Learning to Heel

It had been nine days since I had been allowed to make my own decisions. Nine days since I had not had to ask permission to use the bathroom, take a shower or even finger myself. I had been fully warned about the decision I was making. I had been told over and over I was not going to get out of my contract. I knew all of this and still I signed over my life, my will , my freedom and my very soul. For the most part I really had nothing to complain about. I still had my career. I still had my friends and family, though I have not told any of them about my new life decision. I am not sure how my friends would react, but I knew damn good and well how my family would. I would get looked at sideways by my brother for he rest of my life. My little sister, who is still in high school would tell me I was worse then her being called a slut, though she really is. I can only hope she had not been introduced to the idea of becoming a slave to another person yet, though in American high schools today, it really would not surprise me. My mother, would only stair at me and not be able to say a word, but then there was my dad. He would most likely pull out the belt, forget I am twenty eight years old, and to fuck with him that much more, I would most likely say something along the line of, “I have already been disciplined today dad, but thank you”. He would drop the belt, an his jaw and may not speak to me he rest of my life.

Come on though, it is not like I am binging home my owner and he is going to have me on a short dog leash, or anything like that. Well, maybe that would be fun too, but I want to tell others about my new life, I am in love with it. The only part that frightened me, from the start was the idea of being considered property, but after the last nine days, I kind of like the fact that all the decisions in life are no longer my problem. My master makes them all for me now. He does ask, most of the time, and when he demands, it still is just so easy to answer, “Yes master.” I have always liked the idea of living outside the box and now I don’t even acknowledge the box at all. I work in a world where I have to take orders for a living, so it made sense that I would do the same when I got home too. I am twenty eight years old, my name is Tutu and I work as a server at a restaurant called Bakersfield, in Over the Rhine. it is a small section of Cincinnati Ohio, that use to be a hard neighborhood, but, in the last few years has been brought back to the bright life of the city. Lots of restaurants, lots of shops going in and amazing rental property. The rental property if one more reason saying master is so nice now. My master, Tony, though I am never to call him that, in any situation. He cam into Bakersfield and I simply could not take my eyes off him, nor he me. When he came in a second time and asked if he was allowed to buy me a drink when I got off, I just had to give him a chance.

Looking at him, no one would ever know what he does behind closed doors, or out in public when no one is paying attention, but he is very good at his side of this, and I must say, I feel more and more comfortable with my side of things. I was given the option of signing a contract with him for six months or for one year. I was still unsure what I truly wanted and I felt uncomfortable about not having my own place altogether, so I agreed to six months, his time. When he had first had me over, and I saw how well he lived, I was more then a bit confused to gain the knowledge of how he wanted to live. As we got to know each other and started in the realm of a sexual engagement, I will say  I have never had better sex, or felt more care for. On the night of our two month anniversary He bought me a present, and though we ate out in a nice restaurant, he had me open it there. You, can imagine my response when it was a black and red gag-ball with matching wrist and ankle cuffs. All of it was very high quality, not just some novelty item picked up at the local mall. The gag and ball were of soft black suede and at the ball of red latex. The cuffs were a mixture of black suede and red satin lining. He had taken me out that day and bought me a black dress with little bits red lace around the breast line and jut above my knees. I could tell he had anticipated this moment for some time, and after my initial shock of the meaning behind the present, I actually found myself looking forward to having them used on me.  Over the course of the meal, he spoke to me in a different way. He told me about how he had wanted a sex slave for many years and he wanted one who would take as much enjoyment in it as he would get from it.

I think all woman think, from time to time, about wanting to be dominated or owned. I know I had, but when it is put to you in such a way as giving this kind of gift, it makes it oh so  real and doubts form in your mind during the anticipation period. I had opened the gift just after our wine had been poured and throughout dinner he made it clear, some of the responsibilities involved with his new request. By the time dessert arrived, I knew this was something I wanted to try, so he gave me a simple task to prove to him how much I was willing to be leashed. His tone was soft, his voice sure and his request, entertaining enough to make me blush and say yes. His request was that I would remove my new lace panties and give them to him. Not hide them under the table, but the bring them to the top of the table and fold them and then hand them to him, in signature of handing him a leash to my life. I finished my dark chocolate torte with a sip of coffee, and then proceeded to do as he asked. I was sure this was the kind of thing that would not be looked on with high regards by the dining staff, but that had to be part of the point. We had been sat in the middle of the room, with many other tables dining around us, though I was just as equally sure, this had been done by him on purpose.

I reached down, slid my fingers up under my dress and felt for the edges of my new panties. It was a shame, in my mind, they may be the most comfortable panties I had ever worn.

Once I had them down to my knees, the waiter just had to come over and snd right above me. Tony could only wink at me and smile as he ordered more coffee and another desert. I thought about kicking him playfully, but considering he was inviting me to be a pet or more I thought about learning to heal. the waiter walked away, though I felt him looking at me as he did so. Feeling more self conscious now, I allowed the panties to fall to my ankles and leaned over to get them off my shoes. Once I had them in my hand. Tony had instructed me to wait till he asked for them and then I was, without hesitation, to bring them up, fold them and hand them to him. And yes, of course he waited till the waiter was coming back with his coffee and desert to ask. I glared at him, but did as I was asked. I was about to hand them over when the waiter looked down at me trying to decide what to say next. his words will be etched into my mind for the rest of my life.

“Excuse me Miss, is there anything I can do to help you?”

“No thank you,I am just doing as I am told.”

And with that, I handed them to only and smiled, trying not to laugh myself out of my chair. He took them from me, without missing a beat and thanked the man for his drink an food all at the same moment. I think the man had, either taken care of tony before or had been told before hand. He, also smiles, an left the table. Tony seemed very pleased with me, he scooted his chair around the table to sit next to me smiling from ear to ear. I knew I should not push my limits with him, but then I never have been very good at following rules before.

“Is there anything else I can do to make you smile?”

“You know, while you mention it, I think my fingers may be a bit cold from the ice cream. Can you think of any place on or in your body I could put them to warm them?”

I almost died from the shock, but I realized he was completely serious an thought again. I looked right at him, reached down and pulled up the ends of my dress so my bare vagina was now showing under the table. I caught his eyes and motioned between my legs. I could only sigh, when he responded out loud.

“My dear, is there something you would like to tell me, I am having problems understanding what you want, and I would hate to get the wrong impression from you.”

I bit my lip, tried to think of ho to say this openly without upsetting someone else around me, but realized if anyone overhear me, there was little to no way of not upsetting them. I looked over to him an he only smiled in a playful way, knowing he was going to get his way, but hat was the point of all this right. Him being in control of me and my being submissive.

“I think the best place for you to warm your fingers would be as deep or shallow into my vagina as you would like, but please feel free to put them anywhere you like.”

I thought better of some of my words after I said them, but now it was too late. I could only hope he would not push my boundaries too far, but then again I was starting to see a very dark playful side of him. As it were he did lean over my lap, place his left hand between my legs and gently push his index and second finger into my body. I had already been turned on by the rest of the ordeal so when they slipped into me, I found I could barely breath, my skin was flushed and my heartbeat extremely high. I leaned into his second push and I could feel the pressure of my orgasm breaking the surface. I tried to keep the moans to a minimum but as he continued to probe my sex, I found I could no longer maintain any form of stability. I fell over the table and held my breath. The flood hit and I no longer cared who noticed. I had not engaged in sex for far too long and now,  my body was going to enjoy every drop  and thrust it could. Right before I became too much to deal with, he removed his fingers from my sex, though when I assumed he was finished, he looked me in the yes an made sure I knew at that moment, contract or not, I belonged to him!

Now his fingers slid under my sex, across the perennial separating my vagina and anus and pushed a bit more forcefully as his fingers penetrated my ass. This brought on a second orgasm and my body searched from the shock and excitement of being ass fingered in a public place. All in all this was not the worse thing I had ever done. I know that makes me sound like a total slut, but I like to live my life as much as possible. Back in college, I think I had sex in every building on the campus, including the library. I tried to keep those thoughts in my head as Tony continued to fuck my ass with his first two fingers, the orgasm was wearing off and he reentered my sex with his remaining fingers. Now this was new! I had only ever once before had someone play with my ass, but now, my ass and my vagina were both being finger fucked and in one of th nicest restaurants in town, no doubt. I was completely enjoying myself, but, at the same time wishing we could go back to his place so he could and would use the rest of  me. To my complete annoyance, we did not go back to his place after the finger fuck and dinner. HE played with me till the waiter came with the bill to see him playing with me, to see me red from sham and orgasm and complete obedience. He removed his fingers, went to the rest room and came back to pay. We left, with me thinking an apartment would be a nice change, then we walked a few blocks and found our selves in the middle of town, and no where near his car or home. I could only imagine what else he had planed for us, till he was pushing me into a rather dark alley and lifting my dress above my hips. No warning, his cock was being plunged into my ass, and something cold and slimy being dripped on me and him both. I could not help but to grunt, moan and even squeak. My hands on the dirts brick wall to my front and my legs rathe close together. A police car drove past, but did not give us a second glance as he made sure to thrust deep and hard at the exact moment. I put my face to one side, looking away from the street and police car. He continued to ass fuck me and then, with as little warning as he began, he pulled himself out, dropped my dress and pulled up his zipper. He took a step to walk further down the street, and when I started to hold back, he looked at me in disbelief.

“Are you coming or are you going to stay in that alley all night?”

I did not know if he was being playful, or if he truly wanted an answer. I was still having problems breathing and another orgasm was reaching for the surface. I had, never before had a man actually fuck my ass, only use fingers. It hd hurt, more then I had thought it would. He hd gotten my body ready to be totally used and then stopped. Honestly, at this point, I did not know which was worse. Having it slammed in without any warning or having it pulled out with even less. He held out his hand to me, making sure with his eyes I knew he was being completely serous. I took his hand an we walked towards the north of downtown. As we walked, I could feel the lube, he had used, leaking out of my ass, and down my leg. It was most disturbing, though I kept quiet and said nothing. Across a few more streets, and another light. We found ourselves at Washington park, and next to no one there. the sun had set some hours before and I was not going to complain. He had made it completely clear he was going to play with me, and use me in any way he could think of and it was my job to take it, deal with being uncomfortable and simply submit to his every wish.

By the time we sat down on the center fountain, in the middle of the park, my ass had stopped hurting from the abrupt fuck, though I was actually longing to be used the same again. We sat for  long while, no words being spoken, no fingers or cock penetrating my form. A small group of children came over to play in the fountain and lights. I relaxed when they came over, knowing he would not do anything sexual with young children so close to us. I was comfortable till he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I find it amusing that you relax when children are around. I may be decent enough to not use or play with you around them, but your open relaxation at their presence only makes me want to do worse things to you then already planned. Some masters may see it as your way of being disobedient and willful. What do you think of that?”

I found myself frozen to say much of anything. I knew what he was saying was completely accurate. I knew I had seen the children as a way to take back some control, though I was not sure I had meant for it to be sign of disobedience. I sat there unable to answer him, realizing, this also was not an appropriate response to a question from him. I found out, that even while he had a bit of decency around children, he did not like being ignored. He leaned over to me again, this time with a bit of evil in his voice.

“You seem to be lacking for wards, and since I already know how much you like action over words, I think now would be a very good time for you to give me that matching bra to go with your panties in my pocket. Don’t you think I should have them whole pair?”

I knew not answering was no longer an option, so I spoke out loud and evenly.

“I do believe it would make sense for you to have them both.I also think I might do something to upset the children, don’t you?”

“Now Tutu, look at them, they are having so much fun playing in the water. I actually don’t think they have looked at us once. , so why don’t you godhead and be a sneaky woman and give my your bra!”

This was the first time I felt like it was not a request. This was him telling me what I was going to do, and just like with my panties, I was going to do it. No matter my personal feeling on it. This was a test, if ever I had been tested before. I wanted to please him, and wanted to be the slave and toy he wanted me to be. So I answered in turn, much to his pleasure.

“Yes master, I will do as I am told.”

“Very good girl! Proceed please.”

I don’t know why I felt so good having him respond to me like I was a dog, but I did. I pulled my left hand up into my dress and slid my bra strap under that arm and put it back in the dress. I did the same with my right arm and when I had unlatched the back from outside my dress, I saw him looking at me, licking his lips. Now, I know I like my body, and I knew most men liked my body, but to have my master looking at me, while I partially undressed in a public place, and lick his lips like I was something to be eaten, gave me chills and pleasure both. As he had stated, the children never even look up at me, and I took out my bra, from under my dress and folded it without a second thought. Handed it to him and smiled. It was now he leaned over and kissed me. Not in any kind of force, but with love, compassion and desire backing up his lips. His tongue slid into my mouth and my body reacted in kind. His lips were soft and as our mouths slid and danced with one another, I thought this night could last forever, for all I cared. I felt, long before I saw, his hands moving around my back, under my dress and back into position under my ass. Only one finger pushed its way into my ass this time, but that one was more then enough to make the orgasm, that had wanted to start with my ass fucking come fully to the surface. I felt the wet as it drenched my legs. Not having any panties on, at his point was not a bad thing. I came more then once this time, all the while no one paying attention to us, no one knowing what sexual acts were being done to me. He did slid three fingers into my cunt this time, leaving only one in my ass. Nothing hurt this tim, and nothing seemed to dissuade him from my moans. As a last act of dominance he reached up with his other hand, grabbed my hair, full and true and pulled hard enough for me to cry out. It hurt and forced another and last orgasm all at the same time. My body search forward, giving him more room to pound his fingers deeper and deeper into my body. No longer caring about anything other the pleasing him I simply leaned forward and gave in. It was that moment he stopped completely. In the middle of a moan. The middle of me squirting down my front legs, in the middle of it all. He removed his fingers, stood up and walked to the first spray of fountain and minced off his hands.

Without noticing, the children hd all left the park and we were completely alone. I knew my dress was a mess, I knew I was a mess but I did not care. He put out his hand, and I took it. I climbed down from the wall and he led me into the nearest fountain. The cool water spraying up between my legs, over my vagina and ass and ringing everything sexual off my body. The second spray of water hit me right in the clit and it almost caused me to start over again. I had no idea of the time, no idea of anything only that I had just been fucked and felt up in public more then once this night. My body was cooling off, my sex was dripping clean and my dress was completely drenched, though I did not care. He pulled me gently back towards him, making sure to not get his clothing wet. He spun me around and we started for the street away from the park. I felt like a new person, a child and a deviant all at the same time. I wondered if he had ever given this night o any other woman, but then stopped. I did not care. I was the one here now. I was the one ho had accepted his request,  and I was the one he was now using.

We walked back to his apartment, almost across the street form my work. I knew nothing of his planes for the rest of the night, and cared just as little. Once upstairs, he helped me out of my dress. Nothing left beneath it, and I stood next to him, completely nude, completely ready to submit. Led into the restroom, I was given everything I had at home to clean myself and shave. HE stood back and watched as I did so, taking deep breathes when I moaned form the shower myself. Once my body, an even my mind felt clean, I exited the shower, was walked with to his room, where I looked to the bed, but then I found my last surprise of the night. The last thing making me know I was his slave. His pet and his property. At the foot of the bed was a long strip of memory foam, covered in a sheet, no blankets. He held my hand as I lowered myself to the bed. HE put my new ankle cuffs on with them crossed. Put my new wrist cuffs on, behind my back, and  pulled out a matching caller from the top drawer of his dresser. Put it around my neck, adding a small lock to the end, so it could not be removed without his wanting. He motioned, with his hands for me to lie down and then he removed his clothing, in the dark. Retiring to his own bed. Though I very much felt like a dog, being made to sleep on my floor bed, and the foot of his bed, I took it as it were. Sleep came very easy that night.

I woke to an alarm waking us both. It was still early in the morning, but I knew I had work to goto. I sat up in my bed, waited for him to come round and give me instructions an thus started my life as a personal pet. He helped me up, gave clean clothing for work, but did not give me bra or panties. I knew I would be fine without hem, and hopped he would come in for lunch, so I could take care of his needs. He dressed in a suit and tie for his day then we walked out the front of the building together. I noticed the black and red caller was still around my neck when he went to let gory hand, I turned to him and put my hand to it, and he only smiled and shook his head. I was to wear this to work, and make sure the world knew I was now owned. I smiled, put my hand down and crossed the street.


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