Tied in Knots

The day was not as long as it could have been, but being the firs day after being taken as a pet, I must say, it was longer then I wanted it to be. The lunch rush was almost over when Tony came in with three other men, I could only assume from his workplace. They all looked more then happy to put someone in their place and knot the ends. Tony walked past me, allowing his hands to flow over my ass, still only covered by the skirt I was wearing, since he had not given me panties this morning. I felt the chill of ecstasy hit my sex, the moment his hands came across my ass. He had a small bag with him, and I hoped it was something for me, but then again, did I want my other co-workers seeing the kind of gifts a master would give? I already had been working in my caller all day. I was lucky, that my manager knew I was a bit risky when it came to what I liked to wear and show to the public, but I think this even pushed his buttons a bit. Not that it is a bad thing to push your manager, from time to time. I sat tony and his friends at the large round table in the corner. there were very few people in here at his time of the day and they looked like they had business to talk about, so this would give them a lot of room. I was not serving today, only seating, but I did get to stand around a bit to see him, and allow him to see me.

They had their lunch and by the time they were getting ready to pay, Tony reached out and took my hand, slipping something small into it. I walked back to the hostess station and looked at my small gift. Not sure what to think, it was a bit of multi colored rope tied into what looked like an eight. It had a key ring fed through the top of the eight, with one key on it, and a note.

“This is so you can let yourself in when you get off before me, but know you are not to get on the bed, you may lie in your bed, but if you are out front, I expect you to be in nothing more then what you have under your work cloths for the day. I hope you understand my meaning. Thats a good girl!”

It was odd, in the past if a boy friend gave me a key to their place, I would never think to go there without them being home, but now, this is not just his place to lie, it is his area to enjoy his new pet. I knew I would be getting off in only a few minutes, but I also knew I was supposed to go out with friends. I had been planed for many weeks. I saw no reason to ask anyone permission for me to be allowed to live my life. I was fine with being a pet, when I was in his personal presence, but I knew, I was not ready to belong so completely to another, that I would have to ask permission to live my life separately from his own. If it ever came up, between Tony and I that he wanted complete control over me, it would have to be seriously considered. I had too many friends to go back to being treated like a child. Something told me, while I was standing here thinking this, that This man did want to control my every action. my every thought, and my every desire. He was looking at me, from his table, and smiled when I did not come right over to him. His hand was below the table, outstretched. Last night when he did this, it was his way of telling me he wanted me to take his hand. My manager took this exact moment to get my attention from the back of the place and I knew I had duties to attend to so I could finish my shift. I walked past Tony and his friends and did not reach out to take his hand. the look on his face as I walked by was something between disappointment and annoyance.

The last nine days had been amazing, I knew this was a world I was interested in being a part of, but after only nine days, I knew I needed more space to spend with my friends and get back to my every day life. When I got to the office an the manager was sitting there, his first words were very clear, not angry, but clear. He told me I could never again wear any kind of bondage gear to work. And I needed to make sure to have proper under clothing on. I knew this was not going to go over well with Tony, but I also knew I had to have a job, and unless I wanted to be completely dependent on him, if even he wanted that, I had to have a job. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies where the woman falls in love to the rich guy and he allows them to do what ever they want and takes care of everything. I knew this may one day lead to this, but for now, I had a job, and I had to follow the rules to keep it. I returned to the front and did my side work so I could leave for the day. Tony and his business friends had already left, but Tony was standing outside the door. I stepped out to say good buy, but when I did his grip on my arm told me everything I needed to know about his mood. It told me more then I wanted to know about the person I was entering into a different kind of serious relationship with. His voice was deep, and the other men waiting for him seemed to enjoy seeing him act this way with me. One more thing I was not comfortable with.

“The keychain was a hit to tonights activities, and the next time I show you I want your attention, I need you to come to me!”

“Look last night was amazing, and I am sure some of your world is what I am interested in, but if you are going to act like this in front of your little friends then you can keep your key, keep your world and keep your shit! I have work to do, if you want to see me tonight, you can call me like a normal behaving person. If not, then I am sure I will be just fine. I have lived without you for twenty eight years, I am not going to fall to pieces now without you.”

When I forced my way out of his grip and told him I was not some toy to always play with, I thought he was going to snap. To my amazement, he simply smiled, an apologized for his behavior and told me he would call me later. He asked me to keep the key, and consider what his note had said. I kept the key, but need to think seriously about what I was doing. My stomach was in knots. My mind was racing, and I knew this was more serious then I had taken it last night. I needed help understanding everything I was walking into. I did not want to get tied into something I was unsure about, and I know my future with Tony was going to be tightly knotted an it scared me. Right as he was turning to leave, I spoke, hoping he wouldn’t take any kind of offense.

“You know, I am going to have more time off then you today, is there a book you can tell me to read that may help me better understand what it is I am getting myself into with all this an you?”

“Actually there is. Goto a book store and buy yourself a copy of “s&m 101”. It should help you better understand what I am wanting and expecting of you. I would still like to see you tonight, if you don’t have planes.”

“That would be nice. Say your place around 6:30?”

“That would be great”

His words said what I heard, but his voice said this was not what he had wanted today. He had wanted to show me off to his damn friends and not have me challenging his every word. But I am not one to simply bow down to anyone, and if he wanted that he too would have to earn it of me. Walking back inside I did all the things needed before I could clock out. I kept telling myself the name of the book, so I would not forget. By the time I left it was around three and I know I could just go across the river and see if the levee bookstore had the book I wanted.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I decided to walk. It would only be a few miles and I needed the exercise and time to get my own thoughts clear. It took almost ninety minutes to walk across the river, and find myself in a Barnes & Nobel. I was happy when the woman behind the counter was able to show me the book Tony had mentioned. It was a large book, nothing I was going to read over this afternoon, but the picture on the front gave me ample ideas of what the insides held. Black and red print, and a hand holding what looked like a riding crop for a horse. this had to be the book. I got the idea he would love to have a crop like that, but it was going to be some time before I was ready for all that. The woman who had helped me find it, noticed the new rope key chain Tony had given me, and smiled at it. She had, what looked like some kind of pagan based tattoo’s on her arms. A sunflower and a few other pics. Her name tag said Jessica H.

“You know dear, if you are into rope and knots too, this would be an amazing book to add to your purchase today. “Bondage for sex”. I looked at the front cover and knew instantly this is what he had meant when he had given me he key. This is what he wanted to do tonight. Tie me up and do who knew what after. Chills fell down my spine thinking about he things someone could do to you while tied like the pictures in the book. the woman standing next to me was still there and smiling. She seemed to know a bit more about all this then I did. Looking at her, I noticed a small bruise on her left arm. She looked down at it and smiled.

“Yep, that is what that is from. If you like to be tied up, get use to a few bruises.”

I was taken back a bit that she would be so open about this to someone she did not know, but it made me think she may have some words of wisdom for me.

“Would you happen to have any time to talk about your interest in this? I am kinda of out of my league, and want to understand. I have a guy wanting things of me, I am truly worried about.”

“You know, understanding this dark world is a very good idea. the first time I got into it, I was with a guy who would have been more then pleased for me to just give up all my freedom to him, and not ask any questions. I get off in about ten minutes, if you would like to have a cup of coffee and talk?”

“That would be great, thank you for understanding.”

“The shadows, and darkness is a fun place to live and play, but if you don’t understand what you re getting yourself into, you can and will get badly hurt. I will see you back up here in ten then.”

This was exactly hat I needed and wanted. To talk to another woman who had lived in the world I was finding myself invited into. I payed for my books and went back upstairs to get a cup of coffee. It was still very warm outside, so I choose to get a frappuccino and not hot coffee. I went out to sit in the sun and enjoy the day. Jessica was good to her word, about three minutes after I sat down, she came out and sat next to me, drinking about the same thing I already had. She took her seat and introduced herself.

“Hi again, my name is Jessica Hattfield, I am so glad you were interested in talking to me. I know everything leading you to buying those books must be making you nuts. Maybe I can help you with all of it. I would hate for anyone to go through the hell I went through when I first entered the world of BDS&M. It is an amazing thing, and way to live. but doing it safely is always the best thing possible, for you and for the other person.”

The more she spoke the more I was glad to have taken the time to talk to her. I knew she would know how to answer my questions and clarify if my fears had merit. I told her about Tony, how we had met, and how everything had progressed thus far. I made sure shaken how much I had enjoyed last night, but also of my fears of how much he seemed to want to control everything.

“Am I being silly, I don’t think he would hurt me, but I felt odd today when he stopped in for lunch with his business partners. I like the new side of his lifestyle, but I’m not sure I am ready to completely be a pet or his property. Is that bad?”

“Honestly, I wish I had been this concerned about the first master I tripped over, so no. You have every right to want to know what he is looking for, before you go do something that will upset your life or his. You are very smart to be coming out buying books trying to find your own understanding in all of this. A life dedicated to another completely is amazing, but if you are not ready for it, and they are too quick to put you in chains, it will all go south and you will be the one damaged for it. So my question is to you and only you; What do you want from him? What do you want from a life involved with bondage, being tied up and down. Do you have any idea what all he wants from you?”

I sat and thought about everything that had happened in the last few weeks and knew exactly where it was going, especially after his visit today. I did not know what to think about his  friends being some kind of spectators, but then we had not sat down an talked about any of it. What she was saying about me getting hurt was not on my menu for sure, but I also knew if he hurt me, and I did not make a point to sit he and I down and find this out what he wanted before hand it would be partly my own fault. The day was starting to wind down when I finished speaking with her. She and I exchanged number and facebook pages. She told me of meetings and web sites I could goto for local information on s&m Communities and forums. I knew this day had been planed out by the Goddess. I was so lost when I came in, but now I felt as if I may be able to make sense of all this.

I started across the bridge, to walk back to OTR, and when I was no more then half way over the river, my phone rang. Looking down and seeing it was Tony, Something started to churn inside me.

“Hello? No, I am just walking back form Kentucky now. Yes, I bought the book you suggested, and another one on rope bondage, I had a feeling since you gave me the figure eight at lunch. Tonight, that would be nice, but I would like to start in a public place so I can speak with you about everything. Yes, I am happy with us right now, I just want to understand what you want from me, of me, and from us so I am clear about it. Ah, yes, I can come to your place before we go out, if you like. It should take me about thirty five minutes to get back there from here. Yes, I am just coming across the purple walking bridge now. Great! See you in  a while then.”

I had really wanted to meet in public, before I went back to his place, but it could not hurt to meet him there. At least I hoped it would not hurt, me or the relationship. As I walked through downtown, I started to wonder if going back to his place tonight was such a good idea. I took an extra street to the west so I could think for a few more minutes.  When I was coming up on Vine, I stood on the far corner and looked up to the balcony I knew was his. To my deeper concern, I saw him and the men who had come with him standing outside drinking beers. I was alright with going up to speak and see him before we left, but them being there sent another warning down my spin, and I seriously felt as if something were seriously off about this. My first reaction was to call him and ask him to come down, but as the thought went through my head, I saw him pull out a large spool of the same rope my keychain was made of, only larger size. He and his friends were having a good laugh about something and I saw one of his friends holding the wrist and ankle cuffs he had given me last night. Now I knew there was more going on here then I wanted to deal with on my own tonight. After all I had only known him a few weeks, and last night I had found closer to what he truly wanted a girl friend for. I am no longer sure if the words girl or friend covered the bill, and I was not going to go up there with he and his friends possibly being drunk and playing with bondage gear, most likely meant for me, alone.

Bakersfield would not be too packed yet, seeing how it was only four thirty, so I walked down this side of the street and walked back in and sat down at the bar. By this time I was completely tied in knots and no longer knew what I should do. One of the bar tenders came over and said hi, I ordered a margarita and a daily shot, hoping it would calm me down a bit. The shot arrived, and before any more thoughts could go through my head, I took it down and asked for another. This alone was not a good sign, I rarely did shots, and even Tim behind the bar seemed to look at me funny when I ordered another. When it arrived, I took a few deep breaths and then my new shot. I was now feeling tipsy and a bit out of it, I needed food and someone to talk to about how I now felt over Tony. I took out my phone and called Jessica, from the bookstore, hoping she would answer. When she picked up the phone and sounded so cheerful, it helped me calm down a bit. she was with the man she called master and also lived with, so when I asked if they would want to come to Bakersfield and have dinner and drinks, they were happy to accept. I hung up the phone and instantly felt better about my choices for the night. They had said thy were only about fifteen minutes out, So I went ahead and put us on the list for a table, knowing it would take at lest that long to file through.

When I got back to the bar my phone rang again, only this time it was Tony. I knew he would hear the bar noise in the background, but I knew I was safe here, and wanted to stay that way.

“Hello? No, I am back at Bakersfield having a drink. No! I don’t feel comfortable being alone with you in your place till we sit down and discuss everything and anything you want and expect from me. I am glad you assure me there is nothing to worry about, but I feel very uncomfortable with all this. You left a caller on me all day, I got in trouble at work over it and I know you have the same men over now you had at lunch. I will not be made into some kind of spectacle! No! If you don’t want to be honest and up front with me, then you can go back to looking for another woman to do this shit with!”

I hung up and Tim looked at me with a bit of concern. I had known him since I started at Bakersfield and knew him to be a good honest guy. He leaned over the bar with a pair of heave kitchen scissors in his hand.

“Are you alright love, I have never seen you this upset, and after overhearing your call, I have to wonder if you want that thing around your neck?”

“No Tim, I really don’t, but I am not sure those will cut it off either.”

I was close to tears when I finally realized he had expected me to come up there with his friends watching and do something to me with or without my acceptance. I knew I was shaking and Tim waved me to the back kitchen. It took him some doing, but he and a cook were able to cut off the caller and hand it back to me. A good deal of my fears and concerns feel away when the caller did too. I walked back out to the bar, took my seat and took a deep drink of my margarita. the alcohol helped me get a grip on myself and when I looked up, Jessica and her master were walking in. I waved them over to the bar and I stood to introduce myself to the man she was with. He was very nice and polite.

“Hi!, Thank you Jessica I was not sure how to deal with Tony tonight, and you two coming out to have dinner with me really helps. I hope I did not take you two away from anything you already had planned?”

“Goodness no, I had just wanted in when you called and we did not have any planes tonight. Though I want to thank you, we have wanted to come over and try Bakersfield for some time. So, we get to make new friends, and find a new favorite place to eat. Oh, This is Kevin, the man I told you about earlier today. I am happy to say I am his slave, and I know if you have any more questions from his point of view he will be happy to answer them for you.”

Something about her voice alone made me see their way of life did not have to be all dark. They, actually seemed to be very happy with one another, and Jessica was now wearing a smaller caller, like the one I had been wearing all day. The hostess came over and sat us. Food would help everything, it always did, and after the day I’ve had maybe more drinks too. We all found out we drank the same thing, so we ordered a pitcher of margarita and then food.

My phone rang six times during dinner, all from Tony. I knew without a doubt by the time we were finished eating, this was not a man I wanted to enter into any kind of relationship with. Especially not one that included something like bondage. I wanted to try out this new way of living, but I needed to do it in a way that I would feel safe, and the other person would not make me feel as if my mind, and soul were already in knots. We were getting ready to leave when my phone rang for a seventh time. I was a bit shocked when Kevin reached for my phone and smiled at me. I did not stop him and was very curious of what he would say to Tony.

“Hello? No, this is not Tutu, this is a friend who is having dinner with her. You should know you are scaring the hell out of this woman. I know exactly what you are, what you want to do with and to her, but if you continue this I will not be surprised when she calls the police on you. No, you may not know my name! No, I will not give her the phone. She is right next to me an my girlfriend and is hearing everything I am saying. Your key, well I would suggest you come over here and collect it yourself. I can promise you, this woman will not be coming up to your apartment alone, not tonight or in the foreseeable future. no, Sorry, not going to help you with that. thats right, good bye.”

He handed my phone back to me and tried to speak through laughing.

“That man is not any kind of person you want to walk into our world with. He will hurt you and make sure to break you as quickly as he can to keep complete control over you. I told him to come get his own key. He seemed quite upset you would not speak with him, but I hope I did not say anything out of line on your behalf.”

“Goodness no, I m so thankful to have met you both. Jessica this afternoon and now you. When I came back on the street and saw he and his friends making jokes with rope an cuffs I feared going over alone, or at all.”

Jessica looked as if she was about to beat some ass, though I would not have minded watching that. I think she could have done some serious damage to Tony if she wanted too. I decided to get one more shot, and got a round for the table. When the tequila arrived, we all took it, smiled and they asked if I would like to walk with them for a while, and maybe come over to they place for games tonight. This morning this is far from the day I had expected to have, but I was not upset with the way fate had stepped in and given her opinion of my life.

As we were walking out, Tony and his friends, who were very drunk, walked right up to Kevin an seemed to want to start shit. He very politely asked me for the key, handed it to Tony and pushed the three of us past to be on our way. We had only taken a few steps when, from Jessica’s point of view, Tony said completely the wrong thing.

“You stupid little slave slut, do you think you can accept my affection one night, and then get away with playing games the very next day? Get your ass back here you stupid slut!”

Jessica took one look at Kevin. One at me, and smiled. I was glad to have her on my side, but the smile on her face said enough to make me cringe.

“Please excuse me, so I can go fuck this mother fucker up. This bitch needs some manners, and I just happen to have a spare set I can beat him with!”


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