Fruit of a long night

Meghan and I woke at the same moment, to the same sound, that we were sure the rest of the building was waking to as well. The sound of Kimberly screaming and having a complete fit. Meghan looked over to me, and since she thought I had been asleep as long as she, I only tried to look innocent. Seeing how I had only been in my bed for little more then a minute before Kimberly woke from my spell. Her yelling and fists on our door, gave me more then enough satisfaction of my first bit of spell-work. It only took another moment or so for Amy to wake from her part as well. He yelling was louder then Kim’s and Meghan was on her feet opening the door, before either girl or Michael could stop her from seeing a true spectacle laying gin the floor. I could not tell if she was angry or simply feed up with the three of them. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and called campus safety.

“Yes, I need a few officers at my room right fucking now. The officer who came yesterday over the problems with Michael Tabbis would be fine, thank you!”

Her smile gave me a deeper sense of pride then anything in a long time. I may not have been able to tell her I had been the one to arrange this little spectacle, but it was clear, she was very happy with what she saw. It was less then a minutes before there was a knock at the door, and Meghan was stepping over Kim, Amy and Michael on her way to the front door. It was clear none of them understood what was about to happen, but when the door open and the officer from yesterday stepped into hat could only be seen as an orgy, his face told a very pleasing story. He looked right at Michael and started with him.

“Young man, if you think your uncle bing a member of the school board will protect you forever, then you re sadly mistaken. Your uncle is on his way over now, seeing how I contacted him after the call was placed for our services this morning. Do you think this is some kind of joke son? Get on your feet and get dressed. The least you can do is be in good standing when he arrives. Get off of that student now! Young lady you will be explaining this to your parents after they are called. This is not a brothel, an you will not accuse one women of something and then when we have our backs turned do exactly what you accused others of before. Get up and get your clothing on. This is simply outrageous! I am stepping outside while you here go back to being decent. And don’t think of trying to slip out before we figure out how to deal with you!”

Kimberly, Michael and Amy all got to their feet, and started to redress themselves. Amy and Michael had swollen faces, but it was when the last gift of Michaels started to drip out of Kimberly that the yelling and screaming started all over again. This time it was all directed towards Michael and when the officers came back in, it was clear he had done more then overstep his boundaries. Kimberly was in tears, and the embarrassment fell to the floor with every tear. Amy was looking form Kim’s leg to Michael and then back to herself over and over. It was clear she knew he must have done the same to her, though it was not as visible now. The officer seemed to be at a loss for the current event. Kim was screaming and crying at the same time, Meghan and I could only stand back and give the three others room to redress. Kim was going for the restroom when a female officer stepped into the room excusing the other to the breezeway.

“I think it is clear these two young ladies would be more comfortable with a woman in the room and not a man.”

“I agree with you completely, thank you. I will be outside waiting for the dean to arrive.”

The moment he said the word Dean, Michael seemed to come fully awake and looked as if he had just been shot. He jumped to his feet, forgetting he only had his jeans halfway up and fell back to the floor on his face. A grunt fell from his lips as he hit the floor. Amelia felt as if she would fall over laughing from everything going on, but when she did the three in the spotlight looked right at her and the women seemed to find memory that brought their tears to rage. Amy and Kimberly looked at her and started yelling at the same time.

“YOU! You did this! Somehow all of this is your doing an I am going to kill you for it!”

The officer looked at the two women and then to me and only shook her head. All the yelling brought in the first officer, though he had switched with another female officer. She came in looking for serious trouble, but what she found was one officer looking quite sick of the current situation and three students who knew hey may not ever see the end of their troubles.

“Is everything alright in here? Do I need to call in more officers?”

“I don’t think so Karen, these two are just trying to find someone to put their blame on and they are only succeeding in making their day worse then it already was. Is Carl still out there, or did he leave?”

“No, he is out there with the Assistant dean. I do not think the man was expecting to be woken this early in the morning to find his nephew causing this much trouble on campus. You know young man, one would think that since you came from a good family, you would consider them before you acted like a total fool in their name. After all the shit you pulled last year, do you truly believe your uncle will be able to cover this up and allow you to stay in school for another year of hell for the rest of us?”

“You should watch how you speak to me, officer Karen. You may find yourself without a job by the end of today!”

“You really are a cheeky little shit, aren’t you? Do you think I concern myself with little boy’s like you when I come to my adult job. No, I am not concerned with your attitude, though I am concerned of which of the two women here you took advantage of this time.”

The look on his face when she stood up to him and mentioned that he may have done this to Kim or Amy and not had their full content actually brought tears to his eyes. I was truly amazed that he really thought he was just going to stroll out of this without any kind of responsibility for the actions this night. I could see why the police could not believe his attitude. Both Kim and Amy, and both officers looked at him in a sense of complete disgust. There was a knock at the door, and the voice of a man I did not recognize. though the sound of this voice brought Michael to complete sober awareness. this must be the uncle who also kept him out of trouble.

Amelia personally could have cared less if Michael was held responsible for the events this morning. If he was allowed to get off, then she would only have more to teach him about humility later on. But she hoped Kim and Amy would see that it was heir bodies and souls that had to cover for this little prick. As it stood, the dean did not seem pleased with his nephew, but he also did not seem as concerned as the officers. When he looked to the two women in question and posed a single question on them, I knew without a thought what they would answer. The dean spoke directly to them both. “Ladies, I know this may seem to have been a major upset, but I have only one question for you both. Did you or did you not give your complete consent to have intercourse with My nephew?”

Amelia almost stood and hit both girls when they answered the dean. She knew they wanted whatever they thought they may get for standing by his side, but to completely give in and help the little shit get out of all the trouble she had gone to making his look a fool, only brought Amelia and Meghan back to a reality they could hardly stand. Both Kim and Amy seemed to take a breath in before speaking to the dean. Amelia had no idea what these two were taking in classes, but she was sure they should have changed their major to theater after their performance today. Kim went first, but Amy followed with a flawless performance.

“Dean Tabbis, I knew this looks awful bad sir, but I truly did not mean to cause you or Michael so much trouble this morning. As for the sex, it was mutual between us both. I only got upset when I realized he had not protected either of us during. I am sure I will be alright. I am sorry for any trouble I have made for your family today.”

Amy said word for word the same thing, in a different tone, but in the end, the dean looked them both up and down with a smile. He then turned his attention to his nephew.

“Young man, I can only hope, in the future you will consider protecting not only yourself, but your bed mates as well. Say nothing if you were to get one of these two young ladies in some kind of life altering trouble. Understand me?”

“Yes sir. I should have taken that into account when we started last night. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you or the family today.”

And, that was it. the little shit was going to simply walk away from the whole thing only having to gravel to his uncle and apologize to Kim and Amy. The two women and Michael were asked to join the dean out in the breezeway when he thanked the officers for doing a fine job. The looks on their faces must have been funny to him, because he smiled and chuckled as he followed he three students out the door. The officer named Karen look to me and could only shrug.

“And this is why you don’t even bother trying to get that lad into trouble. Every time his family comes to his rescue and makes him out to be just as much a victim as whatever fiends he is with. You, young lady might want to be a bit more careful who you choose for your opponents in the future. this one will be the end of you, and his family will continue to back him up.”

They both collected themselves and retreated out the door. Amelia was left with Meghan looking at one another in disbelief of the collection of events. Meghan looked as if she was going to cry and turned to go back into her room. Amelia could not believe any of this had just happened. She needed to get out and go for a walk. She was about to look for her cell, when she remembered where she had left it. A small smile crossed her face when she realized the event had not been a total loss. she had he entire orgy on digital, and had Michael graveling to his uncle like a sad little boy. She was sure there was more then enough there to cause some serious problems for not only Michael, but also his family as well. thinking better of the idea, she left the phone where it was and went out for hr walk. Neither of her dorm mates had shown any sign of being willing to clean since she first arrived, so she was quite sure the phone would not be found till her return. She did make sure the sound was off along with the vibrate before she left the dorm.

Hours later she came back to find everyone gone, even Meghan. She retrieved her phone and collected her macbook. Took everything she would need and left again. This time with a destination in mind.  She really wanted to know the full story behind Michael’s family and who they were in the area. This could not be localized to the campus only. This kid was use to getting out of everything and she wanted to know how and why. She knew approximately where Lisa lived off campus, and since she had not gotten any sleep since he last time they had spoken, the walk may do her good. Pulling out her cell again she opened a map of the area around campus. This would be he first time she had walked this far from the school since coming here. The area was very small and not very well laid out, but she was confident she would find her way.

About an hour later she walked up to the frond drive of her aunt’s home. She knew this was the place, from the iron gate over the driveway showing the all seeing eye. She had the very same thing tattooed on her neck. It was the symbol for hr family, though only for the woman. She was sure even her father had no idea she had it, but then there was no need for him to know. Amelia stood for a few moments and focused on her aunt. When she was sure Lisa knew she was there, she let go the connection and took a seat on one of the benches next to the stone wall. the air was warm in her face and she knew the leaves would be hanging soon enough. A deep breath brought all the smells of the coming autumn. The crunching of leaves made her aware of footsteps on the other side of the gate. The voice of her aunt brought a smile to her face. Even though her original plan had not gone well today, she really had no reason to think her future games with Michael and his family would be as depressing.

“Now what would make you walk all this way, my dear? I heard about the games you started last night with mr. Tabbis and the dean. You really do know how two pick an opponent don’t you? Well come on then, lets see how much trouble two minds can create in the place of only one.”

A childish laugh followed her words and Amelia got to her feet. The bars in the middle of the drive gate gave way to a smaller gate for foot traffic. It opened and she climbed through. Once on the inside of the wall, she started to feel more charged and in place then she had since she left her home in Massachusetts. Since her rite the other night it had not occurred to her that her mother must have had some kind of energy spell encompassing her home. She had always felt very carefree and cheerful there. Those feelings returned now she was on her aunt’s property. the drive wound its way to the left with a second drive moving off to a smaller building with a one care port below it. The space above it almost looked like an apartment, but she was not going to get her hopes up to fleeing campus already. After her handiwork this morning she had too much to do to be able to leave the school grounds now. Lisa looked back at her with a smile.

“You know you are right, you are welcome to move in to that whenever you feel the need. Though I think we can cause a bit more mischief before that happens, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am, I think we can find some way of making trouble for a certain boy and his family while I keep my residence on campus. So, what all did you hear, and from where?”

“I heard and saw everything you heard and saw, though I did get a few other points of view from fellow staff while you were out walking. The officer Karen is working to become a member of the local coven. She has been for three years now. So don’t be thinking I am your only ally, on the campus. She will be the next to be blessed by three droops, soon enough. Then you will get to be on the other side of that particular rite. I see you have been putting your three drops to good use. I don’t remember the last of us to catch on as quickly as you have, though your mother did cause quite a lot of trouble after hers, just like her daughter.”

“Lisa, you make it sound like the woman in my family only want to cause trouble and create mischief. Can you say you stayed pure for very long after your three droops?”

“Well no, actually, I killed off my innocence the same night I received my three droops. So there, your right, the women in our family only like to cause trouble. Come inside and we will see just how much trouble we can cause next. It was hard to go inside today, her property was so nice to be outside, though I did want to see just how much my phone recorded of last night. The house was about what I would expect from my aunt Lisa. It was three stories, with at least six separate angles in the roof. Painted cool fall colors, though it looked as if it had been repainter recently. Golds, for the accents, Browns, for the bases and orange and a bit or reds in the window edges. I had not noticed she had already walked inside when she poked her head out the door, wondering why I had not come in.

“Are you alright dear? What are you doing?”

“Looking, admiring. I love all the colors and he different angles in the roof. I don’t think I could draw your house, but looking at it makes me think I could never look away.”

“I must say you seem to take it all in, most of my guests never seem to notice, but thank you for actually seeing it. I am glad you like it. Shall we love?”

The inside was the way the home of any twenty first century witch should be. Modern appliances, old wooden floors, and of course an old fashioned wooden handled broom in the corner. Amelia looked at it and giggled, something else she did not miss.

“Yes, little witch?”

“Oh nothing, just wondering if I could come to your next quidditch match?”

“My what? Oh you think your cute do you, alright we will see who laughs most by the end of the year. Smart-ass!”

Amelia choked down her laughing, but she just could not help it. It was nice to be in a home where the craft was out where you could see it. Not like her house, since her father had no idea what my mother herself and soon her sisters were. It made life very hard as the daughters of the family. They all knew exactly what they were and what they were expected to become and the roll they would need to play in the family coven, but not being able to talk about it with their father, or brother at all felt bad for them. They lived in a family they knew next to nothing about. Lisa’s home screamed what and who she was. Amelia thought as she looked around, no wonder we had never come to see her here. We always met her out somewhere else. Now she never wanted to leave this house. The smells mixed with the overall energy and had her head spinning. She felt the energy flow through, and fill her very being. Trancing through her soul, into her ears and across the echo of time herself.

Lisa led her into a kind of work room slash study with a very nice iMac set up on one desk. Amelia knew what she was going to be playing with. As she sat down to one side of Lisa’s side, she saw the computer had iMovie, and Adobe so everything they could ever need or want to edit and build a video to play for the campus was already there. Lisa sat down next to Amelia, humming a tune she remembered from her childhood. It was something her mother would sing to help the children sleep at night. But mostly on nights when the wind was howling and the world crashing outside the window. It had always set her at ease, and gave a sense of peace now. They both took their seats and Amelia gave her the phone to plug into her mac. When the video stream had been transferred they watched some of it, trying not to laugh too hard, but mostly just skipped through to see what all they had. Everything from Amelia teasing him in the beginning, to him truly hanging his head in front of his uncle was on this thing. There was a bit more from when they all came back in, while Amelia was out walking that they found rather interesting. It was of an argument between Michael, Kimberly and Amy about him orgasming inside of them and them wanting something for all the trouble he put them through.

In the end he agreed to help them both get passing grades in a math class they were both failing. Since his uncle seemed to be determined to keep him out of trouble, Both women had to wonder if this would change things a bit. Lisa could only look at Amelia in disbelief when she saw her teasing Michael. She knew trying to look anything close to innocent was a complete waste of time,  so she only smiled.

“What, I already told you I don’t want to be an innocent little witch. I would much rather the world see me for exactly what I am and to hell with those who get in my way”

“Nice attitude young lady, just don’t go doing anything that will upset the coven, then you will find out for sure what happens when you replace the “w” with a “B” understand?”

“Yes ma’am, though I think being a little evil is a good thing, even normal women who know nothing of the craft are playful in their daily lives.”

“That is completely true, though I believe the saying, “there is a little witch in every woman” Even if they don’t recognize it.”

Amelia’s heart sang as she spoke those words. She had tried the last few days to imagine her life without the knowledge of her family name, and what they had been since the beginning of time. She had been told tories of the woman in there past since she was old enough to understand. Amelia had felt and remembered their contributions to the world and lives though the blood running through her veins. She could hear their laughing, feel their tears, and understand who they truly were in her heart. The two women sat and spoke of past family for some time, forgetting about the project to mess with a silly boy, but when they went back to it, they both knew what they wanted to do, how to play with it, and had an idea of how to introduce it to the rest of the school. Lisa was right, there is a little witch in all women, but when you found yourself in front of one who knows exactly who, what and where she is, I think it is safe to say, You are truly fucked, if you have pissed them off, or just found yourself on their bad side!

Amelia had dinner with Lisa, and then decided she wanted to make the walk back to her dorm alone. As she passed the extra apartment, on the way out of her aunt’s drive, she could not help but look at it longingly. She knew her time to live in it would come, but for now, she had a reason to stay on campus, even if that reason would spell trouble for a certain boy. Amelia didn’t think she had ever felt as free as she did on her way back to school. She smiled the whole way and it was not till she got bak on campus that anything changed. Though, the moment she was on campus and a single car went by with someone yelling out the window, her mood did in fact change, and not for the best!


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