through the stars. Almost ninety years had passed since that day, and now, my daughter and I were about to reach the furthest station from Earth. I had yet to understand why I had brought us here, but something about it gave me hope for our future. I looked down at Atlantis and smiled. I knew she would never rest till I told her, it was her favorite part of the story. The ship shuttered as the braking thrusters started to fire. Soon we would start a new life, soon we would be home. The inter-come started to fizzle, meaning at some point the captain would announce our arrival. I took the moment to answer the last question.

“Temptation was the mans gift to the world my love. Temptation was his gift, though I never knew his name. He wrote temptation into the history books of our once loved world. Now go to sleep. When you wake, we will be home.”

“Mama will you still work when we get there?”

“Of course dear, all the lost souls of the universe are always in need of a skin therapist. I took my que from my mother, as you, most likely will take yours from me. Now sleep.”

The inter-come was still fizzling when she closed her eyes. I knew the long journey was finally at an end. The captains voice broke my thoughts announcing our arrival to our new home.

“Mid Real Star Port, begin docking procedures. Last stop outworld. Everyone off!”


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