Three Guardians

oceans of darkness came before,
reasons of concern, from councils door.
three were met from light within
knowing only they need begin

Duty theirs, though time was lost
lives were spent, for oceans crossed
Three became a spark in smoke
that world may live and come to hope.

Anguish came and took their love
for lifetimes spent, watched from above
Would they end to see no more
for tears of loss on an empty floor

Now, three there are, as three began
filled with love, in time to end
could council find a reason born
for time of loss and families torn

heads held high, and honor bound
their voices spread, in gracious sound
Through all their pain and suffering
those three become to marveling.

So look within to find their truth
those chosen grown and lives from youth
these three they stood, with open light
So you could live and not lose sight

of what you find through suffering
three will die, so  bells can ring
in name of truth from distant shores
Since three walked on, from councils door.


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