Now normally you know I love the smell of coffee, but this night was not like the nights before. I had been abused an lowered, even in the standards of a demon. I had not followed through on my behest, and I was going to be punished for not pushing enough souls over he edge. As it were, my master was not happy with the lack of progress I have made in the last hundred years or so. I was sent out to find the darkest of souls, and collect them, for reasons unknown, but that was the task put on me. And, how do I spend my days on Earth, I look at human women and contemplate life as a free soul.

So, tonight I was walking along wondering if I should follow my mandate, for a change and I stumbled on a human collection of lost souls. A bar in Hyde Park section of Cincinnati, Ohio. I could not afford, after the night I had already had, to ignore such a calling. I looked to the sign over the door and found a twist in fate; PROOF. Could anything in the world be any sweater? I needed proof that I was on the right track, and here it was, spelled out in plain English. All or nothing, as the song goes. Could this be a sign from the darker sides of the universe, one step inside would be the telling.

I found an empty seat at the bar and took on the form of a normal human male. Nothing interesting, nothing you would remember if you saw me for a split second in your eyes. I watched as the bar tenders did their work and before I had a moment to think twice, the truth of everything was looking me in the face. not the face I allowed the human world to see, no, the face of what I truly was. An Angel of the Lord was looking at me with the most peculiar look. I had not heard the voice of the light in many thousands of years, but she spoke as if I were a fool not to listen.

“You do not belong here, demon. I give you this one chance to leave now. Otherwise I will exercise you and you will be nothing more then the embers of a faded memory. Leave!”

Now, I knew she had no authority to remove me from this table. The rules had ben set more then ten millions years ago and I was just as welcome here as they were. If she did not like it, she would have to consider the after shock of her choices this night. I simply smiled back at her and allowed her to see my tail moving back and forth in dark expectations. This, of course, was not the response she wanted to see, knowing a bar would be the harbor for many lost souls, and I, would be more then happy to push each and every one of them over the edge, allowing them to fall to the depths of hell below. So, here I sat, on my bar stool smiling at her, and thinking if she were not an  angel in human form, she would be quite beautiful. Long dark hair, though pulled up, just below he shoulders to make life easier while doing her chosen job. I could not help but notice two dark bruises on her right wrist, I could only wonder how those came to be there. Was it from tending bar, or something more dubious on the outside? An angel of the lord who also bruised, very interesting in deed.

Now, the other one, the other woman tender the bar, she was more to my demonic eyes then I had expected to see this night. A true demon in human form, much like myself. in the dark sight her reality was open to see, for  all of our kind. Dark skin, many more thousands of years older then I. Wings tightly folded on her back and making sure to not touch the angel. I could not help myself, I had to know their names and in being the human I now portrayed, I simply asked them.

“Excuse me dear, may I ask your name, and the name of your fellow tender?”

“This is my turf, you under skin, if you want to live to see tomorrow, you will leave now.”

Well that was not the answer I wanted, so I was going to have to try a bit harder. Did I have the courage to ask the Angel for her name as well, only a moment would tell.  She came back to my side of the counter and I could not help myself, this was jut too much fun to not poke at.

“Excuse me dear one of pure light and word, would you give me your name please?”

I could only be polite, I wanted to know, and much to my amazement, I was given an answer, though more as well past the set of names.

“I see you for what you truly are. What you think you will accomplish here is a mystery, but I give you my word, Lord of light, I will protect all those who desire His words over yours. As for our names, I don’t see what good they are to you demon. I am Shannon of the third light, Angel to the voice of his true words and faith. She is, like you can already see, like you. Only here to scavenge on the already lost souls of the human race. Her name is Ashley, and though you may think you are stronger together, you will both fail. I stand in His light, protected by any words or meanings you my send my way. I will protect those who need and desire the protection of my wings. Do not stand in my way demon!”

Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but I had their names; Shannon of the third light of almighty angles, and A demon just like myself, trying to make her quote by years end, and what better place to do that then in  bar, to the lost souls of Earth. I looked from Ashley to Shannon and knew who I would want to tangle with, if I were given the choice. Ashley, a young woman of maybe twenty eight, long flowing red blond hair , soft features and a body that could make any true demon jealous. Curves, breasts and hips, I could stair at her and burn for all eternity, in ecstasy. What twist of fate had led her to take on human form and become a tender of bar? I would just have to find out. The other one was something only the truest, pure of heart would take into their very souls. Shannon; tall, dark hair, and though it matched the color of my very soul, her light came from a location, not even we demons could offend. The high god almighty, protected his angles with a fist of protection, as his angle now standing before me. Sharp features, pointed nose, deep eyes and loving smile. Even a Djin would turn and run, if it came across this perfect creation. She had just as equally perfect hips and breasts to match, though the light within, for all those who could see it, flowed over the world to show the truth of all around her. Even I was caught off guard by this one. Though it would make sense. Why not defend the pure of heart, if a demon would prey on the rest? Even though she was my opposite, in every way, I could not take my eyes off her. Till I saw another woman, this one true human, walk in from the outer cold. She was drenched in black, from head to toe. Lace black, but black all the same. She was a balance, something we demons don’t ever see. She had the light of truth and purity shinning from within, but she also had darkness in abundance.

She came over to sit at the bar, order a drink and allow me to speak with her. She could have been made from the same mold as Shannon, but her life had been tainted in the slightest way, and to us who dance in darkness, it was more then enough. Though she was anything but shy, she did hesitate when I asked for her name; Abby. Like the monks who once thought themselves pure, till they left their beloved abby’s. She was accompanied by a human male, of fierce brilliance, He allowed space between them, but she needed and wanted to know about the world around her, so she spoke to me, not knowing of my true origins.

We spoke of her nature, of what I was doing in that bar, and of the book I would soon unleash to this world. She listened with true interest and then a comment of mine, about wondering why she did not have her mate on a tighter leash, seemed to care her humor. She was not like the others here, she did not need or desire to control or dominate he who was with her. She desired to be herself and allow him to do the same.

Had her race come that far already? Had they leaned that the idea of control was only but a myth, or was this amazing young woman just an enigma? I may never know, but I was getting the most demanding impression that the other demon was not happy about me stomping around her chosen grounds. Since I had already spent the day bing torn to shreds in the pit, I knew it was my time to depart. I took one more look at Shannon, and deeply wished for the courage to speak to her about things, I was not allowed to even consider. Demons were only allowed to tread so far into the realm of light, and angles knew better then to tread into the realm of darkness, otherwise they may truly fall. So here we both stood, on the precipice of light and dark. Both wondering if the other would falter. Both wondering what life on the other side would be like, or so I thought. Right as the though passed through my mind, a flash of light blinded me to the realization of how this night would progress, if I did not leave now. Three other angles now stood between myself and Shannon. She was now taking the position of the souls around her to nothing. She would protect the innocence,  no matter the cost.

In that moment, I knew the true difference between them and us, we would only go so far to push humans over the edge, but the angles, backed by the hand of god, would protect the innocent no matter the cost. I stole one last look in her direction, and as if she knew my  deepest desire, she smiled at me, turned and then I left.

On the cold darkened street, I couldn’t  help but wonder about how Ashley was allowed to work in the same proximity as an angel of the lord? How did she get away with being there, but I did not, would any of this ever make sense to me? I could not tell you. All I knew was I had spent the night in the presence of true light and true darkness and I had been allowed to move on, not being taken by either. Would Shannon allow me to continue on without hindrance, or would she send more of her kind after me? All I knew, walking down the lonely streets was simple. I envied them, the angles. they were backed by something more powerful the darkness and they knew it. We never had anyone to back us up, if we were caught outside the lines, no one came to our rescue, but now I knew, I had seen the determination of the light, and I, a demon, would never forget. I had found my answer in the world, and in the bar; Proof. One day I like to think I will return, but I am not sure what would become of me if I did. Till then I will always remember Shannon an the exquisite light she had, shinning from within.

I am of the dark. She is of the light. Would I ever be free of these feelings I now had for the opposite side of the universe, and a bartender named Shannon? I can not answer at this time. Darkness encloses me…


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