A Class of Revenge

Amelia was in no mood to deal with all this, but the moment she walked in the door, it was in her face. Michael was sitting on the couch and a woman from EMS was working on his ankle. Michael looked at her and smiled when he was sure no one else was paying attention. One of the officers came over with a look of genuine concern on his face. To her surprise Meghan looked at her and shook her head slightly, letting Amelia know she was not in on all the drama. The officer came over to her and motioned for her to sit down. When she had taken her seat, he began, though she was sure this was not going to be anywhere close to real happenings of the afternoon.

“Amelia, as you can see there have been a few mentions of you today, and we are just here to make sure everything gets worked out. Now, is there anything you would like to say before we begin?”

“Like what, it would seem you have already made up your minds, otherwise there would be no need for two patrol cars and an EMS for something as simple as a twisted ankle by a complete chauvinistic prick, who seems completely unable to leave a woman alone when she tells him politely she is not inutereested. Did I leave anything out sir?”

“OK, so let me get this straight, Michael came up to you , you told him to go away and he did not accept your dismissal of his affections so easily? When exactly did he twist his ankle, and where you going to just leave him there alone to find his own way back here?”

“Well yes, I figured if he could not take a hint, then he did not need my assistance to get anywhere. But, just so we are clear. I have made it clear to him since the first time we met, I have not had any interest in him or his affections, as you put it. I know he seems to think he is all that, but I can assure you he has nothing to offer me, or anyone else for that matter.”

Being dismissed by Amelia did not seem to sit well with young Michael as the EMT was finishing up with him. Trying to break his way into the conversation and trying to stand on his bad foot at the same time, found him in a tight spot both times.

“Hey, I see no reason for you to speak about me as if I were not even here! All I have done is try to be nice to you since you came here, and you speak about me like I don’t matter, what do you think, because you are form out of town you are special in some way?”

“That will be quite enough of that, young man. If you can’t understand proper procedure, I need to speak to the young lady first. I have had your attention since this mess started. It would seem to me, that you have greatly overstated yourself here, and I am wondering if anything you have said today has any fact to it at all. So sit down, don’t hurt yourself worse then you already have and allow us to continue.”

Amelia was more then ready for this to be over, when Michael had tried to get up, but the officer actually speaking up for her was a gesture she did not expect. While they were speaking she did stand and straighten her dress. She was still very tired form last nights events, and she knew she had school work to catchup on. Seeing how she knew so few people here, she did not have any way to get the missed noted other then finding the professors, and speaking with them personally. She went through her classes, while the officer and Michael spoke, though Michael’s voice was more then enough to let her and everyone in the room know he was not pleased about how this was going. More then once he tried to overpower the officer with his own comments. About the time Amelia was ready to proceed, there was a knock at the door, and when the second officer went to open it, Amelia found one true ally in her mists, Lisa. Her aunt poked her head in the door, as if she had no idea what was going on and filled in the gaps for all to hear.

“Is Amelia here, oh dear, there you are. I was just coming by to check on you. Some of your professors called to make me aware that you had missed their classes today. I told them I would stop over and check on you, but it seems you have a bit of company. Officer is there anything I can help with?”

“Are you a professor or family, ma’am?”

“Actually dear, I am both. I teach psychology and I am her aunt through her mother as well. I know the family didn’t get her bak here till very late last night, well actually this morning and I became concerned when I pulled up and saw all the official vehicles.Is everything alright?”

“Well, this young man has accused your niece of assaulting him and causing him to twist his ankle. He also state she has been dating him since they first met. Though I am concerned about her lack of compassion for another student when they are injured, I am not sure I believe the dating thing. Seeing how much she seems to completely dislike him. Do you know of her dating anyone here at school?”

“Dating, goodness no! She has only been here a few weeks, and though, I am sure there are many acceptable offerings out there for her, I can assure you after seeing this one, she would not have anything to do with such a trouble maker! I can also tell you this young woman gets perfect grades, has an outstanding family and is very respectful to those who deserve it. Is there anything else I can help you with officer? If not, I would like to speak with my niece in the breezeway for a moment alone, if that is alright?”

Amelia got to her feet and  walked past the two officers, and Michael who looked as if he had been struck in the face. The two officers seemed very pleased that aunt Lisa had come to clear all this up. Kimberly did not seem pleased at all. Though Amelia was getting the feeling her room mate would like to be the one being chased by Michael, and not her. After leaving the room, Lisa smiled at her niece and handed her a small bracelet. As Amelia put it on, it was not the kind of thing she would normally wear, but she was sure it was not for looks alone. Lisa pulled the left sleeve of her silk blouse back to show an identical bracelet. As Amelia looked up to meet her aunt’s eye, the woman was smiling, and not in a playful way. It was a way her mother always smiled when she knew something she could hold over the world, and they had no clue. As she slid her fingers over the new armlet, she noticed the tiny ball on the end, were actually stick pine like one would use while sewing all put through a kind of holder with elastic. She pulled one out and held it up while she looked at Lisa in the most confused manor.

“I don’t understand, why would you give me a bracelet made of stick pins? What exactly are you trying to tell me.”

“Well think about this dear. You told me when this terrible little man came at you earlier you had picked off a scab on your finger right before you wished him to twist that ankle of his. How do you think that problem was solved so simply?”

Amelia looked at her aunt as if she had to be kidding, but the woman looked back and smiled. A small bit of fear and power seemed to rise to the surface at the same time, giving her a feeling never felt before. Possibilities beyond imagination flooded her mind, but as they did, her aunt was quick to pull up on her chin with her little finger. Lisa shook her head slightly in a calm way telling her to be careful, but also telling her everything she was thinking was completely correct! After a few moments Amelia was ready to return to her room and the situation at hand. Lisa bent over to whisper in her ear, right as the first officer opened the door to check on them.

“Remember dear, this is no different then all the abilities you have always had, just remember to respect it and you will be fine. And your mother thought you would be lost without a coven. Well look at you, figuring this out on your own.”

“Thank you Lisa.”

“Anytime love, it is why the woman of the family exist, to always back their sisters. Have a good day, and do try to get some sleep.”

Lisa did not return to the room with her niece, but when Amelia came back in, it was clear from his face that Michael had been told, in no small terms to leave her alone. The female officer sat down next to Amelia as she retook her seat on the couch.

“I just want you to know, while you were outside with your aunt, we had a little talk with Mr. Tabbis, and have made it very clear that sexual harassment is not tolerated in this school or anywhere else for that matter. We also explained to him that lying to a police officer is not a good way to start off the term. Is there anything else you would like to add while we are all here?”

“If you don’t mind officer, I would like to tell him to his face, with you here to hear me. I have no interest in you. I am not attracted to you and I will be more the happy to have you tossed jail if you continue to bother me. I don’t think your cute, and I don’t think the way you treat women is acceptable, so stop!”

Amelia only took one more look at him as she got up and walked off in the direction of her room. Th officers took this as their key to leave and thy took young mr. Tabbis with them. Amelia took one last look at the boy as they pulled him out of the room. He squinted his eyes at her, giving her the impression this was far from being over. The door closed and her room mates defended on her like a hawk on prey. All except for Meghan that is.

“Are you fucking stupid! What kind of bitch are you anyway? We though we were all getting along, and now you go and do this. Do you not have the brains to realize that man is the most popular person in this school? His family owns more then half of northern Kentucky. As if that is not enough, his uncle is one of the deans here, so your little aunt is nothing compared to him. I hope you realize you just killed the ability of the rest of us to get into parties this semester and next, I would bet!”

Amelia looked at them as they went on and on and could only laugh to herself. How small they all were. Thinking one person would grant them some kind of better student life, because of money or power. She only shook her head and left the living area. As she walked into her room, Meghan followed her, still not saying a word. Once the door was closed, the two girls sat on their opposite beds and the room was silent, for a time. Meghan seemed to want to say something, though her lack of words seemed to upset Amelia more then the noise outside the door. Realizing Meghan was not going to have the courage to speak up for herself, Amelia broke the silence for her.

“I am not going to bite you, so whatever you have to say you may as well do it. I see no reason you and I can’t still move forward, if they want to make some terrible deal out of this, I welcome them to it. this is your third term here, you must know one person can’t control your friendships because of their family, right?”

“You misunderstand me if you think I am trying to stand up for him. I would rather see him drown in the river then ever help him. After what he did to me this time last year, I will never look at men the same way again!”

It was clear from words and her posture, that Meghan had been put through her own gauntlet because of young Michael Tabbis. Amelia had no idea how bad it had been, but she did know staying away from him, would make her life that much easier. She was content to climb back in her bed and forget the whole thing. It was not till she looked over and saw Meghan in tears before she knew something much worse then lies had befallen her last year. A sense of honor and responsibility to other women had her on her feet walking over to her room mate. A deep dwelling anger was boiling towards the surface as she sat down next to Meghan. She had known many young woman in her life, and none of them had ever been hurt this badly by one person. Laying her hands on the other woman’s shoulders she focused on positiver thoughts and clear skies. She had never been much of a healer, but she knew energy could heal other energy. She would have given a lot to have her younger sister there at this moment. She was the one who seemed naturally able to heal those around her. As her hands lay on Meghan’s skin she felt power running from her forehead to her hands. Memories of the events of last night filled her mind. One of the women in her ceremony flashed through her eyes. Red hair, like her own, a powerful personality with more then enough strength to go around. This woman always found other women in need and made time for them. Amelia was able to see her past, her childhood and the well her strength came from. All the abilities she had been born with and the ones she developed over time.

Meghan continued to cry from the pain caused last year and all through it, Amelia focused on healing her heart. She figured the mind needed something more then healing, so she left that alone for now. After a short while, her roomie stopped crying and looked up to see Amelia sitting next to her on the bed. Hands still on hr shoulders, and eyes closed.

“Wha, what are you doing? How are you doing this to me?”

“If you would like me to stop, I can, but it seems to me that you are in need of a friend. Someone who will not ask you to pay for that friendship in some or any way. I feel what he did to you, how he used your appearance to gain more attention for himself. I see how his words hurt you. I see how he left you once he had gained what he had sought through you. What I don’t see, or understand is what his true wanting from you was. Would you like to tell me about it?”

Amelia sat on the bed for more then an hour while Meghan told her about being used and hurt by Michael last year. Meghan had not told anyone the truth about her time with him, and even her family was unaware of the pain she hd faced while around him. Amelia grew more and more angry with every word. As the two woman sat on the bed, they seemed to get a bit closer to one another, though neither of them actually moved.

Amelia was able to dismiss most of the story as a silly boy with a god complex, but when Meghan changed her tone and the topic went from mental and psychological abuse, to sexual, Amelia was no longer able to keep her cool. Michael had used this woman to get approval from his friends, all the while knowing he only wanted one thing form her. By the end of the semester, he had made sure no one else would ever want to be with her, for any reason. He spoke to her as if a thing to be used and broken. Telling the rest of his friends how filthy she truly was, behind her back. the last night of the year, he had taken her out into the country to make sure she knew how he felt about her. the words no, and I did not want this, never even scratched the surface of his cruel desires. It had taken her all summer with help of friends back home to deal with the rape. Her closest friend at home had helped get into counseling and kept her secret. Amelia could hardly breath as Meghan finished her story and the real side of Michael Tabbis.

Never having dealt with anything like this herself, she could only wonder if anyone of her sisters would be able to relate. As she thought it, the memories of six women in her coven flooded into her mind. Three of the woman had been attacked themselves and the memories were there on the surface to guide her forward. The forth woman had not been hurt herself, but her young daughter had been. A deep anger and hatred for men was climbing to the surface of her soul, though she knew the information she now had access to would help her room mate, and for now that was more important then her own desires to gain revenge on Michael.

For the rest of the night they sat and spoke of better times then the pain and suffering that had started the conversation. By the time they both looked up, it was well past four in the morning and they now knew close to everything about the other, with the exception of Amelia telling about her family and the coven. She knew this information was for them, and them alone. though, the strength and memories from her coven sisters were able to bring a great deal of balance to Meghan’s life. Both women were falling asleep when there was a knock at the door. Amelia jumped down from the bed, and opened he door not really thinking about why the others would want them this late. Kimberly and Amy stood in the doorway dressed like they had been drinking all night. their faces looked like they had drank themselves half to death, but this was not what angered Amelia. Standing behind he two woman was none other then Michael, smiling as if he could do anything. Amelia tried to close the door, only to have her two mates put their feet in its way. This, was not going to simply go away as it had last night, but Amelia also knew more about the total situation now, then she had earlier. Looking back to her room mate, now sleeping and not aware of the visitor outside her door, Amelia stepped out into the common area and walked over to the couch. She turned, looked at Amy and Kimberly with hate and disgust in her eyes, but it was when Michael felt the need to open his mouth she went for a pin on her arm bracelet.

“Did you really think the police were going to keep me from my new trophy this year? You really are a silly girl if you did. I can have them fired in an instant, and they know it. They had to say something to make it look legit, but now, as you can see they are not here and I have been invited in to your dorm by none other then your own mates. I think you have spoken to Meghan about how much fun she had last year hanging all over me, till she turned whore!”

His words only strengthened her hatred for him. She knew he would run out of things to say in time, all she had to do was wait him out. It was when he urned his attention and words towards Meghan that she felt the need to intervene. She knew she had all the knowledge for her next move that she would ever need. Most of the sisters in the coven were old enough to have had children, and though she had been required to stay pure till after her christening, now she had the freedom to do as she pleased with her own body. The one thing she knew the best about her mother, aunts and sisters in blood was that a woman was the last thing you ever wanted to truly fuck with. Reaching within again, she looked for every sexual act, desire and meeting her coven had ever partaken in. She wanted to know the best way to tease a man, use a man and make him know he was no longer in control. she needed blood spells she could use on the fly to gain his obedience? All of this she drank in till she was sure the end result would be in her favor, not his. Rising from the couch, she stepped right between Kimberly and Amy, shoving them into opposite walls as she went for Michael with pure evil intent.

Without hesitation, Amelia ripped off his shirt, throwing it to the floor, followed by Michael himself. She reached for his belt, unhitching it and pulling it free. The look on the faces of her dorm mates was of pure shock, and glee. they actually thought he was about to get everything he was looking for. They all had something else coming. Amelia ran her hands over the middle of his paints, making sure to bring about the desired effect. His hands were already clawing at the floor  long before she removed his jeans and boxers. To her delight there was, at least, something there to work with. She was still unsure for herself how to proceed, but within her new memories were more then enough sexual encounters to use on the man now below her. She wanted to make as much a spectacle of herself as possible, so Kim and Amy would think they had gotten a good show. Even though Amelia herself had not ever taken part in any sexual rite, she knew her own looks, and body were, in fact made, to tempt and hold men where they truly belonged.

Slowly she reached for her own shirt and lifted it up over her head. Her black lace bra had not been put on very well yesterday when she had gotten up, so removing it now, was a simple chore. Looking up at the other two as her bare breasts fell free they knew they would never have anything to hold over her. Amy was barely an A-cup, while Kim may have been a B at most. Nothing to get upset over, but Amelia was more then enough for any man to upset himself over. A luscious 36D filled Michael’s vision and if that were not enough, she stood to remove her skirt, and panties along with the rest. Being a true red head stood in his face, as she lowered her already dripping sex back down to his waiting cock. It was clear to her, this fella had never had a real woman show him how to proceed. He lay on the floor as if a sack of grain, needed to be milled. Rocking her hips back and forth over his hardened cock, the first of many moans fell from his lips. This, of course was exactly what she wanted. though there were still two more in the room, who needed to be introduced to the lesson at hand.

Amelia looked first to Kimberly and rose her right hand in hopes she would take it. Not being able to think for herself, she took the outreached hand, and Amelia helped her to the floor, and then to remove her top and bra. A very nice 32B fell free, and though it was not much to look at, it gave Michael one more thing to focus on. After Amelia helped to remove Kim’s jeans, panties and socks, she moved on to Amy. Helping her to the floor on the other side of Michael. When she had succeeded in bringing all three of them to the floor completely nude with hands on Michael. He seemed overwhelmed and seriously lacking in ideas of his own. Now was Amelia’s turn to take control!

She leaned over to Kim and then Amy whispering ideas into both their minds, all the while pricking a finger and subconsciously working her first real spell in her own head. the two ladies made quite a show of petting on one another, first their breasts, nipples, and then navels. Moving at last to the waiting sex and folds below. The first finger was slipped into the others vagina by Kim, and as Amy lay back on the wall behind her, the show did not stop there. Amelia rose to her feet, moved away from the three completely entranced still laying on the floor. The two woman took their turns fingering and sucking each other, till when one could no longer hold back, Kim came over Michaels cock, giving him more stock to turn on her. Now, the last of the spell was going to play out. Michael still saw Amelia sitting on him, even though she had been on the couch for some time. His role in all this was the words she started to whisper out loud.

“You stupid fucking slut, now I have you, now you will please me like a good whore should.”

Neither of the women even blinked an eye as he spoke those words at them. This continued till he was on his knees behind Amy, slamming this hard cock into her body over and over. All the while calling her whore and slut. Amelia sat bak and watched, hoping her iPhone would  hold out its battery long enough to finish the whole event. After taking his fill of Amy, he literally tossed her to the side with cruel words and abusive force.

“Think your going to get all of me bitch, no! Now you will see me fuck your little roomie like the trash she is. Come here you cunt, time for your cocking tonight!”

He grabbed Kimberly by her hips and without concern that she was not as hot as her room mate, pulled back to slam himself into her fully, making her scream and cry. Amelia was most displeased when the shock and force of his first thrust almost broke Kim out of the spell she had woven. Standing over the girl and placing the finger she had pricked on Kim’s back she re-wove the spell and stood back. Michael did not stop with a good thrusting, he made sure to call Kim by every hurtful disgusting word he had ever heard. If she had actually heard him, Amelia was sure she would not only be panting and moaning, but rather pissed about the way she was being spoken too and used. As Michael continued to play with the two ladies, Amelia got redressed, and took on a sigh of enjoyment and calm. She knew the spell would not last too much longer, and though their faces would be priceless when they came out of it, she did not want to be in the room when they did.

Using scissors she cut a hole in the bottom of a tissue box and tapped her phone inside the box, after putting it on charge. She was glad now, her mother had insisted on getting her the 128Gb memory. She set up the box, put a few books behind it and made sure it would send on its own. Stepping back to view her handy work she felt a spike in the rooms energy, letting her know the spell was about to wear off. She stepped over the three, still on the floor, into her own room and closed and locked the door. She again removed her clothing and climbed into her bed. This had been an eventful first day, of her new life. the grunts and moans of Kim were an interesting sound to hear while falling to sleep. The last thing she thought before her eyes closed, were knowing who had won the upper hand this night. Knowing how this would affect not only Michael, but Kim and Amy as well. One last sound knocked her into a deep sleep, was of Michael coming and Kim waking from her spell!


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