A Dark Step Backwards

Amelia was ready to kill the little shit when she realized who was yelling out the window of the car. She knew this was not going to stop, she knew she was the one who had picked a fight, she had just not considered the many possible outcomes of the situation. Memories from many past’s came flooding to her mind, she knew what she had to do, knew it was not something her little opponent would ever see coming, but also that he would learn the hardest way possible, that angering a witch had consequences.

Without even realizing she had done it, one of the pins in her bracelet found its way into her hand, Only a certain amount of blood would wake this beast fully, and only waken fully would the dragon breath fire. One of her sisters would bring her through the flames, she was about to unleash on this small campus. The car was slowing down and as you can imagine a single person was getting out to stand in front of her. Michael looked as if he thought he were the fucking emperor of Rome. He stood in her path, blocking her ability to walk on, but this young man was only furthering his own social death. The woman he was now blocking knew exactly what she was doing, and the many drops of blood running down her fingers, falling to the ground at her own feet, creating a pool for her to draw from. Her face was looking down, not making eye contact with Michael, that was till he stepped forward. He stepped right into the pool of blood, sealing his fate, and the newly bound future for them together.

Her lips curled into a smile, her eyes took on the color of a wild storm ready to be unleashed onto the world. She had come to her point, and now this stupid little man would learn a much needed lesson. As the thoughts of her little plan found their way to her mind, one drop then two was absorbed by the energy it was creating. Only one thing left to do. Only one trap to be set and her lips would make the spring. She knew she would only have control of certain aspects of this idea, but the great Goddess would certainly help bring this beast to life. right at the thought crossed her mind, the sound of another car could be heard coming up behind the two students. the flash of color rippled off a piece of glass, laying on the ground. This was all the reassurance Amelia would ever need to know the Goddess and universe were with her.

Officer Karen was getting out of hr car when the fist spell started to be woven. Amelia was ready, ready to hurt someone, ready to make her point, but most of all ready to use someone else’s life for a good fuck! Mixing power and energy with an already bruised need for sex was always a way for witches to strike a flame. Would the young man survive all she ha planed for him? Would he even realize what was happening to him  till it was for too late? Most likely not. Amelia clenched her fingers together into a fist and pulled at the rest of the power ready to be absorbed. Karen was now out of her car, and though Michael did not seem to care, Amelia used his distraction as the pivotal moment to spring her first trap. Karen opened her mouth to address Michael, and Amelia opened her own for a completely different reason.

“Young man, don’t you think your happenings of this woman have caused enough problems for one day? Just what do you think you are doing to her now!”

“I have not done anything woman, and if you think you can continue to harass me then you are seriously mistaken. If you did not get the hint this morning, My uncle made it clear I have not done anything to anyone an you had better best start remembering that! My family runs this school an the area as well.”

Amelia felt the air go cold, knowing these two are about to unload on each other, and though Karen had good intentions, Amelia had only to prick one more drop and the rest would fall into place. The blood had to be used at he exact moment she would touch Michael, and in such a way the touch would bring on something dark and evil from deep within. Three people stood apart, but only for another moment. Amelia was ready, her body was ready and her mind had been set afire. She rose her chin, so she could look directly into Michaels eyes. Her smile had faded from her external, but it was still there inside. She pricked her right finger, lifted the hand, placed it on the boy’s face and focused. Reaching up she kissed him. Not something polite or simple, but something filed with hate and a storm of darkness ready to strike from within. Michael, not expecting her to kiss him, stepped back and almost fell. At this moment Karen realized Amelia had her own game in play and simply allowed the girl to move forward.

Amelia found Michael’s lips, pushed on them, slid her tongue out an across his upper lip. She bit down on his lower in the same moment, bringing his blood to the surface and this she took in completely. Sealing the pact to be forged with fire. Fires of passion, fires of deceit and fires of obliteration. she wanted to wound him, hurt him and make him scream. She knew it would take a few days, but this was going to be enjoyed, even by him. Till it was over anyways. Amelia started to walk around him, allowing the kiss to slid to his neckline. She took his hands, placed them on her breasts and he stopped any kind of fight. He was more then happy to take advantage of her wanting to be touched. Since it was what he had wanted anyway. She still wore a long flowing skirt, an her center was quickly becoming wet with need an excitement. His car was just behind him and Amelia choose that object to push more depth into the situation. As she turned herself to run into the car, allowing Michael to take control of her and this situation she caught the eyes of the officer and in one look made it clear she should leave.

Karen went back to her car took one more look at the students and proceeded to leave the scene. She had seen that look many times before from Lisa and she knew this was not some simply situation, this was her dismissal so she left. The energy of the air changed, the ideas in both minds of Amelia and Michael took on a whole new meaning and in the blink of an eye, the two became something more. Amelia was feeding the waking beast with her blood, though the bit on his lips would suffer the same end. Closing her eyes she allowed the full spell to fall into the world around her. Allowed it to take in her prey. Allowed it to seize her and make its way into their minds. Amelia was the first to speak. The first to fall backwards, just as they reached the car. She bit his lip, one last time. and the energy trapped in his blood flowed over them both.

“I want you inside of me! I want to be taken by you. You can have me, my body and my mind, just reach out and take them both. You have wanted this and I have been fighting you, so now take what you know you want to be yours. Taken me now!”

“I knew you would see things my way, if I pushed hard enough. Knew you had heard my desires through the other girls this morning. You want me to take you, then I will take you. Get in the car and lets do this right. Little slut, I will take you alright!”

Amelia got into the car, Michael retook the drivers seat and screeched the tires as he sped off towards the dorms. As he drove, his right hand found its way under her skirt, and into her sex. It was dripping and she moaned so sweaty as his fingers entered her body, for the first time. His car turned into a spot, at just the last second and Amelia clenched her fingers with the coming surge. He was out of the car, on her side and pulling her out of the car in a forceful manor. Amelia knew she would have to completely give herself to the spell, no matter the cost. She dove deeply into her thoughts and allowed herself to fall completely. His body pulled her up the steps to her own dorm, she knew her room mates would be there. Knew they were about to be allowed to watch Michael use and fuck her like some kind of cheap whore. Knew they would have their own thoughts, but in the end, Amelia would be the one winning this little game. His voice grew harsh as they reached her door. She could hear her roomies inside watching tv. He slammed her on the door, making sure to make enough noise to alert those inside. He pressed his face into hers right before the door opened.

“Your little stunt this morning caused me a good deal of grief with my family, and now I am going to teach you who you will obey. Who you will belong to the rest of the time you attend school here. I am going to fuck you, and fuck you good. They will watch, because there is no better way to spread gossip on this campus then to allow other girls like you to pose witness. I don’t care if you don’t enjoy this, but I am going to show you how to take me from now on!”

She felt the door opening behind her, knew her friends would see what she had come too. Knew she would insure a great deal this night, but also knew sex was just a tool now, and her body would have to do the rest.  The door opened fully, and her room mates stood there with faces of disbelief. Meghan looked as if she would start crying, and Michel used that to open his game.

“Thats right you little slut, you re going to watch me use and fuck this little whore. I am going to do so much more to her, then I ever got out of you! You stupid whore, did you really  think she would be able to stay away from me? Did you think she would win some situation I have had in the bag for years? No bitch, this game is mine. This bitch is mine just like last year your ass was mine. Who knows Meghan, you may even get another round tonight when I finish with Amelia here.”

They entered the room, with his right hand clearly thrusting and pulling from between her legs. Moans and other sounds were coming from her open mouth. The look of pure pride was all over Michaels face and as he closed the door, allowing Amelia to fall to the floor, he stood over her and watched her body hit. Meghan was trying to get to her side, but Kimberly stopped her progress. A gesture Michael saw and would reward later. As far as the room was concerned, he was now the one in charge, and not even Amelia was going to argue that point. He lead over her, pulled up her skirt, tearing it and allowing the others in the room to see how wet and needing she was between her legs. Her panties, he simply tore off an tossed in her face. The smell she inhaled almost made her sick, but she would not give in to him that easily. With one hand he held her down, with the other he thrust into her open an waiting sex. A loud moan fell from her lips, making Michael smile all the more. He wants to not only use her, but use all those in the room. He wanted to repay Meghan for her betrayal last term. He grabbed Meghan and forced her to the floor. The other girls, now, just standing back watching it all unfold in front of them. He ripped of the night cloths of Meghan so she would also have her sex exposed. She looked as if she would scream, but then her mood changed completely. She was bracing herself for him and ready to take anything that he may give to her. Kim saw the change and announced it to the room.

“Look at that little whore, she is ready to be fucked again. You liked it last year, see, she is wanting it, and now Michael will give her a good fill!”

Something about the tone of voice from Kimberly woke Amelia from the happenings around her. She still had almost an entire fist pushing in and pulling out of her vagina, but the overall feeling was of her own making, not something he was actually doing to her. She allowed the feelings of sex and power run through her soul. she knew Meghan would not be so forthcoming with her needs, but the girl seemed to want this as much as Michael. It was Kimberly who was going to get more then she thought, in the end. Amelia could feel the enjoyment of watching this from the other student. She simply closed her eyes smiled within and allowed the comings to happen.

Michael ripped his hand out of hr cunt, all at once, making her scream! Amy came up behind her an covered her mouth keeping the sound to a minimum. She too was smiling as she helped Michael to use the two women an this was also noted by Amelia. Her body now felt lost, with nothing pulsing between her legs. Michael had turned his full attention to Meghan, though the young woman did not seem to mind. Moans and squeaks escaped her lips, and Michael tore off his own clothing, in readiness to complete his needs. Meghan stole a look at Amelia as the boy’s cock found her waiting vagina. She surged backwards as if was slammed into her wet cunt. Amy, now sitting over Meghan’s face took the torn wet panties from Amelia and used them to fill Meghan’s mouth, ensuring no more noise then wanted would come out. Michael took great enjoyment in using Meghan. He slammed forward and pulled out again and again till the young girl was lost to orgasm. He seemed to know exactly what it was that was happening. Right before she came, he pulled out, laughing. This, was not what Amelia expected this young man to do. No, this told her a few things she had not taken into consideration when she started this a few hours ago. He was use to and trained to enjoy the darker torment of others. There was power there, power for any who knew of it to feel. Michael got over Amelia ready to give her a good fuck next. All the while thoughts and information ran through her head. Something was wrong here. Something was terribly wrong. He was using techniques she had been taught through her craft. He was using her own energy to backlash her own plan. There was no telling what would happen if he was allowed to complete his next transition. His cock was at her opening, it was already dripping from his romp with Meghan, He allowed it to linger there for a few moments looking down on his new prey. Something in his eyes brought her to the surface one last time. His eyes were the same as her own. Dedicated to his desires, and determined to get his way.

This was not being done out of pure desire any more, this man somehow had knowledge of the same craft Amelia used in her spell work. He was in the midst of pushing himself within her, when she tried to stop the spell mid thrust.

“No no, little whore, you will stay right there, that is till I fuck you raw! Did you really think you would get one over on me? Did you think those eyes did not give you away yesterday when you helped me hurt my ankle? You really are silly if you think you are in control here. I am in control and you are now just one more toy for me to fuck!”

Only one word escaped her lips as his ass bent backwards, ready to slam himself home.


“You will see little witch, you will soon see you are not the only one here playing games. Let me fuck and use your cute body, and then maybe I will tell you how badly you choose an opponent. Her face flooded with blood, making her blush and realize she was the one where he wanted her to be, not the other way around. Somehow this boy had been taught the spells she had been taught. He knew what she had tried to do out next to the cop car today. He had countered her spell and she never even saw it coming. This was out of her understanding, even with blood from her entire coven to help her. He slammed forward bringing tears to her eyes as his cock pumped her cunt over an over. The three other girls in the room, seemed to take great joy in his abused fucking of Amelia. She knew this had all been planned out, but did not know by who. She was being used as a sex toy. Her vagina was being fucked and her mind could do nothing to stop it. For more then a hour, Michael fucked her body, turning her over a few times to get a better position to use her. Amy, Kimberly and even Meghan all helped him any way he wanted or desired. Her mind was becoming fuzzy and now she found some speck of truth. All her room mates must have been in on his plans. Even Meghan had allowed herself to be fucked so hard today so Michael could get Amelia right where he wanted her. He had wanted a new toy, but not just one to fuck and use. One who could fight his onslaughts, and one who had the same mind for it. Somehow she had been put into a room with women willing to help this man to use her. He was taking full use of her too. He had her hair in his hands, her ass aimed towards his chest and her face on the floor. Amy went to a box, under the tv as Michael slammed his dripping swollen cock into Amelia over and over. He first came as he was pulling outward, splashing his hot sticky come all over her ass and cunt. She felt it slid down over her opening an knew there was little to nothing she could do about it. As if this was not bad enough, a streaking pain came into contact with her already raw skin. She looked back behind her as she screamed. This time her screams were allowed to be heard. Kim was standing behind her holding a leather flogger, with small beads on each end. this was not a toy to bring enjoyment to the one using it, but severe pain to the one being used. The handle was red and black, the girl swung it, as if trained to drain the maximum amount of pain from each swing.

Again the flogger hit Amelia and again her screams should have been heard across school. But no one came to help her. No one knocked on the door. No one was stopping her from being used to the point of breaking. The sound of the flogger filled her ears. The sounds of her screams filled everything else. Michael knelt down to her face as the leather hit her ass over and over. His voice was evil dark and pleasing, but not to the ears of Amelia. His servants continued to whip her, finger her and slap her as he spoke. She felt the first of many tears to fall from her eyes. This was not how the night was supposed to go. She had done everything she had been taught, but she was the one in pain, not him.

“Now do you understand my new little whore? Now can you taste the pain I deal to you and your body? You came to my home, and thought you would take my toys from me. You thought your family was the only family left to practice such things, well feel the truth of the situation. Know you are my slave! Know you are my property, an not even your beautiful aunt Lisa can help you now. Tomorrow, when we return to classes, and you can hardly walk from the extreme fuck and abuse I will deal you this night, you may think running to her is your best option, but hear me little witch slut, you will only bring more pain in your direction an hers. This school is mine bitch! And now, you are also mine. Be a good whore, and scream for me.”

At that moment true leather whip came into contact with her exposed sore nipples. Her scream echoed through her mind, through the dorms and through her blood. Again he allowed her to be whipped. He was waiting for a moment, he wanted her to realize something. Something only one thing would show her true. The whip hit her breasts one last time, and this time it brought blood to the surface. Amelia saw her own blood drip from the cut on her skin. It fell to the floor, but before she could get a finger to it, Michael whipped it up with his whole hand. He clenched his hand to a fist and spoke out loud.


Amelia felt every part of her body arch in pain at the same moment. As this happened, his cock re-entered her sex and the use of her body started all over again. Her own blood was being used now to control her. It was the bonds holding her to the floor. Her cunt was dripping with pain, but also the hot come from the man using her. Her eyes went fuzzy and again the flogger hit her body, this time she did not scream. She knew she had nothing left to attack with. This would go on as long as Michael want it too. She gave in and allowed herself to be his toy, and a toy he played with well.


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