Now, you all know I can’t deny the smell of good roasted coffee, or a drunken tavern, but there is one other thing I love just as much as the first two add a woman; the color of the sky. Pastel blue, and the lace littered clouds on the canvas that goes on forever. I never ceased to want more, so when I first saw the panties, the woman I had been watching for some time, and they were pastel blue and lace, I could not help but think all the trouble I had gone through this night, had been worth it.

You bloody readers, just can’t keep up, can you. Alright! I will back up a bit and fill you in on the parts you missed. She had been the one in the parking garage the other night. Getting the life fucked into or out of her, how ever you choose to see it. I know, I should have moved on after getting her to do things for me, but somehow I just could not let her go. Besides, having a pet is nice every thousand years or so. She had everything any demon would ever want to torment the world. Bright eyes, a smile that is sure to get anything sh wants and a body I know the stupid angles would hate her for. So why should I not take part in the reforming of her life?Off topic, but back to the evening at hand. So, as I stated I am simply not able to let this one walk away and the things I think must come to light. After the parking garage I could only want in wonder as this lovely young woman burrowed her way into my dark little heart. I was supposed to conquer her, and she is the one who won in the end. Last night I was following her around the city when I realized I hd never actually touch her, an this had to change. Now, demons can take physical form but it hurts and requires a great deal of energy and time. Not something we do for kicks every other day. So tonight I decided was going to be a night I would pull out all the tricks and make sure she knew who and what she was playing with. I knew her family would be away, and I knew how to come and go from a place.

How do you explain to someone that is completely different from you about who you are and what you want? I was going to find out. I arrived at the house, about the time everyone else was leaving. I had to make sure this was not going to violate some kind of rules from below. I knew what I wanted, though I often knew what I wanted and never got anywhere close to it. though, I must admit, since I was turned loose, I have been left alone and allowed to pursue my own agenda, more or less. You humans reading this must find all this very funny; a demon with the desires to love, have sex and cause change. But everyday you sit on your little planet and never see the potential of your lives. Why this woman, why this time and why did it have to happen to me…

I walked around her street for more then an hour wondering if this was the course of action I wanted, or, if somehow I had been led to the decisions of this night? I felt a familiar sting, and pull at the same time, when I saw her in the window, and my body and mind did the rest. I walked to the back door, changed to smoke and floated through to cracks under the door. and rematerialized into something a bit more human. The shape of a young man I had once known, good looking but not too bright. Shoulder length black hair, just under two meters tall and a well made body. I could not help but stifle a giggle as I passed a mirrored door. So easy to look exactly the way I wanted or needed, and all it would cost me is time to recover tomorrow. But, there will be more then enough, knowing how long it will take to lady to do the very same. I knew little to nothing about this home, but I knew what window I saw her in nightly. I knew what she would, most likely be wanting and knew the kind of thoughts floating through her mind, more then what I wanted to play with. There was a bit of noise from a door to my left, an I knew I had come to the right place. She knew I would come this night, but she did not know what would be walking through her door. I looked through the cracks and saw the body I wanted desperately to torment. She was wearing the panties I mentioned before. A lace thong made of soft pastel blue.  She leaned over the window to look beyond, and I knew it was me, she was looking for. Now, for a bit of demon magic. I burst back into smoke and slid through the cracked door. I could almost feel her skin though my broken essence, but when I was ready to reform myself, something across the room made a sound I knew I would come to hate in this world. The sound of a phone telling her she was being called on by another.

Now, you all have to understand, it has been more then six centuries since I last took on human form, and that was nothing compared to the woman in front of me now. It had been during a war, in a small part of what now you refer to as Eastern Europe. I had found another young woman who needed saving, and for my troubles, she burned her flesh, her heart and her sex into my memory so that I would never forget. Since that time, I have not felt the need to do what I was about to undertake. Women, it was always the women who got to me. Now, the phone was being put down, and I could show her how clever a demon can really be. I allowed the smoke, holding my mind to be seen, and the very second she saw it, she knew I was there. Her nipples came on end, her pores opened and her breathing sped up. I could have floated like this all night, but I needed to be the one touching her for a change. I set to my focus and once again became a man she could see and would want to touch.

In the blink of an eye I changed from smoke to physical and the man I had chosen stood before her. I may have over done it a little. the sight on her face was of shock, turned to lust as I came to stand before her. Her body trembled as I touched her for the first time. Then an only then  did the dance begin.

“Think, you are ready for this nights play to start, my dear?”

“Yes, how did you get in here?”

“My dear, I am a demon, after all, I can come and go from most anywhere with little to no trouble.  I did see you wearing out the window, did you think me not to come?”

“I honestly did not know. I know I told you I wanted to be used. Wanted to be property, but some times things are said and nothing ever comes of it. I meant nothing of it to you.

“Is that so, well I think it is clear from the reaction of your body what you really want, so shall we?”

I took her face in my hands and kissed her, not so fully as to make her think she would get everything at once, but just so, in my way to tell her this night would be burned into her, as she was being burned into me. The soft wet feel of her tongue over my own, brought me more pleasure hen I had felt in ten lifetimes. She was not one to make me wait. Turning form me to her bed, she leaned over it so I could see her lovely ass, and jut a hint of blue lace from below her night shirt. My blood was running and cock hardening. I wanted to take her, push myself into her, but also make her beg. I needed this night to last a lifetime, since I would not be able to do this again any time soon. The dark within me rose to the surface and I knew how to treat this one.  I took my right hand and pushed it between her legs, finding moisture already in play. I tore off her shirt with my other hand and pushed her onto the bed. I no longer cared if she was only human, I wanted to use her in all the ways I normally could only dream. Her ass and hips filled my vision though the blue lace was only a slip of color between her ass weeks it was more then enough to make me want to scream! Her body swayed this way and that. Her hands already clenching into fists with the anticipation of events to come. my first desire was to listen to her needs, though she would not be allowed to tell me directly. I pulled back and slapped her bare ass with a good amount of emotion in the swing. Her cry echoed out into the night, as the second slap was just as deep and hard. She surged forward with need, pain and the building of an orgasm. Over and over again I slapped her ass, tis her need outweighed and fear of disobedience. she came for the first of many times this night and it was the sound I want to hear. She pushed her ass in my direction and looked behind eyes begging to be hurt that much more. I could no longer help myself. I pulled out my cock and pushed it to the thresh hold of her sex. I could feel the hot moisture dripping across my hardened head and without concern that I may hurt her, slammed it forward, burying it completely within her hot body. The scream rang out through the house and out into the night. Not a single light from the home next door, but total silence. I fucked her sex, and started to finger her ass. I knew this was everything my little toy had been wanting, an the gods and pit knew this was what I wanted. Her sweet voice broke the rhythm, though I could never object to her soft request through the tormented agony of a good fuck.

“Please hurt me! Please make me drip from every poor, I am yours, use me as you will.”

Now, demon born or not, how could any creature male or female refuse such a desperate request for torture? I would use you, my dear. I will make your body match the screaming of your voice. I pulled out my cock, now dripping in her flood. This time pressing it to the tight opening of her ass, and pushing ever so gently to make myself known. Again, she looked back to me, eyes wide with the fear of my next action. I would not simply pound it into her ass, I had no desire to truly harm her. I leave forward and ran my fingers through her hair, down her neck line and over the flesh on her back. Beads of sweat were pooling to drip down her sides and over her firm supple breasts. Just enough moisture to give me pause to work my fingers into the deep knots in her bck and ass. I could not wait another moment and I slowly pushed my self into her opening ass. A soft moan escaped her lips, then shudder rippled across her entire body. She knew the next would be the entry and she did so for me, pushing back on my cock and making me slid deeper into her again. I was now fully in her ass, though, I knew it would bound a bit when I thrust. I could see her fists in the sheets along with the tightening of her muscles across her back. Now was the time to fully use her, now was my moment to make her mine forever.

With my left hand, I slid first three fingers back into her open cunt. Working it till it dried over the rest of my hand making it wet. I slid the fourth and fifth into her body, and thrust with my cock. Now I had every part of her need filled and She could only scream in sweet torment. Over and over I took her ass, though it did relax quite a bit as I worked her. I also made my hand flow deeper and deeper into her sex, it was now completely covered in her dripping need. The warm wet sensation of having my fist and fingers in her body, gave me such pleasure I simply can not tell you. I knew this would be further then any human had ever pushed her before, but I was no mere human, and I would make her remember this night forever. I wanted to see her as I used her, wanted to see her face and th need in her eyes. Though I loved the look of her ass pushing back on me, I needed also to see her face. I withdrew from her completely now, leaving her painting and falling ot the sweat covered sheets and cover of her bed. Leaning down I whispered softly and full in her ear.

“Turn over my dear. Turn over and be filled again! Turn over my little slave.”

The last one did it, more then the others. This was no longer a woman needing sex or a woman in need of torment. This was now a slave in need of hair complete will to obey. She turned over, exposing her hardened nipples, red with the pulling I had already done to them. Now I could see her face, it gave me more then jut something to look at, it gave me another surface to slap and cause more sexual pain too. The first strike brought tears to her eyes, though not tears of pain or sorrow, these were tears of need and longing being filled for the first time in her life. I slapped her face, right to left and then grabbed for her open legs, waiting for me to enter her again. I did not make her wait, sliding and pounding into her already swollen cunt. Moans and cry’s filled the room, echoing through the house. I could only smile with my results. I slammed forward, pull backwards and tore at the flesh on her legs, surrounding her sex and body. In th time to follow, I used her in every way any life could. I hit her, fucked her and tasted her till at long last the true sexual cray of a woman being brought to maximum sexual release escaped from her open lips. she cried till her voice left her, though I never stopped using her. She cried in silence when she could no longer cry in sound. Her eyes started to beg for mercy, long before I gave it to her. Allowing her used and swollen body to fall to her bed and lay as if life had left it. I knelt down and took her sex into my open mouth an drank in her pain and suffering. moving my tongue over every fold, every swollen inch of her used whole. It rose and fell with the breath in her lungs. oft and gentle moans fell from her lips, fell to my ears as drops of rain from the sky. Once I had drank her in, sucked her soaked vagina and helped to relieve a bit of the intensity of her use, I slid my hands up her legs, over hr naval and came to rest of her bare breasts. They too were swollen and red from use and orgasm. I allowed heat to flow into my hands, from depths of my soul, depths of a pit from whence I came. The muscle in her body, now tight from being used so hard needed to relax. One set of tissue to another, one knot to the next. I worked on her sides leading to her bak, and helped her to turn over exposing her back and the flesh scratched and some from the fuck I had gifted her with. Now was the time to heal, and relax. I had used her, the very least I could do was sooth her now. as I worked on her body, the tight turned to soft and the red changed to the natural hue of her healthy tone. Over her shoulders, down her spine moving deeper into her ass. Soft skin wrapped around muscle and a body I would never want to be without.

Closer she came to being whole once more. Closer she came to fighting an orgasm without the depth of sex. My hands became the tool to bring her to climax. The wet of her back and space between her legs gave way to deeper work and longer forms of relaxation. My hands found every inch of her. Every spot where I could bring on a state or peace. She did come to my touch, she came twice in fact, but in the end her body was so much more then it had been when we had started.

I feared the bed sheets would never again be the same, though she still rolled in them finding a body she may not recognize. What could I say, I was good at many things, not just bringing a woman to the edge, but also helping her regain her internal and external balance afterwards. Sarabel was a one of a kind. she almost came on command and always told of hr bodies need. It had been the night I had longed for far past he day of her birth. Too many years without touch. Too many eons without hope. I may be a demon, but I was not immune to need and desire. In y own light, I saw a demon to be in complete need of desire, not the lack there of.

“Did you get everything you wanted and needed young Sarabel?”

“More then I could ever have hoped for. Do you have to go, or can I keep you?”

“And why would you want to keep a demon around for more then one night? Don’t you think you would be better suited with another human for a life of companionship?”

“Not really, no. I have known many men, and women, but they all lack the balance I have found in you this night. I know you have rules I can not ask you to break, but are there no exceptions to those rules? Can we find no way to have you close to me and not share your true nature with the world at large?”

I sat an pondered for some time. Thinking of her request, but I could think of no way to give her what she asked. I would have given most anything to find a way to stay close to her. Not o have to return to the shadows or below. Again I thought, looked to the demons before me and hoped for an answer. the answer, I wanted happened to come walking though her door. I had not seen a shift demon in many lifetimes, but her was he answer to my need and her desire. The cat, which to the human world looked only as a cat was so much more then that. It was a demon in rare form. I had been told stories of old demons finding ways to transfigure themselves into the shape of a cat. Since the cat is one of all animals on Earth to be half in the spirit realm, and half out. I personally did not know how to go about doing this to myself, but It was an answer, if I could. I looked to Sarabel, still laying on her side, breasts exposed and body curled in form to show her relaxation and peace of mind. I had to notice how catlike she looked curled up on her bed, now I just had t find a way to become a cat when others were near. Then she would be able to have me on request, and the transformation to human or close thereof would not be such a stress. The cat walked into the room and jumped up on her bed. I watched as her fingers slid through its hair and the cat responded to her touch. Oh’ the thought of being able to have her do that to me daily almost brought me to my knees. She looked back as I was lost in thought.

“Do I want to know what you are thinking?”

“I was just admiring your cat and thinking how lucky she is to get your attention any time she feels like coming in here. Would you be allowed to keep another cat in this home?”

“I don’t see why not. My mother loves cats, and always says she will become a cat lady in her old age. Is there something in your demonic mind you are trying to share with me? Would you like me to rub and scratch you openly whenever I feel like coming to find you? Can you do that, change into a cat I mean?”

“I have heard stories of demons doing exactly that. If I can figure it out, would you like another pet in your life?”

I worried as I spoke she would not wish me around that much, but the change in her face when he thought she may have her own toy any time was more then enough proof I was mistaken. Now I had to find out how to do it, though, this was the same woman I had proven to the master I could take full charge of, maybe he would give me the information I needed. I had one question I was allowed to ask any time I came up with it, This would be that question. The idea of the trouble this young woman and I could cause was more tempting then any smell or all the free women in the world. I knew my time in this form was drawing to an end, but I wanted to touch her one last time before it became impossible. I leaned over her bed and kissed her lips, this time gently and lovingly. I tasted the salt on her flesh and the wet on her tongue. I knew something had started I had not been prepared for, though we both seemed to want to explore it further. As the kiss progressed my form started to fail. By the time I could no longer hold her lips with mine, my form had completely returned to a demonic spirit. Her face was mirror to my own feelings of no longer being able to touch her, or she I. I straightened over her and gave her a wink. Even the ability of voice had ben lost in the transition. I bowed slightly to her, and in the blink of her eye, I departed for the domain below and the answer I sought.

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